Haraa (2024) Movie Script

Lord Vinayaka...Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...
Son of Lord Siva...
He's elder brother of Lord Murugan...
God with a child like heart,
who has made banyan tree his abode...
Friend of the poor...
Pot-bellied God...
Manifestation of supreme power...
He's the ultimate...
My patriarch...
You're incomparable...
You're the one who feed the world...
Lord Vinayaka...Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...Lord Vinayaka...
Lord Vinayaka...
It's Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow,
ensure heavy security wherever Ganesh
pandals are put up in Coimbatore,
make sure no untoward incident happens.
When processions passes near
places of worship of other religions,
stop terrorists and anti-social elements
joining the procession.
Our prime duty is to secure
innocent citizens.
Got it?
- Yes, sir.
There's every chance of riots
happening during the procession.
Secure every idol with
two officers on duty.
Ensure there's no trouble
during the procession.
No must go anywhere till
the idols are immersed.
I've reached, sir.
Your son-in-law Puli already told me.
'Thala Thupakki' Ravi is the one stop man
for arms in Coimbatore.
If he doesn't have a gun,
it isn't there anywhere else.
Doom zoom....
Hey, I told you to do it
as cottage industry.
Bloody idiots!
You're doing it like a big factory.
Make it fast, boys.
Pay commission correctly, sir.
Then, if you're in trouble,
don't betray us, sir.
I'll go and send you the location,
you come there, sir.
Suspended from duty,
embarrassment of stripping uniform,
it is worse than horrible death.
Pain and agony!
What happened?
- He's the man!
He's responsible for everything, sir.
He was reported to have died
in Coimbatore bomb blast.
How come he has come back alive?
Hey, don't let him escape.
Shall we inform check-post
and abduct him, sir?
No...no...let's check,
where is he going?
Let's take him after that.
Okay, park the bike on the kerb.
I want to know what problem
my daughter was facing in college.
You're my friend, so, I'll tell you
everything that had happened.
I mean, in every college of Coimbatore,
troubles created by Stalin and his goons
were quite unbearable.
Local MLA and Commissioner of Police
are his friends.
All of sudden, he'll enter my class room
and take away any girl.
We protested against this many a times.
He would use brutal police force
to threaten such protesters.
If that's not possible, he would
unleash his goons to silence them.
Many girls threatened to commit
to escape from them.
He would abduct such girls
in chicken vans and sell them.
I too tried many a times
to tell the truth.
But, he threatened to kill me
at gun point.
I don't know what problem your
daughter faced from him.
If we find the mystery behind
your daughter's death,
we can save lives of many girls.
One day saying your daughter
wasn't well,
a girl took your daughter to her home,
she got her medical treatment and
dropped her in college next day.
I'll get her address from management.
One more important thing,
a boy named as Dharshan,
he was after your daughter.
Inquire him also.
Are you not eating well?
It seems you're not drinking
enough water too.
You must eat and drink water well.
Okay, father.
Had bath?
- No.
Did you brush your teeth?
- No.
Why are you sitting all dressed up, then?
Shouldn't I drop our daughter in school?
Will you question me for this too?
You don't look like you're going
to school.
I swear on you, I'm going to school only.
If you go like this, then,
I must also get ready quickly.
Thank God, you're my father,
if not it would've been difficult for me.
Listen to her.
- Difficult.
Yes, for your studies this year,
you'll surely fail next year.
What's this, dear?
- No, daddy.
Nothing great, dear.
If you don't know the way you're going,
find direction from others.
Likewise, if you don't know
the answer in exam,
just see the answer from
your next student and write it.
- Eh?
Are you really a father?
This is called as copying.
Is this what you teach to your ward?
What's wrong in it?
It's just getting to know
what she doesn't know, right?
Come...come, dear.
We're getting late to school.
My heart swings with joy
in the colors of henna...
My heart celebrates every
moment I carry my angel...
With my angel's sweet prattle...
She ushers life into me...
Two hearts are living for you only...
Lovely angel I've given birth...
As this world soothes
and sings lullaby to her...
Lovely angel I've given birth...
As this world soothes
and sings lullaby to her...
I see as you my mother...
I see you as talking God...
You're my life, dear...
My little darling...
Seasons may change...
Years may roll by...
You're always a little baby for me...
My life turns into
a festival like celebration...
If you're around me,
that's enough for me...
Star of my eyes...
She's a shining brush...
My world revolves around you only...
Two hearts are living for you only...
Greetings, madam.
- Come inside...
I saw you yesterday in the market
from a distance.
I suspected it may be you.
I was passing through this side,
I saw you again.
Confirmed it was you.
I'm very happy to meet you.
Are you living alone here?
When you daughter attained puberty,
he split the school into two groups.
He was responsible for girls getting
leave on attaining puberty in Tamil Nadu.
He's not alive today to see it.
If you need any help,
please don't hesitate to call me.
Bye, madam.
Tell me.
Now a days, do women use dot on
forehead even after husband's death?
Do widows too use toe-rings?
Hey, why the hell did you study
to become a teacher, man?
What bothers if they use anything, man?
Just come home quickly.
- Why are you shouting on me now?
Nimisha's school teacher was here.
I saw it, dear.
- What should I do now?
Did he get any doubt?
- Yes.
He saw my toe-rings.
Teacher will not be a problem to us.
I'll take care of him.- Okay.
Mumbai underworld don Velu Naicker is
in Coimbatore for Ganesh procession.
Velu Naicker!
He was shot in Mumbai court.
But, he saved him.
He's a religious leader.
Sir, a Hindu disguised as Muslim
to instigate communal riots.
But, Velu Naicker shot him dead.
But, few anti-social elements spread
rumor of killing Muslim to create riots.
Everyone knows he shot him dead.
But, how did he get acquitted
in that case, sir?
93 years old!
Unable to stand properly too!
How could he have shot him dead with a gun?
He proved it was a fake video
and weakened the case.
Law knows who did it,
no one lodged a complaint on him.
Velu Naicker is very powerful man
in Bombay.
What trouble we may face
from him, Bose sir?
We'll not face any problem but he
mustn't participate in the procession.
There's only way to stop him.
House arrest.
Check the auto he travelled,
find where did he go?
Sir, good morning
Come...come...bring him...
Don't you want gun?
See, if you want this gun?
Or else, you want this gun?
Or else, take both guns?
Give money, bucks or dough
to take whatever you want!
Why you are apprehensive, man?
It'll fire, man.
If you want try it once.
Hands up!
Sir, I'll not shoot you.
This is just lighter.
Shoot anyone,
shoot how ever you want to.
Enjoy! But, don't tell my name!
Hey Dome! Commission...
Google pay...Google pay.
Tell me, Dome.
What's the matter?
A man has bought gun from Ravi.
Threaten and get some dough from him.
I'll squeeze out money from him.
Hey milk bottle!
Don't get scared, I'll not harm you.
I'll just talk and send you safely.
I know you've bought a gun,
I don't care, why you bought it?
Give my cut, or else I'll inform police.
I'm asking you, man.
Why are you not talking?
You're going to die unnecessarily.
What happened, Ravi?
He crossed the bridge and went further.
Check all CCTV's in the area.
Come on, check quickly.
Don't miss him, man.
I want him at any cost.
Keep following him wherever he goes!
Tell me OTP, sir.
- 5552.
Trying to get smart with me.
How dare he's making me
run from pillar to post!
I'll how him what I'm made of!
Got me suspended.
- Sir!
He's going away, sir.
- Hey, quick!
Start the bike.
Shall we alert check post
and abduct him, sir? - No.
Sir, they're following you.
- Just keep going.
Just see, where he's going?
Okay, sir.
Madam! Is Anithra there?
She's on leave today.
Can I get her residence address?
I don't know, please inquire
in reception.
Hey, stop!
Give number.
- Give his number.
Take out your phone.
What's it, man?
Let him go...let him go.
Go. Go...go...
Excuse me.
Madam, please kindly give
nurse Anithra's residence address.
Who are you, sir?
- I...I'm an ex-service man.
She was coming for home service.
It seems she's on leave.
Can I get her residence address?
Please wait, sir.
- Okay.
Hmm...hospital...no guns, please.
Just you two go inside.
Be alert!
Who are you, sir?
- Police!
What happened?
Just tell whatever I tell you, got it?
- Okay, sir.
Sir, he's not inside.
Check CCTV.
Every medicine is available in hospital,
why are you going out to buy it, sir?
No...no...not just that,
I need to arrange some cash too.
Is it fake number that he gave
to Rapido man?
Sir, he escaped using an ambulance.
Follow the ambulance and
apprehend the driver.
Come on, get going...go...go...
I'll get down here.
Thank you.
- Okay, no problem, sir.
You carry on, please.
- Greetings!
The parcel I gave you near Kashmir border,
you've to courier to Ooty address.
God willing!
You'll get a courier to home.
Use the money to conduct
your daughter's marriage.
I've so much work to finish,
police may arrest me any moment.
I'll call you later.
My daughter has attained puberty,
all of you must attend the function.
Please take it.
Don't cite any reason to skip,
please do come.
Why, daddy?
Why didn't I get a good mother, dad?
Hmm...what can we do, dear?
I pity you, daddy.
Yes, you need me to do household work.
But, you want daddy to fondle, right?
Wait and see, I'll take you to task.
Get lost!
- What's this, dear?
Oh no!
- Daddy!
What happened, dear?
Come here.
- Severe stomach ache, dad.
Stomach ache?
- Come with me.
Let's go to doctor.
- Come, let's go to hospital.
Wait...wait...please listen to me.
- Please wait, hubby.
She says severe stomach ache, right?
- Wait, I'll take care, right?
What will you take care?
I'm talking to you but,
you're just walking away with her.
Hey, listen to me.
Hey Nila! Please open the door.
Hey, open the door.
I want to see Nimisha, open door I say!
Nila, open the door.
Hey, what are you doing?
- Why are you shouting?
She's saying severe stomach ache.
You'll get the stick from me.
- Why are you shouting?
What's this?
She says she's not well...stomach...
Your daughter has attained puberty.
What the hell are you saying?
Where are you going?
She's my daughter I say.
Come...come with me.
I've gone little far away.
I may get late to come home.
Who are you, sir?
- He's the guy, sir.
- What are you doing here, man?
Sir, I'm here to pick-up a patient, sir.
Hey, a man in black shirt was with you,
where is he now?
He got down near medical shop
saying his wife wasn't well.
Hey, give me the gun.
Don't you dare to tell lies!
He said he was going to buy medicines.
- Where did he get down, man?
He got down in R S Puram Gandhi Nagar.
Wherever he may hide in Coimbatore,
he'll die in my hands only.
Come, let's go.
Don't prick with your eyes...
Don't stand like a rock...
If you incite passion with
your sensual gestures...
Don't prick with your eyes...
Don't stand like a rock...
If you incite passion with
your sensual gestures...
Don't prick with your eyes...
If you incite passion with
your sensual gestures...
I never liked you early...
I never liked you early...
You've fallen into the trap willingly...
She's fallen for my macho body,
she's looking at me...
Will never ever miss you...
Matured hen!
What's it, dear?
Hey, why did you hit me now?
What did you do now?
- Who is she to you?
She's my daughter.
Okay, she's your daughter, right?
I'll ogle some other girl.
Whichever girl you go after,
I'll stop you.
Dare stop me,
chasing skirts is my full time job.
Did you see, sir?
Young girls are not safe
in public transport.
Bloody rogues!
If I've a knife or gun with me,
that's all, sir.
I said that just like that.
You're unleashing a gun!
Sir! Is it control room, sir?
- Tell me.
A man shot dead a passenger in bus, sir.
- Yes, sir.
We'll come there immediately.
- Come quickly, sir.
Control room, near Marapalam, a private
bus passenger was shot dead by a man.
Reach the place of incident immediately.
Stop the bike.
It seems a man was shot dead
in bus near Marapalam.
Check and inform me about the incident.
Go.- Okay, sir.
- You guys follow him.
I wish people of Tamil Nadu,
a happy Vinayaka Chaturthi!
First time in Tamil Nadu, a Chief Minister
is wishing you on Vinayaka Chaturthi.
Your Chief Minister Thenpandi Thangaraj.
I'm an atheist.
I don't know if God exists or not.
But, there's a thing known as vote, right?
Okay, you can go now.
Go out bowing in reverence.
Don't you dare to stand straight.
If you do, then, I've to bow before you.
Where's the Home Minister
and his useless dept.?
Yes...come...come in.
Greetings, leader.- Greetings.
- Bless me, sir.
Get up...get up.
You've become a Minister
by falling at my feet.
Your name is Valarpirai (ascending moon).
But, it's always descending only.
You asked for law and order dept.
I gave it to you.
There's just law only, no order at all.
That's okay, what happened to
Health Minister Vijayabaskar's matter?
20 MLA's of Vijayabaskar have
been paid a lot by Gujarat Nero.
So, that Gujarat man has brought
Tamil Nadu Health Ministry.
I'm unable to get some big shot like that!
Tirupur MLA Rangarajan talked
about Nero's fake pills in Assembly.
You know that, right?
He was killed my Nero.
Greetings, my lord!
First accept shawl in your honor.
- Why did you raise fake pills issue?
You must follow my orders only.
I committed suicide.
He died because of Nero.
But, he gave statement of committing
suicide for family problems.
So, Vijayabaskar and Nero have formed
a ruling alliance, right?
Let's break it!
Tell me, hubby.
Nila, I shot dead a man inside a bus.
What are you saying, hubby?
A man misbehaved with a girl
inside the bus.
I couldn't overlook it.
For that, will you kill a man, hubby?
He touched private and
sensitive places of a girl in public.
Hereafter no one would dare
to misbehave with a girl.
I'll do anything to find him.
In Kovaipudur,
in broad day light,
inside a running bus, a passenger was
shot dead by an unknown man.
Can you recognize the man who
shot dead a person inside the bus?
I know him, sir.
But, I'll not identify him, sir.
Why should I tell you, sir?
Leaving the criminals who misbehaved
with girls inside the bus,
you want arrest the man,
who questioned the criminal,
is this your justice, sir?
Just like this, they raped and
killed a girl inside a Delhi bus.
If such criminals are shot dead
inside buses like this,
no man would dare to misbehave
with girls inside a bus, sir.
Will you tell truth if we arrest you all
and use third degree only?
Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
But, we'll not identify the man, sir.
A 23 year old young man was shot dead
by a man inside a running bus, sir.
Hey, what are you saying, man?
It happened just now.
Bring the bus immediately to the station
and inquire all bus passengers.
I'm inquiring everyone, sir.
Sir! Can you guide me to this address?
What's the problem he's facing
to use a gun?
My brother-in-law's daughter
committed suicide.
We don't have any information
on why she killed herself!
Last call from her was to her father.
A relative once passed
a nasty comment on her.
He bashed him black and blue.
He's a wild rogue elephant running
amuck in lawless society...
He's a warrior to flow rivers of blood...
After the death of his daughter,
he has become a coward, sir.
Nila, come closer.
I'll ask you a thing,
but please don't say no.
Ask me, hubby.
Shall we commit suicide?
Let's die.
I don't see any way other than death.
I'll get poison.
What's this, brother-in-law?
You're talking like buying grocery
from a petty shop.
What other choice do we have?
Why should we live anymore?
Should we live cheating ourselves?
You advice everyone, brother-in-law.
Just you both know why and
how your daughter died.
Some man would've been
responsible for her death, right?
Shouldn't you find him?
If you both take such a drastic
decision suddenly.
Where do people like have to go?
Yes, hubby.
We must know who was
responsible for her death.
The pain we're experiencing now,
if we know the truth that pain
would be excruciating.
But still...
What you say is true, brother-in-law!
I'll find it.
That's right way.
Do that.
You know very well about this city.
That's why, I asked you
to help my brother-in-law.
If you help him with some sincerity,
I'll always be grateful to you.
The man who shot a bus passenger...
Are you a police man?
- No, press reporter.
A boy was misbehaving with the girl,
so he shot him dead.
Is it? Superb!
How was he to look?
Wearing a black shirt, with a beard,
and a sling bag, he was rocking!
Super! He's our man!
He's a revolutionary.
Okay, bye.
It's in the second rack,
you're searching the file in first rack.
Among 20 people who saw him in the bus,
these are the two people
who were willing to identify him.
Greetings, sir.
Did you see his face clearly?
- Yes, sir.
Can you identify him correctly?
- We can do, sir.
Call the artist, as they describe
the features of the man,
ask him to make a sketch.
Okay, sir.
I'm Nimisha's father.
Why did you drop her in college?
Nimisha and I travelled in the same bus.
A boy known as Dharshan was
in love with Nimisha.
One fine day he called me and
said Nimisha had fallen sick.
I gave her first aid and
dropped her in college, sir.
Where did you go?
You went missing entire night.
Shouldn't you inform us?
Who are you, madam?
I travel with her in bus, madam.
Go to your room.
- Go.
Leave your mobile number
and address here.
I want to meet the boy
who was after Nimisha.
Come with me and identify him.
I'll leave you.
I don't know.
No...I can't...if you dare say so...
I've to change my style of
inquiry with you.
If you identify him,
it's good for you.
I'll tell you, sir.
Have you seen the guy in this photo?
- No, sir.
No, sir.
Did he travel in your vehicle?
- Never seen him, sir.
You've made an exact sketch of him, sir.
- Yes, sir. That's him, sir.
Hello! Is it really that man?
- Yes, sir, that's him.
- Confirm, sir.
Sir, accused's sketch has been made, sir.
I've sent you his photo, sir.
Hey, stop!
I'm here for you only, right?
Ignoring and walking past me.
Anyway, you're going to talk to me.
Why not speak out now?
Who is he?
It is unnecessary to you.
Just go away.
- Unnecessary to me?
Buddy, someone dared to touch me!
- Buddy, what happened?
How dare!
- Bash him boys!
Don't spare him, bash him, boys.
He went to Arivoli Nagar searching
an address, sir.
Is it?
Sir, we're now in Arivoli Nagar.
Keep following him.
Have you seen the guy in this photo?
I don't know, sir.
Hey, come here.
Show me the photo again.
Who is he?
- What? Terrorist?
My girl friend went with him.
Come here.
Come here, man!
Your girl friend?
Give me her phone number.
Phone number?
Who are you?
Police, give me her number.
- What happened?
My girl has sent live location.
Live location?
Okay, let's follow her.
Any problem?
Okay, you ride.
Give me your phone.
I've been watching you for long time,
why are you troubling the girl?
Ride the vehicle without stopping anywhere.
Get down, man!
This is Coimbatore.
Your mischief will not be tolerated.
How dare you point a gun at me!
Get down, man!
What are you looking at?
If I raise just my voice, that's enough,
1000 autos would converge here.
Why are you staring at me, man?
This is the location, stop here.
It is showing this place only.
- Tell me.
Have you reached the location?
- Yes, sir.
But, phone is lying in a dust bin, sir.
What are you saying, man?
He'll be somewhere nearby only,
search properly.
Both of you search in opposite
Call me immediately on seeing him.
- Okay, sir.
Control room.
A man has hijacked my auto, sir.
A lone man?
- Yes, sir.
- Tar Road junction.
Under the bridge, sir.
Will dispatch police force immediately!
Is it you who called just now?
Are you police?
- Yes.
A man bashed me and
escaped with my auto, sir.
A girl and he hired the auto,
he was threatening her all the way, sir.
Is it him?
- Same man, sir.
It was him!
Brother, please pull over.
What, man? What happened?
Tell me.
Sir, the man we're searching is here.
Is it really the same man?
Yes, sir.
Take auto's number,
ask driver which way the man went.
Start the bike.
Get his auto number.
Tell me your auto number.
This is the auto, same number.
Inform sir on phone.
Call him on phone and ask him to come.
Take it.
Sir, according to the information
from control,
on tracing the auto, we found it
parked in Sai Baba colony, sir..
But, he's not here, sir.
Check CCTV's around the place,
- Okay, sir.
- I'm Anithra here.
Tell me, sister.
Where are you?
- Near college entrance, sister.
I'll come there.
I'll wait outside.
Yesterday near the Marapalam,
a bus passenger was shot dead.
this is the sketch of the killer
as identified by witnesses, sir.
Forward his photo to police stations.
- Yes, sir.
We've to arrest him immediately.
- Okay, sir.
Thank you, sir.
- Do it.
What day is today?
A sister should tie 'rakhi'
to her brother or not?
But, I didn't buy any rakhi.
But, I've brought it.
What about she, then?
Ask her also to tie it.
You tell her yourself.
- Okay, done.
You're refusing to tie rakhi,
I'll surely tie the knot with you some day.
You've been looking and
smiling at me for years.
But, why don't you love me?
Hey, do you like me or not?
I like you but
I like my dad more than you.
Always chanting dad!
Oh crap!
Hello, I'm Anithra here.
Where are you now?
I'll send you my location,
come immediately.
Got location from Dharshan's number.
- Give me.
Let me see it.
I've sent you a location,
all of you reach there immediately.
Okay, sir.
- Okay.
Come on, boy.
Where is he? Where is he?
He took him to that side.
Hey, the world doesn't know
why daughter committed suicide?
The world mustn't know
about your death too.
If a girl says no,
you mustn't trouble her.
She doesn't love you, right?
Why did you trouble her then?
Without sharing her agony with us
or with anyone else,
how much pain she may
have gone through!
You're also one of the reasons
for her death.
- No!
You faked your death to the world,
why did you come to kill him now?
Take his bag.
Check the contents.
I lost my job, my family because of you.
I'll not spare you alive.
ID had different name.
What did you say his name was?
Sameer, leave the place with him.
No one must know anything
about this incident.
- Okay, sir.
What's this, man?
Dawood Ibrahim!
Why a new name now?
Dawood Ibrahim!
Who are you trying to cheat
with a new name?
Tell me I say!
Tell me! Tell me!
Ram in Ooty and
Dawood Ibrahim in Coimbatore?
Why are you staring at me, man?
Come on, smile.
Just a minute.
I don't think it is right to leave
Nimisha's father in this condition.
Not right, why?
If we hadn't gone there,
he would've shot him dead.
She's right, we shouldn't have left
Nimisha's father with them.
Hey, who are you guys?
They're police men,
moreover he's carrying a gun too.
Don't know what crime did he commit?
Let's think about that later.
I need to save you first, come with me.
Are you coming with me or not?
What did he do to you, sir?
Because of this dog, my daughter left me.
My wife took divorce to live alone.
You must die in my hands, man.
You must die!
When I was working as Inspector in Ooty,
a girl studying with my daughter,
a boy tried to pull her by hand,
and he was troubling her on road.
Hey, leave my hand.
I told you to leave my hand, right?
What are you doing, boy?
Sir! Why are you hitting him?
Why am I hitting him?
Eh? Damn!
What the hell he was doing in public?
- He's my friend.
Is it friendship to trouble girls by
holding their hands in public place?
Sir, stop it!
Damn friend?!
Boys are not troublesome.
Girls have become troublesome.
If I arrest you, everything will be fine.
Only a lady police can arrest me, sir.
Are you talking to about law?
Had your father raised you well,
why would you be loitering on roads?
Mind your words, sir.
- Get into the vehicle.
Holding her in police station,
calling her father to the station.
I wanted to tell everything
that had happened!
- But...
Daddy!- Get up.
- Hey...hey...
Who are you?
Like how a police man protects the place,
a father must protect his family.
Don't you bother about where your
daughter is going or what she's doing?
I know about my daughter.
What do you know about your daughter?
She was roaming on road with some boy.
She'll elope with him in future.
If he refuses, she may commit suicide.
Then, you'll complain that police force
is useless and toothless.
I know very well about my daughter.
You know about your daughter
when she's inside your home.
When she comes out,
we know more about her.
- Hey!
What? Raising your voice on me!
13 year old girl.
It was illegal to bring her to station.
Did your daughter learn law from you?
While still in school?
Shouldn't school children know law?
They must know it, it is good for them.
If they know the rule of law,
such incidents won't happen in stations.
Oh, are you a lawyer?
Are lawyers the only ones fated
to know the laws of this nation?
If every citizen knows laws, officers
like you can't do anything illegal.
Then, let's show sir
interpretation of laws in our style.
You go...go...
How dare you enter the police station
and bash officers?
You claim police is your friend.
Have you ever behaved like that, sir?
For that, will you break the law?
I? Just only one day!
If I it back, you're questioning me.
However you may justify your cause,
hitting a police officer is crime.
Sir,Misbehaving with her,
embarrassing her in public,
he arrested and brought her to station,
and made her kneel down in station,
is his action justified then?
What's this, man?
Sir, she was behaving lewdly
with a boy in public.
- How dare you stare at me! Eh?
Why are you staring at him now?
If this had happened to your daughter,
had she been insulted and humiliated,
and if she had been taken
to police station,
what you would've done then?
I did the same thing, sir.
However you may justify it,
what you did is crime!
Hitting police is offence,
non-bailable offence.
Inspector, it is illegal to arrest
a 13 year old girl.
You're suspended.
He got 3 month jail term
for hitting a police officer.
Then, he was released from jail.
I was hell bent on finding him at any cost.
It was reported on TV that he died
in the Coimbatore bomb blasts.
Then, I stopped searching for him.
But, he's roaming here.
Ammu, please open the door.
I don't want you...
don't want...don't want.
You're not like a father to me.
Please don't say like that, dear.
You're just a police officer.
- Dear...please...
Please don't talk like that, dear.
You took my friend Nimisha to
police station and embarrassed her.
I'll tell you everything, dear.
Please open the door, dear.
What's wrong if a girl talks with a boy?
I don't want you anymore.
Dear, please don't say like that.
- What happened?
What did you do with my daughter?
Why did she shut the door?
I didn't do anything.
- Already in neck deep family problems.
Citing this as reason,
they left me for good.
Oh no!
Control room!
Terrorists attacked us.
Send force immediately.
Thank you.
You're Dawood Ibrahim, right?
If not we, who else would save you?
Sir, suspended officer Jayakumar
and four others were shot with gun.
Did you inquire if this man has any
connection with the bus killing?
I've inquired, sir.
First Investigation report says
he's a terrorist.
His name is Dawood Ibrahim.
- Dawood Ibrahim?
Name is the real problem,
that too at this time.
...incident of 5 police officers
shot dead has sent shock waves.
Two days earlier a boy trying to molest
a girl in running bus was shot dead,
questions are being raised if the
same man has killed these officers too?
Moreover the man, who shot and
injured police officers,
there's information that the
man is Dawood Ibrahim.
Who is this Dawood Ibrahim?
Is there connection between man shot
in bus with shooting of police officers?
Or else, is the same man involved in
both incidents? Police are investigating.
My native place is Ooty.
My daughter was studying in Coimbatore.
One day, she suddenly committed suicide.
I was going to Coimbatore to find
the reason behind her suicide.
On the way to Coimbatore...
Many people were lying dead.
Come and see here, please.
Nila, bring some water.
A man was fighting for life.
He was an army man.
Go...go quickly.
I was taking him to hospital.
- Unnecessary problem, sir.
Why are you helping him, sir?
Look at his batch.
His name is Dawood Ibrahim.
It may lead to communal clashes, sir.
What bloody religions, man?
Consider humans as just humans, go.
Doctor said he'll not survive.
Before he breathed his last,
he told his wife not stop
daughter's marriage at any cost.
Initially his wife refused,
but since it was daughter's marriage,
she agreed.
Then, he asked help from me.
His daughter was to
get married next month.
Already her marriage got
cancelled twice.
Because she was special child.
He requested that his daughter's marriage
mustn't stop because of his death.
He took a promise from me.
I asked help from my wife.
I asked her to claim it was I,
who died in the bomb blast.
She refused to agree.
I said it was a girl's marriage
and made her to accept it.
I made Dawood Ibrahim's family that
he was alive near Kashmir border.
Only his wife Begum knows the truth.
I'm using Dawood Ibrahim's name
to ensure his daughter gets married.
Other than this, I don't have
any other ulterior motive.
Buying a gun and
killing a boy inside the bus,
it was all for my personal issues.
I can understand your problem.
For that, general public mustn't
get affected.
If whatever you said is true,
we'll support you.
You can go now.
Thank you, sir.
Do you think I'll spare you so easily?
Sir...kill me, sir.
After her death,
I'm just a walking dead man.
I drugged her on the advice
of my friends, sir.
I thought if I've sex with her,
she'd be forced to love me.
They misguided you.
- Sir...sir...please...
I swear on my mother, sir.
I'm not responsible for her suicide.
In these 4 years after school,
the only word that she used maximum
times while talking to me is father.
Even when she was unconscious,
Dharshan, don't do anything with me.
Return me to my father as his daughter,
she said this crying.
Don't do anything with me.
Return me to my father as his daughter.
I committed a blunder, sir.
Please forgive me, sir.
After that I asked another man to
tell Anithra to take Nimisha with her.
Yes, sir.
After hearing about Nimisha in trouble.
I went there.
She was unconscious.
Nimisha, look at me!
I took her home, gave her first aid
and dropped her in college next day, sir.
She didn't love me, I tortured her
with my one side love.
No Darshan, she too loved you.
Before she committed suicide,
she called me on phone and
said you mustn't get into any trouble.
It wasn't Darshan for my pregnancy.
Nimisha loved Darshan, that's true, sir.
She told me she was pregnant
without her knowledge.
3 days after Darshan tried to rape her,
she committed suicide.
How can any girl get pregnant
in 3 days, sir?
Then, she would've got pregnant
earlier itself, sir.
We're with you, sir.
We'll tell you all the information
we've come to know, sir.
Yes sir, I'll inquire about her with
my friends and acquaintances.
Find out what had happened to her.
I'll come back by evening.
Let's talk then.
Commissioner is calling?
We gave the commission....
Greetings, man.
Sorry, tell me, sir.
A man, who purchased gun from you
has shot a man dead in bus.
Is it? Sir...sir...
this is quite normal, right sir?
Not only that he fired at 4
police officers too.
Sir? Our department?
Department means my department.
Oh police?!
Got any details about him, sir?
We know.
What's his name, sir?
Dawood Ibrahim.
Dawood Ibrahim?
Mumbai, sir?
Hey, Kovai.
Oh, I was elated about my guns
reaching Dawood also, sir!
Look Ravi, don't talk unnecessarily.
I want his details, his address,
and his photo immediately.
Problem is getting complicated.
- Okay, sir.
You've told me, right?
Watch my show hereafter, sir.
Would I spare him easily?
Did you see what had happened, Puli?
We helped your brother-in-law
on your request.
He shot a man inside the bus, right?
His photo has reached every police station.
Velu Naicker has warned us.
If he gets into trouble,
you'd also get into trouble.
Be careful.
Name of the man who shot at 4 of
our officers is Dawood Ibrahim.
Not another life must go because of him.
We must find who he is!
Alert all our men.
Wherever he may be, we must catch him.
Okay, sir.
Brother-in-law, if you go out,
police will arrest you.
This is a print-out of your photo.
It is on the board of every police station.
In broad day light, that too in a bus,
would anyone kill a man unnecessarily?
We avoid reacting to any problem that
happens before us as unnecessary.
That's the problem.
It has grown into a big problem
of the society.
A man is touching a girl
inappropriately inside a bus,
if we ignore without questioning the man,
he goes onto rape the girl inside a bus,
we must honor the rule of the law,
but we've to wage a battle for justice,
I can't change this country,
but, I can change few people around me.
Look, it's all over for you.
You say you don't have any life,
but they're supporting you.
What if they get into trouble
because of you?
Nobody ever got into trouble
because of me.
But they were with my daughter
during her last days.
I'm with them just to know what had
happened to her during those last days.
Look, if you stay here,
police will catch you.
Come back to native place.
Police, right?
Let's see.
Let's go.
Please listen to me.
- Let's go.
You'll never try to understand
what I say...
Oh no!
Boys! Do you know why I called you here?
Hey, come here.
Tell me, boss.
Kneel down, man.
- No, Don.
Do you know for whom you got the gun?
I don't know.
Dawood Ibrahim!
- Eh?
Should I get caught for you
to get your commission?
Should I get caught? Get out!
Who is he? Where did he come from?
I want complete details.
Hey brothers!
If anyone brings a buyer
to buy guns from me.
Aadhar Card, PAN card,
Ration card, Milk card,
his wife, his concubine,
his neighbor house aunty,
I want to know every detail.
I'll give the gun only if you
furnish all the details.
If not I'll kill you.
They said police are searching
with a photo sketch just like me.
That's why I've come to you to inquire.
Won't we search for a murderer?
What else would we do then?
Not murder but coconut seedling!
Come, man.
Call the two people,
who identified him.
It's not wrong to take a cut.
I didn't take the cut, sir.
He has taken it.
But, do take it secretly.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
Can you recognize him?
Why do you look startled?
What, man?
He's not that man, sir.
Not that man?
Hey, was it not him?
He was just like him, sir.
But, it's not him, sir.
Not him?
Hey, get up.
He looks like him but he's not that man.
- Yes, sir.
Come on, arrest those two men.
Go inside.
- Shaking head fools.
I'll send a photo,
see if he's the man who shot you.
He's not that man, sir.
Okay. I'll call you later.
You mustn't leave this town, got it?
Okay, sir.
Okay, go.
Sir, he's the accused.
If we thrash those two men,
they'll start singing, sir.
Hmm...I'm the Inspector here, right?
Shut up and go away silently.
I know everything.
Police have found him, right?
Why didn't you identify him
to police, sir?
He must die, sir.
The reason for not identifying him is,
I want to find him myself
and then kill him.
I and Anithra will go to
Nimisha's college.
We'll meet principal and
gather information.
You go to hostel, meet her friends,
without letting them feel you're inquiring,
you talk to them and come back.
No one must suspect anything.
We want Nimisha's dresses and
other things she used here.
Sukumar! Will you get those
things for them?
Okay, madam.
You promised to take good care
of my daughter.
Sorry, sir.
At least take good care of other children.
Check her bag, please.
There's a phone in the bag, sir.
Check, what did she search
for the last time in Google?
She searched about pregnancy.
Check what else did she search?
There's a pregnancy test kit,
I think she bought and used it to test.
What was the result?
It...shows positive, sir.
I don't know what's happening?
Sir, this brand is fake, sir.
I know it, sir.
There are many shops selling
such fake kits and pills, sir.
How can they sell fake medicines too?
This one rupee tablet includes
manufacturing cost, seller's profit,
representative's commission,
moreover tax paid to govt.,
advertisement for those tablets,
above all this, potency of the tablet,
tablet's cost would be just
10 paise only.
But, some people are making
fake pills for this too.
I know them very well, sir.
I heard medical representative
talking to dean about fake pills.
What if patient falls sick?
Oh no, this is just fake pill only, sir.
No one will die,
only thing is it's zero potency.
Can you identify them to me?
I'll show them to you, sir.
If pregnancy kit used
by my daughter is fake.
I'm sure she would've brought it
from a medical shop near her college.
I've to find that shop first.
Did you see her here?
- No, I never saw her, sir.
You've CCTV's installed, right?
Can you play it for me?
I'll check and tell.
She'll not tell anyone.
Doesn't Nimisha know this?
No one needs to fear.
We don't know.
Did she come here?
Did you see her before?
So many people come here,
I don't remember, sir.
Can we check CCTV footage?
Who are you?
She's my daughter.
Please come, I'll show you.
Tell me, who ever may be the victim?
There's gang of goons lead
by Stalin in my college.
It'll cost Rs.5 lakhs to do
engineering degree, right?
If girls give them pleasure for 5 minutes,
brainwash them that they'll pay the fee.
If they tell anyone outside about this,
they'll make nude videos and
threaten to release in public domain.
So, most of the girls will keep it secret.
- Yes?
10 days ago,
wearing a cap and spectacles,
sporting a beard,
check if someone like
that has visited here.
Check, if you see his face?
Yes, sir.
She did come.
But, she bought just tablets.
Check if she had visited
the place 10 days ago.
His face has not been
recorded in any CCTV.
He used the cap to hide
his face from camera.
I see.
Check the video of few days earlier.
- Yes I do.
My father is a police officer,
so they never troubled me.
I think Nimisha was facing
problem from her.
Who is she? Don't be afraid, tell me.
If I tell...
Come on, tell.
I can't take it anymore, teacher.
Come on.
What's your opinion on sex?
For just 5 minute pleasure with you,
you've been auctioned for Rs.1 crore.
I'll pay you Rs.20 lakhs.
For fresh flowers like you,
men will be ready to pay anything.
What do you say?
Sweet girl!
Always give some time to girls.
They'll think over it.
Okay, go.
Take care.
He did come but he is
wearing cap here also, sir.
He was here with some plan.
A man is standing behind Nimisha.
Zoom on him.
Zoom it.
Zoom and check him.
Okay, sir.
Nimisha went to medical shop twice,
both the times he followed her, sir.
Sir, his face is visible slightly.
Take a photo and send it to my phone.
Hey, bloody! I'll finish you, man.
This brand is not available here, madam.
We don't sell illegal products.
Sir...sir...I'll tell you the truth.
I'll give you the number, from whom
we buy this product, sir.
Tell me the number.
Using someone who knows him,
call rep to the place I suggest.
Everything is getting adulterated here.
Adulterating pills too.
I can't keep quiet watching this.
We must put an end to this.
I'll put an end.
Why did you call me here, madam?
Anyone needs pills for medical abortion?
What? Is she also in trouble?
Hey, who are you, man?
Trying to create trouble by bringing men?
Sir...why are you hitting me, sir?
I did it ignorantly, sir.
Sir, I'm just a medical
representative only.
Prabhanjan Rao is the head
of fake pills in Tamil Nadu.
All of us are working for him only, sir.
Every representative in Tamil Nadu
will get 10% commission.
I did this getting lured by
lucrative commission, sir.
I didn't get right job for my degree.
Family is in financial difficulties,
so I had to do it, sir.
If family is in difficult times,
will you sell fake pills?
It's wrong...wrong...
mustn't do it, sir.
Every patient who is fighting for life,
takes medicine in the hope
that it'll save his life.
Sir...sir...sir...please leave me.
I'll tell you who all are behind this.
Sir...sir...please sir...please sir.
If your parents are the patients,
will you ask them to use these pills?
I'll not give them, sir.
Is justice different to you
and for others?
No, sir...no, sir...
Let this video go viral on
all TV channels and social media.
Fake pill was also one of the reasons
for my daughter's death.
The game begins now!
People are shocked on
what's happening in Kovai?
Video of medical rep shot dead
inside a cage has gone viral.
That video...
- Call and ask Vijaya Baskar to come.
...video was received,
but no info on who did it.
This sensational video has shocked people.
Health Ministry is not healthy at all.
Your fake pill video has gone viral.
Leader, this is a conspiracy by opposition.
Don't you know that?
Playing politics with me?
It's a fake pill manufactured by you
and Gujarat Neerav.
Trying to cheat me?
This is my government.
This is people's government.
I'm here by the people
and for the people.
I'm here for myself and
I'm here for my family only.
I've made people accept this.
Shall I take back the
support of 20 MLAs?
Will your government stay?
It'll stay, and you'll see it happen.
How did you enter politics?
Don't I know about your past life?
Are women so cheap to you?
If in streets...street light,
if safe in home...home light,
if they enter politics...red light?
I'm eternally burning light,
no one can dare threaten me.
I've seen many such eternal lights.
Everyone is coming here to
see 5 memorials only, right?
I'm struggling to find
a place there for myself.
Don't bring down my government.
You may keep leg on your leg.
But, I'll not let you keep
your feet on my head.
Don't get afraid, leader.
I've informed IT wing.
They'll divert the issue.
May I go now?
We inquired Nimisha's friends
and security in her college.
As far as we know, your daughter
had problems with Swimming Sarala.
She's Sarala.
She takes pics of girls in
swimming pool and conducts auction.
Girls, who get bids in the auction,
they're sold abroad by Prabhanjan.
Keep that aside for a moment,
I'll show you a person,
tell me, who that man is?
He's the man, who followed Nimisha.
Do you know, who he is?
Sir, I know him very well.
He has links with every gang
in Coimbatore.
We can't even think of touching him, sir.
Even police can't take action on him.
Is it?
Can't police also catch him?
Let's see.
Sir, new Inspector...
- What?
He has arrested our Sharat.
Are you such a notorious goon?
How easily I caught you!
Jubilee star!
Ever silver jubilee gangster!
I'll go and come tomorrow morning, dude.
Why did you follow my daughter?
I follow so many girls,
which girl are you talking about?
This girl, Sarala asked me to follow her.
Swimming Sarala would film girls naked
and put them on private auction.
It's known as fresh apple, sir.
Green apple means girls
who haven't attainted puberty.
Red apple means girls
who have attained puberty, sir.
Hey Swimming Sarala! Where is she?
Right now, she's in the hostel
by the pool side.
She has a boss,
his name is Prabhanjan.
He kidnaps girls and
sells them in foreign countries.
Hereafter you'll not follow any girl.
Honorable Minister Vijaya Baskar
Health Minister
Why didn't you answer my phone call?
I was busy with work.
I made you an MLA and Minister.
I'm in Chennai for 2 days now,
why didn't come to meet me?
I was in legislative assembly.
- Meet me immediately.
I'm very busy now.
If you go against me,
you'll not be a Minister anymore,
infact, you'll not be in
this world at all.
I can't meet you now.
Medical rep has told everything about us.
This is not a problem at all.
Come immediately.
I'll take care of it.
Why did you make medical rep's
killing go viral?
I came to this city to know
what really had happened to Nimisha!
But, I'm unable to go back after
seeing things happening here.
You said you know Sarala, right?
- Yes, sir.
We must find what problem Nimisha
faced from Sarala?
You both inquire about that.
Sir, illicit gun seller Ravi
is searching for you.
I think you'll face trouble
from him, sir.
I'll take care of him.
Hey, tell me.
The man, who bought gun from you
and escaped, right?
He's travelling along GM Road.
If you come now, you can catch him.
- What? Pin him down there.
We'll be there in few minutes.
He come on, boys.
Let's go.
Man, who shot dead a passenger in bus,
and the man, who shot at
4 police officers,
we've failed to catch him yet.
Too much of pressure from CM's office.
Catch him at any cost or catch some
North Indian and close the case.
Okay...okay, you go.
Hey, what's up, man!
How you had played with life!
You're like an alluring sweet.
I'll just gobble you up.
What do you say, boys?
- Yes.
Oh no!
What's this, boss?
You got kicked!
Shall I go next?
Leader always get beaten up thrice.
Only after that he hits back.
- Yes, boss.
I still have to take two more punches.
I'll take him to task then.
Okay, boss.
I wanted to hit back after 3 punches
but he landed 30 punches on me.
You bash him up, boys.
I'll stay back and enjoy the fight.
Go, boys!
You asked for it, right? Enjoy!
Silent Raga!
What's this, man?
What a fight!
This is fate!
Look, I'm not a fighter.
I'll hit you as much as I can.
Your love has broken his head.
I told you already, right?
Hail Harom Haraa!
Your journey is endless.
I've realized it'll go on forever.
Anyway, you're going to bash me.
I surrender.
Remember me?
Went missing? Still here only?
Must reform at some point, right?
He's my friend, he wants an apple.
Red or green?
Red apple.
It's in the system downstairs,
check and tell me.
What's up, boy? How are you guys?
We're fine, sister.
A man bought a gun from
illicit gun dealer Ravi,
he shot dead a man inside running bus
and it created big trouble.
We planned and tried to finish him.
But, he subdued our boss.
What are you saying, man?
Did he abduct Ravi?
- Yes, sister.
Okay, come.
- Apple.
Copy the files quickly.
Are you showing your smart act, Vamsi?
You had come to me after a long time.
I gave you long rope,
just to see what you're up to!
The number you've dialed is...
The number you're trying to reach is not...
Sir, tried Darshan and Vamsi's phone,
both are not reachable.
What shall we do now?
You know Sarala's place, right?
- I know, sir.
Come, let's go there.
In the forty room here,
put this man in one room and
that guy in another room.
Bloody, go.
Not here too.
Check here.
You stay here, I think they'll be
in that guest house.
I'll go and check.
Who are you?
Of the many girls, who were your victims,
I'm father of a victim girl.
Oh, welcome.
Shall we go?
- Where to?
I'll tell you.
I've great respect for women.
Don't make big statements,
you can hit me and then go.
I think you won't get tamed easily.
I don't feel like hitting you.
I don't want to hit you.
You wish to get beaten up.
Boys! New people have entered
the building!
Comb entire place, boys.
Hey, he's the guy, who abducted Ravi.
Don't let him in.
Hey, he's here...don't let him go...
catch him, boys.
I'll check that side, you see this side.
Vamsi! It's me, don't get scared.
Come. We will move.
Please come in.
She's Anithra, she's a nurse.
Our Nimisha spent her
last few hours with her.
Vamsi, Anithra's boy friend.
Darshan and Nimisha were
class mates from school.
What we lost in our lives,
he too lost it in his life.
All of them helped me so much till now.
Please sit down.
I'll ask you a question,
will you tell me the truth?
What happened to her?
She said she got pregnant
without her knowledge.
It won't be like that.
Such a thing wouldn't have happened.
That's why she committed suicide.
You hid the fact from me, right?
What's this?
What I didn't want her to know
but you told her.
Should I die without knowing the truth?
Not like that.
You may not be able to bear the truth.
My daughter will never do such things.
My daughter wouldn't have done like that.
Such a thing would never happen to her.
Hubby! Whether people come
to know about this or not,
we must know what really happened
to our daughter, hubby.
We must know the truth, hubby.
Find it.
My daughter would never do like that.
There's no angel in the world
like my dear child...
I don't know how I would live
separated from her...
Why did you leave me alone, dear?
Your memories are searching me
every moment...
There's no one like you in
this world for me to live...
Tell me, dear.
I want to talk to you alone, dad.
- What's it, dear?
I committed a mistake, dad.
What I'm telling you now, don't tell
Mother under any circumstance, dad.
Where are you going?
- What are you saying?
I got pregnant without my knowledge, dad.
Nimisha! - I swear on you,
I don't know how it happened!
What's it, hubby?
- Where are you now, Nimisha?
He has no ears for me.
- You mustn't talk like that, dear.
I love you, pa.
- I'm coming there, dear.
I miss you, pa.
- Just tell me, where you are!
Tell me, where are you?
Tell me, where are you?
Dear...my dear baby...
Why did you go away from me?
Why did you leave me alone?
Dear...my dear baby...
Daughter's name?
- What happened?
She said she was going to die, sir.
Phone too got cut, sir.
Then, I heard train passing sound nearby.
I'm terrified, sir.
Head Constable!
Any report of suicide death today?
Inspector has gone to railway station.
From what he says,
I think it could be his daughter.
please sir...sir...sir...
I'm sure it won't be her.
I must see my Nimisha.
Where's that place, sir?
Your daddy is always with you.
Heart beat has gone silent...
Lost my identity...
Like a descending moon,
I'm fading away, my dear...
I'm on night duty,
competition for me too?
You got your daughter admitted
here today morning, right? - Yes.
Why are you still here?
My daughter sees my face only
on waking up.
That's why, I'm standing here.
I'm working as security to this
college for 15 years now.
3000 students are studying here.
Never ever such an incident happened here.
If such an incident happens,
I'll quit the job and walk away.
They're showering rain of love!
Still here?
There's no one like you here...
My heart can't bear
if I miss you for a moment...
No where to go without you,
I'm stranded alone...
There's no one in this world
to love more than a father.
You're everything to me, dear...
- Nimisha!
Daddy! One kiss?
- No, dear.
Won't you?
- No, dear.
When I kiss, if saliva rubs on the skin,
it may develop into pimple.
Is it?
I'm not your daughter anymore
and you're not my father any more.
If I don't kiss you once,
am I not your father at all?
Why, dear?
No...I don't want.
- Come, my dear...come...
Love you, pa.
Dear...my dear baby...
Why did you go away from me?
Why did you leave me alone?
My dear baby...
Just before my daughter died,
Sharat, who was following her,
when I went in search of him,
Swimming pool Sarala, Prabhanjan,
there's big network behind this.
Yes, sir.
They're big shots, sir.
We can't harm them in anyway, sir.
Yes, you're right.
They're into illegal business
in a big way.
They'll go to any extent
to protect themselves.
There will be a team of police officers
and Ministers to protect them any time.
Because they live in fear.
Our strength is our brain.
You're right.
But, I was with them for some time,
that's why I'm telling you.
We're nothing to them,
they'll just hack us and go scot free.
Hey! Why do you always say
not possible or we can't do?
We've come this far, right?
This is what I've been
telling you for long time.
If you think you can do,
stay with us or else walk out.
- Hey...wait.
Why are you both fighting now?
Sir, we can't just walk out
mid-way now, sir.
What you've lost in your life,
I too have lost the same in my life.
I'll with you till the end.
- Yes, sir.
We're with you for Nimisha's sake only.
If we leave you now,
it'll be like betraying her.
I can understand.
This seems to be a large network.
We need more power to fight.
I'll take care of it.
People need weapons to destroy enemies.
But, we don't need it.
Their strength is selling fake pills.
Their weakness is their disease.
Let's find what disease our
enemies are affected with!
The fake pills they're selling in market.
We must make them take those fake pills.
We checked every detail
you gave about fake pills,
we're ready to help in every possible way.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
I surrendered myself,
how did you get caught?
It's humiliation to tell.
Hello brother!
- Hello.
We're coming from an old age home.
Can you help us to stay here for a day?
Okay, please come in.
Hey, how come you're carrying a gun?
Who are you guys?
Just drive the car, man.
Oh! Have you kidnapped me?
Without kidnapping me, had they
asked me to come, I'd have come.
But, they kidnapped and humiliated me.
Come, Prabhanjan...come...come...
Did they get you too?
Please sit down.
Did they kidnap Prabhanjan too?
Dressed like Sikhs from Punjab,
they asked for lift and kidnapped me.
I've been kidnapped.
What's their names?
Madam is asking who you guys are!
Harbhajan Singh.
- Fast bowler.
Madam, it seems Harbhajan Singh,
a fast bowler.
Brainless fellow!
Harbhajan Singh is a spin bowler, man.
Give the phone to him.
Who are you?
Honorable Cheat...I'm sorry.
Minister, who sells fake pills!
Swimming pool Sarala, Commissioner.
Illicit gun seller Ravi!
Now, this Prabhanjan.
All are with me only.
You're nothing compared
to my experience.
If you tell me about Neerav...
- I can get you arrested wherever you are.
You can arrest me, come to Punjab.
Let's sit and discuss.
Didn't have anything since morning.
Can I atleast get a hot cup of tea?
For me, practically sugarless.
Compassionate man!
Leader must like this only.
Getting tea immediately on request.
Hey, I asked for tea,
you're bringing sweet.
I don't want sweet, give it to them.
Already I've high sugar of 400!
No...no...no, please...no...
You've raised sugar to 800, man!
Are you trying to kill me with sugar?
You sell tablets for diabetes to others.
But, fake pills.
- Fake pills?
My death is confirmed.
Consider him as my partner.
He doesn't have diabetes, but high BP!
Make him eat a bottle of pickles
and a bunch of fried papads.
Both of us will die together.
What did I do to you, man?
You've kidnapped me.
What did you do?
You're selling fake tablets
to patients fighting death.
He depends on tablets,
but, Prabhanjan is very smart.
He's into human trafficking for pleasure.
Tell me, if you're a victim of him.
Kill me or else you'll face music.
What did you say? Will face music?
What's up, Sharat?
Are you coming after blood donation?
Your vest is wet with blood.
Do you know who they're?
I don't know anything.
Don't know!
But, I know.
What a punch!
You dared to touch Sarala, right?
Our Neerav would've landed in Chennai
by now from Mumbai.
You don't need to go after him,
he'll come to you on his own.
Don't worry!
Your death is confirmed.
Will not spare even God wills...
If I eat so many sweets, I'll die.
- He'll finish off his enemies...
My 3 year old child has heart problem.
You're killing by forcing me
to drink liquor.
Why are you torturing by forcing me
to eat pickles and papads?
You're a heartless villain.
I'm feeling giddy, man.
Feed him sweets thrice a day.
Till he dies.
He's a Commander...
He has entered the battlefield...
He exposed the deadly plans of enemies...
Fake pills will kill you slowly.
Till then, be patient.
Hey, leave me.
I just manufactured fake pills only, right?
Why are you killing me like this, man?
Prabhanjan said a container with fake pills
is going to Kerala through Palghat.
Search all the containers in the yard.
Let any enemy attack from
any direction, he'll destroy them...
He'll bring down empires of
underworld like a hero...
He's a mass hero of the masses...
He'll bring down empires of
underworld like a hero...
He's a mass hero of the masses...
A container with fake medicines from
Kovai has been confiscated.
Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijaya Baskar
claims it as opposition conspiracy.
Would manufacturers of fake medicines
ever come good in life?
Fake medicines...
- Bloody adulterators!
Will you ever be good in life?
Did you watch on TV media?
What are you doing?
I'm already in furious mood!
What happened?
He confiscated 2 containers
proceeding to Kerala.
Who is he?
He has abducted all our associates.
What should I do now?
Go, meet CM and threaten him that
our 20 MLAs would resign.
If I've to stay in power,
I've to go against you.
What did you do with my daughter?
To stop your daughter from
having her normal periods,
I gave her pills without her knowledge
to postpone her periods.
I didn't get my periods.
Am I pregnant?
I want a pregnancy test kit.
You are pregnant.
If your family comes to know,
it'll be a great insult to them.
It'll be an insult to your father,
we incited her to commit suicide.
That's why, she killed herself.
You're a woman,
yet you took the life of another girl.
Damn you!
Let the punishment given to her
be a lesson to other offenders.
At the entrance of Kovai
Commissioner's office,
Sarala, a lady swimming coach,
was hacked mercilessly
and stuffed into a cylinder.
CCTVs inside Commissioner's
office were not working,
so, those who had placed the
cylinder there couldn't be identified...
They abducted Sarala, hacked her into
pieces and dumped at your office gate.
What the hell were you doing then?
Entire city is covered by CCTVs
but not in your office?
You'd get caught, right?
I didn't come to this position
just like that.
Though there are umpteen ways to cheat,
why did I chose this illegal business?
People may forget to eat food but
will never forget to take medicines.
By selling fake medicines in India,
today, I've 20 states under my control.
Do you know what the reason is?
Even if there's a small hitch,
I personally go to solve it.
Because, small hitches will blow
into big issues in no time.
Nothing much,
someone is trying to take on me.
I'll not spare him.
I've an idea to kidnap Neerav.
Neerav, right?
Like how a man betrayed Jesus,
like how Kattappa betrayed his king,
there's a Judas among his lieutenants.
His name is Namaskaram,
catch and rip out his skin.
He'll start singing.
Do you know you're taking
on a Goliath so casually?
Have you kidnapped my wife?
I'm the brain behind all goons
in this city.
If you dare take on me,
I'll destroy you.
He didn't kidnap me,
I came here on my own free will.
He told me everything about you
which I was unaware till now.
Don't we've a daughter of our own?
You've cheated many girls to
make money and run our family.
Damn you! Aren't you ashamed of it?
If you help him, you can come home.
Or else just vanish away from my life.
I underestimated you.
You know the trick of how to make
anyone dance to your tune.
Tell me, what do you want?
I'll do it for you.
With police and goons support,
I've kidnapped every associate
working for Neerav,
only Neerav is still out there.
I want Neerav.
If I help you, Neerav will kill me.
If I don't help you,
my wife will leave me.
My wife is more important to me.
Neerav may be a big shot to the world.
He'll do whatever I say!
What should I do?
Just do what I say!
You go inside and meet Namaskaram.
I'll stay here and finish other work.
Okay, I'll go and meet him.
Sir and Darshan will follow you
in few minutes.
What's the plan?
- Sir, keep this with you.
We've planted it all over the factory.
Many people are working here.
No one must get hurt.
That's what I scared.
- No one would get hurt.
- Very important matter.
The man, who has abducted all our men,
I think he's has blocked our way too.
Is it?
Food has been delivered on your name.
Something is fishy.
We didn't place any order,
and moreover on your name...
It means our enemy quite closer.
Let's see.
Get them into the vehicle.
Sir, CCTV.
I want him to see me,
that's why I'm standing here.
Two men are standing at block
number one, bring them here.
Okay, sir.
Sir, I've done everything
as you told me.
Please don't betray me,
I'm a family man with kids.
I'll not tell him.
There's no history of
a betrayer prospering.
What are you doing in my place?
Who are you, man?
- Who am I?
Look! He says he doesn't know me.
Illicit gun dealer Ravi,
Swimming pool Sarala, Prabhanjan.
all went missing, right?
That's why, you're here, right?
I kidnapped all of them.
You're going to die unnecessarily.
Darshan, give me the gun.
Shall we go?
You can't even cross this gate
with that gun.
Try it once, boy!
Okay, I'll come to keep you happy.
I told you, right?
You can't even cross this gate.
To catch me,
police officers take 5 year training,
take exam,
form a special team to catch me.
You were just another citizen on road,
can you catch me with just a gun?
Right...he's right, isn't he?
If you say, it'll be right.
Sir, we're ordinary people on road,
no one trains us like police officers,
we operate individually,
we'll take time to execute,
you've pointed a gun on my associate,
but still, just watch,
I'll kidnap you now.
Do you think we delivered food
to everyone here?
All are filled with gelatin.
I too have fear of death.
Like you.
Shall we go now, boy?
What's the result of blood test?
He has high BP and diabetes too.
Creatinine in kidney is very high.
If this carries on, he may have
a kidney failure.
People take medicines to cure
their diseases.
With so many diseases in your body,
are you selling adulterated medicines?
If you give a statement of
all your misdeeds till now,
it'll do good for you,
if not, bad!
How powerful social media is,
all of you know it very well.
The path I travelled,
I'm presenting it before you,
I mean I'm going to talk
about fake pills.
At least two people in every home
takes medicine to cure illness.
Even that medicine is getting adulterated.
I couldn't walk ignoring it.
Not just here,
entire India is a victim of it,
to destroy this,
citizens of entire nation must unite,
you may ask, why I didn't
report it to police or govt.,?
What if I had reported and
they don't take any action?
That's why, I'm talking you
people directly.
Once upon a time pen and
print media was very powerful.
Now, the phone in your hands
is the mightiest weapon.
When a problem happens before you,
without just ignoring it,
you must share it with people,
only then, it'll create a revolution,
likewise, there are few traitors,
catch and rip out their skins,
and take them to streets!
That's in your hands.
Gujarat's Neerav is adulterating the
medicines used by ordinary people,
a video on his misdeeds has gone viral.
They're adulterating food, water, air,
which is making people sick,
now, are you adulterating
medicines used for sickness?
Half of our hard earned money
is spent on medicines.
By selling fake medicines,
they're destroying the country,
by spreading diseases,
you're earning the curse of people.
People go to hospital to save their lives.
People buy and use medicines
to save their lives,
adulterating medicines too?
We use medicines to save life
but they're selling fake medicines.
Would they ever come good in life?
Come on, sit down.
No problem, sir.
I'll stand.
Please take your seat.
Values have no place in politics.
You threatened about
destabilizing my govt.
I asked, what would you do?
I'll tell you.
A medical rep, a container lorry,
a doctor's testimony.
Everything has turned upside down.
You can't do anything now.
You're trapped inextricably.
Tell me, what should we do now?
Leader, power and authority
is my life and breath.
I can't live without power.
- Why are you getting anxious?
I'll take care of everything.
I've to run this govt. with the
power of fulfilling your desires.
Let's finish that Gujarat Neerav
in police encounter.
Let's tell people that it was
conspiracy by that Gujarat man.
Get signatures of 20 MLAs
on blank papers.
I knew you'd ask that.
I've already taken their signatures.
Call Commissioner.
Commissioner, some man known as Ram.
using the name of Dawood Ibrahim,
to save a family,
but, he saved my govt. from falling down.
Kill that Ram.
That Gujarat Neerav, I mean your man.
Kill him too.
Destroy all the evidence.
At last you make it to
the headlines, go.
You brought me to my own place,
are you going to die here?
Come on, boys.
Come on, kneel down.
Come on.
Kneel down.
Kneel down.
Come on, do it.
I never expected you'd make me
stand like this.
With three school kids and a gun,
will you dare to kidnap me?
Neerav...I'm Neerav, man.
I don't know who you are!
Why did you kidnap my men?
To protect your victims.
I want to destroy your illegal
fake medicine business.
There are many victims like me
affected by you.
I'll punish you for those
parents' agony.
Your death.
Hey, hit him.
Let me hear how he cries!
Hey, what's your problem, man?
My biggest problem is that
you're alive.
If you die, fake medicine will
be destroyed.
If I'm not there,
someone else will do it.
Don't you've any other work?
What's your problem with
my adulterated medicine business?
What will you do?
Still get it, man.
What I'm going to do with you!
Well done!
Good people must never live.
No one must find his ashes too.
Burn him.
Will you kill me, man?
Kneel down, man.
Come on, kneel down I say!
You search the place, you too go.
Hey, how many girls you've abducted?
Don't you've any soul?
Are you a beast?
Where are you, my dear?
Where are you, dear?
Where are you?
Dear...my dear baby...
I got you as a boon...
That's enough for me...
Dear...my dear baby...
I got you as a boon...
That's enough for me...
My dear baby...
My daughter!
Leave me.
People have bid for you in auction,
you say you want to die.
Come...come with me.
Put her dress on this body.
Throw the body on the track.
Sure, sir.
I'll finish the job, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Nila, our daughter is...alive!
We're alive because of him.
But, for your sake,
we'll shoot him too.
Will you please die, sir?
You carry on, sir.
Law is going to do its duty.
Are you selling fake pills?
What are you blabbering, man?
Listen, you must kill him
in an encounter.
It's must.
It's CM's order, got it?
And that terrorist Dawood Ibrahim,
he's not Dawood Ibrahim,
his name is Ram,
he's an innocent man, leave him.
That Neerav, we've to encounter him.
Got it?
He's a master in our area...
He's silver jubilee gangster...
He's a master in our area...
He's silver jubilee gangster...
He's a master in our area...
He's silver jubilee gangster...