Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown (2011) Movie Script

Tell me where you buried the blanket!
Tell me where you buried the blanket!
Please, tell me where it is.
Good grief. How did this happen?
All right, gang,
this is the beginning of a new season.
And if we're going to improve this year,
we'll need to work extra hard.
You and that stupid blanket.
You're out.
I can't stand it.
If I were you, I would be afraid of what
the other kids would say about that blanket.
Do you have anything in your pocket
you can throw into the air?
All I have is a piece of candy.
They don't say much.
Isn't he the cutest thing?
You fascinate me.
Never fall in love with a musician.
It's washday.
It's halfway through the first cycle.
It's in the rinse cycle.
It's in the spin cycle.
It's in the dryer.
Don't say anything.
Just go get a pair of scissors.
You know, Schroeder...
...I bet if we were married some day,
we'd be very happy.
While you were practicing the piano,
I'd be in the kitchen making your breakfast.
Then I'd bring it in like this.
And set it out all nice
and prop up your favorite newspaper...
...and pour your coffee.
Wouldn't that be romantic?
I'll probably never get married.
My cards.
You and that stupid blanket.
What's it to you?
You think you'll be dragging that thing
around for the rest of your life.
Maybe I won't drag it around
for the rest of my life.
That's right, you won't.
Because I just talked to Grandma...
...and she says that none
of her other grandchildren has a blanket.
Tell Grandma that I'm very happy for her.
And that my admiration...
...for those other wonderfully well-adjusted
grandchildren knows no bounds.
Why don't you tell her yourself?
- Tell her myself?
- Yeah.
Because she'll be here in one week.
And this time, she's serious about
making you give up that stupid blanket.
How serious?
She said that either you give up that blanket
by the time she gets here...
...or she'll do it for you.
Do it for me?
Yeah. By cutting the stupid thing up
into a thousand pieces.
Have you thought about how you're going
to rid yourself of your blanket, Linus?
It will be hard.
But I don't need this blanket.
I don't need it at all.
I can throw it away anytime I want to.
Grandma. Six days.
Never believe anything I say.
Look, Charlie Brown, you've got to help me
break this blanket habit.
Why don't you let me try
to find some sort of substitute?
It works pretty well.
But it does have its drawbacks.
Linus, I really like you.
You're my Sweet Babboo.
But I could like you even more
if you'd give up that blanket.
Besides, no future husband of mine
is going to sit around holding a blanket.
I'm not your Sweet Babboo.
I'm not your future husband.
And I don't really care
if you like me or not.
I look forward to the day when
I'll understand girls.
I need your help, Charlie Brown.
I'm going to try and kick this blanket
once and for all.
I want you to take care of it for me.
But no matter how much I plead,
don't give it back to me.
Good grief. I can't do it.
I think I've changed my mind.
Please, give it back.
You're weaker than I am.
Now let's do it right this time.
You hang onto it for me, but don't give it
to me even if I beg you for it.
Don't give it back to me
no matter how much I plead.
No matter how desperate I become.
I've changed my mind. I want it.
No, no, no!
Good grief.
What's the matter?
"What's the matter?" he asks.
You're a disgrace.
No girl could ever like anyone
as dirty as you.
Girls like boys who are clean and neat
and who keep their shoelaces tied.
But there are a lot of things more important
than just being clean.
What on earth are you doing here?
I need professional help.
I can't get rid of this blanket.
It's the only thing that keeps me going.
Well, as they say on TV...
...the mere fact that you realize
you need help...
...indicates that you are not
too far gone.
But I'm in sad shape.
Have no fear, little brother.
My job is to heal.
To guide the patient.
To be that voice gently whispering
sound advice into his ear.
Grow up!
Too much healing can be hazardous
to your health.
Schroeder, if I told you I had the feeling
you and I would get married someday...
...would you chuckle lightly
or laugh loud and long?
I don't know.
It's kind of hard to say offhand.
Schroeder, I have the feeling
you and I will get married someday.
Loud and long.
This is it.
Give me back my blanket.
No. I've got it and I'm going to keep it.
This is the start you need
to break the habit.
Hey, now, let's talk this thing over.
Listen. When Grandma gets here...
...she expects you to be done
with this blanket.
But she's not here yet.
I know. That's why this is just a start.
We'll see if you can do without it
for a while.
Besides, you said you could give up
this blanket anytime.
Now you're going to have to prove it.
Why don't you just tear off a little corner
and let me give it up gradually?
King me.
So where did you put my blanket?
I put it in the hall closet
and locked the door.
We'll see if you can do without it
until dinner.
Until dinner? Is that all?
Why, of course, I can.
Dinner? Ha!
It'll be a cinch.
Hey, Linus. Where's your blanket?
Lucy locked it in the closet.
She wants me to do without it
until dinner.
It's her way of getting me to gradually
free myself of it before Grandma comes.
You don't look too well.
How would you look
if your whole nervous system was shot?
No substitutes.
King me.
And no substitutes.
No substitutes!
Well, my Sweet Babboo...
...I hear you're going to go without
your blanket for a whole day.
I'm not your Sweet Babboo.
I'll never last until dinner.
I have hot and cold flashes.
My eyes won't focus.
I gotta have that blanket.
I'm cracking up and nobody cares.
Nobody, nobody, nobody!
I think your keeping the blanket away from
Linus has gone far enough, Lucy.
You'd better unlock the closet
and give it back.
What makes you say that, Charlie Brown?
I guess maybe you're right.
Three days!
Pig Pen, you're a disgrace.
You're a mess when you eat,
a mess when you play...
...and a mess when you're just
standing still.
Why are you always so dirty?
When in the world are you going
to clean up?
I have affixed to me
the dirt of countless ages.
Who am I to disturb history?
Schroeder loves me. He loves me not.
He loves me. He loves me not.
He loves me. He loves me not.
No manager in the history of baseball...
...has ever had to go through what
I have to go through.
What's going on here?!
I knew I'd never get away with it.
Snoopy, where is it?
When I find you, I'll fix you good.
I mean it.
Now, all you have to do is
hold the kite like this...
...and then let go when I tell you to.
Are you ready?
Okay, let go.
My kite. My beautiful kite.
You didn't let go.
I said to let go and you didn't let go.
You didn't say "please."
I'm mad this time, Snoopy.
I'm really mad.
Where is he? Where is that stupid dog?
What's the matter with you?
Snoopy has my blanket.
And when I find him, I'll fix him good.
Say, that's a beautiful kite, Lucy.
It's very pretty.
Sort of a pale blue, isn't it?
It's just about the same color
as my... blanket!
You made a kite out of my blanket?
How could you?
Well, I just took the blanket...
...folded two corners together like this,
You let go of it! You let go of it!
You made a kite out of my blanket
and then you let go of it!
Stop complaining.
Grandma will be here in two days.
I did you a favor.
What am I going to do without
that blanket?!
I can't face life unarmed!
What are you looking at, Linus?
Lucy made a kite out of my blanket.
Then she let go of it.
It flew away.
My blanket flew completely out of sight.
Way out over some houses
and some trees.
I bet I'll never see it again.
You're an expert on kites, Charlie Brown.
What do you think?
I think maybe I should try making a kite
out of a blanket.
I want to run an ad in the paper,
Charlie Brown.
You write it and I'll dictate it.
Lost, one light blue blanket
in the shape of a kite.
Please return.
Anything else?
Owner desperate.
What if it never landed?
What if it kept flying?
What if it went out over the ocean?
Oh, my poor blanket!
It's always been afraid of the water!
It can't swim!
It can't even wade!
Where's Linus?
How should I know?
He's probably standing somewhere waiting
for his stupid blanket to come back.
Why'd you have to let go of it?
It's for his own good, Charlie Brown.
He has two days left to break that dumb
habit before Grandma gets here.
He might as well get used to it now.
You know, Lucy, I have to admit,
I see some value in this blanket business.
It seems to put him in a mood
for contemplation.
I imagine it quiets his mind
so he can really think about things.
In fact, I think a lot of your problems
would be solved, Lucy, if you had a blanket.
Maybe if you had a blanket,
you wouldn't be so crabby.
And so mean-spirited. And so...
Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight
I wish I had my Sweet Babboo
right here beside me.
You stupid star.
This first night without the blanket
is going to be the hardest.
It's hard on a little kid who has always
depended on a blanket...
...suddenly to be deprived of it.
He's feverish.
Is it morning yet?
No, it's only 10:00.
Ten o'clock?
This night is going to last forever.
I'll never make it.
Why did Lucy have to let go
of my blanket?
It's nice of you to sit up with me
this first night.
This is what friends are for.
Good old Charlie Brown.
He's finally gone to sleep.
Maybe if he can make it through the night
without his blanket, he'll be all right.
Sleep is just what he needs.
If he can just sleep for...
How's he doing?
I can't go through another night
like last night again.
Can't I try and find you another substitute
or something, Linus?
Would you give a starving dog
a rubber bone?
You know, Charlie Brown, when a child
is without his security blanket...
...people don't realize what
it does to him.
But that blanket sure can cause
you problems, Linus.
Listen, Charlie Brown.
That old blanket soaks up all my fears
and frustrations.
Don't you have fears and frustrations,
Charlie Brown?
- Blockhead.
- Blockhead.
Here comes old Charlie Brown.
Good old Charlie Brown. Yes, sir.
How I hate him.
They found it! I'm saved!
Look, look! I got a telegram from
the Air Rescue Service.
They found my blanket floating
in the ocean.
- They even put it in the mail for me.
- Wow!
I'll say.
They found my blanket, Charlie Brown.
They found my blanket.
Here's a telegram for you.
Grandma. One more day.
Uh, there's no mail for me?
Why do you care if there's mail for you?
- No reason.
- Ha!
The Air Rescue Service mailed you
your blanket and you're waiting for it.
If that blanket of mine is lost in the mail,
it's your fault, you know.
They'll have to haul me away
kicking and screaming.
I crack up and they haul me away,
what are you going to do?
I'll write you.
That's the first time
I've ever seen a kite explode.
Hey, Linus. Come here. Hurry.
I don't think your blanket was lost
in the mail at all.
I might have known.
My blanket. My beautiful blanket.
It's torn and it's damp, but it's mine.
No. I'll probably never get married.
- Well, that's that.
- What?
Grandma's coming this afternoon.
So I thought I'd help you cure yourself
of that stupid habit once and for all.
What did you do?
I buried it.
You buried my blanket?!
You can't do that!
I just got it back!
I had no choice.
Grandma expects you to be done with
that dumb blanket before she gets here.
Tell me where you buried it.
Tell me.
Tell me, tell me, tell me.
Oh, tell me.
Please, tell me where you buried it.
Gotta find it. Gotta find it. Gotta find it.
Gotta find it. Gotta find it. Gotta find it.
I'll find it. I'll find it.
Do you hear me?! I'll find it!
Tell me where you buried the blanket!
Tell me where you buried the blanket!
I hear my Sweet Babboo
got his blanket back.
Yeah. That nosy dog found it
and dug it up.
I don't care anymore. From now on,
I'm through trying to help people.
They never appreciate it anyway.
Pig Pen, you disgust me.
You know, Pig Pen,
I think we all owe you an apology.
We've all been teasing you a lot lately.
But who am I to tease you?
You may be dirty,
but at least you have character.
Me, I'm blah.
That's just what I am, blah.
I'm completely blah.
I was born blah and I'll die blah.
When you're looking at me...
...you're looking at the all-time
number-one champion blah.
This time,
I'm not letting you out of my sight.
- Where's my piano?
- You ruined our castle.
You and that stupid blanket.
That stupid blanket.
I told you to get rid of that thing.
That blanket is terrible.
What is it with you and that blanket?
Why do you have it?
I need my blanket!
I admit it!
Look at all of you.
Who among you doesn't
have an insecurity?
Who among you doesn't depend
on someone or something...
...to help you get through the day?
Who among you can cast the first stone?
How about you, Sally?
You with your endless Sweet Babboos.
Or you, Schroeder?
You with your Beethoven,
Beethoven, Beethoven.
And you, Lucy.
Never leaving Schroeder alone.
Obsessing over someone who doesn't care
if he ever sees you again.
What do you want?
Do you want to see me unhappy?
Do you want to see me insecure?
Do you want to see me end up
like Charlie Brown?
Even your crazy dog, Charlie Brown.
Suppertime, suppertime, suppertime.
Nothing but suppertime, 24 hours a day.
Are any of you secure?!
Hi, Grandma. How are you?
I'm fine, I guess.
My blanket? Yes, I do have it, Grandma.
I have it right here.
Yes, I know.
I know you're against kids
carrying blankets.
Yes, I know.
And I know that
I can't keep fooling you forever.
But I want to say something, Grandma.
It's that I need this blanket.
It's the only real security I have.
Remember the last time you were here,
Remember when you drank
12 cups of coffee?
Perhaps your drinking
12 cups of coffee...
...was not unlike my need for
a security blanket.
Hand it over?
You want me to hand it over?
I decoyed her with a dishtowel.
So your grandma's gone back home,
huh, Linus?
Yup. No more fights over my blanket.
No more arguments.
She really thought she could
make me get rid of it.
Actually, I was sorry to see her go.
I'm going to miss the thrill of the chase.