Harland Manor (2021) Movie Script

It's the entrance to the basement.
Oh God...
- Are we there yet?
- Are we there yet?
Shut up, please.
- Yeah, but, Zeke, are we there yet?
- Are we there yet?
- What?
- Hey, Zeke, by the way,
Are we there yet?
- Are we there yet?
How's Harland Manor?
- It's a dream.
I mean, I had goosebumps last night.
Here, I want you to check this out.
Now that you're all awake
before we do walk through light.
White bound seen your cat, Miguel.
Look here when I pull the card away.
- Oh yeah, right there.
Holy shit.
- Was there anything down that hall?
- No.
- Did you have to be running
a sound test at the same time
on any of the Spirit Boxes?
- Yeah, of course.
The WAV files are on the desktop,
I separated as much as I could.
- Holy shit.
- Damn, it's female, female for sure.
- Yeah, I think so.
- Whatever that is is back tomorrow night.
- This place, they must've
seen some serious dysfunction.
- Therefore, so will we.
We'll get on one for sure.
This is perfect finale episode, friends.
Great work, Zeke.
- I'm just real fuckin' tired
or carsick from these assholes sticking me
with the back again.
You wanted to be one of the guys.
- I'm the token girl for the show.
Yeah, you mean
the pretty face and body.
So what's happening on the boyfriend?
- I can't talk now,
I'm in a van with a bunch of smelly guys.
Got it.
Well call me tonight.
You need to have someone
to talk to about all this.
- Sounds good.
Love you, Jax.
Love you
- All right so, are we there yet?
- We are there.
- There it is.
- Holy shit.
- This must've been beautiful.
- And at one point it was,
that was a long time ago.
- Can you start by telling
us a little history
about the place, specific
timeline, that sort of thing?
- The manor itself was built
in the early 20th Century
in 1917 to be specific.
Original railing was a
Samuel Harland, psychologist,
a surgeon.
And the mayor was a boarding
school for wayward girls.
24 Samuel died of consumption oddly,
after being a Tito for most of his life,
the school then went to his
younger brother, Thomas,
who was a physician.
- And he kept the school running?
- He did, but Thomas Harland
was of questionable ethics.
He expanded his horizons
on his long-term vision
to own his own hospital,
specifically for women with
medical and mental conditions.
- It's admirable, I suppose.
- Thomas also perform abortions.
- Abortions?
- Yes.
It had to be kept quite
secret back in the day
as you can imagine.
His true vision was to construct
a medical wing onto the original manor
that was to be used for women's solely.
- A women's hospital.
- That's right now he
treat their psychological,
and physical needs, like I said.
Thomas began to raise money
to build the hospital,
but didn't get enough.
'Til one day, a private investor,
well-to-do gentlemen known
in public and social
circles fell into his lap.
After five long summers, he
laid the final brick in '41.
- Do you know the name of the donor?
- It was an anonymous type.
It was never revealed,
but as it turns out he had
a mistress who had fallen
into a delicate situation.
- Pregnant.
- Yes, that's right.
He was married and he needed his mistress
to have an abortion secretly here,
so the story goes.
- No wonder he wanted his
name kept in the shadows.
- And that's why he put up the money,
a favor to the man who saved his marriage.
Or blackmail, whatever feeds the beast.
Oh indeed, Thomas actually
treated a lot of young girls
looking for all sorts of
conditions on the upper floors,
but he didn't stop doing abortions.
He just moved those to the basement.
And then down there he continued
to solve rich white men's indiscretions.
- Indiscretions, that's a
polite way of putting in.
- They named the room "The Abortion Ward."
- I mean abortions...
I mean, even though there were kept secret
in that time of American
history, from what I've read,
they were quite common.
And working with when would happen,
just in fear of losing their jobs.
- I've heard of places
like this in the South.
They called them "birth control clubs."
It was more like a back alley.
- There were lots of reasons back then
in Vienna on what mother came to watch.
- So I have to say not much has changed.
- It was a booming business.
Dr. Thomas and Nurse Adelaide,
who also was his wife,
conducted the operations though.
In those days, men were botched,
not bled death on the table.
Excuse me for a second.
- What's wrong?
- Are you okay?
It's important to tell
us everything, please.
- It's just a horrible story
about Thomas and Adelaide.
- It gets worse?
- They were monsters.
The more money came in,
the more evil they became.
- Well what'd they do?
- Documented an encounter
of a 15 year old girl
being brought in by his
father for observation.
After a few months,
they realized that she was pregnant.
Originally, they believed
it was the uncle's.
- Her uncle?
- Yes.
The girl swore that the
baby wasn't her uncles,
but she said the baby was...
Was what?
- She said the baby was sent
to her from somewhere else.
Dr. Thomas and Nurse Adelaide
scheduled her for an abortion
like they promised her father,
but apparently the girl
got a hold of a scalpel and
as they were getting
ready to strap her down,
she stabbed Adelaide to death.
- The basement.
A little girl, people said
she was just by Satan himself.
Running through the
hallways covered in blood,
slicing anything that got in her away.
- What was her name?
- Sarah Garrett.
Thomas found her in the hall in a closet,
same closet they used to
put the troubled girls,
it was kind of a punishment.
- Must be quite the closet.
- He injected her with a lethal dose
of arsenic straight into
her veins right there.
Then he shut the door and walked away.
She died a horrible death.
They say he then came back
and took the body down the basement and...
- And got rid of it.
- And her unborn child.
- Turns out Thomas was
sexually abusing a share
of the young girls in his
care and he'd killed a few
so they wouldn't talk.
Most of them didn't have
any parents to speak of.
He could do whatever he wanted.
They got pregnant by him,
now he aborted it himself.
Thankfully, after all
that, the law came down
on him and his whole operation.
They were closing in on
him, he committed suicide,
just shy of a 60th birthday,
hung himself before they can get him.
- Got off easy.
- Fuckin' A he did.
- The city came in and shut
the place down in 1955.
It went up for auction.
- Damn, that's quite the story.
He was a psychopath and
she was just as sick.
There is a lot of pain in here.
- What happened after the auction?
- Well, for the next 20 years or so
numerous people have owned it,
but none longer than a year.
To come to the disturbances,
some wanted to tear down the
hospital and use the land.
Others wanted to renovate
it and reuse it as a clinic.
None stuck around long
enough to do neither.
- So how did you come to
be the owner of the place?
- Oh, in 1973, my grandfather
bought it off an investor,
who was all too eager to
unload it and he was a realtor
and could make a buck.
I've seen a lot of things myself,
but since the early 70's,
the hospital stopped
functioning as a facility
and been around since '81.
The few people that
actually lived in the house,
they didn't stick around for very long.
All the residents just got spooked
or went a little bit mad.
Every single one, every time.
Hey, okay, tomorrow night.
- So what rooms or areas in the manor have
a history of activity?
- Most of them, but Thomas
and Adelaide's room had a lot.
It's just up the first flight of stairs.
Can we see it?
- We could start there.
- Whoa, does anybody else
feel what I'm feeling?
- The hairs in the back of
my neck are going crazy.
- There is a real bad vibe in here, man.
It reeks of evil.
It was believed he molested
some of those patients right here.
- You here, Thomas?
It takes a big man to rape a girl.
I guess you're not that tough though, huh?
Hung yourself?
Coward's way out.
You hear me, doctor?
What was that?
- Was that door open when we came in?
- It looks like we'll have
it on camera if it moved.
Okay, let's X this fucker.
- Come on.
- How did he get the girls to
the room from the hospital?
Surely people would have seen
him bring them all up here.
- When the hospital was being constructed,
Thomas added a tunnel
that ran from the basement
of the manor to the
basement of the hospital
for exactly that reason.
- We'd like to see that.
- Right this way.
- It was usually later, in
the middle of the night.
This was so Thomas could make
his way secretly to the dorm
and get the girls back to the house
without anyone ever seeing or hearing him.
Disgustingly intricate.
- So where's the girl's dorm from here?
- Right above us.
- Gil?
- Yeah?
- This is the dorm.
- Any activities in here?
- Whispers, female whispers,
I can attest to that.
I've heard them myself.
- And...
- Things moving from one place to another.
That chair's awesome.
- Holy shit.
Sarah Ann, we know what happened to you.
If you want to talk to
us, just say something,
do something.
Yesterday, Z caught an image of
what looked like a
female in a hospital gown
picking out of a closet.
We also captured an EVP.
- You both talked about
that young female voice
was down the hall coming from a closet.
- Let's take a look at that closet, yeah.
- We're about to check out the spot
where's Z captured the image
and got voice data while
setting up yesterday.
You okay?
- Yeah.
- Nothing.
You're sweating.
- Oh, I just got a little
queasy riding them back.
It's warm in here.
Did she sign yet, Evan?
- We're working on it.
It's going to happen, Jeanie,
you know more than anyone
how much I want out.
- I understand, okay?
It's just getting a little
bit trying for me also.
- You're right, look,
I'm sorry that I've dragged
you through this for so long,
but I promise we're so close to done.
- Yo.
What the fuck, you two, let's go.
- Whoa, major spikes.
- Temperature dropped.
- For sure.
Like several degrees.
People say they feel like they're
being touched by something here.
Some claim to be grabbed, scratched.
- If there's anyone here, touch me.
Let me know you're here.
Tell me your name.
Tell me your name.
- Oh shit.
- Right there!
- Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- Anyone here?
We'd like to see you.
We've got us a hot spot for sure.
- This door in particular
does this all the time.
Different speeds, just random.
People have seen it for decades.
Spooky, like I said.
- We caught the image right here.
Looked like it was half
in half out of the closet.
- That's where Thomas killed Sarah.
- This is a confirmed
location of a visual presence.
- Sarah Ann, did you move this door?
If you did, can you do it again?
Whatever it is, it must be moving.
I'm not reading anything.
- They say those are hers.
- Looks like she put up
a fight, a hell of one.
It's been said she threw
our fingers clear the bone,
kicked and screamed
like she was possessed.
- Her blood stains.
We should get these DNA'd for sure.
- Are those your scratches
and bloodstain, Sarah Ann?
- No change.
Sarah Ann,
is this where Thomas murdered you?
We got to save this for.
This could be a important.
- Yeah, but portal it where?
- Okay, Sarah Ann, if you don't
want to talk, that's cool.
We'll be back tomorrow night.
This is the best walk
through effort, by far folks.
All right, what other rooms should we see?
There's only one other room
and no one's been in there
or been near it for decades.
- Can we see it, please?
- Come on.
- I'm gonna X that spot.
I know you're here.
Say something.
Talk to me.
I got a thing for closets too.
Dr. Harland is coming.
All right.
We'll catch you later, Sarah Ann.
I know you're here.
We got a drop in temp.
- Guys?
- What, what is it?
- I can't move.
I can't move, can't fuckin' move.
- Is someone here?
You don't like us being here.
- Ev, check this.
- What is it, guys?
- The cold spot is
localized above you, man,
it's right fuckin' on you.
- Holy mother.
- I feel like I'm being crushed.
There's a lot of weight.
I cannot breathe.
I can't fuckin' breathe.
- Who's doing this?
Tell us your name, Sarah Ann?
- Check the Spirit Box.
- Get your breath.
- Do it, just fuckin' do it.
- Is there something you want to say?
You've got our attention.
- What are you saying?
Tell us.
- I can't fuckin' breathe.
They said we can't take him.
Marlin, are you talking to us?
Or the cops that came to get you?
- Shit, shit.
He's gone.
- You okay, man?
- I felt like I was being suffocated.
I couldn't breathe for shit.
It was like, it's like
something was choking me.
- It got you, look it.
- What is it?
- Holy shit, man, it's red.
Your neck, it's red,
like something got wrapped around it.
- Anything happened to anyone like this?
- Similar.
I've lost my brother a few times.
Never any marks.
Though I was, it felt the same.
That's where they cut down Thomas Harland.
- Just give me some space.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
- You just had a physical manifestation.
It looks like rope burns
around Gilroy's neck.
It happened right below where
Thomas Harland hung himself
after being caught by
authorities for committing sexual
atrocities and murdering a young girl.
- That was intense.
- The spirits are making
their presence known tonight
and they don't like us being here.
It caused Gilroy, residual agitation.
Tomorrow's lockdown should
prove really interesting.
All right.
I'm just going to get
some shots for cutaways.
I'll be right there.
How you doing?
Yeah, take this.
Hey, listen, I need you
focused, brother, okay?
This is season finale,
there's a lot of stake here.
Yeah, good.
Are you sure?
You guys seem like you
got a lot of distractions,
you and Jeanie know better
than I have your phones out.
- Like I said, I'm good.
- Katie's being a real bitch
about the divorce, man.
Always a fuckin' ball buster.
And it's real stressful
with the kids, man.
Is that it?
Nothing else you want to tell me?
- Yeah, that's it.
- Never had this much
activity happen so fast.
We are getting such great stuff here.
I mean, you guys are
stirring up some major dust.
- Let me see about getting
that basement unlocked.
Grab another infrared.
- Yeah, yeah roger that.
- Most of this was for equipment storage.
Electrical rooms, janitorial maintenance.
But through that door is the um--
- Abortion ward.
- Yeah.
- Get a shot of this.
- It's been like that
ever since I can remember.
I never had any desire to go in,
to be honest, never curious enough.
- So no one's been down
there nearly 70 years?
None of the previous owners?
- No one that I know of,
not even my grandfather.
- Ever heard anything?
- People have heard screaming.
I've heard screaming, loud,
painful screaming, women,
and babies cry.
Some sounds more demonic than others.
My brother had a psychic, she
laid her hands on the door,
instantly, she turned white.
Her whole body started to shake violently.
She said there was evil in that room.
- You got a key?
- No on that.
- Mind if we bust the lock?
- Have at it.
Just make sure you
replace it with a new one.
- Listen, do you mind if I don't do this?
- That's fine.
You don't have to do anything
you don't want to do.
- Do you want to stay top side?
- Get some fresh air.
- That's cool.
- We just have some stuff to do in there
and then we'll wrap for the day.
- Okay, I'll wait for
you so I can lock up.
- Mr. Fergus has given us
permission to break the lock.
We are most likely the first in 70 years
to enter into this room.
That is an old lock and there is no key.
You'll see it as we do.
- Undisturbed for decades,
we'll be going back in time and literally
to the days of the
murders and before then.
- All right, let's hope this plays out
better than Al Capone's vaults.
Oh, shit.
Oh shit.
- Oh God.
- 70 years of stagnant air
and whatever the hell else.
- Okay, there's no time like now.
We're about to turn into the abortion ward
where Sarah Ann Garrett's body was found
and where she murdered Adelaide Harland.
It's also the place
where countless secrets,
some very late-term
abortions were performed.
A great deal of death.
If what's occurred
already in Harland Manor
is any indication of what
we might come across,
then get ready.
- Goin' in.
- Temp has dropped.
Might just be because we're underground.
This is where the operations
happened would be my guess.
- For sure.
- God, can you imagine?
Down here like this?
- It feels like there are bugs
crawling all over my body.
- Oh fuck.
- This looks like a fuckin'
torture chamber in here.
- Welcome to hell.
This is where many lives
were lost and taken.
The atmosphere is heavy, thick.
The smell of evil deeds still
lingers in this abortion ward.
God only knows what horror
was occurred down here.
- Good luck.
- Hello.
It's her!
Jeanie, Jeanie!
- Get her up, get her up, get her up!
- Breathe, breathe!
Please Jeanie, breath, breathe!
- What the hell?
- Get out of the way,
get the front door open!
Come on, come on, you got to breathe!
Breath Jeanie!
You're safe, you're safe.
Okay, you're out now,
Jeanie, you gotta breathe.
Please, get your breath back.
Just breathe, breathe.
There you go.
- You better have fucking got this.
- Hell fucking yeah.
Fuck, that was so fuckin' intense.
Jeanie was obviously
rushed big time down there.
- Damn, Jeanie.
That scared the shit out of me.
- It's fine, she just, it was a lot,
she got rushed down there.
- Yeah, it's pretty cool,
that place is creepy.
Gonna make a great episode.
Yeah, no, I don't need to talk to mom.
Hey, tell Gracie good night for me, okay?
I miss you Buckaroo.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I promise.
Hey, who's the man?
All right, love you too, Eli.
You okay?
- A fuckin' headache.
- Hey guys?
You remember when we saw those
scratch marks in the closet?
- Yeah.
- Something strange happened.
The system blinked.
Just shut down, then the
next second it rebooted.
- Something drained the power a little
after I was attacked on the stairs.
That fucker was waiting for us.
- Premeditated.
- Jeanie.
- I think I'm going to
go lay down for a bit.
I just need a little space.
No offense.
I just took a bit too much in tonight.
I think we're all feeling it.
- Goodnight, Jeanie.
- See you bright and early.
- Goodnight, Jeanie.
What's next?
My heads fuckin' killing me.
- Let's finish up.
Had a dresser in Thomas's room.
- You here Thomas?
It takes a big man to rape a girl.
I guess you're not that tough though, huh?
Hung yourself.
Coward's way out.
You hear me, doctor?
What was that?
- Hey was that drawer open?
- Glue it up, look.
We have it on camera.
Coward's way out.
You hear me, doctor?
What was that?
- You son of a bitch.
- Awesome.
All right, well, I'm out.
I'm going to have a smoke and then hit it.
- Okay, yeah, man, get some rest.
- Yeah.
I'm going to call it too,
let's review in the AM over coffee.
Great work, Zeke.
- No problem, boss.
I just got a few things to finish up
and then I will shut down shop.
- I know that face.
- I think we should pull back
on the provoking tomorrow
night, you locked up.
- That's what we do,
man, we rattle the cage.
We shake the pot, that's
our, that's our show.
- I know, I know the show
was my idea, remember?
- Yeah, so you keep reminding me.
- Look, there's something
more in that house
than we've ever dealt with before.
I think we can, we can,
we can do what we need to
without anyone getting hurt.
- Hurt, who's getting hurt?
- I got a bad feeling
about this place, man.
- You know, this isn't like you.
Is there someone in particular
that you're worried about?
- 'Cause you never back down ever.
- What the hell you talking about?
- you think I'm fucking blind?
- No, I don't know what
you're talking about.
- Why Jeanie?
We agreed to never let
anything affect the team
and now you're fucking her.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- You're hiding it from me.
And now you don't want your
little girlfriend to get hurt.
Since when have you given
a shit about any of us
except getting a good show?
You put some fucking.
Now don't be a jealous,
condescending prick
because you fucked up your life
and you got nothing to go home to anymore.
- Fuck you man?
- Hey!
- Jesus.
Fuck you.
- Fuck, man!
- Calm the fuck down.
Let go.
- Hey guys!
- Fuck you!
- Hi, hi, yes.
No, no, no, no, no, it's okay.
Just, just a disagreement.
All right.
Of course, yes.
Sorry again.
Thank you.
What the hell, guys?
- I'm sorry, I don't...
I mean, I dunno what happened.
- I know.
Let's move on.
- Let's all just get some rest.
All right?
- Yeah, for sure.
We're going into
lockdown for the night.
This is where we separate the
natural from the supernatural,
where we expose the paranormal
and find the buried skeletons.
If something scares the shit
out of us, we will chase it.
No retreat.
I am Evan Hawthorn.
I've been chasing spirits since I was 18
when my grandfather's spirit came
to me one night in my room,
the room that he died in.
I'm Gilroy Adams
and I've been chasing
spirits since I was 14.
A little boy who had died
in our house years prior,
was living in my closet and
he was not a happy spirit.
I'm Jeannie
Ross, and I've been seeing,
hearing, and feeling
spirits since I was four.
People thought I should be put away,
but my parents understood me.
We are "The Spirit Chasers"
and this is what we do.
Okay guys, radio check's clean.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just a stomach bug, I think.
I'm good, let's fuckin' do this.
- You heard the lady?
Let's go, guys.
Radio test, please.
Check, one two, one two.
- Round and round the rigid
rocks, little rascal rat.
- Thanks.
Jeanie, say something.
- Yeah, one two, one two three.
That's great,
we are all good here,
go get 'em troops.
- All right, it's official boys and girls,
we are in lockdown.
All right, let's fuckin' do this.
No retreat.
Later gators.
All right, Uncle Gilly's comin' for ya.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, what's goin' on?
- Nothing, let's go.
- No, no, you've been
off these last two days
and now you're worse today.
What the hell is going on?
I'm worried about you.
Take your shit off.
What's going on?
- I was pregnant.
- What?
- I had a fucking miscarriage last night.
Yeah, it was yours,
there hasn't been anyone
else for quite some time.
- I'm, I'm so sorry.
No, let's just finish this
and then we can deal
with our personal life.
I'm sick of sneaking around, Evan.
Let's just kick ass on this
finale like we always do.
Professional first, like we always say.
- We are so far beyond that.
- Not yet we're not.
- Jeanie.
I'm going to get custody
of my Eli and Gracie,
and I will marry you and we
will have a family of our own.
- I'm not even ready for kids yet anyway.
I don't even have my own
shit together, obviously.
Everything happens for a reason.
I fuckin' love you, Evan.
- Jeanie?
- Good luck.
- What the fuck was that?
- Is the doctor in?
Thought I'd start in your
favorite place, Thomas.
Let me give you a voice.
Now's the time, Thomas.
This is your favorite place, yeah?
You little piece of shit you.
No problem.
I am here all night.
- Ev, buddy.
- I'm good.
- Ev, Ev?
- I'm good.
- Jesus, sorry.
- Oh fuck.
If anyone is here, let me know.
Move something.
Say something.
- Not much going on here.
- Holy shit, temp dropping.
If that's you, Thomas, you
didn't scare me yesterday.
Temp's still dropping.
Tell us what you want, Thomas.
- Oh wow.
Something is there with you.
- Listen to this.
- It's wholly male.
Is that you, Thomas?
Fuck no, Thomas.
We're here to stay.
We're here to figure you the fuck out.
You're not getting away with
anything this time, you sicko.
Zeke, we're clear.
- Check this out.
That's Thomas Harland.
That's the pig himself.
- He's engaging us.
This isn't a residual.
This is major fucking active shit.
You got nothing, Thomas.
I'm right here.
You sneak up behind me?
- Trying the dorm room
where Sarah Ann stayed.
See if I can connect with her.
Are you here, Sarah Ann?
How about if I just sit for a bit?
Are these your beds where you slept?
Did Thomas molest two girls here also?
- Move this flashlight if you are here.
- Hey chicken shit, I'm still here.
You're boring me, Thomas.
What'd you fuck with me and then you hide?
Go fuck yourself then.
I'll go find Sarah Ann.
More, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
Ev, I'm in the master bedroom.
- Everything's going off.
- I'm in the master bedroom.
Static camera's been knocked over.
Something's pissed.
What the ff...
You have my complete attention, Doctor.
- Did you drain the equipment?
Are you Sarah Ann Garrett?
Are you Sarah Ann Garrett?
What do you want from me?
Your womb.
- Jeanie, Jeanie?
- Are you still here, Sarah Ann?
That voice didn't sound like a young girl.
Was that you or someone
talking through you?
- Where are you going, Sarah Ann?
- That was you, wasn't it Harland?
Want to tell us something?
I'm listening.
Come on!
Talk to me, I'm listening.
The fuck?
This wasn't here yesterday.
It just went Arctic in here.
I'm getting major, tons of static.
Ah, Christ!
Holy fuck, holy fuck.
- Shit, hey Gil, I'm getting
major interference here,
tons of static.
I just want to let you know,
you guys should get 0.5,
but not here.
Hey, have you seen Jeanie?
Zeke, look for her, this
place is on fuckin' fire.
I'll check the dorm room.
- Yo Gil.
This is the heaviest shit
I've ever experienced.
We've got some seriously
tormented spirits in here, bro.
- Majorly tormented.
But I'm in it to win it.
We got portals for sure, man.
These are not regular spirits, my friend.
- Oh, I know, these are
from, from another place.
Look, let's not revisit last night, huh?
We can't let this place get between us.
- I know what was going on, man.
I'm not stupid.
I just wish you would've told me.
There's just a lot going
on in my life, brother.
My judgements and the tanks.
- Yeah, you look like shit.
- Yeah, so do you.
- I know.
- I take it you're going in the closet?
- Yeah, for sure.
You know me, I'm a fucking atheist,
so whatever's behind that
portal, I'm not scared.
- I'm lookin' for Jeanie,
she's off right of you.
- Thomas walked up right behind me.
Zeke got stills of it.
- Fucker screamed in my face.
Got on the box.
- Sarah Ann?
- No, you?
- No, nothin'.
- Jeanie maybe.
- Yeah, Jeanie.
- Hey?
- Yeah?
- For what it's worth, man,
you two make a perfect match.
Ev, still no Jeanie?
I can't get her on the walkie either.
What the fuck!
Oh, Ev?
Gil, Jeanie, anyone read me?
Come on, come on.
Someone here?
Is someone with me?
Is someone here?
Is someone with me?
Son of a bitch.
This is bullshit!
Ever since I've gotten
here, I felt a pull to it.
Closets are often gateways
and portals of some kind.
But I think that this gateway leads
to a very, very evil place.
I know those scratch marks
are yours, Sarah Ann.
You tell me what happened?
You came here for an abortion.
Was it your uncle's?
Or was it someone else's?
Something else?
Are you possessed, like they said?
Why'd you kill Adelaide?
I'd say she deserved it, Sarah Ann.
- Sarah Ann?
Did you take my baby last night?
Was that you?!
Somebody help me!
- Jeanie?
Are we done on the calm, Zeke?
Ah, shit.
All right.
I'm going to go black to see
if I can get more EVP readings.
Sometimes, oh.
Sometimes when there's no camera,
spirits tend to communicate more.
We've been told that things
have moved around in here.
Can someone do that for me now?
Oh man, it's really crammed down here.
Calms her down, maybe video too.
It sounds like the voice
from down the hall.
- Her.
Who her?
Sarah Ann?
Who are you talking about?
Something is definitely in here.
Or someone.
Sarah Ann?
Can you let me know if
you are here with me?
What the fuck?
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop, Stop, stop it, stop
it, stop it, stop it!
- Jeanie?
Jeanie, Jeanie, do you read, Jeanie?
Gil, Evan, I need your
help in the basement.
Jeanie, do you copy?
Come on, Jeanie.
Jesus Christ, Jeanie.
Oh my God.
Oh where the hell are you, Jeanie?
- Whoa.
Check this out.
All these girls must've
done some bad time in here.
Thomas was a real fuckhead.
- More marks.
Fuckin' sad man.
Could say that Thomas
locked many girls in here.
They must've been scared
out of their minds.
I don't know what happened
to Sarah Ann Garrett in here.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Ev, Ev?
Oh come on, Gil, Gil!
Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie, are you okay?
Oh, damnit.
Oh shit, Jeanie, are you okay?
Oh my God.
Hey, it's okay, it's
okay, it's gonna be okay.
It's okay, it's gonna be okay.
Jeanie, ah geez, stop!
Please, don't.
If you're in here Sarah
Ann, hiding from Thomas.
Sarah Ann, it's me, Thomas.
Sometimes it just takes
a little bit of time.
And that is all we've got, time.
Got all night, Sarah Ann, all night.
- I'm just, I just got to
hold up here for a bit.
This place has gotten to
me more than any before,
but I'm not giving up, no way.
None of us are.
- I've been in here for quite a while now.
I've gotten no hits.
No anomalies.
Come on, come on, talk to me.
Come on, goddamnit Sarah Ann, come on.
Talk to me.
Let me hear you.
Is that all you got, Sarah Ann?
Shut the fuck up!
- Well, that's somethin'.
- There's something I need to get.
The air in here is, I know it.
It feels thick.
It feels like I, I can't breathe.
My head is starting to hurt.
Feeling disoriented.
I think I should get out
of this closet right now.
Oh, shit.
Hey, hey, can anyone hear me?!
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey, I'm in the closet.
Someone fuckin' open the door, goddamnit,
I'm fuckin' freakin' out here, get me out!
Open the fucking door!
Open the fucking door, now!
Open it, open it!
Jeanie, what happened?
She was with child when
she entered this place,
she is no longer.
Who's she, you?
Who are you?
Jeanie, Sarah Ann, who?
- Both of us.
- Fuck you.
Gil's in trouble, I'm going up.
Where the fuck is everybody?
Come on, talk to me, brother.
Oh God, that's blood.
Something went wrong.
Oh God.
Oh my God, oh my...
Oh, Gil!
Shit, I knew it goddamnit!
I knew it!
Gil, oh Gil.
What did this, what did this?
Fuck you.
Oh my God.
Oh God.
Oh God, Jeanie, what happened to you?
Son of a bitch.
I saw what you did to Gil,
that's not you, honey.
That's not you.
Please snap out of it!
What happened to Zeke, where is he?
Sarah Ann, did you take Jeanie?
Who is her?
I'm not letting you take her!
Babe, it's me, Ev.
It's not you, Jeanie.
Jeanie, that isn't you.
Something's got you.
Something evil.
Let's just get you out of here, okay?
Right, there you go.
No, please, please, please, please stop!
No, please!
No, please, please, stop!
Stop, no!
Oh my God no!
No, no, not in here, no, please!
Please stop, please stop, please.
Stop, please stop.
Oh God, no.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
I love you.
Hey guys.
- How are ya?
Hi, so this is it.
- It looks great.
House built in the late teens
hospital added in the 40s.
- It's perfect.
- I agree.
What do you think, honey?
Daddy will work right next to the house.
We can have lunch together every day.
- Honey?
The baby's kicking.
What is wrong with her?