Hands of Hell (2023) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen
of the East Texas area,
make sure to double-check the
locks on your doors tonight.
Two of Texas' most
notorious murderers
have escaped from
the local sanatorium.
These assailants are
extremely dangerous.
Do not, for any
reason, approach them,
but rather call the
local authorities.
The storm knocked
the power completely out.
It does every time, dear.
Well, why don't you sit down
and we'll play some cards?
All right.
It's been a long time since
I let you beat me at rummy.
Well, damn. Show
me what you got.
All right.
Did you hear something?
Yeah, I think it's
the screen door.
I'll check it out.
What happened?
I just tripped over the chair.
baby, you all right?
Yes. I'm just clumsy.
Well, I know
you're clumsy, baby.
That's one of the reasons
I love you. Now, come on.
Let's go. Ready?
There you go.
I know.
You sure you're all right now?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Good, 'cause we don't need
any more adventures tonight.
All right. It's your turn.
Did you hear something?
Probably the rain
beating on the window.
Don't try and cheat just
'cause I'm winning this time.
You wish. It's your turn.
What was that?
I'll go check it out.
Boy, you're awfully
jumpy tonight.
Be careful.
Jeffrey, is is
everything all right?
I'm gonna make you a
little bit more comfortable.
Is that better?
Please, someone help!
Please, help!
Someone help! Help!
Someone help!
Help me, please.
You can scream as
loud as you want.
No one's gonna hear you.
Now, should I put this back in,
or are you gonna be a good boy?
I'll be good. I promise.
The fuck?
What the fuck is this shit?
What am I supposed
to do with this?
Does your wife own anything
that doesn't say,
"I'm in a cult"?
I'm sorry, all right?
Look, look, look, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
My daughter, I don't know,
she left some of her belongings
when her and her boyfriend
were staying with us.
It's in the bottom box
on the shelf over there,
and there's some jewelry too.
Take it. Take anything.
Just please don't
hurt us, please!
Oh, God.
Nice work, old man.
Please don't hurt us, please.
Who said anything
about hurting you?
That doesn't hurt, does it?
How about that?
Whoops. I guess I lied.
Quit that fucking
crying right now!
Please don't do this.
I promise you, you'd
rather me than her.
He's talking about me.
You really think all those
tears are gonna help you?
It certainly didn't
help your old man.
Where is he? What have
you done with him?
How long have you
two been married?
I asked you a fucking question.
39 years.
That's beautiful.
I was married once.
I love cows.
They're such peaceful creatures,
and yet somehow everyone
still wants to eat 'em.
Somebody help me! Help!
You're the two
that escaped from that
institution earlier today.
Smart little cookie.
It only took you an
hour to figure it out.
What do
you want from me?
To see what your
brain looks like.
I fucking love you.
Oh, yeah?
Show me.
What in "The Hills Have Eyes"?
I think it's kind of quaint.
Is that another
word for sketchy?
Just do me a favor
and if you have to pee,
hold it until we get there.
You're not gonna like it.
I don't have the time for
guessing games, detective.
You have something
for me or not?
Patrol found a prison
guard dead by the fence.
Son of a bitch.
I checked the logs
of both compounds.
Turns out he was
on guard to rove
both Zeke and Bianca's
blocks that night.
So that's how they
made it that far
without being detected.
God damn it!
This is totally not what
was advertised on the website.
Did you not read the reviews?
Marcus, how many times have
I told you, read the reviews?
Okay, sorry for, like,
trying to live spontaneously
and adventurously.
Your adventures
keep getting us
into shenanigans like these.
For once, can we
adventure, I don't know,
maybe somewhere like
Martha's Vineyard?
Why do you have to do that?
What? Be right all the time?
Well, that too, but, no.
Use that damn word when you
know how much I hate it.
Well, maybe, just maybe,
if you stop getting us into
shenanigans like these,
I wouldn't have to use that
word so much, now would I?
You know what? I can't
even with you right now.
I'm starting to
get a migraine.
Just go find the owners
and get us our room please.
They're not answering.
Well, knock again.
God. Fucking Einstein.
Hi. I'm Marcus Donahue.
I made reservations for me and
my boyfriend for the weekend.
Yes. This is
Huxley Bay Marina, isn't it?
- Sorry about that.
He's new here.
Oh, no worries.
So, as I was just
saying to your friend,
we're here for the retreat.
Yeah, me
and my boyfriend.
I see.
So, do I get a key, or?
Just a second.
This is completely normal.
Just a regular couple running
a regular motel on the lake.
What the
fuck are you doing?
We're gonna get them a
key to one of these rooms.
Let's just get rid of them.
Now, how much
fun would that be?
Oh my God. What
is taking so long?
Oh, they're just
getting us our room key.
Great. Oh, and I signed
all of our waivers online.
Are there any other forms
that we need to fill out?
You're all set.
Oh, and which room will we
be occupying this weekend?
Have a nice day.
Got it.
Ugh, rude.
Must you be so
aggressive toward everyone?
Did you see the way
she was looking at me?
It was like she wanted
to devour my soul.
Oh my God. You're too much.
Okay, well, on
the bright side,
we're walking distance
from that town over there.
That's the bright side?
Yeah, like if this
place has bedbugs,
we can just go down to
that motel down there
and have our skin
turn into lampshades.
Oh my God. Okay, I'm
gonna go get our keys.
- Well, well, well.
Looky what we have here.
There's more.
How many?
Two girls.
Hi. It's Stacy Bloomfield.
I have a reservation
for two rooms.
One for each of you?
Oh, no, our boyfriends
are on the way.
I see.
I used to have the same
one when I was a teenager.
Yeah, so if I could just
get the keys, that'd be great.
That was weird.
What was?
The owners.
I could have sworn she said
they were in their 60s.
You're just
being paranoid now.
Yeah, you're right.
I'll just shake it off. Come
on, let's go get a drink.
There's no service
here. Did you know this?
How could you?
You know I have to get
in touch with my clients.
Your clients will be just fine
without you for 48 hours, Brett.
And what if the Jacobsons
decide their house goes through
and they want to close on it?
Then I guess they'll
have to wait 'til Monday.
Why don't you put your phone
down and pour us some wine?
Here. You look like
you could use this.
Thanks, man.
No problem.
You wanna talk about it?
You know, I've just been
sitting here for hours,
just racking my brain,
trying to figure out why.
Why in the hell would someone
let these monsters free?
The lab confirmed Bianca's DNA
on Corrections Officer Granger.
I guess I just walked
right into that one.
So what are we dealing with
here? Another Gacy and Bundy?
Those men don't even hold
a candle to Bianca Cromwell.
Bianca Cromwell and Zeke Jensen
are not the average
serial killers.
They're the worst type, the
type that have no motive.
They kill for pleasure.
There was no childhood trauma.
Please, please, don't kill me!
I won't tell anybody!
I won't tell anybody! I swear!
They were never pushed
to their breaking points.
They just decided, one day,
this was gonna be their life.
Let me ask you a question.
Has that line ever
worked on anyone?
What nice manners.
What's your name?
Your parents know
where you are, Logan?
I'll take that as a no.
Tell us, Logan.
Think they'll miss you?
It's okay.
Dance with me.
I love you.
I want one.
Anything for you, baby.
Do you think he's a virgin?
A ladies' man. Isn't that right?
Now he have to kill you.
The only real question is, how?
How what?
Well, how are we gonna
kill you, of course.
Since he loves to scream,
we have that in common.
Let's put a hole right in
the middle of his throat.
Jesus Christ.
He's not gonna help us now.
When are the
guys supposed to get here?
Blake gets off work at three,
and then I think he was gonna
pick up Dylan on the way.
Why do you look so nervous?
He is your boyfriend.
Do I look nervous?
I don't know.
I guess I am, a little bit.
We haven't spoken in a week.
Erica, why did
you agree to this
if you weren't gonna
be comfortable?
I don't know, Stace.
Dylan and I have been
through so much together.
It's hard to throw it all away.
I mean, I get it,
but I swear to God,
if he ever pulls
some shit like this again,
I will literally kill him.
I think I'm gonna go get a
shower before they get here.
Okay, but don't take too long.
I plan on getting you all drunk
and skinny-dipping in the lake.
- Okay, sounds good.
I'll be back in 20.
Did I scare you?
Uh, yeah. Just a little bit.
My mistake.
Have yourself a good
night, beautiful.
Fucking creep.
Damn, Stacey.
It's just me.
Jesus fucking Christ, Blake.
You scared the shit out of me.
I know. It was epic.
You're such a child.
Oh, come on. Lighten up.
We're supposed to be
relaxing out here, remember?
Where's Dylan?
Oh, he's in his room.
We ran into those weirdos
that run this place outside.
Did you meet them both?
The chick that runs this
joint, she's kind of hot.
Ow, but not as hot as you, baby.
Speaking of hot.
Oh, come on.
We'll just put a sock
on the door, yeah?
For old time's sake, hm?
You've gotta be fucking
kidding me with this shit.
God damn it, Dylan!
You scared me.
It's okay. It's not you.
It's this place. It gives
me the fucking creeps.
I hear that.
The owners are something else.
Did you see the Glasgow
smile on the dude?
Is that what that's called?
What do you think happened?
All I know is you gotta
be into some deep shit
to get one of those.
Or he needs a new barber.
Oh, dad jokes?
Hey, you.
Sorry we're late.
We had to do a transmission
change at the shop today,
plus Douchebag McGee
had to stop about 20
times on the way up here.
It's okay. I'm
glad you're here now.
I think this is going to
be really good for us.
Me too.
You know what would
make it even better?
What's that?
Stop. Stop, stop, stop.
I can't.
I understand.
Whenever you're ready.
Thank you.
Is this your idea of relaxing?
Uh, yeah.
Okay, you know what?
I can't do it. I'm gonna check
to see if they have wifi.
Brett, we are a
hundred miles away
from the nearest major town,
and that town only had
a Dollar General in it.
I highly doubt AT&T is
running wifi out here.
We shall see, shall we?
Is anybody in there?
Listen, we're in room three.
We're just trying to figure out
if y'all have any
wifi available or not.
Can I help you?
We're just trying
to figure out
if you have any wifi available.
You know what?
We actually had it installed
a couple weeks ago,
but I left the
information in the back.
You can follow me.
Okay, Brett.
We have got to stop watching
those AMC horror nights.
I'm surprised
they're not selling
Billy's Big Mouth Bass
decor around here.
Oh, shit!
You definitely startled me.
Your wife, I'm just down
here looking for wifi,
And um..
And your wife is actually
supposed to be helping me
find that information to
get wifi for the internet.
You know, you talk an awful lot.
It's fucking annoying.
Um, okay.
Sorry. You know what?
We don't even need wifi.
I'll just go back to my room
and we can wait 'til Monday.
You're not going anywhere.
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
I won't tell
anybody. I promise.
Oh, every damn time.
Hold him down, baby.
To be honest, a good
fight really turns me on.
Oh, I know, I know, I know.
This isn't really your thing.
Maybe we should switch spots.
Not a fucking chance.
I'm sorry, sir.
It turns out we actually
don't have any wifi here.
You look so
fucking sexy in red.
It's all woods.
Right? That's the
only town for miles.
There's no way they could
have made it that far on foot.
Wait, what is this?
I don't know. I
didn't even see that.
Give me the coordinates.
42.1123 north.
85.7134 east.
What is it?
It's a retreat
camp in the woods.
Is it still open?
According to this
website, it is.
- GPS says two hours away.
Down for a road trip?
A toast to a killer
weekend with great friends.
Let's do it.
Awesome. Now let's go.
Did you
pack the cooler?
Already did.
Perfect. Y'all ready?
You're so dramatic.
We've been walking
for like five minutes.
Listen, if it were up to me,
this would've been in our room.
Next time, we'll fill
the bathtub for you, bud.
- Yo, D!
- Throw me a beer!
Hey, what about me?
You want one?
Here you go.
You want this?
Come and get it.
Give me the beer.
What's wrong?
I forgot my birth
control today.
Want me to walk you back?
Do you mind?
Not at all. Come on.
Don't hurry back!
Brett, is that you?
Oh my God!
- Holy shit!
What the hell, man?
I'm sorry. You scared me.
You scared
the shit out of us.
What are you doing?
I'm looking for my boyfriend,
Brett. Have you seen him?
No. Sorry.
- That's all right.
Thanks anyways.
looking for someone?
Actually, I am, my boyfriend,
Brett. Have you seen him?
He did come by.
I have to pee.
So just go.
- No.
- Don't be disgusting.
You say it
like we haven't exchanged
worse fluids than that.
Oh my God. Gross.
Where are you going?
To go pee.
You wanna help me out or what?
What's in it for me?
a little surprise.
Well, hurry up,
and tell Dylan and Erica to
quit boning and come back.
Hey, Stace, turn that back.
Sorry. I thought you
were my girlfriend.
Where is
the beauty queen?
She ran off to the bathroom.
I see.
Can I join you?
Such pretty eyes.
Thank you.
Can I hit it?
Excuse me?
The joint.
I guess your girlfriend
doesn't mind sharing.
It can be our little secret.
Is that right?
Uh-huh, yeah.
Maybe we should
take this inside then.
Can you show me a good time?
Yo, what the fuck?
Was that too rough for you?
I don't fucking think so.
Do you wanna talk about it?
We don't have to.
I know.
I just wanna know why.
I wish I had even
the slightest clue.
I really do, but the
God's honest truth is
I really don't know.
Two years. Dylan, we've
been together for two years.
Did you have feelings for her?
No. It was one
moment of weakness.
Listen, I know
that's not an excuse,
but the last thing I ever
wanted to do was hurt you.
You have to know that.
And until you say
that we're done.
I'm going to spend all of
my time showing you that.
Um, we should head back
before Stacey starts in on us
about how long we've been gone.
Five more minutes?
Fine. Five more minutes.
Maybe we should take
this into the bedroom.
Where the hell am I?
Well, if this doesn't have
horror movie written all over it.
Oh, holy shit. I have
service down here.
- Can I help you find something?
- Holy shit!
Do you work here?
Um, no.
Okay. I'm looking for
my boyfriend, uh, partner.
His name is Brett. Have
you seen him by any chance?
Ain't nobody come this way.
I've seen a couple of
cars go on up to the camp.
Yeah, that's where
I just came from.
You know what?
I'm just gonna head back to
camp and wait for him there.
Thank you!
Hold on.
How can I feel you
if my hands are tied?
That's the whole point.
I get to feel you.
Just what exactly are
you gonna do to me?
I'm just usually
the one in control.
Just relax, baby.
We're gonna have a lot of fun.
- Take off the blindfold.
I wanna see you.
You don't wanna
spoil it, do you?
That's more like it.
Are you ready?
Want some more?
Only if I get a turn next.
Oh, that's so fucking hot.
Yeah. Kiss me.
I have another surprise.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
I don't think you're ready.
Oh, I'm ready, baby.
Turn around.
You heard me.
I'm not into
that sort of thing.
Fine. Get up.
Seriously. Get the fuck out.
All right, fine.
Just nothing crazy, okay?
Relax, baby.
We're gonna have a lot of fun.
Shouldn't I
be doing this to you?
That's the fun part.
That feels good, doesn't it?
Blake, I don't think
Erica and..
Blake, come on.
This isn't funny.
You know I hate jump scares.
Looking for someone?
Oh my God. You almost
gave me a heart attack.
Yeah, I lost my boyfriend,
and I thought he
was messing with me.
Have you seen him by chance?
Yeah. Oh, I didn't
catch your name.
Bianca. Yeah.
Do you know where he is?
- He's in our house.
He's in the bathroom.
You're welcome to come
in and look for him.
Oh, I mean, yeah,
that'd be great.
Follow me.
You can wait right here
and I'll go get him.
Blake? Are you okay?
This isn't funny, okay? I'm
getting really freaked out.
What the fuck is going on?
It was a long day.
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
It sounded like
someone screaming.
Maybe those weirdo
owners are doing the nasty.
God, talk about a weirdo.
Come on. It's definitely been
longer than five minutes.
She's still out.
So much for heading to Mexico.
What's that supposed to mean?
I mean the
plan was to find
some clothes, cash, and a car,
and heading for the
border undetected.
No one
knows we're up here.
Yeah, but the
longer we stay here,
the more time they
have to figure it out.
I was just thinking about
the first time we met.
What about it?
You remember?
Of course I do.
I was only 22 years old.
Yeah, and married
to my best friend.
How long was it
before we started?
Started what? The
flirting or the fucking?
We started flirting the
moment Jackson introduced us.
Yeah, and we started fucking
about two months later.
Then the real fun began.
I wouldn't call being
turned under the table
for sleeping with the
president's wife fun,
or getting this as a
permanent reminder.
That's funny,
because every time I see 'em,
I get turned on thinking
about how you got 'em.
That's 'cause
you don't have 'em.
You could have
left at any time.
You were weak.
You couldn't say no to
me and you still can't.
What are you gonna do?
Kill you.
Go ahead.
I dare you.
If I hadn't convinced you
to help me hunt them down,
slit their throats, gut them,
and watch them choke on their
own blood, you'd be dead.
Maybe I should give you a
matching smile down here.
You wouldn't.
Were you not there when I
tied my own husband to a chair,
forced him to watch
you fuck me for hours,
and were you not there when you
helped me dismember his body
and bury it in the
walls of our home?
So what makes you think
I wouldn't run this
blade across your throat?
Good boy.
I'm not done having fun here,
which means we're not
done having fun here.
When we are, we'll leave.
You love me, don't you?
Don't you?
You want me to be
happy, don't you?
This is what makes me happy.
I love you.
I know.
Get her!
Brett, are you in here?
Anyone, help!
They're trying to kill me!
The owners!
They killed my boyfriend.
Get down.
Great. Thanks, sheriff.
Sheriff Earl Norm said
he's gonna go up there
and check it out.
He said the marina is like 20
minutes from where he lives.
He doesn't have any deputies?
He assured me he
could take care of it himself.
I don't appreciate all that
yelling at one in the morning.
- We're really sorry.
We um..
We just can't seem
to find our friends.
How's that my problem?
Listen, we don't
want any trouble.
We'll just go back to our
room and wait for them there.
Your friends took
off through the woods
about 30 minutes ago.
How the fuck should I know?
Did you see which way?
Come on, then.
What the
fuck was that about?
I don't know. That was
really fucking weird.
Remember when they sent us away?
Let's give them a
reason to send us back.
Shh, shh.
I think they're gone.
Are you sure?
Hey. Stay down.
We need to make a run for it.
I can't go.
- We can't stay in here.
We need to get to my car.
What if they're outside?
We can hide in the woods
and take cover behind
the trees, okay?
Come on.
Are you sure?
Yes. Come on.
I think
we should go back.
This place gives me the creeps.
There's service down here.
What? Call Stacey.
Straight to voicemail.
Try Blake.
Fuck. The same.
Fuck. Where are they?
Y'all lost?
No. We're actually
looking for our friends.
Has anyone come down here?
A fella came through
a couple hours ago.
You think it was Blake?
Did he tell you his name?
but, by the way he was
dressed, he looked real purdy.
That doesn't sound like Blake.
Excuse me, sir. Which
way did the man go?
We need to get the
fuck out of this place.
We can't go without
Stacey and Blake.
I don't think
they're down here.
Maybe we should
call the police.
And say what, our grown
friends are possibly missing?
They'll laugh in our faces.
No, we need to go back to camp.
Tomorrow morning, we
can look for them.
Lucy, Jeffrey!
Sheriff Norm. I'm here
for a wellness check.
Help, help! Please help!
Help, help, help!
Who's there?
Please don't shoot!
What were y'all thinking?
You almost got yourself killed.
Please, you have to help us.
The people running this
camp, they're after us!
What are you on about?
Sir, please.
Bianca and Zeke, the
people who run this camp,
they killed our boyfriends
and now they're after us.
Are you one of them queers?
Yes, I'm a gay man
who was on a retreat
with my same-sex partner,
who is now dead!
Are you copping an
attitude with me, son?
Sheriff, are you
listening to us?
Two people have been murdered!
Please, we need your help!
This is my town and I'll
conduct this as I see fit.
Now, you two stay right here
while I go talk
to Lucy and Jeff.
You mean Bianca and Zeke?
Did I stutter?
Sir, the
people who run this camp
are named Bianca and Zeke.
Son, I've been been
here for 20 years now.
I know who owns this camp,
and their names are
Lucy and Jeffrey.
Now, you interrupt me again,
I'm gonna slap you in cuffs.
Am I clear?
Yes, sir.
Lucy, Jeffrey, you in here?
Lucy? Jeffrey?
Lucy, you in there?
You two are coming with me.
My turn.
Do you hear that?
Yeah, it sounds like-
- Oh my God, Stacey!
Oh, what's wrong?
They're dead!
What do you mean? Who's dead?
Blake and the sheriff and-
- Calm down. Just
tell us what happened.
I just fucking told you!
We have to go! We have
to get out of here!
We're in the
middle of nowhere!
We can't go anywhere
without a car!
We have to go back to camp!
No, no, no, no,
no! They'll kill us!
Who will kill us?
They're crazy.
They're crazy!
She's right.
We prefer the term psychotic.
We'll give you a head start.
Three, two, one.
Sir? Hello?
Who are
you talking to?
There was a man
here just a minute ago!
Hello! We need help!
Oh my God. We're
gonna die out here.
We're not going to die! Just
give me a second to think!
We don't have a
second to think.
We need to hide now!
- What?
- The car doors!
Just open as many as
you can and then hide!
Hide-and-seek is
my favorite game.
Who do you think is gonna win?
About 20 miles out.
Let's just hope
we're not too late.
Don't leave.
Listen to me. We
gotta get outta here.
We can't just sit here.
I'm gonna cause a distraction.
Run back to the
camp and get my car.
I'm not leaving you.
We don't have time for that,
Erica. They'll kill us both.
I can't!
You can,
Now, when you hear me yell, you
run as fast as you can back.
Do you hear me?
Okay, you ready?
Dylan, wait.
I forgive you.
I love you.
Hey, you fucking psychos!
You want me?
Come and get me!
Sir, sir, sir, can
you help us, sir?
Sir, sir, sir, sir!
Come on! Come on!
Shit! Fuck!
Come on!
Come on!
Oh, Erica.
I'm gonna have
some fun with you.
Come on!
Fuck! Shit!
Come on!
Come on!
Nothing turns me on
more than a good fight.
I knew you were tough.
From the moment that I met you,
I could see it in your eyes.
Kinda reminds me of myself.
I, I...
I am nothing like you.
Sure you are, Erica.
Everyone's like me.
Most people are just too willing
to bend to society's norms and
conformities to live freely.
We're all animals, baby.
Some of us are just
more in touch with our
animal instincts than others.
Dylan, stop. She's dead.
Are you okay?
Don't shoot!
you two all right?
We need to get to a hospital.
I got you.
Is there anyone else?
They're dead.