Hard Days (2023) Movie Script

[ominous music playing]
[rain pouring]
[phone ringing]
- [man 1] Yeah.
- [woman] Hey, where are you now?
[man] I'm on my way.
Would you stop harassing me?
Don't give me that attitude.
Your mother's literally on her deathbed.
I know, okay?
How long's it gonna be?
I don't know, soon.
I'm going as fast as I can.
You haven't been drinking again, have you?
- Huh? I'm not drinking
- [sighs] Please don't.
- Now is not the time...
- I haven't drunk anything.
Nothing at all, nothing at all.
[child] Papa, where are you?
Hey, Mina. You two hang tight,
I'll get there soon, okay?
- Oh, it's the boss, hang on.
- [woman] Uh, wait, wait, we're not
- Yeah?
- [man 2] Kudo, how are you?
Where, uh where are you?
Why? What do you need?
We've just heard from
prefectural headquarters.
Some weekly rag plans on running a story
connecting our station with bribery.
You haven't heard
from the Senba syndicate, have you?
Yeah, we talked.
Did they give you anything?
- Uh, well
- I'm asking if they gave you any money.
No, no, no, no, no.
But the Senba clan was
who you said to get with...
Yeah, it's you.
They must have found out about you.
But obviously, this will be kept quiet,
right, Chief?
We can make that happen?
Maybe, maybe.
I mean, it all comes back to you.
Well, wait a second now.
It's not just me, Chief. You know you...
HQ is sending someone down to the station.
I wasn't the only one! Are you gonna act
like you're not just as...
- [hangs up]
- Hey, Chief! Hey!
Shit! God's sake.
- [phone rings]
- Damn.
- I am coming as fast as I can!
- [woman] Your mother
Your mother just died.
[woman sighs]
Just get over here.
Oh shit
[breathing shakily]
Fuck! [panting]
- Whoa!
- [tires screech]
[suspenseful music playing]
Hey! Hey!
Oh shit
Where did
Why this now?
- [ringing continues]
- [whimpers]
Damn it, come on! [grunts]
[gasping] Oh shit.
No, not now
[thunder rumbling]
[panting] Fuck!
[music fades]
[phone ringing]
[tense music playing]
- No!
- [ringing continues]
[sobbing] Oh shit!
[music intensifies]
- [yells]
- [ringing stops]
[breathing shakily]
[gasps] No way
[breathing heavily]
Evening, sir. We're giving sobriety tests
to all the drivers.
- Oh, good work.
- Could you If you don't mind
Yeah, no thanks, I do mind.
- Aihara Station, Kudo.
- Oh, very good, sir.
Well, I'll let you get to it. See ya.
[cop 2] Oh, hey.
I think I know this guy.
Hey, it's Detective Kudo.
Good work, guys.
- My!
- [sniffles]
Well, I guess this year's
nearly over, huh?
How's the year treated you, sir?
Here. Blow into this, please.
- [laughs] I don't need it.
- Just get it over with.
- You don't need that. Come on.
- Doing any drinking tonight, sir?
- Meeting some women?
- Man, stop. What
- Nothing so, uh
- Just one for us.
Well, maybe I had one beer.
Or Just with some friends,
you know, it's nothing.
Look, we're all cops here.
I mean, can't you let this go?
This is your chance. Let's chat for a sec.
- Could you get out
- Screw you, I'm in a hurry.
What's that?
Nothing, probably.
- [cop 2] What's goin' on there?
- It's cheap glass.
- [cop 2] Huh?
- There's nothing there.
- [cop 2] What happened here?
- I just bumped something.
- What? You had an accident?
- No, my car's just, kinda
- [cop 2] Kinda what?
- What the heck? Jeez!
Okay, I'll get outta the car!
[suspenseful music playing]
Mr Kudo.
Let's cut the shit, eh?
We all know about your friends
in the Senba syndicate.
And now there's this "accident."
I'm sorry,
but we have to inspect your car.
No, no, guys. Hey, guys, wait.
- Hang on a minute!
- [groans]
Just give me a break, I've gotta go.
[cheerful phone ringtone playing]
- You gonna get that, or
- Not our phones.
- Could it be yours?
- It's not my ringtone either.
[ringing continues]
- [gasping]
- What the
- Hmm?
- No! Uh, hang on.
- Just let me do it.
- What's that?
- I think probably just old stuff.
- Eh? Whose stuff?
- You said there was nothing in there.
- No, it's just a mess
- [cop 2] Pop the trunk.
- I don't want Hey, stop that!
Just I told you, back off!
Hey! Are you seriously-
- [cop 3] Open it.
- Asshole. Hey! What the fuck?
- [cop 2] What's your problem?
- [cop 3] Stop that.
- What are you doing? Screw you!
- [groans]
[Kudo yelps] What
What are you doing?
Hey! [yelling]
[wails] Oh shit!
Enough, enough! Ah!
Ah! Do not fuck with me! You...
- [cop 2] Just stay still!
- [Kudo yelling]
[horn blares]
- [man] What seems to be the trouble?
- Mind your own business.
- Return to your vehicle.
- Yazaki, from HQ.
- Huh?
- Did they happen to hurt you?
- Wanna tell me what's going on here?
- [cop 2] Oh.
Good evening, sir.
Aihara Traffic Division. Officer Kaji.
[sighs] Same precinct. Detective Kudo.
You're a detective at Aihara?
Kudo, see
I am an inspector from Internal Affairs.
- Is that so?
- Yeah. Perfect timing.
Your commander
will have gotten a message already.
I'm on my way to see him right now.
Would you like to come with me
back to the police station?
I would, I would
I'd really love to do that, but
- But you can't?
- It's hard, seeing as, uh
My mother's just died.
I have to be at the hospital.
But I was planning to go
to the station after that.
- Is that so?
- Uh-huh.
Do come by soon.
Uh, yeah. Yeah
Well, okay then.
We'll see each other soon.
Yeah. Uh-huh. 'Scuse me.
It's bad.
I looked to see where it went
- There was a hawk!
- Oh, no, no, no
- [lizard 1] So you need to be careful
- [footsteps on stairs]
- Papa!
- Mina.
[footsteps approach]
[nurse] Ah is now a good time?
[Kudo] Oh. Yeah.
[nurse sighs] Pardon me, then.
[Misako] They need to move her
right away, your mother
- [Kudo] Move her?
- [nurse] Ah Yes, regretfully, sir.
But the hospital cannot function
as a morgue.
So soon, though
[phone ringing]
- Didn't you tell work that...
- Okay!
- [phone vibrating]
- Uh Where were we?
Mr. Kudo, do you have plans
regarding mortuary services?
- Yeah
- [vibrating continues]
Um uh Mortuary services, yes.
[nurse] If you haven't chosen one yet,
I can recommend a local company
we use frequently.
- Would you like me to call them?
- [Misako] Please.
- [nurse] I'll make sure it's arranged.
- [sighs]
[sighs] It's no good. Not picking up.
What the hell is he up to, huh?
[sighs heavily]
Internal Affairs, I'm Yazaki.
[man 1] Good to have you here.
- Thanks for dropping in on the holidays.
- Sure.
And congrats on your wedding! [chuckles]
Is this all for, uh that article?
Look, it's not like
we can even take bribes nowadays.
- You know how compliance is.
- I hear that.
[Yazaki] I need to see accounts
from the last ten years
to check for any unexplained expenses.
- I'll see that in the morning.
- Happy to help.
Additionally, I think you have
a Detective Kudo on your roster?
I believe you mean, um, Yuji Kudo, right?
[Yazaki] I'd like a conversation with him.
Actually just bumped into him by chance
on my way here.
Apparently his mother's just died.
- [cop 1] What?
- [cop 2] I see
Ah. I guess you may not have
heard about that yet, huh?
That's why he was in such a rush.
He'll be coming here afterwards.
I can wait for now.
[cop 2] Oh. I'm starting to understand.
Uh, can I ask
is it something that Kudo did?
Just a conversation we have to finish.
[cheerful music playing on TV]
[woman] Mr. and Mrs. Kudo?
- [man 1 on TV] It's that time again!
- Yes.
[man 2 on TV] Hey! Come on, everyone!
So sorry if I've kept you waiting.
I'm with Heartful Aihara.
- Takehara, at your service.
- [man 1] So much space for activities!
Sir and ma'am,
may I offer my most sincere condolences?
[man 1] So, we like the new car?
So, one of our agents
spoke with you earlier,
- regarding a resting place
- [phone vibrating]
and funeral service for your mother?
Have you given much thought to,
or are you familiar with,
Aihara Hall, perhaps?
If you would allow her to rest with us...
- Just a sec.
- Oh! Are you serious?
[Kudo] Yep.
Kudo, Your, uh Did your mother pass away?
- [Kudo] Sadly, yes. I'm at the hospital.
- We can show you an assortment of plots.
You said that you'd come by the station
afterwards, yes?
[tense music playing]
What gives you that idea?
There's an inspector here.
He's waiting for you.
- [sighs]
- [Takehara] We can open the hall
- When can you get here?
- [Takehara] for the wake.
Tomorrow morning,
you can meet us at Aihara Hall.
- We'll make preparations to allow you
- Oh!
Aihara Hall! Aihara Hall sounds great.
- Let's do that.
- Oh!
I gotta take my mom's body
to the funeral home.
It doesn't look like I'll make it.
- Kudo! You better be back tomorrow...
- I'll come by the station in the morning.
- I gotta run. Sorry, Chief...
- Kudo!
See you later? Okay, yeah.
- [chuckles]
- [Takehara giggles]
[man on TV grunting]
[dramatic music playing on TV]
[man shouting on TV]
So sorry. Regarding Kudo, uh
Due to his situation,
he won't get out of the hospital.
We'll have to speak with him
tomorrow morning.
[Yazaki] How unfortunate.
Tomorrow morning.
Well, that's too bad.
- See you soon.
- [sighs]
My God, we're screwed.
[Takehara] For today, we will enshrine
your mother in the Chapel of Rest.
Thank you, Miss.
[car lock beeps]
[seat belt clicks]
Okay, let's go. Back here soon enough.
You'll be here
for the funeral preparations?
It's what you do.
I'm still your family for now.
Get those papers soon, though.
Yeah, I got it.
[vehicle starts]
[breathes deeply]
God [sighs]
- [phone vibrating]
- [gasps]
- Yeah.
- [Chief] Where are you now?
Now? Uh Aihara Hall.
We're on our way there. Wait by the front.
- Uh No, uh
- We need to get some facts straight.
Just wait. Wait. Maybe we can pause
Can can we just talk tomorrow?
Be outside. We're nearly there.
- Wh when are you, uh
- [hangs up]
[tense music playing]
- Go take a right.
- [driver] Sir.
[breathing shakily]
Oh. See over there?
[driver] Yeah.
[Kudo] Shit! Come on.
Come on.
- You fucker. Come on.
- [Chief] Kudo!
- [yelps]
- [keys rattle]
- Man, are you okay?
- Yeah, all good here.
I was sorry to
hear about your mother's death.
Sure. Thanks. Now, what's the situation?
Ah, this IA guy is requesting
another chat with you.
I need you at the station in the morning.
Your Senba clan connection
could put us all away.
I don't know those guys.
Their boss was just
a regular at Mom's bar.
- So say that.
- Oh, come on, you know as well as I do.
It's not like
I'm their only connection around here.
- This all came up recently, though.
- Sure, but it started way before.
Where are you hiding the money, Kudo? Huh?
[driver] Hey, Chief
- Did you hear that Kaji saw Kudo here?
- What?
Tried to blow through an inspection point.
Wouldn't let them search his vehicle.
My God.
- You're mine if there's anything illegal.
- Of course I don't have
Kaji mentioned a fight.
Then he took off,
using his mom as an excuse.
[Kudo] Come on, man, don't be a dick.
The traffic guys, they
they've got it out for me! I don't know!
[dramatic music playing]
Hey. Open it.
Chief, my mother's just passed away!
Can I Can't you wait? Can't a guy grieve?
Just give me the night, all right?
This fucking guy!
Don't leave town, huh?
- [car starts]
- Uh-oh!
[breathing heavily]
It's okay it's okay
[somber slide guitar playing]
[crossing beeping]
[siren blaring]
[Kaji on PA] All right, pull over.
This is a traffic stop.
Park it right there.
Morning, sir.
That was a red light back there.
Did you catch that?
Right. I see, your mother died?
[breathing shakily]
[tense music playing]
[music stops]
Kind of a dangerous spot
you guys picked, huh?
Numb nuts.
[truck alarm beeping]
[knock at door]
Excuse me. It's regarding Kudo. Uh
What is it now?
He's just had an accident.
He may be a bit late, so
What the hell does he think he's doing?
Ah Sorry about that. Hmm.
[car door opens]
Hey! Get over here!
- Where's your other car?
- It's in the shop.
This one's a loaner.
Hey! Hurry, come on.
Excuse me.
I'll leave you to it.
So, it looks like you're the one
with links to the yakuza.
Am I correct to assume that?
Uh, no
- [clears throat] Well The thing is
- No.
These things can happen, it's fine.
A little bit of cash,
you just look the other way,
who's going to notice, right?
[Kudo gasps]
Don't sweat it.
Simple to cover up these petty pranks.
You know?
My position
Every system requires its subversives.
Not everything can be tied up so neatly.
[sighs] Sure.
But, Mr Kudo
we know there's more
to your extracurriculars, isn't there?
Have you insinuated yourself
into something more?
- No...
- Our work looks at behavior and responses.
When I mentioned the cover-up, your face
betrayed an utter lack of relief.
So there's something else on your mind,
isn't that right, Mr. Kudo?
- [sighs] It's not
- What is it?
I'd prefer to be your friend
in this situation.
Just talk to me.
No. It's nothing.
That is good. Nothing to fear, then.
What is he doing? They've been a while.
- [door closes]
- Think he'll mention you?
- Thank you for your patience.
- [Chief] Ah!
[Yazaki] I'm not going to let this
ruin your holidays.
You'll all be happy to hear
this station's free of corruption.
I'm off. Happy New Year.
- [Chief] Thank you for your help.
- Thanks for coming.
[all sigh]
- Well done.
- Yeah.
[man] What's his problem?
[car lock beeps]
[Takehara] We will be
closing the lid soon.
Would you like to see her face
one last time?
With that, we can
begin to close up the lid.
Mr. and Mrs. Kudo,
a branch of Zenmyoji Temple
will be available for your services.
Oh a funeral on New Year's
if we leave it to after the first,
the funeral will be far too delayed.
After the service, we'll be cremating
your mother at another local facility.
It's quite close by.
And before the burial ceremony,
you'll be handed the ashes.
[suspenseful music playing]
[pensive music playing]
[Takehara] Are you familiar
with the location?
- There's a map on the other side.
- Thank you so much.
[Takehara] Have you sent invitations
for the attendees tomorrow?
- [Misako] Hey. Huh?
- Ah
- [Misako] Hang on!
- Oh!
[Mina] Where's Papa going?
[Kudo panting]
[rock music playing]
[Takehara] Oh my!
That is wonderful to hear!
of just the wake the night before,
being able to keep the candle burning
from now until the sendoff is so touching.
You'll stay here all night, then?
Well, she raised me as a single mom.
Least I can do.
Papa's not coming home, then?
[Kudo] For tonight,
Dad's gonna stay with Grandma.
Let's sleep over!
No, we're going back.
Kiddo Dad's got this for now. Yeah?
[Mina] Mmm
-[Kudo] Mmm.
- [Misako] Mina. Let's go.
Don't be late, okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Mina] Bye-bye.
[Misako] Come on.
- [machinery humming]
- [sighs]
[rock music playing]
[Kudo grunting]
[groaning] Come on!
- [music stops]
- [faint thuds echoing]
[rock music resumes]
[Kudo groaning]
- [music stops]
- [faint thudding]
[music resumes]
- [music stops]
- [thump]
[ominous music playing]
- [keys jangling]
- [gasps]
- [jangling continues]
- [gasps]
[keys jangling]
[dynamic music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[sobbing] Sorry, Ma.
I'm so, so sorry. Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Uh well, maybe if I Yeah, yeah
Oh, I'm the worst.
[crying] I'm the worst son. I'm sorry.
[knocking at door]
[music stops]
Excuse me.
- Ah
- Good evening.
[urgent rock music playing]
[music stops]
[cheerful phone ringtone playing]
It'll be nice to go.
[ringing continues]
[whimpering] Oh shit!
[tense music playing]
[ringing continues]
Ah okay, okay.
- [groans]
- [ringing continues]
Just down here.
- [ringing continues]
- [whimpering]
[Kudo sobbing]
Why so soon
I'm sorry.
I thought I was alone.
[man 1] Oh, no, uh
Sorry to have barged in
so unexpectedly.
- [man 2] We're very sorry.
- No.
[sighs] Don't be.
[man 1] Um
Uh We've come to replace the dry ice.
- Dry ice?
- [man 2] Mmm.
[man 1] Uh, yes.
The coffin's kept cool with dry ice.
- Dry ice, right.
- [man 2] Yeah.
Uh, yes, so, we can, uh
- Can we
- [yells]
Just wait, guys.
Could you guys let me change the ice?
- Huh?
- As it's the last thing for my ma
I really should be the one to do it.
[man 1] Huh.
That makes sense.
Uh, here you go.
- Uh, so there's a certain way you...
- No worries! I got it covered.
Uh Of course.
- Uh, there's a spot where
- I got it. Where?
Oh, on the stomach and on the chest.
- Yep.
- On the stomach and chest.
- [man 1] Yes.
- Stomach and
[man] I'll be a few.
[knocking at door]
- Good evening.
- Mr. Senba.
What are you doing here?
- [Senba] Ah.
- [door closes]
It's not like I can come to the funeral.
[Kudo sighs]
Uh, I'm not so sure I should be
talking to you right now.
Oh, 'cause that hack is
looking into our dealings?
Let me pay my respects.
Can I look at her?
Oh, no, no, no! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
[Kudo breathing unsteadily]
Gotta be a weight off your shoulders,
Kazue's medical bills, nursing expenses,
it all added up, right?
I'll be in debt for years, yeah.
Kazue, she said the same.
She'd never wanted
to get stuck here forever.
To end her days just running that dive.
She always thought "Just a little more.
Just save some more into a better life."
Yeah. She thought that till the end.
What does it matter?
Nothing really matters once it's all over.
Did I ever tell you about the lizard?
The outback.
There's nothing but the sand.
And during the day, the lizard
stays cool by swapping on its legs.
Hopping back and forth, both sides.
The sand's too hot, you know?
When it gets hot, it hops
to the opposite leg, one after another.
It hops and hops, hyoko, hyoko.
Like that, it keeps its body still
and swaps its legs
back and forth, hyoko, hyoko.
Until the sun's down.
[foreboding music playing]
"Well, just get out of there,"
you might say.
But it doesn't leave.
It just keeps dancing.
Hyoko, hyoko, hyoko, hyoko.
Till it's stone dead.
What's that got to do with this?
My boy would you like
to leave this desert?
That'll take a lot of money.
You'll need that cash
that gets your family a whole new life.
Yeah? Sounds so easy. Where do I go?
They're stacked to the rafters.
That's where we're
holding the funeral later.
[Senba] Their main building happens to be
the largest and most well-maintained
Buddhist temple in the region.
They have strong ties
with the honchos in central government.
These public servants
make a point of visiting.
What's so important
about another yokel temple?
The monks collect their donations
from these crooks by the truckload.
[Kudo] I follow you.
All of that cash
Just sitting in the temple's vault.
[Senba] That's right.
Which is all fine, if that's it.
If they were just giving them donations,
nothing else, that would be fine, right?
[Senba] This honorable flock
purifies their dirty money
while keeping up
their altruistic appearances.
Of course, the temple
gets a cut for their work.
Money laundering, in other words.
The one thing is
the kid they got to collect the cash
decided to try his hand at being a badass.
What'd he get?
Well over a billion yen.
We do know, though,
where the little shit
is laying low for now.
- [sighs] So, what do you need from me?
- Just bring him in.
If you cops wanted to, let's say,
give that temple the once-over,
I could handle the business side.
- You game?
- [scoffs] Are you serious?
You know my mom just died.
There's a time and place.
Tell me, kid how's that desert sun feel?
- Morning.
- [Kudo] Good morning.
[cop 1] Take a look at this.
- Huh?
- Yeah. Oda Hajime, 29 years old.
Looks like our guy has a record
for selling pot.
- Oh?
- Ah, he's a kid, huh?
Everybody, please memorize this face.
[tense music playing]
Uh, that's it's Oda
Hey. Do you know the guy?
Gentlemen! Got us a search warrant.
- Oh!
- That was quick, Chief.
[Chief] No doubt you're all itching
to start that vacation time.
So let's get this over and done with!
- Sir!
- Yes, sir, Section Chief.
[cop 2] Right, all set?
[cop 1] Yep. Let's move.
[tense music playing]
Oh Might be it. Right up ahead.
[cop 1] Oh, right.
[indicator ticking]
[cop 3] Here we are.
Let's do this. You guys go around.
- Sure.
- Right.
Oi, Kudo! Why don't you duck down?
Yeah But I'm kinda getting a sense
that the, uh, guy's not here.
This is your man, though, right?
Yeah, well, it might be
a little too quiet, no?
- Let's go!
- Yeah.
- [cop 2] Well?
- [cop 3] He's not here.
Ah, shit.
It would appear
our Mr. Oda left in quite a hurry.
[cop 2] He must have known
we were onto him.
[somber slide guitar playing]
[phone vibrates]
[tense music playing]
- What are you doing?
- [yelps] No nothing.
As I thought, there's nothing here.
Oh. Yeah, okay.
Oh, hey.
Camera was watching all night.
- [cop 1] Yeah.
- [cop 3] Yes.
Up there. There's a security camera.
- It might come up with something.
- Oh
[cop 3] Oh, right, yeah.
Maybe we'll see when Oda escaped?
Right. Let's take a look.
- [cop 1] Yep. Sir!
- [whimpering]
[cop 2] See if you can't pull the footage
for that camera. Whatever they've got.
[sighs] What the hell
- Lighting's shit.
- Camera's gotta be old.
Must have been set up ages ago.
- Oh. Isn't it your mother's funeral today?
- I still have time.
What's up? Did you find anything?
No, there's nothing.
Barely any cars or people passing by.
Oh, just a sec,
- Something just went by. Pause there.
- [taps key]
Yeah, that.
- Huh. One more time.
- [cop 3] Yep.
[cop 2] Huh? What was that?
Something scared the driver, huh?
- Uh
- [cop 2] Once more.
[taps key]
- When is that?
- Looks like two days ago.
It's raining pretty hard.
- [cop 2] Let's see the license plate.
- [cop 3] Sir.
- [cop 2] Zoom in closer.
- [cop 3] Okay.
- [cop 2] More, come on.
- [cop 3] Okay.
Is that a three?
Or it could Uh
- An eight, I think?
- Nah, that's a three.
- It doesn't join on the left.
- [cop 2] Yeah.
What the hell?
- Shit, I can't make it out!
- [cop 3] We're gettin' nothin' from this.
- God's sake.
- Well, I should go.
- I got the funeral. Uh
- [cop 3] Oh.
For my mother.
[Misako] Looks like he's arrived.
Hey! How can you show up so late?
- I had work.
- That's no excuse!
What is Where's your car?
How about Mina? Where's she?
- Your colleague is looking after her.
- Eh?
- Make sure you thank him later.
- Thank who?
- Doesn't matter, just hurry up.
- Huh?
Hurry up!
[phone vibrating]
[Yazaki] You seem relaxed
for someone who just killed a man.
Who are you, pal?
You are finished, my friend.
Is this some sort of joke?
I should just hang up.
Hang up and I'll tell them.
About the corrupt cop who
ran over Oda and hid the body.
Isn't that so, Yuji Kudo?
Were you
spying on me?
Oh I saw it all.
So you think you know
where I buried a body, is that right?
[Yazaki chuckles]
But of course.
Bah, you asshole!
What do you think,
I'm stupid enough to bury a guy?
Oh, make sure your ass is prepared, eh?
To get a sweet taste of my boot heel!
You don't fuck with me!
You punk! You think you're smart?
- [Kudo groans]
- Dirty fuck!
[Yazaki] Stay down!
Oda, got it? Oda!
[ominous music playing]
I want to know where Oda is, you fuck!
Hey, asshole! Huh?
I know you put the body in the trunk.
Come on! Tell me!
Where is he?
- [groaning]
- Where did you hide him?
Tell me! Tell me!
[yells] Tell me! Tell me!
[both gasping]
- Okay listen, okay?
- [coughs]
- Huh?
- Huh.
If you don't give him to me,
your daughter is gone.
Bring me Oda 5:00 p.m. today.
Got it?
[Kudo groaning]
[female voice] Your call could not be
completed as dialed.
Please wait for the tone,
then record your message.
When you are finished recording,
press one.
To erase your message
and record a new one,
please press the pound key
and wait for the tone.
Oda, pick up the phone.
Do what I say and we'll cut a deal.
Your message has been recorded.
[man] That idiot Oda. Guess he didn't know
about the double-locking key card system.
And that the second door can only
be opened with your fingerprint.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, I'll just go.
[man] Mmm
So this Oda ran off with the key?
[Yazaki] Yes.
[man] But he hasn't taken the money yet.
- [Yazaki] No.
- [man chuckles] Well, that's easy, then.
You find Oda,
and then you find the key, right?
Just make sure
it's before the end of the month.
I promised the higher-ups we'd hand over
the money at the start of the year.
They're an important client.
You understand, right?
[Yazaki] I understand.
Use the yakuza if you have to.
Just find him.
- [Yazaki] Okay, sir.
- You won't embarrass me, right?
[ball clatters]
you will be marrying my daughter.
Also, about this bribery thing with
Aihara station.
You can just let that one lie.
Those schmucks are just trying
to earn a bit of extra cash.
[dramatic music playing]
[Senba] Well, what have we here?
Sure it's okay for a guy like me
to see a prefectural cop like yourself?
[Yazaki] Hajime Oda. 29 years old.
We need to find him.
Well, you've come all the way out
to this old yakuza retiree's estate,
so you must be getting antsy, huh?
I need him by the end of the year.
Is that possible?
What can we expect to receive for this?
Ten million.
Ten million yen for this young slapdick.
What on Earth could he have done?
It's better if you don't ask questions.
I hear you.
Don't worry, we'll find him.
[Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 playing]
[door closes]
[operatic music playing softly]
Welcome back.
[Yazaki] Thank you.
Just a few more minutes,
then we'll eat.
I heard you saw my father today?
[Yazaki] Hmm?
I got a call from him.
He mentioned how hard you've been working.
Ah, yeah, it's been pretty busy.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
[fiance chuckles]
- Something up?
- Hmm?
It's not important.
Okay, so.
Can I read my speech to you for tomorrow?
For the reception.
- Of course.
- You may eat and I'll read.
"To Mom and to Dad."
"I am so grateful to have
been raised by both of you."
"As an only child, I used to wish
that I had other siblings."
"But I now realize how lucky I was."
[phone vibrates]
"I feel so lucky.
Lucky to have had all your love"
"To be raised with so much affection"
"When I was ill, I remember how you"
"Even though
you had to move away for work,
you still came back to see me"
"to see me every week,
and it made me so happy."
"Today my name changes
from Yukiko Uematsu to"
"to Yukiko Yazaki, but"
"I will"
being your loving daughter"
"for the rest of my life, I promise you."
"Mother, Father thank you for
everything that you have done for me."
"Truly I love you both."
It's so good.
[operatic music crescendoing]
[ominous music playing]
- [cop 2] It's cold out here.
- [Chief] Yeah.
[cop 2] A wedding at this time of year?
[Chief] Yeah, no one holds a wedding
after the 28th, right?
- [cop 2] Not anyone with sense.
- [Chief] Yeah, I hear that.
[cop 2] Only the elite few can get away
with having a wedding around New Year's.
[Chief] Around here, that elite few
is Director General Uematsu.
And how.
Making a move on the Director General's
only daughter, though
- Yeah! Must be desperate for a promotion.
- [both laughing]
How are we lookin'?
They're tracking him now.
A dog that bites its owner gets put down.
You know what to do with Oda.
- I'm counting on you.
- Yes.
- Really counting on you.
- Yes.
- Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Yazaki.
- Sure.
The hall will be making special handprint
artwork for the bride and groom.
If you could press your hand here.
- [Yazaki] Handprint?
- Yes.
- Oh, right. I remember.
- Yes.
- Just go like this?
- [woman] Yes.
After the bride changes out of her dress,
we will get hers.
- Ah, yes, thank you so much.
- What a nice gesture of celebration.
- Do you want mine as well?
- [woman] No, thank you.
[chuckles] Okay.
- That'll work?
- [woman] Yes. Wonderful.
- Okay, great.
- Thank you very much.
Sorry to interrupt the festivities.
We would like to bring your attention
up here for a special event.
We will be creating some beautiful artwork
from the couple's handprints,
symbolizing their unending love
for one another.
- [applause]
- [sinister music playing]
The meaning imbued in this piece is that,
hand in hand,
the couple will share all their happiness,
and overcome all difficulties together.
So if we can ask the bride first
If we can have the groom next, please?
- Thank you very much.
- [sighs]
Now if everyone
would like to come to the front,
we'll be taking some pictures!
[suspenseful music playing]
[line ringing]
[engineer] Oh, hi, Mr. Yazaki.
Oda is on his way there now.
I'll be there soon.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
[Oda] Actually, he's already here.
- [typing]
- [whimpering]
- I got it! It should work now.
- Oh. You did it?
I I did it, okay? [sobbing]
- You'll never see what's in that vault.
- Nice work, four-eyes.
Uh You mean it?
- I can see your rich clients hating that.
- [girl] I knew you were smart!
[Oda] You're kinda fucked, bro!
Think they'll let you live?
- Hey, Oda.
- I mean Huh?
You must be aware
of who you're screwing with here.
- Huh?
- [Oda giggles] Mr. Yazaki.
It's over, huh?
[laughs] Suck my balls, guy!
[Yazaki groans]
Boy, that's [sighs]
What are you doing, son?
Please forgive me.
If you botch this up further,
it'll all be over for you, and for me.
- Yes.
- You understand?
[Uematsu] Hmm.
I am so sorry.
It's gonna be fine. Let's stay calm.
Yes, sir.
- Now you are gonna kill Oda.
- Yes. Yes.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
- And relieve him of the key.
- Sir.
- You won't screw us again, right?
- Sir.
That's good.
- [laughs]
- [whimpers]
Yeah? Good.
- [Yukiko] Hey, Dad!
- [Uematsu] Hmm.
[Yukiko] They want you in the photo!
Uh-huh. I'll be right there.
[Yazaki shudders]
Do it now.
- You understand?
- Yes.
[phone vibrating]
[splutters] Fuck!
- Yeah?
- Senba here!
Well, it seems luck is on your side,
My guys have tracked the thieving magpie
to his little nest.
That's good news.
Looks like Oda slings a little dope
on the side.
He had a gal from the nightclub
helping him move everything.
So we had her followed,
and she led us right to his spot.
Well, I'm overjoyed.
- And where is his spot?
- [chuckles] Well, I'll tell you.
It's just that
a million's a little light.
I did a little digging on
what we're dealing with.
That's a lot of moolah.
It's quite the tidy sum hiding in there.
Did the girl tell you that?
- We were thinking you could do a billion.
- [splashing]
- How about we say one billion yen?
- [shivers]
Oda might still take it all himself.
[Senba laughs]
Ah don't worry about that.
He's taken care of.
I'll give you a minute.
[tense music playing]
Oh, hey!
Uh Hey. What's good, huh?
- Oh!
- [rain starts falling]
- Shit, what's going on?
- [starts engine]
This was not the deal! Shit, shit!
[tires squeal]
[thunder rumbling]
Where are you, Oda?
Oda here?
Has he gone to get the money?
- Hmm? Where is he?
- [whimpers]
[thunder rumbling]
So he'll come back here soon, right?
- [whimpers]
- Hmm.
[car pulling up outside]
[brakes screech]
Okay, let's go.
Hey, Mayuko!
Bad luck. Senba guys already got there.
They went back on their word!
[Mayuko gasps]
Fuckin' assholes.
[chuckles] Huh? What's the matter?
- [Yazaki] Oda.
- [gasps] Oh!
Only an idiot trusts a hoodlum like you.
So now you can die.
Man, are you joking?
I am not.
- [shrieks]
- [gun fires]
[Oda yelps]
- [groans] You
- [yells]
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
- [yells]
- [panting]
- Oh my God! He's coming!
- [Yazaki growls]
[Oda yelling] Help me! Help me!
[screams] Ah! Fuck!
Hey! Help! [whimpering]
- [wails]
- [Yazaki] Criminal scum!
[Mayuko whimpering]
- [Yazaki] No more games!
- [Oda yelps]
- Hey!
- [gasping]
[tires screech]
[Yazaki] You fucking rat!
[Oda shouts, echoing]
[sounds fade]
- [sounds return]
- [gasps]
[Yazaki panting]
[sinister music playing]
[Kudo] Hey, hey!
Oh shit Where did
Why this now?
Huh? Wait No, this can't be it. No!
He's just put the body in the trunk.
Shit! Shit!
Shit. [grunting]
[cops shouting]
What the hell is all this?
[cop] Get back, get back!
[honks horn]
Good evening, sir.
Aihara Traffic Division. Officer Kaji.
Same precinct, Detective Kudo.
You're a detective at Aihara?
- Internal Affairs. I'm Yazaki.
- Good to have you here.
- Thanks for dropping in on the holidays.
- Sure.
And congrats on your wedding! [chuckles]
Regarding Kudo, uh
Due to his situation,
he won't get out of the hospital.
We'll have to speak with him tomorrow.
How unfortunate.
- Shit.
- [engine idling]
[Uematsu panting]
So, then
You're telling me
that detective took off with the body,
and now you have no idea where it is?
- [sighs]
- [Yazaki] Yes.
When I'm questioning Detective Kudo,
I'll be sure to get that information.
I'm very sorry, sir.
- You empty-headed pen pusher!
- [grunts]
Wish I knew you were such a fuck-up!
- [groaning]
- Of course, I can only blame myself!
'Cause only a jackass hires a moron!
I thought that I could count on you.
That you'd be like a son.
And not a disappointment!
[Uematsu grunting]
I should never have given you my daughter.
I just thought you'd be
a little more useful.
- [wheezing]
- [Uematsu] But enough.
You're gonna leave my little girl, okay?
And you can forget about the promotion.
You might be waiting a little while.
[car door slams]
[Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 playing]
[Uematsu grunts]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[wind gusting]
[gentle music playing]
[Misako] God.
What is on your face?
Leaving the rest to you guys.
- Sir. Uh, Mr Kugayama.
- Huh?
- It's about that car.
- What is it?
We managed to get this
from another security camera.
[Misako gasps] What's going on?
Don't worry. When the funeral's over,
I'll bring Mina back, okay?
What do you mean, Yuji?
How would I not worry?
Are you saying
Mina's been abducted by that man?
- Where is our daughter?
- I got it under control. She'll be fine.
- It's okay. Stop worrying.
- What is going on with you?
[somber music playing]
I I can't even look at you!
[gasps] Wh why is it
[sobs] It's always something
like this with you, you know?
I If something's happened to her,
I'll never forgive you, Yuji.
[Kudo sighs]
[bell rings]
[man chanting]
Misako must be dealing
with a lot right now.
[bell rings]
[Takehara] We will now
be bringing out the coffin.
- God damn, this is heavy. Oh sh
- Whoa. [grunts]
- Okay. You got that side?
- Yeah, I'm set.
- This thing must be made of iron.
- Ah, wait a minute.
[Chief] Sorry, I think I stepped on you.
- [Kugayama] We're okay. Slowly.
- [Chief] Moving my grip.
[grunts] Okay, there's a step,
there's a step!
Okay. Good. Oh boy
There we go. [grunts]
- [Kugayama groans]
- Ooh.
[Kugayama] Thanks.
[Takehara] Mr. and Mrs. Kudo,
please take the bus over here.
[horn blaring]
[phone vibrates]
[Takehara] Thank you, sir.
If you'd follow me this way,
we can head to the waiting room.
Please mind the step.
Hey, Misako, wait, wait
It's it's work.
[dramatic music playing]
No, wait a minute!
I'm a cop.
- Stay right there.
- What's going on?
- Just get to a safe spot outside, okay?
- Oh! Uh
- Just go!
- Oh! Okay, okay! Yes!
What the hell? Did you seriously Shit!
Okay, uh
Uh, I
- [Kugayama] Kudo.
- [gasps]
Ku Kugayama.
Hey, man.
Can you tell us what you're hiding?
This. Looks a bit like
your make and model.
[Kudo] Uh
[Kugayama] Hey.
What are you hiding, Kudo?
I'll tell you later.
Just need a hand first.
[rock music playing]
- [Kudo straining] Crap.
- [Kugayama] I'll go. One, two.
Okay, what the hell is goin' on, Kudo?
- Are you pullin' my leg?
- I wish that was the case.
- Why's he looking for that body?
- Oh, man, your guess is as good as mine.
- Did you give it an inspection?
- Huh?
What the
He's been shot? What the hell?
That tells us he probably died
before you were even there.
What the heck? Who shot Oda?
[ringing tone]
- [Mayuko] Is that you, Oda?
- [yelps]
- [grunts]
- Ah! You're alive! I was so worried!
I've been calling for ages.
Why didn't you answer?
I thought you were dead!
Such a relief.
I was really worried about you!
Where are you now? At the factory?
- [grunts]
- Okay. I'll be there in a minute.
[Mayuko] Hey, you're so late!
Who are What Uh
Wait! Sorry, what?
Hey! Hey! Go away! Who are you? [screams]
[Mayuko grunting]
Look, he ran off with the key card,
I had nothing to do with that!
This is it.
All this for a key card
You'll never get in there
without Oda's prints, you know.
So that's what the body was for.
[Mayuko whines] Come on!
Come on
- [sighs]
- So what now?
I'm gonna get my little girl.
He'll kill you!
Do you have any other ideas?
I will get ahold of the chief.
You need to come up with a plan
to rescue Mina.
And don't do anything solo.
I can deal with this.
thank you.
[phone vibrates]
[Yazaki] Who are you with right now?
I'm not gonna tell you that.
So you don't care
what happens to your daughter?
I need to talk to you about something.
Get out of the car.
Go ahead.
Move further away from the car.
Then I'll tell you.
Wha My God!
You just What did you do?
[gasps] He didn't do any
I wouldn't entertain
any more foolish ideas.
- I'm the one you're dealing with here.
- Oh, my Mina Mina?
If she's hurt, then you're dead.
I'll tear you apart, asshole!
Bring Oda's body.
[yells] Shit!
Hey, what was that?
What's going on out there? Hey, hey!
- [Kudo gasping]
- [Mayuko] Are you going to let me go?
Well, hurry up, come on, come on!
- [Kudo grunting]
- [Mayuko] What?
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, stop that! Get your hands off him!
Are you crazy? What's wrong with you?
[screams] Stop that! No!
- [screaming]
- [roaring]
- [roar echoes]
- [rock music playing]
[Senba] As soon as you swap the body
for your daughter,
no doubt he'll be looking to take you out.
[Kudo] This is impressive.
How old are these things?
[Senba] If it comes to a shoot-out,
you'll be no match for him.
[Kudo] I understand that.
But we've run out of alternatives.
[Senba] Oh, now this reminds me
of the good old days.
Built this with my own two hands.
What is that?
A bomb?
It's got a timer of four minutes.
Back when the yakuza name
still meant something.
[music fades]
[Yazaki] Did you bring it?
- [Kudo] Mina!
- [Yazaki] She's in the car.
- Show me the body.
- Mina, hey!
[Yazaki] Show me you have it first.
[door alarm beeping]
How do I know she's really in there?
Open up, let me see her.
[Yazaki] Get out.
- Papa!
- [Kudo] Mina
You won't get her until I've taken
a good look at the body. Bring it here.
Open the bag.
Into the car. Come on.
- Papa!
- Mina!
Mina, I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry. Let's go.
- [grunts]
- [Mina whimpers]
Got a little time for a chat?
Mina? Mina, listen to me. Listen, okay?
You need to get into that car, okay?
Papa will join you soon. Okay?
[Kudo panting]
[tense music playing]
If I don't come back alive,
the media will be sent
a big report on you, Yazaki.
Senba was kind enough to set that up.
I'm out now.
I brought you Oda.
Now you and I are done here.
[engine starts]
What do you want?
You and me aren't so different.
That's been my theory all along.
Hey, what's the point of being
a detective in a town like this?
Every day, getting summoned
here and there for pennies.
That's no way to live. That's for sure.
Hey, Kudo. [grunts]
Help me out here.
You'll be rich.
This kind of money can buy anything.
Sleep tight.
[door alarm beeping]
- Mina!
- [Mina] Mama!
[Misako] Mina!
[sobbing] You're okay.
I was really worried, you know?
I can't be in this place any longer.
We both deserve better than this.
[somber music playing]
What about you? Where will you go now?
In the desert, there's a lizard.
[Misako] Huh?
The sand's hot, so to stay cool,
it hops back and forth
on both sets of legs.
Doesn't go anywhere,
just stays in the same place.
"Why not get out of there?" you might ask.
But it just stays.
Just goes back and forth till it dies.
Never gets out of the desert.
Sorry I couldn't do right by you
and our daughter.
- Man this year's been pretty full-on.
- [sighs]
Yeah. We got through it, though.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Kudo sighs]
- [lock whirs]
- [gasps]
[music intensifies]
[breathing shakily]
[lights clanking]
- [gasps]
- [music crescendoes]
[Kaji] No pushing, go slowly.
- [child cries]
- [man 1] Hey! Wave at the camera!
- [gasping]
- [woman 1] Did you see that?
- [man 2] It's snow!
- [woman 2] This is so beautiful.
[music continues]
[man on TV] The excitement is rising,
as the start of the new year approaches.
To everyone at home, how has
this last year treated your family?
- [music fading]
- [breathing shakily]
This kind of cash could get me anything.
[squelching footsteps]
[dramatic music playing]
[gun clicks]
[both grunting]
[Kudo yelps]
[Yazaki yelling]
- [Kudo wheezing]
- [Yazaki chuckling]
[panting, grunting]
- [chuckling]
- [gun clicks]
[both grunting]
[both groan]
[both gasping for breath]
[bell rings]
[all] And
- [bell rings]
- [both groaning]
[dramatic music playing]
- Well, the countdown has officially begun!
- [crowd] 13, 12, 11
Only a few short moments to go
before the New Year!
[crowd] Seven! Six!
[music fades]
[no audio]
- [dramatic chords play]
- [cheering]
And so begins the start of a new year!
Happy New Year to you all!
[wind blowing gently]
[gasps and coughs]
- [crackling]
- [whimpers]
Couldn't be helped, Kudo.
I was the source.
Tipped off the weekly papers
about the bribes.
Nowadays, in this world,
we can't pass on as much wealth
down to the next generation.
No longer, though.
Because now now, we've got all the money
in the world, thanks to you both.
Seems like the two
desert lizards tired out,
and died in the heat of the morning sun.
All right. Get the money.
[poignant music playing]
- [child] Happy New Year!
- [cheering]
- All right, okay!
- [man] How do you feel?
Any New Year's resolutions?
[child] Yeah, uh
[groans softly]
[slide guitar playing]
[music fades]
[phone vibrates]
Well, hi.
[Kudo chuckles] Were you asleep?
Anything new?
Uh, just thought we could chat a little.
About what?
Are you really leaving?
- Hey.
- [breathing shakily]
Would you be open to giving us a shot?
[gentle music playing]
Got some nerve, Yuji.
Think we have a good year ahead.
Last year sucked, and I did too.
This year's gonna gonna go great.
Yeah, right. You always say that.
[Mina] Papa?
Papa! Hurry home, okay?
- [Misako] You have your orders.
- What?
Just come home. As soon as you can.
[sighs] Yeah.
I'll see you soon.
[whimpering softly]
[breathing raggedly]
[music fades]
[exhales gently]
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[music fades]
[rock music playing]
[Oda gasping]
Sorry! I'm sorry!
I'll get you your cash!
I'll get it to you this month!
Wait, just hold on, okay?
I don't wanna die!
I'm sorry!
I'll pay you, I'll pay you! Sorry
Hey, kid.
Should break you out of the desert.
[rock music continues]
[music fades]