Happy as Lazzaro (2018) Movie Script

Lazzaro, are you staring into the void?
Come on, they're waiting.
Tidy your hair at least.
Let's go.
Marin], gimme the light bulb, please.
No! I told you, it's our turn!
- But everyone there is sleeping.
- They've woken up.
I hope it blows!
Mum, could I have the one
from the kitchen?
No one touches that one.
- Anyway, what do you need it for?
- To see!
Let me sleep, please.
Oh, Mariagrazia...
Listen, they're singing for Mariagrazia.
They're saying you've got a fat ass.
Have I got a fat ass?
Go on, go to the window!
Gimme the light bulb!
Thank god!
- Aren't you gonna go?
- No.
- Sure?
- Of course I'm sure.
Okay then.
What are you doing?
I'm going.
No, Antonia!
Please, Antonia.
What's all this noise about?
Call Mariagrazia!
She can't.
- Why not?
- She's sick.
Sick how?
She's got an incurable disease.
Should I be worried?
It's that she can't... move her ass.
Come on, Giuseppe...
Are you crazy?
It's now or never.
My little rice flower
You're like a carnation in a vase
You're like a carnation in a vase
You bring the angels down from heaven
Ah, about time.
- Shall we drink a toast?
- We haven't got anything.
- We've got Marsala.
- There's hardly any left.
As long as we drink something.
Lazzaro, get Grandma,
bring her to the table.
All the best!
I'm thirsty...
Who drinks alone, will choke.
Let me have a drink.
There's a bit left.
None left.
Doesn't matter.
You expecting to eat too?
Don't give them the anchovies.
The happy couple should eat first
or it's bad luck.
You're like a bunch of hungry animals.
Can I just say a few words?
Seeing as we're all here,
I wanted to tell you that...
me and Mariagrazia,
we thought we'd...
we'd leave Inviolata.
To see if city life is any better.
They are nuts!
I don't blame you.
And this one?
What's this doing here?
- Did you close the chicken coop?
- Yes.
Grab this hen, will you?
Put her back with the others.
What are you doing?
She got out.
What's going on up there?
They're celebrating.
Lucky them! Having fun!
Is there anything to eat?
Seeing as you're already here,
would you cover my shift
looking out for the wolf?
I'll close you in, keep you safe.
If I need to go somewhere?
Call me!
Call me and I'll come down.
Got it? Call me.
He can't hear me.
They threw him in a pit with two lions.
They were big lions too!
But they didn't eat him.
So the guards got mad
and decided to torture him even more.
They wanted to cut his head off.
You know what they did to it?
They sharpened the axe
until it was gleaming...
And then...
Lazzaro, spit it out!
You Okay?
Don't thank me, he almost killed you!
Mariagrazia... let's go!
Hey everyone...
Nicola is here.
Hey, Catirre!
Here we are.
Catirre, you sunbathing?
It's good for the bones!
Where are the kids?
Hey kids, come here, line up...
Get in line.
Let the little children come to me.
This is for you.
Come here, you rascal.
You want a sweet?
Come here, you little thug!
Here you are!
Here you are!
You're a big girl...
You already got one!
Come on, Father Severino,
we need to bless the thresher...
Come on, we haven't got all day.
Let's do this blessing.
Let's go there, where the tree is.
The Lord sees and provides for us.
How are things?
Bad, Nicola, bad!
What did you bring us today this time?
Did you bring more light bulbs?
Why do you need light bulbs
with this beautiful moon you have here?
And it leads you into temptation...
Look at how this baby looks like me,
did you ever notice?
Always fooling around.
Lazzaro, come on, grab the crate,
bring it inside.
Come on, you're usually
the quickest, the most energetic.
The others need to look and learn.
Be good.
Now let's bless this thresher too.
Now this is what you call wine!
Wine from Inviolata!
In the big city, flavours
get contaminated, spoiled...
This is what being rich is about,
our stuff doesn't taste of anything.
You have proper wine, proper bread!
That's why you snatch
real bread out of our mouths.
If only the Marquise knew
how well I treat you,
I treat you all
like a bunch of marquises!
She'd throw me off the cliff...
That woman...
what is it you call her?
Come on, I know it.
What is it you call her?
Come on, tell me.
The poison viper.
The poison viper, yes,
that old pork rind...
The poison viper?
Right, let's do some maths here.
Five crates of tobacco...
then there are the pulses,
a bushel of lentils...
two bushels of chick peas...
Can we take that baby away, please?
So if I subtract...
a roll of wire fencing, the gasoline...
the anchovies, the household goods...
We have...
The capons? Where are...
They're all dead.
All dead?
The wolf got them.
Wolf or no wolf...
the capons are missing,
thus I have to add them to the debts.
So this month, too...
the debt increases.
So this month again
we worked for nothing.
We should break this rat's legs!
And I warn you...
the viper...
is about to come.
So... Antonia?
The curtains must be washed, eh!
Not like the other time.
So, Father Severino...
Nicola, it's better if you come
because there's a big problem.
What happens here?
What are you doing...
up there?
We want to...
And you think you can just go like that?
You can't.
You need the Marquise's permission!
And then you know what would happen
to your families.
Is that what you want to do?
To your families?
The mistress is sending us
all away, it's not a joke?
Let's go?
And where are we going?
We first need
the Marquise's permission.
Come on, get down.
Let's go, Father Severino.
Where's Lazzaro?
Hey, kid!
What are you doing?
Catch him!
He took my mirror!
Move it, Lazzaro.
- Are you tired'?
- No.
Good boy.
Get a move on, you two!
Look what I brought you.
- Your coffee.
- Thanks.
Get yourself home now, go on!
Yes, my lady Marquise.
I beg your pardon.
Lazzaro, get yourself home, go on!
Pippo, did you know Antonia is dead?
Where's Antonia, Pippo?
She fell down the cliff.
You are all alone now.
She told me
she couldn't take anymore of you.
- Look how ugly he is when he cries.
- Look, he's really crying.
She killed herself,
she couldn't stand you anymore.
Ah, see? She came back after all!
He believed us.
He thought she really had died.
Who is it?
It's Lazzaro.
You really scared us.
- Got something to tell us?
- No.
As usual?
Erm... do you want coffee?
There's a good boy,
go make us some coffee!
Right, I'm leaving.
Mummy, please,
let me go back with him.
Whatever! Let me go back with him.
Shut up! You're coming with me.
The fresh air will do you good.
You're late.
Forgive me, Madam Alfonsina.
I took the liberty
of bringing along my daughter,
so she can keep
the young Marquis company.
Come on.
I'm going to show you something.
Yes, but it's expensive cutlery.
There's a lot of it, isn't there?
All this cutlery,
and she never once invited us for lunch.
This way?
Yes, go on in.
Put it down there.
Help me.
You wondering who she is?
It's Saint Agatha.
She was horribly tortured
because of her faith;
first they cut off her breasts
with pincers,
then they wanted to roast her.
This one was murdered too.
The Marquise told me these things.
Ah, here he is!
Nice jacket, where'd you get it?
Be careful!
On the other side, Antonia.
Serve on the left,
collect from the right.
Yes, Madam.
- Where are the curtains, Antonia?
- They're drying, ma'am.
- You should have washed them earlier!
- Yes, ma'am!
Go away from here!
It's all this negative publicity, ma'am.
They've started this campaign now,
we've got everyone against us.
People are quitting smoking
for health reasons.
Let's be honest,
when it comes to health...
we're all at God's mercy, right?
We're at God's mercy...
Of course? God's mercy.
Tobacco isn't what it used to be...
and here at Inviolata...
Antonia, bring the cheese.
Here at Inviolata, it's not...
Put that thing away.
It's not a bed of roses...
It doesn't work anyway.
The farmers...
There's no signal, it's pointless.
...they're plotting something...
Come on, Stefania.
Mum, can I eat a bit?
Just a tiny bit!
Just a tiny bit!
- I want some too.
- Hush! No!
Now go home, both of you, go!
Go on!
We cannot close our eyes.
This place is falling apart.
Antonia, stand up straight, come on!
Straighten that back!
Do you think she loves me'?
Of course, sir.
She's your mother!
Then if you love me, let me go.
I'm dying here.
Good day.
Would you like some?
No, thanks.
Ercole's hungry.
Come on.
He doesn't like it.
Aren't you feeling well?
I've got a cough.
Smoker's cough.
When I get it, I have to
smoke immediately.
And when I smoke,
I need a coffee, so...
I know where I can make coffee.
Can you carry Ercole a bit?
What is this place?
A place I come to...
It's got everything.
I've got coffee here, a kitchen...
I come to rest...
No! There are sheep in there,
over there.
- Can I put him down?
- Yeah, sure.
Cool, I like it.
Yes, it's nice.
This is some place
you've found yourself...
I was wondering...
Does Nicola...
know that instead of working,
you come here to relax?
To do nothing?
That's not how it is...
I'm a good worker.
So why are you having coffee
instead of working with the others?
Because you ordered me to.
Lazzaro, you unload it!
Lazzaro, bring Grandma up!
Aren't you afraid?
Of what?
That they find out the truth.
Human beings are like animals.
Set them free and they realize
they are slaves
locked in their own misery.
Right now, they suffer,
but they don't know.
Lovely words...
Look. See him?
I exploit them,
they exploit that poor man.
It's a chain reaction
that can't be stopped.
Maybe he doesn't take advantage
of anyone.
That's impossible.
Put 'em in straight
or you jam the thresher, come on!
Lazzaro, come here!
Go and give them a hand down there,
go on!
Get a move on,
go on!
Use some elbow grease, come on!
Did you really believe,
oh poison viper impure,
that I could not get the antidote?
I have always managed to find the cure
in the hair of the dog that bit me!
What you throw at me is bullshit pure,
you hope that your veil won't let me see
that your talent does not linger
and all you have slips
through your fingers.
Can I get a drop of that?
And you?
- You lot not drinking?
- Yeah, right...
- Go on, have a drink.
- No, no.
Give some to Antonia, she's thirsty.
I am not thirsty!
Come on, drink it down, Antonia.
More, more.
Drink up...
Anyone seen the young Marquis?
Has anyone seen the young Marquis?
Like I had nothing better to do
after a day's work.
You haven't seen him?
Dad, I'm scared.
What if he's lost?
No, he's not lost, he's just a moron.
I bet he went into town on foot.
No need to fret.
- Let's hope not.
- Why?
This place is crawling with wolves.
- What?
- Wolves, wolves that eat.
No, no, don't worry.
We'll find him, we'll find him.
We need to find him.
Come on, let's start looking!
Let's call him!
Call louder!
Look down there.
Wait, Teresa, wait for me.
I wanna go away, too.
Wait, Teresa honey, stop!
Come on, now we're going back home,
he'll come back, no worries!
What are you looking at?
Don't you have work to do?
Come on!
What's up? Something wrong?
You scared me.
And I thought you were
my brave fellow.
Got anything to eat?
Lucky you're here.
You have no idea...
everyone's looking for you.
Didn't you hear the shouts?
Calling all night.
Yeah, I did.
Come on, I'll take you home.
No, I'm never going back home.
Why not?
Because I was kidnapped.
Who kidnapped you?
What do you mean?
It means you're in trouble.
First off,
you have to swear to keep it secret.
Because what you're doing
is against the law.
My mother mustn't know
that we're in this together.
But she's worried.
Oh, let her worry!
She's a torturer, an exploiter,
a bitch!
She thinks you're just animals.
And you and I have fight
with her,
Like knights of old.
Oh! Goodly truth in cavaliers of old!
Rivals they were,
to different faith were bred.
Not yet the weary warriors'
wounds were cold
Still smarting from those strokes
so fell and dread.
Yet they together ride by waste
and rolling hills,
And, unsuspecting,
devious dingle thread.
You do it too!
"Dear Mother..."
Or maybe "mummy", better.
No, "mother" is drier.
"L have been kidnapped!"
"My life is in serious danger."
"You have to put a billion lire..."
"in a suitcase and leave it
wherever you find this letter."
"Please help me!"
"Your... beloved..."
Now it needs to be signed in blood.
Have you got something sharp,
a needle, a knife?
I've got a knife.
I'm gonna do this, okay?
I can't.
You cut me.
As you like it.
Can we drop the formalities?
Are you really gonna cut me?
Just how crazy are you?!
I was wondering...
I don't suppose...
you could cut yourself?
Just a little cut?
Just so we can have some blood?
Of course.
Were the eggs laid this morning?
Of course.
Where did you find it?
In the chicken coop.
Now off you go.
Dad, give me the phone.
It's pointless, there's no network here.
I'll go to the bridge.
Let's call the Carabinieri.
The Carabinieri, what Carabinieri?!
First, let's figure out what to do.
We're not doing anything.
What do you mean?
It's just the latest
of his many stupid tricks.
Like when he pretended to have leprosy
or the story
of the plane that had crashed.
We just need to ignore it, that's all.
Yes, but this time
something strange is in the air,
the labourers are behaving weirdly...
It needs to be ignored, I said.
About time, eh?
Come on! You're taking ages.
Up you come!
Look what I made!
All by myself!
Let's try it out.
It worked before.
It's broken.
Maybe it can be repaired.
You can have it.
Lazzaro, kneel!
I bequeath you this weapon,
as a sign of our friendship.
Never lose it.
What is it?
A sling.
It is the weapon
to combat all the Marquises
of the world.
What is it?
It's the weapon...
It could come in handy when we leave.
Out of all those people?
which ones are your parents?
I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?
No. I only have a grandma.
How can that be?
That's just the way it is,
but it's fine by me.
You told me a lie, you know?
No, I didn't.
You told me
all you have is your grandmother.
And that's not true!
You have me!
It wouldn't surprise me
to find out we're half-brothers.
Stand up straight!
We just look alike.
My father was a real womanizer.
Maybe your mother, as she was washing
clothes at the river...
My father stopped
to let his horse drink,
he approached her...
Come down here, Lazzaro.
This place is totally cool!
Come on, move it!
What's wrong, don't you like it?
It's a ditch.
What do you mean, a ditch?
It looks like the moon!
Hear that?
It's the wolf.
I wonder what he's saying,
like he's calling someone.
He's answering me.
Go on, you try.
Seriously? Louder!
Go on, project that voice!
What are you doing, standing guard?
When are we gonna finish these leaves?
Here he is.
Where have you been?
With the sheeps.
The wolf was nearby.
We all heard him.
There was more than one.
You're lucky they didn't eat you.
You just disappeared,
instead of working?
We have to do all the tobacco tomorrow.
There's too much!
How do we do?
Don't disappear again
like you did today, okay?
Where are you going?
To work.
Did you check
to see if the money was there?
Nothing there, I'm sorry.
Stay here.
I can't, I have to work.
What am I supposed to do all day?
Go on then...
Maybe I can come back later.
Don't worry about me!
You're blocking the sun.
A half-brother would never do that!
The Marquise is teaching.
Any kids free?
We need them here.
Lazzaro's staring into the void again,
go and shake him.
He's burning up.
He's boiling hot.
He's ready to drop.
He's got fever.
He's dying...
He's done for.
He's gonna die.
He's gonna die, he's gonna die.
- Stefania, come here!
- I burnt my hand on him.
Maybe he went under the cursed tree,
or he's playing the innocent.
Yeah, but put him to bed.
Mari, can I put him here?
Isn't there any room for Lazzaro?
What d'ya want? Get lost.
I bring him to Grandma's.
There's something in the middle
of the woods, what is it?!
What is it?
- What's going on?
- I reckon it's a tractor.
It's witchcraft.
Is it a burning building?
What's that?
Is it a moving building?
"He who knows himself well"
"is humbled in his own presence."
"And the praise of other men
provokes no pleasure..."
"If I were to know
everything in the universe"
"and scorned the charity"
"who would bring me the grace of God?"
"Who would judge my actions?"
"One should go beyond
the thirst for knowledge"
"that is the root of
distraction and disappointment."
- Hello?
- Nicola?
Listen, I can't talk for long.
Tell Mother to leave the cash,
or they'll kill me.
They're coming back...
What good is knowledge
without a fear of God?"
"A humble farmhand is far better
"at serving God"
"than the most erudite scholar
who neglects himself and studies..."
Why are you interrupting me?
Is it so urgent?
Can't you see we're reading?
No... Nothing...
Please excuse me.
Hello, can you hear me?
I'm calling about a missing boy.
Someone important, a Marquis,
I'm not kidding.
Honestly? He's been kidnapped.
He's been kidnapped...
He's a Marquis.
Let me tell you a story,
the story of a wolf.
A very old wolf had become decrepit.
He couldn't hunt wild animals anymore.
So he was excluded from the pack...
...And the old wolf went to the houses
to steal animals, chickens, sheep.
He was hungry.
The villagers tried to kill him
in every way possible,
but they didn't' succeed.
They stood guard every night.
They set traps, nets...
it was as if he were invisible.
How many people live in here?
Twenty-six in here,
eighteen in there,
and not very many in there,
only eight, as grandma lives there.
And the kids?
The kids? they're kids.
What about the kids?
No, I mean, school?
What school?!
School is for rich folks.
What do you mean 'for rich folks'?
Everyone goes to school!
The men hated him.
They imagined
he was enormous, ferocious...
...They couldn't know he was just
an old, hungry wolf.
We're the lady's sharecroppers.
- The sharecroppers?
- The Marquise's.
We belong to the Marquise De Luna.
Don't you know her?
Sharecropping was outlawed years ago,
there are contracts now, rules!
You lot should be getting paid.
Paid! We wish!
We're always in debt!
Move forward!
Move forward!
Come on, what are you waiting for?
For the water to part?
It's dangerous! I'm scared!
Folks have died doing this!
Eleonora, show them.
It's safe,
just a couple of inches of water,
nothing will happen, we put sacks down.
These guys are scared
of everything, huh?
That's right...
Slowly now, you're totally safe.
...There was a rumour of a Saint
who could talk to animals.
That they understood,
and obeyed him.
So they went to get him.
The Saint agreed to talk to the wolf,
to ask for a truce.
So he set off to find him.
Lazzaro, mum, where is he?
- Oh, darling...
- We need to find him!
Stand back!
Careful of the opening doors.
Where are you taking us?
We'll be going to the police station.
To identify everyone.
The Saint walked, for such a long time.
For miles and miles...
Then winter came.
The Saint is exhausted.
He's cold, starving.
but he sees no sign of the wolf.
He doesn't know that the wolf
is hungry too.
And that he's been on his trail
for a while.
The Saint falls,
exhausted, in the snow.
And that's where the wolf finds him.
So the wolf approaches...
he sharpens his claws...
...and teeth,
ready to devour him, but...
he smells something he has
never smelled before, and he stops.
He sniffs him all over.
What was that smell?
It was the smell... of a good man.
Look how handsome you are.
Come and see!
We're taking this for sure!
Hey, you! Don't move!
You'll regret it!
Who are you?
Don't you move.
I... was looking for the others.
Tancredi, the Marquis.
And this marquis... is he here?
Did you have an appointment?
I don't think so.
Do you know each other?
Yes. He's my brother.
I mean... my half-brother.
And you?
We're the removal men.
- Right!
- We work for the Marquis.
We have the keys.
We're moving the furniture.
Have they moved house?
A long time ago.
Could you tell me where?
We know, of course...
But we can't tell you the address.
It's a question of privacy.
Heavy, isn't it?
Can I give you a hand?
Yeah, sure.
Take this,
I've got a bit of a bad back...
Take it!
But if you injure yourself.
You're not insured, your problem.
Take this...
Go on.
Aren't you taking this?
- The cutlery.
- There it is.
Sure, we're taking it.
Come on, this one.
Careful now, it's fragile.
Come on!
The other one.
I was just getting this.
Well done, the pan!
They always come in handy.
See ya.
If you see Tancredi,
can you tell him?
that I had the fever?
We will.
That I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too. Bye.
- Where are you going?
- Into town.
but... Can I come with you?
Three in the front seat is illegal,
and the back is full?
It's not that far. Look...
I wouldn't say that.
Get yourself onto that road...
then go straight.
Then walk and walk...
Right, the first job...
It's an olive grove... 7000 trees,
in good condition, average height.
So the price is...
The starting price is...
It's quite high.
It's not a bad price,
four euros for a crate of olives.
Come on!
This isn't a bad job.
Come on, folks, who'll offer less?
No, come on...
That's still too high.
We can do better...
It's not tiring work, it's a flat field.
This one is a great opportunity...
a big chance.
Two euros!
One euro!
One euro. Good woman!
What's your name?
- What's your name?
- Silvana.
Get on that truck.
That's right, follow her example!
That's the way to get work.
She's an example for you!
Right, onto the next job...
Get back, you! Join the group!
You need to be specialised
to do this work, you know!
This involves chemicals, spraying
the plants. The starting price is...
Nicola, it's me, Lazzaro.
Lazzaro from Inviolata.
Go away, get!
Get lost!
Where's the cash? Tell us!
It's not here!
I'm not crazy!
The cash is in the bank!
How the hell did he get here?
On foot.
Get him.
Give us the cash or we'll kill him,
right here!
Kill him! Who cares?
He is not my family.
Go on, kill him...
Come on!
- Are you really stealing the crisps?
- Shut it!
They've expired!
In there.
Get in!
About time!
I know.
Get outta here.
Could you tell me the way
to Tancredi's house?
We told you, we can't tell you!
Go on, get outta here.
Don't call me darling, you left me
waiting in the freezing cold!
There was snow on the ground.
Lazzaro. ..
Lazzaro, is that you?
Of course... you know all the bums!
My God...
have I gone out of my mind?
Don't you recognise him?
But how can it be?
He's exactly the same.
Oh my God!
On your knees.
I told you to get down on your knees.
That's an order. Down.
Antonia, what are you doing?
Okay, that's enough.
Now that you've had your reunion,
we can go home.
Bye, whatever your name is...
'Lassero'... All the best.
- "Lazzaro".
- No, he's coming with us!
You're coming with us, right?
Of course!
He needs to warm up...
You're cold, right?
A bit, yes.
Give him your jacket, go on!
Come with me.
Mum, Dad, Catirre...
Look who it is!
The cat got your tongue?
But he was not dead?
- It's like seeing a ghost.
- ls he a ghost?
He is not a ghost!
It's Lazzaro, in the flesh!
Are you some kind of devil?
What did you bring to eat?
Not much. Snack.
Crisps. Here.
We have another mouth to feed now.
Why, does the devil eat too?
I wish he didn't.
Shall I help?
Get back! Don't touch me.
I'm not hungry.
I told you ghosts don't eat.
Try this on.
And Tancredi?
Why has everybody left the Inviolata?
"Scandal in the tobacco industry:
The Great Swindle."
"Slavery in our day."
"54 farmhands forced to work
without pay."
"Alfonsina De Luna,
the Queen of Cigarettes,"
"was arrested yesterday
on her estate, Inviolata,"
"which was made inaccessible
following floods in 1977."
"The charges are as follows:"
fraudulent bankruptcy,"
"aggravated fraud, tax evasion,"
"illegal trafficking of tobacco"
"and the enslavement of 54 farm workers,
including women,"
"and children."
"A 'great swindle"'
"to deny any social
advancement to these people,"
"forced to work for free, living
in slums without any conveniences."
"Compensation has been requested
for the farmers."
Lazzaro. ..
I know, Mum.
Anyway, if he wants to stay here,
he has to work.
Even if he's a ghost,
if he wants to eat, he works.
I know, Mum.
- What can he do?
- I dunno.
With that honest face of his,
we can think of something for him to do.
I hope so!
I'm begging you Sir...
My situation is desperate.
I said no! That's enough!
But it's rare, valuable!
If the police come to check?
Read this.
- I can't read.
- You can't read?
"No purchases
without a certification of origin."
Even if it's worth 200, 300 euros,
I can't touch it.
How do I know it's not stolen?
I brought him.
He's my witness...
You could be in league.
Look what honest face!
Please... I beg of you.
I said no!
Now do me a favour and get lost.
Get lost!
Get lost, you tramp!
What a numbskull!
How dare you treat a woman that way!
I'm calling the police!
Who's this? Your accomplice?
Don't you dare touch me like that!
Are you okay? Did he hurt you?
I'm used to worse.
What did he do to you?
I have to sell this,
an antique cigarette holder...
I don't care if it's worth 100 euros.
Tell him!
Tell him who it belonged to.
It belonged to
the Marquise Alfonsina De Luna.
The Cigarette Queen?
Was she famous?
Of course, with everything she did.
Tough luck for you!
Thank you for being so kind, madam.
We'll find someone else to buy it.
Listen... erm...
maybe I can do something...
I can buy it?
Is twenty euros enough?
Twenty euros isn't much. This...
I mean, it's really valuable,
it's worth at least fifty.
Thirty euros?
Thirty euros?
Okay, thanks.
- Shall I wrap it for you?
- Yes.
I'm sorry, ma'am...
but the certification of origin...
But it doesn't matter.
Not for me.
I trust the lady.
But the certification
is important for the professionals...
- There's no problem...
- Come and see...
There you are.
You sure?
Thank you, all the best.
I think we deserve a nice beer,
don't you?
- Have you got beer?
- Yes. Two euros.
Two? Are you out of your head?
One euro? Even too much.
Shall I open it?
What's this?
Didn't we give it to the lady?
A magic trick.
Let's go.
Hey, pick up all the rubbish
and burn it!
Tomorrow we'll sell it elsewhere.
A nice object.
It's simple to sell.
I don't want Lazzaro with me anymore.
Why not?
- He was perfect.
- He's no use.
Am I dreaming?
Sugar, you're so erratic,
first you need him...
And now I say he's no use.
That lady fell for it
because I played well.
We'll go, and he stays here.
Not here, he's bad luck.
Send him away from here.
Send him away, he's useless here.
Stop it. Should I dump him
in the middle of the road?
Just get rid of him.
Where did you find the potatoes?
They were growing over there,
by the wall...
Come! Come!
Can we eat this too?
Yes, these are nettles,
you can fry it with garlic,
like chicory.
That one.
Which one?
That's chicory?
And you can eat it?
You can't eat that, right?
Not that one. That's a weed.
That one. That's a mullein.
You can boil it.
And this? This yellow thing here...
That's wild carrot, but it's not ripe.
Wild carrot?
Jeez... all this stuff
just growing everywhere, for free!!
If I'd known!
It's as if... as if...
we're just walking on a treasure!
Come with me.
What a discovery...
He's struck gold.
Tasty, eh?
Very tasty.
Yes, very good.
Careful, it's hot.
but you all knew...
and you never told me
that there was
all this stuff to eat?
We can pick it!
You can't imagine
how much we've picked.
Not anymore.
I worked all my life...
It's heavy going working the earth.
I know.
I wouldn't even pick an onion.
Pick it yourself!
I get it, folks...
but maybe...
we could make some cash!
We could put it into bunches,
and sell them to the market, right?
Of course.
Do it yourself, if you want.
No one's stopping you.
But we sure ain't gonna help.
No, we're not helping.
I'll do it alone.
- Want some oil?
- Just a drop...
Thanks, darling.
Jeez, what is that shit?
Ugly piece of shit!
Oh my God!
What's happened to you?
Did you get tangled up?
Think you can walk?
Where are you?
Ercole, come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Good boy, you made it.
Tancredi, it's me.
Don't you recognise me?
Time has not passed for you.
ls that really you?
Your brother!
I've found you!
I've found him!
I've found him!
Where have you been all this time?
Why did you just disappear?
I looked for you all over.
I had the fever.
Ah, you had the fever?
I'm kidding!
It's a joke!
Let's celebrate!
Let's go.
Now we're going
to have some fun.
Good morning, Mr. Engineer!
Now I'll show you the plans.
Who's he?
He's my lucky charm.
You know what this is?
It's the Inviolata.
Here's the dam
and here...
the power plant.
Wait here outside.
We have to strike a deal.
You look after the dog.
What are you going to do?
We ask them for money
and they give it to us.
Monsieur de Luna !
The cigarette...
How gullible!
I'll have you arrested!
You've been wasting my time!
Always bragging about his properties!
Sure, his properties!
And you fell for it!
You lowlife! Fool!
Draw your weapon, defend me!
- Are you hurt?
- No.
He's okay!
Do you know what you two are'?
You're a parody.
Are you alright?
Yes, yes... of course.
I'll bring you some coffee?
He found you...
Who the hell is this now?
Not another mouth to feed!
Who's this neanderthal?
Who are you?
- Who are you?!
- Me? Look...
I'm the one in the portrait.
That one?
That's me.
I dunno, we found it...
Hey. Pippa!
We found it...
Know where...
The picture...
It was in a rubbish dump.
You wanna buy it?
Who's he?
No one, mum...
I'll tell you later.
Can I? ls this a party?
Stefania, at last!
Pippo, what the hell...
Stop it!
Give that to me.
We found it.
A little moon...
They're answering.
Stefania, come home!
Come home!
Come home, I said!
No, mum, I wanna stay here.
Dear hosts, I'll be going on my way.
I deal with you at home!
It's late, and I should be on my way.
But you're cordially invited
to lunch tomorrow on my estate...
To lunch? We'd love to!
No... there's no need.
No, I insist!
Let me leave you my business card.
Well, I'll write my address here.
what time do you eat?
At one o'clock?
Half past one?
Punctuality please.
Could I just ask you, please,
to put some effort into your attire?
My lady will be present.
No need tiaras and pearls
but... it's an official invitation
to a respectable house.
Very nice.
- Perfect.
- What about me?
This is an important occasion.
You need to comb your hair.
See how good he looks
with his hair combed?
You look like a prince.
We ready?
Let's go.
But what we bring them?
We can't turn up empty-handed.
It's rude to not bring something.
What do you want to bring?
They're aristocrats,
they've got everything.
We should bring pastries.
Profiteroles, doughnuts...
Are you kidding?!
All pastries are good!
Profiteroles with chocolate, cream.
Cream pies...
Eclairs with fresh cream.
Where are we gonna find pastries?
We'll go to the cake shop.
We'll buy them.
Get the best stuff,
these folks are used to the best.
- Good morning.
- You are welcome.
Two of those with the cream.
- What are these ones called?
- These ones with the fruit...
We'll take five.
- Tiramis...
- Four marzipan toadstools.
- The profiteroles too.
- Cannoli.
Those chocolate ones... ten!
- These ones with crumble...
- No, no... That's enough!
Arum baba...
For once...
That's 81 euros 46 cents.
Call it 81.
81? What is this, a jeweller's?
The prices are displayed, sir.
This is all we've got... fifty euros!
Come on, Antonia, 50 euros...
I know what I'm doing.
What are you doing, dancing?
Number 3, this is it.
Let's go.
Hold on.
What time is it?
24 minutes past one.
Wait, we're early.
Yes, he said half past one.
I was expecting better.
They should re-do the plasterwork.
- Now... What time is it?
- Still 24.
The Marquise!
"De Luna"!
They're here!
What do you want?
We're the guests!
We don't want to buy anything,
thank you.
Teresa, don't you recognise me?
I'm Antonia, from Inviolata.
No, I'm sorry.
Who invited you? Him?
Yes, for lunch.
At half past one.
"On the dot", he said.
Wait here a second,
I'll be right back.
Leave me alone!
There must be some kind of mix-up...
a mistake.
He didn't invite you here.
Help me down the stairs.
He invited us once in a lifetime
and he forgot.
Nice guy that Marquis, eh?
Excuse me...
Could you come here a second?
It was just a joke!
Come on!
Let's go!
Excuse me...
I wanted to ask you something.
A little favour.
I don't really know how to start...
Just start.
You know, things are tough for us...
Actually, tragic.
I saw you were carrying a tray.
What's in it?
Right, pastries...
- Very tasty.
- We brought the best.
I recognised the wrapping paper.
Maybe you could leave them?
- They're expensive.
- Of course we'll leave them for you.
Of course.
Thank you a lot.
How did you get reduced to this state?
You really want to know?
Of course, tell us.
You really want to know?
It was the bank!
It is a Monster!
It took away everything we had.
- Everything!
- Well done!
And now we're left with nothing.
The bank.
A bunch of swindlers!
The Great Swindle!
No, Lazzaro. The Great Swindle!
It's what the Marquise
didn't tell us to keep us in the dark.
Everyone took advantage of us!
Keep cool!
Take it easy!
You traitor!
It's dead,
it won't start.
Like it?
You want to go and listen?
Let's go and listen.
Let's go.
Come on...
- Let's go and listen.
- To what?
Where are you going? No, no...
Just five minutes.
Five minutes.
We need to push start it.
We need to get home, it's late.
You can't stay here, you have to go.
This is a private function,
please leave.
We just wanted to hear the music
for a bit!
There'll be another occasion.
Next time. Please go.
We're not bothering anyone.
You can't stay.
- We're not bothering anyone.
- Next time.
You too.
Go on, leave.
Come on, start again.
Keep playing-
What's going on?
It's leaving.
The music's leaving.
Close the door!
Break time.
If we stop every ten metres,
we'll never get there.
Hear that?
The music.
Where's it coming from?
The music!
It's following us.
All over the sky?
Listen to that music...
Come on!
Listen, do you remember Inviolata?
No, I was too small.
...If Inviolata is abandoned now,
why don't we go back there?
We take it over!
We even have the keys.
We can't, it's not ours.
You always complain you built it,
with your work, with your sweat?
We can squat it!
No bosses, though.
Without a boss?
Break time!
That would be wonderful!
This music has softened your heads.
Come on!
What are you doing there?
Come on!
Leave him be.
It was a blow for him...
Let's go.
Let's go!
He'll follow us, you'll see.
You want to go back to the Inviolata?
Of course. Aren't you glad?
He want to go back to countryside
to dig the earth...
Empty your pockets...
Don't worry, I'll open up.
Go to the other door.
I'm sorry, this always happens.
It's broken again.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, sometimes
just some loose change can set it off...
Excuse me,
I need an identity document...
Get a number...
We're queuing...
Sorry, you have to get a number,
there's a queue.
What did you say?
I just said that sometimes
the door gets blocked for nothing.
Some loose change, keys...
Do you have something in your pocket'?
- Do you have something in your pocket'?
- Yes.
HE'S got a gun!
I saw him!
In the back pocket!
Do you have a weapon?
There's no need for this, sir.
Just keep calm.
We don't have anything here.
The vaults are automatic, and we...
can't open them anymore.
Can we do anything for you?
What is it you want?
If you would be so kind
as to give back to Tancredi...
the Marquis De Luna...
everything that belongs
to the Marquis De Luna.
We can do that.
Can you repeat the gentleman's name?
It's... Marquis Tancredi De Luna,
he's the boss of Inviolata.
I'll just check to see
if he's one of our clients.
How dare you?
Go crawl back into your hole!
You piece of shit!
Coming here scaring people!
I've got four children,
but I don't go around robbing people.
Look... he wanted to shoot us
with a catapult.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Please, everyone, calm down... calm!
Calm! Step away!
You'll kill him!