Happy Face Killer (2014) Movie Script

Keith Jesperson,
my favorite driver.
How you doing?
So what's in the bag?
Just some presents
for Cora and the kids
from the road.
I miss 'em
when I'm gone.
Aw, that's sweet
you spoil them like that.
Yeah, they're only kids
for so long.
Well, my 30-year-old's
still living in the garage
trying to build
a better bong.
Hey, today's the big day.
The Mounties are calling.
Yeah, I am golden.
I studied that test for a year.
I nailed it.
Took the physical,
nailed it.
And you know what?
I look real good on a horse.
Oh, well, I bet you do.
You're not
even Canadian,
I was born in Canada, Dez.
It is the most beautiful place
in the world.
And it's a better life
for me, Cora and the kids.
Dudley Do-Right
to the rescue, huh?
That's an animated character
and a cliche, Dez.
The actual Mounties
are a world-class organization.
I got stuff coming in
every day this week,
so I hope you're
around a while.
No one ever
complains about you.
Except that we don't
see enough of you.
Personally speaking,
of course.
Why don't you two
get a room?
See you later.
How's Cora
and the kids?
You know, she's the best thing
that ever came along for you,
you know that, right?
She is a saint.
How are you two lovebirds doing?
Up and down.
You and me didn't learn
a damn thing
about marriage, huh?
Except what a lousy idea it was.
I'm on my way over
to help pop build a deck.
Why don't you come over?
Oh, no, no, I got it.
You okay?
Yukon, here I come.
Hey, he's back!
I'm back from the Crusades!
Anyone home?
Where are you guys?
Yes, hello,
this is Colonel Lamaire,
from the Canadian police,
calling from Toronto.
I'm trying to reach
Mr. Keith Jesperson.
This is Keith speaking.
I've been waiting
for your call.
Good afternoon,
mister Jesperson.
Good afternoon, Colonel.
How is it up there?
Perfect, I bet.
Yes, very nice up here.
I'm afraid I have
some disappointing news, sir.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Well, sir,
the RC's have looked over
your medical records,
including X-rays
of your shoulder,
and I'm very sorry
to inform you
we aren't going to be able
to move forward
with your application.
Uh, no, Colonel,
there must a mistake.
There's nothing wrong
with my shoulder.
Someone read the X-ray wrong.
Nonetheless, sir,
we cannot dismiss it.
On behalf of the Mounties,
you have my deepest regret,
Mr. Jesperson.
I don't understand.
I'm sorry, Mr. Jesperson.
Are you there, sir?
Yeah, I'm here.
Thank you for the call, sir.
"Dear Keith...
...by the time you read this,
I will be at my parents
with the kids.
After 14 years together,
I can't continue
in our marriage.
You know how much
we've grown apart.
I never see you.
You're always on the road.
I've given this
a lot of thought,
and I will always care
about you,
but it's over.
You can call the kids
now and then,
but not me.
Special agent
Melinda Gand...
The only reason
I stay in the FBI.
What about stopping
criminals, Anselo?
Protecting America.
I find your
patriotism exciting.
I thought you were
getting married.
What happened,
she get to know you?
You know, Gand,
specializing in
crimes against women
is taking the romance
out of your life.
Is that right?
I sense a secret
hunger in you
for something
more thrilling
than blood spatter
and wiretaps.
We should have dinner
and talk about it sometime.
Anselo, I owe you an apology.
See, I was under
the mistaken impression
that you were living
in this century.
Some people would take
what you just said
as sexual harassment.
MaybeIi should ask
special agent in charge Kuttner
what he thinks?
All I'm saying is you should
join the human race sometime
and go on a date
with someone, Gand.
Can't hurt.
Did last time.
I'm so sorry, Keith.
I'm sure she'll...
No, Cora,
she's stubborn.
And I, I really
screwed up, Diane.
Guess I worked too hard.
I was just trying
to make a living.
I'm sorry.
I already miss the kids
so much.
I'm sure they miss you, too.
I didn't mean to hurt them,
or Cora.
We all mess up.
You should see my list.
I should get back to work.
Thank you so much.
I just really needed
someone to talk to.
Hold onto my arm.
Here, hold on.
You've reached
Cora Jesperson...
You've reached
Cora Jesperson.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Cora, it's me.
Just called to say I'm sorry.
You know...
I know I screwed up,
but I wanted you to know
that I love you.
And the kids.
I never thought
I was a bad father or nothing,
but I do understand
that I have to be a...
better husband.
So if it's all right,
I'd like to come see you
at your folks.
If that's all right.
Let me know.
Alright bye.
So she walked out,
just like that?
Just like that.
You gotta get back
on that horse, pal.
Nice shot.
I'm a natural.
Yes, you are.
What's your name?
Sissy... I love that name.
Oh, nice one.
Where you from?
I don't live too far.
What's your name?
which means
"of the forest."
"Of the forest?"
Like... bears?
Yeah, like bears.
I love bears.
Take it easy, papa bear.
You want it off?
And what if I don't?
Don't be like that.
Ooh, the forest bear
doesn't like that.
Why are you calling me that?
Ooh, the forest bear is sad.
I just had a really... bad day.
Don't touch that.
I said, don't touch that.
I said, put that down.
Faster, faster,
they're getting away.
You know what, Sissy?
You talk too much.
How are you today?
I hope I'm in focus.
That would be a first.
Okay, so let's get started.
Why am I videotaping myself?
I'm protecting my reputation.
I want
a permanent record of me,
and I don't want
some cheesy reporter
getting it all wrong.
To begin with,
I've been misunderstood
my whole life.
And I live with that pain,
I try to not let it
get me down.
But let me tell you,
every now and then,
I get urges,
and I finally acted on them.
And it was...
What's the word I'm looking for?
Agent Gand,
the Bureau appreciates
the recent work you did
on the prostitution ring
in Spokane.
Thank you, sir.
You made
all the difference.
I need you
to do that again.
A female body was
discovered in Washington,
in a gorge
near the Oregon border.
A happy face...
Drawn in blood?
It appears the murder
was committed in Oregon
but the body
dumped in Washington.
With a state line
that makes it
an FBI matter.
Local police?
I need you to get up
to Ruskin County,
Meet with Sheriff J.D. Cotton.
Yes, sir.
Just remember,
we're playing chess,
they're playing checkers.
Try to make them feel included.
Solve this thing for us, Gand.
Yes, sir.
Are you sure you wanna
pack up all this stuff
so soon?
Cora will probably
change her mind.
Cora won't even
return my phone calls,
and I can't keep living here
with all her stuff.
Please tell me
this isn't yours.
I didn't have the heart
to get rid of it.
The kids just loved it
when they were younger.
What's this?
It's really pretty.
It's Cora's.
Hey, sweetheart.
Where are you headed?
Look, agent Gand,
these jurisdiction cases
are usually just too many folks
at the same party.
It's an interstate matter.
The law is the law.
Yeah, I've heard that.
can we get
some coffee?
With all due respect,
agent Gand,
I actually have
done this before,
so you being here,
it may be overkill.
The government prefers
to be thorough.
Well, good for them.
Uh, how do you take
your coffee,
special agent Gand?
That's okay, hon,
I can take it from here.
I think we can
figure out coffee,
we've got an FBI agent
on the premises.
How long you been an FBI agent?
11 years.
Ah, is that right?
Well, I've been
sheriff of this county 17.
Every time
there's a murder,
six in the last nine years,
I've caught 'em
and got convictions.
That's very impressive.
Look, if Uncle Sam wants
to waste taxpayer money
bringing in the FBI,
I can't stop him.
But this isn't
and I'm not Andy.
I'd like to see the body.
Her blood?
I can also confirm
time of death was
48 to 56 hours ago,
agent Gand.
We still haven't I.D.d her.
FBI will run
a thorough
DNA match.
And look at this.
From a place
called "O' Finn's Tavern,"
in Portland.
Whoever did this
has strong hands.
The wounds
all indicate that.
The strangulation marks
are pretty severe.
Euphoric rage.
The murderer
savors the struggle.
It's highly personal,
no weapons used.
It's intimate.
I'll need you to check
for latent prints
in the blood
on this marking here.
You got it.
A happy face...
It's a taunt.
He thinks he's smarter
than everybody else,
that he can't get caught.
Any leads, Sheriff?
So far,
we got three clues.
One, the bloody
happy face.
Two, the stamp on the back
of the victim's hand
from "O' Finn's Tavern,"
which tells us
she was in Oregon
when she was murdered,
and three,
the zipper from her jeans
was cut-out.
Probably a souvenir
for the killer.
I've seen that before.
May also be a deliberately
false detail to distract us.
Well, even still,
we find who has
that part of her jeans,
he might be our killer.
We have to contact
the police in Portland,
see who's been
reported missing.
I'll have my team
investigate the dump site
here in Washington.
That looks delicious.
Well, it's
a treat for me.
I don't get to bake
for anyone anymore.
I can't tell you
the last time I had
a home-cooked meal.
I mean, all I eat
on the road is junk.
How you holding up?
I'm all right, I mean...
It's a little weird
living here alone,
but I'm not one to complain.
Is that you,
I thought you two
were honeymooning in Honolulu.
This guy...
Good one.
Hey, hey,
it's the Mountie!
I know you?
You still keep that stupid
postcard of Dudley Do-Right
on your visor?
Hey, I got myself
a new boyfriend,
and it's the real thing,
And I'm going to go
out on the road with him.
And let me tell you something,
Mr. Mountie,
weirdo truck driver man...
He's screwing me
way better than you.
I remember you now.
You are the one
that always wears a flea collar.
Maybe I'm too sensitive
but when people get cute
and sarcastic with me,
I see red.
And that's when
they have to pay.
And if I don't get
the respect I'm due,
it's gonna go downhill
real fast.
Do you recognize this girl?
Because she had your bar's name
stamped on her hand.
It's not my business.
See, that's unfortunate,
for you.
Because by not cooperating
with an FBI agent,
I could arrest you
for impeding
a federal investigation
which has a penalty,
last time I looked,
of five years in prison.
I could give you
a second chance.
Since I don't want
your stupid ass
clogging up the justice system.
Which would you prefer?
She used to come around here.
She was in the other night,
she left with some guy.
What's her name?
Sissy Peyton.
Thank you.
Hey, Di.
Miss me?
I've been
thinking of you all day.
I miss you, too.
How long are you
going to be away for?
I'll be home in a few days.
Yeah, that's great.
Listen, it's getting
a little busy,
I'm gonna have to jump back on the road.
I'll call you later.
Um... uh, take care,
and we'll talk soon.
Nice rig.
Where you headed?
I was hoping to get
to the market today,
get her formula.
The least I could do
is give a mother a lift.
That's sweet.
My name's Candy.
That's her.
That's Sissy.
Can you cover her, please?
It was just
a matter of time.
Now I won't have to worry
about her anymore.
I'm sorry, Ms. Peyton,
she didn't deserve this.
Who did it?
We're doing our best
to find out.
May I help you?
I know who killed
Sissy Peyton.
How do you
know that?
I was there.
Me and my boyfriend.
We did it.
FBI. Are you Bud Skinner?
Hey, whoa.
Mr. Skinner,
you're under arrest
for the murder
of Sissy Peyton.
Are you kidding me?
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
150 sound about right?
I just offered
to take you to the market.
I didn't ask you
to do that.
I made you feel good.
Now you're making me feel bad.
Well, how about this?
I give you $20
so you can buy formula
for your baby,
and you get
outta my truck.
I know what I'm worth.
I'm good at what I do.
I'm calling the cops
and telling 'em you raped me,
you loser.
Are you gonna pay me
or not, you freak?
Please don't hurt me.
Please, don't hurt me!
"Delores Parnicke
and her boyfriend, Bud Skinner,
have been arrested
in the strangulation murder
of Portland woman,
Sissy Peyton,
whose body was found by hikers
in a forested area
near the Columbia gorge.
Authorities report
Parnicke has confessed
to taking part in the murder
and has implicated Skinner..."
"I killed Sissy Peyton,
October 12th,
in Portland, Oregon.
I beat her to death,
raped her,
and I loved it.
Yes, I am sick,
but I enjoy myself, too.
People took the blame,
and I'm free,
so I can kill again.
Ripped the zipper off the jeans,
Don't be mad.
What are you doing here?
I missed you,
I missed the kids.
Okay, look,
I want you to leave.
Can I just see 'em?
Just for a second, please?
But after that,
I really want you to leave.
All right.
Thank you.
Your father's here.
Hey, buddy,
how are you?
I missed you so much.
Look, I got you
presents, look.
Ladies first.
Thanks daddy!
And I got you a new glove.
How you guys been?
Come here,
come here.
Delores, tell me again
what happened.
John called,
said he picked up
this girl at a bar
so that we could have
a three-way, and...
Things got rough,
and he raped her.
He killed her,
and we dumped her body
off the highway
near the Columbia gorge.
What's really
going on here, Delores?
Are you just
saying this
Bud treats you bad,
he beats you,
you want to pin this on him
as payback?
He'll get what he deserves
for what he's done.
To you or to Sissy?
How did he kill her?
What else?
Duct tape.
Like the ones I found
in your apartment?
It was almost like you wanted me
to find that stuff.
Bud must've hid it.
Ask him.
if you're trying to set up
an innocent man...
He's not innocent.
Of anything.
Tell me about the signature left
on Sissy's body.
What does it mean,
whose idea was it?
I know what you're doing.
I understand
why you're doing it.
But Bud didn't
kill this girl.
The real killer
is still out there
and he is going to
kill again.
Please help me.
I've told you
everything I know.
So, get this.
Some whack-job
named Delores Parnicke
told the cops
that her and her boyfriend
killed Sissy Peyton,
which is a miracle,
since they didn't!
I did!
I killed her!
They're trying to take
the damn credit?
It was me.
Someone found this
on the bathroom wall
at a truck stop in Burlington.
Cops there took these.
See if any of the papers
ever mentioned
the missing zipper
from Sissy's pants?
Can you...
Can you sit
for a minute?
I thought maybe
you forgot about me.
What have you been up to?
Not much.
Just driving around,
Oh, yeah?
About what?
Well, I've been mostly
thinking about me...
and you.
I really want you
to spend more time
at my place.
I just feel so much better
when you're there.
Everything is better.
You lost me,
agent Gand.
Someone writes a confession
on a bathroom wall,
and you consider that
evidence left by the killer?
It had details
only the killer would know.
Delores couldn't even describe
the happy face signature.
It's circumstantial.
Call me old-fashioned,
but I like my evidence
in the real and hard variety.
Listen, agent Gand,
as district attorney,
I see a lot of guilt
and innocence
coming and going,
and on this one,
the fat lady has sung,
and her name
is Delores Parnicke.
Now, she signed a confession,
stating her involvement
in the killing
of Sissy Peyton.
Innocent people
So do guilty people.
I think she's lying.
Really? Why?
What then,
she read about Sissy's murder?
Why confess to something
she didn't do?
She wanted out.
I found a book
in their apartment
about how to leave
an abusive relationship.
She formulated a plan,
she implicated her boyfriend.
I believe that she planted
evidence in their apartment.
Here's the thing, agent Gand,
if you want to get Delores
and her boyfriend, Bud Skinner,
out of jail,
then you're going to have to
work harder,
and give me some evidence
that actually means something.
I'm on your side,
and I'm all for truth
and justice,
but I like evidence
even better.
Bud Skinner
failed his polygraph.
I won't let him
get away with this, Summer,
I promise you.
Agent Gand.
"I killed Sissy
and I did this one too.
Maybe this time you
believe I am still out here"
Really starting
to piss me off.
This may sound crazy but,
the last few weeks
have been some of
the best days of my life.
And there's just something
inside me changing.
What do you mean?
I'm falling
in love with you.
I am in love with you,
and I hope you feel
the same way about me.
Yeah. I do.
I just was afraid
to say it first.
Okay, so,
once these papers are signed,
I'd love to get married again.
What are you saying?
Well, if you'll have me...
Will you be my wife?
Now the latest
in the brutal slaying
of Sissy Peyton.
Delores Parnicke has confessed
that her boyfriend
Bud Skinner killed Peyton,
and that Parnicke
was an eyewitness.
According to authorities,
Skinner has denied
the allegations.
The lurid case
has brought notoriety
to Parnicke
for her role
as the alleged accomplice
in this brutal slaying...
They've got it all wrong.
I did it!
"I would
like to tell my story.
I am two people,
and sometimes
the bad one is in charge.
When I'm my bad self,
women better be careful.
Remember Sissy Peyton?
Met her at O' Finn's Tavern
and raped her
and beat her up real bad...
I strangled her
and ended her life.
This turned me on.
I got high.
Painted a happy face
on her chest.
"Told you it was time
to believe
that I'm out here..."
"Met another one
at a truck stop in Kennewick,
Summer Northern.
Long brown hair, country girl.
My mind went wild
with the thought
of a sex slave.
Told her she was gonna die
and slowly strangled her
with my belt.
I felt so much power...
Dropped the body
out in a field
by a pile of wood.
Red lipstick.
Drew a happy face
on some plywood...
I want the world to know
that this is my crime,
just like Sissy.
Whoever you think did it,
you are wrong.
It was me."
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
I miss you so much
when you're on the road.
I miss you, too.
I brought you
some coffee.
Oh, thank you.
It's personal
with you, isn't it?
Two years
after I became an agent,
my sister Alison was murdered.
She had just gotten married,
and, one day, she went missing.
I don't even really know
what happened.
I never found out who did it.
I'm sorry.
You asked me to check
the papers
to see if Sissy's zipper
was ever mentioned.
It wasn't.
-You got a sec?
These letters just came in.
Showed up on my desk
and sent to the papers.
Written by some nut,
signed with a happy face.
It's not some nut, it's him.
When are you
going to let this go?
The FBI lab confirmed
handwriting on the plywood
by Summer's body,
the handwriting in
the truck stop restroom
were a match.
Now, Bud and Delores
were in custody
when Summer was murdered.
How do you explain that?
It's a copycat.
But the scrawl in the restroom
mentioned the missing zipper.
That's a detail
only the killer would know.
That is very interesting,
but it doesn't change anything.
I've got some other news.
Bud has entered a plea.
He's agreed to 15 years.
Now, does that
sound like something
an innocent man would do?
The only thing I know
is that the person who did this
is still out there.
Well unless you can prove it,
we're done here.
Delores has confessed.
Bud has pled.
This is over, agent Gand.
In a case
that continues to astound,
authorities have confirmed
that Bud Skinner
murdered Sissy Peyton
as his girlfriend,
Delores Parnicke watched,
but troubling
new twists have surfaced,
and it now appears
someone dubbed
the "Happy Face Killer"
is taking credit
for the murder,
as well as others,
and may or may not be
a copycat.
Whatever the truth is,
the entire pacific northwest
is on edge,
and asking itself,
who is the "Happy Face Killer?"
A letter just came
for you, agent Gand.
"Dear FBI agent Gand.
I've written
to everybody else,
and I read in the paper
about how you are
the lead investigator,
so maybe
you will listen to me.
Skinner and Parnicke had
nothing to do with anything,
and they are pathetic liars.
It was all me,
and I feel like
I'm being treated wrong."
I hope you believe me.
I deserve that,
because I'm telling the truth.
Maybe sometime we could meet.
Good luck with everything.
More to come.
Sincerely yours."
We need to interview people
at the truck stops
along the interstate.
Have a nice day.
Hey, Di.
Hi. Honey, I was thinking
that we could have our honeymoon
in Lake Tahoe
Oh. Yeah.
Yeah, that...
That sounds great.
And when we're married,
I could quit my job
and ride in the truck
with you, and...
go everywhere you go.
Yeah, well,
let's talk about that.
Listen, sweetie, I gotta run.
Talk to you later.
That was nice, sweetie.
I'd recognize
that ass anywhere.
Oh, my god, Keith,
I was just thinking about you.
How you been?
So, where you headed?
Ah, imagine that.
That's where I'm headed.
As long as you aren't
the Happy Face Killer.
Darlin', do I look like
the Happy Face Killer?
You're good...
You look good, baby.
You been exercising?
Here and there.
Ooh, great postcard.
I love Mounties.
I remember.
I met him at a truck stop
in Mount Ruskin.
I was with my baby.
Me and him were
gonna party in his rig.
He tried to strangle me,
but I got away.
Is your baby all right?
Other than having me
for a mother?
Yeah, she's fine.
are you willing
to press assault charges
against him?
Do you know his name?
Keith Jesperson.
You're still the best.
That's not what you said
last time.
Come on, no way.
No, you did, you insulted me,
and the Mountie postcard
I have clipped on my visor.
You had no right
to do that.
is the modern plague.
It brings out
the worst in people.
So, uh, I'll just get a cab.
No, no you won't.
They say abusive behavior
toward animals
is one of the first symptoms
that you're on the road
to becoming a serial killer,
or a murderer.
And you know, I never
thought of it that way.
I never thought of it,
like, I was abusing animals.
I just enjoyed it.
I enjoyed watching them die.
When I looked at those things,
that are so scared
and trembling,
and just watch the life
leave them...
I got off on it.
Just like I did with Taffy.
Anyway, there isn't
much difference
between killing an animal
and killing a human being.
I mean, you get to the point
where killing something
is nothing.
Let's face it,
being alive
is what kicks your ass.
Be careful out there.
Look over your shoulder,
because I may be closer
than you think.
Hunters say
their dogs
found the body.
There's no happy face.
Might not be him.
It's him.
He's just doing it different.
Mr. Jesperson,
I'm FBI special agent
Melinda Gand.
Well, it's an honor
to meet anyone from the FBI.
You can call me Keith.
We brought you in today
to ask some questions.
We appreciate
your cooperation.
You mind
if I record this?
Fire away.
Have you ever been
to the O' Finn's Tavern
in Portland?
Yeah. A while ago.
Used to shoot pool there
and get some beers.
Spend any time with a woman
named Sissy Peyton?
She was strangled
and tossed into a ravine,
a happy face scrawled on her.
I heard about that.
Sissy was last seen
at O' Finn's Tavern.
Did you meet her?
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Didn't I read
that some couple killed her?
Have you ever been
to the Turlock,
or Mount Ruskin,
or Kennewick
truck stops?
Yeah, all the time.
They're right along
in my main route.
Did you meet a Summer Northern?
Or Taffy Billings?
Do you recall
meeting a woman named Candy?
She had a baby.
At the Mount Ruskin
truck stop?
Candy claims that you tried
to sexually assault her,
tried to kill her.
So, that's what this is about?
I'm no angel,
but Candy's
a working girl,
and we got together.
But that's it.
If she wants to
press charges against me,
do you think
anyone's gonna believe
some lot lizard whore in court?
Good luck.
You recognize this?
It's a letter
that you sent to me, Keith,
signed by the Happy Face Killer.
In it, it says,
"maybe we'll meet
Here I am.
Am I under arrest?
Cause if not,
I've got to get back out there.
Gotta make a living.
No, you're not under arrest.
Not yet.
I didn't write that letter.
I know you want to find
this killer
and I'm sorry
I can't be more helpful.
It's been a pleasure.
Just when I thought
things were starting
to go my way,
FBI special agent Melinda Gand
had to come along
and ruin everything.
I mean, the FBI did have to
send their best to get me,
so I'm flattered,
but once she got involved
with the investigation,
it made me nervous.
She brought me in,
made me think
she must be close, right?
I hated
how she screwed with me.
And it started to feel like
she was watching my every move.
One more worthless,
uncaring bitch
messing up my life.
You gotta admit,
it's pretty ironic that
they sent a woman after me.
God has one messed-up
sense of humor.
Keith was always... sad,
and lost.
His childhood was
pretty much a nightmare.
He said his father made him
torture animals.
Electrocuted him even.
The kids at school
tormented him.
What was your marriage like?
He was a caring father.
Do you think
Keith could hurt women?
He never touched
me or the kids.
I mean, I know
he had affairs,
but if you ask me,
his problem with women
is that he likes them too much.
I kind of like this one.
My grandmother used to
have silverware like that.
She gave it away.
Do you like it?
I like it
if you like it.
I do.
Now, this one
is my favorite.
Silverware with
little tree limbs.
Yeah, it's perfect...
I like it.
Good. Perfect.
So, would you
consider Keith
to be a violent person?
It was just the way
that we were raised.
My brother got the worst of it
and probably took
a lot of it off of me.
You were spared.
Maybe, yeah.
I talked to Cora.
She told me about
your childhood.
Sounded pretty rough.
It was.
With Keith, it wasn't just
about the abuse, though.
He just always wanted to be
somebody else.
He could never
control his emotions.
I mean, the rage.
I think he came
into the world like that.
Everybody thinks
they're special.
Everyone thinks they're smart.
But you're not.
You're either the wolf
or the sheep.
All right, listen, listen,
hear me out,
this is important.
As far as killing goes,
and getting away with it,
here's the key.
When you're trying
to dump a body,
your real adversary
isn't the police,
it's actually the public,
so if you don't want
to get caught,
make sure you have
no links to the victim,
and then take their body
far, far away.
Time and distance
is the main trick,
and if you get that right,
well, abra-cadabra!
There's someone
here to see you.
Mr. Whitman.
Melinda Gand, FBI.
Can we talk privately?
Dez, it's Keith.
What's up?
Not much.
How are you?
I'm kinda busy here.
Got any runs for me?
Uh, let me take a look,
and, I'll, uh,
call you right back.
Dez, if you get any runs,
I could really use one now.
All right?
Gotta go.
"Police continue to investigate
the brutal slayings of several young women..."
"...left his signature happy face drawn
in blood on his victims at crime scenes."
"Ongoing investigation..."
"Criminal psychologists describe
him as someone who..."
You didn't
answer the phone.
Diane, I...
I just got busy.
that's all it is.
It's not just that, honey.
You say
you're going away
for a certain
period of time
and you don't come back
when you say you will.
It's just,
I have all these
wedding plans to make
and decisions to make,
and you're never around.
And you don't answer
your phone.
You're right,
I'm sorry.
It's just, I'm forced to make
these decisions by myself,
and it's
stressing me out.
I need you
to be around.
And if you don't
answer your phone,
how can I ask you
about anything?
I said I'm sorry.
I just got busy.
Yeah, you keep saying that.
The dispatcher
tells me what to do.
That's where I go.
I'm just trying
to make a living.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
I'm so sorry.
What is it? Tell me?
Why don't you ever
tell me anything?
Don't be like that.
Don't be like what?
Let's start over.
I'm starving.
in the fridge?
I think we should postpone
the wedding.
Why is it
that all women cause trouble?
You know what,
you don't want to see this.
Just got a call.
A woman named
Diane Loftin
is missing from
her job at a diner.
She's engaged
to Keith Jesperson.
I'm sorry, Diane.
Hey, Dez, it's Keith again.
I just want you to know,
if there are any runs,
I'm available.
Here's the plan,
when Jesperson calls
his dispatcher,
he'll be directed
to a location.
Myself, Sheriff Cotton,
agent Anselo,
and our team
will be there.
Timing is key.
Any questions?
These women mattered.
Let's bring him in.
Hey, Dez.
It's Keith.
Is anybody looking for me?
What are you talking about?
Like who?
You paranoid
or something?
What's your problem?
Nothing. Listen,
I just really could use
a run right now.
Find out where he is.
Tell him to stay put,
you'll call him with something.
Are you there, Dez?
Of course, I'm here.
where do I ever go?
Stop messing with me!
All right, hold tight,
and I'll get right back to you.
Got it.
Call him.
Look, I know this is fun
and all, agent Gand,
but I'm not gonna
get killed, am I?
Call him and give him
this location.
Hey, Dez...
You're in luck.
"Klingman Industrial Warehouse"
for pickup.
What am I picking up?
Uh, three tons
galvanized steel,
six tons
of "I" beams.
You want it or not, Keith?
Keith, you want it
or not?
What's the address?
Hi, John.
Well, it seems like
my luck has run out.
I'll never be able
to enjoy life
on the outside again.
I got into a bad situation
and my emotions
caught up with me.
I killed a woman in my truck
during an argument,
and with all the evidence
against me,
I guess I truly am
the black sheep of the family.
The court will
appoint me a lawyer
and there will be a trial
and I'm sure they'll kill me
for this.
I'm sorry that things
turned out this way.
I've been a killer
for some time.
I've killed eight people,
assaulted more.
I guess I...
haven't really
learned anything.
How you doing?
Just leave
the rig here.
We'll get the paperwork going.
Don't move!
Hands behind
your head,
You're under arrest
for the murder of Diane Loftin.
I didn't kill her.
Yeah, you did.
Just like you killed
Sissy Peyton
and all the others.
You can't prove that.
I know you're
the Happy Face Killer.
That's ridiculous.
Get him out of here.
I really am sorry that we didn't
have any time together... alone.
Agent Gand?
Something to remember us by.
That's a big honor.
She guards those
with her life.
Thank you.
Thanks, Felicia.
You know what?
I would've made
a hell of a Mountie.
But, well, their loss.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, boy.