Harragas (2009) Movie Script

Mostaganem, small harbor in Algeria
only 200km off the Spanish coast
My name is Rachid
No, these are not my feet
that you see
It's Omar's feet
my best friend.
Almost my brother...
He decided to leave us.
Just like that. No warning.
That was a tragedy for us.
This guy in a hurry
is not me either
This is Nasser,
my other best friend
We grew up in the
same neighborhood
Nasser is the playboy of the hood
Omar, Nasser, and myself,
we all decided to "burn".
Go in exile
Leave, away from this country
erase the past
Like so many have before us
and so many will do after us...
My dear sister.
This is it.
At last, I'm leaving.
Three times they caught me.
This time they won't catch me.
Writing these words,
I have a strange feeling.
I don't know how it got in my head.
My country has become a black spot...
that grew and took over my brain.
My dear sister!
You remember what I said when you
stopped me from leaving
If I leave I'll die...
If I don't leave, I'll die.
Now I leave without leaving
and I die anyway
It's easier this way.
What's up?
Your friend Omar...
What? What's up then?
He's dead.
We buried Omar next to his father,
facing the sea.
Omar's death deeply affected us.
After that we often visited his grave
thinking about leaving.
"We have to keep in touch"
as Omar used to say
"Keep in touch".
That's 'seasick' Hassan, a former sailor
He travelled the world around
Now he smuggles people into Spain.
And his business is booming!
He's from the same neighborhood, too,
but he charges us his usual rate.
When it's about money
he has no friends
He would even charge his own mother!
What made Omar do a thing like that?
It's beyond belief.
Hassan gave us two days to pay the rest.
Otherwise he would take us off the list.
He had others ready to take our place.
This day was really cold in Mostaganem
There even was snow!
This snow was a bad omen.
I'll never forget Omar's death
And the snow.
Hello how's it going?
As we agreed. Exactly.
Okay, bye.
Recently it had become very hard
to find a boat to "burn",
you had to have the right network
But 'seasick' Hassan knew some folks
A real mover and shaker,
Chubby with everyone
with his big smile.
A real asshole indeed!
Hey, were you taking a nap or what?
How's it going?
Come in.
Keep an eye on the door.
Here's the beauty!
I found a really good engine!
A Suzuki 30 hp
A really good bargain.
This boat needs more fixing!
What? The bottom?
I fixed that, it's fine.
When can I pick it up?
In a week.
No way! I have people waiting.
Still have to check it over,
test the engine...
But the engine, if it starts, it's fine.
They have to leave in two days.
Hassan, let me tell you something...
You are the one who pays!
You will answer before God!
Preaching like an Imam, huh?
This is my neighborhood.
The place for those that life left behind.
Neighborhood of boredom...
poverty, unemployment...
Every day sees people be born and die.
The dreams that will remain dreams
If you would do a poll here,
90% will answer they want to leave.
Imne is like an older sister to me.
She has the best school grades in the hood.
I remember how she laughed
when I had to cough while smoking
my first cigarette.
I was ten.
She was twelve.
When she decided to do something,
she does it. Nobody can stop her.
She's really strong minded.
But the truth is...
she was always there for us
when we mess up.
And your mother, she's all right?
None of us can believe it.
He didn't say anything?
No. Nothing.
He was acting normal, preparing
for our journey, like us.
We talked about nothing else.
He got us the GPS.
Stop now, Imne.
I'm here.
But not for long.
I want to go with you.
Are you serious?
I want to leave.
But, Imne...
This is not what we planned.
Now things are different.
I can't stay behind, after you leave.
Here in the poverty, in the misery.
I understand your anger,
but it's not possible.
We'll see about that.
While Imne was telling Nasser
that she wanted to burn with us,
Seasick Hassan was busy
with other clients
preparing for the same journey.
Guys who had been betrayed by life
like us.
It was to be exactly ten of us,
who would share everything.
Share the costs, the danger, the fear...
and the bliss when we reach goal.
Hassan had hidden them in the forest
feeding them nothing but spaghetti.
What's wrong? Is he sick?
Yes he's sick! We've been here
already a week
he got the flu in this wet forest,
of course!
That's the risk you take.
I tried to get the keys for this cabin,
but I can't find the owner.
We're fed up with this bloody forest!
We want to leave now!
I told you right from the start
you have to be patient
when the sea will be calm,
you will leave!
The sea?
What's wrong with the sea?
It's calm.
Listen now
If you don't trust me,
take your cash and get lost!
I'm not doing this for fun.
Find the keys for the cabin,
or we burn it, and the boat too.
We didn't travel 700km for nothing!
Got that?
You guys are a pain the ass
Come, Mounir!
Bloody niggers!
Mounir, drink!
Uncle Hassan is paying!
The next one is on Hassan,
the King of business!
That bold guy
I didn't know him
Doesn't he remind you of someone?
For me he looked just like Blaki
the bad guy in the Grendizer-series
Poor Nasser, he was suffering
like the hero in an Egyptian sitcom
He'd run out of ideas to keep
Imne from joining us.
It was a heavy responsibility.
I admit,
I did not envy his position.
Why don't you answer my calls?
Leave me alone or I'll scream!
I've run out of patience.
Calm down. I'll burn, find some work
- You finish your degree...
- To hell with my degree!
I'll arrange a visa for you
to come over...
the normal way!
It won't be easy, for sure
If you leave without me, I kill you
I find you and I kill you
I join the islamists,
and I become a suicide bomber.
This is Fat Hakim
He is burning with us.
He's from our neighborhood
but me and him don't get along,
because of some old story.
- What's the news, Hassan?
- We're settled.
What do you mean, "settled"?
If I say 'settled' I mean 'settled'...
I will confirm tomorrow.
Be ready!
Can't you wear something else?
Stay out of it Hassan...
What I wear is my business.
Oh well fuck it.
I never understood
why he wanted to burn
We didn't like the idea
of sharing a boat with him.
But it was not up to us:
he paid, he could come.
Departure is very soon.
Don't lose patience, Sheikh!
Yes.. yes..
There's no problem.
As soon as I arrive,
I'll be in touch.
Don't lose patience.
Listen Sheikh!
Everything will be fine.
Inch Allah, everything will be fine.
Is it true what we heard...
Don't touch me.
You, stay out of it!
Calm down, Hakim!
Don't you talk to me.
You have my respect,
but that's all.
You see that?
They brainwashed him.
This evening, Nasser gave me
an impossible mission.
Like the UN having to solve
the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
I was caught in a trap.
- Good evening.
- Hi.
What is this for a date?
Okay. Nasser here has told me
that you want to burn with us.
So what? It's not your business!
Of course it is!
Imne, it's too dangerous.
A girl among the men,
you can't do this.
Listen, we're going with people
that we do not know.
Who knows what might happen.
I'm talking from experience.
If you want to burn with us...
...it's madness.
Good. You finished?
Aren't you ashamed?
Having me meet you here?
You make me come here
to tell me this?!
I am scared by rats,
not by crossing the sea!
See? You've made a fool of me!
Imne never talked to me like this before
The girls from our neighborhood
they are tougher than men!
"When autumn arrived,
Felix finally understood... "
"what treacherous scheme
Raymond had in mind... "
"Treacherous scheme?"
"What treacherous scheme
Raymond had in mind"?
What does that mean?
How can you learn french
if they use strange words...
...that nobody understands.
You guys are lucky today.
I got hold of the keys.
Get the food and follow me!
Just as I told you.
Seasick Hassan is like a snake.
When things go wrong,
change of tactics.
With his ultrabrite smile
he's bullshitting everyone.
Mounir, open the window!
It's much better here, no?
It will be better when we're over!
You think you're smart, huh?
Over there they don't like smartasses...
especially when you are black.
You kill us with this spaghetti. Is it
the only thing you can get around here?
It's cooked with french butter.
Made in Normandy.
Tastes like shit.
Eat and shut up!
For my brothers I was a hero
For them I was Steven Segal
or Bruce Willis...
It was hard to leave them behind.
So I had promised them
I'd bring them over one by one.
By plane.
Each with his own ticket.
- What do you think?
- Great! Smashing!
What are you doing?
Date candies.
To eat them.
Date candies are for special occasions.
Stop asking questions.
Take a rest.
Before he left, your brother also
was making date candies
You've seen what happened to him.
You think I'm stupid?
You think I don't see?
If I don't go, I become crazy.
Anyone who gets across,
is put in prison there.
Prison is here.
This country is a prison.
No my daughter.
Don't say this!
Mam, stop it.
If you leave I kill myself.
I won't survive it.
On departure day
Hakim was the first.
It was strange to see him
with normal clothes.
He was wearing an American cap
trying to look cool.
But it was obvious what he was planning.
We would have to bear with him
for two days...
and his weight would slow us down.
As soon as you get there
- you call us.
- Okay.
- As soon as you arrive, promised?
- Don't worry, dad.
I'm not worried.
I trust you.
This time...
I know you'll make it.
Nothing can stop you.
If i was young like you, you know...
I would do the same.
It's weird if you think I used to work there
But hey, I came back,
like a poor fool.
Take good care.
Travel well. Good bye.
Here my son.
I made you some food to take.
I hope everything will be fine.
Have a safe journey.
God bless.
Don't worry, mam, don't worry.
While Hassan was picking up the poor guys
who lived on spaghetti for ten days...
We had to wait in block 4...
As you can see it had been a ruin
for six years...
as if it had been bombed in a war.
Nasser was silent, acting cool.
Imne did what she said.
She was going with us.
The fat guy was there too,
with his cap.
He ignored us,
and we ignored him.
Stick with your own crew
That's how it is in our neighborhood.
Let's go!
I brought you fishermen's boots.
Wait down there for me!
I'll get the others and the boat,
I'll be back this afternoon.
You think we're stupid?!
You give us boots and you split!
I don't take this.
You can't do this!
Yes we can! It's you who
treats us like shit!
You really thought we were stupid huh!
Let the deaf one go get the boat.
You, you stay here!
He can't understand!
Let him go!
I tell you he can't understand!
You, get the boat.
This one stays here.
You explain it to him.
You see? Easy easy.
You thought you could
pull a scam on us, huh?
[Hassan] You are taking advantage
because I'm alone.
Let me go now!
Stay right where you are!
Move back this way.
Drop the knives.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Don't mind if I 'burn' with you?
Okay. 100000 dinars.
You pay now.
Look, they attacked you,
and I helped you...
Don't I get a discount?
Move back.
100000 dinars is a good price.
Let's talk things over.
We can talk here.
C'mon! Not next to these morons!
Why? I prefer to stay here.
I have nothing to hide from them.
Take it easy. I have seen
how they attacked you.
They're shameless thugs.
Now I'm here, so don't worry.
So, what price do I get?
50 grand is a fair price.
50 grand is a lot of money.
Move it.
Listen, listen.
Don't do this. We can make a deal.
When the deaf one showed up,
I knew that troubles had started.
A deaf guy trying to talk to you!
Only happens to us!
What's going on?
Calm down!
Where is Hassan?
Where is he?
- Easy easy.
- Where is he?
Slow down Mounir.
What's wrong then?
Hold him!
Where is Hassan?
Answer me, where is Hassan?
We have no idea!
Calm down.
What's with all this shouting?
Sit down! Nobody moves, okay?
Where is the boat?
It will arrive down here.
Where "down here"?
In the cove.
In the cove huh.
Go get my bag.
You, get your stuff and lead the way.
C'mon, move it!
All of you, get your stuff and follow him!
Go, go, go.
You there, come one!
Move it, move it!
On the way down to the cove
I felt my heart slowly sinking.
There was no way back.
And this bald guy was bad news.
Here is the cove.
The meeting point.
Sit down!
When does the boat arrive?
We don't know.
The maker will bring it.
Okay, stop staring at me.
It makes me nervous.
You'd better get used to me.
Who is the pilot?
And him.
A woman has nothing to do here.
She stays with us!
If she doesn't go, we don't go either.
She don't go, we don't go?
She's your sweetheart or what?
Right, his sweetheart. And without us,
you can't get across.
Shut up!
You think you're a real man,
with your gun.
How about the deaf one?
Is he supposed to join?
No, he's not on the list.
There's supposed to be ten of us.
This one is sick.
Who says I'm sick?
You can't join, that's all.
Why are you ratting on him?
You're a snitch or what?
You're the oldest guy here.
Ever heard of selective migration?
Well today I do the selection.
All our life, others make the choices
for us. Same story again.
But the only thing that matters
is leaving.
Even if the devil himself
is burning with us.
We were impatient to see the boat arrive.
Stay quiet, you.
Come give us a hand.
Where is Hassan?
Okay, move it, move it now!
You too, move it!
Don't stare at me! Hurry up!
I haven't done anything.
Is that so? Then get your friend
and disappear.
Let's go.
You there, old guy
they don't need you in Europe.
Take the moron and go.
Who doesn't want to go?
You're all going?
That makes ten of us.
Go get your bags.
We have to wait.
Wait for what?
A phonecall.
Someone will call before dark
so we avoid the coastguards.
Okay, so we all keep quiet
now move back!
You're sure? Okay, thanks.
All clear, we can go now.
Let's go, let's go.
Deep in my heart, I was hoping
the engine wouldn't start
at the same time, I was hoping
it would...
Sometimes things get mixed up in my head
for the rest, it's all in God's hands.
Let's go, and God help us.
Watch out! Rocks on the left!
Nasser, turn a bit to the West.
Turn off the lights
we're past the rocks now.
Hey brother,
give me that flashlight!
Switch that off! It's dangerous,
we can be spotted from far!
You, look at the GPS and shut up
See? That's better.
Switch it off, or else I turn back!
Oh yes? Give it a try...
Okay, I'll try the speed now.
Hold on tight.
Don't be afraid.
Turn Nasser! Turn right! Right!
To the right, that's it!
I didn't give full gas,
but it's nice and strong.
Nobody seasick?
How long will it take?
At least twelve hours if all is fine.
We can't take any risks.
To the right! Nasser, the right!
Coastguards! Stop the engine!
They are coming this way.
We're screwed.
If they come close, I'll smoke them up.
We'll be all right now.
They've increased the patrols.
Let's get out of here quick.
Hey guys!
I can't hold it anymore,
I have to pee now!
Not now!
Truth is...
during the crossing you just get bored.
so you let your mind wander.
Me I was thinking of my arrival
at my cousin's in Sete.
He promised me a job in a restaurant.
All night I thought about it.
How it all would be...
I dreamed with my eyes wide open.
Shit, it's scary this water all around.
It's even worse if you think what's under.
You, you burned before?
Or did your good-look friend?
Both of us.
So you got caught.
We reached the french border.
Where then?
they'll have to run fast
to catch me.
What's with the gun?
You're a cop, huh?
Why do you burn?
I screwed up really bad.
A case I didn't handle properly.
I got into trouble.
My colleagues didn't like it.
- Want to take over for a bit?
- Okay.
Sorry, Imne.
- What's up?
- I'm taking over from Rachid.
Let's go.
"I'm taking over from Rachid"
"Want to take over from me, Rachid?"
You guys speak good french.
Not like the other losers!
You are lucky guys with education.
Funny now you're all together.
The losers...
and daddy's golden boys.
Tell me, your daddy, he couldn't...
get a visa for you?
Maybe you should have sent your girlie
to the consulate?
The beautiful girlie.
Give us a break now!
No network.
The smell of home.
Date candies made by cute Algerian girl.
This cute Algerian girl says Fuck You!
Oh wait I remember.
I'm a man only because I have the gun, he?
Even with your gun, you're just a scumbag.
Don't talk to him!
Why? I'm not afraid of him.
Okay let's cool down a bit!
We're not far from Spain now.
Nasser, check the GPS.
Shit! Shit!
What now?
We're off the course!
What do you mean "off the course"?
Holy shit, you're right!
We've been heading East.
The current pushed us off direction?
Of course, it's the current!
East? So we head to France?
It's okay, we'll change course now.
How much time did we lose?
No idea.
It's you who told us to accelerate.
Better out of course than caught back.
You know what they do with deserters.
I know what they do with harragas.
I don't care about cops and deserters!
You go on like this,
and you end up with the fish.
Hey, calm down now.
We have enough fuel.
You morons!
In Alger, I would've locked you up,
to teach you about life.
And you bitch,
stop staring at me!
Don't you talk to her like this!
Come on, try it!
Cut it out now!
Come on!
Stop it!
Calm down, it's okay now.
Made in Taiwan... Piece of crap!
That bastard ripped me off.
I knew it.
Wait, we still have the compass.
If we straighten up by 10 degrees
we'll be fine.
No, wait, let's make it 15 degrees
You're going to make up your mind?
Hey you, can't you just shut up?
He what's up, Osama?
I said shut up! We're all in this now!
You're gonna get yourself a bullet
Islamists like you, my kind of job.
Listen to your music and get lost.
You faggot!
Start the engine, let's go!
I don't have much time!
You all stay where you are!
What are you waiting for? Start it up!
Let's go!
Hakim had dared.
Even though I didn't like him,
I was pleased.
Now that creep knew he could not get away
with acting like a dictator all the time.
We just had to wait for an opportunity
to get rid of him.
Are you cold?
Different from the Sahara, huh?
And you want to go to Europe?
Better get used to it,
Over there it's even worse.
Missing your camels already?
And you idiots!
You're supposed to avoid the currents.
How many hours have we lost?
No idea.
We should have arrived by now.
You're worthless.
You know nothing about sea navigation.
Okay. We turned 10 degrees, we'll see.
Anyway, it's this direction
Shall I take over?
Yeah go for it.
Truth is, my friend
we wouldn't admit it, but me and Nasser
we were completely lost.
The compass was Chinese as well
it seemed as if the pointer
was going all directions.
I hoped the boat wasn't Chinese, too.
When you are lost at sea
The worst fear is to wind back to Algeria
All harragas will tell you that
It happened to us the first time
We saw some lights
and thought it was Almeria
But it was Oran.
We'd done a trip for nothing.
We were too short of fuel to try again.
We made it!
We need to find a cove.
Shut up!
Speed up! We must get there before dawn.
Speeding in blind is risky.
You really piss me off!
When will you get it?
I'm giving the orders here!
I'm fed up with this boat
and your stupid faces!
Do it, speed up!
Easy, easy!
This is suicide!
Suicide my ass!
Aim for the lights! Full speed!
He thinks it's like home
he can play the tough guy.
We all despise each other
how can anyone else like us?
He's a fascist!
C'mon, c'mon.
Hold on, let me try.
The engine is dead!
See? "Speed up, Speed up"
See the result now?
Shut up!
Get lost, we're done with you!
Don't you dare touch me, son of a bitch!
I'm gonna kill you!
Come on!
Get your hands off me!
Defend yourself if you're a man!
Show the girlie how brave you are.
Don't let him provoke you!
Come one then, hit me!
You're scared, you coward!
C'mon, hit me then!
Of course you're a coward,
that's why you flee your country
Fight! Stand up for yourself, asshole!
You, take your hand off me!
What have we done to you?
Why do you hate us so bad?
Why? Just because you exist, get it?
No, it's you who don't get it.
You have no idea what I went through.
How I have suffered with them!
What they made me do!
Boat pilots, my ass!
Move, I'll fix the engine.
Move, move!
Don't you touch the engine!
Sit back down!
What d'ya say?
I said sit down and shut up
or I'll finish you!
Oh, you want to play tough guy again?
You are acting like a pimp since the start.
Let him go!
We're going to capsize!
I was ashamed
we all shouted
but none of us was brave enough
to help Hakim
we were paralyzed by fear.
Shine the light this way!
You know what he was listening to?
The Holy Koran.
God have his soul.
This Hakim, was he...
a friend of yours?
I noticed he never talked to you.
We haven't talked for years.
Rachid, cut it!
What, I'm just answering his questions.
He is dead, may he rest in peace.
The rest, it's all history now.
You want to know?
He used to be their best friend.
He asked to marry me and I said no.
Since then...
it's over.
I'm sorry.
She was as beautiful as the moon.
Like an angel in the night.
It was me she was looking at.
I could even smell her perfume
'Shalimar' from Guerlain.
Even today I'm not sure
if it was a dream or reality.
I don't care.
Guess we'll have to peddle now.
We're not far from the coast.
Hold him, help him down!
Take it easy, the boat is tipping over!
Hold his head.
He'll be all right.
What now?
Where are the peddles?
Where they should be, no?
Look under the jerrycans!
Under the jerrycans!
That's all we need!
You see this only now?
You didn't check either!
Stop shouting!
Hassan did it on purpose so we'd die!
God punished him!
Why do you say this?
- Hassan is dead?
- Yes he's dead.
The cop killed him in the woods.
Oh my god!
He had it coming on him.
All right.
We'll have to swim.
Can you guys swim?
Where could we have learned?
We're from the Sahara.
We've never seen the sea.
He said he would give us life-jackets.
Idiots! You want to cross the Mediterranean
and you can't even swim.
What are you going to do now?
Stop it! Give them a break!
We'd better wait till dawn,
safer then.
And them?
You want to leave them here?
We can't help them.
They'll have to wait
until some boat picks them up.
We can't follow the french.
Talk in Arabic!
I speak what language I want!
You go to Europe and you don't
even speak french!
Ho ho, calm down.
Let's think of something.
I have calmed down already.
I have to tell you one thing:
when you wake up just ashore from Spain,
I swear the Spanish sun
smells of paella.
That's really something.
Pure bliss my friend,
heaven on earth.
We've got to go now.
Wake her up now.
I'm staying.
It's not your fault if
they can't swim, okay?
We've been preparing for a year,
now don't drag!
What's going on?
We can't just leave them like that.
I prefer to stay.
Make up your mind! Now!
Imne, talk to him.
Tell him to come.
If a boat picks you up,
it means deportation...
beatings, trial, prison, and after that...
a stupid life in a fucked-up country.
Please Imne, talk to him.
Imne I'm begging you.
I'm staying with him.
Okay then.
You can go if you want.
You do as you like.
Listen my friend,
You'd better go swimming too.
I'm really sorry for you.
May god be with you.
...and with us, God bless.
Your only chance is to wait for a boat.
It's win or lose.
We know that.
Legalisation, or deportation...
What if it's a Moroccan boat?
They say it's hell then.
They just beat you up,
then they put you in a camp
and let you rot there like dogs.
I don't want to go to jail again.
You were in jail?
Six months.
After last year's riots.
I will keep trying
they can send me back a thousand times.
I learned swimming when I was three.
My uncle threw me in the water
and said "either you swim, or you drown".
I must've drinked liters, but I could swim
He was crazy, that uncle!
But thanks to him I can swim.
You are ready?
Hey guys, good luck!
God bless!
Let's go, swim.
C'mon, you can do it!
Go, go, go.
Tewfik, pile up the clothes they left.
We burn the clothes
If a boat comes by, they'll see the smoke.
They will rescue us.
What do you think?
Good idea.
When my feet touched the sand,
I thanked God for helping the harragas.
Without Him, I would have never made it.
Nasser! Come back!
I can't go any further.
Hey, Adel!
Listen, you live in a cold country, cold!
Lucky the sun is shining.
Of course I made it you bastard!
What did I tell you?
Listen... Put the beer in the fridge!
Tomorrow, if God will,
I will arrive at your place.
Yeah, sure, we will drink to that!
Hey listen now, listen...
Tell Agns I'm on my way.
Okay, good bye my friend.
And you just sit there doing nothing!
I can't stay here!
I have to go, let me go!
I can't stay here! I'm going!
Where do you want to go?
I'm going to Spain,
I'm going now!
I'm sick of it!
I can't stay here!
Let me go!
Stop it! Calm down!
I want to go!
Get me out!
We can touch bottom, there we are.
You can stop swimming!
I can't stand on my legs.
Yes, you can walk from here.
We're there.
Help me.
We've got one...
A man and a woman on the beach.
Imne was deported two days later.
Me and Nasser met back
at the detention center.
There were more than 300 of us
at the detention centre
From all over.
Senegal, Mali, Morocco...
That was misery, my friend.
We were all disgusted in the same way
The shattered hope...
Having to head back home...
Back to the problems...
I wondered if Omar wasn't right after all.
And now?
What do we do?
We get dry!
And we get some rest.
Take it easy, okay?
There's no hurry.
A boat!
Light it up!
Over here!
Come rescue us!
They're not stopping.
Bastards! Scumbags!
Watch out, the wave!
Hold tight!
They're coming!
Viva Spain!
See how he looks at us?
I don't know what happened to them.
Maybe they got papers,
maybe they were deported.
God only knows.
That's life.
A fragment of our life.
A cursed life!
A life I wouldn't wish on anyone.
That's why I told you this story.
Between 1998 and February 2009,
no less than 13444 migrants died
at the European border,
including 5182 missed at sea.
In the Mediterranean and Atlantic sea,
9500 migrants lost their lives.
In the straight of Sicily, 3163 people died
between Libya, Egypt,
Tunisia, Malta and Italy.
and 125 other on new routes
between Algeria and Sardinia.
4399 died off the Canary Islands
and in the straight of Gibraltar
between Morocco, Algeria and Spain,
2322 were never found...
This film is dedicated
to all the Harragas lost at sea.