Hana-bi (1997) Movie Script

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Detective Horibe, were you and Nishi
classmates in junior high?
In senior high, too.
And your wives are friends, too?
That's right. Do you remember where, Nishi?
At an amusement park.
We met them there, didn't we?
Nishi got the pretty one
and I got the dog.
What are you laughing at?
Hey. Stop the car.
Go get some bean cakes.
Yes, sir.
How is your wife?
It's been two years, hasn't it?
My wife is healthy as hell, but...
Must be tough.
Been to the hospital lately?
The stakeout is near the hospital,
so go see her today.
Come on. It won't affect our work.
How much?
1,200 yen.
For only the bean cakes?
Yes, just the bean cakes.
Idiot! Theres too much...
for just the three of us?
You pay for it.
These are the wrong ones.
I wanted some with chestnuts.
You mean the steamed ones?
As long as there not from the hot springs.
It's ridiculous. I might have to go
to an amusement park without any sleep.
I must have spoiled my daughter.
Dammit! Don't you know how to park?
Nishi, I'll go check.
Don't play catch here, you idiots!
How is it?
No way he'd come here.
After that incident,
he won't return to his flat.
What was the chief thinking?
You could be right.
Is that how you dress for a stakeout?
It's not appropriate.
You're not on a date.
Nishi's going to see his wife at hospital,
so can you stay on?
I have a date tonight.
What the hell.
How is Nishi's wife?
Not too good, I hear.
Is it cancer?
Watch what you say.
Their daughter... it was tragic.
She was only four or five, wasn't she?
The child's death was a greater shock.
I visited his wife a while ago.
She didn't speak a word.
I'm grateful my wife's healthy.
Must be harder on Nishi.
His daughter dies, his wife gets sick...
And he's a goddamn cop.
So busy he can't even visit her.
Well, I'll stay on.
Never mind, Tanaka. You're a family man.
Come on. Stay on for three hours.
No, I can't.
All right. I'll stay. You can go.
Can I get a lift?
Is your wife all right?
I'll visit her next time.
Hello. It's me.
I can't come home tonight.
I know that.
What can I do? It's work.
Let me talk to Michi.
Michi, it's Daddy.
I'm at work now.
Amusement park? Next time.
What? You drew a picture?
Where did you draw it?
You shouldn't do such a thing.
Yes, it's very pretty.
Drive me to Shibuya.
I can't.
My date's waiting in Shibuya.
No. I have to wait for him.
In that case, I'll go by cab.
Is Nishi's wife really dying?
Dammit. Don't say that.
It's bad luck.
Isn't it leukemia or something?
Why don't you shut up?
Excuse me.
The doctor wants to speak to you.
Even modern medicine
can't work miracles.
Only so much we can do.
I think
it would be better to take her home.
The child's death
was a real blow to her.
It's better to rest at home
than remain in the hospital.
Excuse me. Would you please call
Mr. Nishi.
Wait a moment.
Mr. Nishi, a visitor for you.
Detective Horibe's been shot.
Even when you're married
people only think about themselves.
When I came home
my wife and kid refused to look at me.
The lights weren't even on.
They just said good-bye.
Now that I'm a mess
they left me. Just like that.
In a way, I might be
better off without them...
But I've got nothing to do.
My mom tells me I should
take up a hobby or something.
She suggested joining a haiku club.
Is she out of her mind?
Work is all I've known
since I was young.
But since I'm living by the seaside
I should maybe take up painting.
I've never drawn anything.
I don't know where to start.
And the materials don't come cheap.
Don't get me wrong, it's not your fault Nishi.
Maybe I'll buy a beret.
It will be all right.
Your too kind.
After all, my husband
died in the line of duty.
Because of the recession,
good jobs are hard to come by
but I'm helping out at a deli and...
The problem is...
My son sometimes tells me
he misses his father. It's so sad...
But, I'm sure he'll soon understand.
We'll be okay.
It's time. I have to go back to work.
I've decided
to finally get married.
With whom?
I really wasn't serious about her, but
when I was injured,
she visited me every day.
I was touched by that.
Please take it.
Excuse me.
Kudo speaking.
The other day,
I went to see Mr. Horibe.
He seemed so lonely.
They were such a close-knit family,
but his wife and child left him.
You really shouldn't
feel guilty about it.
Tanaka's death wasn't your fault.
He died in the line of duty, too.
It was nobody's fault.
Welcome. This way, please.
Shut up.
Your order, sir?
Nothing, you bastard.
Hey, Nishi.
The boss is really pissed.
You haven't paid interest for this month.
Best that you pay up on time.
You know how we yakuza are?
After all, you were a cop.
Without the badge, he's just an ordinary guy.
He's less than that. He's a bum.
How is your wife?
These are the usual pills.
They won't do her much good.
Don't think about it too much.
When you're with her,
try talking to her.
If you like, why don't you
take her on a trip?
If anything happens, call me.
This shirt might be too big for you.
Still, you can have it.
Please try to be more careful.
It's Horibe...
He attempted suicide.
Luckily the landlord found him.
I think he'll make it...
but he took a lot of sleeping pills.
Are his wife and daughter there?
Seems to be sleeping now.
He should be okay in a couple of days.
Shall we leave?
I'm getting off here.
I'll take you home.
It's okay. I'm getting off.
Stop the car.
What kind of detective was Mr. Nishi?
He was a great cop.
Decorated many times.
He and Mr. Horibe were a perfect team.
Whenever Mr. Horibe got too rough
Mr. Nishi would stop him.
You haven't paid your previous debts
and yet you want another 4 million?
Then there's the interest on top.
Why loan you more money?
You poked one of my guy's eye out.
Who's going to pay the medical fees?
Is that a loan, too?
I've got a great idea.
If he can't pay back, he can work for us.
What do you have in mind?
My bodyguard or whatever.
That'll be great.
We can show him how to
kill a cop.
But when Mr. Nishi hit the roof,
he was more frightening.
Like that case...
When he emptied his gun into a dead man.
How are you?
We're doing all right.
Watch where you're going, asshole.
Your fault. I had right of way.
On narrow roads, big cars should yield!
Are you kidding?
Driving such a tiny car.
What's it to you?
Fix it yourself.
Mind your own business.
Really want me to do that?
What the hell...
I'll mind my own business.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
You asshole.
Where is he?
In a coffee shop.
He's armed, and we can't get near.
There're too many people around.
How's Horibe?
At the hospital. Don't know yet.
He was shot in the belly.
What are you doing?
Can you sell me that light?
You mean the police car light?
What do you want it for?
I'm thinking of robbing a bank.
Sounds great.
Take it. Go ahead. You can have it.
Good luck.
Do some work, you glue-sniffing bum.
You want 500,000 for this?
No, not this one.
The other one.
Where is it?
This one.
But it's a taxi cab!
It belongs to me.
How come?
Honest. It belongs to me.
Did you steal it?
No. It's mine.
How old are you?
Can't get a taxi license at twenty.
Want me to call the police?
Dented the bumper a bit,
but you can have it for 200,000.
I think this car has been stolen.
How about 50,000?
What happened at the bar?
As I said, they spilled soy on my jacket.
The waiter said he was sorry and gave...
100,000 yen for getting sauce
on the suit?
I was wearing an Armani suit and...
Armani? You must be kidding.
No, it's genuine Armani.
And I needed some money for a taxi fare and...
Taxi fare?
100,000 yen for a taxi fare. To where?
Oita, on the southern isle.
That's a pile of shit, asshole.
What kind of fool do you take me for?
He offered it to me.
It's called extortion.
It wasn't extortion.
Don't play games with us.
I'll throw this in as a bonus.
Can I help you?
Are you thinking of a gift?
You're nothing but a yakuza loan shark.
An expert at dirty tricks.
You borrow money,
and call me a yakuza loan shark?
Well, aren't you?
And you expect me to pay on time?
Your interest rate is outrageous.
Come on. Give me some more time.
You've been saying that
for months, you bastard.
We run a business.
Well, I haven't got any money.
Wanna bullet in your head?
I dare you, you two-bit punk.
What'd you want, boy?
Good luck with the bank robbery.
I found it there. How much?
You can have it. It's junk.
Junk, huh?
So all that is junk.
What are you doing?
Salvaging junk.
What'd you mean junk?
Isn't this junk?
It's merchandise, asshole.
Oh, no. You're the...
Hey, police! My car's been hit.
Hey, wait. I said wait!
Stupid public servant.
I'm a hit-and-run victim.
Don't go.
Goddamn pig! Your a waste of public money!
Should've sold it for 200,000.
Make yourself useful.
8 of Hearts.
4 of Clubs.
12 of Diamonds.
10 of Hearts.
Ace of Diamonds.
Queen of Clubs.
Crunchy Chocolate.
Thank you.
Thanks for the delivery.
Why don't you keep it?
I'm sure he'll feel better that way.
Mr. Nishi was really worried about you.
I can't believe it.
He paid back all his debt.
Did he rob a bank or something?
No, he wouldn't do that.
You're right. He's not you.
If I were to expand,
I'd go into the stock market.
Extort the stock market?
Shut up.
The boss is a legit businessman.
A businessman who packs a piece.
They're not home.
Did you ask the neighbors?
Go ask them, you fool.
More. More. A bit forward.
I said a bit more. More. More.
Look. What a large bell.
It makes a calming sound when you tap it.
You can't hit it now.
We will hear the sound in the evening.
Well, it's time to go home now.
Lucky Charm
All this free time is tough.
I paint to keep my mind busy.
But I'm only an amateur.
Not easy to find inspiration.
Any news from Mr. Nishi?
No, not recently.
Sent me a whole batch
of art materials a while ago.
I feel so guilty.
With his wife sick,
he can't afford to do anything else.
To be honest, I don't think
his wife will last much longer.
But in a way, he's better off than me.
Why give them water?
Those flowers are dead.
Hey, it's no use
giving water to dead flowers.
Did you get ditched by a man,
and lose your mind?
I'll be right back.
The boss said your payment
didn't cover interest.
Try and shoot me, punk.
Do it! Haven't got the guts to pull the trigger?
Open your mouth.
Show your face again and I'll kill you.
An Italian delicacy.
Step on it.
No, no, no. Go forward.
Why did you want to see
the snow so badly? It's freezing.
Can't be good for you.
The hand you ran over still hurts.
Do you really have to go?
Then do it around there.
Don't worry. I'll keep watch.
Just you?
How about a photo with your husband?
Here goes. Cheese.
A souvenir from the hotel.
Enjoy your stay.
Excuse me.
There's a guest waiting for you.
What do you want?
The boss is here.
Come with me.
Where are we going?
Just shut up and come.
You'll find out.
Sorry about your eye.
Why don't you let me keep
the money, while you're in prison.
You'll get it back with interest.
I said I'd kill you the next time.
Shove it in, and close the door.
Yes, sir.
I saw the bodies of the yakuza.
Can you wait?
Just for a moment.
I could never live like that.
Thank you...
...for everything.
KAYOKO KISHIMOTO as Nishi's wife
REN OSUGI as Horibe
TETSU WATANABE as the scrap yard owner
HAKURYU as the yakuza hitman
Music by
Paintings and Drawings by
Lighting Director
Art Director
Written and Directed by