Harishchandrachi Factory (2009) Movie Script

Harishchandra's Factory
14th April 1911
Yes, correct.
Who was the king of Ayodhya?
I don't remember
what did I tell you yesterday?
Shri Ram!
The one before him?
His father
His father, grandfather...
much before them
Who? Ha... ri...
Listen to me first then write
King Harishchandra,
Queen Taramati...
...and their son Rohidas
were kind-hearted...
...and very popular too
Sage Vishwamitra had
heard all about them
Sage Vishwamitra
was very hot-tempered
- Who is this?
- Saint Dnyaneshwar
Correct. Here's another one
- Who is this?
- Saint Tukaram
King Shivaji
- Who are they?
- We don't know
A priest?
A man with a beard
- We don't know
- He's Aryabhatt a
And he's Jamshetji Tata
- Do we recognize them?
- No
Do we care enough about Science?
- No
- No
Is that why the British rule us?
- And so...
- You teach nonsense
Teach them what you want to
The British rule us
because of your progressive crap
So perform your rituals
and kick the British out
You have no right
to talk about rituals
Why shouldn't we quarrel?
Wait. Don't fight
This program is over.
Father, ready?
On Kurukshetra's holy plains,
my sons and...
...Pandu's sons met. What did
they do, O Sanjay? (Mahabharat)
The demons then
att acked Vishwamitra...
This is Dhundiraj Phalke's house
He's looking for him
He's out
Mrs. Phalke
Greetings, sister. At least you talk
to him. He avoids me
What can I say?
He doesn't listen to anyone.
Not even to her
Crazy fellow
I told him,
I'll invest in his printing press
He won't accept my money
nor will he see me
Where has he gone?
He's performing magic tricks
in the next lane
Professor Kelpha will show you
an amazing trick
Why is he called "Kelpha?"
He has lost it
Babaray, pack up!
And now Professor Kelpha
will vanish!
Hurry up!
Phalke! Where are you going?
Wait! There's another
15 minutes to go
The next performance isn't ready
I'm not feeling well
- Children, sit quietly
- Phalke
In that tram?
Who were they?
Babaray, look over there
Don't call me Babaray.
Call me Bhalachandra
What is it, father?
- Shall we see?
- Yes
Let's leave
Why are you scared?
Look. So many Englishmen
They won't eat you
Relax! Our Parsis and Bohris
are here, too
But I won't understand,
if it's in English
If you don't, we'll leave.
But let's give it a try
- Come on
- No, let's go
We'll look at the posters
and then decide
Listen to the gramophone
- "Picture Palace"
- Is this Jesus Christ?
Yes. You remember
I used to take photographs?
- It looks like a photo
- Yes
Let's see Jesus Christ
It's on tomorrow, you fool. See?
Tomorrow 15th April 1911.
Life and Passion
Today's the 14 of April 1911.
This is showing
- Thank you. Want to see it?
- Yes
- How much?
- Two annas
- You have the money, right?
- Yes
How beautiful!
Now let's see
Take off your towering cap
Couldn't you have reminded me
about my cap?
What's this?
I'm really frightened
Don't be frightened, my dear
It's a picture. Nothing is real
- Really?
- Don't worry
- Oh my God!
- Don't run!
Why so late?
I've only cooked rice
You forgot to buy vegetables
He fainted and fell
I told you not to take him with you
He's just recovered from a fever.
Come here
- Give me back the money
- What money?
You didn't buy the vegetables
But I did buy him medicine
Where is it?
Where is it?
The bott le broke
when I tripped on a dog
I suppose the dog gave you a receipt
They're tickets. We saw this today
I was about to tell you
but you started scolding...
So, we lied.
I was afraid of you, Saraswati
What did you see?
A drama on the screen
Photographs. Moving images
Are you out of your mind?
We saw moving animals on the screen
Tomorrow I'll show it to you
Will you believe me then, Saraswati?
- Saraswati
- Now eat!
What are you doing, Dhundiraj?
Brother Shivram
- Brother-in-law!
- Uncle
Quiet! Playing a word game?
You avoided
the businessman again today
I was in a hurry, brother.
Did he come to see me?
Enough! How long can you
go on like this?
You left your government job
You ran a good printing press,
but fought and left
And now people offer
you money but you...
I gave my partner my word...
...I wouldn't start
another printing press
Sure, I fought with him.
But I won't compete with him
You gave your word?
I just don't understand it
You used to live in a nice house.
And now!
Look at the state you're in.
Please tell him, Saraswati
I agree with him
It's me who's wrong
He's the selfless Harishchandra
And you... his faithful Taramati
And we are Rohidas!
I know the story, too
I'm going
Did you come here
only to admonish me?
Yes! It's late.
Your wife is tolerant.
Mine is tyrant
Will I understand?
What's there to understand?
Just keep your eyes open and watch
- Don't get angry
- Do I ever?
- Stop it!
- Mahadev...
What do we do now?
It's starting
I want to pee.
- Again?
- Yes
What is the Marathi name
for this thing?
It's like photographs.
Photo serial?
No. A drama on the screen
Or moving pictures?
No. Pictures moving
- Let's play in the water
- All right
Saraswati, I'm thinking of
starting printing again
That's good
You saw Christ today
Would you like to see Lord Ram
and Krishna on the screen?
I'd love it
Then let's make it happen.
We'll create a screen drama
But you were talking of printing
It's all the same.
It's a kind of printing
Then it's fine
You go home.
I want to see that machine again
- But...
- There's one last show
Come down. Hurry
I am Vishwamitra.
I've heard a lot about you,
Truthfulness, generosity.
Very good
Say it dramatically!
I am Vishwamitra
Taramati, Rohidas and I
are at your service
What do you command, sir?
I'm going to test you
Like at school!
Not that test, you fool!
A test of character
And don't spill the beans yet
You'll get it in the end
Donate your Empire!
It's yours
- Donate two baskets of gold
- Donated!
But we've given you everything
How can we give you gold?
The last 57 rupees
It won't even be enough
for the basics
It's 59 now
Aren't we also short of rice?
- Do you want my jewellery?
- Not yet
Don't you think our house
is stuffed with things?
Saraswati, you have to be strong
Don't be sad. It's part of life
What happened?
We heard about the cupboard
Cupboard? You're behaving
as if someone had died
Idiots! Granny, nothing serious
has happened. Go!
Why are you crying?
I'm not crying
They were grieving so much,
so I also felt like crying
Go away!
All of Taramati for 4 annas!
I heard about the cupboard
I'll invite you for the last rites
I don't understand what's going on.
Poor Mrs. Phalke!
What can we do?
Why are you shouting?
We're selling one another
Please. Carry on
Finish it.
My friend is waiting for you
What is this? These are our friends
- Let go of me!
- Stop him! He's running away
Phalke, listen. Wait!
They drugged me
and took me to a mental hospital
- Don't be angry
- Am I angry?
We did what any
good friend would do
Did you expect us to do nothing
about this craziness?
Why are you doing this?
Especially when you can't afford it
- Remember Godhara?
- What?
- You told me yourself
- What?
About your photography business.
It closed down in two days
Now you want to start
a moving photographs business
I closed it because of rumours
They said a camera sucks
the very life out of a person
- Rumours! Spread by people like you
- Like us?
Never mind.
Your business went bankrupt
And now it's moving pictures
What can we say?
He's gone mad
I am not mad
You're scaring the children.
Don't shout!
Babaray! Mahadev!
- Let's get something special
- What?
Let's do something special
before that - What?
Professor Kelpha's amazing trick
At least tell me
what you're about to sell
- A bird.
- Bravo!
Giant eye!
Great! It's a miracle
Open the door
- Granny is scared
- Don't laugh.
So that's it, is it?
Rubbish! Come
What is it called?
Black magic
This is only a toy
They show moving pictures
from a real machine
Where's that?
In theatres and tents.
It's like a play on the screen
- On the screen?
- Yes
- Phalke, you want to do this?
- Yes
Why do people make plays?
Right! No one has asked
that question before
We're under British rule
and he's playing with their things
He'll get arrested and sent
to Mandalay prison. Like Tilak
And you'll sell tickets
for these shows?
How else can I get
my money back?
- How much will it cost?
- Thousands
It won't make any difference
if they aren't made
People watch because
they are made
I don't have thousands.
But you can have ten rupees
It'll save a few household things
Don't do it, Phalke
Go on, Uncle
Uncle Pathan,
have you seen my father?
He's a regular. So I let him sleep
He looked unwell
Wake up, father
I can't see
It's dark in here.
Let's go outside
Get up, father. Easy
Come on
I can't see at all, Bhalachandra
Father! Come
Be careful
- I've lost my eyes, Babaray
- No
I'll get a job, father
Then who'll make the screen drama?
You can tell me
and I'll instruct everyone
The drama will be made.
But first apply the balm
Mother will do something
Get up, father
Stop crying!
Tell me where your brother went?
- Why didn't you wake me?
- Mother!
Where have you...
Doctor, look at this.
We want to make a screen drama
Can I?
What nonsense!
You've lost your eyesight
So what?
Do as I say. And I mean it
Will it be possible then?
Yes. You're not completely blind
Even a drunkard can be cured...
...do something for him
Eyes can be cured.
What about his head?
Is this the way to talk
about a blind person?
Don't be angry
Am I angry?
Don't shout. It's bad for you
That's exactly what they want
If I lose my eyes,
I can't make a photo-drama
And then their society
will be safe and sound
They don't care if our country
will lose a good business
- Calm down
- You're conspiring with the British
Conspiracy? And this old Granny?
Calm down. Nothing is wrong with you
No matt er what,
I'll make a screen drama
Is that why you want
to regain your eyesight?
Not for the litt le one on its way?
What a way to announce good news!
Great! Then take care
of all the children
Follow the instructions. See you
I get it. But what can we do?
Saraswati, I think a white man
has done some black magic
Granny, it's no black magic.
It's an infection
Don't shout!
Take your medicine
Saraswati, can you tell me
your news again?
I didn't hear properly
Cursed me! I am accused
of killing my own son
And I am supposed to behead her
How much more will destiny test us?
A character test!
- Be quiet!
- You die
Your Highness, behead me
No! My head instead
Sever my head - My head
- I wore a sari
- But I'm a real girl
What are you doing?
Later. First get me the medicine
- You can all go
- All right
Is that a game?
Beheading each other!
Which one is for what?
I can't remember
You've started again?
The doctor said there's
no danger now
Don't strain yourself
Saraswati, aren't we so in tune?
You have a baby moving inside you...
...and I have a moving picture
inside me. We're both pregnant
No point in studying anymore
Now it's time to put it
into practice
But how?
I must go abroad. To London
I must.
There are no facilities here.
And the money?
How much?
Ten thousand
- To get to London?
- Yes
Do your eyes work well enough?
- Yes
- And your head, Phalke?
That can't be cured, Nadkarni
That's why I like you. We'll see
if we can fool my father-in-law
Why must you do this?
No one has a clue about it
There's a first time for everything
But we already have plays
with live actors and live music
Who is going to watch
your dumb pictures?
My insurance policy as security
Go on
And go to hell
And good luck!
All that's left is your jewellery,
once that's gone...
...he'll sell you
and the children too
That "Harishchandra"!
Is "Harishchandra" an insult?
Who is this?
She comes here every day
When your husband is done with it,
can I borrow it?
No need!
He'll probably be staying
with this dame in London
Be quiet! How is he travelling?
By the morning boat
Give it to me
We'll photograph the newborn
with a London camera
I'll still be on board
when the baby arrives
- Come on
- Let's go
Take care
Get me a nose-ring from London
Mine is broken
Let's go.
We're gett ing late Hurry up!
This is happening all because of you
I wanted you to see me off. Alone
If something happens to me,
you have the insurance policy
Never mind that
Don't send me a lett er or telegram.
Even if someone dies
I can't return home at once anyway
You said you knew people there
That was for the family's benefit
I can't speak the truth
all the time, you know
Look at this magazine.
It's about cinema
They call it "cinema" over there.
All I have is their address
- This is my only contact
- Bravo!
So I'll be the only one worrying
about you for two long months
He didn't bother to wait
till the baby arrived
He didn't need to stay for my sake
Work is important
Forgot the umbrella
But we can prepare you something
Are you Marathi?
I'm Marathi, too
- You, too?
- Yes
I guessed it from your English
My name is Abdulla
I'm Phalke
I'll make something for you.
And keep this umbrella
It can rain anytime in London
Feel free to ask for anything
While you're here,
you must eat with us
Pure vegetarian!
What is Harishchandra's full name?
Sleep now, Babaray
Bhalachandra! I'm sleeping
Mr. Bhalachandra. Sleep
Go to sleep, children
Brother, tell me
Harishchandra's full name
Harishchandra Ayodhyekar
- What?
- You're back
Early morning.
The children opened the door
You were fast asleep.
Are you unwell?
I'm all right.
I sleep a lot these days
She does too. She forgot to say
"good morning" to her father
She didn't know
Get ready! Have a bath
It's for you, Saraswati.
We're going out
How would I know?
Your mother is so silly
And as you so desperately
wanted to know... - What?
Your daughter's name is Mandakini
What's this?
I arrived and went straight
to see Mathuradas
I told him:
"I'm starting a new business
I want to use your Dadar bungalow"
And he gave it to you?
That's where we're moving. Hurry up
Too many shocks in a day.
Is everything packed already?
What had I left to pack anyway?
We'll come to see your play.
In the theatre
We'll start saving money
from now
And if you save a lot,
you can pass it to me
Have to make drama first!
Goodbye. Let's go
How will we play the drama?
- Come to our house
- It's huge
Come on, let's go
I believe Dadar is a jungle
No people live there
This wild animal will love it there
The equipment will arrive
very shortly from London
What about the money?
The ten thousand rupees
are almost over
We need to surprise people.
Money will follow
Will people like it?
Absolutely. Don't worry
The train...
Take the railways...
no one boarded a train at first
They were scared.
They called it an iron demon
And now just see
People will get used to
the pictures too
But we haven't decided on a story
Yes! Ram
Lokmanya Tilak
But he's still alive!
Are we supposed to make a play...
...based only on dead people?
We need a story that
everyone will like
It should reflect our culture
What is culture?
No one asked me
King Harishchandra
and Queen Taramati! Are you home?
- Uncle!
- Brother!
That's it. Harishchandra!
What brings you here?
- How are you?
- Fine
- "Harishchandra"
- But I'm Ganesh
I know.
But how about "Harishchandra"?
We've enacted his story
I know his whole story
Me, too
Me, too.
But I'm here to see my niece
Have something to eat first
The story first! Forget it.
I don't feel like eating
I've heard a lot about
your new venture
People gossip!
I know
They call me Harishchandra,
as if it were an insult
So let me show them
the real Harishchandra
My friend tells me a play
based on Harishchandra...
...is a big hit nowadays
In Marathi and Urdu
That sett les it!
How is your theatre company?
Doing well
I saw a screen drama today
I wanted to see what you were up to
And the judge's verdict is?
It isn't madness at all
Tell me, I'll get my theatre troupe
to come here
It's here
Careful! Take care
Bring me a war horn that
I'll blow with all my might
Mother passed. I failed.
Now no matt er what...
...our work won't stop
But alas! There's no money
It's impossible to eat this
It isn't that bad. Finish it
Don't behave like that
in front of the children
What if they start wasting food too?
Reap what you sow
They're good boys
I've sown only good things
- Yes
Except for today's dinner
On the contrary I've sown
many things in this meal too
Raw wheat, raw rice, raw peas
A plant will grow out
of Mahadev's navel
Don't make him cry
Not from his navel. From a clay pot
I'll sow a green pea
You'll abandon your work
and start farming now?
I'll farm a single green pea
The camera and the pot
mustn't be moved an inch
Turn the handle at exactly
the same time everyday
Everybody salutes a miracle
Very good.
- Excellent!
- Unbelievable!
This is Devhare
It was very good. Amazing!
- How was it?
- Wonderful!
It was excellent
Phalke, an astonishing feat!
What can I say?
You're willing to lend me money
But I don't have anything
to mortgage
My friends aren't rich
But we've managed to raise...
...twenty-five thousand rupees
between us
- Right Nadkarni?
- Yes
I understand your position
If only we could mortgage our brains
We'll find a solution
Didn't we talk about my jewellery?
Problem solved. Give it to him
The advance
Sleep, my child
So many women around me,
but I love only thee - Let go of me!
I don't care. She's my wife
He's my brother
I have a sister too!
Please let go!
Now, for an advertisement
Carpenters, washermen,
painters, barbers...
...and actors required
The deaf and dumb are also welcome
But only the fit
and healthy need apply
Two legged creatures like addicts,
tramps and the underfed...
The undernourished...
addicts and tramps...
...need not apply
Have you all read
the advertisement carefully?
Any carpenters here?
Any washermen?
Barbers? No?
Oh no!
No more adverts
Are you deaf?
Go away!
Oh yes!
"The deaf and dumb are welcome"
Can you act?
Can you act?
Well, can you?
Show me
Come. You could be useful
Over there. Some food
No more ads!
What then?
The theatre companies will give us
the right actors
Excellent, Phalke. Amazing.
It's very good
- Did you like it?
- Yes
So, sir?
No, I can't
He's scared
The casting is taking far too long
It's good we've already found
King Harishchandra
To play Prince Rohidas...
Mr. Saney
What about Mrs. Deshpande's son?
According to the story,
Rohidas is exiled...
...and dies at the end.
So Mrs. Deshpande said no
But did you tell her Lord Shiva
brings him back to life?
She didn't want to go
beyond the death scene
She said she couldn't bear
to see her son die
They all say the same thing
Mahadev played Rohidas in our play
He's too young.
Mr. Dabke, if only you had a son
Why the ifs and buts?
You do have a son
Babaray! How could I forget?
- Will I get new clothes?
- Absolutely!
We'll find hundreds
who can play the king and prince
But it's difficult
to find Queen Taramati
I want a woman to play Taramati
Not a man in a sari
It's no joke being a woman
Women don't even go
to watch stage plays
Leave alone acting
How about the new drama company?
Their female impersonators are good
But they refuse to act
in moving pictures
And those who do agree,
demand too much money
Phalke, the casting of the Queen
is taking far too long
Never mind
Don't be stubborn.
Let a man play the role
Why not me?
I don't want a muscular queen.
A woman must play the role
Babaray, drink your milk
Don't even think about it
I've already asked her
How will this art ever be
respectable if you refuse?
Respectable! If I started acting,
who'll feed you?
Respectability or food?
- We'll hire two cooks
- No
Go inside
Just like the first lady doctor,
The first actress of moving
pictures, Saraswatibai
And what about these moving kids?
Plus, you need my help
in developing, printing and camera
Most importantly,
I don't want to act
All right, don't
I want a woman to play Taramati
There's only one way out
You idiot! Give me my money
You cheat! Pay up
No, that isn't it
Will you act in a play?
A "Harishchandra" play
Photo play
A picture! Acting?
She doesn't understand Marathi
The Queen is shy and noble
How much will you pay?
40 rupees a month
That's what we earn in a night!
Come here. Three rupees
You mean a play on screen?
It's a "White Man's" drama
We're making the story of
King Harishchandra
Do what you want
But if I let my daughter act...
...the community will shun us
We'll lose our honour
So what's the solution?
Marry my daughter
and do as you please
Take me. I know about the pictures
Let's go
Carefully! Look down!
Behave like gentlemen
Get back to work!
Wake up!
Leave us
Come in. We will...
Shankar, order some tea
Let's rehearse
He's your husband, Harishchandra
You say: "Dearest, the great guru
Vishwamitra has arrived"
Come on. Speak up
Not there!
Fine. Now try
Dear, that guru... he came...
No, the line is...
Why do you people send messages
through him?
Is somebody at the door?
- Laila!
- Who is there?
- What do you want?
- Laila
You took my girl
and now you question me?
How much did you pay?
I'll pay double
Don't get me wrong
I'm offering her a moving picture
What did you say? A picture?
Laila, you shameless girl!
Acting in a picture?
No, sir
- But the picture...
- I don't want to hear a word
Let's go
Do you want to work
in the pictures?
You're teaching her dirty things
You offered her a role? Forget it!
You stupid woman! Have you gone mad?
Is our profession so low?
Phalke! It's me
Listen to me. Please, sister.
- Sister!
- I know
Black cap! One anna two paise!
You like young boys, eh?
Will you act in a play?
Free Lokmanya Tilak!
Freedom fighter Tilak
must be released.
Free him!
Victory to our leader!
Will you work in a play?
Will I get food?
Take this
That's too much.
They weren't married
We need strong expressions.
Like here
Feel the music. You're good
I had a marriage proposal today
They asked me what I do
- And so?
What could I say?
I said that I act in a play
They asked:
"You must travel a lot?"
I replied:
It isn't that kind of play...
...it's a screen drama"
They said I was mad
I started to explain the camera...
...and they got scared and ran away
How will we get a bride?
People don't understand
what we're doing
You will marry one day, Ganu
You're a nice person, sister
We didn't get a woman
to play Queen Taramati
We had to sett le for Salunkhe
Times are bad. But don't worry
What shall we say?
Where do we work?
Say you go to a "karkhana"
Of what?
Of the pictures
"Picture" is an English word.
It'll impress people
They won't disrespect you as much...
...if you use the English word
"Karkhana..." No. Say "Factory"
Come in
King Harishchandra,
life is full of mishaps
But every mortal must overcome them
"Get lost!" is all you had to say!
But how can I convey the story?
Or Vishwamitra's thoughts?
We'll show cards in between
The audience will read
and understand
Anyway, nothing will be heard.
No sound at all
That isn't possible as yet
Oh yes, it slipped my mind
Let your acting speak,
not your voice
It's no use blabbering
Gajabhau, show more anger
- Should I enter again?
- No. Do it now
Let the music affect you
Enough! Don't overdo it
Dabke, enter!
O Sage...
Did Harishchandra tremble
like that? Start again
Do you want to wrestle
with Vishwamitra?
Be fierce!
Be courteous too
Lower your head. Queen, come here
Why does he have a moustache?
His father is still alive
And so?
Taramati alias Krushna Salunkhe
A moustache can't be shaved off
till a father is still alive
- Isn't Taramati a woman?
- Yes
Then how can you have a moustache?
Some women do
But would the King deliberately...
...marry a woman with a moustache?
My father is alive. He's right here
Bring him here
No food till you get it right
Special food is ready for the ones
who are fasting
I give them an ultimatum and you...
Not over my lines
- Don't get angry
- Am I angry?
- What is it?
- My father
So you're alive
And you'll die
if he shaves off his moustache
No, sir, but...
King Harishchandra
and Queen Taramati...
...were a virtuous couple, right?
- Yes
Wasn't Taramati beautiful?
Like her?
We could get away with it
on the stage, but not on the screen
Then why show a moustache?
It will look as if a man has
married another man
How would the real
Harishchandra and Taramati feel?
Shave it off!
You saved me from sinning
Shave it off
The other "women"
are throwing a tantrum too
Moustaches will go.
Or heads will roll
Fix it with glue
And you!
Your acting must be more natural
Become your character
A King's traits?
Refined and responsible
A prince
A mix of mischief and humility
- Yes
Not just yes. You're a sage.
Do yoga and fast
- What happened?
- It's broken
Show it to me
Why? I have another one
You play Lord Shiva from now
And all the "women"
Sit down!
You'll wear saris from now on
And help in the kitchen
Shave off your moustaches,
but let your hair grow
You five must get used to
having long hair
Where is the fifth woman?
Where is he?
A cigarett e? At your age?
The painter said they smoked
cigarett es in those days
I was only rehearsing
Were there cigarett e factories
in ancient Ayodhya?
They must have had some bad habits
- Actors and addictions go together
- Nothing doing
From tomorrow everyone will exercise
- One...
- One...
Hold it lower
Hold it lower
You'll get used to it
You'll get used to it
Hail to Lord Hanuman!
To the left
Phalke, your film and chemicals!
Put it in the darkroom
Have you developed the film?
Let me first develop the rice
I think you should ask someone
to share your burden
You two are overworked
- That's right
- Where?
Outside. I'm coming
Pradhan, bring me a pen and paper
No one has any technical know-how
First listen. Then write.
"Dear friend, Tryambak Telang...
"I am starting a new business
"If you're still alive,
come at once to Mumbai"
Who is Telang?
A childhood friend.
From Tryambakeshwar
He was a chaste priest.
But my still camera seduced him
Father, a lett er from Uncle Phalke
Come on. Let's pack
What a misfortune!
What a misfortune!
Hold her carefully!
It's me, sister
Brother Telang? Come in
A woman has fainted
I see! Saney, please
Get up! Faint somewhere else
Is this a place to rehearse?
Please come
Be careful
Let's go outside
Where is he?
- He's inside. I'll join you
Repeat after me...
Go inside
No, later
Look who's here
Salunkhe, your medicine is ready
What's all this, Dhundiraj?
A play! Meet Salunkhe
who plays Queen Taramati
Bless the poor boy
Not boy, girl!
Never forget you're a woman
So many women!
I wonder what's going on
Professor Kelpha presents...
A Williamson. Moving pictures
And from today you take charge
Influence of social reforms!
Please, stop!
Aren't you going to take
the photos tomorrow?
Are you packed?
Absolutely. Is there enough light?
We'll see
I'll join you later
You won't get anything at Wangni
Saney, keep this money for now
I'll bring more!
Get everything arranged
before I arrive
We'll start preparing on the train
We're at Wangni. Let's get down
We're here. Come on
- Be careful
- Have you got everything?
Yes. Let's go
I shall tear the heavens apart...
Saney! Tryambak!
What's happened?
The police have arrested everyone.
I managed to hide
Father, save us
They had swords and spears.
Bandits robbing in disguise
- Is this your gang?
- No, Inspector
But do bandits usually
carry cameras?
This is a camera. To take pictures
- Have you seen a photograph?
- Yes
We're photographing a play
He's a member of our troupe.
Come, Shankar
Let's perform for you.
We aren't bandits
Come on. Move the table
- Put it over there
- Come out, everyone!
Easy! Wait here
Tryambak, put the camera over there
This is the scene
where Lord Shiva appears
Yes, I appear
Tryambak, ready?
- Dear...
- The camera is here
I am enslaved to duty
- Stop, my King. I am pleased
- Are you watching?
did the test satisfy you?
Enough! He's a perfect Lord Shiva
My mistake
Everyone, understood?
Take your positions
Hurry up! Ready? Start
I am enslaved to duty.
Forgive me, my beloved
No one move
Lord Shiva, on this mark. Got it?
On screen it'll look
as if he appeared from thin air
Ready? Start!
Stop it, King. I'm impressed
Hold the axe right
Stop it, King! I'm impressed
Aim accurately. Start!
Stop it, King! I've caught it
Who'll say the next line?
The real Lord Shiva?
Be quiet!
Dhundiraj, what about
those jackfruit trees?
Didn't they have jackfruit trees
in those days? - Jackfruit?
It's the story that's important
That's true
Listen to the calls of tomorrow...
It's jammed
The manual
The upper wheel's screw?
The gear belt? The spring?
It's turning. It's working
Start again
Bring me such a war horn...
Is the pyre ready?
The next scene has
Rohidas on the pyre
- Remember?
- It's ready
Are you ready?
He's playing Rohidas
Uncle, he's hurt
- Babaray!
- Let's stop
What time is the next train?
Wait. It's nothing serious.
Put him on the pyre
The sun is sett ing
We must finish today.
We can't come back
Do as I say. Lift him
Quick! Bring him here
Mind the sun's direction
The sun's over there
We couldn't have come back
you know...
And I wouldn't have died
of a tiny wound
I've checked the whole film
And it's completely...
...perfectly printed!
But it doesn't end here
We have to take it to the people
If they like it, a business
gets established
Victory to moving pictures!
At least, they can't say even
a stray dog didn't show up
The advertisement
was prominent enough
3 May, 1913 Day One
- "King Harishchandra"
Let's start the show. Come
There are more actors than audience
Never mind
Now it will start
- Excellent
- Congratulations!
should we re-do some scenes?
The numbers are pathetic.
The numbers are pathetic.
Five shows. Fifty-seven tickets sold
Fifty-seven tickets.
And one "very good". Not bad!
What shall we do?
The first Indian picture ever!
"King Harishchandra"
What is a picture?
It's 3/4 inch wide and a two-mile
long strip of photographs
That long?
How many pictures in a strip?
57,000 moving pictures
Day Three
Day Five
Another idea
Watch "King Harishchandra"
at the Coronation Theatre
A lucky ticket wins you
a nine-yard sari
A lucky ticket wins a nine-yard sari
Day Ten and the Last
Shows Extended
The 23rd day and truly the last/
Releasing in another theatre soon
Calm down!
What's next?
"Bhasmasur Mohini"
"Bhasmasur Mohini"
Running houseful.
The demon Bhasmasur turns
to ashes when touched by Mohini
Now presenting "Satyavan Savitri"
The loyal and brave Savitri
She rescued her husband
from the claws of death
Long live Tilak!
Tilak has been set free
Europe on the brink of a big war.
A very big war
Indian pictures go beyond
the seven seas
Phalke's pictures in London. Buy!
Savitri with a moustache.
A grammar mistake, too
- Shall I carry it?
- No, we'll manage
Let's go
Babaray, you hold her
I didn't recognize you
London people offered
me a lot of money
I'm glad you refused.
Did they want you to stay there?
Yes. A film industry
must be created in India
- What use is it if we work there?
- We'll carry on here
"Phalke!" Four annas.
"Phalke!" for a quarter
So that's how much we're worth!
Why do you call these toys "Phalke"?
Because they move! Moving toys!
"Phalke!" Four annas.
Four annas only
"Phalke!" Four annas.