Hangar 10 (2014) Movie Script

148, we're hearing very strange sounds
out of the farmer's barnyard animals.
They seem... very, very active,
making an awful lot of noise.
There it is again.
Watch straight ahead
off my flashlight, dude.
- There it is.
- Yeah, I see it too.
Both at the farmer's house,
and across on the next field,
now have multiple sights
of a defined light.
Hey, here he comes from the side.
He's coming towards us now!
Well, we're observing what appears to
be a beam coming out of the ground.
This is unreal.
It's bright...
It's coming this way.
It is definitely coming this way.
There is no doubt about it,
this is weird.
Gus, come on.
Say one thing, all right?
- One thing.
- Come on, one thing.
- All right. Okay.
- Say it...
Today is going to
be an excellent day.
It's going to be a day of adventure.
- It's going to be a day of...
- Stop it.
- ...treasure.
- Stop it.
- It's going to be a day of...
- Stop it.
...probably immense
boredom for your friend.
I hope he understands, you know,
it's going to be a bit tedious at times.
- It's going to be fun though.
- Yeah.
Today is the first day
of the rest of our days.
We hope. Fingers crossed. Cross your
all your fingers, cross all your fingers.
- And toes.
- And toes.
- Smell my funny socks.
- Okay. Yeah, not your funny socks.
- All right. I'm getting up. I'm getting up.
- Come on, let's go.
I need to piss.
Thought I had trouble in market.
I'm telling you, absolute nightmare.
I feel like shit.
I'm pretty certain we're going to find
questionable stuff. I'm very hopeful.
Well, I've studied this quite a while
and I think it's going to yield...
some extraordinary results.
- Tell them it was difficult.
- Can you get a close up of this?
Looking good, Sal.
Loving the camouflage.
- This was the coin.
- This is the certificate.
- "Find of the month."
- Find of the month, yes.
I'm very proud of my find
of the month for me, yes.
- Very good.
- He beat everyone else.
Yes. Yes, we were all on
a race to find the rest.
- Well, you were.
- All right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's looking good.
- Sal, I'm loving the camouflage.
- Stop filming me!
- And don't get my socks in it, Jake.
- Day-glow socks.
Don't get my socks in it.
I only have these ones.
- Do you need any more?
- No. No, we're good, man.
I'll come back later so I can do the cutaways,
do the close-ups, sort the light out.
- What do you mean "the cutaways"?
- Just technical shit, man.
- I'll sort it out later.
- Did you get your stuff?
- Did you get your water proofs and your...
- Yeah, yeah.
That other junk is not gonna cut it, Jake.
Seriously, you really didn't come prepared.
Here, listen to Rambo over there.
We're not going to need to take any food
anyway 'cause we can live off what we find.
- Oh, yeah. That is true.
- Live off what we find?
Yeah, things around. You know,
bits of road kill and stuff.
What you have to imagine is that...
in ancient... well, in Roman Britain,
Roman's... the Roman empire was an
enormous and magnificent empire.
It was mighty for such a long time.
But like all things, it came to an end.
And as it started to come to an end
in Britain, as its power started to dwindle,
- opportunists saw...
- Speak up a bit mate. Speak up a little.
Right, you have to
turn the radio down.
Just for the film, Gus. You've got
to speak up for this YouTube video.
Just to prove it was a real pub.
It's the place we came to before...
we found the round coin last year,
so it's our lucky pub.
And we're just going to have a
pint at the local beer garden...
- that I'm partial to.
- You're partial to, I'm sure.
Yeah. I used to do all
Gus' videos for YouTube.
- Everything.
- You did? You used to do his videos?
- There's the real reason I came up here.
- Oh, thanks very much.
- So you're a believer, are you?
- Might be.
Will you put that away?
You seem annoyingly happy to me.
This the real deal then?
- Real thing?
- What, Gus?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I think I'm going to
choke on my own vomit.
- I'm not saying he's...
- I'm choking.
- He can't give you what I can.
- And what exactly is that?
A big, fat, hairy... pork scratcher.
- You're such a dick.
- Look at that.
Right, so, here we are.
This is just going to be an introduction
to the equipment we've got here.
This one here, the smaller one,
is the bounty hunter.
It used to be mine,
but it's now Sally's.
I've got this one, which is an
improved version. It's the laser.
- What's it called?
- It's called a laser.
- Laser?
- Yeah.
- Turn it round, there, towards me.
- It's...
It's one of the newest ones. It's kind of,
like, based on the original Cortes,
which is a very, very solid metal detector.
You get the same depth and sensitivity.
And also, it's a pick up and go. So,
literally, you can pick it up and get going.
It's really good for the beginner,
but it's also appreciated by...
those of us who are a
little more seasoned.
- We're looking for...
- I'm not seasoned.
Well, no. That that's why you've got
this one. You've got this one here.
So, effectively, this is what
I'm going to be using today.
The most important thing is to keep the
coil down against the ground at all times,
moving backwards and
forwards like this...
- Okay.
- ...in a circle as you go forward.
- Now...
- That'll probably do, mate.
Just a general introduction
will do, to be honest.
That's been circling us for ages.
It's driving me nuts, man.
Hey, listen, have we got enough video for
what we're supposed to be filming today?
Yeah, yeah. I've got shit loads
of batteries, mate, and tapes.
- Well, you know, but...
- Yeah.
- You sure you've got enough?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Leave it, mate.
A bit moody isn't he?
- This is my prop for the things I find.
- Yeah?
And I think Gus has got my spare.
What if you find something bigger
than your pouch, you know?
- Can you kind of...
- What do you want?
Yeah, yeah. That's it.
It's detecting the camera.
- It's going to detect it.
- Yeah, yeah. No of course.
So, ultimately, you want
to be putting small steps.
You don't want to have
a great, wide gait.
Which is why girls
are better at this.
- Why?
- Because we've got smaller feet.
- We can take smaller steps.
- They will be more...
- ...be more thorough.
- Exactly.
You always were a
thorough girl... Sally.
It's funny, I never thought I'd be filming
you in a bloody metal detecting field, Sal.
- Seeing you with a metal detector.
- Life is full of surprises, Jake.
Yeah. I don't know, it's just weird.
I just never thought you'd...
You like going out, having a drink,
putting on your high heels. I can't exactly...
- Yeah, so? Nothing wrong with doing this.
- Now you're in bloody...
camouflage trousers and...
I don't hear any more beeping going on
from that first bit of excitement, Gus.
Or I ran up the hill
needlessly for a bit of junk.
- Well, that's where patience comes in, Jake.
- Yeah, I suppose.
- Jesus!
- That was low, man.
- You going to the camera?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well give it here. Let me have a go.
No, I'm putting it on now.
- Where's the date?
- How's your mum? What's going on?
Mum, she's... yeah,
she's actually really great.
I can't believe you
remembered about her.
- Who, your mum?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I was thinking
about her earlier actually.
'cause Gus is knowledgeable,
- he's a real man.
- Bet he don't kiss like me.
- Don't even talk about that.
- No, tell me.
Don't know why you want to know.
- You don't remember?
- I've no idea what you're on about now.
- At the Green Citron? Under the gob?
- I didn't kiss you.
Anyway, I really don't
want to talk about that.
You weren't even that drunk,
as I remember.
Yeah, I was. I clearly was drunk,
else I would not have kissed you.
I didn't kiss you. Anyway,
I really don't want to talk about that.
- Didn't happen. Didn't happen!
- You weren't that drunk.
- Stop insulting my boyfriend.
- Not insulting him.
- Yeah, you are.
- It's a compliment.
You're just calling him out.
Why call him out?
Why is it not a compliment
to call him soldier boy?
'Cause you know why.
I wonder what he's... I wonder if he
might kneel on a land mine or something.
- Could be dangerous kneeling on a land mine.
- Jake, that is not funny.
So, that's where we're headed.
- Did you get the other one with the...
- Yeah.
Well, whose land is it?
Is it that bloody Mr. White?
No, that's the problem. Like,
we just don't know whose land it is.
And I've tried every method there is.
Well, yeah, we have.
Well, if you do an Internet search on
the Rendlesham forest incident, 1980,
there's shit loads of stuff about it.
It's a world-famous event.
- Yeah, I've heard of it, but...
- They said people were freaking out.
Animals were going nuts, right? And
screaming sounds they couldn't account for.
But now you're talking bunk.
'Cause there's files, mate.
- It's de-classified files, right, from...
- Yeah, but where's the actual evidence?
- From the actual...
- Well, the people that were there,
- The military people.
- But that's not evidence, physical evidence.
You know, when they actually say
"this is from that incident."
Have that got any footage?
- Have they got any...
- Yeah, they... there's audio recordings.
- They've got audio recordings.
- Yeah. That's all messing about, isn't it?
Go on, then. There's audio recordings
of military guys or whatever...
going up to the craft. I mean,
you can either deny this stuff, mate,
or you can do a bit of research,
look at the look at the evidence.
- Yeah, but there's not a lot of evidence.
- Sal, stop filming me.
There's not a huge amount of it, in terms
of actual, physical evidence of the day.
It's open to great suspicion with regards
to the fact that you're probably a hoaxer.
I mean, this isn't... you're talking
about UFOs and stuff like that. I mean...
I mean, that's what what hoaxers do.
They love that stuff,
- because it creates a really big puzzle.
- No offense, mate,
but you're the kind of guy, mate, you ain't
gonna believe it until you've got abducted
and they got an anal probe up your ass.
You know what I mean?
- Mr. White?
- I don't usually bother with it, though.
Well, we need to try.
Mr. White?
Probably upstairs adjusting
his wife's bloody underwear.
Look, he knows we're going to be here.
I told him we're going to turn up.
It's better to ask forgiveness than
permission. That's what I say.
You're going to get us into trouble.
Did warn you, Sal, it could
go down to the woods today.
What's that?
- Quick look at that.
- Jesus.
That's not a sight you see every day.
- What is that?
- Horsey.
We need to dig up sacks of gold. I'm not
going to let some dead horses stop me.
'Cause you're the man.
Can't just bloody go on
private land and start...
- Are you scared?
- ...Picking stuff up, man.
- Are you scared? Are you scared?
- Nobody's scared.
But if you're gonna do something,
you got to, you you know...
Yeah, but if you're scared,
we can always drop you off at a pub.
All right. Well, listen...
Here we are in Rendlesham forest.
Just waiting for it to get dark,
do a bit of nighthawking.
So technically, it is at night,
obviously, as the word suggests.
But it's doing metal detecting on land
you don't have permission to be on.
Which is kind of what we're doing tonight.
I mean we have tried,
but we haven't got permission so
technically we are nighthawking,
which isn't entirely legal. So the
plan is to wait until it gets dark,
just to make sure
that no one's around.
And in the meantime I'm going to
have a kip, as it's been a long drive
and it's going to be an even
longer night. But a good one.
Where are you going?
Got a message for Jake.
I want you to know something.
I want you to know
that I knew what you were doing earlier
when you were filming Sally asleep.
Yeah, I was awake. I also want you to know
that she's told me everything about you.
But you need to know this, sunshine...
I used to be in the T.A.,
so I know a thousand different
ways to kill a man. Think on it.
You're mental.
Feels like we're poachers
or something, you know?
There's no light pollution out here,
so you can see the stars.
What star sign are you?
What do you think? You should know.
Don't you remember?
- What is it, Leo or something?
- Leo, king of the jungle.
- Thought so.
- That's me.
- Careful, Sal. It's steep here.
- Oh, shoot.
- You all right?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Want me to hold your metal detector?
- No, it's all right.
- Sure?
- Yeah, yeah. Thanks.
- You don't trust me with your baby, do ya?
- No.
- I lend you my baby.
- Certainly don't.
- Whoa! Bright.
- Sorry about that.
Did you hear that, Gus? I lend her
my camera, do a bit of filming...
- He's not having my baby.
- ...she won't even trust me with...
All right.
- How we doing?
- You all right, Gus?
- The hell was that?
- Where? What, up that way?
- Yeah.
- I thought it sounded... listen.
- Shit!
- Mind the trees, Sal.
- You all right?
- Yep.
- This reminds me of when I was in 'nam.
- In where?
- Back in 'nam, Vietnam.
- How old are you, Jake?
Let's get on with it.
This is ridiculous.
We're moving towards that
sound in the dark, at night.
- Just a hare, Jake.
- Hare?
- Yeah.
- Well, it freaked us out.
You guys, in the forest...
it's an animal.
Oh, my God. Look at this.
- Gus.
- What?
Whoever owns this doesn't give a
shit about anyone getting in. Look.
- What are you looking... Oh.
- Keep your voices down.
- It's pretty weird, isn't it?
- Okay.
Come on.
What's wrong with that?
I don't know.
Connections are probably dirty.
I got a load of sand in it when
I was out in the bloody desert.
Why, do you want me to turn it off?
How are you going to see if you turn
in off? We haven't got another torch.
I can switch to night vision.
Gone funny.
Something over there.
- It's nothing. It's just an animal.
- No, Gus, seriously, shut... Jake, sh.
I recognize this. This is the place.
This is the one. Come have a look.
But watch it over there, because it
starts to taper away. Watch the footing.
Look at this, this photo.
You see this dark line here?
- Yeah.
- That's the water course.
And that's the place where
the land starts to dip down.
And that's where they used to sacrifice
all of their goods, all of their...
swords and armor
and treasures, right.
Those spots of water down there are the
dark marks that are on this photo here.
We found it. This is it. Come on.
- What is it?
- I've got something.
- What have you got, Sal?
- Don't know what it is.
What is it?
- What is it?
- It's like a bullet or something. Look.
If you turn it up too high, sometimes
it falses. But the thing is, it's not...
It's obviously turned up
too high. Turn it down.
Okay. Right.
We've been here a few hours.
We haven't found anything
very interesting at all.
I could be in London right now,
at that gig in Camden, getting fucked up.
Instead, I'm out here. So...
we're going to crack on, and...
hopefully we'll find something that
justifies coming out here illegally. Okay?
Gus, what is that?
Sal, what is it?
Why are you laughing?
It's the deer.
It's the Muntjac deer. Come on,
Sally, you know what they sound like.
It's their distress calls.
- All right, Sally? You're looking tired.
- I am tired.
So, we've had a few
technical problems so far.
There's the metal detectors working
one minute and not the next,
but good enough to find a bit of scrap
metal. Rubbish, everything we've got.
And I'm freezing cold,
and I'm pretty fed up right now.
What is it?
Gus, do a summary. Gus, let's get a
summary done, yeah, for the video.
- We'll call it a night.
- I'm not doing a summary.
You haven't finished yet.
You only summarize at the end.
We haven't. We haven't finished. Come on,
you're always complaining about being bored.
Get your metal detector
and do the job.
All right. We've just come across,
in the middle of nowhere...
I don't know, man.
It's like some kind of sealed-off...
hatch, or something like that.
I don't know what the hell it is.
We've got the two M.O.D. bases,
better than what was in Woodbridge,
inside of Rendlesham forest.
I've read about these things.
I've read about... underground
tunnels connecting the bases.
Sal, can you hear me?
Are you two on the bloody wind up?
'Cause this ain't funny!
Jesus Christ!
Jesus fucking Christ.
Oh, fuck.
Where the fuck have you two been?
Fucking hell...
Oh, my God.
Someone's there.
Guys, someone's there.
I saw...
standing up there.
Turn the lights out.
Where's it gone?
Where's it gone?
The detectors. Turn them off!
Turn them off! Will you turn them off?
What is it, Gus?
Been stuck out here all night,
freezing cold.
I don't know what Gus
is on about but...
I've never seen anything like
those lights last night. It just...
it just shot up into the trees, man.
Gus was saying it was probably kids
messing around out here. There's no way.
What the...
- This is the place isn't it?
- No way.
It was here.
- We were right here.
- Yeah.
For fuck's sake, man. This is fucked.
It was here. It was right here,
because I came up between those trees.
What's going on?
Is that landowner...?
Perhaps it is the landowner.
Maybe he just got pissed off
- that we parked here and towed it away.
- This is crazy.
- Where the fuck is the fucking car, man?
- How should I know?
Jake, have you got your phone?
I have to call work.
- You know I heard something last night.
- Is it working?
Is it working or what?
- It's just... just getting interference.
- Jake...
Shit. Shit.
But the thing is, the quickest way is to go
cross-country this way towards the road.
'Cause if you go
back to the the track,
it does a huge circle round for miles and
miles before you even get to the road.
- You sure?
- Yeah. Yes, honestly.
- You sure, mate?
- Yeah. It makes sense, honestly.
- Have you even got any car insurance?
- Yes.
It's no laugh when you steal
someone's vehicle, is it?
- So it can't be a laugh, could it?
- It might be just kids messing about.
Yeah, mate, you don't nick someone's
vehicle messing around, do you?
Told you what I think
it was last night.
- Have you got any food in that bag there?
- What? Yeah, yeah.
- You can jump it.
- I'm not jumping that.
- You want me to go in first?
- Yeah.
- Put the shit down.
- We can't jump that. It's huge.
- We've got to get over there.
- What, do you want to go back?
What, do you want to go back?
Or do you want to go home?
Don't talk to her like that.
- You all right?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah?
- I'm gonna us that bridge there.
- Fair enough.
- Sally, there's no bridge.
- I'm joking around.
- All right, come on.
Come on, let's walk quicker.
We need to get out of here.
What's our GPS doing?
You got a signal?
- Does, yeah.
- Right.
- When we get back...
- What?
What we're going to do is, we're gonna report
the car stolen from the first location.
- No, we're not.
- Where we had permission. All right?
I don't feel... mate, is that a good idea?
We've been doing something, you know, illegal.
But there it's not illegal,
because we have permission.
So we say that the car was
stolen from around there.
We just say that we parked it a little
distance away, separate from the farm.
Tell you what. If you want to do that,
make you do it off on your own.
- 'Cause I don't want to be part of that.
- Yeah, all right, fine.
You sure?
All right, according to the GPS,
the road should be here.
- The road...
- Yeah?
- ...should be here.
- Well, it's not here, is it?
- There isn't a bloody road here, is there?
- Oh, God.
Should have just gone the
way we came, Gus, man.
We'd only be a fraction of the way there.
Ultimately, the road... I mean...
- Ultimately there's no fucking road here.
- All right, all right.
It's not an exact science.
It could be another half mile away.
- I'm getting a bit tired of this.
- Yeah, join the club.
This is starting to do
me in a bit, I mean it.
What was that?
- It's the metal detector.
- Oh, is it now?
No, it's not.
- What is it?
- If you talk, you won't hear it.
It's the sound of the road.
Anyone there?
It's just outside.
Keep it down. Just keep it down.
This is some screwed up shit.
- What is this place?
- It stinks.
They're all rancid.
It's warm.
What's that?
Does it work?
That's the horses. I've seen
those horses. What's that growing out?
Look on it.
Oh, my gosh! That's from last night!
Just get to the track and
then we'll find someone.
Let's get to the track.
We need to get to the track.
I'm not gonna go through the
woods when there's a track there.
- Just calm down. Just wait.
- I just want to go home!
- Jake, it's not helping, is it, really.
- You should have fucking listened to me.
Did you know the car
was going to be stolen?
- You better be fucking right.
- Why the hell were there pictures of us, Gus?
- Come on, let's just get out of here, man.
- The roads aren't going to shift.
Whatever you saw in that that cabin,
forget about it. We'll be out of here soon.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- This is bad.
- Look at this. Where's the road then, Gus?
- There is no road.
- Yeah, I know.
Where's the road, then, mate?
Where's the promised land?
I don't know.
I don't know, okay? Look, turn that
thing off, will you? Look, turn it off!
Stay together. We'll be all right.
What the hell is that?
What the fuck is that?
Lookit. It's amazing.
Jesus. Jesus Christ.
Yeah, you filming?
- Sally, are you filming?
- Yes!
It's coming back over!
- Gus!
- It's coming back over!
We did not see that. All right?
What's that?
Jesus Christ!
That was amazing.
I saw a UFO.
That was... Jesus Christ,
that was amazing.
Oh, my God. Gus, man,
can you believe that?
Gus, please, that was amazing!
Sal, did you see that? It was like...
- Gus, I'm telling you...
- This equipment is some kind of...
- advanced technology.
- Maybe you can't have a theory for this.
You see a UFO, you can't
have a a theory for it.
Sally, you believe me,
don't you, Sal? Sal, you saw it.
You gonna take on the
might of the military?
'Cause that's what that was.
They were drones. They weren't UFO's.
They were UAVs...
unmanned aerial vehicles.
- The U.S. is throwing millions into it.
- Yeah, yeah, I know what you're talking...
It's the next generation of warfare.
What you saw, you were very lucky to see it.
- Right now, you're in great danger.
- Yeah, well, believe it or not...
You might think you know everything,
Gus, but I learned about those too, man.
This is the most amazing thing anyone's ever
filmed, and you don't want to look at it.
I don't need to look at it. I saw it.
I was here. I know exactly what it was.
- You're in denial, mate. You're in denial.
- Denial?
You're living in a dream world.
It's military stuff. We're gonna end up weak.
We're gonna spend a week in
prison getting interrogated.
They're gonna take all your
equipment and you won't get it back.
We're in big trouble. This is
why our mobile phones don't work.
'cause there are jammers around.
That's why the GPS won't work.
It was definitely not human, Gus.
How do you know? How do
you know it wasn't human?
I just know. 'Cause lights don't move
like that if a human was doing it.
How do you know what things are
gonna travel like in a hundred years?
But it's not a hundred years,
though, is it? It's now.
Yeah, I know, but this
is the next generation.
People keep secrets.
Secrets are kept from us all the time.
That's why we shouldn't have seen it.
That's why we need to go.
Yeah, we need to go because we've got
the treasure now. Now we need to leave.
How do you know we're on on
M.O.D. land? How do you know?
- Because I know we are.
- How do you know, mate?
You saw that fence.
- So you brought us out to M.O.D. land.
- Yes, I did.
Nighthawking on M.O.D. land.
Not particularly clever, I know.
- But that's why, that's why...
- Nice guy, Sal. Nice guy you found here.
- Yeah, really lovely guy.
- Jake, stop it.
It's not that I'm a skeptic
about potential alien life.
We should go. We should go, Jake.
He's right, we should go.
Listen, mate, listen... please listen,
what we saw... I'm telling you,
it screws with your head. I'm starting to
wonder if it ain't getting to you, mate.
What are you talking about?
Telepathy, mind control,
and that manipulation shit.
How do you know that?
How can you look up in the sky,
- see something like that...
- I've seen stuff.
- ...and know those bits of information?
- It's not there?
That... that's not rational.
Man, I told you. It's not enough
to put a YouTube, I'm telling you.
That's what you saw.
But it... that is nothing
like what we saw, man.
Yeah, similar to what you saw,
just an advanced version.
It's a jet. It's nothing
like what we saw, Sal.
- Gus, that isn't what we saw.
- If people had seen that 300 years ago,
200 years ago, they'd have been
as crazy as you guys are right now.
- Now we're going this way.
- Which way is that?
- The way I'm going.
- Which is what?
- Which is this way.
- Yeah, but what is it...
north, South, east, or west?
I don't know.
We're just going to keep going straight,
mate, until we hit something.
Come on! Come on this way!
Don't even know what he's
talking about, jet planes.
Fucking idiot.
You got this, Sal?
You like it?
I know you're not feeling well, mate.
You're gonna have to snap out of it,
we got to step up the pace. Okay?
Just follow me, and it's
going to be all right.
- All right? Step it up.
- Just leave him.
Come on, you can't be wandering off.
- What are you laughing at?
- Laughing at you.
Sal, what's going on with him?
- You promised me! Gus!
- Leave me alone! Leave me alone!
Oy, don't you touch her!
Gus, you can't do this again.
Calm down...
Can you hear that?
Sally, get your camera.
There's your bloody UFO.
It's going in a loop there.
Jesus Christ!
Get down!
Sal, that's going down!
It's coming down!
Did you get that?
Come on, Sal. Come on.
Come on. Come on, Sal.
Please, we have to go now. This is our last
chance to go before it's gonna get dark.
Gus, please!
Come on, mate. We've got to go.
We have to go.
Just follow me.
Sal, come on.
This way.
We've got to go east, then.
Straight ahead.
What's that sound?
What's that?
Oh, my God.
Jake, get down.
It's beautiful.
It's amazing.
Where'd it go?
- Where'd it go?
- Who knows?
Gus? Gus!
It's just me. It's just me.
It's just me.
Gus. Gus! Gus!
Don't go there! Gus!
Come back! Where are you going? Gus?
Jake, get him to come back!
Get him to come back! No!
Oh, fuck. Fuck.
Come on! I'm sick and tired of running
after you, man, for fuck's sake!
What the f...
Talk to me. Talk to me!
Sal. Sal.
- Jake, get away from there.
- Let's get in the shelter.
Everything on this planet...
Just... just think about all
the houses, all the cars...
Phones, everything.
It's come out of the earth.
It was supposed to be found.
As if it's all meant to be.
And this world we built
hasn't come out of nowhere.
It's like it was all planted here.
And now we don't know.
Give me the camera, Gus.
What's that?
- Fuck! Get away!
- Oh, my God.
What is it?
Give me my fucking...
give me my camera!
Oh, shit!
Leave me alone!
Sal, come on.
Don't leave me!
Oh, God! No!
Gus! Gus!
Sally, they're all around me!
Sal, where are you?!
Sally, I don't see you!
Where are you?! Sally!
I just got the damn light...
the light to work.
Sal? Sally?
Sally, wake up!
Please. Come on.
Here we go. Here we go.
If we keep moving forward,
we got more chance to find him.
And there's more chance of
finding help maybe. I don't know.
I mean, if we find him,
then it's great, but if we don't...
Sooner or later, he's gonna
get picked up by rescue teams.
Sooner or later,
they'll find him, won't they?
So it will make more sense.
It's make more sense then.
We don't want to leave
him out there on his own.
We don't want to
leave him, all right?
I know you love him, Sal.
I know you love him, right?
I admire you for that. I really do.
Come on!
Come on!
We made it!
I told you.
Come on. Come on.
Over there.
Sal? This is the way.
Come on.
We need help!
I thought this was
supposed to be shut down.
Jesus Christ.
Look at this.
What the...
Sally. Sally, look.
Looks like it's Gus.
What? What is this place? Gus.
- He's in hangar 10.
- How do you get there?
- I mean, he's here?
- Come on.
We need to go and find him! Jake!
It's coming back.
Sal, where are you?
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
Jake, come on!
Stay close.
Jake. Jake.
What is that?
- Gus!
- Gus!
- Gus!
- Gus!
Fucking hell.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, my God.
Are they breathing?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Yeah. Oh, my God, Gus!
- Fucking hell.
Come on.
Anyone there?!
No! Please!
Things are coming!
Stay down!
Come on, Sal! You'll be okay.
Just run! Come on, Sally.
Keep going. You'll be okay.
Run, Sally!
Sally! Sal!
Sal. Sal. Sally!
I'm so sorry.