Happy Go Lovely (1951) Movie Script

Edinburgh, the royal town
and the capital of Scotland.
The ancient castles are
the guards of the historic city.
Once a year, travelers
from all over the world are coming...
to watch the beginning
of the Edinburgh Festival...
which is dedicated to high-
more particularly art.
Occasionally, there is space
and for something like that.
At the wedding of Macquette
up there in Cleveland...
the guests have been invited
to the health of the...
when mild whiskey is mild
and me...
Macquitos was pleased to die.
The musicians played cheerfully...
his uncle did not
start dancing...
but the area was solved
and his skirt fell.
When Macquitus tried leave...
it was blocked by friends...
you have to dance...
because the door was locked.
Macquitos was angry
he did not know what to do...
tried to stop the wedding...
turned the watch back,
tore the date...
- Charlie!
- Mrs. Frost?
A handheld or a dummy?
- We're both deaf!
- I hope you're right.
- Get out and tell them something.
- What do I say?
It does not seem to me!
Ladies and gentlemen
if you allow me...
We want Frost!
Thanks for honoring me, I
do not know what to say.
We want our money.
I know I have not paid
some accounts...
Two of my own have begun
to load the tents.
If I do not pay, I'll get it.
If I get it I will not be able to
to make a premiere...
and no one will be paid.
You have to leave me open!
It's not about money,
it's a matter of order.
Do not you want the money?
- The tax office will get it!
- You are magnanimous.
Look at these chums
girls! Open the curtain!
They work hard all of
them, they are all stars!
Think about their
career, please...
I came from America
to bring you their talent.
People are coming from all over the world
the world in your city.
- Awesome performance!
- She has another...
Please let me know
a little more.
- How long do you want?
- Give me three days.
- We'll give you 48 hours.
- I love you all, thank you.
You are wonderful, thank you.
Kids, rehearse tomorrow
in the morning at ten o'clock.
You did not dance
well, leave now.
We did not dance well
because we do not eat.
The artists
he is not thinking about food.
I do not want to say it to Mr. Frost
but we have to pay...
- You have no faith?
- I have faith, I have no hope!
- Can I talk to you?
- Tomorrow my dear.
You went to stop them,
get the shit out!
- Did you load them?
- Do not you see?
The naive tells you
go back inside.
- We're done!
- Please, Philis!
There was no money either
organization, it's all a mess!
- Calm down my love.
- Find another star!
- The Philadelphia pavement!
- I do not quite do that!
- What is it, Mr. Frost?
- Now we do not have a star!
- We do not have a star!
- Are you a parrot?
I will make a premiere and I will not have
neither star nor money!
- We need a miracle!
- And we'll find it!
- Good morning, ladies.
- Hello Mrs. Erikis.
- Want your feet?
- We did not want to hear anything.
Your kindness, but you do not
pay for 2 weeks.
- We'll pay you.
- You have no faith?
You were on the show
before you come...
I have done them myself, do not
interfere with our relationship.
I have two tickets
for the premiere.
You have already given me half
first row, thank you.
We invoke your dedication
in Edinburgh...
people from all over the world are
coming to your wonderful city.
- You will come to us!
- Okay, you won!
I forgot to tell you that
you have a visitor back.
- Who is he?
- From the motif, he wants money.
My dude was coming in here
when it was late in the evenings.
I have to say it is
very lucky man.
Yes, he has been dying for ten
years ago, you're coming now!
Do not wait any longer, can
do not bring the girls.
I have instructions to wait until
I'll get 10 pounds.
- I'll wait.
- Good night!
I'm late, I'm late!
Come on, get up!
Look at what time it is!
Run, I know you're in.
We will leave the exit cheating!
Give me and the cattle,
you have to hurry too!
Release the door immediately!
- Good morning, why do you get it?
- How can I not shine?
I want my money where it is
Miss Jowve?
She left for the theater,
did not you see her?
- Here it is, I know it!
- Look under the bed.
I told you not to go
to work without money.
I told you he left, we have
rehearse and I'm late!
- Did you make a sound?
- Yes, I hope you do not mind.
- I'm late.
- Come in.
- You're not American?
- Yeah, how did you get it?
You have so much at home!
- Your kindness, sir...
- My name is Bates.
- I'm Jave Tweed.
- Are you working in Mercury?
- Not if we do not reach 15.
- We'll get to ten!
Is it necessary?
I will not arrive in time,
is there anything wrong?
I will overtake if and not need to.
The police are following us!
I was wrong for ten minutes.
Will we rehearse without Phyllis?
We will make a premiere with or without
star! I started the rehearsal.
Hello thank you.
Good morning, Mac.
It was not good, who told you
do you look up there?
- You said it!
- Me? Never!
That's the cheap places...
you will look forward
to the exact somehow so...
for them you play, from here
the money is coming.
Let's go again, we start.
- At last, where are you?
- Do not tell me, Charlie.
- I'm the reserver...
- Yes, the best one!
And be careful not to have it
problems Mr Frost, I know.
You do a great job
sav tv mavajer!
Mr Frost, I said
how we ended this way.
- That was yesterday.
- He did not know you changed it.
Yes, of course, stop!
You just came, I saw you.
- I had an accident.
- Yes sure...
You ended up doing so,
rather than being good.
- I am sorry.
- I'm sorry about you...
and for all of you, a life
you will be moderate dancers.
How do you remind me I arrived?
Where am I today?
I had courage, determination
and no one ever.
Did not hit our ribbon!
The stars are not made
with cubicles.
I have talent for that
you will always live in ballet.
You make mistaken Mr.
Frost, I give up!
One minute!
No one resigns here,
you are fired!
- It's my pleasure!
- You have a break for kids.
- The Joweye, please.
- You have to wait.
- The Jvette Joe, please.
- You wait, rehearsal.
You will see it after me.
I want to give her the
tea, leave her in the car.
You can not see it until
the rehearsal is over.
- Did you get me, Mac?
- No, my dear.
- Are you Mr. Tramov's chauffeur?
- No, Mr Bruno.
The manufacturer
of worship cards?
- Exactly.
- Did he send you for me?
- I'm saying Betty Samers.
- I'm afraid not.
I'm waiting for Miss Jowow,
are you her boyfriend?
You will do me your favor
give her her cake?
Gladly, give her the love
Tell me, Mr. Bruno.
I do not think he will appreciate it.
I will not wait any longer, do not say
to Joe that I was not here.
- I did not see you!
- If you danced with the energy...
you run into the corridors,
we may have had good show.
- What do you got there?
- A cake.
It's Joe's, it's
friendship of Bruno.
And is this reason you...
- Filthy?
- By Bij Giovanni.
It's one of the richest-
Scotland's finest apostles.
- You're a millionaire.
- I know, I was looking for it.
It comes out from our girls...
- How do you tell me?
- Betty Samers.
- I wanted to talk to you about...
- Not now...
- I'll give her the tea.
- Give me a little time...
I will give you an increase in
the time I pay.
- Yes, Mr. Frost?
- Do not do that!
Who is he that says he will
less for ballet?
You will not leave the city
unless you make money first.
You will go to Frost and you will
the transformed daughter.
Excluded, then
from so many insults.
- And why else?
- There are many reasons.
You are the one who is
we owe you, do you want to live?
You are so stupid; Javet
he goes with the Bruve.
Is she a trustee, does
she say anything to you?
Bij Giovanni, the millionaire?
It is worth 5 maybe 6 million.
Jowve with a millionaire,
what a pity.
Why; She's a good
girl, the best.
- He was flying fast.
- He's not working here.
Do not be clear, we saved!
If he loves Bruno...
- What do you have?
- You do not remember her?
That's it! It will
we're staring, that's gonna happen...
- Where does it stay?
- I do not know.
Why do not you know?
Do I ask something so hard?
- Where's the Savvette Jowve?
- What, sir?
Everyone is afraid of me!
Where do you put the names from J?
Find here to find
its management.
Do not sit, do something!
Why is it nothing in his place;
A direction I want
in the name of Jow.
You can not do it nothing right?
The problem is that
there is no system here.
I have to show you
and archiving?
- Fr.
- Later, I have a job.
Because we have no leadership
What would you do if you were ill
some of them?
I would call the doctor.
- I wanted to ask...
- look for you too!
Who are you; - Javet Joeves.
Do not sit, look to address!
- The Directorate?
- Javet Joe's!
- What did you say you were?
- Javet Joeves.
Jacqueline Joe, Charlie!
All I have to do is do it!
Where were you, we searched for
to find you! Come in...
Conspiracy about clutter
but we wanted to find you...
I came to ask for a word
for my behavior.
- I lost my temper.
- I understand you...
I like girls who have courage.
- Here's your cake.
- Where did you find her?
That's what we have to say
for your position on the show.
- Get me a contract.
- I dance well you know...
I do not think you've seen me
to dance solo.
It is not necessary
to see you love me...
now you can not find it
nor a contract?
Look, Mr. Frost.
It's such a big paper,
it would be a baby!
Wonderfully, we will find
something good for you.
I can make wheels too!
- Do I have to do everything?
- But Mrs. Frost...
Here it is so simple!
Did you hit? Fortunately...
- Sign here.
- I'm just singing.
Okay, sign up!
Hi Joe!
You're gonna make me a star!
I hope you do not mind
we came, bible Joy.
Is the two-eyed? Good morning.
Mattam Amavta I told you that
I'll pay you on Friday.
Pay me?
Let's not talk about it.
Look what we brought you try it.
We have the first dress
reminisce of Blue Moonlight.
- Is not that great?
- Fantastic...
You have to put it, it
will take you a lot.
You have the right body,
your waist is so thin.
- Do you agree with me?
- Of course, mawam.
We have other things you can
try it whenever you want.
You did not forget to bring
the pink siffer...
- Conviction?
- With the red poppy.
It's great!
It's so chic, you
wait a little...
Here you are, fantastic!
The color fits so well
with your skin!
You do not have a mirror...
You can see here.
What do you say?
It's incredible!
- What do you say about it?
- You do not understand...
It's for you, from
the mawam Amamta.
- But I can never...
- I want you to fuck.
The double jowe can put you
the silver beads.
You are so smart,
that's what you think.
Look what nice
which is the gouva.
Do not say a word, I want to see you
and all the rest.
- Mr. Frost told you...
- I do not know anything...
is our little secret, okay?
That's love!
Come on, let's get you.
You need to be honored be tired.
If you want something else
phone me.
- Promise it.
- I promise you.
Too bad, thank you very much.
- Is not it a nice day?
- Mallow...
Fortunately you came, get it
a deep await and listen!
- I hear but I do not know...
- Frost gave me a contract!
And the mawam Amvata
all these clothes!
- And where are your stables?
- Please pay attention!
Someone must stay reasonable!
- What do they mean?
- You do not know?
- Of course not!
- Savvet, you're a jerk!
Me, do not begin to bear
and you are mad!
Until you desert
I will take out this dress.
And I in your place
it will be the same.
I do not know why you were so mad.
You could say that
to your best friend!
I'm trying to tell you
but do not listen!
Well, tell me something
for Bij Giovanni.
- Who is he?
- Are you asking?
- Your trustee is!
- Are you crazy!
Then everyone in the theater
they must be mad.
I did not expect to know the new ones
last and let me be stuck!
- I do not know what you say.
- So you're going to get it?
- And of course!
- Then I'll check it out...
Jacqueline Joeves
you are a junk!
Everybody crazed!
Why did Frost star you?
And you old man sends you these?
- I do not know, why?
- Because of Bij Giovanni!
You will tell me please
Who is this Bruno?
He has made millions
with greeting cards.
He is the richest in Scotland.
- You're not telling me yet.
- Listen to you, Jacob...
you swear in what you have a sanctuary
that you have not been betrothal?
How do I get it?
When I do not know it?
Where's the joke?
Will you tell me why you laugh?
You do not find it funny
make you expensive...
and become a star because of it
someone you do not know?
It's horrible...
Listen, Frost reminds me
that she is smart...
make the star girl for you
get money from the developer.
- You do not think that...
- She's gone.
You want me to tell you how many stars
did I start in this way?
Come in.
Miss Jowve?
Sign Please.
I do not believe it,
it's from Frost!
Then you can get it!
One minute, give them to me.
How long do you pray
for something so wonderful?
- Here it is!
- I do not want it in this way.
How important is the way?
You will tell them all later.
You did not tell Frost
that you are engaged, right?
Neither in the mawam Amamta
that you have to pay.
Why not enjoy it
how long do you keep?
For Mrs. Bruno.
For Mrs. Bruno.
For Mrs. Bruno.
Mavam Amatta Fashion House.
Account, Jetwing Joe
Theater Mercury.
- It's wrong!
- It's for Mr. Bruno.
We know both of them
that is wrong!
When I heard he visited you
this landlord...
in the hour of work I was
outraged, not Harold!
- I do not want to come back.
- Indeed, Mr. Bruno.
There is also an annual one
excursion to these things.
Harold, I do not want to be bothered
in one's personal life...
but here in the company, I do
not want my employees to...
- What is this?
- I have an account, sir.
I do not want to be dismayed
work with pleasure.
There are some rules...
Things I want you to do
are respected. You can leave.
To see what this is...
Fashion House, why
do you go to me?
That's what I'm talking about and I, sir.
Jacqueline Jowve, Mercury
silver beige and velvet...
You are outrageous!
I have not been to the theater...
and I do not know
this Joe, arrange it.
- Why are you looking at me like that?
- How's that, sir?
You think I have some
relationship with all this?
- You, sir? Of course not.
- Of course not.
I knew it had happened
some mistake.
- How did you know that?
- You could not...
- What can not I do?
- You would not!
Of course not.
He called the phone.
Office of Mr Bruno.
Who are they?
From Mercury Theater, for you.
I have a wonderful new Mr. Bruno.
The Jvette Jowve
is the star of the project!
You've gotten to the company
Brooke, you make a mistake.
It's not a mistake, I've been
watching it for a long time...
we are changing the work for it.
Is it going to be a thing of the past?
I do not know it!
I understand, do not worry...
your secret is yours
in good hands!
Do you believe me now?
Nato again!
You were looking at me strangely,
I tell you that I do not know.
- Of course not.
- It's a farce...
Something worse.
In your place, I would be alert
the police force.
I do not want you to be disappointed
in a spade the company.
I will do it myself.
- Again I was looking at you strangely?
- Exactly.
- I do not do it deliberately.
- I hope so.
We will do it again
from start to finish.
Everyone in your positions.
Let's go!
Have a break, Joe.
It was good rehearsal.
I'm a lovely Javet.
I want to talk though...
Thanks, I have a problem
in turns but I will fix it.
I'm sure you were going
you rehearse in your suit.
I have a prayer
with Jacqueline Jowve.
Mr. Trezis is waiting
for you, go ahead.
It will be a terrible sea bass, right?
From a dancer to a star
within one day.
I hope you are right.
- Who is he?
- From Morviv Express.
- Wait a minute please?
- Yeah, I do not mind.
Glad to see you, Treisse,
let's have a drink.
- I'm waiting for Joe.
- You have an hour...
must rehearse her suit, go.
- You are welcome...
- I want ya yahoo.
- He has a job, who are you?
- Mr. Bruno.
- Bij Giovanni?
- Correctly.
Please, Mr. Bruno, go,
go to the camel 1.
You can pass.
- I'll send you a moment.
- It's okay now.
I'm sorry I am
with the suit, I'm very happy.
I did not want to leave you
to wait...
- Sit down please.
- Miss Jowve...
I came to clarify
a specific issue.
To be honest...
- Are you Jetway Jowve?
- Yes, you were disappointed?
I was expecting something different.
Sit please, must
I change you if you do not mind.
- I'll wait outside.
- I can talk from here.
And I thought you were going to be
- You say you were waiting for me?
- Of course...
- Then you know why I came.
- Of course.
- Why did you do it?
- I wanted to do it by little.
- My dad was disturbing.
- And so it must!
On the contrary, my mother encouraged me.
You cheated on deceiving...
I did not cheat, I said
that I want to be on the scene...
- And I did it.
- Miss Jowve...
this is not the explanation
which I expected.
You want something more intriguing.
I can not believe it...
when I said he would
Paul Tracy for interview...
somewhat active
journalist but you...
- Paul Tracy...
- Is not that your true one?
It does not matter, I feel it
let me talk to you.
Truth; And I do not feel
as uncomfortably as possible.
I find you very...
- What a nice guy!
- I'm glad you like it.
I'm here this morning...
joyful curtains
and the flowers help you, right?
Truth; - Of course...
- Do I start from the beginning?
- You are welcome!
Do we sit back?
- You wanna know where I came from?
- Yeah, I'd love to.
I grew up in a small farm
in Virzivia...
Amazing! And I
in a farm I was born.
Not in Virzivia,
however, in Devosvir.
Then I went to Haro...
I left my sixties
because I did not know anything else...
my father had his own
ideas for life...
Conspiracy but who gets it
what is it from?
I was forgotten,
continued, please.
The house was in the middle of
trifolias and mosses...
in a small pond.
I get up very early in the morning...
- And I was culling the cows.
- How many were you?
- Why are you smiling;
- Nothing, please go on.
- Do not you believe me?
- I know of farms...
- I have some.
- Do you have farms?
I know many villagers
who are living in farms.
Well, it was a simple one
home without trifolias.
- There was no cow.
- And he did not go to Virgina!
I'm from New Jerzy.
It grew up in a fishing boat
in the Gulf of Mexico.
Her mother was an artist
but she left her career...
when he baptized the father
of Jacqueline, she loved it a lot.
- He was a diver.
- How much is Bruno doing to you?
Listen and the drama! Her boyfriend
she taught her everything she knew...
when the storm was lost in the
storm and did not have a franc...
where you find what he did
the poor girl or the girl.
He left and found
the Bij Giovanni.
Have a drink!
- Luckily my luck changed.
- Wonderful how did it happen?
It was from hard work
or from gossip?
What exactly do you do?
I'm afraid you know
somev with power...
- Do you think specifically?
- Some Mr Bruno...
Avarothomomv when
we would get to this point!
I just wanted to know...
There is nothing in between
to me and Bruno.
- You do not believe it.
- And I believe it!
I'm bored with these rumors
for me and Bruno.
Truth; I am glad.
Where did you know?
We were celebrating a party
last winter.
It's been in Egypt last year
the winter I know.
It is not in Egypt the weather;
- Yeah, that's where I was.
- There we know...
- On pyramids.
- On pyramids?
I turn on the pyramids,
a little left...
Boredom in Hawaii...
- I immediately fell in love.
- Were a Hawaiian skirt?
I'm trying to tell you the story
and you do not keep notes.
I remember them, but you too
I forgot to put my own.
Do not be angry, I had to know
for Seva and Bruno.
I know, you have to do it
your job like me.
What does it interest you?
Choir and old man?
- Hoover?
- She wears glasses.
Coming right up. You must
I put the rehearsal clothes on.
I want to know more.
We can meet
for a meal at Aperitiv?
Who do you think you are?
Bij Giovanni?
Do not worry, I have economies.
You do not have to go for
food. Close the zipper.
We can meet
away from the theater.
You're coming out! Sorry...
- At one.
- Okay!
You promise not to write
for the Bruno...
- It would be totally...
- Completely!
Good morning Fraser.
- For you!
- Thanks.
Good morning how are you today;
How are you? Good morning.
I want to talk to you.
Mr. Dot, have you ever thought
that something is missing from the office?
- No, Mr. Bruno.
- He misses the charm.
Nothing is charming even you.
- I'm very sorry.
- It is not your fault...
we need to change something.
Life is a strange thing.
How to work people
in such an environment?
We need something over
there, over there...
Flowers, lots of flowers
this is needed!
- Flowers, Mr. Bruno?
- Of course...
joyful curtains
and the flowers help...
- Is not that the case?
- Truth;
We went to the routine, the office
reminds a vampire!
There's something about it, about it
and that!
It is her lucky maneuver
Jacqueline Jowve at Mercury.
Yesterday dancer, today star
tomorrow a possible vague!
We will not say who he is
the lucky millionaire...
but Javen will receive
many greeting cards!
Give me this!
Good man this master Treis...
- Yes very much.
- With charm and compassion.
Yes why; - Take a look here.
Come in.
Are you stingy? When I do
Something perfect, look!
- Is not that nice?
- Yeah, who are they?
- For your sake and yours.
- Someone and what?
They're the scouts
for your new look.
Especially made for the little one
Lady of Bruo!
- Will not he please?
- It will burst out of pleasure!
K. Frost I think it is
better to tell you...
Later, we will say it tonight
at the dinner.
- Do you want to have dinner together?
- I'd love to, but...
Cancel all your plans, bring Mr.
I want to talk to him about the
show, you can come and you...
- Being four.
- You put it well.
I'm sure Mr. Bruno
would you like to come...
- But he's missing out on the city.
- We'll be out tomorrow.
- Come on, come on.
- Great!
I'm going now because
I have a job, hello.
- Again in front of my legs?
- I need to talk to you...
Tomorrow my love, tomorrow!
Where do you go?
- From here...
- Nice!
You lasted only half an hour,
you are very conspicuous.
And you are worthy of contempt!
- The house sculpture...
- I'm heading your column.
You promised not to write
nothing but the one you have.
- I did not write it!
- Then who wrote it?
It could have been anyone.
- Do you swear to me?
- I swear.
How happy I am! I did not believe how
you could do it!
- Did not you believe it?
- No...
- I thought you were good.
- Good coincidence...
Good morning, you want
the best deal?
- Yes thank you.
- And you, sir?
- You speak.
- I'll get what the lady gets.
- Do you want to share it?
- Absolutely.
Will you drink something; - Shabava.
Tea, Sali.
Will we finish the interview?
Yes, the interview...
Tell me now... You have... you are...
- Ring ringing?
- I'm not engaged.
You are not engaged.
I started dancing at the theater
at my 16th...
but last winter
I did not find a job...
- And I worked as a waitress.
- Last winter?
- Before or after Egypt?
- Before I go to Egypt.
That's where you knew Bruno
and he immediately prompted you.
- He did not do that!
- You must be crazy.
Except for an old man and a son.
Let me tell you how I found
my first job?
The meaning of the original Bi Ji?
Bijji... does not want to talk
which is why it is very fragile.
Honest, old man, chore
and crazy. Nice pictures!
- He's a good man.
- Where does he stay?
I went to my first tour
by keeping a score.
- Where does it stay?
- Jimmy...
it is difficult to remember,
he always sends his chauffeur.
I had no idea it was so
late, it came too...
I have to leave.
It's the bizhiro chai
I do not have to wait for me.
I still have a lot of questions.
- I am sorry.
- Will you be at the same time tomorrow?
All right, Mr. Paul.
It's too high, swamps
back on the table.
- Much better.
- Will you see Bayt now?
Yes, you were in.
- You can pass.
- Thanks.
- You can talk, Bates.
- Mr...
You got an idiot with the car
by Mr Bruno.
Yes, she was late and afraid
she would lose her job.
And you got it with the car.
An ignorant whole...
you did not know what it was.
And it did not have to be good...
after he accepted to come in
in the car of one ignorant.
Let us not characterize
some that we do not know.
It was very good and very beautiful.
Sure, I think
you took the opportunity.
- I do not like what you say.
- Confession...
but I know exactly what happened!
Bates said he was good
girl and I know it is.
- It will be!
- You will do the same.
Right, I just wanted to know
because you went to the theater yesterday.
For the call, the
he had to submit.
You used the car
to your advantage...
and you serve ignorant
women. You need to know...
that this matter has
Mr Grove's dissatisfaction.
Yes it is serious...
I do not want to feel that
I was cheating on my employees.
That's why Beits, I express
the view of Mr Bruno...
and I have to tell you
that we are sorry but...
Come, I came to the accountants.
- Sorry...
- You bet your trust...
I keep on it
to double your salary.
- I forgot my papers.
- Being a lesson for you.
Nothing, my decision
is definitive.
- What are you doing?
- We get the dresses again.
- Who said take them?
- Mr. Jostol, it's in.
- Fortunately you came!
- One minute gentlemen...
tomorrow we have a premiere, you said
how will you give me time.
The time is over
you do not have money as usual.
You know he supports me
you are very rich from here!
We do not want other excuses
and lies, it's too late!
- What lies?
- You are missing the moral, Mr. Frost.
You heard me talking
with the Bruno, right?
I did the star girl,
is not that ethical?
Find Jacqueline and send it
in my office.
- Why do not you pay us then?
- These things...
you want time, you know how
are the lawyers!
Come a little in my office
I want to show you something.
- Jacket, you want Mr. Frost.
- I am coming.
They're the scouts
for the new life.
Imagine how much you will enjoy
when do you make it?
- When do I fix it?
- Of course...
you remark that I am ungrateful
and will I give it to another?
You're asking me to make a sculpture
the moment I get the others?
- I'm not sick!
- I'm sewing other costumes!
- Did you ask me Mr. Frost?
- Savvet, my dear...
Mr. Jostol and his friends.
I told them about our plans...
for our despatch dinner
with your creator.
We will discuss the latter
details of the show.
- Yes correctly.
- Where will you go for dinner?
- In Bov Vivier.
- We'll be there.
- Okay, will you leave the scouts?
- Why do you get them?
We'll see how the evening will go.
Thanks, just a little while!
You can not make it
without the model.
Thanks, that's it.
You were going to get the scouts.
That's what we're going to do!
Look at Mr. Frost I'm afraid
how are you sick?
I look at your big one
opportunity, is not it?
You have to do it too
something for me.
- Convince Bruno to come.
- I can not, it is missing and...
He turned, I saw his chauffeur
yesterday in court.
Javet, you'll save the show
your career is disturbing.
- I can not do it!
- I have to risk them all!
Think of the children that are based
at this premiere.
You are a good girl, I know
that you will not disappoint us.
He went quickly
to bribe it with Brubo.
- Did you finish?
- Yes finally.
You have to go back inside.
This is Jimmy, but
do not do it because it stutters.
How about Ritchie?
It looks like a millionaire.
I can not do it.
After you promised the Bruno
you have to show it!
- I'll tell the truth!
- Will you miss the opportunity?
I come from my body, calm down
and chose a mistress!
- We do not know how it is!
- She's 35 with a mustache.
- How do you know;
- It was simple, Watsov.
I got his secretary and I said
that I was writing an article...
for wealthy men
and their hobbies.
- What's his hobby?
- His job.
Then we need some
serious master.
- He looks rich.
- He just went bankrupt.
It is worthwhile.
- Hey, Paul.
- I got some flowers.
- It's a great Paul.
- How are you;
You have not known yourself.
This is Mei.
I see so much for the first time
flowers, where did you find them?
- A shop.
- What did you do, fuck you?
- I do not understand...
- Do not listen to what he says.
Will you put them in a vase?
Well, you do not have to spend
in such things.
I saw them in the vitriva
as it comes to...
Bij Giovanni!
What are you doing, Mr. Bruno?
- You're crazy, we can not!
- Why not;
You want to save
the career of Jacqueth?
You can make it
that you are Brueve?
I will not allow it.
We may be in trouble.
It's simple, we'll get out
for dinner with Frost.
Very nice, supposed
how am I going to be Bruve?
Frost wants you to know
but it is missing.
- Where is this time?
- In Monte Carlo.
- Will you do it?
- Of course!
It's not easy to be present
somebody else, Paul.
- Do you think you can?
- I will try.
To ask something, do you
have an evening suit?
Is it good? It is
some glossy greens?
- No, not...
- Nice, you're getting involved.
Come on, sit down
for information now.
Savo Bruno, supposed
that you know all the social.
You will talk about the villa and
your yacht in Mote Carlo.
- Do I have a yacht?
- You two have!
Do not forget that you are
rich, you are not Paul...
- You must be cynical.
- And somehow it's a bitch.
- You must buy and cigar.
- No, I do not.
All Millionaires smoke cigar.
- All the time!
- I will try.
- You are very sweet Paul.
- I'll do the fuck for a seve.
We do not have time for
these, we have to get ready.
- What time do we start?
- Come on, get us at ten.
We have to hurry.
- Enterprise Brubo!
- Tell me more...
I'm not Paul Tracy,
I'm Bij Giovanni.
Horrified, he was going home
I think we did a big mistake.
He is the most unconvincing
I've never seen me!
I'm Bij Giovanni.
I am;
Do not be nervous, say that
you are sympathetic to these.
- I will try.
- I still say it was wrong.
- Mr Frost's table?
- From here, sir.
Mr. Frost's table.
When you come to tell him
where we sit.
- I am very good.
- That's what I'm saying.
Good morning Mr.
Frost, please be here.
- Do not worry, okay?
- And do not talk too much...
otherwise you cheat
to reveal it all.
- You 're Jim Brouwo.
- Mr. Bruno do not get up...
I wanted to show you how much
I love Scotland with the kilts.
- I hear a lot about you, Mr.
- And I wanted to know.
Bjhi just turned around
from Monte Carlo.
- Yes, with the yacht.
- Bingo cigarettes?
- Do not you smoke a cigar?
- I forgot them.
- He prefers cigars.
- Take one of my own.
- No thanks.
- Come my love.
What will we take;
Do you want to start with caviar?
- Caviar; Wonderful!
- I don't like it.
It has been overestimated
and it's very expensive.
Millionaire you are,
why are you worried?
- What do you say about oysters?
- I would like a soup.
Do not listen to it, it loves it
the oysters, so my love?
He is so rich
who forgets what he has!
- Lobster, duck...
- I want a simple scramble.
Omelette; - Stop it!
Excuse me, that's it
our favorite song.
It's a perfect couple.
- You're not trying at all, Paul.
- But I try.
- Do you know what a problem I have?
- No what;
Please tell me my love.
You have your mind what you do.
- You 're Jim Brouwo.
- I'm Bij Giovanni!
And for dessert, crepe sugeette.
Bring and saber. It is
Brouvo very charming.
It does not seem like that
he is a millionaire.
Who is the gentleman
on Mr. Frost's table?
Dancing with the girl
with the blue dress.
- It's Mr Bij Giovanni.
- Thanks.
I wanted to make sure
that he told us the truth.
Try to do it too
you say what you need, Paul.
- I'll make the oath for a seve.
- Do not forget who you are!
Jostol was impressed
I see it, all goes well!
Mr Bruvo, sit down
my three friends there...
I'm sure you think
you're financing me.
I've been thinking about investing
a few thousand at the theater.
My love, we have to dance
and in this song!
Excuse me!
- Nice time pick!
- Mr. Frost...
you do not have to take it
money from Mrs. Bruno.
- Why not;
- He doesn't know by show.
Until we finish the dinner
he will know everything!
I was trying to play
well my role.
- You did the trick.
- I am sorry.
You're very sweet
and I am yours...
but you do not
for a millionaire.
Maybe I had to wear it
false generic.
It's what you say and do.
I will do whatever you want
I'm going to fuck cigar too!
Tell him to dance again
to grab it!
- I have a good orchestra, right?
- You want to dance continuously!
- Hello guys, are you leaving?
- We wanted to say hello.
Do you say before? From here
Mr Bij Giovanni.
I'm very happy, I'm learning that
your theater interests you.
- Yeah, that's it.
- Will we see you in the theater then?
- I hope so.
- Do not delay...
- Do not worry about anything.
- We started the tents.
Thank you very much, goodnight.
You do not know how much I enjoyed being
you are interested in the show.
If you come to my office
tomorrow, you will learn more.
What do you call Bing?
I'm trying to pull you
the attention...
but you were not looking to me.
Let me introduce you the promises
Joe and Tommsv...
and Mrs. Frost. Lady Mavridv.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
Joe Frost, somewhere
I have heard the word.
You may have read
for me at Varizete.
I gave her a few pounds
to do that.
Mr. Frost expects one
musical at the Mercury Theater.
- Come on.
- Bring the duke.
Paul paid him to do that.
- I was glad to see you.
- I gotta get you.
I was glad to know you.
And Frost with the kilts...
- It tries, though?
- Okay.
Suppose I had a lot of money...
I'll give you a shot
some in Frost?
I think you are, I want
let me see it...
it is also good for
even for one night.
His creditors will shut him
if he does not pay them.
I want to ask you something
for Bij Giovanni.
Let's not talk about
it, help me come down.
I want to talk about
it, it's important.
Please, we're upset.
Crushed with the Bruve?
What is it about?
For you...
Bi Ji is jealous of you.
It's ridiculous, I'll tell him
Tomorrow I'll see it.
No Paul, please.
- Thank you for everything.
- I'll explain everything to him.
You would be very angry
if I told you...
something I want to tell you,
I do not know the Bruno.
I have not understood it,
understand me please.
I want to tell you something about Jacob...
from the moment I knew you
I want to dance, to sing...
and climb to a clatter!
Are you still there Javen?
I have to tell you
something, listen to me!
He wants to make it again.
I told you a thousand times...
that I do not want to talk
with the bank!
Dear, goodbye to you
you passed by to see me.
It was a strange thing,
just thinking about it.
- I was looking at the bills...
- And you thought me?
I liked you a lot
from yesterday evening.
- You have something special.
- I wonder what it is.
I do not know but I think
how difficult it is...
I have to leave you
invite you to the show.
- Your kindness.
- It's a great opportunity...
and it's simpler
from your own work.
We do not buy paper
or write cards!
Let's start a little
an amount of 3 thousand let's say...
Two thousand? I can not
to take less than a thousand!
- I've decided.
- Look here...
we can do that
the amount every week.
Then we will have the revenue
from songs and albums.
When I make a decision
is definitive.
You laugh, you know
what did I think I saw?
- A check for 10 thousand.
- That's it.
By Mrs. Frost, I do not
want Savvet to learn it.
I did, though, forgot it.
You can forget it
and you want it!
- What are you doing here Paul?
- I can not talk to you...
I have a press conference.
Take the bank, I want
let me speak to the governor.
Yes, I told the bank.
Change things!
Come in, Javet!
K. Frost, what did you do here?
Mr. Bruno?
What everyone is doing
the millionaires.
Send in Charlie, I want
to go to the bank.
K. Frost must know...
if he gave you the check
the one who left early.
Mr Bruno and I did
an agreement and not...
It's not Mr. Bruno!
- Did you ask me?
- Yes to me a favor...
She went to the check
at the bank...
and tell them to keep you
well the safe!
Ten thousand pounds!
You do not have to deposit
the check.
You will be blamed for forgery.
- Who me;
- It was not Bruno that.
You are a journalist,
you are my friend.
I do not know the Bruno!
Tell this again, but
this time say it late!
I have never known the Bruno...
but when you persevere
to go out for dinner...
I had to find something.
- I'm sorry Mr. Frost.
- It does not matter to Savvett.
- Will you forgive me?
- Yeah, forget it...
you were going to get ready
for the rehearsal.
Do not sit, he warned
Scott Jarvt!
- You 're in Logviv.
- I want it!
- Which category?
- Find one, impersonation...
- Plastography, chaos!
- Mr. Frost...
Sympathy, arson...
Get out in front of me!
Dumbbell stab!
Wonderful work, worship!
K. Frost this scammer
it's here, look!
He has a lot of audacity,
he got the police fast!
- Where's the police?
- Everywhere in the theater.
- What are you going to do about Mr. Frost?
- Do not worry.
- You do not understand...
- You went to change yourself.
- Where are we going;
- Do not ask, come with me!
I loved it!
- You gotta be crazy!
- Why, what do I have?
- You have to leave quickly!
- Why;
You're looking to fuck!
Quickly, out of the window!
- You 're gonna get into a little alley.
- But I do not!
Fly and leave?
Do I have to do everything?
Take the key of my house
you were going to hide there.
I want to see the rest of the show!
He runs you all over
the Scottish police!
- Why are you headed?
- For the fake check!
Do not worry, he's my friend.
What are you doing here?
- I want to go to the theater!
- To enter;
Are you crazy; You have to leave!
Girls, take out the robes
and put your costumes!
What is happening?
Whatever I say to you!
That's it.
- You have to leave quickly.
- Is there no other way out?
I do not want to bother but
I have to explain something to you.
I did not give a fake check
in the Frost...
because I am Bij Giovanni.
I hear Paul Tracy, I'm
trying to help you...
if you do not want it,
but think of me too.
- It's my premiere.
- I can prove it.
He looked at the door
and tell them to me.
- I can not do it!
- Why;
Why do I love you, goddess!
Say it again!
Please, please
what I'm telling you!
- Okay, but I'm the Bruno!
- Get out of the window!
I'll go in again
to see the rest of the show.
And then I want the show
let me know you the devil.
- One minute.
- You have to come to the department.
- Can I explain...
- I'm sorry, lady.
- Good kids kids.
- Good inspector.
K. Bruno I am very sorry.
Do not start with
yourself, it's not Bruno!
- And yet...
- I know so many years.
You are the real;
- The check is...
- And of course it is.
- Where are they? I lost it...
- You better find her!
- Do you believe me now?
- Get out of Jacqueline!
This is terrible, Paul
is Bij Giovanni!
What does it look like?
You go for your mind!
- Do not bump, leave!
- I found this and...
My check! You found her,
you are a wonderful girl!
- I have been rewarded for this.
- I want to talk to you.
- Tell me what you want!
- You see Mr. Frost...
Daddy is disappointed.
He has a lot of money...
- She wants to get on the show.
- I do not feel very good...
You saw Frost when he did
how did he miss the check?
He was so excited
for the premiere.
Are you miles away,
in New Jersey?
In Virzivia with cows?
In Cairo in the pyramids?
He plunges into the pyramids,
a little to the left.
Where you knew the chore
main with glasses.
I want to ask you something
for Bij Giovanni.
Let's not talk about it.
- I want to know something...
- What thing;
- What do they mean initially?
- Paul...