Happy Journey (2014) Movie Script

Was it an age to die?
Niranjan! She's gone!
She was waiting for you to return.
Rush to the hospital!
You've got a baby sister!
Balasaheb! You should
send Niranjan to Dubai.
Youngsters easily
get labor jobs there.
If you want, I can arrange it.
Naik Niranjan!
Teacher, he left school
and moved out of town.
Sir, Janaki Naik's Internet bill
is pending.
I am sorry, sir.
When did it happen?
Yesterday morning.
Four thousand!
Sir, these are dirhams.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Thank you.
Janaki was like my sister,
as I don't have one.
She told me to call her sister.
I joined the training.
I was scared
for the first two months.
I was unable to sing.
One day after class,
she asked me to stay back.
She took me to the terrace.
Don't be afraid.
If you are bored
of classical songs,
then sing this song!
There's an awkward confusion.
The situation is all backwards.
You left singing and troubled me.
God never listens to my plea.
I didn't have a sister
and Janaki didn't have a brother.
Actually, she had one,
but he was never around.
He used to send her
new cellphones
but never called.
She was excellent.
She had an unlimited-download
mobile plan.
She taught me
to play games with one hand
while playing Tanpura
with the other.
No! Not from there!
Rangrao is staying here
and it's his car.
When will we stop using cars
that come for repair?
You should have bought a car.
You could have told me.
We don't need cars
to go around this small town.
Janaki used to love cars.
We would have
bought one for her
if she'd been alive.
Mom! Please, don't cry.
All relatives are crying at home.
I don't remember 90% of them.
Around town,
people are hugging me and crying.
The betel-leaf vendor,
the gas-station attendant--
all are hugging.
What's going on?
And the other day--
I'll go check.
This car had come for repair.
It was bound to break down.
I'll go check.
Dad, I--
You slogged abroad.
And we enjoyed
the benefits here,
but I couldn't save your money.
With Janaki's hospital
and medication bills...
It went on for five, seven years.
I couldn't buy a car,
but we tried to keep her happy
as much as we could.
Sorry, Dad.
feel free to be annoyed with us.
Eat! I made
your favorite cluster beans.
I normally don't dine so early.
Such pathetic interest rates here.
Why have you left 150 thousands
in your savings account?
What have you decided?
About what?
Stay here. Don't leave.
Yes, I am staying
till next Monday.
what's your job profile?
I'm working
on a few assignments.
What's your blood type?
They want to know everything
You know,
Mrs. Gupte is a matchmaker.
She will suggest some girls
for marriage.
You can check out
the girls' pictures.
Women, not girls.
I'm not a boy anymore.
I don't have time for all this.
I will return
after six months.
You're turning everything
upside down here.
We will move to Dubai.
We aren't going anywhere.
Do you have a car
that runs properly?
Where are you going?
To a friend's place.
Don't go now.
What will our guests say?
Aunt Malu will be annoyed.
He's over 35.
He won't be scared
of Aunt Malu. Eat.
Don't take the main road.
Take the side roads.
Parsi, the owner of the car,
is staying here.
Let's go home.
Who are you?
That's a good question!
Who can I be?
Hey, you look exactly like--
you are my sister's lookalike.
What do you want?
What are you doing here?
Please, sit in the van.
Let's go home.
I'll tell you everything later.
Come on!
Aren't you ashamed?
It's barely been 10 days
since I died.
It's been three or four years
since you last saw me
-and still you fight with me?
-Who are you?
When you see a dead person,
what is it called?
A ghost!
Come on! Sit in the van.
I'll tell you everything.
Niranjan, please don't go.
I've stayed for you.
Please, don't be scared of me.
I won't harm you.
Please! Don't do this to me.
Why should I trust you?
How am I to tell?
I need your help.
I have a mission.
Come on! Please.
The red dress you got for me,
you threw it in the river,
how did you become a ghost?
I don't know.
I don't care.
Answer me!
No one has certified
that I am a ghost.
I am figuring it out.
I am confused.
Only I can see you or...
Figure it out for yourself.
Can we have tea
and hot idli?
How long am I going
to see you like this?
Why so many questions?
Aren't you happy to see me?
Yeah, I'm having fun here!
I, too, am having fun!
Now I am free
of that disease.
See? My nails are normal.
Tongue is normal.
Even my feet are straight.
I even have a shadow.
Do I look like a ghost to you?
Relax! Don't be scared.
Do you have
any unfulfilled dreams?
You must watch
bad horror movies.
Please bring me
a cup of tea from home.
I need to ask you something.
What are these?
These are USB keys.
I want to ask you something.
Only if you stop crying.
Did Janaki have any--
did she have
any unfulfilled dreams?
She missed you.
She continuously asked
when you were coming home.
She had become so weak.
She had needles and tubes
in her throat, in her hands.
These are... her clothes.
Drop them off by the temple.
Some needy girl may take them
and use them.
What is all this?
When is she going to leave?
Why do you talk like this?
She is... purifying the house.
She has an intuition.
It is said that souls roam
around the house for 12 days.
That's why she is doing it.
Give me something to eat.
First give me a cup of tea.
And don't you dare
mess up my things!
Hello? Rustom Bakers?
Chirag, sir?
I am calling
from Balasaheb's garage.
Your vehicle is ready
to be picked up.
Balasaheb is okay.
Yes, a real tragedy.
Blood cancer.
No, no... she was--
We are deeply saddened.
Please pick up your vehicle.
Hey! What happened?
People think of arousal
as the increase of desire
before intimacy.
The truth is,
your body is
in constant state of arousal...
Dinner is ready!
You are leaving so soon.
You should have stayed longer.
Please don't start again.
I am there till Monday.
Good thing
all the boring relatives left.
Don't say that.
They are our people.
They help us grieve.
You're part of the
"use and throw away" generation.
I am hungry!
-You can't share your feelings...
I've been hungry
since afternoon.
-I will die again!
-I dreamed of Janaki.
-She wanted modaks.
I will make some tomorrow.
Don't you have any humanity?
Ew... vegetables.
Let's go to McDonald's.
Only 9 miles away.
Eat quietly.
What is all this about?
I don't know.
Tell me your unfulfilled dreams.
I fulfill them,
you leave and I, too, can go back.
There are no dreams.
I am happy!
Let's drive around.
It'll be fun.
I have never done that with you.
We haven't chatted either.
Why do you want to chat?
You are so arrogant.
Speak nicely, at least
to the dead person.
Go get me a roti.
They are all gone.
Buy this Happy Journey.
Happy Journey?
This vehicle was
my private ambulance.
Dad used to drive me in it
during emergencies.
This van is as sick as I am.
Sitting in one place
for four, five years.
You buy it.
I am going to stay here
for a few days.
I'll buy it.
Niranjan will buy a car.
Niranjan will buy a house.
Niranjan will paint the house.
Niranjan will buy
a new garage for Dad.
Niranjan will do this,
Niranjan will do that.
Nobody asks, "What does he want?"
I don't even know.
How many days
do Mom and Dad want me to stay?
Or should I go back
and make money?
I was a small kid.
I had not even completed school.
I was sent to Dubai.
Nobody asked me.
I was simply told to go.
You're just the same.
I'll just "buy."
You were always here,
even when you weren't.
They love you.
They love you.
The three of you are family.
I've always been an outsider.
How come your Internet bill
is 4,000 rupees?
230-odd dirhams.
Is it a joke?
The bill will be more
as long as I am around.
Then, it will be 256 rupees
as per your plan.
You want Internet access here?
What's life without Wi-Fi?
I need food, clothing,
shelter and Wi-Fi.
And give me an iPad, too.
Learn to give expensive gifts.
I am fed up of your cheap gifts.
You are kidding!
-Shut up!
You are such a naughty girl.
I found all your USB keys
with all the sex videos
you saved on them.
Don't touch my USB keys.
They are mine.
They are private!
Hello! Niranjan Naik here.
Is my ticket booked?
You may book for a day early.
Earlier is better for me actually.
My work is done
and I am free now.
Okay, that's fine.
Okay, it will do.
-Niranjan, please...
Please email me the ticket.
Okay. Bye. Thanks!
If I stay eight more days--
Tell me what to do.
All those days will be mine.
As I wish to spend them.
Tell me the password.
-I'll open it.
-Tell me.
-Let me.
-Tell me.
Buy this "Happy Journey."
Are you mad?
A total of six bags, ma'am.
We haven't ordered
any of these.
Who's gonna use that here?
Mom, the paperwork is done.
Go to the bank and sign
before 11am tomorrow.
Long.com, sir.
Niranjan Naik?
Yes, but I haven't ordered
any of this.
Sir, this is the address.
The address is correct.
170 thousand?!
See, I am not going to pay for this.
Sir, this is all prepaid.
-Yes, sir.
How can it be?
Sir, you used
your credit card.
Please check with your bank.
Thank you!
I am telling you again:
someone has misused my credit card.
What's this? It's easily worth
100-150 thousands.
His sister just died
and what's all this?
What will people say?
Maybe something
related to his work.
Please, go make some tea.
This? Related to work?
Why are you jumping in
from the window?
I know I am out of my country.
That doesn't mean I shouldn't get
an intimation on my phone
for such a huge purchase!
Yes, ma'am,
the card is in my hand.
I haven't lost it.
It was always with me.
My bank details are on my iPad
and the iPad is always with me.
Oh shit!
You ordered all this
using my bank information!
Do you think it's a joke?
How dare you?
First of all, you are dead,
then you come back and
do all this nonsense shopping!
You're out! Out!
Get out!
-Get lost!
-Is it all delivered?
You are still single because
you wear such dull clothes.
Wear these clothes.
You will look hot!
Janaki-- or whoever you are--
Janaki's ghost--
I didn't like this nonsense
one bit!
Money doesn't grow on trees.
I have worked and worked and worked
to earn it.
For the family.
For Mom and Dad.
For Janaki!
That's me, by the way!
Hi, I am Janaki!
We are fighting
for the first time. Super!
-Come on!
-Oh! I don't believe you!
You are a terrible girl.
Any idea what the cost is
for all of this?
You will always make money,
You need to look good.
You should chill!
Have some fun!
But why? Why?
Because you need to spend
whatever you have saved.
You were always worried for us.
You kept sending us money.
You never had a break.
We hardly met when I was alive.
That's not done!
People who are around
suddenly vanish, Niranjan!
They just disappear.
You suffered so much
to cure me.
And in spite of that, I died.
Niranjan! Give me the iPad.
Give it back!
Give me the iPad.
-Give me the iPad.
-Janaki! I told you!
You-- don't you cry!
Do not cry!
Take it!
Janaki... I have never spent
so much on myself.
Nobody ever gave me
anything like this.
I am not used to this.
I don't like it.
And that's why--
-Leave! You leave, Niranjan!
-I am sorry.
Go! Leave, Niranjan!
I am sorry.
Janaki! Listen... Janaki.
I am sorry.
You were 16
when you went to Dubai, right?
thirteen... fourteen.
I worked as a laborer initially.
Ten, twelve of us
shared a single room.
Our passports were taken
by our boss.
After three years,
he asked me to join his office.
He taught me to use a computer.
Did you have a girlfriend?
In Dubai?
A simple laborer
with a girlfriend?
Then I went to Iran
at the age of 23.
I knew about computers,
I had knowledge in sales.
Luckily, I was able to survive
on one meal a day.
I sailed through every situation...
Give me the beer.
No, you are not getting any beer.
Hey! Don't act like
a big brother.
I am not posing
as your baby sister.
Hey, big brother.
Hey, easy!
As the gail enters the jungle
And a sweet tune plays in my mind
In the same manner I am here
My songs are fresh
and so is my swagger
This dude is totally unreachable
I am gonna set him free
Time flies when it's being wasted
Pay attention
to what I say, mister
Hey, brother!
Let's take the highest swing
Let's get high
on flying without wings.
Routine is his motor
and he hates change--
old phones in hand
and head out of range.
Look at his face.
Slate looks better than him.
His mask should be torn apart.
I will make him slog
Hey, brother,
have some fun!
Win... lose... spend!
No strings attached
and no stress
New life, new search,
a fresh outlook
My mind dances on dew drops,
sweetness on my mind
My mind will never be foggy again
Hey, brother,
let's take the highest swing
Let's get high on flying without wings!
Janaki, it's all so expensive here.
I am looking for something simple.
Okay! Don't yell. I am buying it.
What are you doing here?
Me? I am--
It's been so many years.
How have you been?
You go and wait with Mom.
I am fine here.
No, no, I am not going anywhere.
Well... is all okay?
Are you doing well?
Are you with your family?
Your wife?
I am not married... yet.
See you!
You came back empty handed?
Niranjan! Niranjan! Stop.
How many more days
are you staying?
Eight or 10 more days.
I had emailed you.
I never got the messages.
I can't say much now.
Could we please meet again?
I don't think it'll be possible
this time.
Maybe next time.
I don't want any questions.
Did you see?
Something weird is happening.
Yesterday, I saw a lipstick
near that van...
and beer cans.
Is he hiding a woman in that van?
I think so.
His sister died recently
and shamelessly, he--
What can we do?
The good thing is, he got
a woman and not a man.
Be satisfied with that.
That is true.
Should I follow him and
check that woman out?
I will force her to marry him.
Are you mad?
Every woman isn't fit for marriage.
Let's go inside.
Oh my God!
What a pleasant surprise!
Thanks... for coming.
Look, it's not that
I am trying to avoid you.
You're not?
How are you?
I am good.
I will go back in seven
or eight days.
I will come back after a month,
and then that's it.
Did you ever miss me?
I know... you don't love me.
I myself don't know that for sure.
To be with someone...
all the time...
I am not used to it.
We are not school buddies anymore,
are we?
My life is still the same
as when I was in school.
My parents never allowed me
to grow up.
Look, I am still taken around,
protected, watched.
I have a bodyguard.
They ignore that
I am fed up with all this.
Now, your dad is
a politician, right?
For now.
And you know his earlier profession.
You'll be around
for a few days, right?
Should we meet again?
Every morning,
I come here alone, to pray.
At seven.
Meaning, your bodyguard
isn't with you.
What's his name?
His real name isn't Magnet.
He is Sakharam Vankudre.
He is my cousin.
Dad has asked him
to escort me.
He's always around,
so I call him "Magnet."
But why do you need a bodyguard?
You are either at home or in a car.
I know, but you know
how paranoid my dad is.
He has a complicated past.
He has hallucinations where some
gunmen are kidnapping me.
Thank God,
I am still single because of it.
I am still unmarried.
Yep! Of course!
Good morning.
-Have a good day, sir.
-Yes, good day.
Do you want a beer?
So early in the morning?
Well... why not?
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Shut up!
Come on!
I haven't even had tea yet.
Now what? Tell me.
Introduce me.
I am Niranjan...
Janaki's brother.
The other day,
I hit your bike.
Hi! I am Ajinkya.
I recognized you...
from the other day.
Please come inside.
Not today.
Can we meet tomorrow morning?
Not today.
Can we meet tomorrow morning?
Sure! Where?
-In the coconut grove.
-In the coconut grove.
The coconut grove?
Tomorrow at eight.
I will tell you when we meet.
He is here.
Tell me what to say to him.
I can't say in advance.
It's all impromptu.
So tell me.
Ask him to get in the van.
Can you get in the van?
What for?
And why have you
asked me here?
Can we go for a drive by the lake?
Can we go for a drive by the lake?
By the lake? With you?
How could you make me
ask that question?
"Can we go for a drive by the lake?"
What did he think of me?
You can't do anything right!
You idiot.
You do your things.
Why should I be your driver
and interpreter?
Hey! Move your car!
Move your car!
Who do they think they are!?
Do they think
they own the town?
Yes, Niranjan! Tell me!
Can we talk?
Tell me. We are talking.
Can we go for a ride?
By the lake?
Janaki wanted me
to tell you something.
It's kind of private.
Can we take my bike?
Let's go in my van.
I am scared of riding bikes.
I need to hold the rider.
No, no! Let's use your van.
Oh my God.
Let's come back soon.
-Before dark?
Where are you taking me?
Ask him to sit in the back...
near me.
Could you sit in the back?
No, no. Why?
I am perfectly fine. Thank you.
Your seat is broken.
God knows what's going on.
Tell me what you had in mind.
She... waited for you...
Until the end.
...until the end.
You didn't see her
for six months.
You didn't go to the hospital either.
Couldn't you visit her even once?
What did she say?
Did she suffer a lot?
If you had visited,
she would have suffered less.
I was going to visit.
I was confused.
I kept postponing it.
Did you... love her?
I never told her.
I never expressed it with words.
I was confused
about my own feelings.
And her feelings.
I used to like her.
She used to sing very well.
Everyday she used
to come near our dance studio,
after her singing lessons.
You know, Niranjan,
she was the most charming girl.
You made a mistake.
You should have met her.
My mom had suspicions.
You know how some parents are:
sneakily reading
your phone messages,
checking your USB drives.
If you loved each other, then,
you should've told me.
Tell you?
Janaki used to say
you had no feelings...
that you knew nothing
beside making money.
You know what my mom said?
"She's such a weak,
sick, simpleton girl.
What's the big deal about her?"
I wanted to talk to Janaki.
We had been here... by the lake.
She sat there, quietly,
and left.
Then she started missing classes.
Once your dad brought her
in a wheelchair.
I couldn't muster
the courage to see her.
-Can I smoke?
-Not at all!
Kids shouldn't smoke.
You must be
the same kind of parent.
The kind that checks
Janaki's USB keys.
Okay, okay, you can smoke.
No, forget it.
Who was the girl with him
the other day?
The other day...
who was that girl with you?
She is... someone.
Can you please leave us alone?
I need your help.
I have a mission.
Complete it, then I will leave.
I won't bother you again.
Does it stay like this all day long?
I am there to fix it again and again.
To church?
For confession.
Who's this old lady in a dress?
She's my mom.
Oh... sorry.
Cloud... crow...
rat... Mom.
Is this a new style
in photography?
If I were a free person like you,
if I could travel,
meet new people,
I would have taken a few
snaps of new people.
As of now,
that's what my world is.
Change it!
Help me!
This scar is
your family's gift to me.
Oh my God!
What have you done to your hair?
You should get
the house painted.
Tell us why we should paint?
You have yet to see
the shots sent by Mrs. Gupte.
You will leave in a few days.
Then should we stare
at newly-painted walls alone?
Is the van giving good mileage?
I barely know her...
but I will tell you soon.
I just started driving it.
I will know in a few days.
Is the pickup good?
Very nice. Wonderful.
Both of you should go
on a trip... a nice trip.
Simla... Agra...
You should visit the Taj Mahal.
I'll stay for 10 more days.
That's too much.
You stay here with us.
We don't want anything else.
With one of the four girls
suggested by Mrs. Gupte?
That's what I have in mind.
All four are nice matches.
All four?
Then I can consider it.
I'm going out.
I will be coming back late tonight.
I have been observing him
for the past two days,
and he doesn't seem all right.
Isn't it a good thing?
Maybe it's because
of that vamp in the van.
Normally, he's not
the sentimental kind.
That's a good thing.
Are you going to Alice's place
for a sleepover?
Shut up!
Leave some ice cream for me.
Our match looks tough.
Her family is really crazy.
Her parents treat her
like a Bonsai.
Visit her place with a cool head.
Meet her parents.
A lot of water has gone
under the bridge.
Smile... be polite.
Whatever cake
they offer you, eat it.
Flatter them.
If you don't do that,
just think of the four women
suggested by Mrs. Gupte.
Mom won't let you stay unmarried.
You seem to have come back
to cause me trouble.
Okay, I should leave, then.
Shut up and sit down.
Hello, sir.
Nice tea.
Hello! Good morning, Niranjan.
-Good morning.
-How are you?
You and Alice were classmates
in school, right?
Which one of these is you?
This one.
Oh... nice!
Where have you been
all these years?
Nice, nice.
Do you own a business in Dubai?
No, I am a sales consultant.
Al Burhan, a silk export company.
Good, good.
We also used to export--
gold, saffron, girls, tiger skins.
It's nothing like that. It's a proper,
legal export company.
So you are a salaried soul.
By the way...
Alice and I--
-I mean--
-She told me already.
Just now, she told me.
We are a liberal family.
-But only for our type of people.
I'm telling you. Listen.
We aren't fussy about caste.
We are okay
with love marriages as well.
In fact, ours is a love marriage.
Alice's mom, tell him how we met.
Tell him.
Tell him.
Forget it.
That's going to be our discussion.
Tell him.
Forget it.
Tell him!
I am a Maharashtrian
from Amaravati.
Actually, I murdered
my younger brother
and was jailed for it.
I met him there
in a cultural program.
Understand what I meant
by "our type of people"?
Okay, tell me,
what's your salary?
Your father runs a garage, right?
He was a mechanic and
this one was our paper boy.
Chumbak, go inside
or should I slap you now?
Do you know Alice's
monthly expenses?
Hey, sit down!
My son...
You marry a doctor or an engineer.
How can we get along?
Once we hit you black and blue.
Do you want it again?
Tell me.
Listen, come with me
for a couple of minutes.
I want to talk to you.
You sit.
Alice is now 35.
Now, please,
change your attitude, Mister.
It seems you have a soft spot
for the Marathi boy.
I will go and give him a good slap.
Alice loves him.
I know that. Stupid Romeo-and-Juliet
kind of puppy love.
My daughter is precious.
I can take care of her!
How will he care for her?
He doesn't have a gun.
Big deal! We will give him
a gun as dowry.
And our movie piracy
business in Dubai.
We will make him
in charge of it there.
This is the second time, Alice.
Enough with the insults.
I want no more of it.
Niranjan, please,
this is my last chance.
Please, don't judge me
from my parents.
I love you, Niranjan.
Stop it, Alice.
Please, stop it.
I am better off alone.
I think what we had
was just a teenage fantasy.
Let's forget about it completely.
I waited for you for so many years.
You didn't answer my emails.
I thought you'd gotten married.
I had consoled myself.
Now what do I tell myself?
Niranjan... I wish to live like you.
I want to live freely.
Take me to Dubai with you.
-That's impossible.
I am not leaving this town now.
But you said
you were returning soon.
Nope! I am not,
I have to be here.
But why?
I can't tell you that.
If you want me,
you will get me here,
in this town and
you will have to stay
with us, with my mom,
dad and sister.
Impossible as long
as my dad is around.
And you can't dare to talk to him.
You know what, Alice?
You do this:
you sort out your own problems.
Pack your bags and
move to my place.
Okay? Bye!
And for God's sake,
behave like a grown-up girl.
I was at your place yesterday.
Could you not tell you dad,
"He is my friend,
don't insult him"?
Such parents!
What a madhouse!
If she wants, she will come
or I'll let her go.
Run away with Alice.
Go to Dubai.
And you?
What about me?
I am not important.
You are... important.
You stopped me
when I was leaving,
and now you ask me to leave?
I have told Alice clearly.
"If you really love me,
leave your home
and come stay with us."
Are you mad, Niranjan?
She can never leave on her own.
She is so scared of her dad.
We are different.
We can do whatever we want to.
She doesn't have anyone
like me with her.
She needs you.
She's been waiting
for you for years.
You also need a companion.
A female companion...
You are there for me.
Don't talk like a madman.
What did I say wrong?
I am thinking of my family.
I am thinking of all of you.
Now I feel like staying here.
I don't feel lonely
when you are around.
I chat with you freely,
I drive around with you,
I drink beer with you.
That doesn't mean
I am your friend.
I don't exist, Niranjan.
Alice exists.
You love each other.
Please, don't deny it.
I am not leaving you
and I'm not going anywhere.
-Then, I will leave.
-Janaki, please.
What is this, Niranjan?
I wasn't intending
to change your attire.
I wish you knew
what I mean.
You have disappointed me.
Is this how you love?
Whenever someone needs you,
you drive the person away.
Do you know
what your problem is?
You are incapable
of loving anyone.
The sky has turned sad
Any moment, it will cry
These untimely clouds
Have assembled here
Let it not rain like this
Like a guest
It spread its wings and flew away
Still it'll bloom in my mind
It sowed the seeds
And the coolness
of the clouds ahead
The tide has returned
to the shore
Footprints are filled with water
The letters on the sand are gone
Relationships have changed
Still I am saving
Some life in things here
The sheets are pulled
As by Mom before she leaves
I sowed love and left
The coolness of the clouds ahead.
Got you!
What's this? Where were you?
I was just kidding.
-I am training you.
-For what?
To see how you cope
with my absence.
Don't talk rubbish...
you fool.
Come on!
Get ready! Look nice!
And go to church.
What for?
Talk to her.
I said everything yesterday.
What can I say?
Say whatever I tell you.
Trust me!
Please, for me.
-Or else, I am leaving.
-Hey, you!
Let bygones be bygones.
Say it!
Let bygones be bygones.
Let's start afresh.
Let's start afresh.
It's not as tough
as we imagine it to be.
It's not as tough
as we imagine it to be, Alice.
Let's find a midway together.
Let's find a midway together.
There is no midway in this.
I'll have to leave my home
and we will have to leave this town.
I am ready.
Anything but leaving this town.
I am not leaving my home
at any cost.
Are you a fool?
Why have you come back here?
You know, you were right.
Nobody can love you.
If some girl ever loves you,
you'll harass her so much
that she will never
look at you again.
Now, please,
go and don't call me.
Please, go!
-Hey, you!
Oh my God!
Chumbak... Chumbak...
get up, Chumbak.
Chumbak... Chumbak...
Niranjan, get some water
from the van.
-Get some water, please!
Niranjan, take her to the van.
Put her in the van.
-Alice, come on, come, come.
-Wait, he is lying there.
Niranjan-- Chumbak-- listen.
What are you doing?
Niranjan, you did it!
I did it!
Oh my God! We did it!
Now what?
Now what? What's done is done.
I'm not going back home now.
Maximum, they will charge you
with clause 302.
Don't worry, I will
charge them with 503.
And I will charge
Chumbak with 375.
And I will fight the case
for 20 years.
She is just great, Niranjan!
You are responsible for this.
Thank God!
It happened because of me.
Or else, I would have
cried in that church
and you would have fought
for two years.
What next?
Now? I think we need
to hide somewhere for a couple of days.
Is my home okay?
Are you crazy? No, no, no.
Do one thing: drive out of town.
Take a right turn
and we will stay at a place
near the mountains.
This is the last place
they will search.
-This is our place.
-Your place?
My dad used to hide
smuggled goods here.
I used to come and play here.
Everybody has forgotten
about this place.
I am sure!
Chumbak must be all right... right?
I just pushed him.
I didn't mean to--
Chumbak must be all right.
He is all right.
Such things happen in families.
I am a free girl, oh my God!
What happened?
This is just the beginning.
For the first time, you got me
out of my home, Niranjan.
I'll never leave your side.
I'll take care of you.
Stars are lazing around...
near you
For the first time
My eyes are wet... for you
For the first time
Sadness is gone
The sky is showing its colors
Tell me why I have
become new again
What binds us together?
Tell me, why is everything still?
You are the shade and I am resting.
Enough... enough...
he must have left for work.
He'll come back.
He should have told us
he was leaving.
Did he leave for Dubai?
How could he leave like that?
Open the door.
Time's ticking in my ear,
tell me why?
A moment slips by,
listen carefully
Why do dreamy eyes
hide shiny dreams?
The sky is melting in my hands,
let's collect it all
It's raining happiness in my hands
Dreams are floating in my eyes
Tell me why I have become new again
What binds us together?
Tell me, why is everything still?
You are the shade and I am resting.
Please, have some more.
A little more.
Enough, enough.
This tastes exactly
like Mom's delicacy.
Oh how I miss her.
These papadums are fantastic.
Please order some for me too.
Our kids must be okay, right?
Yes, they will figure things out
for themselves.
Niranjan proved to be a daredevil.
Andrew is fully flat.
He smartly took our daughter away.
He used to consider himself
as local Don.
He is very sensitive
about his daughter.
He is boozing and crying at home.
I don't know to what extent
he is going to defame us.
I had a suspicion.
Every night, they used
to chat in the van
outside our house.
That's why he refurbished
the van.
Don't even ask
about their plans.
Oh, so be it.
We have a dream:
Alice should have
a destination wedding.
Somewhere in Fiji, Mauritius.
Shall we?
Why? Let them wed
in our backyard.
We don't even have passports.
Passports are nothing.
Chumbak, do we have
any extra passports?
-We have four.
-Good! Take their pictures today
and make their passports.
Today! And don't tell Andrew.
I am hiding Alice here
till her wedding day.
Ask Inspector Nimbalkar
to meet me today.
All will be done!
Aunty, can I get more to eat?
Give him, give him.
Let's not buy a house
and we will forever stay in the van.
Whenever hungry, we eat,
whenever night falls, we sleep.
No, we need a home,
two strong dogs,
a backyard and our people.
I want this.
Okay, we will stay with them
and leave again after two months.
I want to travel the world with you.
Why did you honk?
I didn't honk.
You are imagining things.
Where is Alice?
She is there.
Have you gone mad, Niranjan?
Go to her.
I am fine here.
How could you leave her alone?
You are feeling cold.
Shall we drink beer?
What? Now?
We will invite Ajinkya
to my wedding.
The smoker?
No, the arrogant guy.
The one who falls from bikes.
If you have a baby girl,
teach her to dance.
Give her lots of pocket money.
Don't bug her
about her Internet bills.
Okay, I won't.
Never check her phone,
text messages or computers.
If her boyfriend is a smoker,
let it be.
We hardly met when I was alive.
That's not done.
People are around
and suddenly they vanish.
They disappeared.
Hey! What happened?
Niranjan, what happened?
Tell me.
It's okay, Niranjan.
It's okay.
I am with you.
It's all going to be fine.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Let's go back.
Are you sure?
To our home.
Hello, Niranjan.
It's a girl!