Happy 40th (2015) Movie Script

(gentle acoustic guitar music)
When the Earth don't spin at the speed
And the apple don't fall from the tree
Say I don't mind, tomorrow I'll be fine
Happy, just you and me
You can always rest your head
On the throne of my knee
Say I don't mind, I'm young, I'm alive
I'm happy, just you and me
Did you fix that light upstairs?
[Ben] Last night.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Hey, thank you so much.
You're welcome.
All right.
Oh whoops.
Hi, hi.
[Ana] Please, can you grab those?
All right.
Thank you so much.
What's up, cowboy?!
It's good to see you.
Good to see you.
Where's my girl?!
Thank you.
Thank you, see you later.
Oh my God, what is going on, are you
kidding me, you look gorgeous!
And so do you.
(mumbles), come here you.
[Ben] Sasha's here.
You look so good, thank you for coming.
Of course, are you kidding?
[Sophia] How was your trip?
[Ana] Who cares, how are you?
[Ana] Aw, so happy to see you.
Those are beautiful, thank you.
[Ben] Hey!
Give me a hug, give me a hug!
[Sasha] (laughs) Hi!
Your bags in here?
Yes, oh thank you, thanks, thanks.
[Ben] Is that it?
Oh my gosh, that's it, sorry.
[Ben] Okay come on,
let's go, let's get inside.
Okay, woo!
It's freezing!
[Ben] It is, it's cold.
[Sasha] Oh my God.
Oh my gosh!
(playful scream)
Come here.
[Sasha] Oh my gosh, you guys!
Oh my God.
(laughs) I'm gonna
put you guys upstairs.
Great great, Kat should definitely
be on the first floor in case
she decides to fall out a window.
Oh God, don't say that.
I'm so excited for
us all to be together!
She should be here soon.
Yeah, she should.
[Sasha] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!
(laughs) That's good.
[Sasha] So delicious, thank you.
Yeah, thanks for cooking.
[Sasha] It's a feast.
(faint rock music)
Kat's here.
[Sasha] Kat here!
[Ben] All right.
Hey, how's it going?
(laughs) Good to see you.
Who's this guy?
You wanna introduce, or...
I met him yesterday.
That's cool.
(laughs) Hi.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
[Sasha] Yay!
[Sasha] How are you?
Come here, you.
Hi, how are you?
Oh wow.
[Sasha] We saved a plate for you.
Perfect, salty bacon.
[Sasha] How was the drive?
[Kat] Someone dropped me off.
All the way out here?
Happy birthday!
- [Sophia] Thank you.
- How quaint.
[Kat] You got any OJ?
Yes, perfect!
All right, yes, mimosas.
[Sasha] Here and like
ways of saying (mumbles).
Ana, I see you everywhere.
Yeah, you're like blowing up.
Yeah, the character's
getting all sorts of press.
I was in the LA Times last week.
[Sophia] Oh wow!
[Ana] I know, it's pretty cool.
We watch it every week.
It's great.
I love the writing.
[Ana] It's good.
[Ana] I think so.
The best part is that my character can't
get killed off because I'm too popular.
Too many fans.
[Sasha] That's so great.
[Ana] Thank you.
Do the fans tweet about you
or something, or how does that...
Yeah, I guess they've been tweeting
or writing the show and trying to
tell the writers what to do with me,
who my character should sleep with.
I know.
Do you get free clothes
for all the events you go to?
They usually lend me stuff,
I don't get to keep it.
I do, however, get some
very nice goodie bags.
I know, thank you for those
sunglasses, they're so fancy.
[Ana] You're so welcome,
they're good right?
I got a pair too.
They seem so fun and glamorous.
You know you could...
- Go ahead, please.
- [Ana] What?
No, it is fun and glamorous.
But, I like that part, but sometimes I
get pretty stressed out trying to
figure out what the hell
to wear to everything.
Yes, clothes, it's stressful.
Seriously, you don't know Kat
until you have to come up with all
these outfits for all
these fucking events.
(laughs) You have to
change three times a day.
And normal people don't.
Normal people don't get stuck in
plants, what are you doing over there?
Leave the plant alone.
I wish my life had
some fun, I mean I hear
what you're saying, but
it looks pretty exciting.
Yeah, you could probably find some
fun if you went out every once in awhile.
[Ana] I keep telling you you
should come out to Los Angeles.
Yeah, or even just a restaurant in town.
I mean I've got a guest
room on the first floor
and I would buy you a
first class plane ticket.
I could use a visitor.
That's nice, offer her a ticket.
[Ana] What?
I'm serious, I'll come in a wheelchair.
That'll get me a first class ticket.
[Sophia] Oh my God, Kat.
Did you just say that?
Don't you miss us?
[Ana] Did you just say that?
Do you want some cash too, Kat?
I do, I do miss you.
No no, she doesn't,
she was saying earlier
how she's so happy that
40 only comes once.
[Sophia] I was not saying that.
I should be coming here all the
time, I'm so sorry, I think about
it all the time, and then I get so busy.
It's okay Sasha, I know
you all have your lives.
No it's not, I have to hire more help,
I just don't trust that
many people with the dogs.
You should hire someone hot so that
he could perhaps become your husband.
[Kat] That should spice up Doggy Heaven.
[Ben] Who's helping you this weekend?
A friend.
[Ana] A friend?
Yes, a friend.
He's great, but he has a full time job,
he's doing me a favor this weekend.
Does he have a full time wife?
Guys, you're crazy!
I'm totally happy.
Why are you happy?
I mean no, seriously Sasha, don't you
want somebody to be there?
No, I'm actually really enjoying
this time on my own, I'm done with
the crazy dancing life,
can relax a little bit,
can be around with dogs
every day, and I haven't...
Really met anybody that I really loved.
[Ana] Well plenty of
people have loved you.
[Ben] Yeah, they did in
college, that's for sure.
No they didn't.
Yes they did.
When I was a freshman,
you were like the senior.
[Ben] I used to tell
you that all the time,
they would say she was
like a hot librarian.
[Sasha] Ew!
[Ana] Librarian, I like it Sasha.
[Sasha] That is not true at all!
I think you're a dog whisperer.
What does that mean?
What's that supposed to mean?
You just have a special thing with dogs.
With dogs and not
people, that's wonderful.
Why are we even talking about me?
Weren't we talking about me visiting
Sophia, and then what happened?
Please don't worry about it,
I'm thrilled everyone's here now.
Just stop being so nice.
(mumbles) there's
something wrong with her.
Hey, I have to, I have to get out
to the store 'cause I didn't get
a chance to stock up for the weekend.
[Sasha] I'll go with you.
Nobody has to go.
No, let me drive.
You know what, I'm gonna come too,
I gotta pick some things up
and I wanna get groceries.
Oh please don't do
that, you're our guest.
[Ana] Oh God, I can buy
some fucking groceries.
I'll stay with you.
(acoustic guitar music)
If this is all I'm going to get
From this world, then so be it
I'm too tired to throw the (mumbles)
So how are you guys doing?
Good, you know?
Yeah, we're really good.
She still really won't
get out of the house?
[Ben] Nope.
[Ben] Not really, no.
Not even to the beach,
it's just down the road.
No, she stays inside
pretty much 24/7 now.
That's terrible.
What about her therapy?
[Ben] They come to the house.
So you're not getting out then either.
I check on the guys at work, but I have
to be around, I don't stay out too long.
[Sandra] What about
just a movie or something?
[Ben] Nope.
You are truly amazing, Ben.
Love her so much.
Ben, I understand why you feel...
Why you stay there with her.
It doesn't seem right for you.
No, it's right for me.
[Sasha] Maybe I mean...
It's fair for me.
[Sasha] You didn't do that to her, Ben.
I did do that to her.
[Ana] Yeah, well not on purpose.
[Sasha] I know this is private,
and you don't have to answer, but can
I ask you something really personal?
I never feel comfortable asking Sophia.
[Ben] Sure, yeah, go ahead.
What do you guys do about sex?
[Ana] Oh my God, Sasha.
[Ben] No, it's okay.
Nothing really.
We just...
We don't.
She says she can't, so...
She can't?
Yeah, I don't know.
I don't know.
[Sasha] You mean physically?
The doctors say she can.
[Sasha] Wow, so there's
a lot going on with her.
And you're okay with that?
Yeah, it's not really
that big of a deal.
[Sasha] That's a huge deal, Ben.
Two years, it's a long time.
Yeah, but I don't
know, I think anything's
worth it if you love
someone enough, right?
[Sasha] I don't think,
no, no I don't think so.
There's no way that can be enough.
Ugh, Ben, you're amazing and loyal.
[Ben] No, I'm not loyal.
[Sasha] Yes you are.
[Ana] It's pretty sexy too.
I'm not fucking loyal, I mean
I drove the car into a tree.
[Ana] All right, all right, we don't
have to talk about it, seriously.
Wait, why we have to
stop talking about it?
[Sasha] I don't know...
No, I drove the car into, hey!
I drove the car into a tree, right?
I drove it into a tree, we all get that.
I put her in the fucking
wheelchair, but I love her, right?
No no, it's not loyalty.
And what are you talking
about, what are you saying?
No, no, I wasn't saying anything...
I love her, it's not...
Are you talking about leaving her?
[Sasha] What, no!
I was not saying anything about
leaving her, I was just asking
what you guys, what you, how you...
I don't know, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry, you know, I...
[Sasha] No, don't
apologize, don't apologize.
It's awful, it's none of my business.
I'm sorry.
We passed the market.
You think these people
are in love for real?
I don't know.
[Kat] They probably see
each other twice a year.
We can ask Ana.
She wishes she were that famous.
And Paul's not an actor.
[Sophia] Yeah I know, but
she knows some of those people.
Does she seem happy to you?
I mean all she does is talk
about her character and shop.
I think she's shopping all the time.
She's making a lot of money now,
maybe she's making up for lost time.
But I wanna talk about you.
How's Ethan?
Ethan, that guy you
couldn't stop talking about?
Oh yeah, that ended.
[Sophia] I didn't know that.
Yeah, like the third or
fourth date he was wearing
this necklace and it
just didn't seem right.
I don't understand, like a
religious symbol or something?
No, I just thought a
girl should be wearing it.
I thought you really liked him.
[Kat] I don't like anyone.
I actually hate everybody.
(laughs) No you don't.
Yes I do, I'm the exact opposite of you.
[Sophia] I don't love everyone.
Well then you hide it well.
How's your mom, is she doing well?
[Kat] Yeah.
I'm giving her something to do.
She's a sweetheart and
what an amazing cook.
Do you remember that incredible
dinner she made for us after that
Thanksgiving weekend when we were
driving back into the city?
[Sophia] You don't?
Oh, it had the most delicious wine sauce.
I'm glad she lives next door to you,
she keeps an eye on that crazy friend.
I don't have a choice.
I'm kinda stuck there.
[Sophia] Yeah.
Do you think you'll start working again?
I'll be right back.
You excited about your big one?!
(laughs) I'm excited you're all here.
I'm not too excited about getting older.
Well we're having the party of
all parties right here in this room!
We got booze, we got hookers,
we got dentist gas.
Hey Ben.
I'm sorry, I'm really
sorry about what I said.
Don't worry about it.
Even if...
Even if it wasn't me that you...
I mean I want you to have everything.
I know.
I do.
Little help?
All right, we got groceries, grab these.
You get this one?
[Sasha] Here, sorry.
[Ana] You got that?
I got it.
[Ana] Thank you.
[Sasha] Thank you.
Can you get the cake?
Yes yes yes yes yes.
No no no!
[Sasha] Oh shit!
Oh shit!
Oh shit!
(laughs) Oh man!
Oh shit!
You guys are awesome.
[Ben] Hey!
You really went all out with the decor.
[Sophia] I love it, I
love a single balloon.
That's so sweet.
No, come on, they just
blew away right now.
[Sophia] Aw, I'm sorry.
[Ana] You shouldn't be sorry.
[Sophia] It's okay, how about
I make tea for everyone?
Oh I'd love some.
[Sophia] Okay.
[Sasha] Crazy pants there.
Where is she going?
[Ana] Did you see her take
something while we were out?
No, I mean not that I know of.
She had a few mimosas.
[Sasha] I thought
she was getting better.
[Sophia] I think she needs more time.
Just act natural.
[Sophia] What's happening over here.
(idle chatter)
I'm fine, guys.
[Sasha] Aww, beautiful.
Oh my gosh.
Oh, I think I forgot about this,
is this how he proposed?
[Sasha] That's so adorable.
[Sophia] Yeah, I know.
It was wrapped in a little box
and I opened it Christmas morning.
Right, right.
You're so lucky.
I mean about you and
Ben, I wasn't saying...
I wasn't saying you're lucky.
No, I know what you meant.
I am lucky.
I miss you.
Looking at you makes me
realize how much I miss you.
I'm coming here more often.
I promise you.
I would love that.
Is there something special
you wanna do this weekend?
Just be around you guys.
You want us to take you somewhere?
We can do that.
I hope everyone's having a good time.
I would hate it if they
felt obligated to be here.
No, why would you say that?
They're your best friends.
[Sophia] I know.
Probably not too exciting to be
cooped up in here all weekend.
[Ben] They're here for your birthday.
I mean it's just, it's one weekend.
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
Probably any longer, it
might be a drag for them.
Do you think so?
I don't know, what are you asking me?
You want them to stay longer?
[Sophia] No, no.
Is it hard, is it...
Is it hard for you to
be in the house so much?
[Ben] You're asking me?
Not as hard as not having
sex with you anymore.
What, you wanna talk about me not
being able to go out all the time,
but you don't wanna deal with
not having sex for two years?
Why are you bringing this up right now?
I don't know, why can't
I bring this up right now?
[Sophia] (whispers) It seems like a
discussion we should
have when we're alone.
We're always alone and you
never wanna talk about it.
I thought maybe you'd wanna talk
about it now with your girlfriends around
'cause then you could talk to them later.
I don't know what to say, Ben.
[Ben] Say why you
won't have sex with me.
I mean...
What am I supposed to do with that?
Do you want me around so I
can take care of everything?
Because I will, I will always
take care of everything.
I wanna know why you don't touch me.
If you don't love me anymore,
I can deal with that.
But I think I should know.
Of course I love you.
I'm sorry, I'm just not myself yet.
[Ben] Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(laughs) It's your birthday.
I'm gonna go make sure everything's ready.
[Sasha] We should've
gotten a smoke machine.
Oh yeah, for a super
dramatic entrance for her.
[Sasha] Exactly.
I wish we got one of
those karaoke things so
that we could do battle
rounds like on The Voice.
That's such a good idea,
why aren't we doing that?
Because that show's ridiculous.
Thank you, and yet
you obviously watch it.
Sophia watches it.
Okay, you don't have to be embarrassed,
we all love The Voice, I love it so much.
[Ana] Honestly, oh my God, I don't have
time to watch that, but
even if I did, mmm-mmm.
[Sasha] What?!
That is the best show!
It's the best show ever.
[Ana] Nice of you to join us.
Isn't The Voice the best show ever?
Oh it's the fucking best.
[Sasha] I agree!
Yeah, and if I like
someone's song I watch it
- over and over.
- Over and over.
[Ana] Okay, you guys are truly insane.
Anyone want a beer?
[Sasha] Me!
[Kat] Don't tell me you don't watch it.
I don't watch that, I don't have time.
If you did, you would though.
[Ana] No I wouldn't.
I can't believe you're
telling me that you...
Have never watched my show once,
and yet you watch The
Voice over and over again.
I have watched your show.
That was the pilot,
the very first episode,
the show's been on for four years, Kat.
Well do you guys sing?
[Sophia] Can I come out now?
Hold on!
[Group] Happy birthday!
It looks beautiful, I love it!
That's for you.
Thank you.
[Ben] Cheers.
[Group] Cheers, cheers!
All right, presents or,
wait a minute everybody.
You got that crazy look in your eye.
Like you got to get down.
We're gonna dance.
You need to dance.
(upbeat dance music)
Remember you can see a
blackbird a thousand ways
You can be a soldier,
you can be the snow
Under the boots of an
army with miles to go
And you can be white horses on that hill
You can be white horses,
you can carry Heaven until
Yesterday happened
just exactly as it did
You can't go back and undo it
You're not a knot, you're not a dead end
Don't ever forget
You are a body of work,
you are a body of work
You are a body of work, edit it
You are electric, you are electric
You are electric, so sing it
You are a body of work,
you are a body of work
You are a body of work, edit it
You are electric, you are electric
You are electric
Freedom is what you do with what
With what's been done to you
Freedom is what you do with what
With what's been done to you
Freedom is what you do with what
With what's been done to you
Freedom is what you do with what
With what's been done to you
You want more?
[Ana] Oh God, I quit.
It's all for you.
A one woman show.
It is quite amazing what you can do.
When I drink, I can't help myself.
Your legs just go up.
They do!
All right Sophia, you gotta open gifts.
[Sophia] You guys, you
didn't have to get me anything.
[Kat] I didn't.
- (laughing)
- [Sophia] Good, good.
[Ana] All right, open mine first.
I can't take these.
- (laughing)
- [Ana] Yes you can.
You sent me so much stuff already.
Oh come on, it's your 40th.
Aren't they gorgeous?
[Sophia] Yes!
Oh my gosh!
[Ana] Oh you're so welcome.
And you should really thank the show.
Where are you gonna wear those?
They're daily wear diamonds.
She can wear them every day.
Open mine!
[Ana] All right, loud talker.
This is beautiful.
Gosh, thank you so much, it's so soft.
[Sasha] Yay!
I love it, I love it!
How's it look?
[Sasha] Happy birthday!
[Ana] Because everyone wants the
world to know that they're 40.
I'll just wear it for 10 years.
[Sasha] Yeah, right, yeah.
Oh that's not good, that's not good.
Oh shit!
You have something on your nose.
Oh my God!
That didn't work at all, hold on.
Give me one more shot!
There we are.
Let's go, I'll do it.
[Sasha] You present.
[Ben] Yes.
Shall we?
[Sasha] Sophia!
Happy birthday!
[Sasha] All right, make it a good one.
Wanna lick the icing?
[Sophia] Yeah.
Thank you very much.
Cheers again.
Cheers, cheers.
[Ana] I'll get the bottle.
Oh, you gonna take the bottle?
Here you go.
(faint soft rock music)
[Sasha] Hey.
What are you doing?
Just texting Paul.
We're still having a good time.
I will be right down.
That's right.
You can smoke in here, I don't mind.
Here, let me open the window.
You okay?
I need to lie down.
[Ben] Damn.
We can clean in the morning.
I was just commenting on the night.
Shit, I forgot to turn
on the water upstairs.
(door closes)
Oh my God, you scared me!
That's okay.
I need to turn on the water.
I was just going down to get some.
Let me do it.
Thank you.
Sorry I didn't do that earlier.
That's okay.
Well goodnight.
(gentle piano music)
I am doing all I can, love
But I don't understand, love
(mumbles) how we are
I have never felt before such, love
'Till I felt yours, love
Don't cut it down
You went running?
[Sasha] Yeah.
Wow, it's not cold, you're not hungover?
It's not too bad.
It's fine once you get going.
[Sophia] Ben?
[Sasha] Sophia's calling.
[Sophia] Ben?
[Ben] I'm gonna go start breakfast.
I'll be out in a minute.
(door closes)
[Ana] Oh no, here it comes.
He was wearing those the first
time he ever cooked for me.
[Sasha] He's a keeper.
How could you resist all of that?
(loud chatter)
[Ana] (gasps)
(laughs) These are huge.
I'm so sorry I couldn't find mine.
[Ana] Oh my gosh.
[Sasha] (mumbles).
[Ana] No!
Oh shit!
(playful yelling)
[Sasha] That...
Is cold feet.
[Ben] Oh no.
[Ana] You are evil!
That is the worst pair of boots ever!
(acoustic guitar music)
There she is!
[Ben] Get here!
The apple don't fall from the tree
Say I don't mind, tomorrow I'll be fine
Happiness, you and me
You can always rest your head
On the throne of my knee
Say I don't mind, I'm young, I'm alive
I'm happy, just you and me
It's freeze ass out there!
Yeah, it's cold.
God, my hands are freezing.
(mumbles) wimp.
I know I did and it seems impossible.
Is it always so beautiful out there?
I am not gonna lie, it's
pretty nice weather out there.
It's a great place to visit.
[Ben] You wouldn't wanna live there?
Not totally.
It's not totally my thing.
[Ben] Why not?
I just feel like everyone, not you Ana,
but everyone wants whatever they
don't have and you can feel that.
[Ben] Like what?
Like everything.
I went out there and I suddenly thought...
I need bigger boobs, I really thought
I wanted them, I just felt inadequate,
and then I was reading
this Sam Shepard book
and it said people in Los Angeles are
becoming the people
they're pretending to be.
I love it though, honestly,
I love the lifestyle
and I feel like once you find your people,
it's just a beautiful place to live.
What are you pretending to be?
We'll just ignore that.
[Kat] Yeah, that'd be something new.
What's the problem, Kat?
No problem.
[Ana] Okay?
I think we're just all hungover.
Or some of us are still partying.
Aren't we here
celebrating Sophia's 40th?
Yeah, so don't fucking judge me.
What are you talking about?
There's a lot I could
be judging you for.
And you do all the time, Kat.
You guys, we're having a fun weekend.
[Ana] Yeah, let's try and have fun.
Kat, can you please get on board?
Don't blame me.
Okay, okay, let's stop.
[Kat] No problem.
Sorry, guys.
Kat, you gotta stop
acting this way with me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
[Ana] Kat.
I thought you were my friend,
I thought you were one of my best friends.
Well then you should've
been there for me.
I said I was sorry.
I am sorry, I get that
I wasn't there for you,
but you act like you
don't do anything wrong.
Fuck Kat, you are difficult.
I don't know if you see yourself.
It's funny because
you only see yourself.
[Ana] That's completely untrue.
Do you think we all wanna hear about
your character and your clothes stuff?
Maybe not, but it's what I do.
It's my job.
It's narcissistic.
Yeah, so is your world right now.
[Kat] You mind?
I can't have kids.
You didn't tell me that.
Didn't you guys said you
would adopt if you could?
[Ana] Uh-huh.
Are you?
I don't think so, mama.
Fun times, and that snow was awesome.
It really was.
I hope we can do it again.
I would like that.
Me too.
No, no.
I can't, I'm sorry.
Do you wanna play?
I'll just check on her.
You okay?
What happened?
I think Ben hates me.
What on Earth are you
talking about, he loves you.
He does everything for you.
I know, but that's how he is.
I don't know.
Gosh, all I see is a husband that
stands by you through everything
and he's not going anywhere.
We're not...
Look, you guys just
need to go away somewhere,
somewhere warm and take a break, you know?
I think being cooped up in here
is finally taking its toll.
I know you're comfortable in here,
but you gotta leave the house, huh?
You did it today.
Next time, you go into town and sometime
soon after that come see me in LA.
I hate it.
Everyone stares or they try hard
not to or they act extra nice.
It's a strain.
I can feel the strain coming off people.
Fuck 'em, just ignore them.
I can't.
I tried, but it's hard, I'm not there yet.
It might be the worst when
people are trying to be nice.
They insist on helping
me when I don't need it.
But they insist, so I have to act nice
and be grateful for
something I didn't want.
I don't need someone following me out of
a store with a bag with some socks in it.
It's infuriating and
exhausting and I hate it.
We don't have sex.
(whispers) I'm gonna lose him.
You're not.
Just talk to him.
Just talk to him before it
gets any worse, that's all.
What if he tells me he doesn't love me?
[Ana] That is not going to happen.
It's freezing.
Are you okay?
I'm gonna go inside.
[Ben] Here, wait.
Oh fuck.
What's going on with our game?!
Let's play, what's Ana doing?
I don't know, maybe she
fell asleep with Soph?
Does Ben wanna play?
I don't think so, I'll be right back.
You are like a three year old, my God.
It's (mumbles).
I need some water.
Oh my God, I'm sorry.
Sorry sorry sorry, go ahead.
[Ana] Whoa!
[Sasha] Oh my gosh.
[Kat] Shit.
You okay?
It was like a strange dance move.
[Kat] Come in.
What's up?
You okay?
I'm worried about you.
About what?
[Sophia] What are those for?
Sleeping and waking up.
[Sophia] You having trouble doing
those things without help?
[Sophia] Have you tried
going a few days without them?
Not really.
[Sophia] Maybe you should.
Maybe you should try and see...
I'm fine.
Can I say something?
I know you think I don't
understand, but I do.
I think I really do.
I know it's not the same.
But I lost something too.
I had to fight so hard to
keep from staying medicated.
They had me on an incredible
amount of painkillers and
it was so much easier to get
through my days that way.
But I knew if I didn't
stop, that my life would
be nothing, that I'd never
be able to feel anything.
Feel anything?
You've stayed inside this
house every minute since.
You're right.
You're right.
Maybe there's no difference.
Maybe people think my life is nothing
right now, I mean I can't even bring
myself to go to the grocery store anymore.
But at least whatever I'm going through,
I'm thinking and feeling it,
it's actually me going through it.
I'm going through it.
I'm going through it!
[Sophia] I know, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean that you're not in pain.
I just miss her.
(sobs) I just miss her.
[Sophia] I know.
She was so tiny.
I miss her.
I miss her, I miss her, I miss her.
God, these dogs are so cute.
They always end up boarded together.
The owners seem to go away at exactly
the same time and the dogs are in love.
Maybe the owners are having an affair.
What are you talking about?
They don't even know each other.
You don't know that, they're
boarding the dogs at the same time.
Ben loves Sophia right?
I don't know, I was just
talking to her downstairs and...
You think he does, huh?
Why does it matter what I think?
[Ana] Just asking.
Yeah yeah, I'm sorry, I'm just
working on this e-mail for...
Yeah, yeah, I think he does love her.
Of course he does.
I was just coming to see you.
Please don't ever say anything.
(whispers) I know.
What are you guys whispering about?
I thought you might be sleeping.
[Sophia] No.
I'm gonna get a snack,
do you want anything?
I'm all set, thank you.
Me too.
Ben, I wanna go to the beach.
I really do.
Right now?
Maybe the girls will wanna come too.
I'll go ask.
[Ana] You think we
should try and wake her?
I think she needs to sleep some more.
[Sasha] Wow.
All these houses look so empty.
They are, they're summer homes.
That is when you should come
visit and meet the right person then.
Because they'll take care of her?
And she can have babies.
I'm taking care of myself, thank you.
Everyone knows I never wanted babies.
Well one of us has to have some babies.
Weren't you guys trying or something?
My bagel's officially frozen.
Bagel fight!
May I have your bagel?
[Sophia] Are you all right?
And the homeboy saved your coffee.
[Sasha] Thank you.
[Ana] Well played.
Brakes off.
(acoustic guitar music)
Do you miss me like I do you
Can you tell me at least once a day
Under a blanket, blue
sky, I'm peering in
Did you have sex?
Did you have sex?
What are you talking about?
You two.
Did you fuck?
Don't lie to me, don't
make me feel crazy.
Did you fuck him?!
Did you fuck my husband?!
I know you're lying
to me, I know you did!
You think I can't tell?
Everyone can tell!
Right, isn't it so obvious?
I had no idea.
Well now you know.
Was it in our house?
Was I sleeping?
Did it feel great?
Great to be with someone who can move her
legs, behind her head no less?
What a wonderful birthday present.
Thank you so much, thank you so much,
happy 40th, happy fucking 40th to me.
Get away from me!
[Sasha] Oh God.
Get away.
Please let me help you.
Paul left me.
Three weeks ago.
Are you okay?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for you.
[Kat] Did you go outside again?
What happened?
Ben and Sasha fucked.
(door slams)
[Ben] I don't know what to say.
I fucked up.
How could you with
one of my best friends?
I don't know.
You could've gone anywhere,
anywhere else, you could've paid for it.
Nobody would've known,
I wouldn't have to know.
This is so humiliating, anything
would've been better than this.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could take it back.
You can't.
I hate you right now and I hate Sasha.
This is my fault.
[Sophia] Please don't defend her.
Were you together in school
and you just never told me?
No, we never were, I didn't wanna be.
Oh, but she did?
How did I not know that?
She doesn't matter.
I don't wanna be with her.
You just were.
I am so angry, I have
never been this angry,
I don't know what to do with it.
Here here, stop it, stop it.
[Sophia] Let me go!
Let go of me, let go!
Oh God.
You're so beautiful.
[Sophia] Stop it.
No, you're beautiful.
And you used to think that about yourself
and you used to let me tell you that.
And you stopped thinking that,
but I still wanted to tell you and
show you how I felt and you never let me,
so I started thinking it's me.
I know you needed me.
Needed me to help you every day,
but I started to feel like you
didn't want me for anything else.
I'm not making excuses, I fucked up.
I just miss what we used
to be, I fucking miss it.
I have never stopped thinking that you are
the most beautiful person
that I've ever seen.
I didn't wanna know if I
couldn't feel it anymore.
[Ben] What?
What if I can't feel it?
What if I can't feel you?
What if you don't like it anymore?
I'm so sorry, Soph.
That's never gonna happen again.
I need some space right now.
Look at me.
Look at me.
What's wrong with you?
You are totally free and you body is
totally free and you chose my husband?
Sophia, I'm so sorry.
I didn't, I don't...
Is this why you never fell for anyone?
I don't know.
I can't think right now.
I don't think she'll ever forgive me.
You just have to try, Sasha, okay?
What is done is done
The anchor will pull me down
I'm waiting to drown in this
Ocean of guilt and regret
And what is done is done
The anchor will pull me down
I'm waiting to drown in this
Ocean and guilt and regret
We'd go last minute all the time.
Grab our tent and supplies
and some food and just go.
Always someplace new,
someplace we hadn't been.
It was my favorite thing,
sleeping in the woods.
I can see the stars through our tent.
When the moon is full it wakes
you up 'cause it's so bright.
It's my favorite thing.
It's what we were doing
when we hit that tree.
I like that you have that memory.
Oh my God, he's not dead.
I know, I just, I'm
saying that I think it's
beautiful that they shared
this moment together...
I don't even know what I'm fucking saying.
I know what you mean,
I know what you mean.
Oh, and Paul left me.
You should know that.
Three weeks ago.
I'm not sure.
Are you okay?
I don't know, I don't think
I'm feeling it yet maybe.
You should come to LA with me.
[Ana] Today.
That's funny.
[Ana] I'm serious.
What would I do there?
Create a new life, a
new identity, whatever.
[Sophia] I can't do that.
Sure you can.
I can't leave him.
Not forever, but you need a break.
He does too.
I can't.
This isn't me feeling sorry for you.
I could really use you out there.
Honestly, it's been lonely
in that big house and
I can afford to fix it up
with whatever you need.
If you wanted to work,
you can be my assistant.
My entourage.
How can I entice you?
Look, the driver's coming in two hours,
he's gonna take Kat home
and me to the airport.
Just think about it, okay?
I can't leave.
Yeah, but you can think about it.
Nothing's permanent.
(acoustic guitar music)
[Ben] Hey.
(sobs) I'm so sorry.
I love you.
I love you too.
(car revs)
(gentle piano music)
It was beautiful then
The sun wrote the story
and you turned your back
You said you looking that most brilliant
Edge of light on the ground
It's only my heart you're breaking
It's only my breath you're taking in
It's only my dream you're waking
My world you're shaking
My heart you're breaking
It's only my breath you're taking in
Only my dream you're waking
My world you're shaking
I've got a friend, he drinks with me
He gets deep into the dark of me
He said tell me, did
you really come this far
To love him halfway
I walked down avenues
I think of ways I can hide from you
My (mumbles) for the very first time
I'll be okay
It's only my heart you're breaking
It's only my breath you're taking in
Only my dream you're waking
My world you're shaking