Hana to hebi: Zero (2014) Movie Script

She's there, he said.
Then he hung up.
Vabyron, huh.
The website streams live S&M...
everyday at a set time.
No police complaints,
but net users
say it looks too real.
Abducted girls.
Live torture.
The kind of fantasy netizens love.
We'll invade their fantasy.
Flower and Snake: Zero
You okay? Any injuries?
Big Sis...
They kidnapped you?
Amamiya! You okay?
The front gate is unguarded.
I'm fine.
You. Who are you?
Answer me!
Okay, okay, okay.
"Home late so no dinner for me."
"Is he cheating?"
"He's always late."
"And he's handsome."
No, he's just busy.
"He's lucky you're so naive."
One of the men we killed
ran the show.
But they were hired.
Someone else set up the site
on an untraceable...
South American server.
Just wait for the victim
to come around.
You don't look well. Go home.
Get some rest.
Are you okay? Did they hurt you?
I don't see you for years,
and now...
I'm a criminal?
What happened?
Mifuyu, what's wrong with you?
I was so worried!
Dad was hospitalized!
I don't give a shit!
Why'd you let me go?
I'm a criminal, you know.
You're too late.
You did a dumb thing, Big Sis.
I'll drag you to hell.
Misaki Amamiya.
Who are you?
You ought to get your
jacket dry-cleaned. It's filthy.
Who are you?
You let your sister,
a key witness, leave a crime scene.
You killed all suspects.
You act remorseful,
but you're relieved that
you could cover up for her.
Answer me! Who are you?
Why let your sister go?
Sisterly love?
Or to protect yourself?
What's your connection to Mifuyu?
Answer the question.
What do you want?
Hold on to that phone.
I'll call again.
"I've got no proof he's cheating."
"It's all in your mind, Chihiro?"
"You got me."
"This website is cool."
"What is it?"
What is this?
"An illegal website."
"A real abductee."
"That's criminal!"
"It's uncensored."
"Real hardcore S&M."
"Free entry, pay later."
"Payment options on the right.
Check it out."
"The devil is here!"
"See ya."
Looks like "The Ring".
It's a new woman.
Investigate the history
of this woman.
On it.
- Hiroki, keep watch.
- Yes ma'am.
"Pay to see more."
Oh dear...
So anyway, Chihiro
calls her mother-in-law "the devil",
and she caught her
typing it in our chat session.
She came up with
the craziest explanation!
So anyway,
Chihiro said her husband...
might get fired from his job.
Isn't that scary?
We're much happier,
the way we are.
A new lamb to the slaughter.
Are you the man behind Vabyron?
Or maybe...
Go outside.
I'm on duty.
Go outside.
Where are you?
Go to the toilets.
Enter the last stall.
- Are you in?
- Yes.
- Get undressed.
- Huh?
- I won't say it twice.
- Is this a joke?
Do I sound like I'm joking?
No way. I'm not doing it.
Do you understand now?
I don't like making threats.
But the fact is,
you let your sister go to
save your chances for promotion.
So get naked?
Don't insult my intelligence.
You know what to do.
I'm sure you'll act wisely.
Are you manipulating my sister?
Does it look that way?
So she sold me out.
I'm undressed.
Send me photos.
No way!
Well taken.
You're gorgeous.
- Are we done?
- No.
Come on!
Is this your idea of fun?
Take off your panties
and grind your ass.
Hell no!
Watch your mouth.
Do it. Obey my orders
and you'll get a reward.
A reward?
You want to know about Vabyron?
I have to go this far
for information?
Pride holding you back?
It doesn't matter.
Either way, you strip.
I took them off.
- Everything?
- Yes.
Hurry up.
Where are you?
Grind your ass in a circle.
Don't hold back.
You'll only feel more ashamed.
Happy now?
How does it feel?
Do it.
You know what I mean.
Do it.
You make your eyebrows thick
to look tough,
but your facade is your weakness.
You need to show your true self.
Are... we done?
We're done.
Look down to the right.
That belongs to
Shizuko Toyama, correct?
Yes. It was my present to my wife
on her birthday this year.
Why do you have it?
Where is Shizuko now?
She went home two days ago.
Her mother is rather frail.
Any contact from her?
No, not really.
But that's normal.
Has something happened to her?
Are you sure that's her?
Why is she...
Shizuko! Hey! Shizuko!
Shi... Shizuko!
Shizuko and I...
have been married for 3 years.
I wanted to become
a freelance broker,
and despite the risk,
Shizuko encouraged me to.
Why's she doing this?
Ask anyone about Shizuko!
About the woman she was!
You won't find a more...
immaculate and loving wife,
Shizuko! Shizu...
Shut up!
That ring belongs to the
woman Vabyron captured.
How did you...
What a bore.
All you talk about is work.
I'm grateful for the info,
but I don't get you.
Do you want to help her?
Or are you just using me?
Just obey my orders. That's all.
I'm... a detective, you know.
Don't make this more difficult.
Await my next order.
Thank you.
- Sign here please.
- Okay.
Sign here please.
Oh! Sure, sure!
What am I doing?
Cum with me!
Do it properly.
Women need kindness.
Now, you must be tired.
Madam, good work again.
The president said
he enjoyed it too.
the part where you
reached ecstasy.
Towards the end,
the lady climaxed, did she not?
If you'd like something,
don't hesitate to ask.
Police are still investigating.
But the president said not to worry.
See you again tomorrow.
Turn it on.
Turn around.
Spread your legs.
- People can see me.
- Spread your legs.
You're just a pervert.
Listen up. Use only polite language.
Fix that mouth of yours,
or you'll never amount to anything.
Lift your skirt.
Are we done?
Please! Are we done?
They're looking at me!
Please! Have mercy on me!
You're done.
Oh! Oh!
Sister you dropped something!
Sister you dropped this!
Was it scary?
What'll you do with me?
We don't know who or where...
the women shown on Vabyron are.
Even though thousands
watch around the world.
Stupid. Why do you think...
I told you where the girl was?
You're the anonymous caller?
There's one reason
why you can't find them.
They disappear through
the looking-glass.
It's my mess, so I'll clean it up.
Why... did you come here?
You don't know?
I only do what I'm told.
I can't tell you.
Why did you come here?
For money?
Because you were told to?
your eyes look sad.
Your mood changes.
I can feel it.
No! Don't!
All women are the same!
You're no different!
And you don't function
like most men!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
- They gave me money.
- Money?
I ran away from home.
They gave me a place to live
to appear in the videos.
I got paid 3,000 yen a day.
You agreed to do it?
A man gave me money.
He always told me to
pretend I was scared.
But I didn't have to,
because I was scared.
Oh. Also,
an old man called Makimura
came to see me sometimes.
I never saw his face,
but everybody sucked up to him.
Guess he's a big deal.
They called him President Makimura.
They're just porn merchants!
We didn't have to blow them away!
What about Shizuko Toyama?
Her husband filed a complaint!
A horny housewife doing porn...
is police business now?
You want us to leave Vabyron alone?
There are loads of
worse sites out there.
Keisuke Toyama withdrew his complaint.
You went to see Toyama?
He turned me away.
It happens.
Let's go for a drink.
About what the girl said.
She was visited by a man
called President Makimura.
does the name Gozo Makimura
sound familiar?
He's an art dealer...
and political and industrial fixer!
Is he putting pressure on us?
Drop the case.
That's all I can say.
Are you serious?
Shizuko Toyama's ring!
Where'd you get it?
Who'd you let escape?
You think I don't know anything?
What are you up to?
Don't think I can't end your career.
Want to touch me?
If you want to touch me,
what do you say?
Please let me...
touch you.
Touch yourself too!
How is it?
It's warm!
What is it?
Gozo Makimura.
Surely you know him.
I was told to drop the case.
I don't know what to believe anymore.
I want to meet you.
I'd like you to meet me.
Come to this address.
Hey, wanna see something cool?
I knew you'd come.
I know you inside out.
And look,
you've dressed up nicely for me.
A pleasing sight.
Makimura? Vabyron?
Are you scared?
Trust me.
Surrender all that's inside you.
Why did you let your sister go?
Are you ordering me to answer?
I am.
I hate my sister.
Since I was young,
I wished she was dead.
No matter how hard I tried,
I was never loved
as much as she was.
But on that day...
You might say I did it
to protect myself,
but I didn't.
I had a sudden urge to help her.
That made me...
hate myself as well.
A liberated younger sister,
and a self-restraining older sister.
It's so cliched.
No, it isn't.
I enjoyed it. Thank you.
Here's your reward.
Check Shizuko's husband's clients.
Good evening!
You were here?
You're a good girl as always,
Big Sis.
You do everything
that's asked of you.
Could you go this far for him?
I'll never lose to you.
Get this straight!
Our clients don't want to see love!
The president is livid!
Use your brain.
It'll get infected.
You asked me why I'm here.
It's for my husband.
For his sake...
I'd persevere through anything.
not like other women.
I don't know how other women feel.
Sometimes at night,
you gaze at me
through the mirror, don't you.
It's alright.
feel a little better when
I know you're watching me.
Despite this situation...
Despite this existence...
I'm glad you're here.
Something must be wrong with me.
Time to get ready.
Tell the truth!
Your wife will be killed!
Vabyron kills the women!
Hey asswipe.
Know who you're fucking with?
50 million. Better pay in full.
Please wait! I'm doing my best...
Sell your house! Your land!
Or a kidney?
Stop! I'll call the cops!
Shizuko! Get out!
Try calling them, madam.
This guy has billions in bad debts...
from misusing clients' money.
Sad, but true.
They said they'd
show my wife naked...
on an illegal pay site.
By doing so,
I'd earn millions per day...
and be debt-free within a month.
I'll do it.
Shizuko! You...
My heart belongs to you alone.
I'm begging you.
Please save Shizuko!
I don't care about myself!
Please save Shizuko!
I'm begging you!
I'm begging you!
I'm begging you!
Shizuko! Please save her!
Amamiya here.
Police hospital, now.
Stay back!
Why do something so stupid?
I said I wouldn't lose to you,
It was my mistake.
They got ahead of me.
That's Makimura's style.
Lead me to him.
- Impossible.
- Lead me.
There's only one way.
Are you ready to die?
"See Shizuko perform live!
Ladies free!"
For real?
No way...
you've served us well.
Today your husband's debt
will be fully repaid.
No more Eddie.
Got any stomach medicine?
I'm nervous.
I'll give you time at the end.
Do what you like.
I'll call when we start.
I won't... hurt you.
Today's guest.
She volunteered to become a slave.
Miss Misaki.
I'll untie you.
This is amazing!
Isn't this amazing?
It is!
It is amazing.
Face this way!
What the hell is this bullshit?
This mustache is awful!
I need attention to detail!
How's this?
Behold, the devil!
That's not it...
Ladies and gentlemen.
We welcome you here today...
to Vabyron's celebration of the flesh.
Please be informed...
that the true star of today's party,
our divine dictator of debauchery,
Mr. Gozo Makimura,
is in attendance here today.
Everyone, look this way.
He is present behind that mirror!
As you have kindly joined us,
would one of you like...
to discipline these ladies...
for our entertainment?
Me! Me! Me! Me!
Aren't you a lively one!
Please come up here.
Would you mind?
Excuse me!
A round of applause!
Thank you!
So where do you hail from?
I came from Saitama!
And your name?
Whoa Nelly!
No need to tell us the truth.
I'm a huge fan of Madam Shizuko,
and I'm terribly excited to...
see her perform live today!
I'm sure Madam Shizuko
will be overjoyed to hear that.
Now then, please feel free to use...
any of these implements.
Ladies and gents,
enjoy our ladies' humiliation...
by a complete stranger...
to your heart's content!
Moan for me!
Hey, you.
Please punish me too.
I'm feeling awesome!
Mr. Kurokawa...
I brought...
I brought the money!
So free Shizuko. Free Shizuko!
Shizuko! Shizuko!
Mr. Toyama,
the real fun is about to begin.
Thank you! Oh, thanks! Thank you!
Thank you!
I asked for concealer!
I don't have time for this!
Not this color again.
I wanted a wine one...
They're a hit.
Thank you, thank you!
Ladies and gents,
was that to your liking?
Now we've reached the climax
of our delightful party.
We would like you to watch
the following film.
Tearful to hear,
and tearful to tell,
this is one woman's sad, sad story.
Its heroine...
is Madam Shizuko!
Ladies and gents,
sit back, relax, and enjoy!
"The Tale of Shizuko."
Shizuko Toyama.
Born and raised in an
affluent Tokyo household,
she was an angelic little girl,
loved by all.
However, one day,
a terrible tragedy befell her.
Of all things, she was abducted
and held captive,
and her innocent body
was used as a plaything.
The ringleader...
was Gozo Makimura!
President Makimura
had long coveted...
the beautiful young Shizuko,
and at last
his desire was fulfilled.
No! No! No!
Half a year later,
tragedy struck Shizuko once again.
Of all things, she was pregnant
with President Makimura's child!
She learned this too late to abort.
Her parents made her give birth,
and secretly put the child
up for adoption.
President Makimura covertly
kept watch over his child,
and eventually took him in,
giving him a special education.
He had a natural talent...
for inflicting pain without pity!
His gift brought him
the ultimate blessing.
Yes! A joyous reunion...
with his birth mother,
Shizuko Toyama!
No way!
It's a love story!
Move over Sophocles,
this epic saga will be
retold for generations!
And now, we come to the end.
We have prepared
a glorious conclusion...
to this tragic tale.
What is Vabyron's greatest offering?
Yes, our magic trick in which
we make a person vanish.
Misaki Amamiya, Metro Police!
Baba! What the fuck?
So it was you, Lieutenant.
We'll talk later.
Let's go.
Gozo... Makimura.
The genuine article
died a long time ago.
The Makimura of today...
is a phantom
that all of you created.
A wicked... fantasy!
Why did you use this bitch?
Were you dreaming of
deposing Gozo Makimura to claim
his throne for yourself?
Where are the bodies
of your victims?
That internet rumor?
Don't jump to conclusions, bimbo!
They all took the money and ran.
I did it to please my audience.
That's all I wanted.
Wait! Who is Makimura?
"Life is but a dream..."
so embrace insanity.
It hurts...
There's no proof he was your son.
Oh god, oh god, oh god...
Look this way please.
Time you found yourself a job.
A husband mooching off his wife...
That's embarrassing.
Who is it?
You know.
"This is a work of fiction and
has no basis in fact whatsoever."