Hana to Arisu (2004) Movie Script

It's cold
I'm freezing!
It's empty
Of course, at this hour
It's even weird we're here
Stay awake!
I'm sleepy!
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
Are we getting on?
That was closing!
I almost got squashed!
Why are we here?
Isn't that guy cool?
Which one?
I'll bet they're brothers
They don't look alike
Sure they do
They don't even know each other
See? Brothers
Just friends
They get on at Fujiko
You can have the younger one
No, thanks
Is he a foreigner?
He'd be scary if he wasn't
He's cool!
He's wearing a pink shirt!
You have the kid brother
I don't want him!
It's freezing out there
I don't want to go out
Maybe it's hay-fever season...
It's about that time
Oh, I saw 'Hannibal'
on satellite last night
So did I
I was scared
Isn't he creepy?
Don't you think real people are scarier...
than zombies and ghosts?
Stalkers and so on...
He looks like someone
I don't know...
Tom Cruise?
You mean him?
Are you sick?
No, but...
I started thinking about
that movie yesterday
You OK?
Heart-broken, maybe
You said he looked like Hannibal
You said he looked like someone
I'm getting all split ends
I should cut it all off
I wouldn't
You like it long?
I like it short
You're not making sense
And what's this guy
talking about, anyway?
'... Princesses-Ponpokopi-And-
No, don't...
What's wrong? Heart-broken?
Soutenu, forward, side...
Hana, get your leg up!
I told you!
Come on! You're still young!
OK, that's it
That's all for the barre
Stretching, five minutes
Five minutes?!
Let's take a break
How were your high-school
entrance exams?
Did you get into a high school?
Yeah? Which one?
Fujiko. With Yayoi
Me, too
Come on, start stretching!
So what about ballet?
That is a problem...
I want a life!
It's just about time
All of you!
From me to you!
I guess I can't quit now
'Like-Fish-In-Water-While-Sea... '
'... And-Cloud-And-Wind-Remain... '
'... Never-Lacking-Food-Or-Shelter... '
'... Like-The-Children-Of-Shuringan-
And-Gurindai-Of-Paipo... '
'... Princesses-Ponpokopi-And-
The uniform sucks!
Your collar's crooked
So's your tie
Get it right!
It sucks
Why are you running?
We'll be late!
The storytelling club? That way
Back there
Next, please
A girl wants to join our club, eh?
A sign of the apocalypse!
I'm 'Ataro The Crazed'
My real name means 'Leaky Swamp'
so I changed it to 'Crazed', eh?
And him...
he's 'Goro The Bang'
His real name is, uh...
'Goro Explosion'?
'Miyamoto'. Masashi Miyamoto
Is that your name, Bang?
What a laugh, eh?
What's your name?
'Hana'? As in 'flower'?
OK, then...
'Hana The Sweetie'
No, 'Hana The Funky'!
Which one?
You're kinda funky, eh
Let's call you that
Right, everyone?
'We just had a boy' 'Congratulations'
'I'd like Your Holiness
to give him a lucky name'
'lf he's my son, he won't be too bright'
'How about 'Live-Forever'? '
'Why 'Live-Forever'? '
'He may not be too bright... '
'but at least he'll have a long life'
'Would it help if he had
a long name, too? '
There's no balls in it, Bang!
The audience'll fall asleep!
Aw, man!
I tell him and tell him and
he never gets better!
Mr. Miyamoto?
Mr. Miyamoto! Are you OK?!
You smashed your head
on that garage door!
Who are you?
Oh, no!
Do you remember your name?
My name?
'... Never-Lacking-Food-Or-Shelter... '
'... Like-The-Children-Of-Shuringan-
And-Gurindai-Of-Paipo... '
'... Princesses-Ponpokopi-And-
I remember
You are hurt!
I'm fine. I was just checking my memory
My name's Masashi Miyamoto
I'm fine
What about me?
Remember me?
Oh, no!
You sure?
Oh, you're the new Grade-10 girl
What's my name?
Uh, sorry...
You said you loved me
No, I didn't
Yes, you did! You did!
I did?
Oh, no!
You really do have amnesia!
What are we gonna do?!
I really can't remember
Could you describe the
circumstances for me?
About when I said I loved you...
if I really did
You did
Could you tell me more about it?
Well, I'm not the one who said it
I don't mind waiting till you remember
Mr. Miyamoto...
Anyway, how's your brother?
My brother? I don't have a brother
Didn't you tell me you did?
No, I didn't
He looks foreign
Last year you both took the train
Oh, you mean Dave...
A foreign student who
stayed at our house
Where's he from?
America. He went home
I wonder how he's doing...
You remember him, but not me...
Who's that?!
Please! You didn't see anything!
Why? What's there to hide?
Who is he? Where'd you meet him?
You didn't see him?
I saw him. Who is he?
You don't remember?
Do I know him?
He's in my club
Then how should I know him?
Yeah... I guess not
I've got to get back
There's something lacking
Are we really 'going out' or what?
What's wrong?
You're the one who said you liked me.
You realize that?
No, you don't
Yes, I do
You don't
Not in your heart
That's what's lacking
I don't know whether I love you or not
And you don't remember saying
that you loved me
What does that make us, I want to know
I don't know...
See what I mean?
But lately I get the feeling that I like you
...I think
Yeah. I dream about you all the time
What dreams?
I can't say
Tell me!
Maybe they'll come true
I dream that the police take you away
I hope that doesn't come true
It's after me!
Another one!
When I activate the virus scan
it goes all weird
I can't access the internet
Let me check it
All these flowers...
It's like a florist
Can I talk to you for a minute?
You like shopping, or are you
running away from home?
I'm sorry, just kidding
I work for a talent agency
Here's my card
'Paper Company'
We get people work in films, TV, stage
Excuse me...
I can't hear you...
Guess what!
I've just been scouted!
'Scouted'? What do you mean?
They want me to come to their office!
Oh yeah?
Come with me
I can't
It's in Harajuku
I can't, I said
Sure you can!
Look, we're grown up now
We're not glued to each other
I mean, we're still friends, but...
OK. I won't call again
Hello? Alice?
Come on, Alice! That's not fair!
What happened?
Something's wrong...
Have you had that dream again?
About the police?
Lately I dream about slugs
What kinda dream is that?
There's a huge slug chasing me
I run like hell...
and I finally get to where I think I'm safe
When I turn around...
A slug?
No, you
But for some reason I don't know
who you are
So I ask, 'Who are you? '
And you say...
...'I'm a slug'
I turn around...
...and you are a slug
It sure has been raining a lot lately
...when will I see you again?
What's wrong?
The light's changing!
Made it!
Mr. Miya?
What's wrong?
96a. Are you OK?
I'm fine
Mr. Miya?
I need to talk to you
What about?
You have a computer, don't you?
Turn it on
It's on
...'Command' plus 'F'
Command, F
Then input...
Who's that, Masa? Your girlfriend?
Input j, u, g, e, m
Now 'Return'
I did
See anything?
Now double-click, Command 'A',
Double-click, Command 'A',
What are those pictures?
I checked their dates
It was before we met, right?
Why do you have them?
Did I really say I loved you?
Tell me the truth
Who are you?!
There's a girl named Tetsuko
Arisugawa in Grade 10D
She took them
Do you remember?
Your ex-girlfriend
It's true
But you only went out with her
because she forced you
That's when I came along
It was love at first sight
That's what you told me
She found out about it
and started stalking you
She took these pictures
and sent them to me...
...as a kind of threat
But I'd started to like you, too
So I didn't let her frighten me,
and I loved you right up till now
It's true
You're awful!
Peeking into my computer...
You've never trusted me
Not really
That makes me sad
I'm sorry
Excuse me...
Is Tetsuko Arisugawa here?
...are you Tetsuko Arisugawa?
What do you want?! We broke up!
Go away!
We're not friends any more
I mean it! Not friends or anything
If we see each other,
we don't even speak
But why do I have to be the ex-girlfriend
Thank you!
I can't breathe!
Take it!
An arabesque?
Nagayo! Nagayo!
Yeah, that's cute!
That hurts!
No, don't!
We should smile
The one with her legs open
widest at the top
Like that?
Here goes...
Toes together...
Looking where?
Say 'cheese'!
This is hard!
This is the last one
Quick, take it!
Thank you so much
Are you alone?
Yeah. You too?
Where's Hana?
We're not friends any more
You're not?
Did you have a fight?
Order number 7 is ready
You shouldn't fight!
It wasn't a fight
I eat a lot
There's so much to choose from!
Oh, hello!
...she lives next door
Hello, 'Hana'
Uh, Hana...
Good-bye, Hana
Bye bye
She didn't even touch her food
What are you having? This looks good
I'll have that, then
I'm back
What are you making?
Today we have sukiyaki
I'm sorry. I already ate
I'm beat...
Come on, Mom!
How can I eat sukiyaki alone!?
Why did you make it?
I see...
You're mad at me
That's right
Have some!
I'll eat the meat
If I have sukiyaki there has to be meat
I don't mean to stick my nose in...
but you're an adult
If he's not talking marriage,
don't get serious
The yen's gone down again
Where's Alice?
I don't know
Is she OK?
Hana and Alice aren't friends...
any more
Did you have a fight?
Alice told me
You keep your mouth shut, Fu
You shouldn't fight, Hana
You shouldn't fight, Hana!
We're not!
Do you believe me or Fu?
...so everything that lives
is wounded in some way...
Sorry to cut you off...
This is a variety show
I dig where you're coming from
in your approach to life...
but if that reasoning takes you
into a dark place...
Oh, I'll be very cheerful
when I talk about it...
Tetsuko Arisugawa,
from Paper Company
Nice to meet you
You too
Could you tell us what sort of things...
you've appeared in before?
I see...
What's your philosophy at 15?
Do you have one?
A way you like to live...
I don't know...
But you really would like to do this,
wouldn't you?
I'll be firing lines at you a lot in this
Can you handle that?
I don't know...
You don't know...
Why do you want this?
You were with the...
Ground Self-Defense Force?
Do you have a philosophy
that you live by?
'Don't brood, act'
I'll never get that role
Where did you come from?
I mean your agent
Paper Company
They're not very good
Paper Company, huh?
They're lousy
They are?
Very natural
A cute young girl like you'd
see anywhere
Look at her eat!
She hates chocolate?
Scene 82, in the Sodom
underground passage
My name's Tetsuko
That's your role
'What do I do? '
'I know... I'll blow something up'
Kazuo, if you could lay down here...
And Yuji...
Akiko... around here
And Masami here
I'm nervous!
Ready? And...
Yuji! Where are you?!
I can't see!
Hang on!
I've got a flashlight!
There's someone here!
Wake up!
What do I do?
What's wrong?!
It's a corpse!
Once more?
No, I'm OK
That's fine, then?
Thank you
Well done
Thank you
Thank you
I'll keep trying
A high-school entrance gift
I don't know what's popular now
That's what we got when I was in school
Whether we used them or not
Stick it in the back of a drawer
and take it out sometimes...
and think
I was given that'... and then put it back
At least it'll remind you of when
you started high school
Use it that way
A good-luck charm
Can I use it?
All you like
But soon you'll run out of
extra ink cartridges
It's a nuisance having to buy them
Then you'll probably stop
using it anyway
So what good is it?
Well, if you think of it as a gift...
It'll be harder to throw out
That's why they last so long
They're tough, fountain pens
Tezuka High School?
Is it co-ed or a girls' school?
Sailor uniform?
I wish you'd worn it
Please enjoy
Good, huh?
How's the school?
Not bad
Sweet-bean fruit cocktail
Excuse me...
Sweet-bean fruit cocktail
and seaweed pudding
They have that?
I'll have the pudding, too
Don't you hate that?
That was years ago
I've never understood why
you have to take calculus
And Confucius, too. It's Chinese
If you have to study Chinese grammar
They should teach you
how to speak it, too!
I used to do business in Shanghai
Chinese would be useful to learn
Stick it back in
Take it by the corner
We played cards at the seaside once...
We did?
The cards would've blown away
They did
They did?
I'm sorry, no
I'm not Wong
We just found this cell phone
No, I'm not a friend
not... friend
I'm afraid not
The owner of this cell phone
must have dropped it
Can you contact the owner?
You are Chinese, too?
Thank you
He's Chinese
Was that Chinese?
Is this your phone?
In Kamakura
I'll take it to the police box
We'll turn it in
We've done a good turn
Do they still teach Chinese
classics in school?
Yeah. We just had a test
The grammar?
That was on the test
You know how they say 'I love you'?
Wo ai ni
Wo ai ni
When will I see you next?
Hmm... I'll phone you
I'll call
I'll e-mail you
When did you get to learn e-mail?
Not long ago
See you
Grab that seat
What was that Chinese?
Wo, wo...?
Wo ai ni
Wo ai ni...
Wo ai ni
Zai jian', you should say
'See you again'
Think of the saddest thing in your life
There must be something
I'm sorry
OK, try and think of a sneeze
Doesn't that make your eyes
get wet around the edges?
I'm sorry
That's fine, then
Thank you
Saute, passe, saute, passe, saute,
pas couru, arabesque, saute...
...pique, pique, jet, jet, jet
pique, pique, jet, jet, jet, pose
You got it?
Saute... stop, and arabesque!
Jump! Higher!
Get ready!
Stop... arabesque!
Jump... get ready...
Leap! Higher! Higher!
I hurt my leg
Let me see
Are you OK?
Come on, let's do the fouettes...
What's the matter?
You shouldn't fight!
I don't have any pain...
but a part of my memory
hasn't come back
Didn't we used to go out?
We used to go out, didn't we?
Yeah, we did
Hana! Your phone
It's a guy
Alice? How's your leg?
It's that guy again!
What guy?
Your guy!
No! Mr. Miya?
What does he want?
I just wanted to check
Why is he asking me
if I went out with him?
He should know!
What's wrong with him?
Didn't I tell you?
He's got amnesia
He's got what?
Amnesia'! A M N E S I A
You're kidding!
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought you knew
I didn't!
And I never thought he'd be
wandering around here
What do I do now?
For now just pretend you
used to go out with him
He's lost his memory, so he
doesn't remember any of it
So just make it all up
I'm sorry
What you were saying?
You might find this hard to believe...
but I...
have amnesia
You're kidding!
Remember here?
We had our first date here
You don't remember?
How seriously were we...
...in love?
Gee, I don't know...
...I loved you
Tell me more
Different things
Like what?
What did I call you?
And you?
What did you call me?
Remember, I was good
at reading palms?
You've got a really wavy life-line
I still do onomancy, too
Remember? It's been so long!
Write your name
Boy, this takes me back!
Write your name
I'll tell your fortune
What were we talking about?
What you called me
Mr. Miyamoto at first. Then Mr. Masashi
Then Masashi, Masa, and finally 'Mark'
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...
But I guess I can't call you that any more
Tell me more
Lately I think about you all the time
When I do...
...for some reason...
...my heart starts pounding
That's love, I think
What do you think?
That's love, isn't it?
If it really was love...
...that'd be proof that we used to go out
Maybe my memory's starting
to come back
But why did I dump you
and start liking Hana?
That I don't understand
You'll remember
I just...
...don't understand it physically
To tell you the truth about Hana,
I don't really...
You don't like her?
It's not that...
It's like...
...she's not the type of girl
I would approach
But you did. And then
you came to hate me
I wonder if that was really me...
It's like there's...
...another me somewhere
This tree!
Remember this?
It's where we first kissed
It's raining
It's like we've gone back to that day
I don't remember at all
That's great
I wish I could forget
Hey, you!
Hey! You OK?
You all right?
You OK?
Excuse me! What happened?
Mr. Miya!
Your friend?
Are you OK?!
He should be OK!
Mr. Miya!
Come in
I'll bring a towel
Can I go buy you something?
I'll be fine if I just lay down a bit
Sure, lay down
As long as you like
Have you got a fever?
You're hot
You might be getting a cold
If my memory comes back...
...but only half of it...
...then what?
The first half
If I only remember the part
when I was going out...
...with Arisugawa
...then what?
What'll you do then?
I don't know
Maybe you should sleep for a little while
I'll go to the drug store
Who's that?
I'm back
Hana, are you here?
Look at you!
Oh, shit!
No! No!
What the hell are you doing?
You scared me!
How's Mark?
Your boyfriend
Don't call him that!
Mark and I date sometimes
Stop calling him that!
What are you talking about?
Hey! Hey!
What do you mean?
You didn't know?
He comes to ask me about the old days
He didn't tell you?
I'm playing at being his old girlfriend
He hasn't told you?
How are you two getting along, anyway
Oh yeah, some of his memory's
come back
That's what he said
You didn't know?
Oh, didn't I tell you? His memory
won't come back
Is that right?
That's right
Didn't I tell you?
It's not amnesia he's got
Then what's he got?
Then what?
He's normal
He is not normal at all!
It's like a fixation
You know, like a hysterical pregnancy
I don't understand
He was told he had amnesia,
and he believed it
Can that happen?
You have a boyfriend...
Sure you do
I don't
You do!
I don't!
You've got amnesia too!
No, I don't!
Do I?
...gone out shopping
Want some coffee?
Make yourself at home
So he doesn't...
...have amnesia
Then why not tell him the truth?
No way!
I can't do that now!
Why not?
It'd be a disaster!
First, he'd find out you're
not his old flame
That's bad
Real bad!
And he finds out I'm not his girlfriend!
Aren't you?
What are you?
I'm his girlfriend while he has amnesia
And you're not if he doesn't?
No, I'm not!
Do you understand now?
You lied to him?!
He believed me. What else could I do?
I never dreamed he'd really
fall for it, though
You're amazing! What'll you think of next
Well, that's how it is I'm counting on you
But he says his memory's
starting to come back
There's nothing to come back
As he hasn't lost his memory
So what's he remembering?
But he says when he's with me
that his heart pounds...
...that he's in love
I see...
Is he after me now?
He's after me!
Get wet
You're in trouble!
Perfect timing!
We were just talking about your problem
She knows things about you that I don't
Something to help you remember
And I hear you two have been
seeing each other
Why were you keeping that
a secret from me?
I wasn't...
It's awful that you're hiding things
But I've been talking to her about
how to cure you, too
That's a fact, so let's let
bygones be bygones
I'm happy to say she's agreed to help
Haven't you?
You say thank you, too
Mr. Miya!
Whoa whoa whoa!
It feels great!
I guess so...
Stop it!
Take this
Turn it
Do you remember this?
We jumped rope like this
Does it hurt that much?
The rope's wet
I'll turn and you skip
who was skipping then?
You need three people
The kids!
We were playing with some kids
that were here
We couldn't do that with
just the two of us!
Come on, Mr. Miya
I'm starving! I can't go any further
I'm sure it was around here
We had lunch together, remember?
Where is the cafe?
It's gone
So where are we going to get lunch?
I was afraid this would happen
so I brought something
Alice's special rice-ball sandwiches!
What is this?
You used to love these, Mark
Do you remember now?
I don't know whether I want
milk or miso soup
Mark, are you happy?
You are, aren't you?
You've got a nice girlfriend like Hana...
Who cares if you don't remember,
as long as you're happy now
I have to say this?
Mark, are you happy?
You are, aren't you?
You've got a nice girlfriend like Hana...
Who cares if you don't remember,
as long as you're happy now.
Mr. Miya, I'm really,
really happy right now
Hey, you remember this?
Take a card
Remember it
Put it back
this one?
That's weird...
It was the 5 of Spades
And next...
It's just like before
The wind blew the cards away
that time, too
We played that game...
...where you have to find
the Ace of Hearts first
What did we bet?
That was a great game. Let's play it!
So whoever finds the
Ace of Hearts wins
Yay! I win!
...what'll I order you to do
...as of today, Mark's mine
Break up with him
No way!
I didn't mean it
Just kidding!
What was that for?!
Why did you do that?!
Cut it out!
A bit more
Coming in
Up a bit
Move a bit left...
Right, dumb-ass!
This way...
That's down!
The butterfly!
A bit to the right...
How's that?
The butterfly's moving...
Excuse me
That's good
I'm sorry
Ms. Kano, stand by please
OK. Down you get
Don't touch anything
Watch your step
Ms. Kano?
She's up there!
Ms. Kano's on the set!
Nice to meet you all
Could you sit here?
There's just a few now...
...but we'll CG a ton of them in later
You'll be amazed
This is a test!
When you hold me tight, they will fly...
What's wrong?
You're crying
Did you get dumped?
I wonder why I broke up with you...
Do you know the reason?
I won't say
I don't want to lose you again
One of these days you'll start
to like Hana again...
...and you'll throw me away
Then I'll be alone again
End of story
I lost my hat here
It's probably still at the
bottom of this pond
I haven't been on one of these for years!
Do you mind?
Are you serious?
You put a coin in?
It's busted
Guess so
No one
I'm hungry
There you go
We'd always end up eating
seaweed pudding
I didn't used to like it much...
but now I do
It reminds me of us
What's wrong?
Don't you want it?
Not really...
You used to like it
Don't you remember?
I can't eat seaweed pudding
I'm allergic to it
If I eat it I get real sick
I always have
Which means...
either you remember wrong...
or you're lying
Do I really have amnesia?
I'm sorry
It's all lies?
I'm sorry
I was never anything...
special to you
Was this Hana's idea?
I'm not telling
But what about that game
with the Ace of Hearts?
You told Hana. To break up with me
You didn't mean that?
That was...
...just a joke
You didn't find the ace, did you?
You cheated
I found the ace
No, you didn't. I did
Here it is
This is a different deck
Did you really find this there?
You're kidding!
It's true
Give me a minute
have this
Put it...
away in the back of a drawer
you see it there...
think of me
I'll do that every day
That won't work!
It didn't last long...
but it's like we were really going out
Wo ai ni
What's that?
Not telling
Zai jian
Not telling
'You turn into a miser who
can't count to six'
'You count five closing your fingers,
and you hate to open them again'
'Some people are just greedy'
'Sankichi! '
'There's a nail sticking out'
'Go next door and borrow a hammer'
'Be right back'
'Excuse me, could I borrow
your hammer? '
'To hammer what? '
'A nail, of course'
'Don't worry, I won't hammer your head'
'Then I can't lend it'
'You'll wear it out if you use it on a nail'
'I see'
'Boss, I couldn't borrow one'
'Hammer your head... '
'Don't worry, I won't hammer your head'
'Then I can't lend it'
'You'll wear it out if you use it on a nail'
When's the festival?
Next week?
It's so close
'A nail, of course. Don't worry,
I won't hammer your head'
'Then I can't lend it'
'You'll wear it out if you use it on a nail'
'I see... '
'Boss, I couldn't borrow one'
'Why not? '
'He says I'll wear it out
if I use it on a nail'
Tezuka High School Culture Festival
Come on in!
The Festival is under way!
That it is!
Can you keep that energy
right to the end?
I can't hear you!
Say, yeah!!!
The Drama Club's doing
'Jungle Emperor', eh?
That's going to cut into our time!
It only leaves us five minutes!
So the Committee says
Now what, eh?
That's only time for one
Who's it going to be?
That's the problem, eh?
My old Granny can't walk any more
She should stay home...
...but she wants to see her
grandson perform, eh?
She's been excited all day
I saw her in her wheelchair...
...coming out of the washroom,
and our eyes met, eh?
And she said, 'Go get 'em, boy! '
But that's not important, eh?
So... which one of us is it going to be?
But the Phys-Ed teacher scares me, eh
He said to do 20 push-ups, eh?
I only did three, and now he calls
me 'Old Three Push-ups'
He's right into it
You never know what'll
scare someone, eh?
With some people it's
bean-paste buns, eh?
And there's a story about them, eh?
Man, was I nervous, eh?
I didn't see anyone in a wheelchair
You didn't?
I was so nervous...
...I didn't even see the audience, eh?
Like a drink?
I'll go buy something
No, no, no!
I'm buying, eh?
Why have you got this?
Can I tear it up?
No! Why?
It's no big deal
Tear it up
Why should I?
Should we break up?
Oh, hi!
Thank you for coming
Go on in
Come and see my pictures
Over here
Go in!
Dance of the Wind
Thank you for coming
They're very good
Thank you
They move
There's atmosphere
Thank you
I shot them from all kinds
of different angles...
They all seem such good friends...
Yes, we are
Thank you
These shots I took...
...from above...
...and from different places
Excuse me
Are you still fighting with Alice?
It's not a 'fight'...
You shouldn't fight
You know 'the flower house'?
The what?
There was a house everyone
called 'the flower house'
If you passed that house
on the way home...
...you'd see a girl peeking
out the window
Everyone thought the flower house...
...was kind of creepy
My mother said that one day
the girl in that house...
...started hating school, and would
never go outside
But one day that girl came...
...to study ballet
When we met the girl from
the flower house...
...she was really nice
It was Alice who brought you
to ballet, wasn't it
You shouldn't fight
Oh, thank you!
It's not a fight
You changed?
You've got to go on right now, eh?
One of the giraffes fell over!
The show must go on!
We have to fill in, eh?
What about Mr. Miya's 'Live-Forever'?
He's on now
He's almost done
Hana The Funky...
You're the closing act!
Hurry and get changed, eh?
'Like-Fish-In-Water-While-Sea... '
'... And-Cloud-And-Wind-Remain-
Never-Lacking-Food-Or-Shelter... '
'... Like-The-Children-Of-Shuringan-
And-Gurindai-Of-Paipo... '
'... Princesses-Ponpokopi-And-
You're such a nuisance,
you can have them all
She's not here yet!
I'll have to fill in with
'Careless Messenger', eh?
A great lord once had a retainer
named Jibuemon...
...a man who forgot things
an awful lot, eh?
Can you tie my sash?
One day his lord gave him an
important message to deliver
'How do you do? '
'I am Sandayu Tanaka,
retainer of this household'
'I am Jibuemon Jibuta
I serve Lord Sugidaira'
Mr. Miya...
...are you in love...
...with Alice?
If you are...
...in love...
...with Alice...
...that means...
...you're really...
...in love
Alice is...
...really nice, so...
...be happy with her
'I've always been the kind of man
who forgets things'
'But if you pinch my ass real hard... '
'... it's amazing what I remember'
Are you still mad about the card?
That's not it
'Don't be shy! Go on! '
'Pinch my ass with those big pliers, eh? '
'Pinch that cheek as hard as you can! '
'Here goes, then! '
'Go! '
I'm sorry...
...I lied
Mr. Miya... you don't have amnesia
The fact is...
...that you and I...
...haven't fallen...
...in love
You're wrong
Don't jump to conclusions
Get off the stage!
I already know everything
About how my amnesia was a lie...
...and all the bad things you did
'Not yet! Keep going! '
'Now I remember! '
First, knock'em dead
'What is your lord's message? '
'I forgot to ask when I left the castle! '
'It's good to be thrifty... '
'... but when it goes too far
it's a problem for everyone'
'You turn into a miser
who can't count to six'
'You count five closing your fingers... '
'... and you hate to open them again'
'Some people are just greedy'
But it looks like the last performer
was so bad...
...that everyone left
I'm here
You want me to go on?
Once again
Take it up a stop
OK, change it a little
Is that enough?
That's fine
OK, polaroid
For 64, too
Who's that?
Is she auditioning?
Down she goes
For sure!
This is the last one
It's a bit punk...
That's OK
It's for the title page
Great. Good work
Thank you
Thank you very much!
Can we decide on next
month's page 4 girl?
Have your smoke
Mako! Coffee, please
One of these
Anyone's fine
They're all here
I'll call them
Ms. Shinohara?
I'm Yuki Shinohara, 22
How tall are you?
5 feet 6 inch
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you very much!
We'll call you
Ms. Machida...
She's not his type at all
Down she goes
I was in 'Melmo' a couple of years ago
Lift your bangs...
OK, thanks
Ask her something!
Thank you
We'll call your agent
This way
Look at that old bitch!
Down she goes
I'm Harumi, 24
Do it for me
You mean here?
What are you doing?
You said butterfly...
How could I...
Like in swimming?!
I thought she meant 'dancing'
I'm sorry
Stand up
She was going to swim!
A pro!
The poor thing!
Fine. Thanks
Thank you
Ms. Arisugawa...
Tetsuko Arisugawa. Nice to meet you
Just a minute. You're breaking up
Hello? Yes...
Can you dance?
Dance, then
We're doing auditions
Like that...
Is that all?
And like this...
OK, thanks
That's fine, thanks
Is it all right if I really dance?
Could I have some paper cups?
There's water there
Could I have some duct tape?
Supper? I can be home in time to cook
One moment, please
I'll be later than that
Do you need tights or something?
That's all right
I don't mind It's still light out!
I can't get out of here that easy!
Just because you're done early...
OK, bye
That's all
What's this audition for?
I don't know
What's going on?
She danced for us!
You danced?
Is she done?
Yeah, OK. Thanks
Well done
You know your way back?
We'll call your agent
Take care
Thank you
See you
You had her dance?
In a mini-skirt?
She was great
Her agent'll complain
To me!
So which one?
This one
You're sure?
I'll call
She can dance, too
That has nothing to...
She was great anyway
Cute panties, huh?
That had nothing to do with it!
You were looking!
I'll phone
What is it?
Forgot my shoes
You left like that?
Well done
Take care
I'm back
What's going on? Moving?
Cleaning. You help, too
What's this?
Pick up this stuff before
you start vacuuming
You're right
Oh yeah...
What are you doing this Sunday?
I've got a friend coming...
...so I'd like you to be out
A boyfriend?
A friend
A job?
Yes... thank you
I'll do my best
10 yen change
Come on!
Show me the cover
Show me!
3, 2, 1...
Oh... shit!
A mosquito
It's bright red!
That's awful!
Shut up!
Still, it's great!
I don't believe this!