Hansel and Gretel (1987) Movie Script

Hansel. Gretel.
Get up, you lazy bones.
I'll not call you again.
Hansel. Hansel, wake up.
I was having such a beautiful dream.
What did you dream?
We lived in a beautiful castle, you and I.
And we each had our own little pony to ride.
What else?
We didn't have to do any chores.
None at all.
We were a prince and a princess, you see,
and nobody could tell us what to do.
I like that dream.
Hansel. Gretel.
We're coming, Mother.
But I'm still hungry.
This is for your lunch.
We don't need lunch later.
We need breakfast now.
Don't be so cheeky, young lady.
Besides, too much breakfast
is bad for the blood.
That was just fine, Maria.
Wasn't it, children?
It was fine for a single mouse.
Not for a man and his family.
Go ready the cart for our journey today.
Yes, Father.
Stephan, they haven't finished the chores
I gave them.
They can do the chores tomorrow.
I promised to take them with me.
Tomorrow, tomorrow.
Everything is always put off.
Will we have enough to eat
on our table tomorrow?
Stephan, what's going to become of us?
The four of us are going to starve.
You might as well start
planing the boards for our coffins.
Don't worry.
I'm sure that I can sell all the wood
that we can carry.
Have faith. God will not forsake us.
Now, be a good girl.
Hansel, don't lose your hat.
Stephan, don't let the baker cheat you.
Impossible. Duncan, come on.
-Bye-bye, Mother.
-Ask us another one, Father.
-Yes, another riddle.
All right, let me see. Yes, I've got one.
What has arms and legs
but hasn't got a head?
-Is it a fly?
I know, I know. It's a turtle.
-Silly, a turtle has a head.
-So does a fly, Hansel.
Tell us, Father.
What has arms, legs, but hasn't got a head?
A chair.
You think that was a hard one, Father?
I'll stump you with a riddle.
What two things
can you never have for breakfast?
Lunch and dinner.
Come on, ducks. Out of the way.
-There you are.
-Thank you.
Pure mackerel.
That'll do.
Hey, woodcutter.
Thank you, blacksmith.
Thank you.
Father, look. The blacksmith gave me
these strange stones.
-What are they?
-These are flints.
If you strike them together,
they make sparks to start a fire.
They're a good gift.
Keep them with you always,
and you'll never be cold.
Children, I told you to sit quietly
while I finish my business here.
This is the last bundle, sir.
Taste and touch nothing
or your father will pay for your curiosity.
And the same goes for you.
Sir, the wood basket's full.
I'm putting these by the oven.
Here's your money, woodcutter.
Sir, this is not what we agreed upon.
I don't have to deal with you at all.
I could easily cut my own wood for my oven.
I haven't the time, so you reap the benefits.
Sir, the last time I brought you wood...
you paid me too little,
and you promised to pay me fairly this time.
I think you're mistaken, woodcutter.
I don't remember any such thing.
Little girl.
And for you...
some delicious cookie crumbs.
What do you say, Gretel?
Thank you, Master baker, sir.
You're very welcome, child.
Come along, children.
Red and yellow ribbons.
Come see and come buy.
A ribbon in the hair
always lights up the eye.
My, what beautiful hair this child has.
How pretty her hair would look
with a ribbon or two in it.
This one's nice...
but perhaps a blue satin ribbon
to tie up her hair?
No, thank you.
Children, why don't you go along
and watch the Punch and Judy show?
Fish. Fresh fish.
Get your fish here.
Come on. Fish here.
Hello, children,
wouldn't you like some fresh mackerel?
-No, thank you.
-Fresh from the sea.
Boysenberry honey. The fruit of the bee.
Children, golden honey.
The sweet fruit of the bee.
-Sorry. No, thank you.
-Delicious. Go on, try it.
-...very special, that's right.
They look lovely.
And another bunch of red roses
for your wife?
No, my dear. Thanks anyway.
Raise your hands and clap, clap, clap
Turn you head and slap, slap, slap
Left and right, left and then
'Round about and back again
I would like to dance with him
He is nice and tall and slim
-What's your name, little boy?
Hansel, dear, would you agree?
Would you dance a dance with me?
Raise your hands and clap, clap, clap
Point your toe and tap, tap, tap
Naughty boy.
Left and right, left and then
'Round about and back again
Listen to my poem, everybody.
''A fool who's never changed his mind
and who can think it strange?
''The reason's clear, for fools, my friends,
have not a mind to change''
Come on, Punch, dear. Let's sing our song.
Raise your hands and clap, clap, clap
Point your toe and tap, tap, tap
Left and right, left and then
'Round about and back again
Come on, everybody, let's all sing.
Raise your hands and clap, clap, clap
Point your toe and tap, tap, tap
Left and right, left and then
round about and back again
Raise your hands and clap, clap, clap
Point your toe and tap, tap, tap
Left and right, left and then
turn about up in the air
Mama. Mama.
-We sang with Punch and Judy.
Yes, we learned to dance from the puppets.
Punch and Judy were so funny.
All they did was fight and hit each other
with a rolling pin.
The blacksmith gave me two stones
that make fire.
Do you want to hear me sing
the song I learned, Mama?
Raise your hands and clap, clap, clap
No, not now, Gretel.
Look at the beautiful stones.
Father told me how to use them.
Take your sister inside. Go on. Go on.
This doesn't taste like the soup,
it tastes like the wash water.
I don't think you know
what the wash water tastes like.
I tried it once. I really did.
Stop it. Stop it.
How dare you laugh at this meal.
Next time, I'll eat the last potato myself.
Children, go to bed.
Yes, go to bed, children.
And if you're lucky, you'll never wake up.
Maria, how could you say such a thing?
How could you let that fat baker
cheat you again?
Are you a stupid simpleton?
I'm a simple woodcutter.
You're a father.
Haven't you the courage
to stand up to someone...
who's taking the food
from your wife and babies...
by not paying you
what is rightfully owed to you?
-He's an important man in town.
-I don't care if he's the King.
I'll go to the town myself
and speak to the baker.
All right, I've heard enough.
I'll go in tomorrow...
and I will collect the rest
of what is owed to me.
-Good morning, missus.
-Good morning to you, neighbour.
I've brought some things for you.
Our cows has been producing more milk
than we can drink or make cheese with.
I've brought you some eggs, too.
-I have no money for this, neighbour.
-No need.
Your good husband
has done me favours many a time.
Why, just last winter, when I was sick
and couldn't get out of bed...
he brought firewood to my family
to keep my home warm.
He's a good neighbour and a good man.
Yes, my husband cares for everyone.
But this is very kind of you and your family.
-This is heavy. I'll carry it.
-Thank you.
You know, yesterday,
when I was delivering milk to the miller...
he told me that another child
has disappeared...
into that cursed North Woods.
They looked hard all day for that little boy.
Found nothing.
That's terrible.
If you ask me, my thought is...
no one will ever see
that child again, missus.
Look, children. Fresh milk and some eggs.
Thank you. Say thank you, children.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Good day.
This cream is delicious.
I'm going to make us some custard.
I can't wait.
This custard would be perfect
with some berries.
I'm going to find some
if I have to search the forest high and low.
And we're going to have a real celebration
when your father gets home tonight.
I'm so happy.
Now, Gretel, while I'm gone,
you do your darning.
Yes, Mama.
And Hansel, make sure that weave
is good and tight...
or else the broom won't last.
And Hansel, please do not forget
to give some water to the donkey.
I won't forget.
-May I have this dance, miss?
-Yes, kind sir.
Gretel, dear, I don't know how
When to turn and how to bow
Show me what I ought to do
So that I may dance with you
Raise your hands and clap, clap, clap
Point your toe and tap, tap, tap
Left and right, left and then
'Round about and back again
Raise your hands and clap, clap, clap
Point your toe and tap, tap, tap
Left and right, left and then
'Round about and back again
Oh, no!
This is terrible!
Hansel, what are we going to do?
All the milk is spilt.
I must have left the barn door open.
-What are we going to tell Mother?
-I don't know.
Look, get it cleared up.
I'm getting him out of here.
Please, Duncan, move. Come on.
Duncan, please.
Hansel, Gretel.
What are you doing?
What's the donkey doing in the house?
Where's my custard?
We didn't see him coming in.
You let that stupid animal eat my custard
and drink all our milk?
Hansel, get that beast out of here.
Now. Do you hear?
Take the donkey to the barn,
you foolish boy.
Come on, Duncan.
Move, Duncan.
I'll take the donkey myself.
You're such a worthless idiot.
Come on. Out. I've had enough.
Just get out of my kitchen.
Get out of here. Out!
You stupid, stupid children.
I'll never forgive you, never.
We're sorry. We really are.
Find some berries for our dinner tonight.
Enough for all of us, or don't come back.
Now get out of my sight.
Get out of here.
And don't even think
of coming back empty-handed...
-or I'll--
Go away. Leave me alone.
-Come on.
-Let's go over there, where we always go.
There aren't any berries left in those woods.
We've picked them all.
No one ever goes here.
But Papa said not to come in these woods.
There's no path to follow. We could get lost.
Have you still got those cookie crumbs
the baker gave you?
Yes, but they're stale.
Good. Just enough.
We'll leave a trail of crumbs
so that we can find our way back home.
And we won't get lost.
-But Papa said--
-Come on. Don't be a baby.
Look at all these berries.
They're so big and ripe.
Sweet, too.
Mother's going to be pleased.
A fairy plays her harp in the wood all day
She wears a velvet mantle of rose and grey
Where can this good fairy be?
Playing pretty songs for me
Maybe she lives underneath an apple tree
Her hair is black as night
and her cheeks are red
She wears a cap of silver upon her head
Where can this good fairy be?
Waiting in the woods for me
Maybe she lives underneath a chocolate tree
-There's no such thing as a chocolate tree.
-Yes, there is.
She dances in a circle of warm sunlight
Her feet are very swift
and her eyes are bright
Where can this sweet fairy be?
Dancing in the sun for me
Maybe she lives underneath a chestnut tree
Maybe she lives underneath
a chestnut tree
Mother can't be cross with us,
with all the berries we've picked.
I've never made one so lovely before.
Well, Princess,
shall we return to our castle?
All we have to do is follow our royal trail.
Our royal trail of cookie crumbs.
Here's our trail.
-Here's another one.
-There's one.
Look, some more.
There's another one.
And another one.
Where's our trail?
It's gone.
I think we're lost.
Don't say that.
We'll find our way back. I know we will.
Come on.
Oh, what a day, Oh, what a day
Oh, what a happy man am I
Oh, what a bird, Oh, what a breeze
Oh, what a joy to see the sky
How did I know how to be strong?
Where did I find the voice to say?
No, not enough! No, not at all!
No, not again! No, not today
This is how it should be
This is how it is
A man gets what he wants
if he takes what is his
Oh, what a man, Oh, what a man,
Oh, what a noble man am I
Oh, what a tree, Oh, what a leaf
Oh, what a fence, What a cottage
What a flower
What a life
Maria, wake up.
This is no time to take a nap.
Your husband's home
from his long trek to town.
Would you like to see what I bought?
Aren't you glad to welcome me home?
Welcome you home to what?
Nothing but troubles.
I have to keep the house, feed the children.
On what? Nothing.
Well, then let us see
what we have to eat today.
Stephan, I'm in no mood for your jokes.
I'm weary of living.
The cupboard is barren. We have nothing.
Would a large jar of honey
make you less weary of living?
Or wouldn't some flour
fill up our cupboard nicely?
How about some butter?
Where did this come from?
I demanded my money from the baker...
and he gave us every last penny he owes us.
Oh, Stephan!
He's a hard man.
Did he give you any trouble?
Yes, well, he put up a bit of a fuss...
but this time I didn't let him off the hook
until I had everything that I came for.
This must have cost a fortune.
Where are the children?
Those little scallywags.
Do you know what they did?
I left them alone, and while I was gone
they let the donkey into the house.
He ate an entire pan of custard
that I had made.
And broke a pitcher of milk that our
neighbour had given us this very morning.
When I found them playing
with the donkey in the house...
I was so angry with them,
I sent them out to pick berries.
There aren't many berries left on the bushes
by the cottage. We've eaten them all.
Yes, I know. I couldn't find any myself.
But I was so angry.
They should be home by now.
You don't suppose
that they've gone into the....
-The North Woods.
-No, no. They wouldn't have gone there.
I've told them 100 times
not to go anywhere near there.
What have I done?
Heaven help us. My children!
Hansel, Gretel, where are you?
Hansel! Gretel!
Please come home. I'm sorry.
It's too dark. No one could find them
in that forest tonight.
Poor Hansel and Gretel.
My little babies.
If anything should happen to them,
I'd never forgive myself.
Don't blame yourself. You were upset.
It's an evil forest.
Many children have disappeared there.
There are no paths. It's easy to become lost.
An old woman once told me there's a witch
who lives deep in the North Woods...
and demons as well.
Tonight, we will pray for their safety.
Tomorrow, I will set out and find them.
Come home.
Come on, little sparks.
Catch on fire. Light these twigs.
I think we've got it.
Yes, we're going to have a fire.
Mama? Papa?
I shouldn't have listened to you.
I hope no goblin gets me.
No goblin will get you while I'm around.
Sit close to me. I'll protect you.
I dreamt that angels came to protect us
last night.
Beautiful angels. A boy and a girl.
Maybe it wasn't a dream. We're safe.
Mother and Father must be very worried.
Time to go home.
I'm hungry. I wish we still had those berries.
Stephan. Stephan.
Please let me come with you.
No. If they find their way home,
it's best that you're here.
Look. Do you see that?
Yes. Yes, I see it.
Everything looks like cookies and candies.
They are candies.
Hansel, how can you be so bold?
Who knows who may live here?
Well, I don't see anyone. Aren't you hungry?
So good.
Gretel, it's real.
The whole house is made
from cookies and candies.
Hansel, look, lemon sticks!
Welcome, children.
Poor darlings, you must be starved.
Well, you've come to the right place.
Everything here is good to eat.
My name is Grizelda.
Come here, little pretty.
-What is your name, child?
-Gretel, ma'am.
And this is my brother, Hansel.
Gretel and Hansel.
-Your house is so beautiful.
Are you a candy maker?
Oh, my, yes.
And a baker, too.
Sugar and spice and everything nice
That's what my house is made of
Gingerbread girls with strawberry curls
That's what my house is made of
So, please come inside
I'll help you decide
I'm full of delicious surprises
And delicious disguises
I love to cook
and serve you little dears
So tender and slender
and hungry, it appears
Apricot custard and lemon meringue
Raspberry strawberry torte
Butterscotch pudding and apple souffl
Marzipan, hazelnut, mocha parfait
And if you want more
try the gingerbread door
My dears, my pie, my apple-raisin tart
My cake, my best
I cross my chocolate heart
My house is yours
You're welcome and you're sweet
So tender, so slender
You need some more to eat
Tender but slender
You need some more to eat
Some more to eat
Some more to eat
Some more to eat
To add some more meat
''No sooner had his lips touched hers...
''then Briar Rose opened her eyes...
''woke up and smiled sweetly.''
Gretel, you are so sweet,
just like my candies.
Now where was I?
''They went downstairs together.
''And then the King and the Queen
and the whole court woke up.
''And they all stared
at each other in amazement!''
Poor little Hansel. You are so painfully thin.
Here, won't you have another doughnut?
Not at the moment, thank you.
My, what perfect manners you have.
All right. Well, I'll just put them over here.
You can have one whenever you want one.
I made them especially for you, children.
I'm so glad you children decided
to spend the night.
The whole court
looked at each other in amazement?
''The horses stood up
and shook themselves.
''The flies on the wall started crawling...
''and the fire in the kitchen flamed up...
''and cooked the children.''
I mean, the chicken.
Cooked the chicken.
Are you children comfortable?
Would you like four or five more pillows?
No, thank you. Finish the story, please.
Yes, please.
''The cook began to roast again.
''The roast began to cook again.
''And the Prince and Briar Rose...
''were married in splendour...
''and lived happily
to the end of their little lives.''
''Their long lives.'' Yes.
-That was a good story.
-Yes, yes.
Grizelda, what's that you wear
around your neck?
This is my eyeglass, child.
It helps me to see things close up.
When I take my glass away,
I don't see quite as well.
That's what happens
when you get as old as me.
But my nose, now that's a different story.
I have a very good sense of smell.
It helps me to cook up all my goodies.
-Can I look through it?
-Oh, no, dear. It's fragile.
And Grandmother Grizelda
wouldn't want to let it out of her sight.
Good night, my little cupcakes. Sleep tight...
and don't let the bedbugs bite.
Could we have pancakes and jam
for breakfast tomorrow...
Grandmother Grizelda?
Well, of course you will, honey.
You can have anything
your plump little heart desires.
You'll have stacks and stacks
of pancakes and three kinds of jam.
And Gretel and I
will cook up a wondrous breakfast.
-Won't we, Gretel?
-Yes, Grizelda.
-Good night. And thank you.
-You're welcome as pie.
Welcome as pie.
Good night, good night.
Hansel, you called Grizelda ''Grandmother.''
But she's not our grandmother, is she?
Our grandparents are in heaven,
so she can be our new grandmother.
This bed is so comfortable. It's like a cloud.
I wish we could live here all the time.
What about Mother and Father?
Wouldn't you like to live here
and eat the good things Grizelda cooks...
and have her read us stories every night?
This is the most wonderful house
in the whole world.
Hansel, wake up.
Put some more
marshmallow sauce on my fudge.
Oh, Hansel.
''At the midnight hour
''when no one can see
''I speak my witch's chant
''with a goblin's glee
''And three and four, this witch's lore
''And five and six, my witchy tricks
''And nine is one and ten is none!
''And seven is nil or what I will
''And thus I chant till dawn of day
''These children shall be mine!
''So, dream away, you little sheep
''for soon you'll sleep your last long sleep
''And hence become part
of my gingerbread fence
''How well I will dine
''on young flesh so divine!''
I know you're there.
I can smell you.
Hansel! Hansel! Wake up! Hansel.
-What is it?
-She's a witch! She's a witch!
''Hocus pocus, witch's spell
''Rope entwine his body welI''
Hansel, run!
I can't. I can't move!
''Rope restrain him, Gretel, behave
''He's my prey and she's my slave
''Hocus pocus, malus locus
''Roucus volus, hocus pocus
''You'll eat by day
''And you'll eat by night
''And in a week
''you'll be plump all right''
Hurry up, you little mouse.
You're not washing fast enough
to keep up with the great Grizelda.
Let's see now. Two and a half cups of milk.
Make the curd separately, dust with flour....
You're such a lucky boy, Hansel.
I'm making you a lemon-cream cake.
I don't want anything from you.
Let me out of here!
Boysenberry, elderberry...
firm pears, crystallized ginger...
and apple juice.
Hansel, a gingered pear pie?
I've never made one of those before.
Or what about my delicious
bread-and-butter pudding...
with jam and meringue?
I'll eat no more of your cooking, witch!
You'll eat what I tell you to,
when I tell you to.
The only time I'll let your little sister
stop her chores, is when you're eating.
We've got to fatten you up like a pig.
Gretel, wash that pie plate
and be quick about it.
You've still got a whole barrel
of apples to do.
At that rate you'll never finish!
You're not getting tired
of my delicious pies...
and puddings are you, little Hansel?
Give me your finger.
Oh, my, my.
You still need some more fattening up...
before I bake you in my oven.
Father, help us.
Help us, please, Father.
Father, help us.
-Please, Father, come and get us!
Please, Father, come and get us!
You're eating too slowly, my little man.
Hurry up and finish.
Your sister has lots of chores to do for me.
Let me see your finger again.
-You're squeezing too hard.
-I am, am I?
You're not quite fat enough,
but you're getting fatter. Yes.
Well, soon you'll be fat enough
for me to eat you.
I'm getting tired. It's been a long day.
Before I go to sleep...
I want you to eat
some more of my delicious sweet rolls.
I won't eat any more!
You can't make me!
You'll eat whatever I give you...
or I will eat your little sister.
She's not very big or plump...
but she'll do for a midnight snack.
I'll boil her quickly...
and eat her right in front of your eyes.
I'm eating, I'm eating!
Don't hurt her!
Well, I'll have no more trouble with you.
You'll eat whatever Grizelda serves you!
A little something different for you to enjoy.
A nice, fat chicken...
for my little Hansel to eat.
And gobble it right up. Eat it up, darling...
because I just can't wait to have you
for my plump little chicken.
Come close.
Run away from here.
No, Hansel, I won't leave you.
All right. We must be bold.
You must steal her seeing glass.
But how?
She always wears it around her neck.
Carefully. Go on, it's now or never.
I can't eat much more or I'll burst.
I can't work much more or I'll fade away.
How I miss Mother and Father.
So do I.
And to think
I called that witch ''Grandmother.''
What are you doing?
I'm just wiping some crumbs off your apron.
It's almost morning.
You seem wide awake
and eager to begin your chores.
You'll start now. I need walnuts!
You will shell and crush
a barrel of my finest walnuts!
Today there'll be a storm of baking!
That's not the way I showed you,
you stupid girl.
We'll never get anything done this way.
You just can't get any good help anymore.
You fill a whole bowl full...
then you pound the nutmeats like this.
And one and two, and one and two...
and one and two.
But what are you pounding?
There's nothing there.
I am demonstrating how to pound...
a pile of nuts.
I'm trying to show you how it is done.
And one and two, and one and two--
You idiot!
Look what you made me do.
I broke my precious eyeglass.
All right.
You'll just have to work extra hard.
Go fill up two buckets at the well.
I must fill my cauldron.
-Help us, Gretel.
-Help! We're trapped!
-But how did you get in there?
-Gretel, where is that water?
The witch. She put us in here.
-Be careful.
-Gretel, get in here right now!
Gretel, what took you so long?
Fill the cauldron and be quick about it.
Yes. Little Hansel.
Give me your finger, little Hansel...
so that I may see
if you're fat enough for me to cook up.
No eyeglass.
You don't seem a bit fatter today.
In fact, you seem thinner.
There's just no meat on your bones!
Not even enough
for me to have a nice lunch!
Perhaps the two of them together...
would make one nice meal for me.
Today is the day...
we make my special gingerbread.
Hansel, I heard them.
The gingerbread boys and girls in her yard.
They're children, like us.
She wants to bake us
into a gingerbread cookie, too!
She's coming back.
Gretel, go to the oven and open the door.
Close the door when I tell you to.
We'll just test the batter...
and make ourselves a delicious duck cookie.
Look, Father.
Father, over here.
Close the oven door now!
Nice little ducky.
I'll eat you later.
You'll be my dessert.
There's something wrong
with the way that fire is burning.
The batter is a bit crisp.
let's see how you turn out, little Hansel.
Leave me and my little sister alone...
you ugly, old witch!
Leave me...
and my poor, little, idiot sister alone...
Miss Grizelda.
Gretel, run, run away!
''Hocus pocus, do my will
''Unlock his cage and then be stilI''
Don't listen to her.
Run, run away. Run, I tell you.
''Malus locus, over here
''Come to me
''my Hansel dear''
Gretel, wake up!
''Hocus pocus, their places switch
''Make Grizelda a gingerbread witch''
-Hurray! The witch is gone.
-We did it!
Hansel, come on.
the children.
Hurray! I'm free!
Thank you, Hansel and Gretel.
-The witch's house!
-The spell is broken.
The witch is dead!
-Gretel, look. The duck.
-We're free.
We're not cookies anymore.
Come on, everybody.
Let's get out of this dreadful place.
Hansel. Gretel.
My precious children.
Our prayers have been answered.
There's so much to tell you.
There was a house and a witch,
and she was going to eat Hansel.
But Gretel saved me. She was wonderful.
The children.
She turned them into cookies...
but now they can return safely
to their parents.
Look, a treasure. The witch's gold is ours!
We won't be poor anymore!
This is how the world can be
All the children strong and free
The angels must have spoken
The witch's spell is broken
The woods are full of singing
The children's voices ringing
This is how the world will be
Voices intertwining
Faces sweet and shining
Full of laughter, full of love
ever after