Harkara (2023) Movie Script

'This movie is based on a true story'
'Some incidents, characters and period of time
have been changed according to the story'
'Some characters are purely fictitious'
'No animals or birds were harmed
during the making of this film'
'Animals and birds were filmed after obtaining
approval from the concerned authorities'
'Our folk deities born of shedding blood
are dominated by other religions'
'Their legends survive only in villages today.'
'In such a village...'
What an awful nightmare!
'No one is out here'
What's wrong with you, lady?
How can you, sir?
How can you sleep so soundly
like a monkey lying on its stomach?
I need Rs 500 urgently, sir
- Take it out and give me
- Money, huh?
What are you asking?
Forgot, eh?
How could you ask me this, sir?
Didn't I give you
my savings for safe keeping?
This man is happily yawning!
Savings, huh?
Aiyo! How can you ask
at this unearthly hour?
I open the post office only at 9:00 a.m
Go home, come back in the morning
No, sir, I have to buy food for my Selvi
Only if I leave now
I can return before she wakes up
- Listen
- Please give me
Will you wake me up at midnight
just for buying snacks?
I can't give now, go
I have rules to follow
'What rules, sir?'
Pain in the neck is here!
She is asking you
her own savings, eh?
She saves it in your post office
to use when there's a need
Just give it to her, sir
Hey! You think Govt officers
don't have a life of their own?
Do you know legally I can't
touch anything at this hour?
How is this fair, sir?
A lady has come all this way at this hour
just because it is an emergency
You are churning out some rules?
An offspring who doesn't help parents
in a crisis or money not spent when needed
...are worthless, sir
Simply open the locker
and give her the cash, sir
We can face the repercussions
'I think they keep an alarm to wake up
just to give me a hard time!'
'He's new to the job, right?
We have to teach him the ropes'
This is another nuisance!
'Imagine having Pearl
as a donkey's name'
'This wretch is named
after Goddess Sellayi'
'I insisted on a Govt job
More fool me!'
I should slipper myself
You have only Rs 250 in your account
You want Rs 500
How can I give you?
Selvi is about to deliver
any moment now, sir
Only if I buy her what she wants
she will give birth to healthy babies!
Oh gawd! Are you deaf or what?
I can't give you more than
what is in your account
'Hey postman!'
'Is that girl going to run away
from our village with your money?'
As if she won't return it
Give her the cash she asked
This cash is like sugarcane
fed to an elephant!
- No chance she'll return it
- 'Why are you naive and soft?'
- 'How can I be rude to the officer?
- Didn't I ask him forcefully?'
'Old man, I asked him first'
Fine, you are taking excess cash
But I must make an entry
where I can get signal-
'May you be blessed, sir
I'll see you later'
Right, sir
'My wife will yell at me
See you in the morning'
'What's done is done
Switch off the light and go to sleep'
The British shouldn't have
given you freedom, I swear!
Hello, sir
I'm Kaali speaking, sir
Postman from Keezh Malai
'Yes, Kaali, what's the matter?'
What do I say, sir?
These people give me hell here
I am asked to do everything
other than a postman's job!
- I must walk miles to cal-
- I went to the office to see you
- I was told you are here to make a call
- Sir, 1 minute
'That's why I came here to see you'
Hello, sir, can you hear me?
- Yov! Sit down
- Okay, sir
- Yov!
- Sir
What are you doing here?
Go over there and sit
'Crouching near my thighs!'
'I am trying to somehow request him'
'This man is biting my head off'
'Tell me, Kaali'
I can't get along with them, sir
They don't let me do my duty
They use customs and
traditions as lame excuses
They glorify their family deity Madeswaran
- 'I can even adjust this'
- Hey! Slow down
Sir, they wake me up at midnight
wanting money to buy snacks, sir
This village is backward
by 50-60 years, sir
Save me, sir
Please get me a transfer, sir
Why are you blabbering?
It's just 1 month
since you joined duty
Why do you need a transfer so soon?
'Isn't this your 1st posting?'
Er... yes, sir
Only if you work there for some time
can you even think of a transfer
This village doesn't even
need a postman, sir
'Help me sir, please'
Kaali, don't bug me
early in the morning
Who doesn't have problems in this world?
See if you can handle this job
If you can't do justice
Write a voluntary resignation letter
and go your own way
Aiyaiyo! Sir
Please don't say that, sir
I am 33 and not even married yet
My parents are bride hunting
based on this Govt job
I can't dance to your tune
Govt runs post offices
for the welfare of the people
If you sit there getting paid
and claim you find it tough
Aren't those living there
for decades human beings?
'That post office has to be shut down
if whoever comes there keeps cribbing'
Sir, I didn't mean that
'Signal gone!'
'Finished his call'
Sir, I wanted to ask you right then
In Aadhi Malai-
Can't you be patient?
What's your tearing hurry?
You seem to be in a bad mood now
I'll come back tomorrow
'I am truly jinxed'
Whatever it is, tell me now
Instead of knocking at my door
in the middle of the night
Come with me
To the west over there
Have you heard of a hamlet
called Aadhi Malai?
- A hamlet on top of that mountain?
- Yes, sir
It has about 10 dwellings
A well-built gentleman like you
lives there by the name Mookaiyan
He will be as tall as you, sir
I am thinking of asking
his granddaughter as bride for my son
Feeling shy?
If you discreetly enquire
about that girl and tell me
I can get my son married by January
I'm asking this out of curiosity
Do I come across as a lunatic?
Why are you over reacting, sir?
You are educated and well-informed
Only you can let me know
It is after all for a good cause
The previous postman was the one
who fixed my wedding
Don't be upset, sir
This is why I said I'll see you tomorrow
Look how your temper
has made you cry
If you like, shall we find
a good bride in this village, sir?
Is he home?
My sweetypie
- What are you doing?
- Has he come?
Has the postman come?
- Are you rinsing your sari?
- Has he come?
No, I'm grazing my cows!
- Oh god!
- He has come, go and ask him
- Sir
- What are you doing?
Postman, sir
Wait, sir, I have been
waiting for you from morning
You are slithering away
like a sand snake
Has Mariyammal got a letter
at least today, sir?
Come in
It is only 1 month
since I joined duty here
You have come 50 times till now
If you get a letter, I will
bring it to your doorstep, man
Why are all of you
torturing me like this?
Let go of my towel, sir
Mariyammal has sent
a petition to the Govt
Clock is ticking
Days are moving speedily
'For the poor and needy like us
you are our Govt, sir'
'You are sitting tight here
like a lump of tamarind!'
Mariyammal hasn't got
any answer only because of you
Won't everyone be happy
if she gets a reply, sir?
Why are you bringing the roof down?
I am just inches away from you
Lower your tone
- Tell me, what is your name?
- Idikki
Mr Idikki sir
I swear on your family deity Madeswaran
If Mariyammal gets a letter
I will deliver it personally to her, okay?
Sir, if you had told me this earlier
why will I come up and down so often?
Is it some kind of sacred vow?
'Coffee seeds'
'I had spread out the seeds
to dry, what if it rains?'
Postman sir, don't forget
You've sworn on our family deity
Treat this as priority
Otherwise our Madeswaran
will spear your eyes out
'If you lose your sight
you won't get a bride!'
Wait, man
I haven't got ready yet
I don't know how
these clowns spring up
[Malayalam] Cheta, stop, I want to pee
I can't stop here for too long
- Vanakkam, sir
- 1 minute, urgent, I'll be back
- Come back soon
- 'Okay, cheta'
Should I walk so far just to get this?
Can't you drive up to
the post office and deliver it?
I've taken a vow
not to look at those villagers
And you want me to break my vow!
Why are you so mad with them?
Not some world war, sir
I made a very small mistake
The villagers exiled me
for that trivial matter, sir
- How can you park your jeep here?
- Collector's orders, sir
Or else, is it my fate to serve
those hill tribe savages?
All of them are arrogant fellows, sir
Okay, see you
I have given it to him, take it
Cheta, stop
- Cheta, wait
- Hurry up, I have to go up till Munnar
Wait... I am coming, 'etta
Don't leave me behind
'Mariyammal has sent
a petition to the Govt'
'Collector's orders, sir'
Ma, does the girl like me?
'Don't ask, son
You got a Govt job'
- 'I thought you'll get a good bride'
- Did she reject me?
'If you are a postman
in a godforsaken mountain hamlet'
'Which girl will say yes?'
I am earning a fat salary
'What is the use?'
'Is there any good textile shop
in your area for her to buy sarees?'
'As long as you are in that hamlet
you won't get married, son'
'Theni district'
'To the District Collector'
'On behalf of the residents of Keezh Malai'
'Please close down the post office used
merely as a monetary transactions'
'We request you humbly to open a new
co-operative bank to serve our needs'
'Yours sincerely
People of Keezh Malai'
Petition is correct
Just get the thumbprint of 20 villagers
- I'll handle the rest
- 'Can I trust you?'
- 'Which family is he out to wreck'
- I know the Collector
Here, anna
'Hey! I am entrusting you with this'
Give me tender coconut water
Not the coconut jelly!
You'll get only if you specify
'As if you'll get if you glare!'
'This is really important and
you're bothered about belly and jelly!'
'Only 20 signatures, Magizh
I can get that easily'
'But you have to do it for me
Don't mess it up'
- Hello, 1 minute
- 'Tell me'
Be alert when you get their thumbprints
If they get to know you are
tricking them, you are done for
Your postman's job will be in grave danger
Then you won't have a Govt job!
- Post
- Coming, sir
You got it?
- Aren't you Vaanathi?
- Yes
This is for you
Why is it so small, sir?
When I saw it on TV
it was this big
Have you brought the wrong box?
Everything looks bigger on TV
- Don't fall for their gimmick
- I don't want this, sir
You keep it and return my money
Why are you asking me for the cash?
Go and ask the advertiser on TV
So my money is gone down the drain, huh?
Oh my God!
My husband will kill me
- They have brains in their butts
- 'You got cheated again?'
She heard me, that's it
She'll make a mountain out of a mole hill
'She's burning my son's cash to cinders!'
Bad enough he will act
like he's possessed
Now anklets have been tied to his feet!
- I don't cheat like that TV chap
- Wonder how I'll manage this
May this TV man rot in hell!
When I saw it on TV
it was as big as my husband's head
- Here
- Don't know what to do
Add one more without cribbing
Why are you asking
for my thumbprint again?
That is for-
To sanction a separate place
for our post office
I am sending a petition to the Govt
That's a good idea
When you get married in the near future
you need a house for your privacy
Okay, sir
Your work got done?
It will be over in toto
"I walked every street every day
with a small white lie to get my way"
"Without giving any clue or hint
I got the villagers' thumbprint"
"I took up a Govt job in this hill-village
But they are sending me to Stone Age"
"I want to run away from here, alas!
A town that's nowhere in the atlas"
"I strode down every street every day
with a small white lie to get my way"
- Sweet offering from Pazhani?
- Yes
Here you are
1 minute, wait
Add your thumbprint here
Sweet 'Panchamirtham'
'Lunch break 1:00 to 2:00 p.m'
- Let go, dear
- Hey! Give me your hand
Our neighbors may be looking!
Your romance is never ending
Don't you know to wear bangles?
"Coming; he has come here
Our very own postman dear"
"In our good times and bad too
his heart shines like gold so true"
Enough, thank you
"No one like you, night or day
who will come seeking us all the way"
"If you aren't here to deliver
none of us will get any letter"
"Aiya sir"
- We are short of one hand, coming?
- Hey, don't get caught
"Sir, it is true, we agree
we troubled you unnecessarily"
Sir, are you cooking lamb gravy?
Horse gravy, clear out
How rude!
"Sir, we think of you with love
as our extended family now"
"How can you make us grieve
by saying you want to leave?"
"Without you, none of us
have any contact or address"
Aiyo! Gone... all gone
My respect, dignity, reputation
all gone down the drain
All I did was read out
the invitation to you
- Why are you causing such a ruckus?
- Whose name was printed first?
Yes, that Nasty Mani!
As if he came and helped
in the wedding preparations?
My husband and I were
the ones who supported them first
Did you tell us what to do?
Or did I ask that Nasty Mani and do?
There's something called 'protocol'
Doesn't she have self respect?
Shameless sister-in-law!
Forget my existence
She is allergic to me
My husband raved about his sister
like a broken record
He went overboard
on his love for his sister
Shouldn't she respect her own brother?
Sivanayi, why are you shouting
your throat hoarse?
Have we ever seen such a thing
happen before anywhere in the world?
They have printed the names of
some random brutes in a bright red ink
Your brother's name and mine
are printed in black ink disrespectfully
How terrible!
Hey you! Listen, I'm cribbing here
And you are busy sweeping there?
"In this hamlet filled with strife
there is no signal in my life"
"Do not abandon us, brother"
"Do not desert us, brother"
"Do not leave us behind, brother
I have no choice but to go, sister"
"Do not desert us, brother
I have no choice but to go, sister"
Really? Are you sure?
Yes, dear, even I saw
our moustache man sign his name
Make me a cool drink
What, Mrs Ganesan?
Romance is low key today?
'This street-trotter's eyes could not
see my husband standing right here'
Add plenty of ice cubes
- Done, huh?
- Yes, sir
'Ganesa, see you next week'
'See you, sister'
Wanting ice is the icing on the cake!
Won't you place the glass gently?
It is splashing on me
- It isn't cold at all
- Pccht!
'Hey! Look at my face'
Hey! I'm talking to you
What are you doing
with that empty bottle?
Then what, sir?
It seems you are taking the thumbprint
of all our people for some good cause
Then why this partiality, sir?
Won't we contribute for a good cause?
Won't I feel proud
if my name is on that list?
'Good question, dear!'
Is that your problem?
You pitch in your share too
Most welcome
Make it strong
just like you wanted
My clever husband!
You can sign your name in English?
I hold a degree, sir
Then why are you stuck here?
I got a job, I went to the city, sir
It didn't suit me
Even if I earned a decent salary
it could cover only my rent and food
City life is mechanical with everyone
behaving like robots, sir
I had a taste of it, I said
'be a bot, city-slicker!'
I ran back here to my hills
This mountain, people,
God, culture and tradition
I like only this kind of living, sir
This is me
Even if I earn less, it is more than enough
I lead a contented life with my wife
You signed even without reading it?
How can you even ask, sir?
Then your uniform has no respect, right?
'Leave me alone'
'I didn't do anything'
'Don't know why this man is chasing me'
'First I have to pack my bags'
'Lazy lout!'
'Lying down here
early in the morning'
'Shouldn't our postman have time
to bathe and get ready?'
Petition ready
Can shut down the post office soon
Hey Ganesa
- Come, here
- Coming, sir
'Look at his dress and face!'
'Mismatched like a red brick
on a green banana leaf'
'Thalapathy' Vijay's film
We won't get tickets if we go late
Wait, dear
Didn't you hear sir call my name?
- Let's find out what he wants
- Are you going very far?
I am going to Bodi, sir
I need to do some shopping
Pccht! We are going
to watch a film, sir
Your own love story
can be made into a film
Do me a favor
Meet my friend Magizh
in the Collector office, in Theni
Give this petition and tell him
it is on behalf of Keezh Malai residents
- You submit it wherever he asks you to
- Okay, sir
- Handle it with utmost care
- Shall we go?
Height of romance!
Hurry up, dear
We will miss the titles
'You know my speed in all deeds!'
I experienced it last night, you bet
"Waterfalls in plenty
shower all over me"
[from 'Mehandi Circus']
'Hey! What are you doing here?'
Get out!
Walk in coolly through an open door
Is this a Govt office?
Or a community center?
Periyapaarai street, Idamalai
'Akka, tell me the way to Idamalai?'
'Can you see this path here, sir?'
If you climb up and follow it
you will reach a canal
If you head north, you'll find yourself
on the path to Idamalai
- Simple route
- Thank you
Why are you tagging along
like his shadow?
Go back to our village
That letter... maybe is for me
Who is he, akka?
Following me like a pup
from when I joined duty
That's a sad story, sir
He wrote some exam and
was waiting to join a Govt job
Just then election was announced
That's it
From then on he has been
waiting to get the confirmation letter
He never got the job order
He became mad because of that
But his family has been living here
generation after generation
'He is an orphan roaming the streets today'
Okay, akka How far is Idamalai?
Just walking distance, sir
Get on to the right track
Then why do you say distant?
Say it is nearby
'Sarcastic humor head to toe!'
I think this must be the right path
What if technology brings in 4G or 5G?
A postman can reach
where no wifi can raise its antenna!
What brings you here, postman?
Nothing much, sir
I have to deliver
a letter in Idamalai
Not bad, finally you are
climbing up our hill
Mariyammal has got a letter
I have come to hand it over to her
Glory to Lord Madeswaran
The Lord has sent you here
today of all days fortunately
I don't understand
Nothing great
I'm going to Idamalai too
Let us walk together
Seeing the path divide into two
I was quite confused
This is the right path
I see a flash of fear in your eyes
From the day I set foot here, your people
scared me by saying God will poke my eyes
'Your guardian deity features
in my dream too'
'Did you commit any crime?'
'Nothing of that sort'
'Our guardian will appear
only in the dreams of wrongdoers!'
'That's why I was curious'
'Er... okay, what is the tale
behind your guardian deity?'
'Ask the right question, brother'
'Only then I can answer'
'How can I just say
something off the cuff?'
'Only what's in the pot
can be served in the ladle'
'I am stuck with
a bunch of barbarians!'
Thanks to us at least some % of land
has been well preserved
Branding us like that, don't drive us
out of here in the name of progress
'You are the one lagging
far behind, brother'
'Climb up quick'
How much more to go?
'Just walking distance'
How much more to go?
Just walking distance, come
- How much more to go?
- Just walking distance
Respected sir
How much more to go?
Just walking distance, my boy
Come along
Why does she look
as tiny as an ant from here?
'Young man, why are you
panting like this?'
'Hurry up'
Gentleman sir, please slow down
'If I have to walk slower
I may have to crawl!'
- How long does this path stretch?
- This path?
Goes right up to the mountain top
Who laid a path in this mountain forest?
Now you've asked me
the right question!
I don't understand
I meant in your department, till date
how many people are working?
Sir, if you take entire India into account
it will be more than 4 lakhs!
Do you know something?
Our Indian postal service
is the largest in the world
That's good news
You can be the largest
for all I care today
But there must have been
a postman long before all of you
Yes, so what?
That man was Madeswaran
His feet etched all these paths
'150 years earlier'
'Madesu by now must have
carried the mail bag and left?'
'Started, huh?'
'By now he would have
reached the mountain top'
'And scanned the entire area!'
'Madeswaran lived in these hills as a man
shedding his blood, sweat and tears'
'Millions of people are alive and
going about their daily life today'
'Will you believe if I tell you
he is the sole reason?'
"He runs across hills and forest"
"When he gets the news, without rest
he runs to deliver letters in earnest"
"He guards the forest diligently"
"He crosses hills and dales duly
Delivers letters most dutifully"
"Harkara as messenger par excellent
Reads out many a truth to the recipient"
"Paid by the Govt monthly
He delivers news daily"
"Postman always on his feet"
"Our postman we love to greet"
- Marudhu, repairing your thatched roof?
- Madesu
Preparing for the rainy season
Drink some rice-starch water
- I will take leave?
- Take care
"He fills his bag with affection
His legs follow his mission"
"Till his last breath tirelessly
he fulfils his duty breathlessly"
"Bandits can hear crystal clear
bells tinkling on his spear"
Give us whatever you have
Otherwise we will take your life out
All the paths here were laid
by my feet walking and running
Where are you trying to
show your looting and robbery?
If we gave you right of way
because you are a Govt employee
How dare you act like a sepoy!
"Harkara; nimble on his toes"
"Our postman can bash up his foes"
'Tide is unusually high today
How do we cross this stream?'
Only if the path chosen is hard
our name will be etched for eternity
Tie it real tight
"He shares joys and sorrows equally
He stands as our kith & kin factually"
"If difficulties cover the wilderness
and the whole forest is in darkness"
"He will pave the path for us
to a bright future of total bliss"
"Drenched in pearls of sweat; striving
he came to Eesan hills for a living"
"With address and name on the cover
he gave everyone an identity forever"
'Eesan Malai'
"Harkara; harbinger of news"
"India's first postman"
May you lead a happy, healthy life
[loud scream]
What happened?
'Why did you not choose
a safer spot to relieve yourself?'
That is a snake bite
Fang marks are really deep
We are too far from our destination
- I have no idea what to do
- Sir?
Kindly move aside
- What happened?
- A snake bit her, brother
Such a bad omen
for an auspicious trip
Do not panic, sir
How could you be so careless?
'Tighten your grip on your wrist'
'Lord Shiva, cure this poor victim
of this Bengal Krait's venom'
'Nothing to fear, Durga'
The pain must have subsided now
Less painful than before
Do not worry Not just medicine
- I have added my prayers too
- Alright
You will recover definitely
Be courageous
It is said, 'God will guide
those who are directionless'
You came at the right time
and saved my daughter
All that is fine
Whom are you visiting in Eesan Malai?
- To someone known to us, brother
- Yes
- 'Isn't that Madeswaran?'
- Keep quiet!'
- 'Sir, give medicine internally too
- Okay, my boy'
- 'Sangaiya anna'
- Come, Madesa
'In earlier days, messages were
sent only for royal purposes'
'Now common people like you and me
can also communicate'
'Madesh, come
Give it to Madesh
- What did you say?
- Let him taste it
Drink it
[slurping loudly]
Tastes delicious, sir
What is this?
Bring a tea packet for Madesh
Oh God!
[loud slurp]
If I think, this is the plight
of good hearted souls
I feel terrible, sir
'The situation is not good
in Chennapattinam'
'Taxes levied are so high
people cannot pay'
'Sir, my brother has come
We can talk later'
Come, Madesa
He is Muththaiya My close friend
This is his son
Has no one else come with you?
Who else should come?
- 'Someone is insid-
- Stand right there'
Give it to me
'Do not follow me inside'
This is my brother
Your husband-to-be
'You are not letting me in?'
'Let me see how long you do this'
I am off to water the fields
Our British master called you
Go, meet him
First you leave without circling this hut!
I intend telling Madesu
I just know you
I am not telling him you are an enemy
of the British or how they backstabbed you
He thinks English men like James
are good for our homeland
I am just not able to change his mind
We will see
As you say, sir
'In those days, 1/3 of the land
was ruled by the British'
'In order to know the various ways
he can benefit from the land he was ruling'
'He had sent engineers
from Chennapattinam'
'To all his conquered regions'
John, please communicate
the details to them in Tamil
'Two such engineers had come
to our Western Ghats'
'After they left Eesan Malai'
'They lost touch with the company it seems'
'So post master James received a letter
asking him to enquire about them'
Greetings, sir
- Shaving time for master?
- Yes, sir
Isn't this our Kalanji?
Why have you tied him up, sir?
2 foreigners were doing research
in our forest, right?
Yes, they had come here
from Britain, master
- Both of them are missing
- Aiyaiyo!
On enquiry, we found out this drunkard
has taken them into the forest
Sir, I am not aware of anything
- Munusamy
- 'Coming, sir'
Tie his stomach with
a hammerhead insect
I do not know anything, sir
I do not know
Please... no, sir
'Oh God! Tell him not to do this, sir'
I do not know anything
'Sir... sir'
I swear I do not know
Master... please, sir
He has a hammerhead insect
twisting into him, right?
By now, it will be piercing his navel
like curd being churned in swirls
'I cannot bear the pain'
'They asked for a wild swine'
I got tempted by foreign liquor
and took them hunting
Sir, it is getting late
- I have to serve the British boss
- Alright, you can leave
Thank you, sir
Ask him to untie me, sir
Master... please
Go on... speak up
Next they were planning
to visit Aadhi Malai, sir
If you enquire over there
you will get more information, sir
'I will never do anything
without asking your permission, sir'
Ask him to untie me, sir
- You should be scared
- It is clawing my insides
- You should be scared of me, your overseer
- It hurts like hell... throbbing
Wait for me
Are you spinning a yarn?
As if a British fellow lived here
That too 150 years ago?
Don't think you can fool me
That's the truth, my dear man
My grandfather and his grandfather
roamed this forest and died here
This was told by my grandfather
to my father who in turn told me
The history of this mountain
was handed down by word of mouth
In fact world history is also
handed down in the same way
It stands testimony to time
Why glare at me for this?
These 2 men were the last to see them
Did you help them in Aadhi Malai?
Yes, sir
'We carried him
in a palanquin everywhere'
'Not only that, sir'
'In fact we helped him
in all kinds of downloading!'
One day, not paying heed
to our repeated words of caution
They took their guns and
went hunting into the forest, sir
'That is the last we saw of them
They never came back'
We did not find any mortal remains
So I assume a tiger must have mauled them
Do you know where they kept
their research documents?
'I do not know that, sir'
But all their belongings are still
in the bungalow in Aadhi Malai
I will call you back if needed
- You can leave
- Thank you, sir
Alright, sir
'Not even bothered
about the death of his men'
'The British master started wondering
what their research was centered on'
Madesa, this British fellow has
drawn on boulders all over the place
- Why should that bother you?
- 'No, I just thought'
'He is supposedly a good man'
May be it is some welfare scheme for us
Thanks to his rule here
our land is being developed
Is that too much to digest?
'He laid all the railway tracks for us'
'Of course he did for his convenience
And you keep defending him!'
- Alright
- What?
Come, let us eat
You go, I will bathe and join you
'Documents have been
well packed in the box, Madesa'
'Hand it over to our 'durai' safely
'Fellow runners, my friends
All compact and intact?'
'Yes... yes, all packed like sardines'
'This weighs more than a tonne'
'What is it they would have written?'
Madesa, shall we open this
and see the contents?
As if you can understand
even if we open!
We have Madesu to read it out to us
That is a crime
They have trusted us
and given us this job
You really think a tiger would
have killed those 2 foreigners?
Then what? If we trespass
into their habitat?
As if it will hug and cuddle them!
You do not even know to hug
your own wife and you talk of a tiger!
Why do you both keep squabbling
like a wife and mistress?
Move at a brisk pace
We have to cross the river before sunset
Why are they blocking our path?
I do not know
You will not get what you expect
'You had better change your mind and leave'
Hand over your belongings and go
We will not harm you
If you had known about me
you will not be obstructing my path
I know about you
But you are stubborn
not knowing about me
Hey! What do I need to know about you?
This mountain village is filled
with bandits like you
The British are reigning
supreme on our land
So our main task is to
loot his possessions
To protect our villagers
from the likes of you
Our 'durai' has
employed me as 'harkara'
This exchange of words
is a waste of time I think
Exactly what I am saying too
Leave way and we will be on our way
If you are truly brave
Defeat me in 4 notch
'silambam' fight and then go
If you have taken that decision
It is a good chance for me too
'He has taken 2 notches'
'They have won 3 notches each'
Come, Sangaiya
What is the matter?
You called everyone urgently
I want to share something important
Madesu brought some documents
from Aadhi Malai today
- Tell me, Sembatti
- Bravo!
Well! This is jackpot
I am so happy
Regiment would reward me and honor me
Madesh, you are my faithful servant
- Sangaiya
- 'Coming, sir'
Here, master
This is for you
- For me?
- Take it
- Yeah
- Thank you, lord
- Good job
- I will take leave, sir
'The British lord had conspired
a scheme on a large scale'
'If his dream is fulfilled
we are destined for doom'
'God help me!'
- 'Careful, sir
- Do you have any sense?'
Sir, roll the postman
to one side, right up to the top
Is this a path for donkeys?
This roly-poly has to be
carried not rolled
- 'Sorry, sir'
- How can you be this clumsy, son?
A donkey is brushing you
off the path so easily
Should you not stand firm on your feet?
Gentleman sir
Tell me honestly at least now
How much more to go?
Let me see
Twin boulder and then
above it is Triple branch
You do not want to hear?
Donkey owner
How much farther is Idamalai?
It is all walking distance, sir
'Just climb step by step higher'
The people in your hamlet
know only one dialog?
I accept defeat
I can't handle you
or this mountain
Do me a favor
Kindly give this letter
to Mariyammal on my behalf
May God bless you
I'll rest here for a while
I'll go back in the evening
to the post office
How can you say this?
Mariyammal will be happy
to receive the letter from your hand
Dai... dai!
Hey! Bumble bee
Where are you going
all by yourself?
What, grandpa?
Where is your father?
Not riding pillion with you?
No, he is at home
What is this, grandpa?
Postman is crawling
like a frog on all his fours?
Shall I give him a ride in my 2-wheeler?
Hey! Postman
You are a froggie
Postman who jumps like a frog
You should not mock
people older than you
Looking at this Postman's face
I feel like laughing, grandpa
Hey! Shut up
Where are you coming from?
Me? I bought 'parotta' mixed it
with gravy and had a good lunch
- Went all by yourself?
- Yes
Aren't you scared?
What should I be scared of?
Our demigod Madeswaran is with me
every step of the way, no?
- Have you seen him?
- Oh yes!
Of course I have
He was as tall as a palm tree
With hair flowing so long
Hands and legs as broad as tree trunks
Gigantic and holding a spear in his hands
He is roaming around in our jungle
Haven't you seen him?
[whirring noise of an engine]
'Hey! Watch your step, bumble bee'
What did Madesu do for you?
He was paid for his job
He got married at the right age
and led a happy life
I am 33 and still a bachelor
Neither did he oppose the British and
help our nation in some way or the other
What big scheme would the Brits have
stolen in this godforsaken hamlet, huh?
From toddlers to octogenarians
...glorify Madeswaran as part
of culture and tradition
You are backward by 50 years
Should I climb all this way
just to deliver this single letter?
Govt is wasting money maintaining
this post office and paying a postman!
[gong bell ringing]
[gong bell for the second time]
Lord Madeswara
Son, don't listen to any story half way
and jump to a hasty conclusion
'Collector Office
Theni district'
I've got a splitting headache
- Make that tea fast, anna
- 1 minute, sir
Magizh anna
Good afternoon
I enquired inside
I was told you are in the tea shop
I am coming from Keezh Malai
Our postman has sent-
Aren't you Ganesan?
- Yes, anna
- Sir, tea
Hey... hey!
What are you doing?
- Do you want tea?
- Aiyaiyo!
I have to go, my wife is waiting
outside the Collector's office
'Give me that peanut packet'
These British fellows can brew
whisky, brandy and all those drinks
Nothing can compare
with our tea, right?
Even this tea was
thrust on us by the British
You bet the British gave us tea!
Japanese gave us coffee
Which village are you from?
What does it matter
where I hail from?
Trust me, tea was
introduced by foreigners
Toddler to old man in my village know this
You are from Keezh Malai, right?
You are very sharp
- Got the petition?
- Here
'You get what you want
by just submitting a petition!'
'Yes, anna, only those who have authority
can bring about a change for us'
'Don't go too much to the side
Stick to the center of the path'
Karuppu, steer the goats properly
Okay, 'ka
I'm telling you
Herd it right in, Karuppu
These goats don't listen to me
What a surprise, sir
Didn't expect to see you here
You've climbed up all the way
I was going down
just to meet you
Why? Who needs
a 'midnight' snack now?
Here, sir
My savings cash Rs 250
Rs 500 that I earned this week
This amount Rs 250 is
what you gave me 'excha'
Is the account tallying, sir?
You spoke nineteen to a dozen
for this small an amount!
I don't have the machine now
to make an entry of this amount
What is this, sir?
You are obsessed
with that 'machine'
As if you will run away somewhere?
'Trust human beings, sir'
I will come and collect the receipt later
Sir, look
That is Selvi!
Selvi is a goat, huh?
She loves to eat these millets
broken and mixed together
On that night, she was so stubborn
insisting she wanted only that for dinner
She went to bed hungry
She was about to deliver any moment
I felt her kids were ready to pop out
I panicked, sir
When it is an urgent issue, whom do we have
in this Eesan Malai jungle other than you?
- Tell me
- Then what happened?
I woke you up
and got the cash, no?
I meant, what happened to the goat?
Why do you raise your tone
and call her a goat?
Refer to her as 'Selvi'
Okay, what happened to your Selvi madam?
I went before dawn, bought millets
and gave her a ground mixture
Only after she ate that
did she deliver her kid safe and sound
Kaali... hey!
What... Kaali?
Of course, if you had sent me away
empty handed refusing to give me cash
Can you be seeing him now
alive and suckling?
'That's why I named the kid after you'
'Isn't he adorable, sir?'
Alright, sir, given a chance
I will be talking till sunset
You have your job to do
You carry on
Do you have a letter
in your bag, sir?
Whom is it for?
That is a letter from the Govt
for Mariyammal in Idamalai
For Mariyammal?
For Mariyammal aunt
who lives in Idamalai?
Why don't you read it out to me?
I am so eager to know
That is wrong, my dear girl
I am sure it is bound to be good news
Go and hand it over to her soon
She has been waiting for this letter
for the past 4 years!
She will be so happy
when she sees this
'Only your arrival has brought
a ray of hope in our lives'
4 years?!
'I wish I at least knew
the contents of that letter'
Mr Postman
Are you looking for this?
'We are unable to enter
the British master's bungalow'
- Thin gruel water, father
- Give him
- Drink, brother
- Thank you
We do not know how to
take the documents from them
I have immense respect for you
'But all of you are
conspiring behind my back'
Why is this Madasamy anna
coming to our house?
Tell me without concealing anything, sir
'Madasamy's intention is to
destroy the British administration'
And to negate the fear
our people have towards the British
That is why he has tried to
loot the mail bags from you
He has never looted any possession
belonging to our villagers
The British who are looting
our land and our people
You think the British are
looting our land and our people?
Sir, I agree I am a young man
But I know what is happening
in and around to a certain extent
A bandit in North India was caught
by East India Company employee
And has given a statement
Do you know what?
I have murdered
more than 750 people till now
I have looted more than 1000 times
I was roaming freely
before you conquered our land
Only now, caught by you
I am waiting for the noose round my neck
This is the state of our land
before the British set foot here
People lived in fear wondering
if they can return home safe and sound
Do you know this?
My brother's wife went with her child
to her hometown for the temple festival
She was brought back as a corpse
The bandits killed her and
kidnapped an innocent toddler
Whether my nephew
is dead or alive
Where is he now?
The moment we think of him
our scarred heart bleeds
Based on some horrible incidents
that you have experienced
'You are believing
the Brits to be good hearted'
Do you know the grave blunder
your ignorance has made you commit?
You lost your cool
seeing Madasamy here
'Have you ever thought why the British
who live beyond the seas invaded our land?'
'The meat stored in Britain
had gone rancid on a large scale'
'People were unable to buy meat'
'The British were at their wit's end'
'He roamed many countries
seeking a solution'
'Finally he landed in India'
'He started trading with our spices
Turmeric, pepper, cloves'
'He bought these spices
at a very low price'
'Marinating the rancid meat
they started selling their stock'
'They made a huge profit'
'They took the permission
of Queen Elizabeth I immediately'
'They founded East India Company
for the sole purpose of trading with India'
'They returned to our homeland'
'In the course of time'
'They created discord
and drift amongst us'
'They started ruling
our kingdoms one by one'
'200 years ago'
'A company that came just to
buy mere spices from us'
'...is ruling our entire country'
'Do you know what is
even more cruel than this?'
'Our homeland that yielded grains
worth 1000s of tolas of gold'
'Under the British rule was reduced
to hunger and starvation'
'We have to pay 90% of our yield
as tax to the British Govt'
'If we are unable to do so, he grabs
our land and donates it to zamindars'
'Our people were already suffering
unable to pay the exorbitant taxes'
'A worse danger was around the corner'
'The monsoon due that year failed'
'So the yield came to rock bottom'
'The people were pushed to the state
of eating grains from their granary'
'But even then he did not
stop the tax collection spree'
'When our people dying of hunger'
'Pleaded to him with outstretched hands'
We are dying of hunger, master
Please show some mercy
'I will give you 1 meal a day'
'But you must work for us'
'He fed these people too weak
even to stand on their feet'
'With 1 meal a day
which was just gruel'
'He made them build
the Buckingham canal'
'And also made them
lay the railway tracks'
'Using the railway facilities
built by our people's sweat and tears'
'Not leaving even an iota of anything'
'He scraped everything of value
from here to Britain'
'Famine started dancing with gay abandon'
'Millions of people were reduced
to mere skin and bones'
'How can anyone survive
just inhaling the air around them?'
'They died in bunches and heaps'
'All this did not happen
in some distant faraway land'
'In our Chennapattinam'
'Incidents occurred in the streets of
Vyasarpadi and Perambur were barbaric'
'My entire lineage is being destroyed'
'It is on top of our famine-genocide'
'The British flag has been hoisted
and is fluttering carefree'
You live in the hills here and
that is why you are blissfully ignorant
You had no chance to know either
How do you know
all these facts and figures?
'Even I worked for the British
just like you, my dear boy'
'I was the Tahsildar in Fort St George'
'Though I saw all the atrocities
he committed in front of my own eyes'
'I am sinner who kept my mouth shut'
'People like me
occupying a seat of authority'
'Whatever the ruler who has
the upper-hand stooped to do'
'Only because we do not oppose and
question them, the common man is suffering'
'Unable to bear my guilty conscience'
'I sold my assets and built porridge tank
to feed the poor people'
'But I could not afford to
continue beyond 1 month'
'Those foreigners looted the plains'
'And have now turned
towards our mountains'
'Burrowing into the Western Ghats'
'Laying railway tracks
through the hills'
'He intends linking all the ports'
'Already railway is the most important
cause of destruction of Chennapattinam'
'If even this scheme is implemented'
'Not just food and grains'
'But whatever he sets his eyes on'
'Why... even you and me'
'He will transport us
as slaves to his country'
'Our land that has survived
the attacks of so many foreign invaders'
'It will turn into a graveyard
due to the avarice of these colonists'
From their bungalow in Aadhi Malai
documents pertaining to this selfish scheme
You have blindly delivered in ignorance
Those documents are ready now
to be dispatched to Chennapattinam
And from there to London
After that, they will come here with
their families and armies, bag and baggage
Now I have no idea what to do
By your grave blunder
The future generations
They will be born as slaves
and die as slaves under the British
Let me go, sir
Tie him to that staff
Please let me go, sir
- Sir
- Tie him real tight
Why did you bring me here, sir?
What wrong did I do?
Do you remember your father sold you
20 years ago, to your landlord for Rs 13?
I felt sorry for you
And spared you all these years
'I will give you a chance
to pay back your gratitude'
Why is Madasamy visiting Madesu's house?
Master, I do not know anything
Tell me the truth
- Master, let me go
- I will send you back as slave for life
The bulls are being castrated
Only then the bull will be tethered
well enough to plough the field!
True, both a bull and a slave
should feel no emotions
'If it has feelings
it will rebel and run wild'
Sir, please let me go
Please untie me
Do not punish me, sir
Master, please release me
Do not torture me, sir
I feel embarrassed, sir
Please do not put me to shame
I will work as a slave, sir
Give that to me
Let me go
God help me!
'Let me go, sir'
Free him, da
Do it now, I say
Hey! Madesu
Threatening ME with your spear!
First release him
Or I will pierce it
into your Adam's apple
How dare you equate
a beast and a human being?
Oh... oh... oh wow!
What is happening here?
Why have you tied him up like this?
Chetty bought this fellow
when he was young
He paid Rs 13
to work as his slave
Now this chap
is refusing to go back
I was enquiring
and Madesu objected
Durai, there is no connection between him
and his father borrowing money from Chetty
Besides, how can a man
become another man's slave?
So... the problem
...is between your Chetty
and Madesh's friend
How about you both
fighting each other?
That will be good entertainment
for me as well
What are you saying?
How can he be an opponent
on an equal footing with me?
The way he is scared of you
Should he not feel the same
with me, his overseer?
So what do you want me to do?
Can I tell you my idea, sir?
Ask him to compete in 'Stone-Notch'
in Silambam martial arts
'He will definitely lose'
Just in case
If Madesu wins the contest
Spare Marudhu's life
Otherwise... we can send him
as slave to his landlord
'Excellent idea
to save your friend'
'Instead of being just
and pulling up the overseer'
'James Durai regarding it
as entertainment shocked Madeswaran'
'You claimed the British boss
is a good man at heart, anna'
- Go
- Aiyo!
'Let me see
how your friend saves you!'
'Do not cry'
'Be brave, my friend'
'Let the game begin'
Thank you, brother
Bravo! Bravo!!
It was brilliant
Brilliant show indeed
I am impressed
I knew you would do it
'You have proved your worth'
'I have an important task
assigned specially for you'
"Ideas and intellect we sow to succeed"
"Let us destroy those who kill the seed"
"Spewing rage within the pyre
we shall burn our foes in red hot fire"
"We will awaken unity"
"Serve a feast of patriotism in solidarity"
"We shall break open our prison walls
to kill them if they oppose our ideals"
"We do not fear boundary or barrier"
"We fear not to oppose either"
"Break the shackles that bind us
with good deeds with diligence"
"Face-off with courage and confidence"
"Nor fear to hold our head high above all"
"Even the black blanket of every night
has never defeated the sun blazing bright"
All these years I have led
a blindfolded life
I have no idea why, but my heart
feels heavy and wounded
Durga, tomorrow may be my last run?
Please do not think like that
Tomorrow if we finish
this task alone properly
We can live peacefully
happily somewhere else
Hey! Why did you come this side?
Everyone is ready to go somewhere
at Madeswaran's house, master
The reason is not known
You leave
This document is very important
I am giving it to you
Because I trust you
Please take it safely
Can we trust Madesu?
He has wagered his family
Definitely he will come here
with the documents
Only if Madesu comes here before sunset
can we escape from here
Sir, I can hear footsteps
of someone coming
Sir, do not express any anxiety
'Pretend you are occupied'
Why is he coming here?
Come, master
Greetings, master
Please sit down
Is it some important task?
Where is your brother Madesu?
Today is his mail-running day
By now he must be
on the mountain track
Madesu has run into the forest
off the beaten track
What to do now, master?
Master... master
- Sir
- Both brothers
Ganging up to trick
the East India Company?
You are a traitor to our land and people
by being a bootlicker to the British
How dare you call me by my name!
'Oh gawd!'
- Father!
- Hey!
Bloody tramps!
'Get up
Lift him up'
I will gouge your eyes
even if you stare at me
How dare you lay your hand on me!
How did you suddenly become so bold?
Madesu's wife will be inside the hut
Drag her out
Master, no one is inside
She has escaped, sir
What happened, Durga?
You have come alone this far?
That overseer came
with his men to our hut
You have been employed only as the barber
Have you turned into a betrayer?
When I came to shave you
I would have slit
your Adam's apple too
I spared you only because
my work is worship for me
Get lost, you chameleon!
Ask her the whereabouts of her husband
If all of you should be alive
'Tell her to reveal
the hiding place of Madesu'
Kindly do not divulge that information
My husband who was loyal to
his British master and you is dead now
That is all and you can
torture me all you want
This is my answer
Hey! Tell her to blurt out the truth
Otherwise claiming her to be a widow
I will force her to commit 'sati'
Do not tell him the truth, dear
Hey! Stack the logs right now
"Ideas and intellect we sow"
"Unity we will awaken now"
"Boundaries we do not fear at all"
"We will not be scared to stand tall"
Hey! Set fire
Indian dog!
I trusted him so much
But he betrayed me
Go inside and check
Check in the backyard
No one is inside the hut
All of you
Find him and bring him here
'The Brit Durai could not digest
Madeswaran's treachery'
Sokka, tell him the truth
You expect me to betray Madesu
just to stay alive?
- Bloody mongrel!
- What a shame!
At least you tell me
Where is he hiding?
He really does not know
Please spare him, sir
You cannot catch him
Nor can you seize
the documents from him
'After killing his friends'
'The Brit 'Durai' who was looking
for Madeswaran in a mad frenzy'
'Found out our harkara's hiding place'
I can hear the night sparrow
trilling in the south
This is the perfect place
to get proper signal, brother
I just cannot understand how
May be it filters via Kerala
Forget about the signal
Did that 'Durai' nab Madesu?
What happened after that?
If you climb up straight over there
She will be lying on a coir cot
outside some house like an orphan
She is Mariyammal
Gentleman, finish the rest of your story
Go and hand over the letter
first to Mariyammal
You can find me here anytime
- Tell me the climax
- Go, brother
'First attend to your job'
Do you know where
I can find Mariyammal?
'Coir cot' Mariyammal, huh?
She will be lying on a cot somewhere there
Climb up straight on this same path
Who is that?
Aren't you Mariyammal?
Postman, huh?
I'll get up and come
I am not able to get up
like I used to, in the blink of an eye
Without minding the trouble
will you come closer and give me?
You have got a letter from the Govt
Though so many years have passed
I have finally got a reply from the Govt
Without getting annoyed
can you please read out the contents?
Tell me, my dear boy
Your 4 year struggle
has not gone down the drain
Pension for you as a widow
Plus senior citizen pension
of Rs 1000 per month
Through the postman himself
Govt has certified you will be paid
Forgive me
I am so grateful to you
Please don't use such big words
After my husband passed over
My 2 sons went away to the city
to earn a living and be more comfortable
When I was a lonely tree here
I was able to have 1 meal a day
thanks to the monthly pension of Rs 1000
Even if months change
the cash was constant, my dear
Another postman just like you
will come in search of me and give it to me
4 years ago
They changed the system and said
I must go to a bank to collect my pension
When I went down once
to collect my pension
I fell into a pit
and broke my hip
That was when I laid down
on this coir cot
I have really had a hard time, my boy
Surviving like this
without being of use to anyone
Even now I was thinking
why should I be breathing?
You came at the right time and saved me
from penury like our Madeswaran
Hereafter if you give me Rs 1000
I will spend the rest of my life
without any difficulty
Mariyammal has won
She got her pension money
- Did the postman visit her?
- Yes, he did
You'll get Rs 1000 soon
You can celebrate
'Mariyammal has won'
Grandma, the postman kept up his word
You'll get Rs 1000 too
Our Madeswaran has showered
His grace on these good souls
We will get our pension money of Rs 1000
My dear son, will you take me
to that hill temple once?
I must offer my thanksgiving to Madeswaran
'What is this, my son?'
'I feel so shy, my dear boy
Everyone is staring at us'
'Why should you feel shy?'
'Son, lower me
Let me walk'
I can walk from here, son
I was able to climb this hill
and give you the long awaited letter
As if I can't bring you to this temple
walking distance from here?
'Harkara, Memorial for Madeswaran
Guardian Deity of Eesan Hills'
'His footprints were last imprinted here'
'Madeswara, please fulfil my wishes'
'Bless everyone with peace and prosperity'
Gentleman sir
'What a surprise
Postman has come here'
'Madeswaran could not escape
from the trap laid by the British'
'He brought Madeswaran and
tortured him for many months'
'Right in front of Madeswaran'
The 'durai' shot dead
all the people associated with him'
Even then he did not reveal
the hiding place of the documents
'Finally to make him
blurt out the truth'
He forced Madeswaran
to sit on this
[agonizing scream]
[loud wail of anguish]
"Our family deity we sanctify
Do not leave us and die"
"As kith and kin we are here for you"
"Cut not our ties so loyal and true"
"Paths you etched with your feet untiring"
"Await your return; undeniably inspiring"
"If we hear, God's feet you have attained"
'Tell me, why is he not telling the truth?'
'No one can bear
this kind of pain, sir'
'I do not know why
he is being so stubborn'
"Your tears blood-stained
on our homeland rained"
God! Take his life
Why are you torturing him like this?
"Today by the hillock-side
where our people reside"
"Madeswara! Today in our hill-side
where basil plants bloom far & wide"
"Before you could be revived today
inhaling this herbal fragrance in array"
"Along with you, basil herbs withered away"
"Today with bated breath we wait for you
Sprinting on our hills like you usually do"
"Your cries of anguish, no longer audible
your sprint in life is now at a standstill"
"In and around Eesan Malai; sorrowing
even the wind has stopped blowing"
"Brow to toe, your blood drained totally"
"Our entire clan in a shroud of melancholy"
"Paths you etched with your feet untiring"
"Await your return; undeniably inspiring"
"We heard the news you have passed over"
"Lord Shiva ordained a misdeed in disfavor"
"Your blood as seed bloomed to be"
"You; Madeswara, our guardian deity"
'To save his homeland
and his people'
'He tolerated that excruciating pain'
I came all the way up here
only to offer my respects and gratitude
He did not die that day
He took another avatar
Every single person
who comes here
Takes a new birth
After Madeswaran's soul left his body
Few days later
That British 'durai' was found dead
His body had been pierced by a spear
Madeswaran manifested as God
to punish the wicked on earth
To reform people
who had bad intentions
People started believing he protects
this forest as our guardian deity
They believed him yesterday
They believe it even today
And continue their faith
in all the tomorrows to come
Protect us, Madeswara
- Sir, eat at least a handful with us
- What happened, sir?
Why are you so late today, sir?
'Come in, dear
Where are you going now?'
'Wait, dear
Let me find out why'
How could you do this, sir?
Ganesa, I thought-
I believed you so much, sir
How can you of all people do this?
No, Ganesa, I thought
I thought this was like
all typical Govt jobs
Magizh anna showed me
the secretary's room and left, sir
The room was jam packed
with people breathing down your neck
I happened to look down at the cover
You have written the address
as just 'Keezh Malai'
But there are 2 hamlets up there
Idamalai and Aadhi Malai
You are the postman for them too
Strike out the address fully
Write Eesan Malai
including them as one
We can give it tomorrow
Sir... sir
Oh God! Why are you hugging me like this?
This is why you should
get married at the right age
Consider it done, Ganesa
I will find a bride here!
'Keezh Malai Post office'
'Stamps & covers for sale'
'Working Time 9:00 A.M To 5:00 P.M'
"Postman always on his feet"
'There is a tale behind
every guardian deity in every village'
'That is not just folklore'
'It is the protest against
injustice meted out to us'
'Only if we know the past history'
'We can understand the present'
'Only if we comprehend the present'
'We will have a future
to look forward to'
'Hold a handful of our soil, you will feel
the dampness of our blood that was shed'
'Kindly lend your ears'
'You will be able to listen to
the sacrificing cries of our forefathers'
subtitled by rekhs
subtitled by rekhs
calibrated at APInternational