Hannah (2017) Movie Script

Very well. Thank you.
Thank you.
See you next time.
Have a nice week.
Have a great day.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
Are you ready?
I'm coming.
Come here.
He's not coming.
Hello, Nicholas.
Hello, Hannah.
How are you?
Fine, and you?
I'm sorting out my wardrobe.
I thought you might like these.
Thank you.
I think they would fit you nicely.
I'll put them in the living room.
There's gradually less
and less space.
We come closer, one to the other...
We move in the middle...
we try.
in the middle. Sometimes
we need to let our hands slip...
and see...
There's something...
And later...
It's difficult.
All right... and then we open up.
"You are ill."
"You are feverish."
"I almost thought
you'd gone out of your mind."
"I have never felt such clarity
and certainty as tonight."
"This clarity and certainty let you
abandon your husband and children?"
"Yes, that's right."
"Then there is only one explanation."
"What's that?"
"You no longer love me."
"Yes, that's it."
"Can you really say that?"
"Oh, it hurts so much."
"You've always been so kind to me."
"But I can't help it."
"I don't love you any more."
"Are you sure about this as well?"
"Yes, totally."
"Which is why I don't want to stay
here any longer."
"And can you explain
what I did to lose your love?"
"Of course. It was this evening."
"When the great miracle
did not take place."
"That's when I saw you weren't
the man I had imagined."
"Explain yourself a bit more,
I don't understand."
"I waited patiently
for eight years."
"My God, I knew miracles
don't happen every day."
"But when this blow crashed down
on me..."
"That's when
I felt absolutely certain..."
"Now the miracle will come."
"You don't think."
"You don't speak."
"You don't think."
"You don't speak."
"You don't think, you don't speak
like the man..."
"like the man..."
"Very likely."
"But you don't think,
you don't speak"
"like the man
I could share my life with."
"You don't think."
"You don't think, you don't speak"
"like the man
I could share my life with."
"I'm still..."
"I'm still your little lark."
"I'm still your little lark."
"Your doll."
I'm Simon's mother.
I need to talk to you,
mother to mother.
Open up.
Open the door.
Aren't you ashamed?
My little boy wets the bed every night.
Open this door.
And so?
Excuse me?
Is anybody here?
There's a leak.
What's happening?
There's orange water everywhere.
Open the door.
Open the door.
My God.
What's happening?
The bag.
This way.
What are you laughing at?
I'm not laughing.
What happened to your eye?
It's nothing.
It's already a lot better...
Have you seen a doctor?
I'm going to ask for one
if it doesn't get better.
How are you?
I don't think I can survive here.
They're going to transfer me.
They all think I did it.
"In any case, I free you
of all your obligations to me."
"You mustn't feel yourself bound
to anything in any way,"
"any more than I do."
"There must be perfect freedom
for both of us."
"Here's your ring back."
"Give me yours."
"Is this necessary?"
"Yes, it is."
"It's all over now."
"I have to be alone
to see clearly inside myself."
"And everything that surrounds me."
"And this is why..."
Excuse me.
Don't say that...
Are you eating?
Did you get the package?
You'll get it soon.
I followed all their instructions.
You should get it all.
Are you still there?
Will we start again?
"Here are the keys."
"As for the house,
the maids..."
"The maids know everything better than me."
"But you're my wife"
"and always will be."
"I've heard that when a wife deserts
her husband's house"
"as I'm doing now..."
"he is legally freed
from all obligations towards her."
"In any case, I free you of all
your obligations towards me."
"You mustn't feel yourself bound
in any way,"
"and in any case
no more than I do."
"There must be perfect freedom
for both of us."
"Here's your ring back."
"Give me yours."
"Is this necessary?"
"Yes, it is."
"It's all over now."
I need your help.
I'm coming.
Take this.
And this one...
I'll take this end.
Now we'll pull them
and put them together.
Get it from below.
Pull towards you.
There. Good!
Thank you.
Thank you, Hannah.
Very good.
Who's next?
Roxanne, are you ready?
I don't know
if you're getting my messages.
I call every week.
You never know with these phones...
I was thinking of coming
to visit you
to see how you all are.
It's been a long time.
I imagine you're preparing
a little party.
And I was thinking of making
Charlie's favourite cake.
The one I used to make for you.
I'll be happy to see you.
I'm still your mother.
We're still a family...
I love you.
Look what I've brought you.
Look, come here.
Come here, please.
Come here, it's delicious.
Taste how good it is.
It's so good!
Come on, eat.
Come here.
It's so good! So good!
Come on, eat.
Come on, eat.
Come on... eat... eat!
Come on, eat! Eat!
Come here.
"Dear Charlie,
Happy birthday!"
"Today is a special day and
we're thinking about you a lot."
"With lots of love,
Grampa and Gramma."
So it's me?
It's me who's mad?
You don't love me.
Have you nothing to say?
Have you nothing to say?
I love you lots.
You don't love me, I tell you!
You don't love me any more!
Did you ever love me? I don't know!
I honestly don't know!
You have to tell me, fuck!
I wouldn't have wasted my time!
You should've told me what you wanted!
To fuck girls with your friends!
You should've told me what you wanted!
You should've told me what you wanted
from the start!
You should've told me what you wanted
from the start!
I'd never have got mixed up
with you!
You should've warned me, fuck!
You should've said that
that's what you wanted!
I did everything for you!
What am I doing here!
Open this door!
Charlie, go back inside.
Charlie, come here.
But why?
Go inside.
Go on.
I told you.
Mum, I told you not to come.
You're not welcome here.
Now please go away
and leave us alone.
Will you scratch my head?
You know I have to work.
Yes, I know, but you haven't done
it in a long, long time.
Come here!
Once upon a time,
there was a boy
who travelled through
a very thick and wild forest.
When he eventually found
his way out
of the forest
he crossed
a desert,
vast and dry.
One day, on top of a mountain,
he discovered
two magnificent lakes,
very large.
Right next to each other.
They were the most magnificent
lakes he had ever seen.
They had the purest water.
So pure...
that if you drank it
and made a wish...
it would come true.
A little lower.
That's it. Good.
Is this Ok?
Madame, I have to inform you
that your membership
is no longer valid.
It has been revoked. I'm sorry.
It's up there.
Behind the wardrobe.
Can I move the wardrobe?
Yes, of course.
It's going to be very heavy!
I'll move it just a little bit.
Do you think it's serious?
We'll see now.
I have to go to see the apartment upstairs.
Yes, they're waiting for you.
Donna made that same delicious
sauce that she always makes.
Charlie asked me where Grampa was.
I told him that you had the flu.
He made me promise...
to check your temperature.
And then he gave me a hug
and asked me to pass it on to you.
Michel will come to visit soon.
You'll see.
I will never forgive him.
And you shouldn't either.
How could a son do something
like this to his own father?
When are you coming again?
I don't know.
I found them.
I found the envelope.
With the photos inside.
"The team is preparing to tow
the carcass,"
"the sixth in the last two months,"
"about 20 miles offshore"
"so that the remains
do not reappear on the coast."
"At first officials were unsure
if this could be carried out"
"before the weekend."
"They had considered
burying the whale,"
"or cutting it up to burn it."
"Residents soon began complaining
of the smell"
"along the coast between Nieuport
and Ostende."
"According to official sources,
last Thursday"
"authorities had decided towing
the carcass out to sea"
"was unfeasible
because it could have broken up."
What are they going to do?
How big is it?
It's enormous.
How are you, Hannah?
How's your son?
He's well. Thank you.
I was wondering
if I could leave early today.
I'm not feeling very well.
I have a terrible headache.
Hannah, I'm sorry.
Of course you can.
Can I do anything for you?
Can I give you a lift home?
At least to the bus stop.
No, thank you.
I just need to go home and rest.
I think some fresh air
will do me good.
Thank you.
Be good, Nicholas.
Are you leaving?
See you tomorrow.
Charlie! Charlie, get the ball!
4th floor.
Apartment 42.
Please come in.
This is Fynn.
Thank you.
Here you are!
Hello to you!
He's your dog now.
He eats this brand twice a day.
At 8am
and at 7pm.
And this has all of his vaccinations
and the information you need.
OK. Sounds good.
Do you like him?
Pet him.
He's afraid
of the sound of ambulances.
OK, we'll watch out for that.
Are you going to treat him well?
Of course!
Thank you very much.
Have a good day.
Let's go.
Let's go.
"It's perfectly true."
"It's perfectly true."
"When I lived..."
"When I lived at home
with my father..."
"he shared his opinions with me
about everything..."
I'm sorry...
can I start over?
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
When you're ready.
I need to get some air.