Happy Bhag Jayegi (2016) Movie Script

And this is very crucial for both the countries.
This year onwards, we'll not just be exporting Sapotas, but Mangoes as well.
We're sending some fruit samples on behalf of India...
...with the Pakistani delegates as a gesture.
The ex-Governor of Lahore, Mr. Javed Ahmed is amongst us.
I would request him to say a few words.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
This isn't just an Agro-Trade Conference for me.
It is also an important occasion.
This is my son and the future leader of Pakistan...
...Bilal Ahmed's first international conference.
With permission from our respected Conference Head...
...I would like Bilal Ahmed to conclude this conference.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Bilal Ahmed!
Where is he?
Bilal Ahmed... he'll be here in a second...
This is too much!
You're supposed to be the next Jinnah...
...and you're here peeing.
Are you sure he's inside? - Yes.
Then open the door.
Sukhi, get the new ball.
We've already lost two.
I told you don't let some random stranger play.
If we lose this one too...
...then no one gets to bat. - Of course not.
Because I am going to knock this ball...
...out of Lahore's Gaddafi stadium too.
Brother ... - Yes?
Are you a Pakistani? - Yes Sir!
Brother, you could've told me before that you're a Pakistani.
I wasted two balls for no reason.
Our brother's fianc Happy, is just stunning.
You know, like rose syrup mixed in sweet buttermilk.
I've heard that Happy was also Ms. Amritsar?
She could've been Ms. India bro...
...but our brother convinced her father at the right time.
Long live brother Bagga.
Hello, boss!
Hello father-in-law!
Oh, hello son
Come come... God bless you!
Long live brother Bagga.
Is that even an explanation Bilal?
I brought you here to introduce you to everyone...
...and you slipped out again?
Why did you come all the way from Lahore to Amritsar?
To play?
Look Bilal, you're supposed to be the next Jinnah.
And I want no more mistakes.
No more mistakes.
Good. Come.
This is going to be fun, they'll be coming from that side.
Come on, come on.
Hello? Excuse me!
What...what do you want?
I just came to deliver the flowers. - Then deliver them.
I already did.
Then should I lay out dinner for you now?
Or you'll have desert? - No, it's okay.
Then get going.
God knows they come from?
On the occasion of our brother's wedding...
...Mr...Mr. Daman Singh Bagga will be performing on stage.
Let's give him a big round of applause.
Play the song properly.
It's your brother's wedding.
My brother's wedding?
"O Sweetheart..."
"I wonder what's going to be..."
"...the fate of us meeting."
"My heart cannot live"
"...a moment without you."
"Your style... your eyes... and your smile."
"Your charm... My heart's crazy about you."
"There's color...there's beauty."
"And the procession of my dreams."
"There is nothing more I want."
"Heaven is with me."
Happy! You had to go now only? - Why? Does it inform you before?
Please hurry up.
Can I pee now?
"O Sweetheart..."
"I wonder what's going to be..."
"...the fate of us meeting."
"My heart cannot live..."
"...a moment without you."
Hello, Guddu? - Hello Happy!
It's the flower truck, right?
Okay, okay hang up.
Love you.
Happy! Happy?
Oh Guddu.
Where have you reached? - What do you mean reached?
I'll reach if I leave!
Then Why haven't you left? - So I'll leave?
Idiot, Happy's already jumped out of the window.
Where? - In the river you fool.
You went there with your flower truck, didn't you?
Okay hold on, stay on the line, let me check.
What do you mean by check?
Sister-in-law Happy.
Sister-in-law. - What are you doing?
Winkle! Winkle! - Wasting my time.
You think Happy will get lost in my truck?
She's neither in the Truck, nor at the window.
Then where did Happy go?
Boss, it's confirmed. She ran away!
You see Mr. father-in-law!
..I gave a solo performance on stage.
Called a choreographer all the way from Mumbai.
Paid him 140,000 Rupees.
This bloody orchestra...
He could've come in a bus.
But I paid for his AC two-tier ticket...
I stocked your bar with scotch.
Being a corporator, I have spent like a minister!
And what happened?
What happened?
Sister-in-law ran away. - Ran away.
The wedding cards were distributed!
Listen to me, Guddu.
Maybe she got scared at the last moment and didn't jump.
Maybe she is coming an other way.
And... - And what?
Maybe Bagga's opposition party kidnapped sister-in-law.
He's the Corporator of the city.
Hold this.
Only a fool will kidnap his bride.
But that is what you were doing.
I love Happy, understand?
Very nice - Now?
Now what? Get on the bike.
Where to?
We'll find Happy.
But Guddu my truck is parked here. - What's going to happen to your truck?
Come back for it later.
Papa will kill me
Brother, there's no one inside.
What are you looking at? Destroy everything.
Father...this is the same truck that was parked outside our house.
The driver was there too.
It's a diplomatic convoy Sir, We have free passage.
There's no checking, let me see
The truck belongs to us. Indian.
We're simply delivering gifts to Lahore.
We'll return tonight itself.
Please have a look...
We got the radio message for 15 minutes ago.
What kept you?
There was a wedding happening on the way.
...and they stopped our truck for no reason.
Fine, fine...come...
Come on, Yeshwant.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Look Son.
This is the response we got from a single trade delegation.
And this is just the beginning.
And you...wanted to be a cricketer.
If you follow my guidance, then I am sure...
...one day you will change the history of Pakistan.
Ishtiyaq Sir is coming from Islamabad tomorrow. - Yes.
I want you to meet him. - Yes, father.
Proud of you.
...and fruits are good for you!
Lets have some real breakfast!
This is what you call breakfast!
Mr. Junior. Please be careful.
It will increase your cholesterol.
Let something increase uncle.
My whole life father has never let anything but my height increase!
Please stop dotting him while he eats.
Aunty, your niece Huriya...
Did she finalize a design for her necklace?
Would have if it was a Pakistani design.
She saw some Indian actress wearing it
What's her name?
She's quite popular.
Kareena Kaif.
Try to understand,
If it's Kareena she must be Kapoor.
Kaif is Katrina.
Are they your nieces?
You keep moving away from the topic.
The crate is moving. - It's a basket.
What's the difference between a crate and basket?
The same that is between Kareena and Katrina.
Who are you? - Who are you?
I am Happy. - Who Happy?
Happy... Advocate Majid's niece? - No, she passed away. - I see.
No need to blabber. Go call Guddu. - Guddu?
Who's Guddu?
Guddu... Our gardener's grandson Guddu.
No-no, he's in jail. - Okay.
Don't act smart! I'm trying to show some respect because you're old!
Go and call Guddu. - Again with Guddu.
What a stubborn girl!
Who the hell is she?
I said I am Happy. - So what do you want?
I already said I want Guddu. Where is he?
He must be at his home, there is no Guddu here.
Control your attitude and talk respectfully.
What were you doing inside that?
I am not interested in talking to you.
I wonder what zoo you've brought me to.
Where's that bloody Winkle?
Wink... No, there's no Winkle.
Who is this bloody Winkle now?
First Guddu, now Winkle
Are you crazy?
Oh really?...so you don't know Winkle either.
So who do you all work for?
Who is your boss?
Look, girl. If you say anything disrespectful for Mr. Senior...
...then the consequences will be dire!
Mr. Senior.
Do-do you guys work for Bagga?
Bagga! What Bagga?
This is my...
This is my father Javed Ahmed's house.
This is the ex-Governor's home, idiot.
Now shut your mouth and get out,
I'm leaving, I'm leaving... Stupid fellow!
Uncle, please get her out.
Otherwise I will blow my cool.
Come on. Come on. - God knows what madhouse of Lahore she's escaped from!
I haven't escaped from one, I've come to one!
Come on. - Mocks God knows what madhouse of Lahore...
Is she saying 'Lahol' or 'Lahore'?
Is...is this Lahore?
What do you mean by Lahore?
I jumped in Winkle's truck...
And that too Lahore?
Are you an Indian? - Is-Is this Pakistan?
You came all the way from Amritsar to Lahore..
..India to Pakistan, in a bride's outfit...
Without a passport, or a visa...
...and to Javed Ahmed's house.
Do you have any idea what you've done?
What have I done? - You...
If we don't get her deported right now...
...our lives will be ruined.
Just Give me your mobile once... - Leave me!
What are you doing?
If I get deported they will hand me over to father.
And he'll get me married to Bagga...
I don't want to get deported!
You don't want to?
How does it matter what you want?
Madam, this is Pakistan.
If my father finds out about this...
...then he'll turn this house into a graveyard for me...
...this healthy woman and this helpless man.
You will go back to India right now.
Look, give me your mobile.
I want to talk to Guddu. - What...
You uncivilized...
Stop trying to snatch my mobile. - Phone.
Auntie, just control her please.
Come here...
Go and lock her in the room! - Leave me!
Sir, look it's the same Kareena Kaif design.
Oh just take her away, auntie. - Okay.
Come on. - Mr. Junior...
if Mr. Senior gets a whiff of this...
...then we'll be in big trouble.
Thank you very much for your advice, uncle.
I'll be really grateful if you shut that woman up.
Will you shut up?
Mr. Junior!
Lady! Get back here
You couldn't control one girl...
What's the point of all this physique?
But I just... - Your obsession for the necklace will be the end of you.
Let's go. - I didn't ask for it right now.
She's roaming the streets of Lahore...
...and she knows the names of Mr. Junior and Senior both.
You never apologise for your mistakes
Please be quiet. - Yes, father.
Zoya is your fiance. - Yes. Yes, father.
Then why aren't you attending her calls?
She's Zia Rehmani's daughter.
Do you know this marriage will change the history of Pakistan?
Call her immediately. - Yes. Yes, father.
There's no sign of Happy
Come Winkle, let's go and tell Happy's father everything.
What? Tell him what?
"Hello father...we tried to run off with your daughter..."
"...but we failed."
Everyone's thirsty for our blood out there.
And you're making plans of getting killed?
Even if I get killed today, father must know the truth.
Happy could be in some kind of trouble.
Go on.
Someone will have to arrange for your final rites after you're dead,
I will make those arrangements. I swear.
Stop-stop-stop. - But you asked me to take you to the market.
Come on, stop.
How much? - I'm going to charge you the entire fare.
30 rupees. - Here.
Gandhiji...in Lahore. - Adjust for now.
Pay me with Pakistani notes, and let me go.
Take this...and give me some Pakistani notes.
What will I do with this fake bracelet?
I want my 30 rupees.
I am giving you gold practically free...and you're showing attitude.
Are you giving? Or should I make a scene?
Give me my fare. - Fine, don't give me any notes.
Get lost. - Not so easily.
I am already in a bad mood.
Don't mess with me - I'm going to leave with my fare.
Everyone is getting on my nerves since this morning.
Move aside or else I will slap you.
Hand me my money quietly
What's the problem?
Sir, she isn't paying the rickshaw fare...
...and asking me for money instead.
Hold on...show me those notes.
Ahh Mahatma Gandhi!
I wish Mahatma Gandhi was in Pakistan!
This isn't mine, it belongs to him. - She's such a liar!
Wait a minute...these Indians think we Pakistanis are stupid.
You've been sent here by some new technique of spying, right.
Sir, I am Pakistani. I live close-by. Really close-by.
Where? - In the lanes of Ballimara.
Sounds familiar.
Exactly...it's in Lahore.
Aah hah...it's not in Lahore. It's in Delhi.
It's Mirza Ghalib's neighborhood.
I wish Mirza Ghalib was in Pakistan as well.
Sir, we have Illama Iqbal. - Who?
Illama Iqbal. - Yes, of course.
You see, lady...you're giving me a great opportunity...
...to fulfill the biggest dream of my life.
My desire to catch an Indian spy is finally complete.
Alhumdulillah! -Alhumdulillah!
Amjad. - Sir.
Make the spy sit in the car. - Yes Sir.
Usman Afridi...
Shahid Afridi's uncle huh?
Do you know who you are arresting?
I am the guest of Lahore's most respected family.
Javed Ahmed...ex-Governor.
Have you heard his name?
So...are you Mr. Senior's...
No, Junior. I am his son's guest.
The special kind.
Amjad. - Sir.
Please ask the spy to respectfully get in the jeep. - Sir.
Please come. Sit
Do you have a mobile phone?
Brother, should I get Kartar's boys too?
Brother, Guddu.
Catch him.
Where's sister-in-law Happy?
Where's Happy?
Where is she? We're asking you!
Get lost. You bloody....
Where is my Happy?
Father, I've been looking all over for her myself
How dare you lie you swine? You lying swine!
I swear on Happy, she is not with me.
Honestly, father.
So she isn't with you? - No.
Now...this is a new problem.
This is the highlight.
She was supposed to marry me...elope with him...
...but she fled with someone else.
Your Happy's quite a character... - Bagga. Mind your language!
I should mind my language?
For Gods sake shut up. - I should shut up?
All the cards had been distributed.
You must give your word in everyone's presence...
...whenever you find Happy... you will get her married to me.
Happy will marry me, Bagga.
And in front of you.
You fool, you'll see Happy when someone sees you.
Put a curfew on him.
Take his mobile!
Happy isn't going to be anyone's.
The day I find her, I will kill her!
You will deeply regret this.
If you don't give me a phone right now to make a call...
...I'll have Mr. Junior strip you of your uniform...
...and blow balloons at the children's park, or my name isn't Happy.
This is my last warning to you.
Let me make one call to India...
...or else I will have you thrown out of Lahore!
You have no idea how much Mr. Junior respects me.
He practically dances to my tunes.
I'll give you one more chance to obey!
Otherwise I'll get you transferred to Kabul.
Amidst all the Talibanis!
And you...
Look, just let me... - Come on.
Make her sit in the car.
And take some more people with you, she runs away.
Leave me.
Mr. Junior.
What is this Indian bud that you're..
..trying to grow on Lahore's soil?
Afridi, she is a mistake!
And she can ruin father's reputation.
If this leaks out, then we'll be humiliated Internationally!
First you ran away from your home...
...then you ran away from my home.
Do you even think before doing anything? - No.
I want a phone.
Are you not even a little tensed that you are in Pakistan?
Pakistan should be tensed, not me!
You've a screw loose, you know that?
Anyways, you'll be sent to India right now.
Bull sh you cannot send me back.
I am sending you back.
The deportation guys will come and take you with them...
Don't even think about it.
I know...how well reputed your family is.
And how helpless it can be because of me.
I'll tell the media... that Javed Ahmed and Bilal Ahmed...
...brings girls here from India without passport or visa.
And they make them... do God knows what.
I want to send you back home respectfully...
...and you're threatening to ruin my reputation.
I can't believe my ears.
I can't believe my eyes!
Quietly handover your phone.
Hand it over or... - Just shut up, okay.
Was that Bilal's car?
What are you doing?
Follow him.
I won't go to Amritsar. Stop the car.
This won't car stop now.
Stop the car. Have you lost your mind?
Do you know whose car is that? - Whose?
Zoya's. - So?
She's my fiance.
A grown man afraid of his fianc?
Stop the car and I'll talk to her.
You'll talk to her? Who are you?
Damn it!
Come out, Bilal. - Zo...
First come out.
Why did you run after seeing me?
And who is she?
She is Happy. - I can see that she is.
But I am asking you her name.
Her name is Happy.
And what is Happy doing in the front seat of your car?
What is she doing...
Hey you...who are you?
What do you want?
Why are you wearing that wedding dress?
Should I have worn a night dress for my wedding?
Bilal...what is she saying?
What are you saying?
Actually she is right.
Hold on...let me explain to you.
Just give me a minute, okay.
How dare you? What is this..
Get in the car, I'll explain everything.
That front seat's mine.
Get out and sit on the backseat.
You're marrying her?
Take my advice...
...and tie a big stone around your neck and jump in the river.
Everything you told me is a lie.
I don't believe this nonsense.
And Guddu!
It must be one of your nicknames.
You've known me since I was a kid...
...when did I ever have a nickname like Guddu?
She is Happy.
Guddu's Happy.
Say something... why are you quiet now? Huh?
I am stuck amongst a bunch of idiots!
I've been asking for a phone call since morning.
I would've spoken to Guddu by now.
I am such a fool
Here...call your Guddu...
...and let her speak to him as well.
Hold on, I am going to ask his name.
Give that to me.
Brother, 'Private Number' flashing on Guddu's cellphone?
Hello. - Am I speaking with Guddu?
There's no Guddu here.
Who is that?
Don't you know English?
Me Daman Singh Bagga... Punjabi to English non-stop top speed.
Who you be? What you want?
Are you demented? You're Guddu, right?
I already told you this is Bagga speaking,
Who you be? - Angelina Jolie.
Curse you...
Hang up!
Stupid idiot!
There is no Guddu!
Who was it, brother? - Some Jolly.
Trying to flaunt her English.
Did you hear your brother's English?
There's no Guddu?
There's no bloody Guddu.
There's no bloody Guddu.
Here he is!
It's either Happy or Jolly...
Wonder who else Guddu's been going around with?
It's all because of his music.
If you could play the guitar or something... - Then what?
Should I quit politics?
And become a musician? - Hold on! Hold on!
Who was on the phone? - Some Bagga.
Bagga's the guy my father wanted me to marry.
Now there's a Bagga in the story too.
No-no-no-no...there's a Bagga.
There's a Bagga since morning.
Good afternoon.
Hello, dad. - Hello, dear.
Who is this?
She's Happy. - Happy? Who?
Bilal...tell him.
Uncle she's...my Happy cousin...
I mean my cousin Happy.
Javed never mentioned anything about her.
Happy dear...where do you live? - K-K-Karachi.
She is from Karachi.
To attend a wedding. - Very nice, Karachi.
So dear what's happening in Karachi these days?
She's a very homely kid, uncle...
...she wouldn't know what's happening in...Karachi.
Bilal...you're answering all the questions.
Let me here this cute girl's voice as well.
She won't speak.
She-she-she won't speak.
How can she speak? - She can't speak?
I am sorry, is she...
Just a minute...excuse me.
Dear, look after Happy. Okay.
Yes. Tell me.
You've started lying so flawlessly.
Tell me honestly, what's going on between you two?
Why do you come back to that?
Where else should I go?
Come here.
Think about solving this problem. - Am I a problem?
Oh just...will you please shut up?
Just shut up alright!
My life is ruined ever since you popped out of that basket!
Zoya, even if I try to deport her... she'll blabber nonsense to the media.
So just help me.
There is only one solution.
If there's actually some Guddu.
Then call him here, get these two married...
...and deport them back together.
Superb. Great idea! - Oh Shut up!
Okay, please just shut up.
Zoya, have you gone mad?
I already told you I've nothing to do with her.
Let's assume that you don't.
But the world will believe her, not you. Right?
And let's say we forcefully deport her.
Then once she's back home...
...she can tarnish Javed uncle's reputation, and our marriage, right?
And I won't let that happen.
So? - So?
How will Guddu get here?
If this nuisance can come in a basket...
...he can still catch a bus.
He even has a passport.
And where will this nuisance stay until then?
She's your mute cousin, so keep her in your house.
She will stay in aunty Rifat's quarters.
And you...
Until I don't see your Guddu with my own eyes...
...I will keep my eyes on you.
And...and on this Guddu. Get it?
Did you see something? - You saw it too.
I've been seeing it since I was a kid.
Mom often visits during her death anniversary
Did you see her for the first time, papa?
No-no...I've seen her before.
In fact I see her every year.
Rifat. - Yes.
Tell me something. - Yes?
Have you ever seen Shaista's spirit in this house?
Seen her?
She was with me in the kitchen a while ago.
This house was madam's abode.
Where else will she be seen?
In Amritsar?
Didn't you see her? - Huh...you can go.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
What are you angry with me for Shaista?
Even the servants of this house can see you, but not me...
Oh sorry... I didn't know you were here.
Oh, you're crying.
I'll be downstairs.
It's okay...this is your home.
Isn't there anyone in your family...
...who could help you speak with Guddu?
I am thinking about father.
I am sorry.
Isn't it too late to think about your father now?
I should've been like you.
For you, your father comes first.
This time I made a really big mess.
I guess you can deport me.
And don't worry... I won't go to the media.
It's a question of faith now.
Let Guddu come, then I'll get you two deported together.
I see.
And your father? - I'll think about father later.
I've called 100 times and told about a 100 lies.
But he didn't give the phone to Guddu even once.
What is this Bagga? - He's a big rascal.
He trapped father... with his cunning words.
He used to say I'll become an MLA in two years.
Tell me something about Guddu. What does he do? - Nothing.
There must be something. Some hobby, habit.
I am his hobby and habit.
I am serious Happy. - Me too...he does nothing.
If he did, wouldn't father let me marry him instead!
He used to strum his six-string?
He even dropped out of college to pursue music.
What happened?
Music's got magic, Happy.
And I'll use this magic to bring Guddu here.
Bring him? What are you going to do?
Same thing that Christopher Columbus did.
Father's leaving for China day after tomorrow.
I'll personally go to Amritsar and find Guddu.
Get these two married before he returns and send them back.
Will you really go to Amritsar?
I'll draw a map of Amritsar for you.
I'll get it from Google.
You just note down all of Guddu's whereabouts for me.
I want to make a plan. - Okay.
Because Christopher Columbus won't go alone.
Who will go with you?
Mr. Junior... you can take my head.
I'll ask for that later Afridi, it's not necessary right now.
Please don't give me such cruel orders of accompanying you to India.
I've already told you that I won't go to that country...
I won't go... - And yes, there's another thing.
What was it? - Yes, I won't go...
You will definitely go.
You don't understand, Mr. Junior.
Under no circumstance can I even taste Indian salt.
You're so stupid, Afridi. - What?
You, me and almost entire Pakistan's been eating Indian salt for decades.
We've been importing salt from India.
What do you have to say about that?
Oh, that way?
How long has this been going on?
Oh my, Allah save you from evil eye.
You must always dress like this.
You look amazing!
Yes...and father will strip these clothes off, along with my skin.
I must always dress like this.
I know I am troubling you.
But I don't have a choice.
Stuffed bread...he loves them.
My cooking I mean.
Yeah...that's it.
Come on, Afridi. Come on.
Come on, boy...you can do it.
Take a step forward...
If he doesn't get off just push him down.
Who said that? - I did.
Afridi, just let it be.
Just come on, you can do it Afridi.
Allah forgive me. - Two...
Allah-hu-Akbar. - three
This is the Punjab that's given birth...
...to cricketers like Kapil Dev and Yuvraaj.
I wish Kapil Dev and Yuvraaj were in Pakistan.
Why don't you leave Pakistan out sometimes?
You did make me leave it.
Okay...go ask them Guddu's address.
Who? - Them?
In what language? - They are not Chinese.
They understand Urdu. Go!
Excuse me.
I said excuse me.
Does Guddu stay in this domicile?
Who are you to ask?
Did you hear?
You're too much, Afridi.
Mister, can you tell me where I can find Guddu?
Who the hell are you two?
Rehan Lahori.
And my manager, Hairat Gul.
Looks like they have captured a nursery school.
I need to take this call, please keep your mouth shut till I'm back.
Yes Zoya...
When will Mr. Bagga come? - Shut up.
Fell asleep accidentally.
You know your brother doesn't sleep during the day.
So you were getting some Kayloola?
Your father is a Kayloola! - No no you misunderstand.
In Urdu, Kayloola means taking a nap in the day.
Who is he? Where did you find him?
Boss, they're from a music company.
Bajao Music Company... Lahore?
You are from Pakistan?
Tell me something Kayloola...
What do you call music in Urdu?
'Mausiqi'. - Son of a...
How dare you abuse me?
You're misunderstanding again.
I am not abusing you.
You asked what music's called in Urdu.
So...in Urdu it's called 'Mausiqi'.
Say it... 'Mausiqi'.
Not Ki...Qi, Mausiqi.
Has a dot above 'Qi'.
Now what the hell is that?
Boss... Apply a dot...
He's asking to apply the dot...Like on the forehead
You idiot am I a girl to be doing that?
Who is he?
Forget him, he's just the manager.
Just the manager.
You said he owns a music company.
Of course, I own a music company.
Sorry, I was busy on a phone call.
Are you Bagga?
Daman Singh Bagga! What do you want?
I've business with Guddu, not Bagga.
Where's Guddu?
No one's got any business with Guddu in India.
What business do you Pakistanis have with him?
What business?
Well...have you ever heard Guddu's voice?
He's...amazing, bro.
We'll make him sing... in Lahore.
Where did you hear Guddu's voice?
Bro...Youtube. - Youtube
So much talented
No wonder Happy fell for him.
Who's Happy?
The one your brother was supposed to marry.
My brother? But I am the only son to my parents.
The cards were distributed.
And on the wedding night... - What happened?
She ran away. - With whom?
She was supposed to run away with that bloody Guddu.
But who knows which idiot she ran away with.
Here's your Justin Bieber...
Guddu, my bro.
Guddu! Guddu! Guddu!
Come...I want to take you to your dreamland.
O music shop...
Give him whatever you want to right here.
Guddu won't go anywhere alone.
Wo...wow, Bagga Sir.
This is amazing.
We'll have to tell him whatever it is, in front of you.
Guddu won't go anywhere.
So how are we going to tell him?
Who are you? What do you want?
They want to make you sing...that too in Lahore.
Look, I am not going anywhere to sing.
There you go Kayloola...it's decided. Dimpy, throw them out
No no no...Stop that nonsense Bagga.
Sorry... Look...
I came all the way from Lahore to Amritsar for your benefit.
And you want to throw me out?
Benefit? What benefit?
He'll go there...sing for us... - Yeah.
I'll make a living... and you'll get your wedding.
You were saying that some Happy...ran away.
And you doubt him.
Now when he will no longer be here...
...then whose arms will Happy fall in?
How's your brother's plan?
Take him, take him...
So it's decided... prepare to leave.
My manager Hairat Gul will make all the arrangements.
Right, Hairat?
Hairat Gul!
Go he's calling you.
Yeah...yes yes... Rehan Lahori, of course.
I already told you I won't go to Lahore.
And your tricks won't work on me, Bagga.
And I won't go with these hired goons.
Hired goons? - Son, try to understand.
He's come all the way from Lahore only for you.
And we're not hired, we're original.
We'll take you to your love.
His love for 'Mausiqi' (Music).
Yeah...you wont even go for the love of Mausiki?
Happy's love is all I need.
And you can keep your Mausiki.
Listen, his, mine, whosever love it is... you'll only find it in Lahore.
Yeah... Look, son...he'll get in big trouble otherwise, and me too.
To hell with both of you.
It's because of people like you...
...that India and Pakistan could never be friends.
Go with them, come on.
I've given my word. - He's given his word.
Try to understand brother, It's all in Lahore
Who is? - Happening... It's Happening.
Think of your dream, Guddu....
One that's in the depths of your dreams, you'll find it there.
One that's in the loneliness of your heart, you'll find it there.
One that's in your destiny, you'll find it there.
Yeah... - At least listen to him!
Otherwise I swear I will eat poison.
And not just him, I will eat it too...and make you eat it.
Two Pakistanis will die in my backyard because of you...
...my ticket will get cancelled.
And if that happens, forget Happy I won't let you marry anyone.
Bagga bro, don't get emotional.
Please...don't get emotional, Bagga.
Guddu, you don't want to come with us, don't come.
You don't want to sing for us, don't sing.
But we're fans of your music.
At least eat a bite from our hands.
No... - Please. - I won't eat it.
It's stuffed bread.
Why won't you eat it? - Stay away.
Bagga bro, he's humiliated us a lot.
If he doesn't eat, how will he go?
Please give us a hand.
Dimpy, lay him down.
Hey... - You...
Stay away! Stay away! Stay away!
Careful...make him sit, please..
We brought it especially for you from Lahore.
If only you had eaten it politely...you would've understood.
But I guess I'll have to shove this love down your throat. - Yes yes, shove it down.
Will you only make wise cracks or start shoving also?
Or else give that to your Brother, I'll do it for you.
Yeah...Lahori, give it to him.
Do it, brother!
Come on... - Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
Eat it.
More, brother!
Will you sing now?
Will you go to Lahore now?
Bagga bro...that's enough.
Eat some more... Go to Lahore.
Bagga Bro...Stop it!
It's done.
You're simply amazing, Bagga bro.
The boy's said yes. - He did?
Hairat, take care of Guddu's visa and other formalities.
And bring him to Lahore respectfully.
Oh yes, of course of course
Bagga...brother...I am touched by your gestures of help
Touched. - You're welcome.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Everyone! - Thank you. - Yes, Goodbye
Boss...these Pakistanis have so much love in them?
I was thinking that too.
Keep an eye on Guddu. Come on. - Okay, brother.
Is this Bagga's minion always watching you?
Tell me something...
I've met Happy... she's quite feisty.
She has all of Pakistan dancing to her beats in two days.
You look like a decent boy.
What was your need to run away with her?
Just two months...
I'll get my contract from the music company.
The contract will come when it comes
But I'll have to get married as soon as I graduate.
For sure
Reeto's here...see you later.
You'll get married... and you'll be marrying me.
For sure
"Darling... My darling."
"It's the season of love."
"Darling... My darling."
"You're with me in every step I take."
"You're the melody from my musical instrument."
"You're the melody..."
"You're the melody..."
"You're the engravings on my soul."
"Yes, it's you."
"It's you."
"You're my life."
"I've put my faith in you."
"God dwells in you."
"It's like my heart's connected with God."
"Darling... My darling."
"You're with me in every step I take."
"You're the melody..."
"You're the melody..."
"You're the melody..."
"You're the melody..."
"Yes, it's you."
"It's you."
"Yes, it's you."
"It's you."
"I kept fighting with my dreams."
"I was always afraid to say it."
"My only wish was for you to be mine."
"I think God answers my prayers as well."
"You're my peace, my obsession."
"You're my desire, my hope."
"You're my craving, and my serenity."
"You're the pain and the relief."
You kept saying we'll get married.
Here...I am getting married.
Stuff your face...
"Darling... My darling."
"It's the season of love."
"Darling... My darling."
"You're with me in every step I take."
"I spend one day... and you spend a night."
"In this love... we've shared many centuries."
"If we ever separate, the world will say..."
"You're the song that's sung only by me."
"Darling... My darling."
"It's the season of love."
"Darling... My darling."
"You're with me in every step I take."
What is it? Why have you come here?
This is all you can do?
Strum your guitar and cry.
Will you run away?
"Darling... My darling."
"It's the season of love."
Call me in the evening.
I'll go finish up with the engagement.
Usmaan, your brother's going to meet his love tomorrow.
On that occasion...let's...
I don't drink...I don't...
But...it's cold tonight.
So you can take it for the cold.
Take it.
Give me your glass.
Come on.
Enough. Enough.
You insisted and that's why I obliged...
...otherwise I don't have such habits
Can I ask you something?
Ask anything except for Kashmir.
Urdu is a very deadly language. - Why?
Like some things might be so trivial...
But in Urdu they sound so important.
I used to think that 'Tashreef' is something special.
When I found out the real meaning (butt), I couldn't control my laughter...
Listen. - Yeah.
Are you mocking me?
You're taking me to see my Happy.
You think I can mock you? - No-No.
Gurdeep Singh is not such a bad person. - No no Gurdeep
I wasn't making fun.
I understand...
Usmaan... what is this called in Urdu?
Oh this...
Go do it.
Do it! Do it!
Brother Usmaan... you and Bilal are really great.
You lied for us.
You came here for us.
And you'll take me to Lahore tomorrow.
To my Happy.
We'll be so happy together.
I will meet with Happy... we'll get married.
And we'll have...
-I'll see how you get married...
Brother, catch him. - Who?
Brother, we'll get sc
Who? - Bagga's man... he's heard everything.
You're unbelievable.
Can't you look where you're peeing? - Brother...we'll be ruined.
There he is. There he is.
He went left...Left...
That way..
That way, let's go.
Usman bro, faster! - He has fallen! He has fallen!
I can't touch him!
He is reeking. How do we catch him?
Keep an eye on him, I'll find some papers.
Paper's no good... give me that rod.
We'll beat him with the stick and tie him up in the sack.
Sit down.
Wear it. Wear it. Wear it.
Sit down.
Go on...and make a name for yourself.
Round of applause!
And listen...
Don't worry about Amritsar.
We just want to see you progress.
That too in a different country.
Kayloola... you're really cute.
If I get a chance, your brother will definitely come to Lahore to meet you.
Swear on me Bagga bro, do pay us a visit once.
Of course we will.
Get going...come on.
Get going to Pakistan.
Bagga? Bye, love you.
Love you too, Guddu.
Congratulations, brother.
Now that he's gone we can be at peace!
Is that Rajinder who's running towards us like a bull?
Move aside.
It is him, brother.
What's wrong with him?
Brother...stop the bus.
Did you spend the night with a pig? I can't stand the stench.
Brother, they are no music company guys.
What? - Those guys from Lahore made a fool of you.
They'll get Guddu married there because...
Happy is in Pakistan.
Dimpy, stop the bus!
Boss, the bus is in Pakistan.
These idiots burned my papa's truck. - Dimple, keep these grass bundles..
..on the other side of the terrace.. - I hope they don't set me on fire...
And that grass lying at the back...
Wasn't that your truck? - Hello.
Aren't you the one that helped Happy elope? - No, no.
Sweety! Rinky!
Dimple! Dolly...come out everyone. - You offered me desert that day...
He's the rascal.
No-no, you're mistaken.
Mistaken... - No...
I'll set you straight, you rascal.
I swear I will take your life today.
Why will you take my life?
Stop hitting me with that broom...
It's covered with dung.
Look, I did try to help Happy elope.
But I couldn't.
And on top of that they burnt my father's truck.
You... to hell with your truck
I'm going to tell father all about you.
Why will you tell father anything?
Take this letter. Guddu has sent it.
Guddu... - Give it to uncle.
And I'll clear your misconceptions later.
Father... - Bye.
Swine, he's making a run for it.
Don't ever show your face here again.
This is a madhouse!
Where's uncle? - Papa!
What do you want now?
..we've found Happy.
Boss, get to the point.
He thinks she's in the next lane... he's going on-foot.
Happy...is in Lahore.
Where? - Pakistan.
Stop talking about bloodshed...
...and listen to what I am saying.
Only I can take you there.
Because those officials will hand-over the girl only to her relatives.
Come with me quietly.
Let's bring her back here, and get her married to me.
She's already made me dance to her tunes
And I did.
Not anymore
Brother, it'll take around 4-5 days to get there.
And what if... - Leave all that to me.
So what if it's Lahore.
Your brother is adamant.
We'll cross the border too.
Father...please, come here.
Father, Guddu's friend gave this.
Read it.
"Greetings, father."
"Happy is in La..."
"Happy is in Lahore and she's safe."
"I am going to bring her back."
"I didn't want to leave without your blessings."
"But I couldn't muster the courage to face you."
"Even if I've to lay down my life..."
"...bringing Happy back home is my responsibility."
"Pray to God for our well-being."
"Your good-for-nothing son...Guddu."
Boss, we have a contact across the border
Should I call him?
Yes, papa. What do we do?
Let's go to Pakistan.
Ishtiyaq Khan's constituency is the ideal constituency...
...in entire Pakistan, sir.
Electricity, water, corruption, unemployment, unmarried girls...
...are some of the small issues.
And according to you this event is a solution to all your problems.
Think about it, sir.
100 couples getting married altogether.
Unemployed young men will find a job...
...unmarried girls will no longer be unmarried.
We're only facing a little budget issue.
100 couples, huh?
Try getting one married, it's not that easy.
Wow...what a statement.
You've no idea what I just said, do you?
Absolutely right, sir. Absolutely right.
Mr. Junior! Mr. Junior! Mr. Junior!
The Chinese have cancelled the conference.
What? - Yes.
Mr. Senior is returning today afternoon.
What? - Yes!
I have to go. - Of course, yours is an international issue.
By Allah, look at what you've turned into.
Goodbye. - Goodbye
Oh Lord, cancel his flight... Take it to Africa
He speaks English very well, did you see?
Afridi. - Yes, Mr. Junior.
We've arrived in Pakistan with your guest-of-honor from India.
And very soon we'll be arriving at your abode.
No. The Pride-of-Pakistan is returning to his abode.
Take our guest-of-honor from India to some hotel.
And inform.
I'll send the gift-from-India and the headache-of-my-life there.
Sir...I also had an important piece of news.
The enemy-of-love Bagga has learned about our intentions.
And how did that happen?
A stupid sycophant overheard my conversation..
..with the guest-of-honor from India.
Any other good news...
..otherwise hang up and spare my life.
One small advice.
The flight that was supposed to take...
...the detainees to Delhi 5 days later, I had included their names as well.
But now that Mr. Senior has returned, so...
5 days.
Damnit Afridi!
I see...
Do you know what that means? - No.
He asked us to get a taxi.
Come on.
What's the point in sitting here?
What's the point in standing?
We'll deal with Bagga when he gets here.
We'll make some other plan for the wedding.
At least Guddu's here.
Happy...you're unbelievable.
We're getting into one trouble after another.
And you... are still going headstrong.
Do you think life is a film?
No...I treat life as life.
I won't let father or Bagga intimidate me,
And what's the worst that can happen with me?
I won't get what I want. Right?
But at least I'll be satisfied that I tried my best.
If you two have finished exchanging dialogues...
...can we finish the coffee?
I want to see Guddu.
And I am sure Happy wants to see him too.
Yes, Fakhru uncle. All fine? - What fine? Nothing's fine.
Mr. Junior, Mr. Senior has returned home.
And Zoya's father is here too. - What?
Did this have to happen now?
Uncle...this is a trial for you and aunt Rifat.
I don't care what you have to do.
But don't let him mention Happy at all.
Definitely not, Mr. Junior.
Definitely not.
Definitely not.
What happened? - Your father's at my home.
What if he mentions about the mute cousin?
I am going home now.
You can coordinate with Afridi for Guddu's hotel.
Bring me the check.
This feels just like back home.
Just like Yash sir showed us...in 'Veer-Zara'.
What are you thinking?
I was thinking...I wish Yash Chopra was in Pakistan.
Usmaan ...call up Happy.
Be patient.
Mr. Junior... will take you to Happy.
In fact, he would've already united you two...
...if Mr. Senior hadn't suddenly arrived from China.
You're right, Mr. Zia.
Our country isn't functioning to its fullest capacity.
It's hard to find a powerful politician.
Why not?
There's Bilal.
Bilal has all the makings.
Of course. I am sure one day this boy will change the history of Pakistan.
Of course.
Actually...even I have a talented nephew, he's from Peshawar.
But he can't do speech and rallies.
Unfortunately...he stammers.
I'll introduce him to Bilal someday.
By the way, where is Bilal?
Must be doing some kind of public service.
I did meet Bilal the other day at home. - I see.
And with him was that... - Sugar?
Sugar, Mr. Senior?
What's wrong with you, Fakhru?
You know I am diabetic. I have stopped taking sugar since a long time.
Pardon my insolence, Mr. Senior.
I was asking Zia sir. - So ask him.
One spoon. Thanks. - Yes.
So what were you saying? - I was saying...
Only one spoon? - Yes, yes only one spoon.
Zia sir, what were you saying?
I was saying, when he came home...
...there was a girl with him, she was from Karachi...
What the hell man!
Be careful...be careful, Zia sir.
I held it properly, I wonder what happened.
Stop staring at him...give him a tissue. - Yes, yes, yes...
Here you go.
And go call Rifat. - Of course.
I'm done here...
Yes, so Zia sir what were you saying?
When you met Bilal? - Yes, I was saying...
Greetings, sir. Greetings, Zia sir...you called?
Yes, I did.
Stand quietly. We're talking.
Yes, Zia sir. - Yes...
So, your niece... - W-w-why are you scolding me?
I've been working for you for all these years...
...and you didn't fulfill your promise either.
What nonsense? What promise?
Your promise to gift a necklace to Huriya.
Huriya? - My niece, Huriya.
I've selected the design as well.
If you won't do it, then who else will?
She's a poor kid, Zia sir.
If only madam had been alive, then...
Fine-fine... you'll get the necklace.
Now go... Leave!
Yes, Zia sir what were you saying?
I was saying that your mute niece from...
You'll get the necklace for me? - Yes, I will-I will-I will.
Now go from here.
Rifat! Rifat! Rifat!
How can someone shoulder so much burden at this age, Zia sir?
These days Rifat often faints. - I see.
Should I call the doctor? - Yes yes call the doctor.
And sprinkle some water on her.
Javed sir. - Yes.
Let's schedule the meeting for tomorrow? - Yes...yes...
We'll keep it for tomorrow. - Great.
See you.
Fakhru, go get some water.
Sprinkle water on her.
Javed sir. - Yes.
Give Happy my love. - Happy?
Happy who?
We tried our best, Junior... but Zia sir told him everything.
He came here with the intentions of saying it.
And not just the fake mute girl...
...he even spoke about a stammering nephew.
I even spilled tea on him but it didn't work.
Didn't work.
You called?
What do you know about Happy? - Happy.
Same thing which the world does. - What?
Well 'Happy' is a state of mind...
...that gives emotional happiness.
I am not talking about 'state of mind'.
I am talking about the girl...
...whom you introduced to Mr. Zia as your mute cousin last week...
Last week? - Yes.
Was it at his home? - Of course.
Although it was just Zoya and me...
...but according to uncle Zia there were two more people there.
Meaning? - I mean uncle Zia kept saying that...
...his nephew from Peshawar was also there, who stammers.
And your niece from Karachi, who is mute.
And...if I remember correctly he kept saying...
"The nephew spilled tea... then he said no."
"No, I spilled it...then he said it just tipped over."
Something like that.
Oh my, God.
What's wrong, father? - Even today...
Did he see his nephew and niece here as well?
He's crazy?
Does...Zoya know?
Poor thing... since her childhood days...
...she's been hearing of another mother who's from Rawalpindi, and is deaf.
Why didn't you tell me?
How could I tell you, father?
We're childhood friends, you even fixed our marriage.
And...I know that's for the best interest of the country.
And you've always said that no one's above our country.
So for the sake of my country... I stayed quiet...
Unbelievable, son.
Look at what you have turned into.
I'm so proud of you.
So proud of you.
Father, I've thought of an idea for your campaign.
Yes...tell me, son.
Why don't we get 100 couples married altogether?
You know...poor boys and girls, in one grand event.
And along with this announcement, Zoya and I will announce our wedding date too.
You know, to the media, to the public.
It will benefit your campaign...
...and 100 couples will do the job...5 days later.
I can see the future Prime Minister of this country in you.
And I am sure...you will change the history of Pakistan!
...of Pakistan, I know Dad!
But how will we arrange it in 5 days?
We'll manage it, father.
It must happen in 5 days.
How many times more will I have to lie?
Amazing, Mr. Junior.
Finally you've become an A-grade politician.
With a single blow you knocked out Zia sir...
...and made things easier for Happy and Guddu too.
Let's hope we wrap up everything before Bagga arrives.
Allah has made a strange relation between you and this girl?
A boy that never stood up in front of Mr. Senior for his own desires...
...is doing everything possible for this stranger...
Yeah, Zo!
When? How?
Relax, Zo.
Just relax. Just get a hold of yourself. I am coming right now.
Happy's missing. - Missing, again?
Rasheed Lala speaking.
Your parcel has been picked up
Day after tomorrow?
My man will pick you up from the bus depot.
Boss, do something.
Irfan and Moin are in a bad state.
Do you want to give Rasheed Lala a bad name?
You can't handle a girl?
Come on.
Boss, I am quitting this job.
Get inside.
Water... brother, water.
Open her mouth, I want to talk to her.
Me? - Yes, you.
Listen, girl... - You want me to listen? Me?
You listen...
Just set me free and I will mop the floor with you and your sycophants...
...or my name isn't Happy.
Bloody oafs, how dare you abduct me? How dare you!
You guys have no idea what you've done.
And you, rotten apple... you're their leader, right?
Go and round up some more boys.
Once I free myself, you won't be able to save yourselves.
What are you staring at? - Shut her up. Shut her up.
I won't spare anyone.
What do we do, boss? - Dance!
Bloody donkey!
Don't open her mouth at any cost.
Give her whatever she wants through a hole in her gag.
Call up Jalal and tell him to send more boys.
8-10-12... any number of boys available.
Don't take that gag out!
I don't understand what you're saying.
Afridi, I am telling you...
Afridi, I am telling you she was sitting on the left.
She was sitting on the left, and disappeared.
No, when I got down...
Look... - How can you disappear? - Not me.
Bagga. Bagga.
This is Bagga's doing.
But...the address?
How difficult can it be, Afridi?
Maybe someone was following you from the bus depot.
Waiting for him to get here...
But...what do we do now?
Bagga's abducted her. - Hmmm.
Then he must be coming here too.
There's just one way to get here.
Make arrangements, Afridi.
If he sets foot in the bus depot...
...he's immediately picked up by the patrolling car.
His men abducted Happy, we'll abduct Bagga.
Guddu! - It's all a mess.
She's already been through a lot because of me.
God knows how much more she will have to suffer?
I...just...hope nothing wrong has happened to her.
She will be fine.
You love her, don't you know her?
If she shows her true colors...
...then those who abducted her will bring her back.
And apologise too.
She's Happy.
She's much stronger than you and I.
Zoya...we'll continue preparations for the wedding.
Happy will definitely get married on that same day...
...and return to India on that same flight.
Try to find out when he will leave from Amritsar.
And if we can find out his Lahore contacts, even better.
Look, Mr. Junior, the problem is...
We'll find Happy.
I was 17 years old... when father brought me away...
...from Faislabad Cricket Camp.
Every night I would think about running away.
Chasing happiness, chasing my dreams...
It's been 16 years... but I could never muster the courage.
Happy never thinks for a moment.
She just runs away.
My way of living life is wrong, hers is right.
And I won't let it proved otherwise.
Rawalpindi. - Huh?
The cricket camp was in Rawalpindi.
I love you. - I love you too.
"I've 100 dreams...but one life."
"How do I choose what I want?"
"Maybe you won't say yes..."
"Yet I am waiting for you to say no."
"You're the journey, you're the path."
"You're the caravan."
"How do I walk without you?"
"Just be my friend."
"Just be my companion."
"Walk a few steps along with me..."
"...even if you choose to be a stranger later."
"Just be my friend."
"Just be my companion."
"Walk a few steps along with me..." - Greetings, respected guests.
I am really happy to share this news with you...
...that the future leader of a futuristic Pakistan and my son Bilal Ahmed...
...has made an emotional and noble decision of...
...marrying the daughter of Lahore's well-known businessman Mr. Zia Rehmani.
And I am sure that this step will be a hallmark...
...which will change the history of Pakistan.
Did you speak with Wahab?
Not yet sir but I've put 8-10 officers on the job...
Send Happy's picture to Wahab and have him call me.
Yes, right away.
Our wedding date's been fixed.
Oh yeah...congratulations.
Bilal, the media's calling you for some pictures.
Tell them we're coming.
"After meeting you my heart was assured."
"I look the most beautiful in the mirror."
"When you skirt your eyes, I feel..."
"Everyone else looks better than me."
"Go if you want...take your loyalty."
"Take your wishes."
"Just give me that one look."
"Just be my friend."
"Just be my companion."
"Walk a few steps along with me..."
"...even if you choose to be a stranger later."
"Just be my friend."
"Just be my companion."
"Walk a few steps along with me..."
"...even if you choose to be a stranger later."
He's arriving by tomorrow's bus. - 100 percent?
Winkle told me.
Bagga's man told him this. - Fantastic...superb...
Afridi...Bagga's arriving by tomorrow's bus.
Look, someone will definitely go to receive him.
He'll tell us where Happy is.
Will you have coffee?
Brother, can I ask you something?
Let it be...I'll feel really small if I do.
You can think about it, But you can't ask?
You see, brother... Happy is one in a million.
And I am not saying this because I love her.
She is!
Once someone gets to know her...
...They can't help themselves from falling in love with her.
That day...when you were talking about her...
I realized you've gotten to know her
So I thought to ask.
Do you want an answer or the truth?
Let the truth be... just give me an answer.
You know Madhubala...
..used to be my dad's favorite.
He would always tease mom saying she's not as beautiful as Madhubala.
Mom would laugh it off.
Do you know why?
Because Madhubala was also one in a million.
Everyone loved her.
Did it make a difference?
What really matters...
...is who Madhubala actually loved.
For the next five days we are responsible...
...for the safety of entire Lahore.
Entire Lahore? - Of course...entire Lahore.
And whoever is not with me can step back now.
We've received information...
...that a very dangerous, cunning and a lowlife Indian spy...
...can enter our city any moment.
So we must apprehend him at any cost.
Alive or...
Are you all with me? - Yes Sir.
You just have to take custody, let me handle the rest.
Fine, you can handle the rest.
Just a minute. Just a minute.
Calm down, papa. We'll find her. - That's not it.
I've been controlling it from Amritsar.
I'll just go relieve myself.
Fine, go, go... - Yes.
Don't forget to read the signboards. - Of course.
Don't get in the wrong place. It is a foreign country
Just a minute...
Are you Bagga?
Daman Singh Bagga!
Did Rasheed send you? - Yes-Yes, let's go.
Wait, let the old man return. - What old man?
The girl's father.
He's gone to the toilet, will be right back.
Hands up!
Kayloola, you.
In a police costume? - It's not a costume, it's my uniform.
You fool, mind your manners...
...you're standing in front of ASP Usman Afridi.
You humiliated us a lot, didn't you?
Now give us a chance to show some hospitality too.
Yes but...all this? - Amjad.
Throw these two fools into the police jeep. - Sir.
Hey but...
Just listen! - ofcourse we'll listen
Don't you respect your guests? - We'll show you
Mr. Junior, Bagga has been arrested.
Along with the other idiot who came to receive him.
Brilliant, Afridi! - I know Mr. Junior
Throw Bagga behind bars...
...and find out where happy is from the other idiot.
Bagga's been arrested.
Great. Great news. - Yeah...
I'll handle the venue preparations along with Ishtiyaq sir.
Let me know when you find out about Happy.
I'll join you guys.
Zoya... Thank you.
Your Mr.Junior...is the owner of that fraud music company, right? - Yes.
In all these years I spent in politics...
...I never imagined that our neighboring country will be responsible...
...for sabotaging your brother's wedding.
My brother?
You never do your job properly...
Did you fill diesel in the van?
Brother, both their phones are unreachable.
Unreachable? Let me see.
Brother, tell Jalal to keep the parcel
Shaukat just took her to the bathroom, she slammed the door so hard...
Shut your radio programme!
They can't just disappear in thin air.
I think this is a big game.
ISI...RAW level.
Allah have mercy.
Mister, have you seen this girl? - No!
Mister, have you seen this girl? - No!
Mister, have you seen this girl? - No!
Mister, have you seen this girl? - Who is she?
She is my daughter.
She came from Amritsar to Lahore by mistake.
God knows what trouble she is in?
It's all my fault.
There's no point in getting disappointed, mister.
Have you filed a missing report of her? - No, I haven't.
Here, have some tea.
Filing a missing report won't do you any good either.
You'll need the help of someone influential
Someone who's got connections in the embassy or the consulate.
Who are such guys?
He is.
Wasim Akram?
No, on the TV.
Mr. Javed Ahmed.
He is the ex-Governor.
I see...where can I find him?
It's not that easy to meet him.
You'll need to get an appointment first.
Can you give me his address? - Of course.
Here you go.
Here you go, mister. - Thank you.
Here's the money for the tea. - Thank you.
Hey...who was he? What was he asking you?
He was an Indian.
And was asking for Javed Ahmed Sir's address.
And you gave it to him.
Of course, after all he paid for the cup of tea.
Unlike you. - You fool!
Any identification? - He was from India Sir.
He looked well-trained.
And sir, there was a pouch under his shirt.
Pouch? - Yes, sir. Pouch.
I fear that Mr. Ahmed's life...
Immediately make a sketch of that man.
And send it to every police station in the city.
Put up his posters all over the city.
I want this man! - Yes, sir.
All well, Afridi? - Don't know, Mr. Junior.
Out of the pan...and into the fire.
"This Indian has entered Pakistan..."
"...with the intentions of attacking the ex-governor Javed Ahmed?"
Read ahead.
"If you see him anywhere, inform us immediately."
Now who is he?
Father? - Father? Whose father?
Happy's father.
Why would Happy's father want to kill Javed uncle?
I don't know...
Is this news correct? - His posters have been put up all over the city.
Something's definitely wrong.
Why would Happy's father want to kill your father?
We'll deal with this later, let's finish this job first.
Address. - This imbecile will tell us.
Listen up...
Make a team of two.
You go left... and you enter from South.
Amjad, you lead them - Yes, sir.
Stay with him.
Come on...come on.
Follow me, quietly. - Yes, sir.
Brother, if they've kept Happy here...
...where are their men?
Are you sure this is the place?
How many guards inside?
How would I know?
I think this is a very bad idea.
How will we get that Indian out of a Police station? - Shut up.
Come out. Come out.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Do you want to get me killed?
"Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"
What is this? Your aunt's wedding party?
Walk quietly.
Come here.
Go and create a diversion. Go on.
Quietly or you'll get a beating...
Didn't we pass from here before?
Zoya, where are you wandering?
You will get lost.
They don't even have a fan... how could Happy be staying here?
That's true... metal everywhere.
Come on.
Hey, what are you doing?
Just a minute, brother. The boy's getting the key.
Hurry up.
Open it up.
This one.
Which one of you is Rasheed? - That's me.
You couldn't come yourself to the bus depot?
First the girl's father ran away...
...and that fool you sent, sided with the police in a second.
But you told me nothing about the father...
Get in.
Come on.
Be careful.
Rascals have kept her quite inside.
No need to even try, son.
Put your hands up.
Zoya, have you lost it?
Happy! Happy! Happy!
Happy, how are you?
Oh yeah.
Take it off. Slowly.
Are you blind?
I've been trying to call you for so long.
"Rascals have kept her quite inside."
Your Guddu is stupid.
You're okay?
Everything is going to be alright.
Shall we go, Mr. Junior?
Its better if we leave.
We were having so much fun.
Tomorrow after Happy leaves everything will become boring again.
You two can come to Amritsar whenever you like.
I'll take you around Amritsar.
Right, Guddu. - And why Amritsar, We all should go to Shimla.
It's a really amazing place.
Mr. Bhatti, our travel agent will sort everything. - Yeah.
Can your father kill someone? - Of course he can.
Who do you want him to kill? - No one.
Your father's here to kill Bilal's father.
Father's here? - Yes.
In Lahore? - Yes.
Not just father, Bagga's here too. - What?
Bagga's in jail, but father's free.
But what is my father doing here? - I don't know
Brother, it's confirmed.
She ran away.
Run Happy...run.
I will find you again.
What happened? Huh!
What's wrong, Bilal Ahmed?
Your walk has lost its confidence, your words are not sure of its meaning!
You've spent half your life blaming your father.
And you want to spend the rest blaming me?
No, I don't want your favor.
And if you're wondering what will happen to Zoya...
...then let me clear that doubt as well.
When you were selected for the College team...
...I drank and danced all night.
If you're happy with someone else, I'll still be doing that.
I love you.
But it's my problem.
The day you see tears in my eyes, Bilal Ahmed...
...change my name.
That brother sent me.
Why don't you keep something new?
People get bored of seeing the same items every day.
"O kind soul...I thank you."
"O companion...I've fallen in love."
"There's no cure for my ailment."
"My God is my witness."
"Now you must decide..."
"If I don't live with you... then what's the point of living at all."
"You...you...you...only you... just you...yes you..."
"I am in love with..."
"You...you...you...only you... just you...yes you..."
"I was often unaware of things."
"My heart was never a poet."
"You have decided my fate... otherwise..."
"...I was never destined for any love."
"It's all your grace..."
"...that I've forsaken all faith and religion."
"Keep doing it..."
"Keep tormenting me some more."
"I couldn't control my heart no matter how hard I tried."
"I just handed it over to you."
"Whether you destroy it or save it."
"You can do as you wish with my love."
"You...you...you...only you... just you...yes you..."
"I am in love with..."
"My heart's in a big dilemma."
"My desires are still being stubborn."
"The world will be upset with me."
"But who cares about the world."
"And you will go home"
"All we have is this moment."
"It's not the destination..."
"...it's the journey that I love."
"The borders won't like..."
"...when two vagabond heart become one."
"I am a bird and you're a star."
"I'll choose my sky and you choose yours."
"You...you...you...only you... just you...yes you..."
"I am in love with..."
"You...you...you...only you...just you...yes you..."
Have I said too much? No. Way too much.
But you said the truth.
I am going to drop Guddu to the hotel.
Get some rest.
We need to get them married tomorrow...
...and I need you by my side.
Because that's what I want.
I love you.
Bilal. Yes, father?
Is everything okay? What's the hurry?
Well, I am leaving for the venue.
It's my trial today, and if everything goes well...
...it will change the history of Pakistan.
Father, I am running late. I'll see you there.
No, sir... - Leave me.
No, sir... - You cannot go in.
He's already gone.
You guys are unbelievable.
Stop. Stop.
Follow that white car. Quickly.
Yes, Afridi.
Sir, I have very bad news for you. When have you ever given me good news?
Hold on.
Overtake him. Come on.
Why isn't he listening?
What a strange man!
It's unbelievable, Afridi. I was saying the same thing, sir.
It really is unbelievable.
Happy's father is following me.
These bunch of Indians have created a stir all over Pakistan.
The same thing has happened here.
Forget that.
I am heading towards the park, to give him the slip.
That fool's talking on the phone while driving.
Mister... - Come there immediately and arrest him.
Of course. What park, sir?
I don't know, Afridi.
It's close to my home. I get it. I get it.
Amjad, drive to Shalimar Park.
Stay on the line Sir
Old man can be dangerous.
He's slipping away
Drive faster
Stop! Stop!
Mister! Mister!
Here you go.
Wait, mister.
Nobody listens in this country!
Hello. Hello, yes sir.
I am in the park. Where are you?
Congratulations, I am in the park as well.
Sir, please take a look around you.
How can anyone find you in this huge park with so many trees?
Do you see the Cyprus trees? Cyprus?
What's Cyprus called in Urdu? It's called my head.
How did you join the police?
It's the same trees like the ones in front of the Taj Mahal.
Taj Mahal?
Taj Mahal!
I know...you haven't been there.
You must have seen photos.
Of course I did.
I wish Taj Mahal was in Pakistan.
Hey...that tree is right in front of me.
The old man's disappeared.
See, sir...I got here and the old man disappeared.
I was getting worried, Mr. Junior.
It's a good thing he ran away. What nice?
The hoardings of the wedding are all over the city.
If the old man gets there, it'll be a disaster.
Disaster... exactly, even I was saying that.
What were you saying?
There's a small problem, Mr. Junior.
You see last night... Bagga ran away.
Bagga escaped? When? How?
And you're telling me now? That is why called you, sir...
Shut up, Afridi.
If Bagga gets there, then I will kill you instead.
You get there.
With Happy's deportation papers and Guddu's ticket. - Okay.
Get the army, the police... everyone on the job!
No one should get a whiff of this!
Just find Bagga.
Get the Army, the police... and no one should get a whiff of this. .
What kind of order was that?
Shall we go?
You're looking nice.
Let's go.
It'll happen this way, out here...I never imagined this.
But you...you won my heart, brother.
You are amazing.
You see Guddu, there's...been a small problem.
It's okay.
You cannot create problems.
I mean you have done it, brother.
You see...kind of...you know...
Bagga escaped. I...
Bagga escaped!
Bagga escaped? How did he escape?
And what do you mean kind of escaped? He must have fully escaped no?
And if he's escaped, he'll get here.
Brother, you have...
You have done it!
Superb. Beautiful.
I am truly amazing. You?
Yes, me...who did your makeup? Point.
Thank you.
No, thank you. What for?
Bilal is right.
You make everyone Like yourself... 'Happy'.
That's why.
Rifat. Yes.
Don't say no.
Gift this to Huriya on your behalf.
If it were anyone else, I'd never accept it...
..but whenever I see this necklace around Huriya's neck
I'll keep thinking of Happy
What are you saying, brother? I know Bagga.
He's a scoundrel.
He's done things that you...
I mean I've witnessed them. Greetings.
He's like a termite, eats you from inside. - Greetings.
Happy. Yes.
There's been a small problem. What?
I... Bagga escaped.
What? How did he escape?
And you're saying it's a small problem.
What are you doing?
Guddu, we have to go
We'll deal with this later.
We'll deal with this later. You wait, I'll deal with this later.
Go there.
Greetings. How are you?
All okay.
Greetings. Greetings.
Come, son.
Sir, please proceed towards the dais.
There's a security threat.
Security threats are nothing new for the members of Ahmed's family.
You're right.
Ma'am. I've brought the priest.
Priest, did you get everything?
I've brought everything, but I haven't done anything like this before.
We haven't done anything like this either.
Please take a seat.
Sit sit...No one has done this in the history of Pakistan!
To you too!
You're not needed inside. Stay here.
And remember...don't let Bagga inside. Of course.
Mister, can I meet these two gentlemen here?
Yes, mister. Of course. Go in.
Where's Guddu?
What are you doing here? Brother Usman, father was right here.
What do you mean? Old man.
But he was with you. He left long ago.
You want to get yourself killed.
Come on.
Father was...
Why are so many people following father?
I don't know...you don't know...
What do you care?
Where were you?
Take a seat.
Take off, priest. Start.
Sir. Sir. Sir. Mister.
Sir. Sir...he's the man I saw in the market.
Catch him.
What's wrong?
I have come to meet Javed Ahmed.
He must be around. Where else could he go?
Guddu, Afridi
Bagga's here!
Who the hell fired a gun?
Scoundrel you've come too far!
Brother you step aside, I'll take care of him.
You go get married...
I will manage this.
Priest, he's the real groom.
Stay away.
Cover me.
Cover me. Cover me. - Cover me, also!
Happy you like running so much! Why are you slow today?
Hurry up, priest.
Afridi, take these two to the airport.
And don't stop anywhere.
Take them to the airport.
Hurry up, let's go!
It's done, it's done.
Guddu! Happy! Greetings, father.
Bless you! - He has a gun!
Dear, hold up
I'm here! You should escape..
Mister...it's me. - Who is that? - Happy's father!
He doesn't listen at all.
Sir, the engine is on ...
Harpreet! This is unbelievable.
Get out of the way, moron!
Drive father, brother Usman. I am...don't worry.
Bagga's right behind us. Let Bagga come, we're in Pakistan.
And Mr. Junior has complete faith in me.
Straight, keep driving straight brother!
Happy madam.
There's something I wanted to tell you.
I'll always have a regret because of your love story.
I wish we had such love stories in Pakistan.
But the truth is...your love story blossomed in Pakistan.
Brother, we haven't succeeded yes.
Look ahead.
It will. It will. It will. Drive faster.
Then I went to the tea-stall.
He gave me his address.
This guy in the white car.
Mister...hey mister, listen to me.
We'll go straight then take a turn...
...and then take a left and then from the circle...
Why are you giving me directions?
I can see the car, you idiot!
It's me...I am from India, no one's ready to listen.
Brother, why take the same route as them?
They are all heading to the airport after all.
Take a left. You're right.
Then take a left! Here?
Bilal, Bagga turned left. Rascal, he's taking the shortcut.
Why aren't we taking the shortcut?
We're not in a race, Zoya!
Doesn't anyone hear you out in Pakistan?
What... - What's happening? - What's happening?
You catch thieves in this.
Cars don't usually breakdown in Pakistan!
Come on. Come on.
Stop her. Stop her. She will run away again.
At least we'll reach before you.
She'll run away!
Hurry up.
I said hurry up.
Here here.. Gate no.7
Stop the vehicle!
Where do you think you're going?
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! - This is a high security area
Stop-stop. We're here.
Sorry! Sorry! - Take this away...
Here, go now. No, brother Usman.
We won't leave without meeting Bilal and Zoya.
But Bagga...your father. We'll have to confront them in Amritsar.
I am through with running away now.
You guys... Mr. Junior will have me killed! - Happy.
Look, Happy... don't create a problem now.
You're my wife now.
You see...
...Bilal had started liking you. What?
Are you crazy? Be quiet and listen to me for once.
I am only saying this because...
...I cannot take you back with this burden.
I am not like that.
But he's...a great guy.
Everything he did...
Hey... Look!
Listen old man! - Happy...
Take his gun.
Shut up, inspector.
What kind of a country is this?
No one listens to you until you don't point a gun.
I came to tell my daughter...
...that the guy I chose for her was completely wrong.
But the guy you chose...
...he's right
I like him. Very good.
Love you, dad.
Wow! This is amazing!
Bless you.
Give them your blessings and send them off.
We'll get you your bus tickets for tomorrow...
Thank you, Zoya.
Take care of yourself. You too.
We'll miss you.
And Mr. Bilal...you're supposed to be the next Jinnah, right?
Bilal, I'll take care of Madhubala.
And Usman bro, get your car fixed. Sure!
Zoya, I love you too.
I love you.
What's the big deal, sir?
Even Dilip Kumar couldn't get Madhubala.
He told you too?
All of Pakistan knows about it.
Come, Bilal.
What was she whispering in your ears?
Let's go... -But Bagga!
And our brother has made a big name for Punjab even in Pakistan.
He's been victorious.
Well, I cannot take all the credit alone.
I only went there to bring these two lovers back home safe and sound.
This isn't your brother's victory alone.
This is Happy's victory!
This is your victory!
And this is Amritsar's victory.
Listen you fool... will they still vote for me?
Of course they will.
So what if Happy's got that goat, we've got the sympathy vote!