Hard Night Falling (2019) Movie Script

[mechanical hiss]
Our treasure is untouched.
The most expensive,
privately owned collection
of rare coins
is still ours.
Rossini Enterprises
has based its business
on this collateral that
has allowed us to become
as rich as we are today.
There is no Wall Street collapse
or economic crisis
that will ever
undermine its value.
We're running out of time.
We're always ready. Copy.
I have everything you need.
I hope so.
You already confirmed delivery.
They're all inside.
You can count them
if you want.
No problem.
I trust you.
[man shouts]
[Russian man] Drop it.
I said, drop it.
This is why
I always carry two.
Now walk.
Drop the guns
or I kill him!
I said,
drop the guns or I kill him!
[in Italian]
[Russian man in English]
Walk back.
You drive.
[breathing heavily]
You're welcome.
Drop the weapon.
Can I show you
my badge?
[officer] Where is it?
Back pocket.
Are you gonna stay there
for a while?
-Okay. There.
-[woman] Can I relax now?
You just screwed up
a joint operation
to capture
an international network
of arms dealers.
The screw-up comes
from your office.
We haven't been briefed.
Are we free to go?
[captain whistles]
[man] Are we free to go?
[in Italian]
[clears throat]
[in English] Let me.
May I?
Well, they're not gonna
be selling any more guns.
We'll never get
to their supplier.
What about the clients
who bought the gun stuff?
We should debrief
before you go.
I'll write my report
I've got a marriage to save.
[sighs] And...
My daughter's gonna
be there.
I didn't know
you had a daughter.
Yeah. I haven't seen her
for quite some time now.
Quite some time.
All right.
Uh, how do I look?
Well, good luck
with your wife.
And your daughter.
[indistinct chatter]
Do you always go
to parties like this?
Once in a while.
Part of my business.
Fell two floors.
[women chuckle]
Beg your pardon.
He's cute.
Can't argue with that.
You look lovely as always.
Who's your friend?
my husband's daughter.
And Gabriele.
Gabriele Damiani.
So nice to make
your acquaintance.
Is Michael
joining us tonight?
Yeah, right.
He's working as usual.
I haven't seen my father
in four years, and he still
can't make it in time.
Well, I will see you later.
I've been told that Gabriele
has been hovering around.
If that's hovering,
I'm terrified what
a full-scale attack would be.
Handsome, wealthy, single.
What's the problem?
I'm married.
You're separated.
Meaning, go check if the grass
is greener on the other side.
You and Michael got married
way too young.
-Enjoy this while you can.
-[phone rings]
Ah. Speak of the devil.
What excuse will it be
this time?
Hi, Michael.
Yeah. Diana's here.
-Do you think security
can let him in?
-Do I have to?
Okay. Yeah,
she's right on it.
See you soon. Bye.
Mary. Hi.
Wow, you look great.
And you look
pretty good yourself.
So... [clears throat]
So where's-- where's Diana?
Hi, Diana.
Oh. Hmm...
Wow, you're--
Dad, I missed you so much.
Yeah, I missed you too.
It's silly of me.
It's not silly.
It's not silly missing your dad.
It's all right. Don't worry.
I just wish we could
see each other more.
Yeah, me too. Me too.
Hey, sorry I was late.
I got held up at work.
Look at you. [chuckles]
Wow, you look beautiful.
What happened? You grew up.
You got so big.
Let me see. My pet.
Come here. Come here.
No one's called me pet
in a long time.
Yes. You're gonna be
my little girl.
Shall we?
Okay, let's go.
Let's check it out. Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
if I can have a moment
of your attention.
After two years of strong sales,
continued expansion...
Wait. How old are you now?
What are you, 12? No, 24?
She's 29.
[Rossini] I can safely say
that we have emerged
out of the crisis.
[guests applauding]
Thank you.
Rossini Industries
is investing heavily
in new technologies
to stay well ahead
of these important trends.
Please, sir.
I'm sorry. Excuse us.
Like every one of us,
I like to see...
some profits
of our enterprises.
But on one condition:
respecting the world we live in.
Respect for the environment,
the people, plants,
and animals that live
on this beautiful planet.
This is a major concern of mine
and of our enterprises.
[in Italian]
[muffled gunshot]
[muffled gunshots]
[in English] Come in.
Let's go. Come on, come on.
-[gunmen shout]
-[guests scream]
What's going on?
Sit down!
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
My apologies
for the interruption.
My men and I are going
to be here for a few hours.
We expect your full cooperation.
What do you want?
You, come here.
[Sara] Me?
She stays with me!
You're in no position
to bargain,
no matter how much
you love your daughter.
Miss Sara Rossini, please.
How did you know?
Who told you?
I'm going to ask all of you
to follow my men upstairs.
You'll be divided
in groups of ten
and kept as prisoners
until the end of the operation.
[gunmen shout indistinctly]
[women scream]
Let's go. It's fine. It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
[Mary screams]
Diana. Let's go.
Leave him.
I'm a doctor.
I'm a soldier,
and it suits me to see him die.
You bastard.
Thank you.
You go upstairs with the others.
Take him away.
How do you know about this room?
[breathing heavily]
Give me your phone.
Give me your phone!
Come on.
Come on!
[phone rings]
You screwed it up already?
You have to get the team
down to the Rossini villa, ASAP.
We've got a hostage situation.
What's going on?
Fifteen to 20 armed men.
About 50 hostages.
We need backup.
No. Mary's in there.
What about your daughter?
She's with me.
Copy that.
With you in 20 minutes.
We're gonna have
to get you safe first.
You have to go by yourself.
Go to the village.
Where's your cell phone?
I lost my purse.
Okay. All right.
Here's some money.
Go down, find a hotel,
a restaurant.
Call me when you get there.
All right?
Okay, here we go. So...
You'll be fine, all right?
Talk to you soon.
Lock the perimeter.
[machine beeps, hums]
[beeping continues]
Goro. Two are fucking down.
Did you find the keys?
No, sir.
Come on! I said move!
You stay back. Be gentle.
Doctor? Feeling
like saving someone?
I prefer no women dying
in this operation.
We need a flat surface.
The kitchen should do.
-Yes. Can you get
your men to help me?
Okay. Go.
Yes, sir.
All right, listen up.
The doors are rigged
with explosives.
And don't even try the windows.
Step outside and you're dead.
Do you understand?
Do we have an understanding?
Yeah? Have I made myself clear?
[Mary] She's been shot.
[breathing raggedly]
What's happened?
You've been shot.
[woman] Oh...
You're bleeding.
Am I going to die?
Not if we can get the bullet.
Knives, alcohol,
sharp scissors,
and lots of towels,
lots and lots of towels.
Yes, of course.
I've done it many times.
You're going to be all right.
I've done this lots of times.
We found Ho-jin by the door,
Eito and Ki-nam out
on the perimeter.
But Ho-jin's weapon is missing
and the police might be
on the way.
We knew we'd have to deal
with them at some point.
But who is he?
Don't know. No idea.
Not on the list.
Last-minute arrival.
I'd like to find out
for whom he works.
Come on.
Cop car coming up solo.
[in Italian]
[officers groaning]
Good evening, officers.
[groans loudly]
[captain on radio,
in Italian]
[in Italian]
[Goro in English]
Take him in.
[Bianchi groaning]
Hide the cars.
Maybe more cops are coming.
[Diana] Dad?
[sighs] Are you okay?
Yeah, I found the hotel.
Okay, great.
I love you.
Get Mary.
I will.
[breathing heavily]
[captain] Bianchi?
[in Italian]
[in Italian]
[in Italian]
[in English]
You are going to get us killed.
I don't think there's a sniper
allocated to our windows.
A bluff.
Are you sure?
Pretty sure.
I don't like "pretty."
We can't wait for them
to kill us all, can we?
They would have already done it
if they wanted to.
Not sure.
So that's what you came for?
How do I open it?
The code!
I don't have it.
How am I to believe this?
One hostage.
What are you doing?
A test.
They're going to kill us
one by one.
[on video: gunshot, screaming]
Do you enjoy killing?
We can keep on for quite
a while, but maybe...
Maybe you will be more receptive
if your daughter's life
is at stake.
Seven. Six.
All right!
[lock buzzes, clicks open]
I've been briefed that...
I need three keys
to open the vault.
You had one.
The other two are
in Singapore and in Paris.
But not today.
I don't know who has them.
We have been preparing
for a scenario like this.
I know,
but you do have information
that those scumbags
you call shareholders
may want to trade
for a few coins.
Look. I'll give you 10 million
if you walk away right now.
Ten million?
Wait, wait.
There is 150 under our feet.
Thank you.
No, thanks. Take them off.
I have it. Keep her down.
[both breathing heavily]
Oh, God... That's...
Where's the bullet?
Oh, God.
I got it! I got it.
She's hemorrhaging!
-Put pressure on the wound.
We've got to take her
to a hospital. Push. Push!
-Please hurry!
-Keep pushing.
Keep pushing really hard.
It's gonna take a while
without the other two keys.
Every single guest went
through the metal detector.
Wait. Zoom in on it.
I got it. It's not metal.
I will strip naked
every single hostage
if I have to.
You always manage to get
all the fun for yourself.
Janko, the keys are not metal.
Check the hostages again.
I know what they want
and how to find them.
Where's Mary?
I have to find her first.
We have to join forces.
We'll go find her.
Okay. Let's go.
[automatic gunfire]
Drop the weapon.
Who the fuck are you?
[Sara] Freeze!
It's my time, Dad.
You sell Rossini Enterprises
as a great, conscious,
people-loving company.
But I know what you did
in the Congo, Liberia, and Iran.
I know about the illegal
financing and the child soldiers
occupying the mines.
I know about the fields
in Afghanistan.
It is what paid for everything
you've ever had.
-[Rossini grunts]
Take them away.
Thank you.
You'll be rich.
And I will be in power.
Excessive baggage.
[in Italian]
[in English]
What's the situation?
15 to 20 commandos.
Rossini has a treasure
buried underneath the villa.
How did they secure
the area?
Explosives all around
and sniper on the roof.
But efficient. We shouldn't
underestimate these guys.
Just wanted to cut a tampon.
Cooper, knife?
-What are you doing
with a half tampon?
-[Mary] Cooper.
This thing
was actually developed
in World War I
by a French surgeon
for bullet wounds.
Only later, they realized...
Well, you get the idea.
Cooper, check the wound.
Still bleeding.
[knife sawing]
Hold her, okay?
She may wake up.
-Hold her still. Hold her down.
-[Sophia groans, gasps]
Hold her down. Hold her down!
Hold her... down.
How long?
Without the keys?
An hour.
[Mary] All right.
Just keep a light pressure
on the wound, okay?
Thank you.
[in Italian]
[in Italian]
[in English]
Two armed men walking
out of the main entrance.
They're not in the main hall.
They're upstairs.
It looks like they've been
separated in different rooms.
I've got visual on the sniper.
He oversees the whole perimeter.
I'll have to take him out
before you can go in.
Good luck.
Did you find the keys?
I've got visual on the sniper.
[muffled gunshot]
Sniper down.
[in Italian]
[man on radio, in Italian]
[in English]
Phase three.
In position.
Looks pretty good.
Pretty good.
We have to jump.
We'll call for help.
Okay, okay...
Okay, okay.
[man] Stop!
I love you.
You don't love anyone.
I almost forgot.
Ah, shit.
Good for them.
[man shrieks]
Mary? What's wrong? Her pulse!
Put pressure on the wound.
One, two, three, four, five.
-One, two, three, four, five.
-Come on!
Come on, Sophia!
-One, two, three, four, five.
-Come on. Come on, save her!
Sophia, come on!
Sophia! No!
[Cooper sobs]
[sirens wailing]
Police here.
[sirens continue]
Good evening, gentlemen.
I wouldn't do it
if I were you.
[in Italian]
[in English]
I'm ready for a deal, Captain.
-What kind of deal?
-I'm going to free
all the hostages.
-What do we have to do?
I've concluded my business
with Mr. Rossini,
and it's time for us to leave.
You provide buses
for the hostages,
and once they are loaded,
we'll be gone.
No tricks.
Free five now.
-For good faith.
-That will not be necessary.
I'll execute five hostages
every time you try
to break our deal.
Just think about it.
If everything goes right,
you'll be known as the man
who single-handedly managed
the worst hostage crisis
on Italian soil since...
I'm not sure since when.
[in Italian]
-[Emma exclaims]
-[Mary sighs]
-[Goro in English]
Did you save her?
A casualty of war.
[Mary] What war?
Redistribution of wealth.
You don't strike me
as a Robin Hood.
No time to explain.
[Cooper shouts]
You come with me.
Get it out.
[snaps fingers]
[beeping continues]
Okay, listen.
You're all gonna
be free very soon.
Buses are on their way,
but we're gonna need
to tie your hands
and put hoods over your heads
for this exchange
to go smooth, yeah?
So don't be alarmed.
Cooperate and everything
will run smooth.
[Goro] Behave.
[Mary] Get your hands off me!
[phone vibrates]
Visual on Mary.
The underground site.
They're going down.
Let's go.
[beeping continues]
Come on.
Good girl. Good girl!
[beeping stops]
[Emma sighs]
You'd better run.
[phone vibrates]
Psst. Wait.
Shh. Anybody hurt?
Okay, you're safe now.
I'm gonna check the others.
Stay quiet.
What's going on?
[wet gagging]
[muffled gunshot]
Okay. So, you can
just leave me here.
[laughs] No. No way.
-You don't need me.
-You'd be dead by now
if I didn't.
But I know who you are.
You're the wife,
therefore I do need you.
Go get Mary.
Okay. Got it.
[automatic gunfire]
[breathing heavily]
Let's go.
[officers speaking Italian]
[in Italian]
[in English]
Go ahead, now. Go, go...
Tell him I'm sorry.
My father.
Okay. Let me help you.
I'm sorry.
No, no! Stay with me!
Frank, what happened?
I'm okay.
Just got a bad headache.
But I'm good.
Copy that.
You navigate.
[Rossini groaning]
I'm with you.
Where are they?
Most of them dead.
It's over. Let's go outside.
She said she forgave you.
What the fuck?
You son of a bitch!
What's going on?
Phone Tracker. App on.
Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!
You dumb fucking bitch!
I knew you were a bitch.
Turn the lights off.
Left, left.
Fifty meters hard left,
90 degrees.
Then 100 meters straight,
slight right at the fork.
Stop here.
Hundred meters straight,
slight right at the fork.
This road leads right
to the red spot.
Come! Come on!
Come on, baby!
-[Mary] Let go! Let go of me!
-Get over here.
You son of a bitch!
Fuck you!
Here. Come on.
Not another step. Not one!
Let her go.
Not just yet!
I don't care about the gold.
Just let her go.
Don't come closer!
Bring me your car.
I'll drive down the hill
and leave her there.
[Goro] Come on.
[groaning, panting]
Here you are.
Come closer.
Take the bags
and put them in your car.
[Michael] Okay.
[Goro] Come here.
Thank you.
And now... this is yours!
Oh, God.
[both breathing heavily]
He got away with it.
Do you think so?
A couple of stitches
will do.
I think it will be
more than a couple.
But I'm glad you made it.
So am I.
I don't like
talking business at a party.
And what a party.
Frank, how you doing?
Glad to see you're okay.
So am I.
Okay, okay.
You're okay.
I was so scared.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's good.
[singing continues]