Hanum & Rangga (2018) Movie Script

I started this scrapbook...
...with the darkest moment of our family.
When my husband was accused as a terrorist.
To the day you came
and showed them the truth.
And helped us reunite
in our long lost love.
I want you to keep this.
And someday your children
and their children will know...
...that not only you've changed
the fate of a family...
...but also changed
the world's opinion about Islam.
Thanks, Azima./
No, thank you, Hanum.
Without your article...
...Sarah and I wouldn't have a chance
to live in this city.
You're a strong woman, Azima./
Thank you.
I have something for you, too.
Now, do you?
May I see it?
What is it?
Did you draw this?/
Yes. I call it Hanum and Rangga.
Is this me?/
Let me see.
Look at this.
I drew Hanum, too.
See, it looks like her, right?
She's more beautiful in your drawing.
Right. She's so beautiful
and her smile is wider than mine.
And I love the shirt, too./
Excuse me.
Yes, Philipus.
I called to let you know that
we're going back to Vienna tomorrow.
Hanum? Hold on.
Hanum, it's Philipus./
Excuse me.
Hello, Philipus.
You're a talented journalist.
And I believe you will produce
more great articles.
That's very kind of you.
You've helped us a lot
during our stay here.
I'm going to miss you, Rangga.
Mom, too. Aren't you, Mom?
I promise to call you often from Vienna.
But you have to answer it.
Okay, squishy?
Honey, have you finished
packing all our stuff?
Will you stop it?
Stop it!
What's so special about Andy Cooper?
What does he have that I don't?
To me, you're the best thing in my life.
You don't mean that.
No, really. I'm watching him because
I've been following his career from zero.
He was a talented reporter and today
he has become the CEO of GNTV.
But don't worry,
you're still my number one.
Don't get jealous, okay?/
Of course not.
This city is the right place
if you want to be a great reporter.
And I'm just a bit concerned
if you're hooked by its promises.
I know, it's a bit sad we have to leave.
But, don't worry.
I won't be tempted
by any job opportunity...
...for the sake of being there with you
getting your master's degree in Vienna.
You've got everything?/
Yes, I hope.
I think I heard the cab come.
There it is.
Hi, I'm Samuel.
Sorry, I'm not your legal escort.
Neither are you.
Hold your horse, loverboy.
Yes, he's so impressed with your articles...
...and would like to offer you
3 weeks internship at GNTV.
Three weeks, honey!/
We should go.
I was the second Indonesian reporter
who was lucky enough to work at GNTV...
...after Andy Cooper.
And you could be the third, if you want.
But actually we have to
catch our flight back to Vienna.
What do you think?
Did I stutter?
Let's go.
Hanum, picture this.
Hundreds if not thousands of people
have sent their applications...
...just to be in our selection list.
You don't really want to pass
the opportunity.
I can't, and it's not the right time...
If you don't leave us alone,
I can use force on you.
For God's sake. Are you testing me?
There's someone who wants to talk to you.
GNTV is currently looking
for a producer for our new show.
I want someone with fresh ideas,
big vision and big ambition.
I've read many of your articles
and I think you're the right person.
Yes or no?
I'm afraid I have to pass.
We have a plane to catch to Europe.
With deepest regret,
I have to pass this opportunity.
What a shame. I thought I could include
an Indonesian reporter in GNTV network.
Perhaps I misunderstood
your ambition in this field of work.
Typically submissive wives.
And what a selfish, self-centered,
full of prejudice and extremist...
Stop talking.
I think we can extend our stay
for another 3 weeks.
How about your study?
I'll talk to Professor Reinhardt
to give me more time.
Are you sure?/
I'd do anything for you, dear.
Thank you, babe!
I'm so happy.
It's my dream.
Thank you.
I'm just taking selfie here.
This is your apartment building.
We're here.
Hi, Sam!/
Hi, girls!
Don't forget,
tonight is our gathering night.
Are they Indonesian, too?/
Yeah, there are many Indonesians here.
So, hubby can find new friends
to hang out with, too.
His real name is Samanto./
How did you know that?
Yeah, I was born in Wonosobo.
My father is a Javanese,
and I lived there until middle school.
And I was so fortunate that my mother
took me here or I'd grow up in a slum.
On behalf of all Indonesian people,
the feeling is mutual.
You know how I feel
when people talk down about Indonesia.
You should check yourself in a mirror.
Hanum, this is Teh Iis.
She's the graveyard keeper here.
I'm not a graveyard keeper!
Are you Hanum?
Hanum and Rangga?
The famous couple in New York?
How are you?
You must be Rangga.
So handsome.
What are you doing?
Guys, this is Charles.
He has a big magic crystal ball.
Hello. How are you?/
Fine, thanks.
You're fluent in Sundanese./
Just a little.
You're wel...
What a strong grip he has.
Peace be upon you.
Is this really our apartment?
It's very nice.
This is awesome.
You can sit around here
while I'm working.
Is there something wrong?/
Nah, it happens all the time here.
You will see a lot of tears
for other people's joy.
And joy over someone's tears.
And that's all because of one thing.
Ratings. Andy worships the ratings.
If the rating's up,
all of us will get bonuses.
But if it's down...
Let's go, hijab woman.
Hanum Salsabiela.
Welcome to GNTV New York.
I'm so impressed with your article
about Azima Husein and Philipus Brown.
Philipus Brown can corroborate his testimony
that Abe Husein, Azima's husband...
...was not a terrorist involved
in the 9/11 tragedy.
Everybody's talking about your article.
I believe it's God's work and...
Don't ever talk about God in my office.
Let me tell you something.
Thinking about God will distract you
from being professional.
Sit down.
Should you decide
to continue working for us...
...you're going to be
the only employee who wears hijab.
But of course we didn't hire you
just to meet the affirmative action policy.
I am only interested in one thing.
Your brain.
Actually, I have some ideas...
I don't need ideas. I need results.
Pay attention to these two important things.
Ratings and share.
So, do you have any idea
what kind of show would boost our ratings?
How about for your first assignment,
I want you to interview someone.
Sam will brief you the details
about what, who and where.
And I'm expecting 10 percent shares.
I know you can do it.
I have no doubt.
Children's Library
Aren't you supposed to be
in Vienna right now?
I know why.
He was sad to leave us.
Right, Rangga?
By the way, we're going to go for lunch.
Do you want to come?
Can he come with us, Mommy?
Sure, if he's not busy.
He's not busy!
I have all the time in the world.
I have come here to get information
about getting a membership in this library.
Do you know the terms and conditions?
Just one, actually.
Return the book in good condition.
That's it?
Can we go now? I'm hungry.
Let's go.
Shall we?
How was your first day in office?
I never thought
that Andy would be so charismatic in person.
And you know how I've been dreaming
about this job since I was little.
I'm his biggest fan.
I almost fainted in front of him./
Thank God you didn't.
I was that close.
And did you enjoy your walk
around the town?
I unpacked our stuff, and...
Oh, I met Azima.
She said hi to you.
Surprised when she found out we decided
to postpone our return to Vienna.
But Sarah was so excited to hear that.
And I bet she and her mother
are happy to know that you're here.
Because you know what,
they're your biggest fans.
To be more specific, they adore you.
Tell me something I don't know.
You shouldn't take me for granted.
Apparently a face like this
could make people want to adopt me.
What a narcissistic jerk.
Hey, Rangga!/
Hi, Sarah!
May I come in?
She couldn't wait to see you.
Me neither!
I've been waiting for her to come.
Thanks for babysitting Sarah.
I won't be long.
Do you want to come in?
Actually, yeah.
I have to give her her lunch bag.
Come in./
What are you doing?
That dude, Rangga.
Right after his wife left the house, boom!
He has an affair.
What an asshole.
Don't be soozon (negative thinking).
That's a bad thing to do.
It's suudzon (negative thinking).
You always say it wrong.
Hey, Sam.
What's so special about our guest?
It seems this city is trying hard
to make us stay here longer.
Or in this case, Hanum.
She's got an internship offer at GNTV.
Really? I'm happy for her to get a job
at a TV station, especially in New York.
So, what can I do for you?
I ran out of excuses to Professor Reinhardt
for not coming back as scheduled.
I'm going to tell him
that I need to borrow you a bit longer.
I appreciate it.
This city is too tempting
for ambitious people.
Many people have failed to resist its charm.
Including me.
I hope Andy doesn't infect Hanum
with the virus for his own gain.
Let's go, John.
Hi. Peace be upon you.
I'm Hanum.
Peace be upon you, too.
And she's our new intern.
And in order to get a full time job,
she needs to create a show.
And her first program is
Moslem's life in New York City.
I'll let you interview me.
But I have some conditions.
Come in.
What's this all about?
I demand an explanation.
Have you or have you not
made an appointment to interview her?
This is amateur journalism.
On the contrary, darling.
I'm teaching you to be professional.
You have to make up thousands of stories
in order to secure a source.
So, don't worry, hijab woman.
Rangga, Hanum is reporting live.
That's Hanum, our neighbor.
How is your son doing?
Is he okay?
How are other students treating him
after the 9/11 attack?
It happened quite a long time ago.
It's all back to normal now.
And his schoolmates are treating him
just like they do with any other kids.
Thank God.
What the hell is she doing?
I thought I've told you
to control her interview.
I want to see some tears.
Make her cry.
Ask where her husband is now.
Ask her what she'd do if someday
her unborn baby asks about the father.
We've promised not to ask about that./
Excuse me?
My questions won't steer away
from what we've agreed.
Thank you. I very much appreciate it.
Stop being emotional,
push her to tell you everything.
Make her cry!
Yeah, you can trust us.
How do you as a moslem family
living in a non-moslem community?
No problem in terms of our faith.
I feel safe to live in this neighborhood.
Daddy's gone, isn't he?/
Who told you that?
Is it true that Daddy's dead?
Then why did you tell me he's still alive
and he's going to come home?
Stop it.
You lied to me!
I promised to Elhas, I won't cry
in front of my son no matter what.
As a sister, you should've known better.
I seek forgiveness from Allah.
I apologize for her. It wasn't...
Don't apologize. It wasn't her fault.
Maybe I just got too emotional.
Knowing that Zakia is living
the exact same experience I had.
We've got feedback from viewers
who said they cried watching your show.
Insight Moslems' share
has increase to 10.2 percent.
And you, Hanum.
You're very talented.
Yeah, give the credit to Sam.
You should thank him for that.
He single-handedly ruined
that woman and her son's lives...
...along with all the moslems
in the whole world.
In fact, I'm so offended.
This is harassment.
Enough, Hanum.
Start using your head instead of your heart.
We gave them what they want,
not what they need.
And Islam is a very sexy news material...
...because all conflicts
come from that ideology.
I don't believe that.
You know it's not true./ I know.
And we have to side with the majority.
And the only question they'd ask is...
I don't hate Islam.
It's just a good business.
Being a producer means
I need to keep the show's ratings high.
If you can't deliver,
I have to do something.
Do you think I'm that cold?
Even a person with the slightest conscience
would die a little, too.
You're talking about conscience now?
Is there any left in you?
Just a smidge.
Sam's bonus has been transfered.
Hanum's bonus has been transfered.
Everytime I hear this ringtone,
I felt so bad for ruining my source's lives.
But there's nothing I can do.
I'm addicted to ratings.
Just one taste and you're hooked.
And you want more and more,
even when you know it's bad for you.
When you earned this much bonus...
Yes, I was once like you.
I had idealistic views.
I tried and tried to be strong,
but I kept on failing.
Then one day I just gave up.
But if you believe
that you're better than Andy...
...then accept his challenge.
Show him you're better than him.
And better than this city,
or even better than your dreams.
But please...
...don't let down
all those people who support you.
Babe! What are you doing here?
I came here to pick you up.
I was concerned
when you didn't answer my call.
I was busy at the office.
But now I'm free.
Let's eat.
I just got my bonus.
Do you know a good place to eat?
I saw a few restaurants near here./
Oh, so you just got your bonus.
Is that from that tear-jerker show?
I don't like your tone. I was just...
Did you feel any remorse when they realized
that they've been betrayed?
It wasn't my idea. I was blindsided./
Your viewers don't know that.
All they know is just that you were there.
Don't trade your integrity to satisfy
your ambition or for significant bonus...
Listen to me.
I have never traded my integrity
for anything.
Especially for a cheap show like that./
I just want to keep you in check.
Not like that.
You're just being mean to me.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you, too.
Peace be upon you./
Peace be upon you, too.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so ashamed of what I did.
It's okay.
I'm asking your permission
to end this mess that I've started.
This is the right time for you to show
to Cooper that you're better than him.
And one thing I know about you,
you never give up.
I won't.
I'm going to end this mess
and prove it to Cooper.
It's really hard.
Creating a good show
without being offensive.
I have no idea.
What are you doing?
Are you recording me?
That's sneaky.
I 've got too much time on my hands./
That's not how you use it.
You should've helped me.
I think my brain is about to explode.
My mind just goes blank.
Here, watch this.
You're so cute in there.
Look what you're doing.
Cute, huh?
Can't you see, I'm desperate!
I know, but for those who don't know,
it's so funny to watch.
I'm going to play it again for you, look.
What are you doing?
Thanks, babe.
You can fix it, right?
Or should I fix it myself?
No, it's almost done.
If a woman can fix this,
then I'll be damned if I can't.
Why are men so reluctant to admit that women
can sometimes do things better than men?
But this is a man's job.
Not necessarily.
As a single parent,
I have to learn to do many things.
Can you run the water, please?
I seek forgiveness from Allah.
You startled me!
You're home early.
I know.
I want to surprise you.
Are you happy that I came home early or not?
Of course I'm happy that you're home early,
or even stay at home with me instead.
They look delicious./
Did you buy a new shirt?
Oh, this?
I was at Azima's apartment.
She needed help fixing a clogged pipe,
and my shirt got wet.
So, she borrowed me this shirt.
So, you're plumber too, now, huh?
I babysat Sarah today.
But Azima couldn't pick her up,
so I took her home instead.
And you also open a daycare business, too!
Sarah wants only me to babysit her.
I don't mind you're helping them.
Just don't get carried away.
You might win the jackpot.
What do you mean?
You might win the mother, too.
That's nonsense.
I wouldn't do that to you.
Let's eat. I cooked you brocolli
and fried chicken with potato.
It looks delicious.
But I already ate at Azima's.
She cooked the meal.
But I can sit with you while you're eating.
Nah, I'll just eat later.
Excuse me.
Hello. Yes, Andy./
Peace be upon you.
I'm still up, why?
I remember.
We decided to put that show on hold
while we're developing new, more fun ideas.
Morning, babe.
I'm sorry, but I had to leave
for early shooting.
I made you ramen for your breakfast.
40 million viewers in two days!
You should thank Hanum, Sam.
We hit all-time high record!
Thank you, Hanum./
Thank you, Hanum.
This is a team success./
Thank you, team.
Andy, don't forget.
Without us "team", you're nothing.
So, you might consider increasing our bonus.
Have I ever disappointed you with the bonus?
A little.
Get out.
I'm watching you.
I need to talk to you about something.
Take the call.
Thanks, excuse me.
Hey, dear. Are you busy?
I want to take you out for lunch.
I'm in a meeting.
I'm so sorry, but I can't leave.
I'll call you back later./
I understand.
Yes, Prof. Reinhart.
Rangga, I can't give you more dispensation.
You have to be here in two days.
I can't help you to finish your dissertation
this year.
Right. I'll do my best.
Don't take your future lightly.
Hanum, I see that you're getting good
at your job.
And I think it's time for you
to take on a new challenge...
...as a live show producer.
Are you sure?/
Couldn't be more sure. How about you?
I've been dreaming about this for so long.
We can make all your dreams
come true in this city.
You belong to this city.
Do you know what's the biggest obstacle
for your career?
I don't believe that.
To me family plays a very important role
for our career.
Good. Then you will accept our offer
as a permanent employee in GNTV.
Rangga has been very supportive
about my career in media industry.
However, anytime he needs my support,
I'll be there with him in a heart beat.
I've been married once./
I didn't know that.
At that time I didn't have any career
because my wife didn't support me at all.
But after our divorce, as a single man,
I made all my dreams come true.
Life is about choices, you know.
I need to do something on Saturn.
I need time to think.
You don't even care.
Why do you think Sam has a career?
He doesn't have a family to take care of.
Why did you mention
my name and my family?
I still need time to consider./
Consider what?
As soon as possible, I hope./
Why do you need it A.S.A.P? Hello?
We're going to do a live show
in the next two days on 9/11 Memorial Day.
Hanum will be the executive producer.
Do we even have the topic?
We're totally unprepared.
Azima Husein and Philipus Brown.
Azima and Philipus Brown both refuse
to be interviewed by any media again.
"Maybe" and "definitely".
I only believe those two words.
Don't waste your time.
Hanum, you're close to them.
This should be a piece of cake for you.
Sam, get everything ready
for the live show.
And, Sam.
Hanum has done you many favor
for the past few weeks.
It's time for you to return the favor.
And if it ends in a disaster...
...you're fired.
Hanum, what I missed?
I have never and won't ever
ruin my friendship with Azima.
He never jokes about this matter.
He will definitely fire me.
If he really thinks that he can fire you,
I'd quit before he had a chance to do that.
This might mean nothing to you.
But I've spent half of my life
working my ass off for GNTV...
...and I can only go this far
with my career.
What are you doing?
What? I'm boiling right now.
I'm so angry with his affair.
You won't understand it.
Give me your phone.
Delete those photos.
I'm taking a selfie while trying
to safe Hanum and Rangga's marriage.
What are you doing?
You sent the photos!
Come on in.
Hanum, wait!
It's okay. I got this.
Hanum, wait. We need to talk.
What for?
Everything is clear to me.
Look at these photos.
People in our building are talking about us.
You're just using Sarah
to get her mother.
It's not true.
And I've never thought
you could stab me in the back.
Are you accusing me of having an affair?/
I'm not accusing you, it's a fact.
Maybe that's all my fault.
Maybe I was too busy working,
I didn't spend more time with you.
But being here for me in this city
means nothing if you compare it...
...with years and years of me
being there for you and your study.
Listen to me!/
You know this is my dream job!
And for four years I buried that dream,
then one day I got a break.
And for the first time, I asked you
to be there for me, to support me!
That is exactly what I'm doing!/
By doing what?
This job is very important to me.
I'm trying to change the stigma on Islam.
How ironic that you have such a noble goal
to change the stigma on Islam...
...by ignoring your own husband.
Why should I care about a husband
who betrays his own wife?
You betrayed me!
You lied to me!
What are you talking about?
When I asked you on the phone
to go out for lunch together...
...you said you were in meeting.
I was, yeah./
But I saw you alone with Cooper.
I wasn't alone with him.
We went out for lunch
and Sam was there, too.
Is Sam a ghost now
that I couldn't see his presence?
Sam came later.
Tell me the truth
that you're having an affair with Coop...
Give me the phone.
Don't answer it.
Hi, Andy./
Hi, Hanum.
Have you secured Azima as our source?
I don't want to see Azima again.
I won't do interview with her.
I'll explain everything
at the office later.
No, meet me at the office now.
I have to go to the office.
It's urgent.
Which one is more urgent?
Your work or your husband?
Andy, can't it wait until tomorrow?/
No, listen to me carefully, Hanum.
This is your big break.
And we're fixed for the live show
in next couple of days.
We still have time to find other sources,
we will find a way.
But right now, we have to meet.
Okay, I'll see you there.
I'm your husband
and you're not allowed to go.
Sam, any news from Hanum?
I've been trying to contact her.
Look, I'm calling her phone right now.
Listen, if she won't do it...
...then it's your responsibility to make sure
Azima and Philipus Brown appear on our show.
I'm afraid I can't be the producer
for your live show.
I could get fired, Hanum.
This is the kind of madness
that I like from the media industry.
And you should too, Hanum.
This is your once in a life time opportunity.
If you succeeded, you're going to get
a lifetime contract on GNTV New York.
Come on. Don't doubt yourself.
Philipus Brown said
you're a talented journalist.
And he's good friends with your husband.
And you said it yourself...
...that your husband
will support you no matter what.
You can do it.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you, too.
Let's not talk about your affair.
I'm too tired.
We're not going to talk about it,
because it never happened.
I just want to tell you
that I'm going back to Vienna.
I can't stay here forever,
or do what you want me to do.
And there's a point when I have to
make a decision for my life, too.
Life is about choices.
Hello? Yes, Philipus.
Yeah, I did call you.
I just want to ask if we can meet...
I'm going to go with you
to see Philipus Brown.
Does it mean that you're going to
come with me back to Vienna?
Yeah, he'll go back to Vienna tomorrow,
but I'm staying.
My internship contract with GNTV
is not over yet.
Oh, yeah. I've watched your show.
I think it's a good show.
Thank you.
If you don't mind,
I want to ask a favor from you, too.
Can we talk outside, please?
Tomorrow is 9/11 Memorial Day.
And we'd like to invite you
as our guest star...
...in my show with Azima Husein...
And I think it's your opportunity
to let people know the truth...
...about your son and your ex-wife.
And the turning point of your life
after 9/11 tragedy.
Philipus, could you excuse us for a minute?
You can have my answer right now.
I will never want to appear
in any of Andy's show.
And let me tell you something,
don't get too close with him.
What you asked from Philipus back there
was very inappropriate.
You know he said he's not going to talk
to any reporter.
I know what I'm doing.
I'm a reporter.
And there's nothing
that any reporter can't do.
So, your idea to visit Azima
is for the same purpose?
Andy is just using you as a tool
to get Philipus and Azime on his show...
...because you're an ambitious reporter
who's wearing hijab.
Too ambitious in my opinion,
that you neglect your main role as a wife.
Me? Neglecting my main role as a wife?
Name one that I neglected!
I've never failed to take care of you.
I always asked your permission
before doing anything because I respect you.
I have dreams, too.
I want to reach for the stars.
Women can have dreams, too./
Dreams, stars.
There are millions of stars in the sky,
countless of them.
You don't believe me, do you?
One day, I'm going to get my star.
Are you sure you just want one star?
I don't believe you.
What do you mean?
Can you believe a world class reporter
like Andy Cooper wants to hire...
Hire who? You can tell me.
A small time reporter, an amateur?
Who he picked out from the dumpster
just because she was lucky...
...she got an exclusive story
about Azima and Philipus Brown?
And I don't deserve my position?
Is that who you think I am?
I can't believe you can even go that far.
This is not the only city in the world.
You can get the same opportunity
from any city in the world.
Why can't we build our career
in some other place?
As long as we stay together.
I want to be with you forever
just like in our vows.
But when I think about what I saw yesterday,
I'd rather pursue my dreams.
And this city is the right place to do that.
Just like you said.
Life is about choices.
Now, tell me.
Are you coming with me to Vienna?
Or are you going to stay here
and pursue your dreams?
I've called Hanum,
but her phone is turned off.
I tried Rangga's number,
but he didn't answer.
I sent a driver to their apartment,
and they weren't there.
I've tried everything that I can think of,
but I just can't...
Excuses, excuses!
Let me make it clear for the last time.
You've got to find Hanum now.
Because she hasn't done any
pre-production tasks for the show tomorrow.
Find her, now! Are we clear?
Who is he?
Rangga. Hanum's husband.
Hello, Rangga.
I'm glad we're finally meeting.
Sit down, please.
I can't stay. I just want to let you know
that I'm going back to Vienna tomorrow.
She'll stay.
She wants to pursue her dreams here.
Yes. She deserves everything from this city.
Please don't let her down.
She looks up to you.
Nonsense. She worships you.
Well, it was nice to meet you.
Take good care of her.
And keep it professional, or else.
Of course.
I always take good care
of all of my assets.
Peace be upon you.
I give you permission
to stay in New York City.
I believe we can go through this together.
I'm giving you your freedom.
I want you to reach for the stars
and pursue your dreams.
You've sacrificed too much for me.
Especially you, Sam!
I don't want to see your face ever again!
Are we clear?
So, you finally have the nerve to show up?
Good. You can witness me firing
these clowns for your failure.
You're making a new history
in this news channel.
This is our first disastrous show.
You just ruined everything that I've built.
Do you have any plan for the show?
What are you going to do
to fill the time slot?
Are we going to dance together?
Or are you going to take off
your hijab in front of the camera?
Do you think I'm joking?
Do you even know the concept of a live show?
We only have 15 minutes.
I really don't like this surprise.
But I have to give it to you.
You're incredible.
I'm not giving you this for free.
They're here because of me.
And I demand...
I don't want to know.
You saved GNTV.
We have Azimah Husain in our studio,
who's here with her daughter Sarah.
They have been waiting for the right time
to reveal their secret to the media.
How are you, Azima?/
I'm fine, thank you.
But first, I want you all to know
that my presence here...
...is merely out of respect
for my good friends.
Hanum and Rangga.
I want you to know the truth about Rangga
you saw in my apartment that day.
Watch this.
Believe me.
The only woman in his life...
...is you, Hanum.
I feel very stupid right now.
Will you forgive me?/
It's okay.
You did nothing wrong.
You're just another victim
of this ambitious city.
I come here to open your eyes.
Because you and Rangga...
...have been manipulated by a person...
...to fit his own agenda.
Mrs. Azima./
No, Andy.
I will never want to be interviewed
by an amateur like you.
Mrs. Azimah, I promise you,
one day you will come to my show.
And the person who's going to interview you
will be an amateur just like me.
And when he said "an amateur",
that means you, Hanum.
You're not alone.
There are other victims.
One of them is Zakia Erhasan
and her son Yahya.
What the...
I don't know what your plan is,
but I like it.
When GNTV did an interview
with Zakia and her son Yahya...
...there was an unexpected incident.
On behalf of our crew and team,
we apologize for the inconvenience.
I already forgive you and Sam.
And as we all know we are just victims
of a dishonest and heartless person.
No, Andy. I won't do it.
Give your phone to the kid if you still
want to have a future in this industry.
Mom, is it true that Daddy's dead?
Who told you that?
You can never manipulate my son
to hate his own father.
He's very proud of his father
who fought and died as a martyr...
...for the freedom of his country Syria.
And he knows well that his father is a hero
and you're just a loser.
The show is not over yet.
We still have one more guest coming next.
He is Philipus Brown.
And I still can't forgive you
for what you've done to my family.
Your coverage has costed me
to bear the shame for the rest of my life.
Or I will fire you!
With pleasure, Andy.
One way or the other,
somebody needs to expose the real you.
You're a very dangerous person,
because you're a fearmonger.
You create fake news for money.
And you don't even care
if the world is destroyed because of it.
That's not true. Absolutely not true.
Yes, she's right.
And it's definitely a better place
without you on it.
Leave my studio! Now!
You can't fire anyone without my approval.
Who do you think you are?
You're nobody in GNTV!
You're right, I "was" nobody in GNTV.
But 2 days ago,
I bought 70 percent of GNTV shares.
And my rule is to not hire
a fearmonger like you in my company.
You have to go after Rangga.
Save your marriage.
Win back his heart.
He's keeping something from you.
He didn't get additional leave of absence
from his professor.
But he decided to stay here with you anyway.
It's beautiful!
This is our apartment!
I'm so happy we can stay here.
If an intern can get a luxury accomodation.
Imagine what I will get
if they hire me as a permanent employee.
I will get you!
Sam, I need to be alone right now.
How did you find.../
Because I knew I'd find you here.
But I thought you're already flying...
How can I fly if I only have one wing?
Will you forgive me?
From now on, I will be there with you
wherever you go.
And how about your dreams in this city?
From now on,
my one and only dream is you.
I want to spend the rest of my life
with you.
It's from Philipus Brown./
Answer it.
Hello, Philipus Brown./
Hanum, as the new owner of GNTV...
...I want you to know
that Andy's position is just open...
...and I'd like to offer it to you.
I think you're the perfect person
for that post.
Philipus, thank you.
I might look capable to fill his post.
But I know a person who I think is best
for the position left by Andy.
Very recommended.
Okay, let's do it.
He wants to do me!
Sam, meet me at the office now.
He can't wait!
I'll see you again.
I knew it from the moment we met,
you'd make a change.
And that change is...