Happy Ending (2023) Movie Script

- [woman moaning]
- [bed creaking]
[upbeat music playing]
[moaning echoes]
[moaning continues]
Didn't hear anything.
- Really?
- [man] Nope.
[woman laughs]
[man chuckles]
[laughs] Don't you think
it's exciting when people hear us?
I'd rather have you all to myself,
if you don't mind.
- I'm gonna come. You?
- Yeah, me too. Mm-hmm.
- [both moaning]
- [music fades]
[woman] That was my 132nd faked orgasm.
[loud moaning]
[woman] Delicious.
[both breathing rapidly]
[moaning and sighing]
[woman sighs]
One year, baby.
Yeah. A year already.
Only one year.
- I'm gonna clean up.
- Yeah.
[both chuckling]
[urine trickling]
[woman] Mink and I met on the beach.
[upbeat music playing]
Need a hand? You want me to take it?
- Oh, well
- It's okay. Got it.
[woman] I thought he was flirting with me.
Shall I take it?
But it turned out
he was just really handy with trays.
So I started flirting with him.
Luna, could you maybe take over table 65?
- [blender whirs, stops]
- [Luna] Hm?
- Could you go to table...
- [blender whirs]
Sorry, I really can't hear you! I, um
- [blender stops]
- [chuckles]
[Luna] Or at least
If I tilt my head real fast,
it comes out of my nose. Wanna see?
[chuckles] No, thanks.
[Luna] I tried.
[blender whirs, stops]
Well, you look like you could
use a delicious cappuccino.
- You're a delicious cappuccino.
- [chuckles]
[indistinct chatter]
[Luna] Fortunately, he quickly took over.
- And it didn't take long for him to
- ["De langste nacht" playing]
Yeah, man.
[man 1] Yeah, one little step
and then things go wrong.
- [woman] Yeah, okay.
- [man 1] Be careful over there.
It's not me, right?
- [man 2] No. No.
- [Luna] Oh, it is?
Hold on, I'm gonna switch the music.
I hate this song.
["De langste nacht" continues]
- [Mink] You like this song too?
- [Luna chuckles]
- [Mink] So good.
- Yeah. For sure.
- [in Dutch] I long for the moment
- The moment
- We no longer have to do anything
- Longer
[in English] No, you don't like it at all!
- [both laughing]
- Um [chuckles]
- No, okay. It's not not my taste.
- Kidding?
This is such a good song! Why not?
Yeah, I don't know!
I just have a terrible taste in music.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
May I have a taste?
Delicious, if you ask me.
[pop music builds]
[waves lapping]
[upbeat electronic music playing]
- [bottles clinking]
- Whoa! [laughs]
[breathing rapidly]
[both moaning and panting]
I'm gonna come, yeah?
[Luna] And the first time,
it was so much fun,
and it went so fast
that I simply forgot to say that I didn't
- [Mink moans]
- [moaning]
- [upbeat music playing]
- [Luna squeals]
- Your favorite!
- [Mink] Yes! Mm!
[Luna] You have sauce all over your face.
[Mink with mouth full]
You have sauce on your nose.
Gorgeous tomatoes, if you please!
Thank you!
[indistinct chatter]
Everyone say "gorgeous"!
- [all] Gorgeous!
- [shutter clicks]
- [Mink] Could you bring a Donald Duck?
- [Luna] Yeah, I will.
Hey, can I borrow this? It's nice.
Yeah, sure. I think half my wardrobe
is at your place right now.
I promise I'll bring it all back
next time I'm here.
- [Mink] Don't worry.
- [chuckles]
Um or
the clothes could just stay here if
you move in with me?
[laughs and squeals]
["This is Happening" by 4B2M playing]
[car horns honking]
[sighs] Uh-huh.
[Luna] And now suddenly a year has passed,
and everything is pretty much perfect.
- Except for
- [Mink moans]
Oh yeah!
[Luna moans]
- [Luna] Um
- [Mink moans]
Well, that.
[music fades out]
[Luna] But I'm working on it.
- You like it?
- Yeah, I do.
You know what Samir's problem is?
He is a sweet guy and he really tries...
- [server] Is everything okay?
- Yeah, thanks.
- He wants it too badly.
- Yeah, but Bo is the opposite.
- She doesn't want it enough.
- [laughs]
You know what she calls her new hookup?
Her "quook-up." Her quality hookup.
- [Luna laughs]
- Jesus.
And Tirza's been with
the same boyfriend since she was 16.
Yeah, well, Tirza has completely
forgotten how to live life.
So, we can conclude
that you and I are doing quite okay.
- Absolute Bo!
- [banging on glass]
No, Bo we already discussed.
No. Bo, there.
Look. Oh, I was really looking forward
to an evening with the two of us.
- Bo! Hey! Honey!
- [Bo] Hey!
- Yeah!
- No way. What are you doing here?
I was on my way home from my quook-up,
but I wanted to swing by
my sweethearts first.
You care if I join you?
- Uh, sure, why not?
- [Bo] Yeah?
I can see the terror in her eyes. [laughs]
Calm down.
I'll be gone before you know it.
But I couldn't just ignore
your one-year anniversary
'cause you're so special and so
- What? No!
- Well, yeah. Ta-da!
You really shouldn't have.
Never mind, then!
- Okay.
- [chuckling]
- Uh!
- Oh, well
Thank you.
- Oh! How thoughtful!
- Whoa.
- A little fun.
- It's my size!
And this might provide you
with a few fireworks
in your hotel room later, you know.
Well, there were already
plenty of fireworks there.
We even checked the soundproofing.
Okay, okay, okay. Yeah, um
I'll get going. My quook-up's
been tied to the bed for half an hour.
- Ah. Nice one.
- [Bo] And that's long enough.
I'm joking.
[Luna and Mink chuckle]
- Or am I?
- [laughing]
- [Bo] Bye!
- Thanks!
Can you imagine?
[chuckles] No. You?
I consider myself quite open-minded,
but handcuffing you to the bed is not...
Hey, who says that I'm gonna be
the one that would be tied up?
Oh, okay. So you like the idea?
Ah I don't know.
Maybe it could be [clicks tongue]
fun to try out new things sometimes.
[Mink chuckles] Okay.
Do you want me to, uh
like, with a blindfold, like this?
- And examine your whole body?
- [laughing]
- [woman] Hi.
- [Luna murmurs]
Hi. [chuckles]
Um, are we interested
in hearing the dessert options?
[both] Yeah.
[woman] Today we have
a chocolate mousse with orange zest.
- Ooh!
- A cheesecake with a red fruit compote.
Or our French cheese trio,
fromage trois.
- [snickers] A trio?
- [Mink] Hm.
[woman] Yeah, three cheeses.
And for you, sir?
- Mink.
- Um
A threesome!
- [woman] Two fromage trois?
- [Mink] No, I'll have the cheesecake.
- [woman] So one trio and a cheesecake.
- Yeah.
- So you wouldn't like that?
- Mink [laughs]
- Why not?
- Yeah, no, you don't do that.
- Why not? I mean...
- No.
- How is everything?
- It's really good.
The cheese threesome is yum!
Yeah, it's very good. Mm.
[sighs] Oh yes.
Would you be open to that?
To what? Your cheese?
- [laughs] No.
- I'll take it.
No. To, um, a threesome.
Yeah, of course.
I mean yeah. No, sure, why not?
But we're not gonna
have a threesome, are we?
Okay, and why not?
Because we're too afraid?
- I'm not afraid. That's not why.
- Hm.
Yeah, okay. So why, then?
[chuckles] I don't know, I just
I'm happy with you.
- We don't need that.
- Aww.
We don't need dessert either,
but it's tasty. [kisses teeth]
- It is tasty, right?
- [Luna] Yeah, exactly.
[Luna chuckles]
What are you trying to tell me?
- Okay.
- [chuckles]
- [laughs]
- [Mink] Mm-hmm?
- [Luna] So?
- Okay, could be interesting.
[Mink] Okay, but suppose we ever tried it.
Where do you think we would
possibly find a third person?
Well, uh [clears throat]
Who in this room
would be open to a threesome?
[softly] Loon!
- [patrons chuckling]
- [female patron] Me!
[Luna] Okay, no. Not like that.
Hague Seeds wants to appear inviting,
but not desperate.
We would like to seduce
the customer, so to speak.
So the slogan my colleague Bo
has come up with for you is
"Hague Seeds, where pleasure comes first."
Whoo! [chuckles]
- Um, do you guys have questions?
- [Bo] Yeah. Important question.
Uh, did you happen to bring your bikini
so we can head straight to the beach?
- [inhales sharply]
- [upbeat music playing]
Yeah. We're moving on to the colors.
- [seagulls squawking]
- [both laughing]
Allora, uh, one pizza caprese?
- Ooh! Looks great.
- That's you.
- And a goat cheese.
- Mmm. C'est moi.
- And for you.
- Thank you.
[man] Minkie! Oh!
- [trilling]
- [Mink] Look at him!
- [man] What's up, man? [laughs]
- Handsome man!
- [man] Ahh!
- [chuckles] Cute.
- And? Was he able to?
- What?
Do a little G-spotting?
- [chuckles] Jesus!
- Did you take my advice, Lu?
[Luna] Yeah.
Yeah, I mean, we did a bit of testing
to see that the room was soundproof
which made me relax more,
but it didn't make me, uh
- [squawks]
- [Luna chuckles] Yeah. Yeah. Yes.
That. Thank you.
I'd say he needs to find your G-spot,
so just tie him to the bed till he can
figure out where that thing is.
By the way, your handcuff thing
gave me and Mink
another brilliant idea, actually.
Okay. Okay, but don't laugh.
It might be a very stupid idea,
but Mink and I thought it could
be really good for us if we, um,
at least one time, had a threesome.
- Oh my God!
- Luna!
Whoo! Okay, uh Okay, okay, okay. Cool.
[inhales sharply]
I'm honored, absolutely.
- [laughs]
- But I'm not sure this is a good idea.
I love you guys.
I'd do just about anything for you, but...
She doesn't mean with you! Of course not!
What? Why not with me? Look at me!
You're beautiful, but it'd be too...
- Weird? Come on!
- Yeah.
Seriously, dude!
It's the ultimate dream, man.
Yeah, but our sex is so good. Why would
we ask a third person to join in?
Man, because the more, the merrier, right?
- True that.
- And I might know a good candidate.
- What, who?
- Wassup!
- [laughs]
- Let's go, man!
- No!
- Why not? We could, right?
Dude, I love you, but I'm not
fucking getting into bed with you.
You don't know. I'm great in bed.
- Yeah.
- I'm sick, man.
- Sensitive.
- No, man. It's not gonna happen.
It's cool, man.
You looking online, or what?
"Fun couple looking for a fun night"?
No. Online seems way too hectic.
Yeah, but it's all hectic,
no matter what you do.
How come it doesn't ever work
when I'm with someone?
Yeah, the thing with Emma
didn't work either, did it?
- And Tim? No way.
- Ooh.
With Tim, nothing worked.
Aw, poor thing.
RIP, Tim.
But with Mink, I really don't get it.
You guys are just
stuck in a rut, that's all.
And a threesome
can get you unstuck, I think.
- Yeah?
- Just try it and see what happens.
You think so too?
This could make him
try a little bit more, you know?
A little competition never hurt anyone.
- Listen, you guys are gonna fix this!
- No.
- Do it tonight!
- No, no!
- Yeah! For sure!
- [Bo] Do it tonight!
- Please!
- It's now or never.
Tonight! Go for it!
- Oh, goddammit.
- Whoo!
[energetic music playing]
- Tonight is the night!
- [Luna] Shut up, he's looking!
[upbeat dance music playing]
Would that be an option?
That could be your type, right?
Yeah, I wouldn't mind
having breakfast with him.
[Mink] No, I get it!
No, you're my type!
[music halts]
[music builds]
- [upbeat house music playing]
- [people cheering]
Hey! [chuckles] Come here often?
I work here.
- With Mink.
- Uh, pfft. Yeah, I know.
Um, um, um
Can I have a, um, a vodka, please?
- Hey, um, can I get a beer?
- [server] Sure.
- And you, are you seeing anyone?
- No, nobody.
Wow! You have super beautiful ears!
- What?
- Your auricle is pretty!
[chuckles] Hey. Here you go.
- Thank you. Cheers.
- Cheers.
You know where the bathroom is?
So, what do you do?
I'm a painter.
Mm! For real?
And And do you paint abstract,
or figurative, or, um
[chuckles] No, I paint, um, houses
and walls and stuff, you know?
Oh, sick!
- Yeah.
- Cool.
[Luna] Oh right. I forgot about that.
I am absolutely terrible at flirting.
The only place
where I flirt is on my bike.
- Because there are zero consequences.
- [bell dings]
When riding a bike,
you know that the other person
is going the other way
and that you will
never see each other again.
Bike flirting is perfection.
Short enough so it doesn't get awkward,
but long enough
for that lovely feeling in your stomach.
[upbeat music playing]
[Luna] Fortunately,
Mink always knows what to say.
[pulsing house music resumes]
- [Luna laughs] Hey!
- Hey!
Hey. Mwah.
- Hi.
- She's your girlfriend?
Uh, yeah.
And it so happens
that we're trying to find someone...
- [gasps, chuckles] Are you okay?
- [Mink] Okay.
Are we looking for
men, women, or everyone?
[Luna] Everyone. Definitely everyone.
Our passions are
karaoke, Netflix, scuba diving,
salsa dancing, board games, activism
Yeah. Yeah.
If I had to use one term to describe us,
that would be "board game activism."
[Luna laughs]
Okay, great.
I'll pick travelling, coffee, and karaoke?
[both chuckling]
This is never gonna work.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Luna] Oh shit.
I swiped in the wrong direction.
[both chuckle]
[Luna] Let's have a look.
Okay, this is Benedict.
- Be-ne-dict.
- [Luna] Yeah.
He studies at the conservatory,
and it looks like
he plays the flute extremely well.
[Mink] Wow, what a champ.
Super swipe. Let's go.
[Luna] Okay, done.
Oh! She's also very cute.
- [Mink] Oh yeah.
- [Luna] Hey, a coffee lover.
Hey, I know you.
Uh, who? Me?
Um, yeah. I I think I do, right?
- Um
- [Mink chuckles]
Uh, yeah, I'm sure you do,
considering the fact
that I am a very well-known artist.
You probably know me
from, uh, the bed protests,
with my, um, partner, John.
Hi. John. Nice to meet you. John Lennon.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, I dated Ringo for a while, you know.
I met you at a party one time, right?
- Oh right! Right, yeah.
- That's you. Right?
- [chuckles]
- [Luna] Exactly. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, we were just on our way
to, uh, the next bed protest.
- Yeah, someone's gotta do it, so
- Yeah. Busy, busy, busy.
Mm. Sounds fun to me, a bed protest.
- Yeah?
- [woman] Yeah.
- Hey, tell Ringo I say hi, okay? Bye!
- Bye!
[Luna] Okay, bye!
[twangy rock music playing]
- Wait, Mink, stop. Stop!
- What?
[Luna] Could it be her?
- She was absolutely perfect.
- Yeah, it was just too good to be true.
Shit, man. I'm trying to find
someone morning, noon, and night,
and you guys managed to
run into someone on your fucking bicycle?
We didn't find anyone
because she cycled away,
right out of our life.
I think there are plenty of people
who'd wanna ride their bikes
into a threesome with you two.
- Yeah, but this was really...
- Let's stop this messing around.
I'm sure you got the app
downloaded, right? Isn't she on it?
[upbeat music playing]
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
Oh my God!
[cell phones chiming]
[blows raspberry]
[music fades]
Why are there so many people?
[cell phone chimes]
I got a match with ourselves.
- Whoa.
- [Mink chuckles]
Well, I'm done with it.
I've seen them all.
- Hey.
- Such a handy little app.
You immediately end up
in bed next to your match.
Yeah, but you were cuter
in your picture than in real life.
- [laughs]
- [snarls]
[Mink] Also, did you read on my profile
that I really love scuba diving
and I enjoy exploring new places?
[Luna chuckles] Yeah. Oh.
- [Mink breathing rapidly]
- [moaning]
[melancholy music playing]
[gasps softly]
[sound of waves lapping]
[breathing rapidly]
- [sighs]
- [whirring stops]
[dating app swipe effect sounds faintly]
Holy shit, Mink!
- [Mink] What? Hm?
- I found her! Look!
This is her, isn't it?
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's her.
[keyboard clacking]
[distant siren wailing]
Should we just say hi, or?
[gull squawking]
[indistinct chatter]
[Luna] See? It's a quarter past already.
What if she's not coming?
Sweetie, she literally said, "I'm coming."
Yeah, yeah. I know,
but she could've been joking.
"Hey, Luna and Mink.
Yeah, I remember you as John and Yoko."
"Ha-ha. Rarely had such a direct proposal,
but fuck it, why not? I'm coming."
[Luna chuckles] Okay.
And what do we do when she gets here?
Shake hands? Three kisses?
As if you'd shake hands with someone
with whom you're planning a threesome.
Okay. Then what? Three kisses?
- Yeah, three kisses, yeah. Hey.
- Hey.
- "How nice that you're here"
- "It's super nice to meet you."
- [woman] Hey!
- Hey!
- Oh, hey!
- [Luna] Hello.
Hey. Hey.
- Oh, hi. Eve.
- Luna.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey, my name is Mink.
- Hey.
- So, you found it.
- Yeah. [chuckles] Yeah, sorry I'm late.
- I was at work and we ran late, so...
- No, we just got here too.
Okay, good.
So, uh, what what do you do for work?
[Eve] I work for
an environmental organization.
- Oh wow!
- Oh cool.
- Nice. Good. And very important.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. It can feel like I'm fighting
a a losing battle sometimes,
but, uh, a battle that's important.
And what do you do?
Uh I'm a a communications strategist.
[Mink] Yeah, yeah.
Luna is very deep in the world
of the data analysts
and the communication strategists.
- Yes, yes.
- [laughs]
- And you, Mink?
- Um, I work here.
- Oh!
- Yeah. Uh, it's a side job.
- I'm still studying.
- He's still studying.
Mink is a little bit, uh,
"maana, maana" kinda guy.
Right? Third major.
But you really like this one.
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Eve] What do you study?
- Well, I started...
- [Eve] Can I guess?
- Yeah? [chuckles]
- Okay.
[clears throat]
Okay, Mink.
At first, you studied what your parents
wanted you to study, didn't you?
- Guilty, yeah.
- Yeah. [laughs]
[Eve] Um, law?
Then you failed all your exams,
so you were out.
And decided that you
you wanted more understanding
of how the world works.
And then you chose history?
- [gasps] Wow!
- [Mink] Fuck off.
- [Eve] Okay! Holy shit!
- Okay!
She's going for it.
This is getting a bit scary.
Oh. Okay, you work here
Hotel management?
- [laughs]
- No way!
- Shit! I can't believe it!
- How is that even...
Really? [laughs]
- ["De langste nacht" playing]
- Beer?
[seagulls squawking]
The next one's on me?
Well, we were thinking,
all of these beach bars are a lot of fun.
So if we get one drink at each bar, then
You'll build up the courage
to do this thing.
- [chuckles]
- [Mink] Uh
Yeah, maybe that's
your next academic focus.
Oh, ha-ha.
- [Luna] Oh, let's go there.
- [Eve] This is all me?
[Eve] I want to sit in the hammock.
- [Mink groans]
- [Eve laughs] No!
- [Mink] Uh, beer?
- Yeah!
[server] Here you go.
[glasses clinking]
- Wow!
- [Mink] All right.
- Yay!
- Oh yeah.
Well, here's to polyamory.
- All right!
- [Luna chuckles]
Are you actually monogamous
besides tonight,
or do you have an open relationship?
- [Mink] Yes.
- No.
- Uh yeah. Uh, monogamous.
- [Eve and Luna laugh]
- Yeah. Right? Jesus.
- Yeah!
That's clear. [laughs]
- You?
- Uh, I only do threesomes.
Oh, it's a hair.
- You see it?
- Yeah, wait. Give me your finger.
That is all gone.
I did it all for you.
[laughing and chattering]
[pulsing dance music playing]
[Eve] You always run away, don't you?
[slow, dramatic electronic music plays]
[all laughing]
Come on, be honest here, okay? Really.
Don't lie.
How often do you guys do it per week?
- Oh.
- [Mink] Okay. Trick question.
- [Luna] Honestly? Okay.
- Okay
- Three, two, one Four?
- Three.
[Luna sighs]
[all laughing]
- No Four?
- So it's two.
Uh, yeah.
That's okay! [chuckles]
I see, uh I see a phallus.
No, really! If you look at those four
[voice fades out]
I see a
I see
["Concrete Over Water"
by Jockstrap playing]
I wanna be there
[echoing moaning voices]
[moaning continues]
- [Mink] Fuck, can't get it in.
- [keys jingling]
[Luna] Oh no. Wait a minute.
- This is where we left off.
- [Mink] Loon
I can't get it in. [chuckles]
[Luna] Here you go.
[Eve laughs]
- Yeah!
- [Luna] Okay!
[all chuckling]
- You guys want a drink?
- [Eve] Um
- [Mink] Water.
- Water?
- [Eve] Okay. The same.
- Okay. [chuckles]
[tap running]
[tap stops]
[Eve moans]
[laughs softly]
Hey. [chuckles nervously]
- [Luna] Water.
- [Mink] Thanks, sweetie.
[soft music playing]
[soft chuckling]
[heavy breathing]
[all chuckling]
[soft moan]
[laughs softly]
[all chuckling]
[Eve laughs softly]
[all chuckling]
Have you guys agreed on
who's allowed to do what with whom
and all of that stuff?
[Luna] Um
Uh, nothing?
- Or, uh, no uh, everything.
- [Mink] Mm-hmm?
[chuckles] Or right?
Everything's fine. Yeah.
Yeah. [chuckles]
[heavy breathing]
[Eve laughs softly]
[Eve breathing rapidly]
[Eve moans]
[heavy breathing]
[Eve whispers] Give me your hand.
[Luna moans softly]
[Eve breathing rapidly]
[Eve laughs softly]
[Eve moans]
A little bit harder.
[exhales sharply]
[breathing rapidly]
[Eve laughs]
[Eve sighs]
[both laughing]
[soft, funky music playing]
[Eve exhales sharply]
You wanna go?
[Mink moaning]
[Mink] I'm gonna come!
Yeah. Yeah.
- You?
- [Luna] Yeah. Yeah, me too.
[breathing rapidly]
[Luna] Yeah!
[Mink and Luna moaning]
- [gasps]
- [Mink moans]
[all chuckling]
[Luna moans softly]
[Eve] Well
[Mink panting]
[Luna chuckles] Mm.
[soft laughter]
- I'm going to clean up.
- Okay.
[Luna moans]
[departing footsteps]
- [Mink exhales]
- [sighs]
[bottles clinking]
[bottle cap hisses]
[soft music playing]
[Eve laughs softly]
[Luna breathes shakily]
- [Eve] Do you like this?
- [gasps]
[music halts]
Sorry, are you talking to me?
No, to the guy
who's on the couch passed out.
[laughs softly] Um um
[chuckles] Yeah. I like it a lot.
Give me your hand.
Show me what you like the most.
Like this?
[Eve] A little faster?
- No, like that. That's good.
- [Eve] Hm?
[whispers] Slow down a bit.
[Eve] Here?
[Luna] Mm-hmm.
[breathing rapidly]
[sighs] Yeah.
A little faster.
[breathing rapidly]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [moaning]
[moans, gasps]
- [moans]
- [Eve breathing rapidly]
[gasping and panting]
[laughing softly]
[Luna and Eve laughing]
[both laughing]
[distant gulls squawking]
[shower running]
[shower stops]
[softly] Hey.
[Luna chuckles]
[Luna laughs]
[chuckles] Oh my God.
[Luna laughing]
Ugh. I just woke up on the couch
and my neck hurts like fuck.
[Luna chuckles]
[both chuckle]
- But 100% worth it.
- Yeah.
- Ah, can you please give me a massage?
- Yeah.
Hey, Eve is still in the shower.
I know.
What, you wanna go again?
[both chuckling]
Mm. Mm!
No, but what do we to do now?
Make her breakfast,
or does she leave, or what?
Yeah, I don't know. It would be nice
to make some breakfast, right?
- Make breakfast?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. Okay.
- Oh fuck. [chuckles]
- Oh.
- Arugula with ketchup.
- Hm.
[funky drumbeat plays]
[dramatic whoosh]
[Mink's voice echoes indistinctly]
[speaking indistinctly]
[Mink speaking indistinctly]
So, did I make you come?
[traffic din becomes audible]
- Huh?
- Any vegetarian options?
Um I think so, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah. Uh, our sandwich.
- [Mink] Mm-hmm.
[drill whirring]
[Eve] Mm!
Holy shit! This is so good. [chuckles]
[Mink] Yeah, right?
It's because of the sauce.
Mm. But the combination
with the egg is good.
Eggs are my only guilty pleasure.
I was completely vegan at first,
but I got so angry with the whole
"improve the environment"
bullshit starting with yourself.
Because the government
doesn't do anything, so fuck it,
I'm eating eggs.
But when you're working,
you do things for the environment, right?
Yeah, but
nothing's really black and white.
It's all shades of gray.
Yeah. Maybe we should all
just climb up that scaffolding
and go to another planet
and start over and try again.
[Eve and Luna chuckling]
- Good idea, Mink.
- Yeah.
- [drill whirring]
- It's an excellent idea.
[upbeat music playing]
- [Eve] Hi.
- Hey, girl, what are you doing?
- [Eve] It's okay!
- [both laughing]
[music fades]
- Here! Here! Yeah, found them.
- Oh great.
[Luna and Eve chuckle]
- Well, bye.
- All right. Cool.
- [Eve chuckles]
- Thank you.
Yeah. You're welcome! [laughs]
- Bye!
- Bye, honey.
- All right, bye!
- Yeah. See you later!
- "Thank you"? [giggles]
- Yeah, I don't know, what do you say?
That was
Honestly, I was pretty nervous
in the beginning
'cause who knows
what's gonna happen, but, man
I mean, I hardly remember anything,
but the things I do remember?
Holy fuck!
I woke up and I thought,
"This is it.
This is why we exist." You know?
Like, you can just have
the night of your life
together with the love of your life.
And with a third person.
And with a third person, exactly.
- And the entire night, you can just...
- "The entire night"?
[Mink] Hm?
Not the entire night, right?
No, but, I mean, first at the beach
and then at our house.
[camera beeping]
[shutter clicks]
Anyway, that for almost the entire night
[office phones ringing]
[indistinct chatter in background]
- [woman] Luna.
- [Luna gasps, clears throat]
How are the new results
of the pleasure campaign?
Good. Yeah. Really good.
- So far, the sales are increasing.
- All right.
There have been a few negative reviews
saying the product is not precisely
what the pleasure campaign promised...
- Okay, but the sales continue to increase.
- Yeah.
Okay, perfect. And who can
ever please everyone, right?
Hey, we're grabbing lunch
at the sandwich bar.
You want chicken again?
Uh, I might go with something veggie.
Oh wow, Luna.
[light music plays]
[phone clicks]
[Bo] Yo!
What is that sneaky smile about?
Pray tell. How was it?
What? [chuckles]
- Uh, your PowerPoint presentation.
- [Luna chuckles]
It was nice, but
I already told you last night.
No, Mink talked about it.
You just stood with your face
Yeah, it was really fun.
And also uh
Yeah. Satisfying.
[Bo] Uh, satisfying as in
[Luna chuckles]
- Yeah, yeah. Satisfying as in
- Oh my God!
- Luna!
- Yeah, but... [chuckles]
Oh my God!
I told you this would be good for you.
Now I'm calling Tirza. Oh my God!
- Tirza, Tirza, Tirza!
- [Tirza] Yo, shouldn't you be working?
Oh really? Look who's talking.
Hey, listen up. I have some breaking news.
- Take a guess who orgasmed.
- [Tirza] Well! Luna!
- It's your girl, girl!
- You can't talk about it until I'm there.
- Can you believe it? Oh my God!
- Luna! Finally!
- [howling]
- [Luna chuckles]
Sorry that we're so crazy!
So much terrible news.
[inhales sharply]
What do you think of Eve?
[Luna] What do you really think of her?
[Mink] Why?
[newspaper thuds]
wondering if you thought of her.
Do you feel weird about it?
No. No, no. I don't.
I was
just curious.
Is it harder than you thought?
That there was someone else present?
Because, yeah, I mean,
Eve is a super lovely girl,
but it doesn't mean anything else.
It's not like I feel anything.
I love you, sweetheart.
Really. You know that, right?
[Luna murmurs]
You are all that I want.
- [alert chimes]
Hey! Fuck! My egg!
- Chillax.
- Shit.
- Sweetie, just turn the burner down.
- Yeah, thanks.
[cell phone chiming]
[Mink] Mm.
Good thing that you don't
work at our kitchen. Right?
Good luck at work, honey.
- Good luck with your PowerPoint.
- Thanks.
["This is Happening" by 4B2M playing]
This is
Taking care of business
This is
A bit better than this is
Hard times, don't give up
We both know, don't give it up
Hard times, don't give up
We both know, don't give it up
Hard times, don't give up
We both know, don't give it up
Hard times, don't give up
We both know, don't give it up
This is happening
This is happening
This is happening
This is happening
This is happening
This is happening
Happening, happening
[song ends]
[faint indistinct chatter]
[buzzer sounds]
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Come in.
- Thanks.
Okay. [chuckles]
Is Mink coming?
Uh, no. No. Uh, Mink has exams
so he couldn't make it.
But I thought it'd be rude if I canceled.
Ah, okay.
[door closes]
- [Luna] Do you paint?
- No, why would you ask?
[Luna chuckles]
- Something to drink?
- Uh, yeah.
[Eve] I just made tea.
[muffled] But in the end,
all those bad decisions
are based on lust, right?
- [moans echoing]
- People crave satisfying things.
They need it.
Eating meat, flying
buying clothes that are made by kids.
So you never do anything
purely out of lust?
[moan echoing]
- [Eve] Rarely.
- Hm.
- So am I gonna get a tour, or, um?
- [Eve chuckles]
Well, if you want a tour Come on.
This is my dining table.
Many world problems are solved here.
- Ah, right. That happens here.
- Yeah.
And, uh, this is my queen-size bed.
[Eve claps]
Many problems are solved here as well.
[Luna chuckles]
So, you say yes to threesomes
'cause the world is ending?
That's a bit reductive, I'd say, but
actually, that's not entirely untrue.
And, um
what did you think of it?
Well, it wasn't my first threesome,
but clearly it was your first.
[both laugh]
But for a first time
you were, uh, pretty okay.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
[soft chuckle]
How was it for you?
- [cell phone ringing]
- Oh.
[Eve chuckles]
[Mink] Hey!
Guess who's finally done with work?
- How's it going with your PowerPoint?
- PowerPoint [chuckles] Great, sweetie.
Is it okay if Samir joins us
for dinner tonight?
- Vegan tacos? Or do you prefer...
- Tacos will be great.
Okay, great.
I'm gonna go for a quick swim
and then I'll come home. Cool?
- Okay, sweetie, have fun. See you. Bye.
- I love you! Bye!
- Bye-bye-bye-bye!
- Bye. Love you.
- Yeah. Great.
- [chuckles]Okay.
Red or white?
[melancholy music playing]
- [bottles clinking]
- [Eve] Um
Oh, I've got white wine
in the fridge. Is that okay?
[door closes]
[indistinct, muffled chatter]
[Mink] Loon, what's your take on that?
[distant gulls squawking]
Yeah, the food was amazing.
No, about Samir's impotence.
[laughs] That's not It only happened once
that I couldn't get it up.
- Doesn't make me impotent.
- [Mink] But seriously.
- [both] Happy climax day!
- [chuckles]
- [Bo] Homemade.
- Wow!
- You want a drink?
- [Luna] No, thank you.
Okay, fine.
- Okay.
- Pray tell.
Um, yeah.
Uh, well, we we had sex,
and then, um, I came.
- [clicks tongue]
- [Tirza] Uh, hello? Details?
How'd it happen? What time?
Where'd it happen?
- What were you wearing? All of it.
- Um [blows raspberry]
Okay, um, Eve, uh, was with Mink
and they were doing, um
Uh Mink Mink was with me, um, uh
Eating you out?
Or uh, uh, uh, uh, sixty-nining?
D-Doggy styling?
Wait! He went down on you?
Oh, he went down on you
and then you came, right?
- Oh, he must have done it differently.
- Yeah, everything, actually.
- Oh, was it because Eve was present? Oh.
- Yeah.
[hesitates] Well, uh, yeah, no I mean...
Hey, you're being weird.
Sweetie, did you really come, or?
Not from Mink.
[Bo] Okay.
Yeah. That works too. [chuckles]
And Mink doesn't know anything about this?
[Luna] No.
He had already fallen asleep on the couch.
[Bo chuckles] Wow.
Yeah, and then Eve kept going,
and then she kept
asking me these questions
that made me feel
really awkward at first, but
But yeah, then, um
It ended up being
freeing in a way, you know?
Okay. Now you know what works for you.
You just gotta take everything
Eve was doing with your business
and show Mink without him even realizing.
[Tirza] Okay, that's
the worst advice ever.
Loonie, you have a real problem.
Oh right. Okay. That's great. Thanks.
And this problem has only one solution.
Um never have sex again.
- Exactly. Never have sex again.
- [chuckles]
No, you gotta talk to Mink.
[Tirza sighs]
But when we're in the flow
I don't wanna interrupt everything.
- No, no.
- It just makes it awkward.
You don't have to do it during sex, Lu.
You bring it up during a non-erotic time.
On a boring, rainy day.
Good luck.
- [Luna] No!
- Well, just talk!
No. I don't wanna talk,
I want a cunt cake.
You are such a baby.
- Here's your cunt cake.
- Thanks.
[rain pattering]
[items clattering in fridge]
- Nice jacket. Looks good on you.
- [chuckles]
- You can borrow it sometime.
- [chuckles]
What should I do?
Bring along white or red to Sam's?
Uh, white.
Red gets him rowdy. [laughs]
[chair scraping]
I do feel sorry for Sam.
What? For his rowdiness?
No. [chuckles]
No, his, uh, problem thing.
[Mink] Oh yeah. It's sad.
He's just way too much in his head.
He should just relax.
[departing footsteps]
Yeah, but I can imagine it's hard when
when you really want it
but that's why it doesn't work.
He just needs to find someone
he feels truly comfortable with.
Someone he can relax with.
Like I can do with you.
- Hm?
- [Luna chuckles]
Hm. So tonight,
I'm going to find a Luna for Samir.
- Well, good luck with that.
- [laughs]
- Bye, sweetie.
- [door opens]
- Bye, sweetie.
- [Mink] Love you.
[door closes]
[soft music playing]
This is a really, uh,
smooth and fruity wine.
With earthy tones
and a little complex, uh, finish.
Uh, and it lasts for a while,
even though she gets
overwhelmed and runs away.
Which she now regrets.
But she's, um, elegant and impulsive.
Let's give her a chance, then, I guess.
[chuckles] Yeah, abstract
or, uh, figurative?
- What? No?
- [both laughing]
So, the lady has learned her terminology.
And you? Do you have any other hobbies?
Something that's not a PowerPoint?
[chuckles] Yeah. No
Yeah, that's pretty much
all I do, I guess.
[both chuckling]
And does Mink believe you're off
right now making a PowerPoint?
Um probably.
[Eve] Hm.
But are you okay that
he doesn't know you're at my house?
[chuckles softly]
You sure?
[Eve laughs]
- I'm guessing he doesn't satisfy you.
- [gasps, laughs]
[both chuckling]
Fuck you.
[percussive pop music playing]
[heavy breathing]
A little bit more pressure.
- [Luna] Like this?
- Yeah.
[whispers] Go faster.
- Do you want it faster?
- Yeah.
- You're not used to this, are you?
- No.
[both moaning]
[music fades]
[exhales sharply]
[faint birdsong]
[Mink murmurs]
[Luna murmurs]
Did you hear me come home?
Did Sam score last night?
[Mink] Mm-mm.
[Mink laughs softly]
[Mink straining]
[Mink groaning]
[departing footsteps]
[Mink] Mm-mm-mm!
- Your favorite sandwich.
- Looking good!
Thanks. Mm!
And? Any crucial world news?
[chuckles] It's all miserable, as usual.
[sighs] Shit. So Eve was right.
We're fucked.
Seems like it, yeah.
[chuckles] Mm.
Hey, um, Minkie, I wanted
to talk to you about something.
[Luna] Uh
We need to figure out
what we're wearing to the costume party.
Oh yeah. Of course.
- Uh, superheroes, right?
- Yeah.
- [Mink] Well, we have Superman.
- Uh-huh.
Ant-Man. Uh, Iron Man.
Yeah. [laughs]
Okay. Are there any women
flying through the superhero universe?
- There's plenty. We have Catwoman.
- I love that! Great!
- I'll be Catwoman and you can be Catman.
- That's impossible.
Catwoman is dating Batman,
and Samir already claimed Batman.
So, wait, we should
find him a Catwoman, right?
Mm Okay, girls
Supergirl Uh, Turbo Girl
- Oh! Powerpuff Girls!
- Eve!
Eve would definitely be
a super-sick Catwoman.
Sweetie, we're not inviting Eve
to our stupid costume party.
- Why not? It would be fun!
- Sorry, I think it's a weird...
Loon, think along here.
We could try to match Eve with Samir.
Samir needs a rebound,
and Eve would certainly be down for that.
Uh, honey. Samir and Eve?
I just I can't picture them.
Yo, Sam! Question.
Who does Batman date?
[dramatic superhero music playing]
- [Eve screeches]
- [music fades]
[Samir, menacingly] Hello. Hi.
- Cheers. Yeah, you too.
- Whoo! [laughs]
So, how do I look?
Yeah, you're making me super hot.
Yeah, I'm feeling fucking warm too.
Normally I flirt with my eyes,
but you can't really see them right now.
You still have your chin. Flirt with that.
Oh yeah. [sniffs]
- [chattering and laughing in background]
- [upbeat music playing]
- Hi! Hi, I'm Samir.
- Hey.
- And I'm, uh, Mink's best friend.
- Oh!
So, how did you meet again?
[all chuckling]
- What a fine woman.
- She's never going to fall for Samir.
Hey, doesn't it make you nervous
that she's here now after she made you
[scoffs] No.
Pfft. I don't think about that anymore.
[Mink] Uh, Samir was,
uh, a vegan for a while.
- Really?
- Only for a bit. About two months.
And it was vegetarian, actually.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I did eat fish.
[all cheering]
Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go! Come on!
- [all cheering]
- Boom!
Oh, Drop Shot! Uh, tequila or limoncello?
Oh, at least it's my favorite one.
Well, of course I know
what you like, don't I? [kisses]
[Luna laughs] Whoo!
- [Samir] Hey! Yummy!
- [Mink] There you go! Okay!
- Yes!
- [Mink] Next question is for Bo.
When was the last time
you were truly in love?
Yeah, I never fall in love.
- [Samir] Hm, I'm always in love.
- [Bo chuckles]
[Mink] Okay, so you're not in
love with your quick-up?
- [Bo] "Quook-up."
- [Mink] Quook-up.
[Bo] Ugh, in love, in love
Those are such big words, you know?
- ["Concrete Over Water" playing]
- [conversation fades out]
I want more than my head
Should've meant it when I said
- I wanna be there
- [heavy breaths echoing]
I want more than my head
[music intensifies]
- [Luna gasps]
- [glass clinks]
[Luna] Oh shit! Sorry! Sorry. Sorry.
- Sorry. Shit.
- [Tirza] Okay, wait. Here.
- Here's a towel.
- [Luna] Sorry. So stupid.
[Mink] Oh! Oh, sweetie,
no, not in front of everyone.
[mocking laughter]
[Luna] Idiot.
I got it. It's okay.
- [Bo] Okay, let's go.
- [Mink] Next question.
- Whose turn is it?
- [Bo] It's my turn.
A question for Eve.
[soft, melancholy music playing]
- [rapid breathing]
- [vibrator whirring]
[Eve] Show me what you like the most.
[Luna] No, like that. That's good.
- [phone alarm beeping]
- [gasps]
[whispers] Shit.
[alarm continues beeping]
- [alarm stops]
- Good morning, sunshine.
Oh fuck. I have to get up.
Mm-hmm. No.
- [Mink groans] I stink.
- Mm. I want you, stinky.
I gotta go.
Or we can stay a little longer.
Since when are you so eager?
[laughs softly]
I just want it to work.
[Mink chuckles] You want what to work?
How about tonight?
- Deal.
- [chuckles] Okay.
["Mon Amour" by Rejjie Snow
and Milena Leblanc playing]
Fuck. Gotta preheat.
- Shit.
- [door opens]
[Mink] Hey, sweetie.
[door closes]
[sighs] It was crazy crowded on the beach.
[keychain clatters]
- Did you do all this?
- [Luna chuckles]
Baby, what are you doing?
You look fucking beautiful!
Thanks. [chuckles]
I just forgot to preheat the oven.
Oh yeah?
Well, I don't mind. No reason to rush.
[chuckles] Nice.
[items on table clattering]
[Luna moaning]
[Luna murmurs]
I'm just a bit uncomfortable here.
Why? I thought this was
one of your favorite spots.
- [both laughing]
- ["Mon Amour" continues playing]
Sorry, that sensual music
is a serious boner-killer.
[chuckles] Okay.
[music stops]
[Mink breathing rapidly]
[Luna inhales sharply]
[both moaning]
[whispers] Slow down a bit.
[Mink] What?
- Maybe slow down a little bit.
- Uh, okay.
[moans, inhales sharply]
What is it?
Nothing. Come here.
[both moaning]
No. No, wait. Not too fast. Not too fast.
- [Mink] Huh?
- [Luna] Give me Give me your hand.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
[both breathing heavily]
To the left.
- [moans]
- What's with all the talking?
I just want us to enjoy this.
- That's what we're doing, right?
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
[both moaning]
[both moan]
[Mink] Yeah.
- Yeah.
- [Luna] Wait, sit up.
- [Mink] Ho!
- Yeah.
[both moaning]
[both moaning]
- [Mink] Yeah! Yeah!
- Yeah?
- What?
- Yeah, no!
[Mink] Oh.
- I thought we were both coming.
- Yeah, you think that every time!
[Mink murmurs, hesitates]
- Loon. What
- Yeah, I'm gonna clean up.
We don't have to stop, you know,
if you're not done yet.
I mean, I have all night.
The thing is, though,
it's not just about tonight.
With us, it just never quite happens.
[Mink] What?
Sex? [chuckles]
No, not sex.
[Mink] Then what?
You being serious?
I just follow you usually.
You follow me?
You You fake it, you mean.
No, I I don't fake everything. I'm just
I feel really good when I'm with you...
Yeah, okay, so you don't fake it,
but you, uh
but you do fake it.
Why have you never
said anything about this?
[Luna] I've wanted to talk to you
about this so many times!
Yeah, um [hesitates]
I I don't know what to say.
I don't want this to happen.
- I really don't want to hurt you.
- Oh okay, yeah.
Well, you did a great job. Congrats.
You could have asked me if I wanted to
try something different as well, you know?
No, Loon.
Not if you never mention it to me.
Couldn't you guess
I don't always want the same things?
No! Not if you always pretend to like it!
- I don't have a sixth sense or something.
- No, clearly you don't.
Is that why
you wanted to have a threesome?
"Mink can't satisfy me,
so let's invite a third person"?
- We both wanted this!
- I wasn't that into it at all!
I did it for you!
Oh, it was super obvious
that you did that for me!
It was a threesome, Loon!
With three people!
- I'm sorry I wasn't all over you!
- No, I'm glad she was there!
Yeah, it was more fun with her present!
Yeah, well, at least she made me come!
Is that true?
Fuck you.
- [door opens]
- ["We Move" by Aze playing]
[door slams shut]
[door opens]
It's all right, Minkie.
[birds chirping]
I hear you calling
Pull you in
In a way I used to
- But boy would you just let me know
- [cell phone chimes]
Have I fallen out of grace?
You like it?
[chuckles] Ehh
[both laughing]
Sorry. I'm not exactly the best chef.
So why'd you tell Mink about us?
Well, I guess because
I couldn't keep it to myself any longer.
I really like you.
And, um, what is it
exactly you like so much?
[inhales sharply]
Okay, um
I I feel,
uh, free with you and, um, very open.
Like I can go anywhere.
You mean you like my mouth, right?
[soft, funky music playing]
[Luna breathing rapidly] Yeah.
A little faster.
[moaning and gasping]
[breathing rapidly]
[Eve kissing]
- [panting]
- [music fades]
[Eve chuckles, kisses]
[Luna moans softly]
I like it when you use your fingers.
[Eve exhales]
- [whispers] Like this?
- Okay. Lower.
[heavy breathing]
[Eve whispers] Hey.
Hey, tell me what you're thinking.
- Hey.
- Sorry.
It's okay. Come here.
[loud whirring]
[whirring continues]
- Good morning!
- Hey. [chuckles]
- Good morning.
- Hey, sweetie.
You got up early.
Yeah, I, uh
I'm about to go to an exhibit.
Ah, that's great.
Join me.
Um, that'd be nice. Uh, but
Mink, uh, might come home
and I'm not quite sure what he
He knows though, right?
Am I Am I wrong? He knows, right?
Um, no, not everything.
I I told Mink that he
That he can't make me
And, well, with you, I do.
Uh, climax?
Is that all you told him?
Is that what this means to you?
No, of course not.
Then what does this
mean to you, Luna? 'Cause
if it's just a casual thing to you,
that's completely fine.
I'm able to keep it casual,
but if that's the case,
then it needs to be equal.
Transparent. Just be honest.
If you're gonna be concerned
with just yourself, that's fine,
but then I won't waste my time with this.
And you might as well buy a vibrator.
I already have a vibrator.
Wow. Okay.
I I guess I shouldn't have
texted you yesterday.
[keychain jingling]
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- Hey, Minkie.
[keychain clatters]
Did you have fun last night?
No. No, of course not.
[Mink] No?
- No.
- So you didn't have fun with Eve?
Why the fuck are you doing this, Loon?
What is this about? I don't get it!
Why don't you talk to me?
Why are you doing this?
How long has this been going on?
Sorry. I
I'm sorry, I
I think I might have made a mistake.
[Mink] That's fucking bullshit.
Sweetie, sorry.
I'd love to talk if that's an option...
[Mink] No!
No, I don't need to hear it.
I don't want this anymore.
[melancholy music playing]
I'm done with this.
[departing footsteps]
[door opens, slams shut]
[door opens]
Lulu, look who's here
to visit for a while.
[Tirza] I know you're not asleep.
You always sleep on your back,
Luna, with your mouth wide open.
[Luna grumbles]
Hey. How are you?
- [upbeat music playing]
- [indistinct dialogue on TV]
Is that what you're wearing to work?
- I'm staying home sick.
- Loon, no!
What? I told them a got food poisoning
from a Hague seed bar.
- Luna! Let's pick it up!
- Come on!
[sappy love song playing]
Oh my God! Luna, for real?
ever love again
[indistinct dialogue on phone]
[door opens]
Okay, angel, enough is enough.
Charlie is calling.
[blows raspberry] No!
Clothes on. Now.
- We don't even have a Charlie.
- [phone rings]
[Samir] Good evening, angels.
[both] Good evening, Charlie.
[hangs up phone]
- So, why are you wearing?
- Yeah.
Oh. Well, Charlie never appears
in the movie, so I just dressed as myself.
- [Tirza murmurs]
- [chuckles]
[Samir] Sorry.
- You all right?
- Bad.
You told us you were doing medium.
Yeah, uh, medium bad.
I just feel so stupid that Mink
And with Eve I should have never
Ugh! I just find it so difficult
to talk about this.
- [sighs]
- [Samir] Yeah, it is difficult.
Well, when I had my little problem with
Well, when I
When I was unable to get hard
while having sex with that girl,
um, I didn't want to talk about it.
I was really embarrassed.
And, um, because
I thought I was a failure.
But when I started talking about it
with you and Mink,
it was no longer a big deal in my head.
Instead, it just became
something I had to deal with.
Just like we all
have things that we deal with.
[soft music plays]
Yeah. Okay, um
I've kind of figured out
that you were right, guys.
I'll admit it.
I'm afraid to tell
my quook-up I'm in love with them.
I'm just really scared I'll get rejected.
[Luna] Hm.
I can't come with any penetration.
[Tirza chuckles]
[Samir] Yeah.
And I think that Mink
does want to talk to you.
But you have to give him a chance.
And start the conversation.
Because he won't.
[melancholy piano music playing]
[restaurant patrons chattering]
[dramatic whoosh]
[music intensifies]
[Luna breathing rapidly]
[glasses clinking]
- Hello. These?
- [woman] Oh.
Yeah. Hope you like it.
- [glass breaks]
- Shit!
[Mink] Yuri, someone dropped a glass.
Could you pick up the big pieces?
W-What are you doing?
Um hey. I'm Luna.
It's my first day. [chuckles]
What are you doing? I'm working.
Yeah, me too. Just like you.
Trying to make a bit extra.
And who knows? I just might
fall in love with a colleague.
Could you please stop
fucking around? What is this?
Well, I miss you,
and I really hate how it all
how it screwed up with us.
Do you think all of a sudden
I'm going to pretend nothing happened?
Do you think I need this right now?
Well, I think right now
you probably need some help outside
because someone dropped
a glass out there, so
["Ambivalence" by Hanz playing]
The knowing
The not knowing
The hoping
Almost but not quite
Stuck at the intersection
[Luna] Yeah. Yeah.
Praying for the back then
To save you from the right now
To save you from the right now
Nighttime skating
With your imperfections
Past the avenue of broken dreamers
And a gin and tonic, right?
[song fades out]
[gulls squawking]
[bottles clinking]
[door opens, closes]
Um, I'm almost done with my shift,
so you can call it a day too.
So, I thought maybe
we'd grab a drink after work.
Um, yeah.
I think everyone
will hang around for a drink,
so if you want to join, that would
[bottles clinking]
There's still some of
your stuff at my place.
Oh, okay.
I can come pick it up soon.
Unless there's a chance
that we could start over.
I really feel like shit about this, Loon.
It's so stupid. I should've literally
On the very first time we were here, I
I should have been clear with you.
I should have been honest, but
I don't know.
It was so exciting that first time.
And I like you so much.
And how do you envision that?
We have sex again, and every time
I'll just be wondering,
does she actually like it
or is she just pretending?
That would just make me insecure.
Well, what if we talked about everything?
[scoffs] I really don't see how.
- We can't go back to how things were.
- But I'm done with her.
That rhymes.
Yeah, I don't know either.
I really don't know. I
I just know that I would really like to
to try again and see if
we can maybe fix everything.
Only if you want to, of course.
Otherwise, it
Yeah, otherwise, I guess it's over.
[bottle clinks]
Then it's over.
[melancholy music playing]
[gulls squawking]
[indistinct dialogue on TV]
Wait a second. You know
you can live here forever, right, Luna?
[chuckles] Yeah.
- But your quook-up needs the room.
- [chuckles]
[woman] As you can see,
there's a lot of light.
Very spacious, isn't it?
- And are the utilities included or not?
- Not included.
Yeah. [chuckles, clicks tongue]
On the topic of new chapters,
I wanna share a teeny,
tiny little bit of news.
- My quook-up and I are in a pre-la.
- What?
Bo, that's amaze! Congrats!
You've been ready
for a relationship for a while.
Whoa! That's not what I said.
Pre-la. Pre-la, I said.
Which is short for "pre-relationship,"
so calm down.
To your pre-la!
Thanks, girls.
[door opens]
[Bo] Morning!
I think that my
food poisoning is finally over.
Oh my God! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!
- No! I'm getting all wet!
- [squealing]
My girl is back! My Lulu girl is back!
[Luna's boss] Luna. I'm glad you're back.
How are you feeling?
- Better.
- [Luna's boss] Mm-hmm?
[Eve] Uh, could I get
an egg sandwich, please?
[server] Of course.
- [dramatic whoosh]
- [Eve] It's so good.
- [server] Here you go.
- Yeah. Thank you.
- Have a good one.
- [server] You too.
[inhales, exhales]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry, I didn't know
if I could just put it in.
Oh. Yeah. You could have
just put it in, of course.
Okay. [chuckles]
Come in.
- You okay?
- Yeah. You? Hey.
[both chuckle]
I have your, uh
- I think this is everything.
- Cool. Wonderful. Thanks.
- If there's anything else, then
- Yeah. Oh, and these.
- Yeah.
- [clears throat]
Did you cut your hair?
Um, no. [chuckles]
Uh, no. [chuckles]
Um yeah.
- Okay. [chuckles]
- Yep.
- Um, thank you. And bye.
- Yeah, of course. Um
Yeah, great.
Oh, I still have, um
This is, um, yours as well.
Oh. [chuckles]
That's not mine.
It's yours. I just wore it a lot.
Yeah. You can have it.
- Okay. Thanks. You sure?
- [chuckles] Yeah.
Okay. Bye.
- Okay. Bye.
- [Luna] Thank you.
- Yeah. You're welcome.
- [Luna] Yeah.
- Bye.
- [Luna] Bye.
[inhales sharply]
[melancholy music playing]
[toilet seat clacks]
[vibrator whirring]
[energetic music builds]
- [music halts]
- [sniffs]
[energetic music resumes]
[gulls squawking]
- [music fades]
- [scaffolding creaks softly]
[Mink] Uh, I found this after you left.
[chuckles softly]
[Luna chuckles]
That's, um, a gift from Bo.
So you put that in your, uh?
Um, no. [chuckles]
No, on my In wouldn't work very well.
Hm. Okay, so, when I was inside you,
that also wasn't really
Um, well, I really liked that.
But, um, yeah, that doesn't
really make me, um [chuckles]
And this does?
Um [chuckles]
Yeah, but this is a a really quick
stimulation, so it's a lot different.
We don't have to talk about
this stuff if you don't want to.
But I do.
I do want to talk about it.
So, what what did I do wrong?
[chuckles] Well,
you didn't do anything wrong.
Well, if this little pink toy
works better than me,
then something must be wrong.
[chuckles] Yeah, okay,
but it's a mix of things.
That I couldn't
I couldn't explain to you what I liked.
So you couldn't have known and
And maybe you could've
asked more about it.
What did you want?
Well, a blindfold. And candle wax.
[both laugh]
I guess should have thrown
those handcuffs in the mix
instead of that threesome, then.
perhaps, um
a little more foreplay or something?
[Mink] Mm-hmm?
Or actually,
taking everything a bit slower.
Because if we go too fast,
then sometimes I think too fast,
and then I can't stop,
and then it's just gone.
["Sleep When I'm With You" plays]
And maybe I do things that make you think,
"Ah, that could be better." [chuckles]
No, not at all. No.
- But I understand what you're saying.
- Yeah?
It can be very difficult
to say something in that moment
just because you
don't wanna ruin it, right?
Yeah, I also find it difficult.
But what I find more difficult
- [dialogue fades out]
- Think I can't let you go
I've been skating on ice
Slipping so hold your phone
Show me something
Do we make it?
Or was it nothing?
Is this feeling inside
Driving me up the wall?
I don't know what to say
Don't know how to take the fall
I don't want to give up on you
Unless you really want me to
I'm not giving up
Not giving up on you
I really should've opened up
Can we go back to what it was?
'Cause I've been knowing you
For so long
Broke my heart a thousand ways
Lost my focus, lost my faith
I'm okay, I'm okay
'Cause I can only sleep
When I'm with you
Touch me
Like you mean it
Hold me
God, I'll miss it
If your words'll feel right
At least it's all right to fall
'Cause I know you tonight
Know you wanna make the call
Ooh, ooh
I don't want to give up on you
Unless you really want me to
I'm not giving up
Not giving up on you
I really should've opened up
Can we go back to what it was?
'Cause I've been knowing you
For so long
Broke my heart a thousand ways
Lost my focus, lost my faith
I'm okay, I'm okay
'Cause I can't be
Repeating my mistakes
Is it too late?
If I call you by my name
I'm okay, I'm okay
'Cause I can only sleep
When I'm with you
Sleep when I'm with you
Sleep when I'm with you
Oh, oh
Sleep when I'm with you
I can only sleep when I'm with you