Hard Copy (2015) Movie Script

Happy Birthday to you!
I hope it's everything that you wanted.
Love Anika.
Well what are you waiting for?
3D Printer.
Set up in a spacious area.
Do not attempt to fix or modify the printer in any way.
Hey Anika! Where's Charles at?
I don't know. He said he didn't feel like coming.
You guys feeling ready?
Charles Narration: Warning! Use extreme caution when printing any personal photos.
The printer is designed to permanently shut down in an attempt to print any life form.
Celine: Oh wow!
Charles is going to wish he was here to see this.
Let's take a picture!
Warning! Your use of the printer will be monitored.
Do not produce any illegal drugs, weapons, or counterfeit.
Hey Charles,
Did you forget about our movie date?
Acrimonious is playing.
I haven't seen you since your birthday last week. Are you OK? I'm worried about you.
Charles Narration: Caution! Beta testers have reported "print sickness",
an unhealthy obsession with using the printer.
Hot damn, that's good!
Hey you guys!
Hey! No Charles?
Where's he been?
I haven't been able to get ahold of him.
Where's Brent?
I haven't seen him. I haven't seen either of them lately.
Charles Narration: Print sickness is dangerous.
Quotas are in place for a reason.
If you experience any symptoms of print sickness,
Stop. Printing. Immediately.
I was just about to call you.
Anika: Wow! That's an expensive suit. Did you print this?
There's someone I'd like you to meet.
What? Wait, what is this?
I thought printing humans was impossible.
Not nearly. The feature was deliberately removed from retail.
All it took was a few modifications of my own.
But you already have me. Why do you need another copy?
You were almost perfect. You really were. But then I started seeing all your flaws.
Nobody's perfect. Besides, she's just--
What? A carbon copy of you?
A little tweak to the metadata was all it took.
A little younger, more exciting... more refined taste...
Of course, there can only be one of you in this world.
You're sick!
No! No!
You'll never get away with this. They'll find me!
Anika 2: No. They'll have no reason to look for you.