Hansel vs. Gretel (2015) Movie Script

Damn it!
Still open?
Gretel, it's Mason.
You here?
You, uh, wouldn't happen to have
any of those meat pies
left, would you?
I'm just going to leave this
money right here on the counter.
Oh crap.
Ahh. Crap!
Hey, pussy.
You remember me, right?
Poughkeepsie. Dayton. Stamford.
You got to remember Stamford.
You got me with the gas trap.
Spent two weeks in the ICU.
That shit hurt.
But not this time.
Do you smoke?
I say we fucking find out.
You're good.
You're really good.
No flinching. I like that.
Please. Why are you doing this?
You know why.
I want the little girls.
What little girls?
What kind of pervert are you?
I don't know what
the hell you are talking about.
Please, let me go.
Hmmm... no.
See, I'm not buying it.
See, I've been doing
this for a while now
and I've developed a sixth sense
for these kind of things.
And you and me? We
get to tussle I think.
Listen, I don't know who you
think I am or what
I've done but you're wrong.
Please, if you let me go now
I don't say anything to anybody.
I promise.
I'll keep it between you and me.
We can play these games all you
want but I do not
have all day and
I think you know exactly
what that means.
You really don't
want to do this.
I really do.
- Oh God.
- You're so stupid.
How's that?
Who's stupid now?
It's okay, little ladies.
I'm coming down. I'm Hansel.
I'm one of the good guys.
Oh shit.
Come on.
Come on.
Uh, hey. There's a line.
My sister owns the place. Relax.
The one and only.
Oh my God!
It's been a year.
What are you doing here?
Where have you been?
Why didn't you call?
I did.
Oh, I'm sorry. The bakery's just been so
busy and I didn't know how to reach you.
Look, we need to talk.
Gretel, my coffee.
Oh right! Just a jiff, Margie!
Yeah, just a jiff, Margie.
Hey, who are you?
Lilith's meat pies?
You've got to be
fucking kidding me.
Hansel! They're
the best sellers.
They're not the same, okay?
And I'd like to have
you for dinner.
You're staying at
the house, right?
Thank you.
Mmm! Grandma,
everything tastes so great!
I made your favorite,
ribs and potatoes.
Grand's been doing all of
the cooking since Dad died.
I don't know what
I would have done if
she hadn't moved back here.
You know I'm really sorry that I
couldn't make it home for his funeral.
You know, I was just-
- Busy.
We know.
So, Sweetheart, how
is life out on the street?
Grandma, come on! You're making
it sound like I sell my body on
the streets or
something like that.
Well, how am I supposed to
know what you do?
You never call. You
could use a bath.
We worry about you.
Well, listen, if you really want
to know I've been killing witches.
Yeah. I beheaded one down in
Florida, crushed one to death
with my van at the Grand Canyon,
lit a couple on fire in Portland.
Smelled something awful.
And most recently I
cut the, uh, insides out of this
teenage demon cheerleader.
All in all, I've had my hands pretty busy
trying to catch these evil creatures.
Well, not all witches are evil.
Of course, Grandma.
But the good ones,
they don't really
get on my radar.
More juice?
Smile for me, pretty girl.
Good night, Grandma.
Honestly, what is up with her?
She's getting old.
No, there's got to be something
else going on with her.
Here. You dry. Like
the good, old days.
So what brings you back here?
Oh, you found out about that.
Yeah, I found out about that.
Gretel, six people
have gone missing.
You didn't think it was a good
idea to let me know.
I was going to,
Hansel, I wanted to.
But I didn't know
where to reach you!
I figured people run away from home,
parents, relationships, all of the time.
And then I thought
it was nothing but then-
Mason is a grown ass man. He's not
going to just run away from home.
I know.
I think I know what
happened to Mason.
The morning after he disappeared
I went to the bakery and the rug
was just covered in blood.
I thought about going
to the police but after
what happened to us with Lilith.
They didn't leave me
alone for months.
I just grabbed the
rug and I tossed it.
Lilith was gone. They were
going to think it was me.
Well I can tell you from
personal experience there's a
hell of a lot more Liliths out
there than you can imagine.
This can't be starting again.
Gretel, look, we've got to get
to the bottom of this.
Okay? But I need
you to trust me.
First thing in the morning
we're going to Mason's house.
Hey. I'm glad you're back.
Tastes like magic.
She's here and she's
taken our sister's place.
Greedy bitch. We'll liquefy her.
We've got to find her first.
You! Devils!
Rotting, filthy devils!
She's smarter than she looks.
Well you did say
you needed a new pet.
You couldn't find
a better place to hide?
Lilith's cabin is just-
She will protect us.
No one will see.
There's a strong energy here.
What did you find out?
I was right. That
little girl is still here.
Oh, she's a friend.
She'll be useful to us.
She'll help us track them down.
What's for dinner?
Just the usual. Long pig.
Baby back ribs?
Tell me, Dear. Tell
me everything you know.
Do you remember which
apartment he's at?
Seven, I think.
Oh, right here.
He's missing. Remember?
What now?
How'd you learn how to do that?
Let's just say it's
been one hell of a year.
So if he was taken by a witch,
what exactly are we looking for?
I'm not sure.
We all got to start somewhere.
He was my favorite customer.
Do you smell that?
Anyone home?
What is it?
You don't want to see this.
It's Frank!
It's Mason's rabbit. Frank.
He was such a sweet
little rabbit.
Who could've done this?
So what's the plan?
You still talk to
Mason's brother Jacob?
Sometimes. Not too often though.
He lives with Willy now.
With Willy?
Ugh, man. I haven't
thought about her in years.
Is she, uh, she's
doing alright then?
Hansel, you've been
gone for a long time.
Things have changed.
Does she still live
in the same place though?
Maybe he's at work.
You hear that?
Don't run. It's all good.
They're eating us.
They're going to eat all of us.
They're going to eat you too.
Don't you see that?
What's she trying
to do. Steal the tire?
Well she's not going
to be much help.
I guess not.
Man, she looked
familiar. Was that-
Mrs. Klima.
That was Mrs. Klima?
From kindergarten?
What the hell happened to her?
She's crazy.
Hey! What are you two-
Gretel? Hansel?
Hi Jacob.
What's up, man?
Hey, I'm really sorry
about your brother.
I mean, hopefully
he's going to show up soon.
Thanks. I I mean, I just don't know how to
make sense of this whole thing, you know?
It's not like him
to run off like that.
Okay, Sweetie, so
I'm going to head to the store.
So do you want me to
get you anything?
What are you guys, uh-Jacob?
They just stopped by.
Where have you been?
You think you can
hold off on going to the store?
So you're looking into
Mason's disappearance, right?
Yeah. The others too.
If you guys got rid of Lilith
and she was the witch...
Hansel thinks that
there are others.
No, I know that
there are others.
Hundreds. Maybe thousands.
Spread all over the place.
Yeah, but... witches?
Like with powers and shit?
It varies. Not all of them have
I'm not even sure if Lilith was human or
carrying something else, supernatural.
Some channel energies that are so
powerful that it overcomes them.
Or they get greedy but others, they
intentionally choose a dark path
and basically become skin
suits for demons and the like.
Look, just trust me. Okay?
I've seen things. Seen things
that would turn your shit white.
Okay, so, maybe it's not a good idea
to go looking after these things.
No, not particularly. No.
So you think another one of
these things came into town,
took Mason and the others?
I got a pretty good
idea about it, yeah.
Unless Mason's lost a ton of
weight in the last year I know
for a fact that these types
specifically target big boys.
Fine. Let's go. I'm
with you.
With me?
Yeah, me too.
Hold on a second.
No, you hold on.
It's my brother.
If you're going to go looking
for him then I'm going with you.
- And so am I.
- Why you?
Because I want to help.
Because Mason was my friend too.
No, it's not happening.
If shit goes down we could
all die.
Oh come on, Hansel.
I think we should let them come.
We could use the help.
Hansel, you can't keep me away.
So where do we start?
This is where it all began.
How'd this place blow up again?
Gas leak.
We burned Lilith alive.
What? You burned her alive?
Fuck yeah. Taste of
her own medicine, right?
Well I'd say from the looks of things
no one's been here in a long time.
But underneath maybe...
Wouldn't all of that would
have collapsed in the explosion?
Yeah, except for the fact that
I've seen a witch
burrow under the ground
like a damn gopher.
No shit?
No shit.
So I'm thinking we're dealing
with two possible scenarios.
One, Lilith is somehow still
alive, which I'd never rule out.
Or two, we're dealing with a
replacement witch, who maybe
wants to stake claim
on Lilith's old territory.
So what are you leaning towards?
New witch.
You guys, is there
a storm coming?
Get down!
Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!
Stay down!
What's happening?!
Did you see anything?
There's movement in the trees.
It's just a shape.
I can't see much...
Stay here.
What? Where are you going?
Come on.
Come on.
- You two okay?
- Yeah, fine.
Who is that?
It's Mrs. Klima.
My old kindergarten teacher.
Was she a witch?
I doubt it.
Jesus, Mrs. Klima?
Why would she want to kill us?
She was compelled
to. This is a coven sigil.
I've seen it before.
It's being used
for mind control.
Where's Gretel?
This can't be her.
What the hell is this?
Who are you people?
What did you do to Lilith?
You killed her, bitch. Why?
No, I didn't!
You lie!
I swear. It wasn't me.
You have to believe me.
I taste killer on you.
No, it wasn't me.
It was Hansel. You
have to believe me!
What a mewling little rara.
He killed her and we were going
to eat her and he escaped.
He burned her alive.
He killed her!
She lies.
Kill them both then.
Only way to be sure.
You are right about one thing.
You've spilt blood. I tasted it.
Let me show you.
It's untainted.
And it's human.
Mmm... Mmm..
That's Lilith's exact recipe.
Taught me everything she knows.
Are you aware that
your brother didn't stop Lilith?
That he hunts our kind?
Bring us his head.
Then we'll talk.
What? You can't seriously be...
I know a sister when I see one.
We'll give her a chance
to prove herself.
But if you fail, we get
to eat you alive.
Clever girl.
Only one way to get stronger.
Eat the strong.
Are you sure, Grandma?
Okay, thanks. No,
I'll call you back. Bye.
No one's been by the house.
This doesn't make any sense.
She was right there with us. I-
Mrs. Kilma was a distraction.
They wanted our eyes off Gretel.
Who would want Gretel?
Revenge for Lilith. I mean, she owns...
the shop!
Dude! I'm not strapped in!
Hansel, the shop is
the other direction.
I'm sorry but I'm
taking you both home.
What?! Absolutely not! You
can't go by yourself.
What are we just-
I'm not going to expose you!
It's too dangerous.
I'm going at it alone.
Okay, please tell me you're
going to call the police first.
No cops.
Okay, Hansel, Gretel
is going to be okay.
She is a lot tougher
than we all realize.
And you're going to find her.
Look, I'll just get
you guys home, alright?
Come on. Let's get some sleep.
Good luck.
- Come on Willy.
- Goodnight.
Wait, I hope you understand.
I don't want you to get hurt.
Either one of you.
Thank you but Jacob's a big boy.
He can take care of himself and
I don't do so bad either. So...
Yeah, I know. But look... Just-
I want you to take this, okay?
What is it?
It's supposed to protect you.
Hansel, it's a little bag.
I appreciate it. I can see that you're just
trying to take care of me but I'm fine.
- Hey Hansel?
- Yeah.
I have to ask you something.
Why didn't you ask
me out on a second date?
I don't know. I just thought you
thought I was a spaz and to be
honest, I felt like you
didn't have that much fun.
Well you sure know how to
show a girl a good time now.
And you are a spaz.
Just for the record.
Wait. What do you mean?
Good night.
Oh shit!
Come on, let's go.
I don't think Willy
saw me go around the back.
I want to go on record that
this is a terrible idea.
Jacob, are you awake?
Jacob, are you awake?
What are you-
Ugh. Tastes rotten.
Great. Right. Thank you, Remy.
Remy Prendes swears he saw Gretel in
the Gingerbread House last night.
That's impossible. I mean, we cased
that place at least a dozen times.
Jacob and I, we went
everywhere. So there's no way.
What's up, man?
They got them.
- Who got who?
- Alright.
Jesus Christ!
Yeah. I mean, they
snatched Gretel in the woods.
They must have grabbed Willy when
we dropped her off. After we left.
No. No, I don't believe this.
Oh no.
No no. I can't
imagine they've gotten very far.
Wait a second. Those pictures.
Let me see them again.
Come on. Come on.
I know they're in here.
Let's go.
I took this summer art class. I had to
take photos of graffiti around town.
Yeah, what about it?
I know where this is.
You ever shot a gun before?
Not really.
Take this.
Don't worry. Just
swing it like a bat.
You'll be fine.
How many times have you done
something like this before?
Alright, here's what
we're going to do.
I'm going to take
the lead. You back me up.
Swing at anything
that's not me or the girls.
And Jacob? Try not to take my
head off with that thing, okay?
Hansel, I don't think I'm ready
to kill anybody.
Don't worry. You're
not going to have to.
Just give me enough room to
get a couple of shots off.
Let's go. The girls need us.
Your hero is coming
for you, my damsel.
Must be nice to have a big,
strong man coming to your rescue.
Does it make you wet, I wonder?
Don't touch her.
It stresses the meat.
Makes it tough.
Wrong. It makes it sweeter.
Come on. Tie me up.
They'll be here soon.
With pleasure.
Jesus, they could be anywhere.
All looks the same.
No, we're close. I can feel it.
Alright, this way.
Stay close.
Wait here.
Where'd it go?
I don't know.
This way! Come one! She's here!
Hansel, hurry!
It sounds like she's up ahead.
Wait a second. I know this guy.
He's a panhandler. I've seen
him outside of my work.
They're fucking with us. Using the
homeless to do their dirty work.
Things could get messy.
Come on. Let's move.
You alright?
I think so.
Alright, we got to keep moving.
Let's go.
- Are you okay?
- No! Get me out of here!
Wilamina! Wilamina!
Wake up! Wake up!
She's fine. She's just been
knocked out. Untie me!
Jacob, use this.
Are you ok? Huh? Are you hurt?
You ok?
What now?
It's locked!
Cover your mouths! Quick!
Wait. Hold on a second.
It's just steam.
No, it's fog.
Do you want me to eat you?
Stay close. Hug the walls.
I can't see shit in here.
I don't want to cut you.
Show yourself!
Ooh, I'm
going to eat you all up.
Especially those
chocolate eyes of yours.
Face me, witch.
Stay here.
No! Where
are you going?
I'm going to help.
Stay here. Willy needs you.
Show yourself, you fucking
Hansel, behind you!
- Are you good?
- Yeah.
Where's Willy?
Hansel? Ow, my
head. What's going on?
Where's Gretel?
I'm here.
Come on. Let's go.
Take me home.
What about Mason? And
the other missing kids?
Whatever's left of them.
Look, we came here
for the girls, ok?
And since neither
one of you know who took you,
we don't know how
many witches are left.
You said there was
only one witch?
Yeah but I saw a
sigil in the woods.
That same thing here.
It's definitely a coven.
There was somebody else. She
was talking to someone.
It could have been a woman.
I don't know. I
was pretty out of it.
Well, we need to be prepared.
Let's get back to town.
Let me get the keys to the bakery.
I want to go work on the town map.
Try and figure this out.
I thought you hated the bakery.
I do hate the bakery. I just want to go
to some place where I can clear my head.
Are you okay?
Yeah, just a little
shaken. That's all.
Gretel, I know we haven't spent a
ton of time together recently,
but you can still tell me if there's
something wrong. You know that, right?
Well, yeah. Sure.
Why do you ask?
I don't know. I just
got this feeling like...
Maybe you need to talk.
Wow! You're sounding
like such a girl right now.
Well, listen...
If you change your mind. You
know, you do want an ear,
just know that I got one.
In fact, I've got two.
Thank you.
- Thanks. - Oh wait, don't forget
to lock up after you leave.
Yes ma'am.
What do you see, Hansel?
He can see me.
That's impossible.
He isn't the dumb piece of
meat he used to be.
You betrayed us meat bag!
No, I didn't!
I'm going to tear your filthy little
heart out and toss you to the rats.
And then I'm going
to have some fun with you.
No, listen to me! He got lucky.
I didn't think he would
be able to kill her.
It was an accident.
An accident?! You stupid girl. I
could just rip you a part right now.
I could take you to Hansel.
We don't need you for that.
We could get him ourselves.
But I do. Please,
don't abandon me.
I can take you to him right now.
It will be easy.
Why do you smell dead?
Why do you think?
I'm like you.
I want you to meet
one of friends.
She's also one of the part-timers
here on the weekends.
Nice to meet you.
Go away now, Gretel. I need to chat
with your sexy brother in private.
Uh, Gretel-
You and I need to have some
serious conversation, doll face.
About what?
You like my eyes?
I'm pretty, aren't I?
You wouldn't mind
talking to me, would you?
You've been a bad, bad boy.
Haven't you?
I have?
Yes, you have.
You want to know why?
Because you've been killing my
sisters, you naughty naughty boy.
I'm sorry.
It's too late for that,
sweetheart. But it's okay.
It is?
I want you to do
something for me.
I want you to cut
yourself for me.
Surprise me.
Does this make you happy?
Yes. You want to know what
would really make me happy?
Tell me.
If you killed yourself. Would
you do that, sweetheart?
Oh, yes.
Go ahead.
Kill yourself.
Push it in, baby.
Not exactly.
Hansel! Kill her! She's doing
this. She ate Mason!
What happened?
I'm so sorry, Hansel.
I don't know what happened. She must
have hypnotized me or something.
It's okay.
Let's call Willy, Jacob, have
them come meet us here.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Safety in numbers.
What do we do with the body?
So we got them all?
What'd you do with
her... you know... corpse?
You don't want to know.
Don't suppose you got her to tell you
where Mason was before you off'd her?
You don't think he's
still alive anymore.
We can still look for his body,
right? I can't just sit here.
They ate him, Jacob.
They're gone. We're not going to find
them because they've been eaten.
That's how these witches survive. They eat
the young to prolong their own lives.
If that's what you
can call living.
You know how they say if you see
one roach in your house what you
don't see is the thousands
of others that are in the walls?
That's two witches in a single day. And
I bet anything that this is not over.
What and after you find them
you're just going to leave again?
Yeah, I kind of have to.
This kind of stuff is
happening everywhere.
Maybe you can come with me? You know,
get out of town. Just for a bit.
I can't, Hansel. I can't leave grandma
or the bakery. I have a life here.
I'm going to go home.
Are you coming?
No, I'm staying. We
need a new plan.
I'll drive you home.
No, it's fine.
No. Look, none of us
should be alone right now.
I want to.
I'm going to drop her off. I'm
going to come right back.
You guys going to be okay?
Mmm. Wow, these are
really fresh.
The best ingredients always are.
Do you know what you need?
I think you need to treat
yourself right, Jacob.
I do?
I think you need to do something
for yourself.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
I think you need to make
love to me.
I do?
And then I think you need to pluck
your eyes out for me, sweetie.
Can you do that for me, sweetie?
No. I can't.
Sure you can. Don't
be shy. I'll show you how.
No, I can't.
I'm gay.
There are many bodies here.
Beneath our feet.
Lilith was... busy.
Is she one of them?
There's something... Chewed bones.
Nothing more.
She was eaten.
No... yes... no. Wait,
there is something.
What is it?
Circe... She is gone.
I can't feel her life force.
It was the girl.
So when you leave again
where are you headed?
Umm... I'm not sure. I usually
just scan newspapers for patterns.
You know, missing kids, mysterious deaths.
You know, stuff like that.
Sounds exhausting.
It can be but somebody's
got to do it.
And that somebody has to be you?
So, do you ever get time off or
do anything fun like date, relax?
Honestly, I can't even remember the
last time I had fun or took time off.
Yeah, if it's any consolation I
don't really, I don't date at all.
I think I was honestly waiting
for you to call. Maybe.
I quit school. FYI. That
was kind of a big deal.
Well, you know what they say.
Nothing worth doing is
easy. Or whatever.
Wow, scholarly, Hansel. It's good.
No, my priorities changed is all.
You know, simple as that.
Come on.
You know, when it is time for me
to leave you could come with me.
To hunt witches?
I'm going to have
to think about it.
Fair enough.
What is that?
I don't know...
Jacob can see everything now.
Fuck! Shit!
What did they do to him,
Hansel?! What did they do?!
Thank God. Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine. Why?
What the hell happened?
What are you talking about?
Look, they got Jacob.
What? I told him not to leave!
Look, Jacob, It's not over.
He only left here 20 minutes ago.
What the...
Hansel! What are you doing...
Hold on. Hold on.
Oh shit. Fuck.
- We have to find him. - Gretel,
I have to call you back.
Okay, listen. Just close up the
shop. Go home. Be with Grandma.
Don't leave until I get there.
Listen, Jacob, He told me in confidence
that he fucking kicked the shit
out of Rudy Ray Moore on
Candlewood Street.
What does that have
to do with anything, Hansel?!
Just stay here, okay?
Lock the doors.
No, screw that! I'm not staying
here. I want to come with you.
Okay, come on. Let's go.
Oh God, please let me be wrong.
Oh my God!
There's another note. Hold on.
Hold on.
Oh my God.
No. No no no.
Echoes of the past. Come play
cowboys and indians.
Why are they doing this?
Because they're just fucking with us.
Look, he might not be dead.
- What?
- We could still save him.
Where are we going to go?
With the huts, teepee village.
Where we used to
play cowboys and ind...
- Yeah.
- Oh my...
I did as I said.
My brother is gone. Tell your
mistress I'm one of you.
Hansel, what are we
even looking for?
Well if I'm right Jacob could
be anywhere near here, okay?
Just keep your eyes open.
Do you think that he's even-
Stop it.
Don't even go there. Okay?
We're going to find him.
This is starting to get so
fucking fucked up.
Oh God.
I left my heart in
San Francisco.
What the hell do
these mean, Hansel?
Thank you, sister.
Come on Gretel,
answer the phone.
Still nothing?
No. Something's not right.
Are you sure this is
the right place?
Yeah, Church of Saint Francis.
It's the closest thing to San
Francisco I could think of.
Keep trying her.
Hansel, look.
Oh my God.
Oh no. No!
Once upon a time...
dinner is served.
Those motherfuckers. Come on!
Let's go.
Where are we going?
Checking the servant's of the
What does that mean?
It means it ends where it began.
Did you see that?
Oh my God.
The bitch's brother!
She will pay for lying to me!
She said this was you!
You son of a bitch.
Stay here. Stay here.
Is that the best you've got?
I've killed cheerleaders
tougher than you!
You are going to
be a nice little treat.
You can't kill me that easily
you little ko fi yan sako!
Whatever you say, lady.
Hey! Hey!
Are you okay?
Hurry, we've got to go.
What do I do?
Go. We've got to go.
Poor, little thing.
Does it hurt?
You betrayed us, little girl.
What are you talking about?
Get away!
Don't you lie to me. You're responsible
for all of the lives lost.
Don't you touch her!
That's why you've been killing
us off to steal our gifts.
No, I was too late to save her.
Morai told me to
drink her essence.
She would never say that and there
is no way that this is accidental.
I'm with you. I swear it.
What are you two talking about?
Gretel, what's happening?
You expect me to believe that?
It's the truth.
Convince me.
If that's what it takes.
Oh Grandma. I'm so sorry.
Run while you can.
You love me, don't you?
Very much, baby girl.
You wouldn't want me to
appear weak, now would you?
No, no my sweets. Of course not.
I'll be your favorite,
forever and ever.
Of course.
Oh my-
What the fuck did you do?
Oh my God!
Hansel, I can explain.
Please fucking explain why you
tore off our grandmother's head!
Well no, I guess I
can't explain this away.
Hansel, wake up! Wake up.
He'll be fine. I need
him later anyway.
People are going to come looking
for you and your brother, Gretel.
Lots to answer for, I think.
You've made a big mistake, girl.
Taste me now, bitch.
You've ascended.
Get the picture?
You planned this whole
fucking thing so you could-
That's right, sister. It's my
coven now. What's left of it.
Do you concede?
Ring please.
That a girl.
Help me with my brother.
We're going to the cemetery.
What's at the cemetery?
An old friend.
Is this the right place?
Wait, is this a pet cemetery?
I needed to find a place no one
would expect to find... Lilith.
Clemmie was buried
just days after Lilith died.
Hansel, are you okay?
Oh, you're awake. I'm glad.
I wanted you to see this.
Gretel, why are you doing this?
This is bigger than friendships
or family, little brother.
So you're one of them now?
No, I'm better.
And my first job... I
have a debt to repay.
I'm sorry I didn't
come soon enough.
But I wasn't strong enough.
Thanks to the lovely ladies
who sacrificed themselves.
I'm here now.
Gretel? Whatever you think
you are,
you are not strong enough
to survive this incantation.
Hecate omnipotens, mihi, quaeso
manu. Nunc anima mea in mediis
huius placiti anima damnati!
I am a queen!
I should have known
you'd come to pick the bones.
No! I owed you everything. I
only came here for revenge!
You came to take my territory.
You could never control
your appetite. So greedy.
My dear.
You're going to pay for this!
Good girl. Now bring me the body.
I need
to feed if I'm to
regain my strength.
I don't think so.
Wake up. We got to
get the fuck out of here.
What the fuck? Willy?
Willy's dead, darling.
She was delicious.
Oh Lilith.
And you could never control
your proteges, Lilith.
Please, your highness-
I wanted that.
Oh tut tut tut.
So hungry, little one.
But I can see that you need a lesson in
subservience before the head of the order.
I serve no one, you old hag!
Feisty little imp.
Sticks and stones.
Now, now!
You really are determined to
try my patience, little thing!
Gretel. It doesn't
have to be like this.
Get out of my way.
This isn't you. Lilith
is still inside you.
I love you. I do
not want to hurt you.
There is no Lilith! There
is only me, the queen!
Where are you?!
Can a queen bleed?
Damn it, Gretel! Don't
make me do this!
I can see I'm going
to have to take you down!
I'm done playing with you!
This ends now.
You shot me.
I should kill you.
I'm sorry.
You deserve to pay
for what you've done.
Not by them. Come on.