Harmony (2022) Movie Script

Has she said anything?
No. Nothing since we found her.
How did she get back here?
Security log says she used a
But how she got one, I have no
She must have gotten it
from one of the staff. Who?
I don't know.
That's your job.
Do you think...
He has anything to do with it?
That's what I need to find out.
Gonzalez, we gotta go!
So what's your plan?
To ask some questions.
Make sure your team is recording
We need to review and debrief for
any other potential incidents.
Yes, ma'am.
She's stirring.
Well, give her another dose.
Pull this up in full.
I want to see this.
How did you get back here?
Oh my god...
You shouldn't be out of bed.
Where am I?
Take a seat.
Who is he?
Gonzalez. Good.
What happened?
You were in surgery for 3 hours.
We had to amputate portions of your arm,
otherwise, you would have bled to death.
Are you finished?
I need to check your arm.
Hmmm... A little rushed.
But all things considered.
The damage is stable.
How long have I been out?
What happened?
What happened?! Someone
will come by in the morning.
Wait, wait.
Good morning, Miss Gonzalez.
I know it's been rough.
But you're safe now.
This is a secured facility.
Your home.
They took him last night. What
Yes, Mr. Callahan.
He transferred out.
Full recovery, I'm told.
That didn't look like recovery
to me.
Well, not going to lie. For some coming back
from the field, recovery is a relative term.
Now. Do you need help changing?
You remind me of my brother.
Is he a soldier?
Yes, he was.
I'm sorry.
That's why I'm here now.
Doing what I do. To help where I
Once you get settled in,
I think you'll like this place.
You're here to relax and
recover. You all have earned it.
A "thank you" for your service.
I'm not exactly looking to
Oh, no. We're much more than
The "Harmony" program is to
help you with the next step.
Whatever that is.
Are you civilian?
You just got to follow your care
Well, this is patient avenue. Down
at the end on the left are the labs.
Through these double doors is
the common room.
Three hot meals a day, all
served in there.
And up a little further
on the right is the gym.
Now, let's go see your room.
Only the essentials. Everything
else is clutter.
Well, I'll let you get settled.
I believe first thing is reporting
to the lab for some standard tests.
Oh! One last thing before I go.
I need to see you take these.
There for the pain.
Nothing hurts.
You can thank the anesthesia for
Believe me, it's going to hurt.
Big time.
Great. I'll see you tomorrow for
a checkup.
When did you and Erik first
What? You don't have that
I'm assuming breakfast hasn't
started yet.
Mine has.
I quit just before deployment.
That's impressive.
Actually, it's pretty fucking
Oh, so I'm enabling.
I won't tell anyone.
Where were you stationed?
The Eastern section.
It was supposed to be a security detail,
but it ended up being actual combat.
How about you?
Field intelligence.
All over. Kansas. West Virginia.
Even at a few weeks in western
Damn. And you made it out?
Mostly. Got a little too close
to an IED and landed myself here.
How long have you been here?
It's hard to say. You know, everything's
so sterile. All looks the same.
It's been a while though.
How'd that happen?
Would you believe I clapped too
No. Just a casualty of war.
I was one of the lucky ones.
That makes two of us.
Well, I guess I'm quitting too.
Last cartridge.
And you let me use it all up?
Sophia Gonzalez to radiology.
Sophia Gonzalez to radiology
Are you Sophia Gonzalez?
That would be me.
What do they call you over the
Thanks for the smoke, Eric.
I owe you one.
I like menthols.
So what are these ones now?
The fuck is this?
Okay, now that that is concluded,
can we get some initial reactions?
To what?
It's just random color and
Interesting. Okay, anything
I don't get it either.
Thank God.
I feel like I'm going nuts, the
longer I watch this shit.
How long have you been here?
Three weeks. You?
Just a couple of days.
Do they do this kind of thing a
Seems like every day they come up with
some new mental test or colored pill.
Sometimes both at the same time.
Do you know when you'll be
No clue.
Not in any rush though.
You don't want to get out of
It beats deployment.
Beds are clean. Foods warm.
Closest thing to a vacation
I've ever had.
Do you trust them?
You ask a lot of questions.
Call it "recon".
Seems like they're helping us.
It's hard to trust anyone
anymore. Y'know?
I'm here for a reason.
When they tell me to go, I'll
There's a lot they're not
telling us.
Well, when you figure that out,
you let me know.
Where were you deployed?
I wasn't in the field.
I was part of command team out
of New York.
You were on the ground?
Yes, sir.
Just on the other side of the
Hey hey!
Old habits? Sorry.
Hey, what happened in New York?
Could have gone worse.
Command structure collapsed after
the bombings and we were forced out.
Me and my troops were airlifted
at the last second.
Two dozen soldiers. Out of 300.
You were hurt?
No, I wasn't hurt.
Higher ups said I was suffering
"traumatic stress".
But I know my own head.
It's not hallucinations or
trauma or...
Nothing can have prepared
you for what happened.
How'd you make it out?
I knew the area.
You have friends there?
I lived there before the war.
I knew a lot of people that went
both ways.
Hey, they're Americans just like
We all have to remember that
when this is over.
I hope we still have a country
to put back together.
At least the first time, It was
the North verses South, y'know.
Now it's...
neighbor versus neighbor.
No battle lines, no territory.
Just one big fucking mess.
These are the amazing meals?
Said it was "hot". Not "good".
Can you feel that?
Does it hurt?
It does look like you have a
mild rash.
Have you been taking those
Everything you gave me.
I thought you said it was for
the pain.
Yeah. It is.
But it's good with all kinds of
How long is my treatment?
Ummm. Can't say for sure.
Could be a couple of weeks.
Could be longer.
Anyway. You need Dr. Ranson to clear you
before you go back to fighting bad guys.
That's the woman who checked me
Yes. Dr. Ranson's head of the
administration here.
Are there any side effects?
What do you mean? Did something
No. I was just not sleeping
Some crazy dreams.
Just a moment.
Sophia, I'm going to order
some tests with a psychiatrist.
Tell him everything, okay?
It's very important that you do
that. Okay?
How have you been sleeping?
Compared to a war zone? Pretty
amazing. You?
Barely at all.
Something about this place,
Do you ever have, like, vivid
I guess so. Yeah.
I think that's pretty normal
for a soldier, though.
No I mean, like, really strong,
real dreams.
I mean dreams that feel so real, like they
actually happened. Even when it's over.
I get the feeling this isn't
I must be having trouble
You can tell me.
You know that door
at the end of the main hall.
That leads to the administration
I had a dream that something
bad happened behind it.
There was a man screaming.
There was blood all over his
Do you know who it was?
He was here when I first came.
He was covered in bandages
and... awful.
Then the next day they said he transferred
out. Said he had a miraculous recovery.
You think they're lying?
I don't know what I think...
That's pretty serious, Sophia.
You're right.
We shouldn't be talking about
Where are you going?
Got a psych evaluation.
Check mate.
So my parents are back home.
Way behind the line.
Either of them serve?
Yeah, my dad did.
But he retired before all this.
Did he pressure you into
I mean, he wanted me to join...
And I wouldn't have if I didn't
want to. And...
I don't-I don't want to talk
about this.
Okay, but I feel like we're
really getting somewhere here.
You wanted to make-
You don't care.
You don't care.
Of course I care, that's why I'm
They were really proud of me.
Especially my dad.
Because I followed him into the
And I know that meant something
to him.
Why do you think your dad's
opinion is so important.
As opposed to your mom?
Always has been.
No, please!
There are a lot of things I did,
I know that I made my dad proud.
I know that I made them proud.
And How often do you see this
vision of the old man?
Barely anymore.
But it's not about seeing him.
You feel him.
In these dreams...
how long before Eric
started appearing to you?
Not long.
I think with him being here
he may have known what was
happening to me before I did.
You mean being on the drug
Ready or not, here I come.
It's you.
What are you doing here?
Is this place yours?
Yes. It's...
my mother's but...
I remember being so tired in
this house.
I'd just stare out for hours
waiting for something to happen.
That my life would just
magically change.
Did it?
Yes, when I left.
Now all I want is to be back
God, why did I leave?
It's not right.
Wanting to be back?
No. This place, it's not...
It's not right.
That's not supposed to be there.
That's not mine.
And the mountains...
There weren't any mountains.
Where is this place?
- What's happening?
- This is home...
No, no, this is not the place.
I don't recognize this place.
Are you okay?
No! What's happening?
What is this place? What's going
I don't understand what's going
You busy?
I'm just counting tiles on the
ceiling again.
Oh, oh, it's riveting stuff.
Charles, I, uh...
I wanted to ask you a couple
but I got to warn you.
It may sound a little weird.
Look, I've already heard about
the good word.
Religions just not for me.
Have you felt
anything weird since being here?
Like having vivid dreams and...
other people's thoughts?
The hell you trying to say?
I know
it sounds crazy, and it's scary.
But if you experienced anything-
Look, I don't know what you're
but I have not had any of that.
Charles, I think you have.-
Shut up!
I told you "no" Sophia.
Just drop it.
Why do you think we're here?
Why are they keeping you for so
Because I fucked up!
Alright? I fucked up.
And 300 people are dead because
of it.
You don't get a medal for that.
You don't get a second chance.
I know why I'm here.
And you!
You need to go.
We have some sort of connection
to each other.
It's just this feeling.
It's hard to describe.
It's like string pulling me to
No, it's less than that.
It's like a spiderweb.
Just barely there.
And when I follow a strand...
it leads me to you.
Always to you.
What is this?
What's happening to us?
It's this place.
It's them.
All these doctors,
the nurses, all the testing,
all the pills.
It's the real reason we're all
All of us.
Do you think others have this?
Like Charles?
I've heard voices...
And there's this old man.
An old man?
He's been watching me since I
got here.
He scares me.
I won't let anything happen to
you, Sophia.
But something already has
They want this gift.
For what though?
To watch us all.
And after that night,
we were always
When did you know something was
wrong with Charles?
He came to me.
He came to you?
In a dream?
No, this wasn't what Eric and I
Jesus Christ, Charles.
I should have listened to you...
I was...
There was a man, he-
A shadow.
The old man?
You've seen him too?
Who is he?
I don't know...
But this place...
It's his-
What's happening?
If Charles didn't tell you to come
back here, then why did you do it?
Eric thought we'd find answers.
Something's happened to Charles.
They've taken him. Back there.
How do you know that?
He reached out to me.
He reached out? Like us?
Yeah, but it was different.
I don't think Charles is like
This was desperate.
And I think they killed him,
When was this.
Earlier today.
What did he tell you?
That this place is not safe.
- And it probably never was.
- Okay.
Calm down.
I won't let anything happen to
you, Sophia.
How can you say that?
We have no power in here.
Yes, we do.
And I think it's time to use it.
What are you talking about?
We need to find out
what happened to Charles.
And we need to find out
the answers for ourselves.
The truth about what's going on
Everything they're hiding is
back there.
That's where we need to go.
But how?
The doors have codes.
But who has them?
I've seen Robinson go back
I'm sorry I missed last night.
Things have been really busy
But it's good.
It's all good.
We're really pushing the program
Just like you wanted.
I wish you could be there with-
But this is for the best.
You needed your rest.
You can't have another
There's still so many
ideas inside that mind.
We need to think about the
I do you wish you would speak to
like before.
I'm all alone down there.
And you were always so
reassuring about...
the work.
What happened was necessary.
We both know that.
I just wish I'd hear you say it.
Tell me about these dreams.
I don't know what's real and
what's not.
How have you been sleeping?
Not good.
We'll add some sleeping pills
to the regimen.
Tell me-
What did you do to me?
I'm sorry.
They never told me what it was
Just calm down.
Listen, Julie, we need some
You need to leave.
Momma, where are you?
Momma had to go sweetie...
You shouldn't have to go.
I know, baby.
And I'm sorry about that, okay?
Do you remember Mommy?
I never-I never forget you.
Good, sweetie.
Momma's coming for you, okay?
He's yours.
What's his name?
He was young here when I left.
He should be reading by now.
He looks like you.
I'd give anything to be with him
Where is he now?
My mother took him
behind the Eastern line.
I'm sure he's safe.
I didn't appreciate the time we
had together.
I didn't want to be a mom. I
wasn't ready.
I was too scared to have a kid
that when I got drafted...
I was excited.
I couldn't wait to go.
Don't, it's...
It's fine.
It's my shit to deal with.
But I guarantee that once I'm
out of here,
no excuses, no running
He's all that matters now.
Let's get you back to him.
You can go fuck yourself,
Fuck you!
I know who you are!
I know what you do back here!
I saw what you did to Charles!
I know everything!
- Ugh!
- You think
because you've had a glimpse
behind the curtain
you know all the secrets of this
You know nothing.
You have nothing.
- You murdered Charles.
- Yes!
Charles and many others.
As you saw.
You think you have some secret
that'll keep you alive in here.
You don't.
We know it all.
Or will know it all.
It just takes time.
Every movement
and every moment of every
patient is recorded here.
Since the day they arrive...
until the day we decide to end
All those people.
This is not a place people
survive, Sophia.
Not even you.
Ranson. Where is Eric?
Did you kill him?
Like Charles?
Oh you've been deceived,
Stop fucking with me!
Where is he?
There is no Eric, Sophia.
The old man...
- Charles said this place was his-
- Was...
Who is he?
A much bigger problem than I
But why Erik?
To use you.
And your power.
To regain control of this place.
But that's not going to happen.
What's going to happen?
- Ranson.
- Get her to surgery.
No! No no no no no!
Ranson! Ranson!
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
Get off of me!
Get-get-Ranson! Ranson!
Get off of me! No!
No! Let me go!
No! No! Ranson!
Let me go!
Eh, let's get her vitals.
Come on people, we're not paid
by the hour, let's get it done.
Hello, Sophia.
Please release the patient.
Excuse me.
Unbind her straps.
I won't ask again.
Of course.
What are you doing?
Why didn't you tell me about
her, Julie?
Luckily we caught her before she
caused too much trouble.
Dr. Ranson, I don't know how
Did you give her that code,
or did she take it from you?
- I-I-I don't know. I don't know how she-
- So she took it from you.
- I don't know how she-
- And yet you did nothing...
I'm sorry. It was a mistake.
You should've told me.
Where the fuck is Gonzalez,
- Stop what you're doing!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm getting out.
Show me the exit.
They're not showing you shit.
You got 3 minutes before SEC
team 2 is down here.
Show me the goddamn exit!
I swear to God I'll kill him!
Fuck you, Gonzalez!
You're not getting out of here.
Do not believe her.
She's bluffing.
I'm not.
Open the fucking door.
It's done.
Pick up the tablet.
Show me where.
You're going there.
Why hasn't she killed you?
She needs me. I'm her proof.
The only success we've had
till you.
Why me?
You have my gift. You're the
only one who can help me.
Do you understand now?
Why I came to you like this?
Yes. You needed to use me.
I had to. I couldn't risk losing
I'm not here for you anymore.
- What about Noah?
- Don't say his name.
I can get you back to him.
My body is as good as dead...
Take my consciousness.
You don't have a choice.
Let go, Sophia! She's coming up!
Let me in our we'll both die! She
won't keep me here any longer!
No! No!
Let go!
"Coastal" by Drive TFC