Hands Up Dead Man, You're Under Arrest (1971) Movie Script

No! No!
Have mercy!
Don't shoot, Captain!
We surrendered!
You can't shoot at prisoners!
War is over.
I retire you.
But we're unarmed!
I don't want any prisoners.
Yankee bastards'.!
Get out, you cowards!
Or I'm coming to shoot you!
Don't be stupid!
Get out, it's better for you!
I want to kill him!
Captain, have mercy!
You won, but let us live!
- I'll make you shut up in a minute!
- Let us live!
One coward less on earth.
They are no cowards, Captain.
They are lions, even though
they have no claws anymore.
They are brave men.
They endured without
ammunition and food.
True soldiers, Captain.
- Heros.
- And you? And who are you?
The son of General Lee?
Or of Custer?
- Someone who wants to ease the pain.
- Ah yeah.
I'd rather say
you're a dirty coward.
A sniper.
And you?
No! No!

No, don't, Captain!
Don't, Captain! No...
I have family.
Spare me!
I'm wounded, I...
Can't you hear how he suffers?
Here. Help him.
That's your job, right?
You take all his pain away
in just one minute.
- Kill him.
- No!
Kill him!
- No! No...
- Well, come on.
Shoot him!
Shoot him or he'll kill us, too.
Come on.
- Pull the trigger.
- What are you waiting for?
You'll like
the music of the gun.
Kid, shoot.
Don't lose heart.
Kid, shoot!
We'll do everything you want!
We're prisoners,
but don't shoot us!
You wouldn't want
to kill a dead man!
Damned Yankees!
YOU'RE UNDER ARRES Well, you're getting better.
But you're still
too tense, my friend.
You must draw the gun faster!
Otherwise, you're a dead man.
You know, a gun is like a woman.
If you squeeze her too tightly,
you'll choke her.
If you don't hold her
tight enough, she'll escape.
Let's see if you can
hit a button.
It's a pity that you've started
with shooting that late!
We might have won the war!
That's what I keep saying all the time.
Of what use is it now?
- To shoot the turkeys?
- Ah, there's something better than turkeys.
The Rangers for example.
- Hey, wait.
- I can't.
I've got some clients
for the gravediggers.
Take this!
Ranger is no job for you.
No, you're not ready yet!
You can't even stay
in the saddle!
No, Rangers don't ride like this,
just a bag of beans!
You'll practice until
you break your back!
Guys, you're not ready yet!
I'm not satisfied
with you at all!
You wimps will
become good soldiers.
Able to shoot and to fight.
With the blank gun and the fists!
Hey you! Punch me!
Come on, beat me up!
V'! W. Bunch me'.!
Your reflexes are
too slow, did you see?
Come on, attack me again,
but with more brains if you got some.
Come on!
Help yourself!
No false modesty!
Saw that?
You laughing stocks!
You! Punch me!
Try it!
Can you shoot as well?
No! Not the turkeys!
They're not for today.
Look for something else.
You're a little hell-raiser.
Exactly what we need.
I see you heed my advice.
Yes, that's refreshing.
Take this.
Want some whiskey, huh?
We took it all away!
And there's no sheriff far
and wide who could harm us!
Got a lot of goods
this time, right?
We really can't complain.
Everybody will get his share.
- That's for you.
- Thank you very much!
You're welcome, son!
I'll let you know if there's
another bank which can be robbed!
Very good!
- And what do you want, boy?
- My name is Sando Kid.
- He's a Ranger.
- Stay calm.
Unfortunately, I have to
take you with me. Dead or alive.
You're playing with fire, Kid.
My gun never misses,
everybody knows that around here.
I never really pay attention
to the gossip around here.
These are your warrants.
Saint Peter's got the keys.
Come and get us.
Bravo, Ranger.
1,500 dollars -
not too bad for a rookie.
You seem to get along
quite good.
You blew away my customers.
Cleaned up real nice, all three of them.
Yeah, three briquets
for the hell fire.
Hey John!
Sando Kid!
Come on!
But that's John!
In handcuffs!
There are some left
for you, too.
- John and his accomplices.
- Yes. I arrested them.
What, arrested?
They're dead!
I stuck to the warrants.
They say dead or alive.
- And these turkeys?
- Ah yes.
These turkeys.
I caught them in memory of a friend
who's no longer with us.
I'm sorry for your friend.
- Peace for his soul.
- What, peace?
Peace for his soul!
He's alive and fit as a fiddle.
- Hey Kid!
- Hello Captain!
- Where did you clean up this time, huh?
- John and his band.
Occupational accident.
They'll feel sorry
for them in Heaven.
Ah, come on, these bandits
will all go to hell.
For the archive.
This license, Captain.
You promised me that one.
Sure. You'll spend your holidays
in your area: Springfield.
And keep on working?
Well, let's just say, you'll
take a little care of order there.
We've been told that
a group of adventurers...
got comfortable around there
and acts like a wild bunch.
And if I'm not mistaken,
you'll also meet an old friend there.
Have fun. I'm sure,
you'll wangle that wonderfully.
That's what I expected, Captain.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
In good or bad -
even Turner was convinced.
Now we'll go after
the land of Ballor...
with the grassland and the river.
Then the hills of Barton and Carson.
And I can assure you that
it won't take very long.
As soon as the railroad work begins,
it'll all belong to us.
But if somebody doesn't agree?
Doesn't want to sell?
Every person's got a sore spot.
Find the weakness of your
enemy and he's in your hand.
Old Indian lore.
But even if this weakness
was only a matter of price...
where will you get
the required money?
That's why I teamed up
with a banker.
The bank of Springfield...
is rather modest.
How am I supposed to offset
more than I have already?
That's a problem
that doesn't apply to me.
You work it out.
That's 2,000 dollars, Morris.
The contract is signed.
The land belongs to Grayton.
His best wishes, Morris.
You and your sons,
you made a good deal.
Mr. Grayton is
very thankful, sheriff.
It's all much more proper
if a notable witness is present.
On the horses, boys!
Let's go!
Hey, you forgot something!
A notable witness.
I didn't expect anything better.
You saw that they threatened us.
I wouldn't do that,
if I were you, oldie.
Take the sales contract.
The money, Grayton.
It all has to be legal.
Right, Sheriff?
You've seen it, I bought it
and I paid for it.
Mr. Grayton does
nothing illegal...
when he asks you
to sell your land to him.
Yes, but he forces us with violence!
He's a blackmailer!
He advised me to sell,
very worried about my health.
About mine, too.
Like he cares about it in any way.
- It seems to amount to...
- No sale!
You may not give in,
not at any price.
We can revolt against
them with violence...
- if we stick together.
- What kind of violence?
- They're shooting!
- So?
- We'll defend ourselves.
- Calm down, there are laws.
Don't take the law
into your own hands.
Give the matter some time and you'll see
that everything will work out alright.
To Grayton's advantage.
He says, our land is worth less
than what he's offering to us.
- But keeps on buying it.
- Whatever he wants to do with it.
Anyway, I swear on the life of my son:
He'll never get mine.
Well, fine.
I really don't want you
to be offended.
The party is not over yet.
I'm sure that his father...
can be convinced now.
Mr. Barton is coming.
With your permission.
We were expecting
you, my friend.
- Where is my son?
- There's only one little formality left.
5,000 dollars for a piece of land
full of rocks and stones.
I must be crazy, seems like
I blustered into it too much.
But a promise is a promise...
- Come on, sign it.
- Where is he?
Sign it before I change my mind.
Make yourself comfortable.
These are the witnesses -
the law is represented as well.
MY song
Father, I've...
Here's your son, as I promised.
Absolutely intact - apart from a few
scratches and minor damages in transit.
Ah... my luggage, please!
The three big ones and
also the small one over there.
Be careful, there are some
very fragile things in it.
- A room.
- Yes, Mister, a nice, quiet room.
- There you go.
- I have to sign?
You're welcome.
Sando Kid. You are Mr. Kid!
We knew each other as kids!
What a fine snob you became.
I was at university,
learned good manners.
- But your family doesn't live here anymore.
- Yes, I know.
But I wanted to see this place
again for nostalgic reasons.
Accompany the gentleman, gargon.
To the big appaltement.
Fleur de Loca -
for men.
Are you using it, too?
I sell it.
I have it here with my samples.
Good day.
I'm delighted, Miss.
Kent! Bring us something to drink.
To welcome him.
Here you are.
Nice, nice.
All refurbished in here.
We gave way to everyday life
as quick as possible.
Well. The village,
in contrast, stayed the same.
Almost lethargic. Quiet and undisturbed.
Nothing happens most of the time.
Come on, people,
what are you waiting for?
You sorry bunch of cowards!
Get out, you wusses!
I'll settle the score with Grayton!
My son is dead!
They've beaten him
to death to get my land!
Come on, come with me!
Help me!
Let's go!
You're just like a
bunch of sheep!
Let's go!
I'll catch every single one of you!
You gutless dogs!
Seems like something
is finally happening.
You'll all meet the same
fate as my son!
Let's bring it to an end.
- I'm here to kill you.
- Why?
Because I paid a lot
of dollars for your land?
That doesn't have anything to do with it.
You killed my son.
And now I'll feed
your cadaver to the hyenas.
The time of your
opression is over.
- Defend yourself, you worm!
- I'm ready.
But are you sure
that you will kill me?
Try it.
Show us, bigmouth.
Come on!
May God have mercy on your soul.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Oh Lord, once again I have to
bury someone who drew to late.
If you buried my sins,
I could do the job.
Thank you, oh Lord!
Hey! But you're
disguised as a monk!
And you? Why are you walking
around dressed that lightly?
Where did you leave
your gun, my son?
After all the things I taught you -
the whole effort was for nothing!
You better take care of
a good Christian, brother.
Forget these bandits - they'll end up
hopelessly in the arms of the devil.
He does his job and I can see
that he does it with great conviction.
It was more than a fair fight
and I was the quicker one.
You too, saw how it went.
No, I didn't see
anything at all.
The others must have seen it.
- What happened?
- He insulted me.
- Everybody heard it.
- Almost everybody.
I, for example,
didn't hear a thing.
Hotheaded guys like Barton
are looking for death.
Who judges by the sword,
will be judged by the sword!
- Translated: - Somebody
will avenge him as well.
Holy Scripture.
But I'm only
slightly endangered.
I don't even know
what a revolver looks like.
You seem sympathetic, young man.
Are you looking for work
here in Springfield?
No, just for a few friends.
That's what we can become.
We can surely find a way.
Yes, there's a
foolproof one, Mister.
The one, not to step on my toes.
Because that angers me.
It feels like I've
met you before.
But where?
Who are you?
Think about it!
One day, it'll cross your mind.
We've got one customer less.
But on the cemetery,
we have one customer more!
To tangle with Grayton of all people -
he really provoked it!
You're crazy, Carson.
The whole ranch,
the land and the crop...
aren't even worth
10% of what I offer you!
I'm crazy, but I won't sell.
It's okay.
Then think about
the other offer.
We'll make a nice couple -
and an excellent fusion of capital.
Leonor can make her own choices.
Only animals are sold here.
If you keep up this comedy,
my men will get nervous.
- I want this land! So!
- We won't sell, Grayton!
Quiet, lame duck!
Or I'll break your arms, too!
- Isn't that Kid? Sando Kid!
- Hello folks!
What a surprise, my boy!
Oh, come here!
Who would have hoped to see you
again after such a long time?
The world is round. It rotates
from one side to the other.
And you're back
from where you came.
- Carson!
- How are you, Kid?
You're a real dandy.
But here you might use
a colt instead of a cane.
- Do you recognize this girl?
- Who?
But... but you were
just a little girl!
Yes. Do you remember
the dolls you gave to me?
I still have them, all of them!
Great! This time, I brought
you something else.
It's from Paris, you know.
It's the very best.
- What a nice idea.
- Of course, what else?
A little, sissyfied idea.
- Mr. Grayton, Mister...
- Ah, please. We know each other already.
Maybe not for that long yet.
But we'll surely get
to know each other better.
Even if our interests
are different.
I'm selling perfume.
You, instead, deal with land.
So there's less danger of
stepping on each other's feet.
That's right, well said.
We're operating in too
different domains.
Me, busy with a small business.
You go for the high finance.
That's right, I have a certain success.
Why should I hide it?
But most notably,
I have lots of ambition.
Yes, I've heard of it.
They say, you want to turn
Spingfield into a railroad station.
The state's most important one.
My compliment.
You're quite well informed.
And when we have the railroad...
all the herds will
have to come here...
to be carried
to the big markets.
And they will have to
pay you a nice toll...
if the whole hinterland
belonged to you, right?
The whole area will
benefit from it.
I just wanted to suggest
Carson an alliance.
One day, the rabbit allied
himself with the lion.
But as great as the honor was,
it cost him his retirement pay.
Why don't we meet in the saloon?
- Maybe for some poker.
- Alright.
By the way,
Mr. Grayton...
At your service.
A certain Ballor
expected you at the saloon.
Not for playing,
but to sell you his land.
But he didn't really
seem that convinced.
You'll see, I'll convince him.
You must have solid arguments.
Very convincing ones.
Let's go.
- Do you remember him? That's Wildchild.
- Wildchild!
That's really him.
He was only a tiny colt
when I left.
Yes, now he only
allows me to ride him.
You can tell that
he has some good taste!
I give him to you.
He's really great.
Ballor will shed some feathers,
that's how it'll end.
Nobody could take better
care of that issue than you.
So you can't change
your mind again.
You already gave me such speeches
before you became a monk.
The war is over.
If you can do something
then deploy all your skills -
interfere or I'll have to do it,
with the Lord's permission.
It wouldn't mind it too much.
You know, I feel a little
out of practice.
And I feel like letting
the fingers play a little.
Ballor! Open up!
We won't shoot.
You just have to sign the contract.
- Get lost, tell that to Grayton!
- Open up, Ballor!
Open up!
It would be better for you!
MY daughter!
That's enough!
Damned criminals!
Sign it, sign!
Or they'll kill us all!
- Bandits, come in!
- Wait!
Take everything!
Go ahead, you bastards, get in!
You're getting
sensible, Ballor. Fine.
Take everything, hurry up!
We'll leave this
unfoltunated place.
And why, Ballor?
Mr. Grayton's buying...
- but leaves you your work.
- And you'll shed some feathers.
Nobody will force you
to sell it.
Full House.
May I be the fourth man?
- If you allow?
- Sure!
I see you're lucky.
- In games.
- I bet, also in other things.
You look like someone who's
also a lucky devil in love.
I can't complain.
Even if it's a little difficult
at times, unfortunately.
Do you want to play, Casanova?
Poker with Kings.
You cheated.
There's a nice sum
on your heads.
None of you guys will slip through
my fingers again, dead or alive.
- You're obviously journeying through here.
- Are you the sheriff?
I'm Lee Grayton.
Seems like I should have
asked for your permission.
They were your men.
Three bandits at once -
that doesn't happen too often.
- Whom are we indebted to?
- A bounty hunter.
That's what we were thinking.
But I wanted to know your name.
They call me Dollar
because I owe my life to one.
You see?
That one saved me.
And you, Madame?
- My name's Maybelle.
- What happened?
I was already
expecting you, sheriff.
It was a matter
of self-defense.
He said, they were
wanted by law.
These boys are very photogenic.
- We'll sort all of this out.
- I never had a doubt.
With the ones I placed in
front of your office...
you owe me 1,800 dollars.
When can I come around
to pick up my money, huh?
- Call the gravedigger.
- If you allow...
the gravedigger and
the funeral are on me.
I've been told that it's
never boring at your place.
We try our best to satisfy
our customers' wishes.
All of them, really?
Everybody gets what he deserves here.
And nobody ever complained.
To get back to the
guardian angel...
who crossed our way
at the Ballors yesterday.
Somebody with a big coat.
And a big backbone.
Who's your suspect?
It surely was nobody
from around here.
You better catch him
before he blows our plan.
Listen, Spiro.
It could be the little angel
who attacked you.
You better open up
your eyes next time.
May I offer something to drink
to the great hero?
Come on, get UP!
Move, boys!
Get up!
Back to work!
Let's go!
Everybody stand still!
Who's in charge here?
Who gave the permission
to these workings?
The railroad shall not run
through here, that's an impertinence!
Put the work down!
That's Grayton's order.
Put everything down
and get lost!
Before I lose
my self-control!
Get lost!
Stop, understood?
Didn't you hear
what I said? Stop!
Put that shit away, now!
Will you explain to me
what's going on here?
- Who ordered these workings?
- I don't know a thing.
- The rails shouldn't run here!
- I don't know anything!
I'm only the attendant
of this group.
- We're all associates now.
- Associates!
What kind of rubbish is that?
- Are you an associate as well?
- No, I'm only a technician.
This whole area belongs
to the West Company now.
The West Company?
We'll see about that!
Ah, how are you doing?
- You wish?
- The President.
Excuse me, the hat...?
Mr. President!
Mr. President!
- You again!
- Well, me again.
So, Grayton, do you remember
where we got to know each other?
Kid! I don't feel like joking around.
And I demand an explanation.
- What's all this getup?
- Can't you imagine?
Especially, because you gave me
the idea in the first place.
I said to myself...
perfumes, creams, makeup.
What kind of prospect
does that offer me?
Land instead, yes, that might
help me to go somewhere.
Just like Mr. Grayton.
I want to get rich, too.
You know what?
My father used to say:
"Learn from the boss and you'll make
just as much money as he does."
Let's get to the point.
I want to negotiate the
acquisition of the whole area.
- The whole area?
- In one piece.
- Well, make an offer.
- How much?
I have to convoke
my partners for that.
- Partners?
- Of course, yes.
All of the former owners
I don't like that
kind of game, Sando Kid.
You could have saved
yourself that effort.
This comedy won't have
a happy end, I promise you that.
Lamb of God, pray for us.
Now and in the hour...
um, pray for us sinners.
Pray for us.
Because of my guilt,
because of my great guilt.
Hail Mary, pray for us,
full of grace...
Hey, little brother Bamba!
Everything alright?
What's up?
They played with fire.
Brother Bamba!
Sure, "brother".
Just take a look at him.
- A strange imitation.
- How did you do that?
- Alone against four?
- Why?
Even a perfume agent
might have some good skills!
Will we go and wake up
the gravedigger?
Yes, just laugh...
They basically died because of you.
Repent, Bamba!
I didn't give them the cowl.
Who knows where they got it from.
Now I'll go for the next move.
Grayton can't be fooled easily.
And he will go for rougher methods
to get rid of the West Company.
But he won't succeed!
We're much more clever!
We have God on our side!
Kid, Kid!
You must go at once!
- But what's wrong?
- Kid, come with me to the ranch!
- But I have no time...
- I'm begging you, let's go! Fast!
Leonor, wait!
My gun.
Here they are.
Good, that little lady.
- Leonor!
- Mother!
Hello, Sando Kid.
Good to see you.
Put the shooting iron away or...
You can see who's here as well.
That's not enough yet, right?
You want some more? Help yourself!
Grayton decided that you better
return to your perfumes.
Pull him up!
No, no...
No, no, no!
No, leave him alone!
You cowards!
- Is that enough already? Up! Come on!
- Leave him!
- You'll kill him!
- I said... you get up!
Get lost, you cowards!
It doesn't pay off
to take on Grayton.
You shouldn't have
stepped on his feet.
Let's go.
One day, you'll end up
at the gallow!
What are you waiting for?
Help him up, quick!
It's all over.
They're gone, my son.
Don't abandon the field!
We need your help.
Now, the railroad company guards
the workings with armed men.
How shall I prevent them
from doing so?
The only thing that's left
is to buy the whole area.
- And that means: To rise the offer!
- And how? The sum will be enormous.
And the money for that
won't come out of nowhere.
But... it might come
from San Luis.
- How?
- This very week.
They've sent us
a secret message.
They're throwing the money
right into the throat of the wolf.
They'll send us the whole financing
for the construction of the rails...
from here to the
border of the state.
And it will be delivered
to your very bank this week.
It has, in all modesty,
a good reputation...
as the safest one
in the whole area.
This very week, a special
stagecoach of Wells Fargo...
will deliver the sum
in gold and bills.
Very friendly.
And we'll intercept it.
But be careful.
It'll be escorted.
A blow-out for Angel.
He works on tiptoes.
And, above all,
without raising suspicion.
Otherwise, I'd put everything at stake
and the teamwork will be over.
Take it easy, Porter.
I didn't plan on losing such
an useful partner as you.
I would say...
at Crow's Pass.
You decide.
I bet that Grayton
works up a sweat now...
- and doesn't find any peace no more.
- Well.
He's not dealing with
single farmers anymore...
but with a whole association.
So he lost.
They won't be threatened
or blackmailed anymore.
And once the railroad
is finished...
everybody gets his piece of land back.
And everything will be back to normal.
An ingenious trick,
this association.
Thanks, Misses.
Now it's necessary to
keep on forestallling Grayton.
That's important and
I need all the information.
Kid, it's difficult to
find something out in this area.
Grayton has an iron grip
on everybody.
And you can't count on the sheriff
because he's corrupt as well.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit...
- What's up, Bamba?
- I would try...
That means, you should...
You should win the confidence
of this saloon lady.
She's really close with Grayton
and nobody will know better...
what his plans are.
I feel a little embarrassed, but if I
was you, I would take care of that bi...
good woman, Maybelle.
You're suggesting to seduce
this woman - at least a little.
- A little bit.
- Fine, I like this idea.
And if I have your blessing...
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Yes. Yes!
But without overdoing it,
of course.
Just to get some information.
Yes, surely without getting too close to
her. The end doesn't justify the means.
But after all...
she's also only a victim.
And I'm quite sure that there's
a little dignity left in her heart.
- But what if she betrays you?
- Well, that's an occupational risk, Misses!
If it helps you, I could
give you some advice.
I believe, I made lots of
experience in all that time.
- Ah, the sinful brother.
- No, no, not sinful.
I'm just talking about
occupational experience.
I've received the confessions
of so many derailed people...
- Ah yeah?
- Just like I lived a hundred times.
And I'm telling you,
watch out, my son...
for the danger of a great sin.
And that the Lord forgives and helps you!
I thought you were only
interested in your perfumes.
Um, no, no, don't touch it!
That's for men, you know?
Strong stuff, a real blast!
Tell me.
Does it end up like this
with all your customers?
- Or did I deserve some more?
- Much more.
Like Grayton?
Yes, like him.
But only when he's drunk.
Not that I like it,
just to escape his anger.
Only for that?
Isn't that enough for you?
To be protected?
In this damned country?
I noticed it.
The whole area is at his feet.
And he commands around as he wants.
But I'm asking myself...
if a man like that
is able to love?
In his own way.
And he's very jealous.
- He'd be able to kill me.
- Good thing that he's not around.
- Where did he go?
- I don't know.
To Sacramento or to Phoenix?
No, he wanted to go to
the Crow's Pass, I think.
To the Crow's Pass...
But what's he doing up there?
Become a hermit or anchorate?
- There is nothing, just rocks.
- I don't know and I don't care.
He doesn't want me to interfere
with his business dealings.
They must have found
a gold vein.
And he wants to secure
the consession, right?
I don't know.
But don't you like being with me?
I'm holding you in my arms
and nothing else interests me.
Don't tell me that you
already fell in love with me.
Could be.
Would you mind, huh?
I don't like that.
Somebody wasted the escort
and left the box.
Go, get it.
Help them.
Get up, come on!
Damn, it's heavy!
- It's worth its live weight, isn't it?
- Yeah, exactly 155 lbs!
Thanks, my friends.
Get up and we'll seize them!
- Happy?
- It was fun, playing dead!
Maybe we laughed
a little too early.
Come on, stick out that perfumed
little head of yours, peddler...
and I'll pal':
you hair down the middle.
Come on, let me comb you!
Just get comfortable.
You may get out,
once you're getting hungry!
Then we'll fill your
little belly with lead.
Hey, gentlemen!
Here you have a foretaste!
You can come out.
Take a walk.
This has become a cemetery.
You arrived just in time.
- I got hungry already.
- We got some nice goods this time.
Yes. Four, five bounties.
And a load of gold.
- Nice bust for Grayton, right?
- Let's go, pay him a visit.
Yes, but first, I'd like
to see the sheriff. Alright?
Brilliant idea, Ranger!
This time he can't deny
the proofs. Let's go!
They are gone for
way too long, Grayton.
- They're covering the tracks.
- Mr. Grayton!
- Oh, Mr. Grayton...
- Angel!
We already had the box of gold,
but we were caught off guard.
Maybe there was a spy.
What happened?
- We met Kid there.
- This wimp again...
- And there was that other one, too. Dollar.
- Dollar!
I already thought that he has
something to do with it.
And that's not all, Mr. Grayton.
This Sando Kid... he's a Ranger.
A Ranger?
That makes things more complicated.
It's getting dangerous.
No, Boss. There are no witnesses.
They're all dead.
Except for one.
You call yourself Angel.
Let's see if you can grow wings.
Dead men don't talk.
Take him away!
What's this Ranger up to now?
Only the two of us
and the sheriff...
knew about the charge of gold.
You're not
suspecting me, are you?
Grayton, I'd be
embarrased the most!
And the sheriff, too.
only you can be the traitor!
You have a soft spot for
this pretty boy Sando Kid.
You always stared at him.
I saw you, you know?
- No.
- You betrayed me.
- That's not true.
- Sure, you betrayed me!
- No, I didn't betray you!
- And nobody can take that liberty.
It's not true, no!
No, no!
Leave me! No!
No! No! No!
Come down!
This issue may concern you.
Unload this box.
Hey, treat it well!
It's worth its weight in gold!
What's this comedy about?
Go to the Crow's Pass and take
a bunch of gravediggers along.
Explain it.
We brought you
a present, Sheriff.
A bunch of dollars which
Grayton wanted to steal.
Don't you dare to insult
Mr. Grayton, dirty bounty hunter!
How can a dirty sheriff dare...
to wrong a real Captain?
May I?
You're finally finished
with your trickery.
We will attend to the gold.
Make way.
Come on, put it in there, boys!
Is that enough for you?
Open the cell, Sheriff.
- What?
- Open it.
The key.
Come on!
Don't lose heart.
There's just one little thing left,
sheriff: To arrest Lee Grayton.
- To arrest Grayton!
- Yes!
But there's no proof to
justify this kind of action.
There are six dead men
lying at the Crow's Pass.
Isn't that enough?
Let's go.
But Mr. Grayton can't be
held responsible for...
the delicts of his men.
One could argue that
you're one of them as well.
- Isn't that so, maybe?
- Me?
You see?
You're out of ideas?
Take your time and think.
We got the right place for that!
I just meant that you demand
something way too risky from me.
Grayton's house is like a fort.
He's got an entire army with him!
Courage is pal':
of your job, Sheriff.
That's a good opportunity
to demonstrate that.
We'll help you a little.
Shall we?
Brother, help!
Help me, brother.
Yes, my daughter!
My daughter, what happened?
- This time you were lucky, right?
- Yes, Captain!
Try not to spend
everything at once!
And don't run away.
Maybelle, Maybelle...
Don't lose heart, go ahead!
Have faith, my daughter.
Soon, you'll be in the arms...
Kid! Come!
Maybelle, what happened?
Who did it, tell me!
It was... Grayton.
Is that proof enough, sheriff?
Act your part!
Arrest him!
My Lord, who you...
Mercy... have mercy on our souls...
Through your love...
in Heaven as on Earth.
What are you waiting for, Grayton?
We have to leave!
- Nobody's going to leave.
- They shot half the people.
The money is gone!
- What are you waiting for?
- Let's toast to your health!
You can stay here and
do whatever you want.
- I'm leaving!
- No! You're going to hell.
He never learned that he
has to obey me implicitly.
Nobody leaves this room.
Only to shoot Sando Kid
and his friends.
Did I make myself clear?
Get bristled with weapons
and take your positions.
When they arrive...
they should think that they're
facing an army and an arsenal.
Reveal yourself.
- Open up, boy, it's me.
- Hey, open up! It's the sheriff!
Close it again, right now.
Barricade the door and shoot!
Bowl them down!
After you, Captain!
Just go first!
And good luck!
As you command.
Oh Holy Mother!
Come on, ahead!
Your sample case, Mister!
Good stuff!
Blasts you away, right?
What are you doing there?
But you're making an utter mess!
In the name of
the Father, the Son...
The Lord... The Lord shall
forgive your sins...
Hey, allow yourself some joy.
This game is really fun.
However, the violence...
Grab that one!
The usual...
Jesus, redeem him!
Jesus, redeem him!
You'd better engage
yourself in flowers!
He didn't join in.
Everything alright?
For whom the bell tolls...
the blame is on me...
Two at one fell swoop!
But I'm just looking for one.
Here I am!
I knew that trick.
And I kept it in good mind.
Don't worry about
your damned skin.
I never shoot unarmed prisoners.
Do you remember now?
Who are you?
You gave me this, Captain.
And I learned how to use it.
Pull the trigger.
That would be a
comfortable way to die.
But I won't do you that favor.
I'm here to arrest you, Grayton.
Preferably alive.
That won't be easy, Ranger!
Just try it!
The man who could
handcuff me isn't born yet.
If you want me alive, come!
But then, I'll send you to hell.
Mission accomplished.
I've arrested him.
Arrested him dead, as usual!
Good thing that the law says "dead or
alive". And I obey in full respect.
Maybe too well.
And... and this bunch of dollars,
who benefits from it now?
Makes you hungry, right?
We leave that box to you.
But be careful!
It's allotted to the railroad.
- We allotted it to the railroad.
- When the railroad is here...
maybe we come back some time.
But why don't you stay?
We might need some men
like you around here!
And Leonor needs
a husband, urgently!
- Yes, exactly. Good idea, isn't it?
- Ah, just keep on joking.
I'm not made for marriage.
Just think about it once more.
I'd give you
a special promotion.
But if you refuse, I could
arrest you for disobedience!
Ah, okay.
If that's an order, I obey.
And you get the trousseau ready.
Brother Bamba...
old bugger.
Next time, you'll have to teach me
how to become a good husband.
It's not my excellence yet,
but I'll give it a try.
Otherwise, there's
still the presage.
Goodbye, Captain.
- We're waiting here for you, Kid!
- See you soon.