Hanuman klook foon (2008) Movie Script

There has long been a myth...
of the Mahayantra Scripture
of the sacred tattoos...
created by all the holy masters in Siam
A hallowed weapon against
Colony Hunters
that had been passed on
to their descendants...
who used consecrated yantra tattoos
from the scripture
to bravely fight off the invaders
As seen with Bangrajan warriors
who learned it from one great master
After the defeat of Bangrajan fort...
the Mahayantra Scripture vanished
Even the practice of it
has been seen now and again
all are in bad and despicable ways
However, most people believe that...
there are some true practicers
of this craft...
remain in the present day.
They may use it in either good or evil way
These yantras will protect you
from bad intent.
you also keep out of any mischief.
Keep in mind that...
The power doesn't arise solely
from those figures
but it depends on your own mind.
You belong to the Air element,
son of the Wind God.
Even when you're destined to die,
he will save you.
This yantra is the ultimate.
It will be on you for the rest of your life.
When I'm gone,
you should take the best care of it.
It's the priceless legacy
from my forefathers...
inherited through generations.
It has a long history,
The coveted object
that virtually everyone dreams of.
My father even died just because of it.
Yod... l'll leave it to you.
Protect it with your own life.
No matter how well it's kept,
I still know where it is.
Master Toh
has such a powerful amulet with him.
If you want it,
take these three men with you.
They have their own fetish
that can get to him.
They thwart with each other.
Before you finish him off,
pour the water under the paddling boat
into his mouth.
And then slowly slice him pieces...
with this blade.
And who told you to see me here, gringo!
Everyone knows about
a fucking Master Dum's reputation.
Lf you can't figure out,
just ask this bastard.
Pricks run into Mofos.
They will enjoy an Asshole party.
It's called an 'Asshole Unity'.
I want to get To.
You can't go in there.
Where the hell is Mark?
Who are you. Dare to ask me.
What the hell you are get in there?
- Your time is out.
- Not yet.
Let me go. Let me go.
You're lucky that I'm here,
otherwise you'll be fucked up!
What's going on?
We can't move anywhere.
Check every vehicles carefully.
I'm sure we will find the illegal items.
You check right here. L'll go over there.
Your license, please.
I don't have it with me.
Step out of the vehicle then.
Come on! Hurry up!
Yeah, Come on! Come on. Hurry up!
Come on. Form a line along the bus.
He's cute.
My virgin!
What are you waiting for, Sai-chol?
You want me to bang the drum myself?
You wanna celebrate
the dead fag crashes?
Hit it!
All right... 5678
Where are you going?
- Why don't you answer my question?
- Dean.
- Are you Thai?
- It's police.
- I'm Thai.
- No problem.
What's his name?
Hello, officer.
Come on, Tayang.
Where is your ID?
I don't have it.
Sarge, take them all to the precinct.
Bitch! Still get horny
when the bullet runs through your ass!
Your honor,
since the main witness of this case
cannot come here on time.
Hey! Let's check it out.
Are you all right?
I would like to ask you
to proceed this case.
The witness is here, your honor.
The witness of the plaintiff has now arrived.
I'd like to bring him to testify.
Excuse me!
Just a few questions, please.
Excuse me...
When Mr. Stephan appeals the court...
will he have a chance to win the case?
Mr. Stephan and his accomplices
have committed serious crimes.
I think this case is now over.
But we will continue our investigations.
The court verdict is just a good beginning.
Do you think of anybody else
involving in this case?
Excuse me. Let us through.
Excuse me. Let us through.
Excuse me. Let us through.
This way. This way. Get out of the way.
He can make it every time.
It's getting fun!
Of course.
He is the great warrior of Rama.
Oh Hanuman, I see.
His power is supreme
when he's gone wild.
You cannot attack when he falls.
Fast as wind.
Hard to catch.
His dead spot is a place without wind.
He's a son of Wind God.
Afraid of the leeside.
Particularly in the water.
Whenever he is at high place...
Otherwise, you may barely defeat him.
All right. All right.
To master the Muay Thai,
your body is the most important.
All main parts must be fast and strong.
Engage with your hands...
legs... eyes... ears
and most of all... you brain.
Keep practicing.
Our beloved Majesty The King
He always resides in all of our hearts.
You have a fever, right?
L'll finish this class in a minute.
All right, class. Sing after me...
His loving kindness has won
all Thai hearts...
Long Live the Great King.
Okay girls... on you knees.
And put your hands on your lap like this.
Stretch up your body.
Ja Jong Ja.
Ting Jong Ting.
To defeat the opponent...
We gotta have our hidden technic
and a quick wit.
That our ancestors called...
Winning by a hair 's breadth
Teacher Boon.
I wonder
what does 'a hair's breadth' mean?
What are you doing?
You could have missed it!
Almost missed it?
This is what we called "a hair's breadth".
I'm about to cook.
You snatched my dipper and spatula here.
How can I do my cooking?
You don't want to eat, do you?
The Cozy House
l'll make Oun
to be the world boxing champion.
Before you do that,
you should learn how to walk straigth, jerk!
Lt's Yod.
Look guys! Yod is here!
Arng... Keep it.
All right.
On your head.
Just kidding!
Hi, Yod, bro!
Yod... Yod!
What does he bring this time?
These kids very glad to see him.
Get out of my way.
Thank you, Yod.
My plastic ball.
I got it. Thanks, Yod.
L'll play it for them.
I always want a harmoinca.
Thank you.
Mang-Por, this is for you.
Thank you.
Next time you go in town,
could you buy me a big teddy bear?
Yes, sweetie.
I'd like to go over there.
Can you help me out?
All right.
I've warned you... ln this country...
We have the benefactors everywhere.
Only if you accept it,
you won't end up like this.
I've seen many...
fishs that try to swim against the current...
eventually they would end up
on a dining table.
I gotta catch the bastard Mark
to be the witness.
It's not up to you now.
Son of a bitch... Stephan!
Stephan doesn't want to
make you more troubles.
Return it to him
and everything will be over.
You never listened to me.
Do you see what it's like?
You're dumped and come back miserably.
I know you wanna be a star... be a singer.
Hello, No way.
And see what song you're singing now?
- Near November...
- Damn!
Why! I wanna sing too!
You'd better speak clearly than sing.
Put the cymbals down. Just sit and listen.
Master... I wanna be a singer.
Can you teach me?
You think you can sing better than him?
A beginner like you
should learn from basics.
Do a quaver exercise...
by singing Lao ballad.
This room is too small, don't you think?
Thanks for your hospitality, Toh.
Actually, you shouldn't be bothered
to get down here.
You can ask Yod bringing anything to you.
When are you two gonna get married?
Candy would like to wait
until I finish school.
But I want Yod
to be my brother-in-law soon.
Mang-Por, you shouldn't interrupt them.
It's not a good manner.
After they're married,
may I ask to be ordained and be with you?
Lf you're ordained, l'll leave the monkhood.
Two tigers don't live in the same den.
By the way,
Here is the herb.
It's for you.
Where is my stuff, you asshole?
Lt's mine not yours!
Mang-Por... Run!
Then you die!
Where is it?
Oh you're complaining?
What? You see a fish?
Where is it anyway?
- Arng... hold it.
- Put me down first.
Shit! Wait for me!
Thongdang... look!
Why are you lying down here?
Come. Come. Come.
Oh you slowpoke.
Come on. I'm starving.
I want two eggs omelet.
Two eggs?
Two eggs?
Oh! My bad. Sorry! Sorry!
The food is still nice and warm.
Oh! You've spilled it all over.
- Why?
- Let me.
What are you doing, Arng?
Hold it steady. You're spilling it out.
I've cooked a veggie soup,
now it's a stir-fried veggie.
Where has all broth in the soup gone?
Thristy? There is water in the jar.
Sarcastic geek.
You want a piece of me, right?
Let me go.
That's enough, you two.
You're always fighting like cats and dogs.
You have been here for years.
You'd better be a role model
for other kids.
We have founded this house
for homeless kids.
And hope they grow up
as good adults for the society.
Your obligation is to be brothers for them.
Acting like their parents
whom they can always depend on.
Do you remember
what it's like to be a homeless kid?
How misrable it was?
Lt's like Boon and I.
We both are orphans.
We have to stand on our feet.
I surely know what the life
of these children will be.
You're all deserted kids.
You should get together.
Understand? Koh... Arng
You should see Bai for an example.
He never quarrels. He lives his life.
Follow what he does.
Fighting with yourself
before fighting with others.
Master... listen to yourself.
He's mute.
Only a nutcase'd quarrel with him.
Arng... Sit down. Give him a plate.
All right! Dig in.
Lt's fake.
Thai people fake things.
They fool me!
Damian. Bring it down for me.
How did you bring it up there, shithead?
Muay Thai is a revered martial art.
Before you begin,
you must remember our teachers.
As a means to show your gratitude.
And it's also a strategy to warm up...
stretching up all muscles.
Respectable god... Primary...
Spread your arms.
A little more.
Don't let your wrists getting down.
The four-faced Brahma.
Hold your wrists up.
Keep practicing.
- No hand. No stirrup. I'm so good.
- Come on. The four-faced Brahma.
What are you bragging about,
I don't see you do anything all day.
What do you want me to do then?
We're discussing about horse riding.
Well, master, I gotta tell you...
The stirrup is wrecked.
The bridle is broken.
The saddle is not usable.
It is pitiful!
Moreover, we run of the horse dope.
My horse is getting sluggish.
And it's contagious to me.
All right... l'll take care of it.
You're gonna come with me tomorrow, Yod.
It's a big day.
Everything is ready, sir.
Let's go, Yod.
Do you like what I've prepared for you?
Put it in the truck.
Thank you for everything, Yoi.
That's nothing, Master Boon.
Compared to your burden
of taking care of those kids.
At the next temple festival,
send your kids to the boxing ring.
Definitely. They are all in good shape.
And l'll tell them to practice even harder.
So that they won't embarrass us.
You have made quite a lot of merit, huh?
It's about time.
- Let's go, master Boon.
- All right. Let's go.
Thank you, uncle Yoi.
Thank you, uncle Add.
Yod is back!
Yod, bro!
Let's help them.
Yod is back!
Come on, everybody.
All right. It's about time.
It's Mang-Por's birthday...
l'll sing and wish you luck.
May you have a properous life.
Be happy all days and nights.
I sing and you guys dance together,
all right?
Let Yod start taking to the floor.
Today we are happy,
full of joy in our hearts.
My place is like a paradise...
Here is a paradise...
For the love of you and me.
When are you gonna let us
know your birthday?
Don't keep me wait
until I'm too old to blow a candle.
When the time is right, l'll tell you.
Honey... you are so smart.
You are so cute.
With your eyebrows, waist and shoulders.
You've been here more than a year.
I owe you.
And thanks to this place.
For taking the best care
of Mang-Por and me.
That's all right.
Everyone is welcome here.
No matter where they come from.
I know the background of everyone here...
But not you...
You've never told me about your life.
Stephan, the notorious foreign felon.
The owner of the Funny Bar
and many illegal businesses.
How could he simply be disappeared?
Breaking out of jail is not easily done,
isn't it?
I think an insider pulled a jailbreak for him.
Many more people will get killed, I guess.
What the heck do you want, Stephan?
That day?
My dad told me not to go. So I didn't.
And I didn't get arrested, right?
Lt's better you got busted alone.
So my dad could take over this turf.
My dad wants to know
when are you gonna pay for our goods?
Trying to cheat my money? Shoot him!
Bastard! My dad will finish you off.
You two are pieces of shit!
You're good! Very precise shooter.
If you lose your a job, come to see me.
Nine points!
The dealer wins again.
Deal it. Deal it.
Anton, stay focus.
All right. Give them the cards.
Give them the cards.
Win. Win. Win.
What would you like to drink?
He wins again.
Soh... Plain water!
Just water? What's the matter, Dao?
That ass-wipe Mark.
It's him again?
I don't know where the hell he is.
Where else could he be?
Lf he's not in here,
there is only one place he can be.
You mean Yoi's boxing gambling den?
That's right.
Here. This drink is on the house.
For cheering you up.
Black jack! I beat you all!
You bastard Anton. You cheat!
Knock him.
I'm so sick of them!
What the hell is going on?
Those gringos are such troublemakers.
Hey, stop it.
What's wrong with you?
You know I raised you since a baby.
Your mother was a whore!
That Anton is cheating and trying to kill me.
Why don't you go kill him?
I'm gonna send you back to China, Chink!
Don't you afraid?
They're fighting over there.
Why don't you give my another drink?
I like you. We both fond of the violence.
You bastard Yod!
Where is Stephan of the Funny Bar?
I don't know. I'm just a gofer.
Just a gofer, right?
What the hell?
Leave it to me.
Yod, you son of a bitch!
Toh's stooge dares
come to see me here, huh?
Lt won't waste my time hunting you down.
Young man's skin is fresh.
I really want it.
Your disability cannot stop you
from doing evil things.
Son of a bitch!
May god have mercy on his soul.
The guy was dead,
they still brutally flayed him.
And when are you gonna get it back?
I think l'll leave it for your reverence.
Because it's not something
that anyone can own.
It always has the owner.
The yantras choose that person
when the time comes.
And when will you be back?
Why don't you stay here for awhile?
Leave us alone, girls. Come on.
you're looking for me, aren't you?
And here I come.
I'm here to get your beloved object...
...sacrifice to the spirit of my beloved son.
I have freed fishs.
I have freed turtles.
I have even freed my wife.
I was trying to be a nice guy.
Do I have to make more merits?
Or shooting a wicked man is not a sin?
A sin... Not a sin.
A sin... Not a sin.
A sin... Not a sin.
Master Dum?
Master Dum?
Master Dum?
I'm down here.
Get me out of here.
Where the hell have you three gone?
You jackass!
I should have tattooed an ass on you.
How was it?
Three of you together
cannot beat only a monkey.
You let him loot all of my sacred things.
Luckily he didn't know
that having the master's flesh
is gonna make him unbeatable.
You craps never be his contenders.
Keep that in your boneheads...
Whoever eats his master's flesh,
he'll be a conqueror.
Like me!
All of the powers
I have is derived from my master's flesh.
I'm your master!
Even the rainstorm
cannot put out the fire in one's mind.
If your heart is still on fire...
You'd better go through that storm.
Sufficient life.
Sufficient to feed our family.
Be not too luxurious...
Be hard working...
The supreme kindness
from his Majesty... always value high.
We all live in harmony...
do not forsake our country.
Whose van is it?
Look! Foreigners! The tour group is here.
I wanna see foreigners.
Hello, sir. Who you are looking for?
Where is Yod?
Oh he is not here now.
I want my stuff back.
- Can you wait for him? He'll be any minute.
- Take it easy.
Damian... what's your call?
Tear this place down!
Hey! Hold on!
Wake up! We are in trouble now.
What is going on?
I told you. Stop.
Whan... get them out of here.
Stop it!
Stop it! Why do you destroy
our sacred things?
Those are foreteachers we believe in.
You're on Thai's soil.
We don't like the violence here.
If you wanna break up something,
do it to me.
Hurry up! Run!
Come on! Get out of here!
Get out of here!
Don't hurt them.
They are just kids.
Run away!
Why are you hurting me?
Everybody! Get out of here!
Goh... Run!
Everybody... stay away!
You leave me no other choice.
L'll show you how powerful Muay Thai is.
I've never get trained but it's in my blood.
You dipshit!
I'm not ready yet...
why did you punch me?
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Goh... Run!
Kick me again if you dare.
No! My Doraemon! My Doraemon!
That's enough!
Why do you have to hurt him?
Stop it!
Miss Whan.
Don't just stand there. Go help them.
Is that good? Come here.
Stay away from it.
Come on here.
Are you gonna be all right, Miss Whan?
Are you gonna be all right?
Are you gonna be all right, Miss Whan?
You're the man.
Thanks, man.
I always want it for a long time.
Master! Master!
From now on we will know our birthday.
Thank you, bro.
Let's go.
Where is Mang-Por?
They took her.
Everything that has happened...
...is according to the law of karma.
Don't get too distressed and miserable.
Thinking of the virtues of the Buddha
and your life will be in serenity.
Take those kids back home.
This is the reason...
why you've never told us anything.
The thing they want... is it really worth?
For our lives at the cozy house?
You must go rescue Mang-Por...
whom you dearly love
and bring her back to me.
No! You can't get in.
You kill my friend!
Fantastic! Right there.
Very good. Very good.
Oh! I feel good!
I really love it, LukKed, LukChoup.
All right. A little bit up. A little bit down.
Be careful. It's my ass.
Fantastic! You two are the best.
That's good! Right down there. That's it.
All right, sir.
Changing hands?
Ouch! Why are you stroking so harsh?
You bitches!
What the hell are you doing?
This bastard is trying to kill you, Yoi.
Boss Yoi!
Who is that, Mark?
Who in the world would kill
a saint like me?
Lt's this fuckhead... stooge of master Toh.
You sent your men to kill him.
He wants his revenge.
Perfect! Crispy Crunchy.
Let the game begins!
Crispy Crunchy... what a cute name!
Oh... Fuck!
Where is Mang-Por?
Lf you want that little girl back alive...
bring that 'thing' to the factory
in three days.
Why are you up here?
Where else could I be?
Lt's good you're here.
What I want is with you, right?
How dare you get up here...
Your guts will get filled with lead.
What did you shoot Mr. Lam?
He's my sponsor!
Lt's trigger off because of this bastard.
What? Why the fuck did you shoot at me?
I'm sorry.
No, you don't need to.
Come here.
No! No!
That is enough.
You son of a bitch.
Yod. Yod. Are you all right?
Don't move, son.
Lie still for a couple days.
So that the herb juice can penetrate
to fix up your bones.
I can tell that all of your bones are broken.
It's been a long time
since I cured somebody.
Every magic herbs I have,
I've given to you.
I'm not sure if it'd complete the formula.
It always has the owner.
The yantras choose that person
when the time comes.
Yod is here.
Yod is here, Miss Whan.
L'll leave you here.
Means you don't mad at me anymore.
Not quite.
L'll bring Mang-Por back.
You know where she is?
When I'm gone,
you should take the best care of it.
It's the priceless legacy
from my forefathers...
inherited through generations.
It has a long history.
The coveted object
that virtually everyone dreams of.
Even the rainstorm cannot put out
the fire in one's mind.
If your heart is still on fire...
You'd better go through that storm.
His power is supreme
when he's gone wild.
You cannot attack when he falls.
Fast as wind.
Hard to catch.
He's a son of Wind God.
Afraid of the water.
His dead spot is a place without wind.
Oh fuck!
Kill him.
And that girl, too.
Yod, help me.
Tell me...
about everything that happened.
What exactly is in this bag?
Some day... you're gonna need it, Yod.
This stuff should be kept well and proper,
Or the disaster will come to
whoever possesses it.
It's the priceless ruby. Ruby of Siam.