Hard Target 2 (2016) Movie Script

Let's go. This way.
Come on!
Catch you! You do not have to go!
Welcome to weighing tonight!
First in the balance, we have Wes "The Jailer" Baylor!
77 kilos!
Of course, we can not forget her opponent.
You can not fight alone in the ring.
Here we go.
- We Jonny "Oro Solido" Sutherland! - I'm proud of you.
76 kilos.
I'll see you in the ring, miserable.
Get ready, because I'm not playing.
I'll see you tomorrow night!
What a night. I was waiting for this fight. The tension is high.
Baylor va en busca de Sutherland,
y Sutherland va en busca de Baylor.
It is a matter of who wants it more. Baylor or Sutherland. That is all.
Come on, use the blow!
Sutherland gives the first kick. A couple of kicks.
Baylor returns.
Punches, kicks ... knees Da!
It's crazy. This starting faster than I thought.
A leg-and Baylor falls!
Baylor is on the ground.
Sutherland Baylor has a key. He ends the first round.
Return to their corners.
It was full of energy, friends. It was crazy.
Here you have water. Come on.
Bien, friends, here we go. Second round.
Move on!
Get in his head.
- Move on! - Come on, Jonny!
Come on, move!
Move on!
Trying to get out of this.
And Baylor is released, press, loses Sutherland.
Look how these old training partners face.
Stay on!
OMG! A hook to the face of Baylor!
Come on.
Step back, let him place.
Get up.
In your corner.
Yes darling!
Not the first, but definitely missed the second.
You can not leave it to the judges, okay?
Remember to keep the beat. Keep the coup.
Go and do your thing!
Tell me what to do. Tell me!
You have to knock him out. Tear out the head.
Get back there! Come on! Recuperate!
Come on, Wes!
Hands up!
Wealthy, Wes!
Ends with, Wes!
And Sutherland falls!
Come on, Wes!
OMG! Sutherland is down!
Still on the floor. Sutherland still fallen.
And it does not move.
OMG. Somebody help to Sutherland!
Wes, ayudalo!
Want you to know,
that no matter how this ends, win or lose, you're my family.
You will be welcome at the beach house.
The jailer WAS BAYLOR
What beach house?
Which I will buy with the money you earn beat you.
- What if I win? - Then buy me the beach house.
This is to remind you all the time we spent training for this,
and as it was worth. Jonny.
Not as two best friends do this to each other.
Kay, do not worry.
We kill kicks in the gym every day.
The only difference is that we paid for it.
Wes, did not survive Jonny. Is dead.
They are ready?
Ask: Are you ready?
Him Fight!
- Hello. I'm glad to see you. - Me too.
Are you having fun?
I'm glad to see you. Your welcome. Debi get in that fight.
I have just to win $ 3,000.
And they paid me.
Not enough for this shit.
Soy Jonah Aldrich.
- I come from a family of promoters. - Never heard of you.
I'm not in the MMA circuit, and neither these days.
If it's something, I think you treated very badly.
After Sutherland, you deserve a fight for the title.
What happened was not your fault,
and here you are risking your neck for nothing.
It's not fair.
Listen, sir ...
- Aldrich.
- Aldrich.
Do not let me kick your ass up there by Bruce Lee
for you to kill me bored.
Will you tell me you want?
I want to give you a second chance.
- You want to give me a second chance? - If.
I'm putting together something special.
A unique fight in Burma.
The winner takes half a million.
I'm not interested.
For real?
How much happened until a madman
I rip your head?
And for how much? For a hundred dollars and a shot of tequila.
In fact, they are 400 and two shots of tequila.
A fight.
One last check, and you do not have to work more in your life.
Madden, our data give Mr. Baylor.
You will be welcome at the beach house.
What beach house?
Which I will buy with the money you earn beat you.
What if I win?
Then buy me the beach house.
The best view of Bangkok. Sit.
He is hungry?
Is fight promoter or chef?
The sushi requires precision.
It helps me to concentrate. This helps me relax.
Are you calm and focused, Mr. Baylor?
Because, given its history,
kill his best friend would destroy most.
Fill them with guilt and regret.
They could cause even killed in the ring
in a sort of sad and pathetic penance.
You're that kind of man, Mr. Baylor?
I want a million.
Nothing percentages of inputs,
no bonus for winning, and I want cash advance.
Would you like to win, Mr. Baylor?
Clear. What you do not?
Welcome to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Mr. Baylor.
Glad to see you.
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar welcomes your donations.
You're welcome. We are here to help the people.
Come meet everyone.
Mr. Esparto, the most celebrated bullfighter in Spain.
Effective as a slaughterhouse.
It will be an honor to see him in the sand, Mr. Baylor.
The Zimling Texas. Jacob and his son, Tobias.
For the bond between father and son.
You're lucky, kid. My father just had to eat hamburgers.
Shit. Wes're Baylor. The executioner.
My name was in the ring Jailer.
Not after the last fight. My son and I were there.
Amazingly, let me shake his hand.
We are fans.
As I promised, Mr. Zimling. Only the best ones.
Miss. Sofia, heir to the third baron of the world's richest oil.
Takes the hobby of hunting from his father to the next level.
A difficult subject.
They say he likes the punishment.
Sorry Mrs. You're not my type.
I'm the type of all.
Landon Marshall.
You may recognize my face of Wired magazine.
They call me Mark Zuckerberg shooter video game.
I never heard about you.
I did not hear you.
- Where Maduka? - Sleeping it off, probably.
- Very good. Let us begin. - Start it?
What's going on here, exactly?
Where is the ring? Where is the opponent?
And he met his opponents. And the ring ... This in.
260 square kilometers of jungle.
The treasure?
A million dollars in rubies.
If he manages to cross the border, they are yours.
Thailand is over there. Law east.
What is this? A joke?
Is there a hidden camera around here ...?
I signed a contract for a fight without rules, and that is what we will have.
What they will have all.
It's time to find its place in the food chain.
Choose your weapons!
I recommend the crossbow to the true hunter.
- Do not worry. - Hears.
If you change your mind, there will be enough time.
They follow us.
It's all yours.
Yes sir.
A demonstration of what happened.
That's just the beginning.
They face the ultimate challenge.
Cazar his equal on the evolutionary scale.
If you are up to the challenge,
reached the pinnacle of satisfaction as a hunter.
Can I hear a "Shit, if"?
Shit, yeah!
No weapons for you.
Sorry, Mr. Baylor. Madden's right.
But I'll give you something.
Two minutes ahead.
And a bottle of water.
Fill it out when you can.
What the hell is wrong with you?
This is not a fight. It is murder.
No, this Sasria them.
It's a fucking crazy.
Ninety seconds.
This is bullshit, Aldrich. I do not accept this.
Find yourself another piece of meat. I'm leaving.
He's right about that.
One way or another, it will go away. This in you choose.
- There is not much choice. - Of course I do.
You can win
or you can lose.
Seventy seconds.
What's the problem?
You need to ring the bell?
Buena Sera Ksria them.
Mr. Maduka. I'm glad you could come.
Lord Chief Maduka.
My apologies, Chief Lord.
Cameras, phones, any device of video.
They know the rules.
- No calls, but photos? - Make mental pictures, Mr. Marshall.
He is about to join an exclusive club. We do not want to share this with anyone.
In addition, you will experience what can not be captured in a camera.
Let him live here forever.
God, ladies.
You want to fuck or hunt?
Come on!
Get him!
If you are in shape.
Do you do CrossFit? Spinning?
Krav Maga? That I do.
Excuse me while my heart recovers.
Is the pressure affecting you, boy?
Why do not you shut up, man?
160 kilometers east.
Fuck, Aldrich.
The northern border is only 65.
Sprinted 1.5 km, you know we're behind.
you should not like your chances in the open.
Try to get into his head.
Smart boy.
- Quien falta? - Stores.
Please, stop!
Like my toy?
I did especially for monkeys like you.
When we entered the arena,
We do not always leave.
Now you're not so noble, Lord Chief.
They are called hard targets for something.
Oh my God.
For the first time you are hunting something as smart as you.
I doubt it.
- Baylor will not be easy prey. - As it should be.
Ladies and gentlemen, nothing is said. From now, take care back.
And I guarantee you, one of you will have your testicles at dusk.
Wipe your fucking mouth.
Over here!
Be alert. Is near.
White sight!
We are above!
The man has hunted all species on the planet.
What makes you better than?
It's time to find out!
To hell with this bow and arrow.
Like taking candy from a child, Baylor!
Try this!
Well said.
It's Christmas!
Come, let us go. Curse!
You want to fight with elephants?
I stick the first.
You fell in his bathroom and scared. I saw everything.
Aldrich Do you work for?
Who is Aldrich?
Forget this.
Did you see a clock around here?
Here you have.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Some guys are chasing me.
My brother chased him, too.
You've seen?
I am sorry.
I have to get to the border.
The border is not in that direction.
Follow me.
- Baylor is good. I recognize it. - Yeah, maybe too good.
Can we take a break?
Fuck. I will kill myself.
You. Did not pay a lot of money to walk through the jungle.
They came to hunt.
But even good hunters need their faithful steeds!
Well said!
Come on.
How do you know where we're going?
For me, everything looks the same.
My brother and I grew up here.
This was how we got into all this.
Did you put that?
He was told that he was dealing drugs.
And then disappeared.
When someone disappears know the people that are using it in a game.
How did you get your here?
I'm a boxer.
I was told that there would be a fight.
The fight turned out to be a hunt.
My brother is a good fighter, too.
Fight for me and for our people.
The best fighters always have something to fight for.
What is yours?
I love when they take the route of the temple.
- Where did you find the girl? - I do not know.
Let's see if we can charge extra for it.
Tell people that there is another target.
Now to where?
Through the temple grounds, over there.
Then we followed the tracks and the river for a while
until you reach the border.
Railroad track, river, to the border. Thank you. I'm sorry...
- I dont know your name. - Tha.
Tha? Soy Wes.
All right. Thank you.
Thank you very much for your help, and good luck with your brother.
Seguire my own way now.
Tha, listen.
Your life will be much safer without me. Trust me.
The will turn away. Hide!
I saw the girl. We'll have to walk to reach it.
Hears. I love this.
Do you think it is good idea to leave the bike?
Shit. Dad.
I can smell it.
- What are you doing? - I saw somebody.
There's nobody there.
- If. - Cursed clown.
Do you think I'm crazy?
This alla forward.
I hate the damn jungle!
You will not need this anymore.
Do you like the rough stuff? Me too.
The problem is that you never have enough.
I want nothing to do with it.
Tobias! What the hell are you doing?
Come back here, sissy! Tobias!
What the hell's the matter, lady?
There are infinite privileges and side effects
being the only child
one of the biggest idiots in the history of the big game.
All the time and resources to train mind and body for combat.
He just hoped that one day that he could hunt the hunter.
So that it is. Traumas with potato.
Why do not you get a training partner?
Because not count, if hunting is not real.
That is real enough for you?
It does not work, damn! It does not work.
It does not work.
Is dead.
Come on.
Karma is a bitch.
Cover it. This is not good for business.
Is awake.
- Is awake. - Do not.
- What happened? - I do not know.
The woman.
She did it.
You let a girl did this to your father?
How could you?
Your father spending a small fortune to make you grow balls,
and that's exactly what you do, here and now.
You want to kill these people?
- No, I do not want to kill anyone. - Say it.
- I want to kill them. - Stronger.
- I want to kill ... - Louder!
- I want to kill them! - Say it seriously!
I want to kill them.
That's fine.
Maybe we should go back.
Yes it is.
Why do not you run home to your mom?
We came here chasing death.
Do not be surprised if we find it.
He is wrong, sir.
We did not come here to pursue death.
We came to cause it.
Come on, you have to move forward.
I did not mean to kill him.
You had no choice.
No. We always have options.
Look, you have two options.
Or fights, or you stay here and die.
Which will you choose?
Good choice.
You are injured.
- That needs healing. - With what?
Come on.
I know a place.
Show me the wound.
What will you do with your money?
Buy a house search of Tues.
- I try to buy an entire village. - If?
They all left?
The soldiers told us they needed the land.
But one of them was from a nearby village.
We said hunters was paid to the General cleared the whole area.
So they sent us to a border town. It is awful.
You can not make offerings to the spirit of the forest.
So hungry.
And this angry.
Now that Y "wa food, no longer suffer more.
I will return to my brother and my village.
Show respect.
Do you have a position?
- On that ridge. - All right. Bring the boys.
Now what? Do we follow the road?
No, we go through this field.
To the river below the bridge to the border.
Come on.
What's that smell?
- What? - Smells like gasoline.
- What? - Do not move!
Take a drink if needed.
Get down.
They are already here?
Back there.
Come on.
Come on, you bastards.
Here we go.
High! Everybody freeze!
They cornered prey. It is in the minefield, it has nowhere to go.
What remains is practiced shooting. Bring the M16.
- Do not! Tobias, wait! - Die, motherfucker!
Dammit! Someone kills this moron!
Want to die?
Get out of here.
Leave me alone. Run!
I soon found. And when they do, you should not be here.
I will not leave. I know a good place to hide.
Did you hear that?
Anyone here.
Who you are?
- What do you do with it? - Not well.
- It is one of them! - Calm down my friend.
I'm not one of them. I'm in the same position as you.
Okay, trust me. We can rely on.
Those guys are hunting me, too.
Trust me. It's okay.
It's okay.
This way.
Traces come here.
What happens?
I lost the tracks.
I lost the signal.
I will do it.
Camp here, people.
Why are you so interested that watch?
I got it from a friend.
It reminds me of something.
Something good?
Not really.
Come. Let me look.
Tomorrow we will cross the border.
And then what?
Then I'll leave.
It is what you want, right?
You should get some sleep.
Good evening, Tha.
A little burned.
What is this? A bloody summer camp?
Aldrich, how did you get into this business, if you do not mind me asking?
The CIA did not much appreciate my talents.
They said it was too theatrical.
Can you believe it?
So I came up with my own business.
Hunting with a twist.
He became an international success.
The General had rebels to prison in Yangon.
I suggested to help us hunt.
I agree.
Like prisoners will die, right?
Why not have some fun?
Let them loose in the jungle, we pursue,
and we put up the business from there.
You make good money is earned?
Killing is better.
The army was not enough, right?
I was never in the army.
No psychiatric evaluation step.
Fags thought it was too crazy.
They were not mistaken.
Jonny! No!
Who is Jonny?
Jonny was my best friend.
Both had chance to win the title.
They wanted we fought against each other.
They offered more money than we would never have had,
so we did.
I wanted to win.
And I did not want to leave it to the judges,
So look to knock him out.
Hit him so hard that never woke up.
It was an accident.
You did not want to happen.
But step alike.
Glad to see you again, Win.
Appropriate that we found them both here.
The Japanese killed 100,000 workers to build these roads.
They died of starvation,
fatigue, dysentery.
Many were beaten to death.
Where is Wes Baylor?
I killed him.
By rubies.
You killed him?
I was not sleeping.
I do not think so.
Shut up.
Do not kill anyone.
I'm just a fucking game designer. Do not kill me.
The Japanese killed 100,000 workers to build these roads.
They died of hunger, exhaustion.
- Move on. - If.
I saw a Burmese soldier do this.
At the distance of a bamboo.
I need four strokes to cross the neck.
I do not think you last more than two.
Do not! High!
Do not do it!
Where is Baylor?
Please! Enough!
- Where is Baylor? - Do not! Please!
And Dejelos.
Why do you care? They stole your pay.
Yes, the retrieve.
Release them.
Release them and step back, or I'll blow his head.
Let me kill him.
- No.'ll kill Marshall. - And that?
It's bad for business losing customers at the hands of Baylor.
It would be a catastrophe if we started to kill us.
Drop them.
Give rubies.
- Wes. - Save it. Go behind me.
Now that Baylor?
These cornered. You do not have to go.
Come on, friend. The game is over.
Please let me go.
- You and Win, go away. - Do not.
The detain and then saltare.
Move on!
Where is Baylor?
- I got this. - I am sorry.
Find me on the river.
Never tell you.
I think you will.
Wes, come here!
Not good.
This guy is ...
Sorry about before.
Do not ever do it. It was crazy.
Los rubies.
Find Sofia.
At least we know where they are going.
They are called hard targets for something.
For the first time you are hunting something as smart as you.
Baylor no sera...
I do not blame you for being angry.
Hail the ass, and I steal?
- We had no choice. - There is always an option.
Rubies are not for me. They are for my people.
If I pay the General, let us return. Stop hunting us.
So I take the rubies.
How I can know if you tell me the truth?
You can not.
But you can choose to believe me.
Take me to the border, and we will be on hand.
Look, I'm not even a hunter. I am a player.
Devuelveme Wall Tel.
I'll call my assistant'll have someone come get me.
the memory card is missing.
Where did this?
I have no idea. It must be that woman.
For real?
A poor villager with bamboo shoes minicamera can buy a $ 1,000?
I said, Mr. Marshall,
no phones or cameras. No recording device.
Yes, we clarify, remember?
As said, I will take it here, in my heart, and my heart is full of ...
- What do I shoot? - Do not film anything!
Enough! Okay, look.
There were a few shots of view, in person.
Of us?
Do we I shoot us?
I was stuck with my new game.
Delivery pressure is crazy.
And the critics ... The guys are ruthless 13 years.
He needed an inspiration.
I know he ruined, I'm sorry.
Do you understand the concept of a verbal contract?
We can retrieve that card. You. Are tough.
It is binding.
And I can drive.
Congratulations, Mr. Esparto.
It is the last hunter.
Let's get that target. I have already sign.
Let's see where they are.
This almost on the border.
I waited. He did this all the time?
What is tracking with this?
He has no honor.
Leave me alone.
I try to control a situation, Hispanic damn fool.
Calm down my friend. Step back.
Was there something you did not understand?
Mr. Marshall brought an imagesetter. Baylor has the pictures.
Images that could not be liked by their fans, or Interpol.
So, will you honor
or you want to Baylor?
Nobody calls me Hispanic. I am a Spanish.
We can not let Baylor reach the border.
Call cleaning equipment.
- Do you think we need? - Call them!
Shit, we can not go through here. Ready? Come on.
Keep low.
How the hell did they find us again?
Wait a minute.
We lost when we entered the cave.
And they found you when you came with rubies.
We never had a chance.
We do not.
But you, yes.
I'll keep this.
The GPS says they're here for somewhere.
They have to reach the border.
Make pay.
Why would you do this for us?
I guess I finally found that fight.
They have to be here.
What the hell? Get him!
Stop him! You can not reach the border.
Kill him now.
Do you hear what I say? The general wants to talk.
- I suppose you want to ask a boat. - No. Something better.
I see them. I'm here for you.
I can see the look in your eyes.
You remind me Murcielago, a famous bull Navarra.
Survived 24 strokes of my spear.
Come on.
Come on!
Keep moving.
Keep right.
Come back to back!
I fight so spirit,
He asked the crowd to spare his life.
Sadly for you, there is a crowd here.
This almost on the border. I do not think we can reach it in time.
The other side is away. Anything can happen.
Let them know the troops.
Tell them to prevent them from reaching the Thai side.
I'm not a bull.
Keep to the right.
On the right. Do not lose it!
Let us on the bridge!
Fuck, Aldrich. I win.
These on the wrong side of the bridge.
You'll have to go through me.
We want to invite to a party in your honor.
Do not break, please.
This was for you.
Aldrich! Let go!
And if I do not do it?
They are called hard targets for something.
You know? You look great in HD, Aldrich.
It shows very well what moron you are.
You have something that belongs to me.
A false sense of superiority?
The memory. Where is it?
This secure.
In my ass.
I'll help you remove it.
I know you're not very bright, Madden,
but you must realize that this is not my ass.
No insults me.
I do not realize what kind of man you are, Baylor.
So I was looking in my brain,
and suddenly I realized that you are nobody.
You're just a wild animal.
What did you do to your best friend.
You left a son without a father, his widow wife.
If I were, I would go mad.
Simply, die. It would capaz de ...
Enough. That's what you want, exactly.
Death is not enough for you, right?
You want to die like your friend, as a warrior.
Give me what I want, and I will fulfill your desire.
Enough of shame, guilt enough.
Unless, of course, you do not have the card.
She is the girl far.
Then the cazare.
But first, do you know that?
I deserve some entertainment. Did they bring the beer?
Baylor, I'll enjoy watching you kick the ass.
Thank you.
So I brought five friends.
Let's see how you disembowel hands.
One, two, three, four types and a little girl?
You, not yet.
You were right about me, Aldrich.
It was not anyone.
I had no chance of redemption, until there was you.
Nothing, son.
Thank God you have been saved. The fighting spirit has returned.
You gave me something to fight.
What do you say, Baylor? Do not chicken out now.
Not bad, Baylor. I thought that will not be nothing.
Damn, Baylor. You're the best.
It's a shame I have to kill you.
Do not do it!
You know how it is, Aldrich.
You have two minutes ahead.
Get up.
Get up!
Ninety seconds.
Sixty Seconds!
You'll have to kill me, Baylor.
Because I have rich and powerful friends.
Do you think you can catch me?
Who the hell you think you are?
You lose.
General, kill this asshole.
I waited!
General, I have the money.
Put down your weapons.
- What did you say? - It's okay.
General, damn idiot!
Thank you.
Would you paid to General?
Thank you, allow us to recover our lives.
Back to the village.
While we help find the lost rubies.
What do you rubies lost?
Those who lost in the jungle.
Would you only gave half?
You're a good man, Wes.
Comprate house near the sea.
I hope you do not blame yourself for what happened.
Wrestlers fight.
The important thing is to find something to fight.
I asked for forgiveness, but I'm afraid I can not,
because there is nothing to forgive.
Thank you for what you did for us.
Love, Kay.
Like let's stay with the beach house.
As I said, pushing the leg back, turn, kick with the shin.
full turn.
Remember rotate the hip to the front.
Rotate the hip.
It's break time, friends.
The boss says it's time the rest.
Turn. Do you see the hip? All the way around.