Harbinger (2016) Movie Script

I've seen the worlds end.
I see it every night in my dreams.
It ends not in fire, but in fear.
Through the horrors I can hear a voice
calling me to a place I do not know.
A house.
A symbol.
If I can find them maybe I can stop
my nightmares from becoming a reality.
I've traveled countless miles
following what few clues I had.
And now...
I'm finally here.
[knock knock knock]
[knock knock knock]
Is anyone there?
I just have some questio-
[door closes]
Your door was unlocked...
[door creek]
Listen, I'm unarmed, okay?
I didn't mean to trespass, I just cam in becau-
[door creek]
[water dripping, hollow wind]
Ugh.. smells...
[buzzing electricity]
What is this place?
[sounds of pain]
[sound of desk moving]
[bones clattering]
[high pitched buzzing]
Oh fuck...
[door opening]
Oh fuck...
What are you doing in my house?
I'll find ya.
[door slams open]
[sounds of pain]
You want him alive?
Fine then.
What are you doing to me?
Why are you doing this!?
[Stranger] Why is it you? Hm?
[Stranger] You're askin' me all kinds of questions.
[Stranger] Why is it YOU?
[Stranger] HUH!?
[Stranger] Clearly from your face you can't hear
what they're sayin'.
[Stranger] So why is it you, what makes you so SPECIAL!?
[Stranger] You don't know what I know.
[Stranger] You don't see what I see.
[Stranger] You don't hear.
[Stranger] Dreams.
Dreams... the symbols?
[Stranger] YEAH!
I see them to.
[Stranger] Oh you see them.
[Stranger] YOU DON'T SEE THEM!
[Stranger] Not the way I do!
[Stranger] That's it isn't it?
[Stranger] Is that it?
[Stranger] That's it.
[Stranger] Yeah.
[Stranger] You're worthless!
[Stranger] That's why. Expendable!
[Stranger] But I get it now, I'm just a puppet for you!
[Stranger] It's because I listen. It's because I hear them.
Please... just let me go.
[Stranger] Oh yeah, I'm gonna let you go.
[Stranger] Because without you here...
[Stranger] You know what?
[Stranger] They have to take me.
[sounds of voices]
[Stranger screams in pain]
[sounds of flesh tearing]
[stranger screams in agony]
[Stranger] I'm sorry...
[Stranger] I'm sorry...
[Stranger] I'm yours. I'm yours. I'm yours.
[Stranger] Please... stop...
[Stranger] I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it.
Hey look, we can figure this out.
Please, just- just let me go.
[Stranger] You should know this isn't as it seems.
[Stranger] You're the lucky one.
[Stranger] You're the lucky one.
[sounds of cutting his restraints]
[stranger chanting]
[sounds of other non human voices chanting]
[yelling in pain]
Please stop!
[cires out in pain]
[strange voice]