Hanu Man (2024) Movie Script

Nothing is working.
Let me try again.
You've pampered him a lot.
My mistake.
I shouldn't have brought
this superhero DVDs for him.
Stubborn guy. If you do this again,
I will break your bone.
What's in your hand? Give it to me.
What's in your hand? Give it to me.
Next year, you will go
to the boarding school for sure.
He can't think of anything
other than the superhero.
What you dream of becoming,
is possible in stories only.
There's no superhero in real life.
But I can be one, mon.
You don't need any magical
powers to be the hero.
Real superhero is one,
who fights for injustice,
even without the power.
Why did you call me, Michael?
Tell me one thing.
Spiderman was orphan, right?
That's right.
Batman could become a superhero,
only after losing his parents, right?
Yes, of course.
Had their parents been alive,
they would have never
become the superheroes.
Michael! Michael!
Open the door, Michael.
Hurry up, man.
Will you take ten days
for one bank robbery?
Who are you?
He's the world famous
superhero of the country.
Is that so?
Then let's kill him and gain fame.
Superhero, huh?!
Forget it, it's not your cup of tea.
Take all the money but spare me.
Spare me.
Superheroes never kill, I guess.
Is that so?
Don't move!
Once again this mysterious
man is on the headlines,
by saving public's money.
This time he has stopped the robbers
from looting cash worth ten millions.
-At what price?
-What happened, Rosy?
-As you can see...
-Why don't you cooperate?
Didn't we enjoy last night?
Then why are you sulking now?
Come to me, baby.
Such attitude?!
Got you!
It's working.
Hi, chief!
He's talking to me and not to you.
How's it, Chief?
Oh Shazam! Blood?
Need to take stiches. Hold it tight.
Now, mumbai has it's own superhero.
He seems to have mesmerized the youth.
Police is labeling him as criminal...
People just love you, chief.
You just wait.
I will make a suit that can withstand
not just a bullet but a missile.
World may not have
seen such powerful suit.
I had increased MHG42 concentration.
But it seems to have failed.
But it seems to have failed.
Having a powerful suit isn't enough.
The real strength should
flow through blood in my veins.
I am sure it exists somewhere.
"This is an archaic
saga of mountain Anjanadri,"
"King Kesari's wife prayed day and night,
in desire of having a baby."
"Her prayers were answered
and she was blessed with a mighty child"
"by the Wind-God, later known
as Anjani's son or Pawan's son."
"At the daybreak,
the child mistook rising Sun as a fruit."
"He jumped towards the Sun"
"He jumped towards the Sun"
"and quickly swallowed it."
"The world was engulfed with darkness,
as the child swallowed the Sun-God."
"Indradev rushed on his
elephant to stop the child."
"And aimed at the child with his 'Vajra'"
"that pricked Pawan-God's son Hanuman."
"A drop of his blood fell deep"
"in the ocean, safely landed in an oyster."
"With passing time,"
"that drop of blood is transformed
into 'Rudhiramani' (a gem),"
"Rested deep below the ocean,"
"the gem is awaiting a true
warrior from past thousands of years."
"The gem is awaiting a
warrior from thousands of years."
"The gem is awaiting a
warrior from thousands of years."
I haven't taken morning breakfast yet.
I'm famished.
Wow! Fresh mangoes!
Where's it?
Where has it gone?
Huh, has he come again?
Did you get no one in the village to bother?
You are a human and you are bothering a monkey.
The next mango is mine.
Come on! Come on!
Being a human, will you trouble a monkey?
Aren't you ashamed?
This last one is surely mine.
I will definitely take revenge for this.
Brother Hanumant.
Take this.
Gajapati's men are beating up Kashi.
Stop it, rogues. May you rot in hell!
Stop it, rogues. May you rot in hell!
May you get ruined!
You bought many buffaloes
and sold the milk.
Had a good income.
Now, who will pay the tax?
Why should I pay you any tax, Chaman?
Did you cater to the cattle?
Have you looked after them?
What have you done?
You're just living
on our hard earned money.
I'm ready to pay the tax.
Actually, I bought 5 buffaloes
but only one conceived.
Now, you're the only hope I have.
What do you mean?
How am I going to help
your buffalo conceive?
What do you think of me?
Mind your language.
Immerse him in water.
Is there anyone to save my son?
I've come, grandma.
Before touching him,
you should have checked his backbone.
Listen, spare them.
Don't worry, I won't kill them.
Oh no!
Fragile bone.
Will you challenge this sturdy guy?
-Oh God!
-I had warned you.
Now, see the outcome.
Have you come to senses now?
Try to understand.
I was just testing their might.
Now watch how I beat them black and blue.
-Only if you survive.
-Oh no!
Oh no! My cowshed!
-What are you doing?
-Take away this calf.
Please, leave this calf,
it's my only income source now.
Please, don't take it away.
-Let's go.
Listen to me. Today is its birthday.
Stop boasting at me now.
Good for nothing.
I've incurred a huge loss today.
Useless fellow!
Yes, that you are.
What do I do now?
Pay taxes or repair the cowshed?
And without the calf, I'm all alone now.
I know I'm not a strong fighter,
-but I am a smart thief.
-Boasting again!
Did you loot the looters?
Now, sell this and pay off your dues.
I admit you're a true hero.
Okay, let's deliver the
milk to the principal's house.
Why me? You go.
It didn't click you. Right?
Notice the change in your surroundings.
His grand-daughter is coming back.
That's why he has ordered extra milk.
-You mean Meenakshi?
-Why didn't you tell me this before?
-Let's go.
"These flowers..."
"These flowers have bestowed blessings."
"This heart is blooming"
"with the flowers."
"These flowers..."
"These flowers have bestowed blessings."
"She should know, I'm mesmerized,"
"by these flowers."
"You may forget or shy away from talking."
"This heart will always
adore your sweetness."
"I've always met you in my memories."
"Every time your eyelids flip,"
"my heart skips a beat."
"Are we destined to meet in this life?"
"Your smile makes my life
as colourful as the butterfly."
"I'm puzzled,
are you some riddle or a bunch of aroma?"
"I'm all lost in you."
"I'm all lost in you."
"This world seems beautiful to me,
when you're around."
"You may forget or
shy away from admitting."
"This heart will always
adore your sweet gestures."
"I've always met you in my memories."
"I've become your patient."
"How do I get over this fever?"
"How do I get over this fever?"
"You're my illness and you're the remedy."
"Only you can cure my disease."
"When you walk through these lanes,"
"I feel at sway."
"Now, only you can give assurance,"
"to this wandering heart."
"I'm ready to adapt any change."
"Don't give me that look, sweetheart."
"Do not forget the childhood friendship."
"These flowers..."
"These flowers have bestowed blessings."
"This heart is blooming"
"with the flowers."
"You may forget or
shy away from admitting."
"This heart will always
adore your sweet gesture."
"I've always met you in my memories."
"I've always met you in my memories."
Couldn't you find any other
girl for marriage? Let's go.
What's the use of such education?
You're so stubborn.
Aunt, several times I've
told you to inform the other party
before initiating talks.
Look at her attitude!
Oh I see! Once again the
boy's party have disappointed us.
Only I tolerate her bitter language.
Nobody else can.
Before passing that remark,
you better work on your language.
You get that?
Being her brother,
even I avoid agitating her.
How can we expect Suryakant to marry her?
Don't cross your limit.
You better reason
You better reason
this freeloader.
Lazy guy! Good for nothing.
Such simple food.
But spicy attitude.
Be grateful for even this.
Now, eat quietly.
You started again?
Aunt, there are only
two ways to get her married.
First, she shouldn't talk before marriage,
which is next to impossible.
Second, let's find her a deaf guy.
Just shut up!
You're responsible for this.
-Had you taken the responsibilities...
-Why are you shouting?
Finished your chores? Now, get going.
I see.
You can say anything to your brother.
But if I say something,
you wouldn't like it.
Go to hell! I care a damn!
Listen, Lakshmi said she
lost her watch in the funfair.
Have you taken it?
Who told her to boast about her new watch?
This was bound to happen.
Why everybody doubts me?
Hey, sister, stop.
Actually, it had stopped.
So, I thought of repairing
it and return to her.
-You won't reform, will you? Will you?
-You won't reform, will you? Will you?
-Stop hitting me.
-I've told you
to stop indulging in all this.
But you won't do anything
productive in life.
She started again.
Your friend is also
selling milk for a living.
But you wouldn't think of earning,
will you?
He snatched away my food
and relishing meal at home.
What is he upto?
Is he looting in his own house?
Such a nerd! He can't even open the lid.
Everybody accuse us for
any kind of theft in the village.
I am ashamed.
Wonder what enmity he has with me.
Am I weak or she is powerful?
Hurry up, man. How long will you take?
Oh, so you're stealing money.
Give me some.
Sister. Look. What he is doing?
Hero, pay tax from the
money you've just stolen.
Which money?
The same that you've
stolen from the kitchen.
Me? What are you saying?
My sister is accusing me of theft?
It seems somebody has a bad day today.
-Don't forget to pay tax.
As per the tradition of Anjanadi village,
Seemadri has challenged
our Anjanadri's protector,
Gajapati, the warrior.
10 years ago, his father
had challenged Gajapati and died.
It's his turn now.
Please, don't do anything to my son.
Please, let go off him, brother.
Please, don't do anything to my son.
We will leave this village forever.
-What happened? What happened to her?
-Oh God!
He seems to have internal injuries.
Need to take him to
the hospital right away.
Get the cart ready.
Long live, Gajapati.
Long live, Gajapati.
Long live, Gajapati.
Long live, Gajapati.
-Long live, Gajapati.
-Why are you praising him?
For killing innocent people
in the name of wrestling?
Are you condemning
our village's protector?
Understand the rules of this village.
Protector? What is a protector?
There was a time, when the protector
protected us from the dacoits.
But have you seen any
dacoits in the village now?
Have you seen them?
Have you?
When there's no danger,
what are you paying taxes for?
Do you see her love for villagers?
She's a large hearted woman.
As large as ocean.
Get drowned in that ocean.
Never object the rules
already set by the elders.
You're here on vacation.
So, enjoy your stay and go back.
Rules must change with time.
This village needs an elected leader,
and not any protector.
Hurry up,
quickly take him to the hospital.
Come, dear.
-Veera swami.
I can foresee revolt in the village.
You must take action.
Don't touch me.
Get lost.
What are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
No, don't do that, please. Stop!
-You can't pay tax.
But you want a hospital?
No, please don't do this.
This fund is for the hospital.
It's sin to steal money from the temple.
If anyone tries to condemn the protector
or refuse to pay tax,
he will pay a heavy price for it.
Lord Rama, you're the saviour now.
[Sanskrit Song]
By the grace of God, Seemadri is fine now.
Well, you don't eat
much but I am a gobbler.
As of now, you're made of silver.
But the moment Meenakshi wears you,
you will turn as precious as gold.
Thief! Thief! Thief!
-Thief! Thief!
-I haven't done anything.
Please, check all your belongings.
His hands are like a magnet.
-Isn't he Hanumant?
-You're right.
Neither the village,
nor the villagers have changed.
What's the matter, sister?
Do you allow any tom,
dick and harry to board the bus?
Hey, boy, get off the bus.
-Throw him out.
-Stop the bus.
-Get off the bus now.
Get off I say. Let's go.
Get off I say. Let's go.
You need to be careful
while traveling in a bus.
You can bump into many thieves like him.
Dacoits! Run everybody.
-Come, let's go.
-Run away.
-Come fast.
Come on.
Oh God!
-Meena, let's go.
Hurry up.
[Sanskrit chants]
Meenakshi's chain?
Run away.
She must be here.
-Meenakshi, my dear.
-Where are you?
-Run away.
-Are you alright?
-What's the matter?
-He's alone there.
There's somebody. They've caught him.
"His injuries are deep and fatal."
"His wounds are bleeding profusely."
"His heart is sinking,
he's at loss of energy."
"He's almost unconscious."
"He's almost unconscious."
"Lord Ram!"
"Will the penance and wait
of several yugs be over now?"
"Will Hanuman Rudhiramani
emerge from the deep ocean?"
"It's the bright and
shiny gem of blood drop"
"that pulls him like an electric current"
"that passes through the body."
you're summoned at the village council.
Was he the same guy,
your childhood well-wisher?
Did you see him this time?
This time also, I couldn't see him.
Hanumant?! What happened to him?
Maybe, he drowned.
-Carefully. Easy.
Give him this concoction twice a day.
That's all I could do.
Rest is in God's hands.
I am scared.
Take back your words that
there are no dacoits in the village.
Take back your words that
there are no dacoits in the village.
Apologize to Gajapati
in presence of the villagers.
I apologize to you
on behalf of my daughter.
To save more lives,
it's imperative that you survive.
Doctor, luck will not
favour you every time.
Doctor, Hanumant is serious.
His bones have multiple fractures.
Please, come and check him once.
Please. Come with me.
Why my eyes are so reddish?
What if Meenakshi will
see me in this state?
I've become an ironman.
Local physician said
his recovery will be slow.
It might take a month.
He's unconscious from quite a long time.
His entire body is full of wounds.
I doubt if he will
ever be able to stand up.
Come with me.
Hey! Hanumant!
How come you're here at my house?
I swear his bones were fractured.
Show your injuries.
-Do you want to see the injuries?
- Yes.
Meenakshi came here, she slapped you.
Meenakshi came here, she slapped you.
But why did she leave?
Somebody risked his life
and saved her yesterday.
She thought it was you.
-Of course, it was me.
-So, where are your injuries?
It is healed.
Are you a magician to
heal your wounds yourself?
-I mean it.
- Shut up. Cheater.
Spare me from your lies.
See, it's disappeared automatically.
-See, I can even dance.
- Get lost. Liar.
You can't fool me anymore.
How do I convince Meenakshi?
Her chain.
Found it.
This is the root of all the problems.
I will...
"Lord Ram!"
I've prayed to Goddess
for his speedy recovery.
Thank You, Goddess.
Goddess, you're miraculous.
I had taken an oath, that if he recovers,
He will walk on the fire for you.
Where did it go?
Sonny, you know that
we live on your income.
I had asked you to
bring cottage cheese dish.
What have you brought?
Sorry, sir.
Mom didn't cook anything today.
Will I eat grass because of your mom?
I will eat you.
Show me your lunch box. Hurry up.
Wow! Fish.
Hmm, delicious!
Stop staring at me, doctor.
Will you taste a little?
You're eating from children's lunch box.
Aren't you ashamed?
I'm single.
Who will cook for me? Will you?
- Meenakshi.
I will return Meenakshi's chain
and tell her that I had saved her.
I will return Meenakshi's chain
and tell her that I had saved her.
-What's this?
-This looks like mine.
- Hey, no, this isn't yours.
-Yours is already sold?
- What?!
I said this isn't yours,
it's ladies chain.
Ladies, huh? Are you in love?
You can say so.
You just waste your time all day.
Doesn't he work?
Okay, I give you.
But you need to play a game with me.
If you win the game,
I will give this to you.
Come on. Come on.
He is doomed today.
Grandpa, doesn't your blood boil
watching all that is
happening in the village?
What's the use of fighting, dear?
Why risk our life?
They are proud of their might.
And they are misusing it.
Hey, stop.
Are you enjoying it?
They need to be given a befitting reply.
-Are you a Romeo?
- Let me go.
Pandavas got Bheema in thier group.
Yadavs got Balram.
Yadavs got Balram.
This Anjanadri needs Hanuman.
He flew away.
Looks like he ate
some power booster today.
Hit him! Hit him! Break his bones.
It is an unlucky day today.
Caught you.
How did this... how did this get twisted?
Let me help.
Do you want them twisted?
Do you want them twisted?
Okay, fine.
Listen, I will readjust them, wait.
What's wrong with him?
Must be playing hide and seek.
-Who did this?
- You've broken them.
-Have I?
- Yes.
Come on, hit him.
What is he doing?
"He is the true Superhero."
"He is the true Superhero."
No one can match Hanumans powers
It seems he's possessed. Let's run away.
Return my chain if you
want your other hand's safety.
Where has he gone?
Who has beaten them blue?
His! Him! That!
Everybody! I've beaten them.
- Yes, want a surprise?
Where's it?
Where's the chain?
Have it lost it again?
Where it must have gone?
-I've taken my revenge.
- Hey.
It's with that monkey. Look there.
I don't have anything.
I'm not a fool. Stop boasting.
I swear, I've beaten them black and blue.
Didn't you witness it, children?
-Yes, sister.
-Aren't you ashamed?
Don't train children to speak lies.
I can prove.
Wait and watch! She will be awestruck now.
Shall I pluck the fruit
without climbing on the tree?
Watch out! I'm on the tree.
It seems his power button has turned off.
Where's it?
It must be here.
Sister, did you see
some thing bright and red?
Smoulders are burning. Want some?
No, thanks.
Where it must be?
Found it.
Glory to the Maheshmati!
Glory to Bajarang Bali.
Glory to the Lord Rama!
I will find the secret
behind this magical power.
Goddess! Listen to my prayers!
Appear, Goddess!
My life is in Your hands now.
Appear before me.
Is she here?!
I thought you've recovered
with Goddess' blessings.
But you're indulged into sorcery.
Stop there, you idiot.
I won't spare you today.
No, sister, don't hit me.
When I saw the broken walls,
I had a doubt.
-It's hurting me, sister.
- Come back I say.
Doesn't matter.
You will come back some time.
Will you trap me, Mr. Gem?
Nice name.
Henceforth, I will call you Mr. Gem.
If you had empowered me once,
what was the need to withdraw that power?
You've embarrassed
me in front of Meenakshi?
Earlier I was just a thief in her eyes,
but thanks to you,
now she thinks I am a conman.
Why did you ruin my life,
before it settles down?
It's shining now.
I've love my buffalo more than anything.
But you don't give enough milk
compared to the fodder you eat.
-Kashi, see this.
- You're my buffalo.
He has come to bore me again.
I've found this gem.
-It's not an ordinary gem.
- As if you found the Kohinoor.
Stop acting now. And look at this.
This has got magical powers.
That's why I had
recovered in just one day.
And it made me powerful, too.
Like Shaktiman! Superman!
Do you think I am a fool?
I'm class four pass out. Don't fool me.
I'm class four pass out. Don't fool me.
You don't believe me? Wait.
Do you believe now?
It's not a big deal.
Bahubali had also picked
up the 'Shivling' (idol of Shiva).
Show me something new.
Copied again.
This is Mahesh Babu's style!
He has done it in many films.
Show me something new.
Not a big deal.
Mithun has been doing
this since childhood.
Come on, this is what superheroes do.
But our heroes do this in every film.
If you want me to believe
in your magical powers,
then do something bigger.
Increase the intensity
of your power. Can you?
-Bigger than this?
-I'm a Rajani fan.
Super star Rajnikant.
He can even stop a train
by showing his finger.
You tell me, can you do that?
Hanumant, don't be adamant. Let's go.
This looks good in films.
If something happens to you,
sister will kill me.
Move away, please.
Hey, the train is speeding.
Glory to Rajani Dev.
Empower me!
Glory to Rajani Dev.
Train is getting closer.
Hanumant, you will die. Don't do this.
Don't do this, friend.
Hey, no. Somebody, please save me.
You will die.
Hanumant! You've left me.
My friend Hanumant is no more!
- Yes.
Even after the collision,
you're still in single piece?
Even after the collision,
you're still in single piece?
Do you believe me, now?
You're a superhero. Bigger than Rajni.
Hey, no. He's unbeatable.
-Glory to Rajni God!
-Glory to Rajni God!
Why don't you get it?
This isn't your nest.
You've pooped twice.
All my earnings gets
used up in buying shampoo.
Hey, birds nest. Look here.
-Give me one banana.
-Get lost.
Will you scare me? Wait and watch.
Are you looking at the chain?
Gold chain?
He's looking at the chain.
Yes, please look at it.
I'm sure he has stolen it from somewhere.
I will steal it from him.
Get lost. Go.
Here you go.
I've fooled this monkey.
-He fooled me.
-Got the chain.
Hey, stop. Return my chain.
Hey, stop. Return my chain.
-We will go after the school.
Come, buy whatever you want to.
-Give it to me, please.
Take this.
You also take one.
-Give it to me quickly, uncle.
-It's not a lollypop.
-This chain?
-Easy... easy.
How did you get this chain?
Is this her chain?
Will you please come out for a minute?
-Well, I...
-If you don't mind.
What are you doing?
Why do you unfasten the button?
It's first time for me. I'm feeling shy.
Children, please close your eyes.
Everybody has closed their eyes now.
This wound?
Well, it's a dog-bite.
Don't lie.
-Has she understood?
-How long will you hide from me?
No, I am not. I open the shop daily.
Selling things at cheap rate.
Stop acting.
You've been saving
my life all these years.
Then why do you hide the truth?
It seems somebody has saved her life
and she's looking for him.
How could I have?
How can I boast about my powers?
Love means sacrifice.
How could I have taken
the credit of saving your life?
I sell groceries.
But I can't sell emotions.
It seems she's impressed.
Here's your chain. Keep it.
-Thank you.
Walk fast, we've to explain everything to
-Meenakshi before the sunset.
-Why so?
Because the gem losenligs
its powers after the sunset.
Oh I see. That means suht
is the source of its energy.
Don't worry, Meenu.
I slipped in your love.
I thought there's
an animal with Meenakshi.
What is she doing with this wild animal?
See, I found my saviour,
who saved me that day.
See, I found my saviour,
who saved me that day.
She's talking about you.
It's him. Guddeshwar Rao.
-Yes, of course.
You don't believe him?
-Wait, I will show you.
-Let me do that honour.
See this. See this.
You also see.
He can't miss his target even in darkness.
A bird fells on its own,
before I pick up my slingshot.
Am I right, Meenu?
Really? Show me now.
But I'm not carrying my slingshot.
Don't worry, I've it. Here you go.
-Okay, show it now.
-Take it.
Go ahead.
Gunu, prove your power to them. Come on.
Okay, but what's the target?
That coconut.
-It's very far.
-Shall I bring it in your lap?
Let it be. Yes, I will.
-Aim now.
Using a slingshot is
not everybody's cup of tea.
Keep watching.
In the name of God!
Uncle Ranga?!
-What were you doing?
-I was left with no choice.
They seized my crop in the name of tax.
Whatever little saving I had,
they snatched it away as well.
They've instilled fear
in us by their dacoity,
and made us their slave.
If we protest,
they kill us in the name of wrestling.
I've no courage to fight them.
So, it's better to end my life.
Dacoits and robbers only
loot jewelries and money.
But you're snatching
away food from the villagers.
You're worst than the dacoits.
Girl, Anjanadri's
tradition is unalterable.
If you've any objection,
ring the bell and challenge me.
Do the wrestling with me.
What happened?
Why are you quiet now?
Wait a minute, sister.
Why do you accept the challenge?
We've a suitable guy for that.
Like a barrier, he will stop
any storm heading towards you.
And that daredevil is Guddeshwar Rao.
Leave my hand. Why should I fight?
You wanted to lay your
life for your love, right?
-So go ahead.
-Mind your job, you idiot.
Don't mistaken this fat as your power.
You will lose your life.
I'm not planning to die.
Prove them that this
is your muscle and not fat.
It's fat.
Only fat.
This isn't any feast, that one can enjoy.
It's wrestling, after all.
Have you seen this hippo?
Sorry, sir.
He won't kill me but squeeze me.
Hello, aunt. How did you
believe that I was your saviour?
Actually, the chain was quite pretty
and you are prettier than that.
That's why I got carried away.
It was just pastime for me.
Spare me. I don't want to get beaten up.
This wound.
Let me remove this.
This, too... strip me down.
How many times will you check?
I had told you it was a dog-bite.
I'm sorry, sir. See you later.
Come to my shop.
I will give you free biscuits.
Stop, don't run away. Stop.
Come on, girl, come to the arena.
I swear, I'll enjoy fighting with you.
Will there be wrestling again?
Somebody will die today.
Hanumant! You will fight?
Will you fight with me?
You're not even of the size of my leg.
You're not even of the size of my leg.
Tell me your last wish.
this isn't any theft but wrestling.
Withdraw yourself.
I know both, theft as well as wrestling.
What is he taking out,
Is there anything new?
Sister, you just watch
how he squeezes off Gajapati.
Today I will become the
hero in everybody's eyes.
Run away, man.
It's cloudy now, better run away.
Run away now.
Come on.
How much time is he going to waste?
-Come on.
-Wait a minute.
Shall I hit him with this?
Poor guy!
How do I escape now?
How are you?
Hey... hey...
Listen, Anjana.
Your brother has challenged Gajapati.
Start beating the drums, Nandu.
Today is his last day.
Hey, Hanumant.
Do you want to die?
Let's go back home.
Sister is furious today.
Sister, why did you come here?
He's already a dimwit.
Weren't you in senses?
-Sun was shining bright at that time.
-What do you mean?
Somebody please save him.
Sir, please spare him.
Pardon him. He's a kid.
He doesn't have any
sense who he has challenged.
Please, spare him.
Both, the power and
the woman are dangerous.
Many idiots take lives for them
and many lose their lives for them.
What was the need to fight?
ohh! lets go
"Lord Ram!"
Hanumant, the sky is clear now.
How come it is so bright?
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
Listen, Hanumant.
Don't spare this rogue.
[Sanskrit song]
-Sir... sir...
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
I've never seen goons
flying this high even
in the South Indian films.
Because he's not a filmy
hero to fight with the goons.
He's a superhero.
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
I bow down to you, Lord.
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Long live... Hanumant!
Hereafter, there will
be no polyguard in the village.
As Meenakshi said,
we will elect our leader by fair election.
That's wonderful.
Very nice.
Hanumant gave us a hope in life.
We hardly see a bus in this village.
How come there's a helicopter?
This is the beginning
of war for the blood-gem.
But where's Hanuman?
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
"Lord Ram!"
Who are you, sir?
Don't you get it?
They are here for a film shooting.
He's the hero and he's the comedian.
Comedian? I am a scientist.
What's this?
A scientist.
Their job is to give signature.
What's this now?
Just rich lifestyle.
They don't brush their teeth.
So, they pump in some
fragrance in their mouth.
Check on your teeth first
before commenting on mine.
It's an asthma inhaler.
We too have Asma in our village.
It's asthma. Bloody illiterate.
He's confused.
May I ask you, what brings you here?
Hi, friends!
Chief, this isn't for you. I was just... .
That guy must have been crushed to death.
What the... .
He's not superman, but his godfather.
Remove this video from internet.
My name is Michael.
I assure development in your village.
What will you benefit from that?
It's called corporate
social responsibility.
Usually big companies help the undeveloped
villages by providing
them some basic facilities.
Does that mean you will fulfill
all the needs of this village?
Do you want metro in the village?
Flyover or airport?
You will get everything you want.
Sir, we yearn for watching movies.
Please, build a cinema hall.
Shall I shoot your film?
Back off.
Meenakshi, you please talk to them.
Every year many people die here
due to lack of timely treatment.
To avoid that situation in future,
I wish we've a hospital in Anjanadri.
Want a hospital? Done!
Want a hospital? Done!
Boss, we will build
a super specialty hospital.
With helipad.
Will you really build it?
Hey, Siri!
Chief, tell me.
Any clue about the source of his powers?
I'm trying to find it, chief.
Will report you by this evening,
with details, as to how he got the powers.
We will go back before
the foundation stone is laid.
I will defame you
if you won't pay my dues.
Shut up and go to hell.
I won't pay you a single cent.
Do what you can.
Keep that jar back.
Jar thief.
Such weird people are there in village.
Nobody knows.
How do I find out about
Hanumant's super power?
Shall I tell you?
Do you know?
-I've given him the power.
-I'm also a scientist.
-I don't believe you.
Don't believe.
I've the evidence. I will show you.
Stop fooling around people. And get lost.
-Did you call him?
-No, I just met him.
Hey, keep your mouth
shut if you don't know.
And if you really know then
learn to keep it a secret like me.
Hey, do you know?
Hey, no. I don't know anything.
I know that you're aware of it.
Please, tell me.
He had no power until last month.
But a month ago...
. Do you see that woman?
A live power bank?
-Want a sweet?
Why should I give you?
He embraced her tightly.
And kissed her.
After that he became so powerful
that he squeezed all the wrestlers.
-I mean it.
-I don't believe you.
One would lose all
his powers by kissing her.
And you said, she will give power?
And you said, she will give power?
You're not getting it.
Few things spread with the touch.
You just kiss her once
and take all the powers.
Oh my God!
I think she's kind of like a witch.
A scarlet witch.
Yes, sir.
Not any ordinary witch. But sandwich.
-Thank you.
-Wait a minute.
Why do you go to kiss her?
You will get the power.
-That's the idea.
-Stop. Think again.
-You will get overpowered.
-Shut up. I want that power.
Barber shop!
This won't help with bad odour.
Wait, I will give you fennel seeds.
This is asthma... . leave it. Dimwit.
Now, he will get beaten. Yes.
Run away from here. Go... . get lost.
-Hey... .
Will you eve-tease? Will you?
I won't spare you.
Wait a minute.
I'm trying it since this morning.
Shazam! But no clue.
Excuse me, what's happening here?
Hanumant will tell us
the secret of his power today.
You all are wondering how I
have managed to beat Gajapati, right?
Secret of my power is Kashi's milk.
-My milk?
-I mean, his buffalo's milk.
Stop fooling around. Shazam!
-You don't believe me, do you?
-Not at all.
Form a queue. Form a queue, please.
One by one.
Thank you, friend.
You're a true friend.
You've settled my business.
Pay me 25% of your profit.
Gajapati was way better than you.
He never charged me more than 10%.
Kashi, give me 5 liters of milk.
-Pay first.
-Here you go. Rs.100.
I'm paying you hundred thousand rupees.
Hey... Back off.
You won't give this milk to anyone.
I will buy all of it.
Out! Out!
-Here you go, sir.
-Thank you.
What's up?
What's going on?
Please, offer this coconut for
the foundation laying
ceremony of the hospital.
Look there.
Hey, where are you going?
Chief, can't say about
the power in this milk,
but it surely has water.
As long as his blood is concern,
forget about the super power,
there's no sign of even the immunity.
One thing is very clear, boss.
Hanumant is getting this power
from some other source.
Sir, this isn't any rock but the mountain.
With a slight movement of the structure,
machine has crossed the danger mark.
Nobody can displace this.
He himself will tell
us about his source of power.
Wait and watch.
-The rope is broken, run.
Move... . move... .
Save that girl.
Come on, move.
-Stop, Meena.
Hurry up. Run!
"Lord Ram!"
Hurry up. Run!
-My daughter!
Your action has been
noted by everybody today.
What's the matter?
Do you like him?
Chief, I had told you that I will design
the most powerful suit ever.
It's ready.
The megaman 2.0
And guess what!
I've used the stronger
material than vibranium.
It's destruction is impossible.
Kickass, right?
And look at this, Chief.
You might wonder what's so special
about this hand glove?
It's not any ordinary glove.
Just one punch of this hand
will fail Hanumant's power.
Come on, try it, Chief.
Try it.
Try it.
Feel it, Chief. Feel the power.
Come on. Come on, yes.
See this, after today's incidence,
you've become famous in
all the neighbouring villages.
This is just the beginning.
Okay, listen.
How long do we live this boring life?
I'm thinking of playing Olympics.
And win few kilos of gold for India.
Will you play Olympics?
This gem will help me win.
Yes, that's true.
If I throw something,
won't it go as far as 2 kilometers,
what say?
-Of course.
-Isn't it?
-It has to.
Tell me one thing.
What if the competition is held at night?
Forget about the medal.
I've already won Meenakshi's heart.
That's all.
Now, I just have to win
her grandpa's confidence.
Then the line will be clear.
Why are you in a hurry for that?
I want to marry Meenakshi.
-Oh, so you want to get married, huh?
-Oh, so you want to get married, huh?
Have some shame.
Think about your elder sister.
She's still single.
No ways, I won't wait for her.
Everybody knows how arrogant she is.
Nobody will marry her.
That's why I can't wait for her.
Go ahead, dear.
From years,
your elder sister has remained single.
You can't even earn
for your own livelihood.
Stop it, aunt.
It's not my fault if
nobody is ready to marry her.
Do you know the reason
behind her rejections?
Who will marry her?
After marriage,
she wants to take you along with her.
Poor girl is worried about your future.
That's why she puts a
condition to all the prospects
that he will have to accept you,
if he wants to marry her.
People mock her for this.
Who will accept her
brother along with her?
That's why she rejects all the proposals.
But she never told you this.
And you call her arrogant?
What's going on, Hanumant?
Hey, hero!
What brings you home early today?
What's wrong with him?
People call you... .
What do they say?
Yes, Superhero. Right?
People is comparing
you with mighty Hanuman.
Mighty Hanuman is the most powerful God.
He became Lord Rama's strength
and served Ayodhya.
You too will have to become
Anjanadri's strength and protect it.
What happened?
Aren't you finding any
faults in my cooking today?
Where's my spade?
Last night I had kept it here.
These are 500 coconuts. Count if you want.
No need. Here you go.
Rs. 2000 full.
See you, sister.
Hey, Siddheshwar wanted 200 coconuts
for Lord Rama's coronation ceremony.
I've plucked them.
Listen to me.
I've tied the ropes.
Giri will come to pick it up.
Kashi said coconut coir
is very much in demand.
He will find us a buyer.
If it is sold,
we will make few more money.
That reminds me.
His business has flourished
after I promoted it.
He has made a good profit.
He has made a good profit.
He is going to open a dairy now.
He will get mad if he
really manages to open it.
I'm famished,
please serve my plate, sister.
Right away.
What happened? The meal is ready.
I'm famished.
Am I a better cook than you?
What are you waiting for?
Go and check.
Am I supposed to do everything?
What's it?
Several times I've told you.
Sister won't marry you.
He wants to take me along
with him after your marriage.
How can I go and live with him?
Now, the entire village
is my responsibility.
If you think I will leave this village
to live with you in the city,
then you've mistaken it.
I've to do a lot for the villagers.
What happened?
Attention, everybody.
There's an important announcement.
Nominations forms will be filled
for village election tomorrow.
This time she won't survive.
For the first time in
the history of Anjanadri,
elections will be held democratically.
And who has brought this change?
Our Hanumant.
My friend.
We always mistook him as lazy, foppish,
We always mistook him as lazy, foppish,
pickpocket and double standard.
Expecting something from
such a useless fellow...
Stop praising me.
Teacher is there. Project him.
So far he has educated our children.
Now, let him manage the village.
See, he has agreed.
Applause for him.
I am safe.
Is anyone else interested
in filing nomination?
No need. He's the right candidate.
I want to file nomination.
Oh, hello,
this is election, not any grocery shop.
My dear villagers.
If you elect me, I will make sure
you won't have to worry
about your two meal.
I will sell ration at cheaper rate.
5 days holiday tour
to Thailand will be free.
5 days holiday tour
to Thailand will be free.
Long live. Gunesh Rao.
Long live. Gunesh Rao.
If a school teacher wins this election,
he will talk big.
And give tedious tasks to complete.
But if you make me win,
your children will be happy
with my work and love me.
So, don't forget, friends.
My name is Guneshwar Rao.
And my symbol is...
Baby elephant.
Beat the drums.
The effect of his medicines has worn off.
Unmask him.
He will see us, boss.
Shall we wear it then?
We don't have that many masks, boss.
It seems he's getting back to senses.
Let's remove his mask, boss.
Chief, I will make him spill beans now.
You just watch.
What happened? Are you shocked?
What's all this?
Why did you bring me here?
And why have you tied me up?
I want to know the source of your power.
-Usually people prefer violence,
but I will use chemical.
Come to the point, Siri.
Yes, chief. Give me two minutes.
Tell me the secret of your power.
I've already told you.
It's in Kashi's buffalo's milk.
And everybody is aware of it.
Oh really?
Do you think you can fool me?
Next, you will say that you get power
from this red stone.
As per my information,
there's some Mr. Gem.
I know it's the real source of your power.
-Who's this Mr. Gem?
Who's he? I don't know any Mr. Gem.
You want money, don't you?
Tell me how much do you need?
I will pay you.
-Let me handle it.
Come on.
Let me go. Meenakshi is in danger.
You must tell me.
-Shut up.
I told you, let me handle this.
Stop shouting.
This table...
Don't move from here, okay?
Now, tell me.
What will you do? Will you kill me?
Why not? Can't I kill you?
Touch me if you've guts.
Don't challenge me.
Can you really dare?
"Lord Ram"!
"Child Hanuman is born to Mother Anjana."
"One morning he saw
a red fruit on the sky."
"Moment he swallowed it,"
"he expressed mixed emotions,
sour and spicy like the pickle."
"He came to his mom
and curiously asked her,
"what this pickle actually is."
"what this pickle actually is."
"Show me the recipe of this
bright-red pickle made of mangoes."
"Knowing his curiosity,
Anjana bought home few mangoes."
Can I taste the pickle?
Not, so soon, dear.
First find few men and
tell them to pluck mangoes.
Cut those mangoes into cubicle shape.
Marinate them in the mixture
of red chilli powder,
salt and mustard oil.
This process will complete by the evening.
Alright, I will help you.
No need, dear.
"For the first step of making the pickle,"
"Anjneya took a leap and reached
the tallest branches of the tree."
"Anjneya took a leap and reached
the tallest branches of the tree."
"His glowing face is
adding to his personalities."
"Without any weapon, he managed
to cut all the mangoes into half."
"He's the son of Wind-god,
in no time he brought them down."
"After all, he's Maruti. He
swiftly removed all the unwanted seeds."
"Ocean wasn't ready to give salt,
so he stopped it's tides."
"And produced the salt on the seashore."
"To coat the mango cubes
with red chilli powder,"
"To coat the mango cubes
with red chilli powder,"
"he changed the wind pattern to avoid
it from entering in the girl's eyes."
"Then sprinkled some roughly
powdered mustard seeds."
"If anybody tries to do the mischief."
"If anybody tries to do the mischief."
"He quickly drives them away."
"There were many crows cawing around,"
"There were many crows cawing around,"
"when the spices were getting mixed,"
"Moment they come forward, he'd
rotate his stick and they would fly away."
"There was one bird
eyeing at the mangoes."
"Mother quickly added some garlic cloves"
"and poured the pot full of oil on it."
"That's it, the pickle is ready."
"Cover and shake the pot and dance."
"Bajrangbali is very smart,"
"Bajrangbali is very smart,"
"He couldn't hold his taste buds."
"Anjani's son Hanumant."
"Your ways are miraculous."
"Anjani's son Hanumant."
"Anjani's son Hanumant."
"Your might is fiery."
Have you killed the girl?
Have you killed the girl?
What's in this?
Made of your dacoits' bones.
Listen, enmity will not benefit any of us.
So, let's just drop that idea.
This is the nomination filed in your name
for the village council election.
Listen, you love power
and I love Meenakshi.
I'm giving your power back to you.
Now, you spare mine.
If you win this election,
villagers will think
that Gajapati has reformed.
But if you wouldn't,
then they will think that
you too have become a dacoit.
You're fine now.
Your duty is over, physician.
we will have to find out today,
what is the matter with this Michael.
we will have to find out today,
what is the matter with this Michael.
-Hey, Siri.
-Hello, how can I help you?
No, dear. He called me.
Yes, chief.
I found the source of Hanumant's power.
That's fantastic news, Chief.
Increase MHG42 concentration now.
I want one ton.
You don't need so much for him, chief.
One ton will destroy the entire village...
What are you planning, chief?
That's too dangerous.
Only the village will benefit,
if the power remains with him.
But if it is with us,
we will rule the world.
This isn't right, Chief.
You also kill the mice
in the name of experiments.
You also kill the mice
in the name of experiments.
These are only the mice.
Animal lives are sacrificed
so as to protect the village.
Can't we sacrifice a village
so as to protect the world?
We need bigger sacrifices
in public interest.
Forget about becoming a superhero,
you're becoming a super villain.
Have you lost it?
Even my parents tried to hinder my dreams.
When my house caught fire,
I managed to escape.
Did you ever think why
they couldn't manage to escape?
Michael! Michael!
Open the door, Michael.
Michael, please. Open the door.
There was no need to kill
the robbers of bank robbery.
Have you thought why
I killed them mercilessly?
Will you become a superhero, kiddo?
I need to expose you.
You're not a superhero.
I thought only you
can understand my dreams.
But you're a traitor.
I've the formula.
-Hey Siri.
How long can a person survive
from a serious asthma attack?
Not more than a few minutes.
-Goodbye, Siri.
We've got the stone.
What about Hanumant?
Kill him!
He is powerless at night. Kill him.
Glory to Lord Rama!
[Sanskrit song]
"Lord Ram!"
[Sanskrit song]
My Gem?!
[Sanskrit song]
It fell right here.
Hello! Hello, Mark.
"Lord Ram!"
Is he there?
"Lord Ram!"
[Sanskrit song]
[Sanskrit song]
Baba, this is my gem.
I know.
I've come to make sure
that it goes back to you only.
[Sanskrit chants]
What's this?
Why did these goons come
at the auspicious occasion?
Will you ever mend your ways, Hanumant?
What do you mean?
You've made us ashamed.
These people are here to help us.
And you theft their belongings?
I haven't done any theft.
What's this new drama?
There should be no chaos
at my sister's marriage.
Exactly my point.
Return my belonging without any chaos.
Uncle, Hanumant has
done a lot for the village.
How could you believe an
outsider without any evidence?
I've the evidence.
Hey, that's our Hanumant.
Stop it. This isn't any film running here.
Everybody knows that's he's a thief.
Let's conduct the search operation.
Let's go in his house.
What's happening here?
I will see.
Thief is caught.
Such a big theft for
his sister's marriage?
Money is not important to me.
But my generations-old inherited... gem.
But my generations-old inherited... gem.
That should be in the bag.
Lord Rama, now You're the saviour!
It's not here.
Keep sitting, dear.
You can't get up in
the middle of the ceremony.
-Please, return it.
Stop, Hanumant.
You don't know him. He's an imposter.
Don't make me embarrass.
Return his belongings.
Now you don't have any option, Hanumant.
Please return it.
But that gem belongs to Hanumant.
Exactly, it belongs to Hanumant.
Give it to me.
This is it.
Generations-old inherited... gem.
That should be in the bag. Right?
Can't you differentiate between
a gem and a piece of glass?
If it was really his property,
he would have identified it.
What a befitting reply.
In the name of welfare,
this butcher is making us scapegoat.
See, he's exposed now.
See, he's exposed now.
We thought you're a gentleman.
But you're a con.
Why entertain him?
Throw him out otherwise,
he will start again.
Yes, this is it.
Yes, this is it. Yes.
He's a drama queen.
He's actually looking for this.
Finish him.
Hey, Hanumant!
Swear on Goddess Durga.
Don't you dare touch my brother,
if you love your life.
This is Indian woman.
This is Indian woman.
My God!
No, sister.
Hey, they are running away. Nab them.
-Let's go.
-Catch them.
I am sorry, brother.
I misunderstood you.
Take her to the hospital.
We don't have that much time.
Gem will save you.
Keep your eyes open, sister.
Sister, get up.
Open your eyes.
Sister. Sister.
Sister, open your eyes.
Open your eyes, sister.
Open your eyes, sister.
"Lord Ram!"
"It seem like a nightmare."
"in which I've lost my dear one."
"Moment I'll wake up,
I will find you beside me."
"My sister. A mother-figure for me."
"who was always available on my call."
"Today you've sacrificed your life"
"to save mine."
"to save mine."
"I never wanted to see you off like this,
my sister."
"I could never the moments
when spent together."
"At any cost,
I will never get back those moments now."
"Open your eyes, sister. Look at me once."
"Why are you angry with me?
Just talk to me."
"Why are you angry with me?
Just talk to me."
"You've nursed me all my life."
"But I wasn't with you,
when I should have been."
"I never wanted to see you off like this,
my sister."
Listen, the eclipse I about to begin.
Let's go inside.
Boss, that gem has fallen
somewhere in the village.
If I won't get this power,
I will wreak havoc in the entire universe.
Go there. You, too.
Check near the temple.
Search every nook and cranny.
village is engulfed with the smoke.
Michael is searching the gem.
Everybody has turned into statue.
Something untoward is going to happen.
Save everybody, Hanumant.
I couldn't save my sister.
How will I save the villagers?
Yes, but if Michael gets hands on the gem.
Let him get it.
All this has happened because of that gem.
Had there been no gem, sister...
No war is complete
without bloodshed and
sacrifice of loved ones' lives.
Dharma prevailed only because
Shri Rama received life-saving drug.
Imagine the consequences
if Ravana had received it.
The gem which you rejected was actually
the 'Rudhiramani' created
from the blood of Shri Hanuman.
You were bestowed with
mighty Hanuman's power,
who can swallow even the solar system.
But why me? Why did I find that gem?
Why only Hanuman found Sita's jewelries?
To develop a path,
one needs to be the seeker
and follow that path.
You're the sound of upcoming great war.
Your hesitance is genuine.
After Ravan's death
his younger brother was crowned.
He was hesitant about taking
the reins of the kingdom.
That's when his friend came to him.
Made him aware of his duty
and awakened his confidence,
thus boosted his morale.
thus boosted his morale.
That friend was Anajani's son
and Rama's devotee, Shri Hanuman.
That king is still ruling
the kingdom of Lanka.
That's me, Vibhishan.
You can see only one person's misdeed.
But the mayhem is already on its way.
A great battle between
humans and demons is foretold.
Demons shiver with
the fear of 'Rudhirmani'.
Only you can avoid
this gem falling in the wrong hands
and avert the mayhem.
What will I alone do?
You call yourself alone?
Hanuman crossed the entire
ocean in just one jump.
Hanuman crossed the entire
ocean in just one jump.
[Sanskrit chants]
He had destroyed the entire demon army.
And shook Ravana's reign.
[Sanskrit chants]
With just one spark, he had
set ablaze the entire kingdom of Lanka.
[Sanskrit chants]
Served Shri Rama like
his shadow in Tretayug.
[Sanskrit chants]
In Dwaparyug, he roared on the
flag of Krishna and Arjuna's chariot.
[Sanskrit chants]
In Kaliyug, he's always there with every
being that is fighting for justice.
He was with you, too.
[Sanskrit chants]
At enemy's selfishness and your nobility,
selfishness will lose.
And your nobility will win.
Where there's Dharma, there's Hanuman.
Where there's Hanuman, there's victory.
[Sanskrit chants]
Shoot him.
Drone's control is in Michael's caravan.
We need to go there.
But how?
We are not alone.
For Anjanadri's sake, we are one.
Get up, Hanumant.
Get up, Hanumant.
No one is mightier than Shri Hanuman.
He had become Rama's strength
and had served Ayodhya.
You too will have to become
Anjandri's strength and protect it.
Son, you don't need any magical
powers to become a superhero.
Real superhero is one,
who fights for injustice,
even without having any special power.
Finish him.
[Sanskrit chants]
Glory to the Bajrang Bali.
Go ahead and crush your enemies.
In the name of Siya Ram!
[Sanskrit chants]
[Sanskrit chants]
Whoo! Yes.
Dr. Shrinivas will
always be with a superhero
and not with a super villain like you.
[Sanskrit Song]
Take off. Take off now, come on.
Take up. More power.
Captain, more power.
Get lost.
Now, that the 'Rudhiramani' is exploded,
it's impossible to control the demons.
This is the beginning
of a great war of Dharma.
You must appear so as
to save humanity from this destruction
"Lord Ram!"
"Victory of Thee,
O Hanuman, Ocean of wisdom and virtue,"
"victory to the Lord of monkeys
who is well known in all the three worlds"
"You, the Divine messenger of Ram
and repository of immeasurable strength,"
"are also known as Anjaniputra and known
as the son of the wind - Pavanputra."
"Oh Hanumanji! You are valiant and brave,
with a body like lightening."
"You are the dispeller
of darkness of evil thoughts"
"and companion of good sense and wisdom."
"Shri Hanumanji's physique
is golden coloured."
"His dress is pretty,
wearing Kundals' ear-rings"
"and his hairs are long and curly."
"Shri Hanumanji is holding in one hand
a lighting bolt and in the other a banner"
"with sacred thread across his shoulder."
"Oh Hanumanji! You are the emanation
of 'SHIVA' and you delight Shri Keshri."
"The entire world propitiates.
You are adorable of all."
"Oh! Shri Hanumanji!
You are the repository learning,"
"Oh! Shri Hanumanji!
You are the repository learning,"
"virtuous, very wise and highly
keen to do the work of Shri Ram,"
"You are intensely
greedy for listening to"
"the narration of Lord Ram's
life story and revel on its enjoyment."
"You ever dwell in the hearts
of Shri Ram-Sita and Shri Lakshman."
"You appeared beofre Sita in
a diminutive form and spoke to her,"
"while you assumed an awesome form and
struck terror by setting Lanka on fire."
"He, with his terrible form,
killed demons in Lanka"
"and performed all acts of Shri Ram."
"When Hanumanji made Lakshman
alive after bringing 'Sanjivni herb'"
"Shri Ram took him in his deep embrace,
his heart full of joy."
"Victory of Thee,
O Hanuman, Ocean of wisdom and virtue,"
"victory to the Lord of monkeys
who is well known in all the three worlds"
"Shri Ram lustily extolled
Hanumanji's excellence and remarked,"
"you are as dear to me
as my own brother Bharat"
"Shri Ram embraced Hanumanji saying:"
"Let the thousand - tongued
sheshnaag sing your glories"
"Sanak and the sages, saints."
"Lord Brahma, the great hermits Narad and
Goddess Saraswati along with Sheshnag"
"the cosmic serpent, fail to
sing the glories of Hanumanji exactly
"What to talk of denizens
of the earth like poets"
"and scholars ones etc
even Gods like Yamraj,"
"Kuber, and Digpal fail to
narrate Hanman's greatness in toto.
"Kuber, and Digpal fail to
narrate Hanman's greatness in toto.
You rendered a great service for Sugriva,"
"It were you who united him with SHRI RAM
and installed him on the Royal Throne."
"By heeding your advice.
Vibhushan became Lord of Lanka,"
"which is known all over the universe."
"Hanumanji gulped, the SUN
at distance of sixteen thousand miles"
"considering it to be a sweet fruit."
"Carrying the Lord's ring in his mouth,"
"he went across the ocean.
There is no wonder in that."
"Oh Hanumanji! all the difficult
tasks in the world are rendered"
"easiest by your grace."
"Oh Hanumanji!
You are the sentinel at the door of Ram's"
"mercy mansion or His divine abode."
"No one may enter
without your permission."
"By your grace one
can enjoy all happiness"
"and one need not have
any fear under your protection."
"Victory of Thee,
O Hanuman, Ocean of wisdom and virtue,"
"victory to the Lord of monkeys
who is well known in all the three worlds"
"When you roar all
the three worlds tremble"
"and only you can control your might."
"Great Brave on.
Hanumanji's name keeps all the Ghosts,"
"Demons & evils spirits
away from his devotees."
"On reciting Hanumanji's holy
name regularly all the maladies"
"perish the entire pain disappears."
"Those who remember Hanumanji in thought,"
"word and deed are well guarded
against their odds in life"
"Oh Hanumanji! You are the caretaker
of even Lord Rama, who has been hailed as"
"Oh Hanumanji! You are the caretaker
of even Lord Rama, who has been hailed as"
"the Supreme Lord and the Monarch
of all those devoted in penances."
"Oh Hanumanji! You fulfill the desires
of those who come to you and bestow"
"the eternal nectar
the highest fruit of life."
"Oh Hanumanji!
You magnificent glory is acclaimed far"
I've kept my promise.
Now, it's time to fulfill the promise
You had made to Lord Rama.
"Hanumanji has been blessed with
mother Janaki to grant to any one any"
"YOGIC power of eight Sidhis
and Nava Nidhis as per choice."
"Oh Hanumanji!
You hold the essence of devotion to RAM,"
"always remaining His Servant."
"Victory of Thee,
O Hanuman, Ocean of wisdom and virtue,"
"victory to the Lord of monkeys
who is well known in all the three worlds"
"Oh Hanumanji!
through devotion to you, one comes to RAM"
"and becomes free from
suffering of several lives."
"After death he enters the eternal abode
of Sri Ram and remains a devotee of him,"
"whenever, taking new birth on earth."
"You need not hold
any other demigod in mind."
"Hanumanji alone will
give all happiness."
"Oh Powerful Hanumanji! You end
the sufferings and remove all the pain"
"from those who remember you"
"Hail-Hail-Hail-Lord Hanumanji!"
"I beseech you Honour to bless me in the
capacity of my supreme 'GURU' (teacher)"
"I beseech you Honour to bless me in the
capacity of my supreme 'GURU' (teacher)"
"One who recites this Hanuman Chalisa one
hundred times daily for one hundred days"
"becames free from the bondage of life"
"and death and enjoys
the highest bliss at last."
"As Lord Shankar witnesses, all those
who recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly are"
"sure to be benedicted"
"Tulsidas always the
servant of Lord prays."
"Oh my Lord!
You enshrine within my heart.!"
"Lord Ram!"
"Lord Ram!"