Hannie Caulder (1971) Movie Script

- Goddamn it.
- Go now.
- Jump on the horse.
- I can not find it.
What do you mean? How can
something as big as a horse...
...lose it?
As you sit on it, you son of a bitch.
Down or I'll shoot your head off
, you son of a bitch.
Sons of bitches. Bastards.
I'm hit, damn.
- Do not let them escape.
- I love you.
My money.
- Do we here, Em?
- No, we do not hold.
We continue riding until we
found a nice place to starve...
- My leg is killing me.
- I hope that helps bleed, Frank,
because you lose a lot of blood.
- Stop your ass.
- Why do not you do to yours?
Frank and I will steal a
couple of fresh horses...
..., prepared a banquet for us.
Let no one by moving,
if it is not to be.
- Who says that?
- I'll say so Los dismount.
If you say so...
Frank, forward.
Wow, we have already stolen better horses.
What her addiction here?
I'm Jim Caulder, station posts.
How are you, Jim Caulder, station post?
Pine Bluff is not far, just a mile away.
We do not want to Pine Bluff.
Well, here you soak your horses
Dared before she moves on.
- Did I get him?
- Yes, totally.
- Na, was self-defense.
- Go, seek us something to eat.
- And it boil.
- This is women's work.
- Do as I say.
- Oh God Damn.
Am I a woman or what?
Yes, I'll bake a cake, a horse-apple-pie.
If you wait for there to eat?
Frank Emmeth.
Do you have a whiskey there, lady?
You have too many things.
Turn to me.
Sun, I like it.
The Fountain.
I and my horse need water.
Give me that.
You are not married to someone who
stands on its head a price?
- You are a bounty hunter.
- I Am.
They kill men for money?
Do you know a better reason?
Yes, I certainly do.
Is your husband with a
painted woman ran away?
I wish he would.
So how do you shoot with the revolver,
you can teach me that?
- Why? Would you kill someone?
- Yes.
Yes you could not even escape from
to an unconscious person.
- I will learn it.
- Remember that you will learn.
What ever happened to you too
is, you will forget it.
The hell I will do.
I do not know what your problem is
and it interested me a damn...
...but whatever it is,
you can not solve it with a revolver.
In other words, you want help me then?
That's it.
I ask of you not in vain.
I see no pockets in your cape.
- I have not talked about money.
- God Damn.
It seems very important to you
to be to kill someone.
If I teach you the shooting,
then you would shoot your ass.
It is my ass. - It would be a shame
if he punctured.
It is the prettiest on the
I have ever cast an eye.
If you are lucky, you throw
more than just an eye.
I play only games of chance,
if nothing else works.
What do you mean?
That you're a bad liar, lady.
If I touch you I would get the Winchester
again over the head.
My answer is 'No', simply 'no.'
How much was it?
And your husband?
Dead, they murdered him.
My nice shirt.
Damn, Rufus. - We have
thanks to you, birdbrain.
If my leg is healthy again, I'll
kick your ass from your throat.
As always, you two against me.
This would allow her to stay, if
father were still alive.
It would still be alive if
you had not killed him...
How many times do I have
to say that it happened...
...when I cleaned my gun?
Hardly a night in which I see not
the face of father before me.
You mean, what was left of it.
Do you think our soldiers are followed?
I know. There they are.
Let the bastards by surprise.
Hell, let's get out.
Here, put that on.
For more underneath you are
wear than my horse.
My name is Price,
Thomas Luther Price.
And my Mrs...
My name is Hannie Caulder.
Good. Go ahead, Hannie Caulder.
Where to?
Mexico, where there is an armourer.
Without a weapon, I can teach you
hardly shooting, right?
If you do not mind, with a
death to ride a horse.
I do not mind.
Buy yourself some decent pants and boots.
We still have a tough ride ahead.
I am in the saloon,
if you need me.
What should I do with the
pants I'm wearing now?
Washing it.
I'm sorry that we do not have your size.
Take a bath so and they
shrink to your size.
Then they fit. But do not take off
before they are dry.
The way you describe the three,
it, everyone could be here in town.
You are brothers. One is called Rufus.
The Clemens. They were last
week here, but just by riding.
Do you know where they wanted?
Their stench was already here
before they got themselves...
...and has not yet cleared.
- Thank you Sheriff.
- At any time again. Really any time.
If you can not summon the sheriff
would, then would I need a...
- Her ass is wet.
- Even your chin.
God has built this guy...
I want to see.
Here are your pants, Thomas.
Thomas Luther Price.
That's it.
Another one?
He has made his choice.
Harrington, Samuel.
Dead or alive.
$ 750, Union Pacific.
Good money for 5 minutes work.
If you can prove that he is.
You might know him.
I heard that he was
about a month in your city.
So it would have to take yourself...
...if you had recognized him.
My name is incidentally Price, Tom Price.
I'm sorry, Mr. Price.
- I had no idea...
- Do you have the money?
A good job, sir, do...
...if you refrigerate crooks like him.
I wish I was that way.
I mean, just like you.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- For what?
He was afraid I I
catch a cold in my wet pants.
That's right, Mr. Price.
For the funeral.
On the way back would I view the grave.
It will be there. It will be there.
Off to Mexico.
Damn, who is it that Custer?
Anyway, we make it ready.
Down. Or do you want your
head get weggeballert...
- Would it make any difference.
- Listen, I'm tired of your...
Down. Down.
- I have a plan.
- Which one? They starve?
- Good idea.
- Shut up.
- How to disappear.
- That's your plan?
- Exactly.
- And what do we do?
More Flee and stay alive.
Now forward, away from here.
His name is Bailey.
No one knows why he has settled in Mexico
First, he was a shop in New Orleans.
After the outbreak of war made it
arms for the Confederate Army.
The occupied north of the city
'63, he ran away.
The Yankees made life difficult for every,
if he was not Abe Lincoln or a whore.
And a gunsmith
the rebels they had just executed.
Bailey Did you have your gun?
No, I have received from someone
who did not need him anymore.
But he has repaired it so much,
that he has the gun quasi twice rebuilt.
Of course it would be more comfortable
if a little more accessible, he would...
...but he married a Mexican woman.
And more children than you
can count on the fingers of...
Certainly not a bad life, I think
. A home with children.
A man should leave something
else in the world...
...as a grave stone.
The same is true for a woman.
We have visitors, children.
Thomas, good to see you.
You too, buddy.
This is Hannie Caulder.
- Welcome to Mexico, Miss Caulder.
- Misses.
Welcome to Mexico, Misses Caulder.
Have you finally gotten
small, the good old Adam?
No, everything is fine.
I wanted to see if you
have any more children.
Two. The nights are very cold.
Come into the house.
Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.
- What's going on, Em?
- What?
- Of course, what is.
- Shut up, Rufus.
I tell you what's going on.
We shot in two weeks, four things
and have nothing to drink.
- And eating.
- We still have some coffee.
And three horses, we can eat.
If you just touch her my pet...
I would never touch something,
what was between your legs.
And what about the kids in Sonora Town?
You've done nothing with the
, as you know yourself.
Have I not. Not true, Em?
Goddamn, how should I know?
Do you remember the
night when I came home...
...and I smelled like a lily?
- This proves nothing.
- Do you call me a liar?
- Em, he says, I am a liar.
- Are you, too.
Give me a single time where
I have not told the truth...
For example, when you said that
would be in a stage coach no guards.
- To a hair, we were all spent here.
- Yes.
That was a mistake, but do not lie.
Anyway, I have never said that
I am a flawless human being.
- I just said...
- Snout, Rufus. I need to think.
- For What?
- You son of a...
That was a joke, Em Have you lost your
damn sense of humor?
I'm about to lose my little brother,
when this son of a bitch not his mouth:
Soon closes and holds closed.
- Frank.
- Yes?
Where can we steal some dynamite?
Do we chase the bastard into the air?
No, no, we do not want to chase
the bastard into the air...
We will again rob a bank.
Do you remember, just as he was of the...
- What is the city called?
- Sonora Town.
Sonora Town. It is I remembered a guy...
A very pretty woman.
You want to be a man.
This is not her succeed.
- No, not really.
- We should thank God.
May I ask why?
- A long story.
- I Goes to nothing.
What now...
Concerns the gun...
It must of course be easy to
what we will present problems.
The lighter the weapon,
the thinner the steel...
...the more fragile it becomes.
Since we will probably have to
resort to the box of tricks.
I think that is a cold night.
It is probably safe.
Here, take this.
Take him to hold up in both hands,
, arms stretched, just like that.
Well, take this.
Now hold up, at shoulder height. Now reel
, always with a half twist.
Good. Well let down,
slow and easy.
Do not let slip the wood is not
through my fingers.
Just unwound so as have you wrapped it.
Come on.
High-keeping. Hold up.
Good. Yes, you've done very well.
That you will do every
morning and evening,
until you make it thirty times.
Then I'm ready?
Then we take a slightly larger stone.
He has done three times
as much powder in...
...run, as required.
If not then it he flies around the ears
, it will never happen to you.
Who is that?
It looks like a preacher.
No, he is not.
A new chamber.
Two weeks.
Maybe just one.
The reason why I'm using the
appearance of a weapon so much trouble,
is that I think the
killing may find objectionable.
As you look at it,
it is a bad thing.
I can only try to give him some style.
Why two copies? - Only
a little Bailey Spell.
It saves you tighten the
gun with your thumb to...
Press with the middle finger
of the lower deduction.
The firing pin is clamped,
then the second trigger.
Never push a weapon from,
if you are not a target anvisierst,
even if it is unloaded.
This is your first lesson as a shooter.
We practice first from here...
...it would not make sense, move closer to,
Before you're quick.
Pull the gun from its holster
slowly. And carefully.
Slowly and carefully. It was only
we practice it slowly, then rapidly.
Arm extended above shoulder height.
Right eye targeting over the barrel,
both eyes are open, that's important
. I'll explain why later.
Slowly tighten up the resistance,
not simply run through...
Well, what? The beats from,
as a stubborn mule.
- Yes.
- Yes, that's Kaliber45.
Kaliber45. The beats here from
away from the strongest man in the legs.
- It's gone completely wrong.
- You have the right to be deeply held,
it is gone forward into the earth.
That's not bad.
Try it again.
This time you add a little sideways,
finally, you're a target.
Come on.
The estimation of distance is
often not taken seriously...
...It is very important.
As the sun casts a long shadow man a,
seduces the to the
distance estimate is too large.
There is no shadow at noon,
the sun is directly above you.
Since you think you could
touch him with outstretched arms.
If you're close to your opponent
, you see too much of him.
You see how he sweats,
moistened his lips, squinting.
And while your eyes that capture
all that he can kill you.
Take distance...
...see all of him,
and nothing.
Meet And then it just here,
right here.
After you've shot, get moving immediately.
Come on.
Move it immediately, he shoots too for you.
In addition to the distance you have to
also assess the true human nature...
Well, over there is a
man, slightly left of you.
It looks bad,
stands erect in the sun.
Casual thumb in his belt, hat pushed into
neck, legs wide.
Over there, right by you,
is a man whose face...
...you can not see,
hat over his eyes, you turned
away, as if he not you noticed.
You have to kill them both.
It would be good if you are the faster
would turn first.
Try it.
Right here. Continue practicing.
He does not look like a man whose craft
the killing.
Here comes clientele.
On the clientele I can do without.
Children into the house.
Again, Hannie.
Again, Hannie.
Rufus, down.
The Safe flying in the air.
- I like.
- Down, moron.
I said, I...
You've blown the money.
You moron. You moron.
Forward, Rufus.
- Set me free.
- My God.
Thank you, Em.
The bartender said, he had seen.
Yesterday in Congress.
Do they have taken this path,
they could be here this afternoon.
I tell you yet again: Give it up, Hannie.
- I can not do.
- You mean you do not want.
I mean, I can not do.
- You will get what they deserve.
- But you do not.
Whether you win or lose, you will lose.
You will no longer be the same person.
- I certainly hope so.
- It's your life, lady.
What a life it is when
every man who looks at me...
- I look at you.
- And what do you see?
The woman that I was persuaded I
, out damned selfishness.
I wish I had you there then left alone.
I should now also be done.
Go. I do not need you anymore.
You've just used me, is not it?
It is so.
As I said,
you're a terrible liar, Hannie.
How come you do not have money? What
have you done with your last...
...share it?
What percentage?
No money does not last long.
Frank is right, Emmeth.
Women cost money.
What do you want with women?
You have so much in his
pants, as in the head.
Shut up. Em, he should
keep his mouth shut.
Shut up.
Two is better.
You stink far,
Frank. Do not turn around.
If you are doing now what I say,
your life will be a little easier.
And more especially.
Schnall your revolver from...
...and let it fall.
Sliding off it and spin around to face me.
Frank Clement, right?
- That's it.
- On your head is exposed to $ 100.
's What I call inflation.
The Office of the Sheriff's
right here on the pitch.
Let's see if we get there.
Hannie, creating me out of here.
You were right.
I am a pathetic liar.
Just as pathetic as the revolver.
And who's lying now?
They will kill you, Hannie.
They will try.
Promise me that Beac..
Holy shit...
Yes, Mam?
The Clemens brothers,
you know where you are?
I do not know where the others are
, Frank is in room 22.
This is enough to get you started.
Hey, I do not remember
to have stopped you.
You do not have.
I am looking for someone.
Yes, if the above my, is not worth that.
Yes it does.
- Yes you start early, Herman.
- And listen up late, ma'am.
- We go a bit in the sun.
- Yes, ma'am.
Get up.
Strap him to.
- Can I wear my pants?
- It is not worth for a short time.
What the hell is this?
I will kill you.
You mean you'll try it.
Any time when you're ready.
Again, Hannie.
Again, Hannie.
Your hotel sign seems to have fallen down.
Please. Just $ 100.
Damn, lady, you had to shoot him
absolutely have to pieces?
The pieces fit together yet.
- Here, for the funeral.
- Well...
That is a very unusual gesture.
I've learned from a very unusual man.
I expect that everything will
be used for the burial of...
Do you think I like it,
what you mean by that, Mum?
It is not like them, it will remind you.
Reluctantly I want to be if
learn both the Clemens brothers.
And I want you to be at any price.
I stole a Bible, Em.
Do you not read Frank for something?
You know perfectly well that I can not read
. To hell with him.
That you would have to do
not know Em Well maybe...
...have you made God angry...
- Shut the fuck up.
- I want to say but what about Frank.
- Do tell, but hurry up.
- Good.
you're dead.
Damned if you do not already now
miss you, you bastard stupid.
Rumzuquatschen Instead here,
should you like to search for...
...this whore.
I have. I've been looking
for it like a goddamn...
Forgive me, God...
such a fucking bloodhound.
Em, they tried to destroy our family.
- How did you get it, dammit?
- But we will chill her ass.
We'll find her and her ass chill.
What are they doing there?
- How do I know?
- Go over and ask, dammit.
Thank you. They say they raise
because of two graves.
Someone has asked to do so.
- Who has it?
- A woman in the city.
A woman in the city...
Tell them they should just dig a
, it will not need more.
- You?
- You. Their ass cool we are.
- Give me a liter.
- We do not sell whiskey, Mam.
But, we have a slightly
larger bottle there.
Let the damn bottle fall.
Hello, Rufus.
You've probably pretty much
done since our last meeting...
Funny, you are not a bit.
This was...
A good time, right back in your house
is not it?
It depends on which side
you were back then...
I recognized you immediately,
because you are wearing clothes this time.
Do you know Emmeth and I are
really upset about the...
What you did with Frank.
He was our brother...
...brothers and one can
not pluck from the trees.
And now I tell you what we do.
You, me and Emmeth, we will
celebrate our reunion...
...first, as it was then.
And then we'll cut your
head off your shoulders...
Los sweetness,
Get your ass.
I said, get your...
- For the funeral.
- That's enough for two.
Would you do me a huge
favor by Miss Caulder,
if they would disappear from my town,
before innocent people
get into your crossfire.
Why did not you also say
the Clemens brothers?
The molesting anyone, even
if they are looking for...
- Other hand, you shoot around here.
- I tell you what, Sheriff.
Tell the last Clemens that Hannie Caulder
waiting for him in the old jail.
There I'll settle my affairs
, without interrupting further.
You are a hard woman, Hannie Caulder.
As someone once said:
'There is no hard women, only soft men.'
This whore.
What is the a,
paid to the funeral of my family?
Where the hell is she?
Goddammit, where is she?
You wait outside, in the old jail.
Oh, she does, yes?
Look at just that it
looks like self-defense.
If you're too close to your opponent,
you see too much of him.
You see how he sweats,
to moisten the lips,
Pay attention to his hands,
keep his eyes.
Remember, you're a target.
Target on him.
Go, Hannie, be ready.
Again, Hannie, again.
Whether you win or lose,
Hannie Caulder.