Handling the Undead (2024) Movie Script

Ill eat at work.
- Are you sure you dont need any help?
- No, thats okay.
- Im fine. Ill just join you later.
- Okay.
Yeah, okay.
Can you look after Kian tonight?
Hello? Anyone home?
- Die!
- Flora?
- Move. Hello?
- Can you look after Kian tonight?
Isnt he old enough
to look after himself?
Look at me when Im talking to you.
You can leave now.
Give me my cigarettes.
Dinner is ready.
Time for dinner.
Can you please come?
All of my jokes are about you,
so you cant see my show.
I should get royalties for those jokes.
- Its enough, sweetheart.
- Kian.
- Does Flora really need to stay with me?
- Yes. Thatll be fun. You can...
play computer games together.
- Where are you going?
- Well...
Im going on a secret mission.
- Really? Like what?
- Well...
Someones birthday is coming up.
Who could that be?
Will you tell me
one of your jokes for tonight?
Three tomatoes were walking across a bridge.
- Thats funny.
- Funny, right?
Youll do great. Why are you so nervous?
- You only say that to comfort me.
- Pull yourself together.
I mean it, pull yourself together.
Youll do great.
- Fuck! My head is killing me.
- Why dont I pick up the rabbit tomorrow?
No, absolutely not.
I pick up the rabbit, you tell your jokes.
Youll do great. Tell the onion joke.
And then do this.
- I just stole your nose. Ill put it...
- No, dont do that.
- Youre not allowed.
- Yes. I am.
- You are really great.
- Okay.
- Youre great. Stop it.
- No, you stop it.
I love you whether you like it or not.
I love you whether you like it...
Weve been married for a long time,
and I have to admit
that not every day is a wild sex orgy,
but were working on it.
Hi, David speaking.
Grandpa is coming. Grandpa is coming.
Youre stone cold, dear.
- Hi. Maria Pinelli.
- David Zetterberg.
Weve examined Eva,
and I cant explain it, but her heart
has started beating again all by itself.
However, her heart rate is very slow,
and her oxygen level is so low
that we cant understand
how shes still alive.
Can I see her now?
Not just yet.
First we want to do an MRI of her head.
Then we measure her brain activity.
- Shes alive, though?
- Yes, but weve never seen this before.
The cause of the power outage in the capital
is still uncertain.
The network distributor hasnt found
any faults in their system.
Whats going on?
Mom suffered an accident.
Is she in the hospital?
What do the doctors say?
They dont know.
She died on the operating table.
Then she woke up again.
So, she didnt die?
I dont know.
What do you mean?
I really dont know.
Theyre doing tests on her now.
- But what...
- Flora, I dont know. I dont know.
She... We just have to wait.
Get some sleep.
I dont know anything yet.
I think Mom is dying.
Here we are, my boy.
Lets see.
There you go.
There you go.
Grandpa will be right back.
My dear boy.
Im just going to give you some eye drops.
There you go.
Everything will be okay again.
Ill clean you up.
My dear boy.
There you go.
Grandpa is just going to press your tummy.
Im just going to remove some of this.
There you go.
Im sorry, dear.
Ill dry your face.
Mom will be home soon.
Mr. Sandman with the umbrella
He visits every little fella
Every boy and every girl
All sleeping tots all across the world
Mr. Sandman with the umbrella
He visits every little fella
Every boy and every girl
All sleeping tots all across the world
- He needs to go to a hospital.
- No,
he needs to be with his family.
- Its the police. Please open the door.
- No. Please dont.
- We have to tell them we have him.
- Then well lose him again.
We need to check if Elias is there.
Open the door.
Im standing outside Ullevl Hospital,
where a crisis center has been set up.
Its still uncertain
exactly whats happened...
How are you, my love?
My darling.
Are you in there somewhere?
Ive missed you.
Time to eat.
Here you are.
Im calling to get an update
on Eva Keshavarz.
Okay. May I speak to a doctor?
Well, what would you have me do now?
You must have some information.
Will Mom die?
When will she be home?
Soon, I hope.
She just needs to recover first.
Is it true what you said
about your mother?
My mother passed away too.
But she didnt come back.
Those peonies we planted
will probably not blossom until next year.
Thank you.
I love you whether you like it or not.
I love you whether you like it or not.
Yes, may he live for a hundred years
Of course he will live
Of course he will live
Of course he will live for a hundred years
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Whoops. Here you go. Oopsie.
- Isnt it beautiful?
- Yeah.
And very cute.
- Thank you.
- Youre welcome.
I wish Mom were here...
to see you.
Come on.
Give it a break.
- Hey.
- Shh. Wait.
Cant you see hes in pain?
Stop it!
There you go.
Look at this.
Were almost out of water.
Eva, its Kians birthday today.
I picked up the rabbit.
Look, Mom. Balthazar.
Do you want to hold him?
Eva, dont hold him that tightly. Let go.
Eva, stop it! Let go.
You have to let go.
- Eva, stop it!
- Let go of him.
Mom is dead.
Someones here.
We have to go back.
My precious child,
rest at ease
Little boy,
little girl,
sleep in peace
The sun has set, my little one
The moon is up,
the day is done
Ill see you later.
I love you.