Harrigan (2013) Movie Script

SO MANY defenseless REMAIN
IN darkened streets
TRUE CRIME rampant
Coming back has not been easy,
It was cold and empty when I left...
...And it's even colder and army
now I'm back.
But your smiling face and funny giggles...
...Will warm me when I need it.
I miss you terribly, little one.
And I hope you and your mom
forgive me...
...For what I had to do.
Big kisses and hugs firm, dad.
All right, all right.
- So you're back, kid.
- I'm sorry to wake you, Billy.
's Okay, son.
Sleep is now nothing more than
previews of death.
The woman has fallen dust,
there is food and milk in the kitchen...
...And a box of candles on the dresser.
Sorry about the picture. I fix it.
- Can you come home, Billy?
- I can still walk, though.
And it makes me wake up. Here.
And do not put things in the...
Excuse me.
- Good to see you here again lad.
- Likewise, Billy.
- And thank the woman out of me.
- I will.
I want that money by Friday, damn.
Northern fucking monkey.
Go to the barn.
- Friday? It never fails me Bernie.
- I want that money Friday.
You only ensures that you have the.
Come on, kid. Get out.
Get a move on a bit.
Another one to learn it off.
- Hello, beautiful.
- Shut up.
Come here, you ugly bitch.
It's not personal. Caught?
Not at all.
It's not personal.
Finish your plate,
you become a big, strong boy.
The latest news about the three-day strike.
In the northeast one is forced
to steal to stay warm blankets.
We will have to fight harder.
- Hi, Barry. All kits?
- Perfect, Frankie.
- You're nice little weight.
- Too much rice and too much heat.
Your security is worthless.
This was outside.
Tell me about it. They are trying to steal
it. Three times a week With content.
Are you back to it
a grim detective?
- Really. My count.
- I'll give you quite right.
Everything to hell.
The fact is, we're out of time.
But I'm glad you're back.
Thanks, Frankie.
- How was the mysterious east?
- It was hot, sticky and it stank.
- It must be weird, I'm in this chair.
- I'm not hard to do.
I hope. The figures have
improved since I'm Inspector.
I have made changes,
despite the cuts.
- Nice.
- New statutes...
...Criminal records,
recording heads, good stuff.
You're going to analyze files.
Comfortable, pension insurance.
Nice work. You take over Trimble,
which stops about three weeks.
I'll introduce myself.
A few faces remember you.
Something personal. Those guys
in Hong Kong can not be trusted...
...But now you're safe.
There are no triads, sergeant.
- Damn. You said what?
- Can you do anything right?
- Is your family from the north of China?
- His mother is from Blyth...
...And his father Kibblesworth.
- Thank you, Agent Swift.
- I got this from my grandfather. Sorry,
sir. - Brigadier. I work for a living.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Good morning, all.
Brigadier Harrigan coming to
work here again. For a while.
Make him feel at home.
Thank you, beauty.
There is more month
brought to light. Good work.
Bridie? Can I have your records?
This has been through a lot.
I'll let you go ahead.
- Brigadier Harrigan.
- Brigadier Wheland.
- Are you kidding?
- You now have three stripes anyway?
- That flaccid bag continues to reject me.
- Maybe next time.
I have a stabbing
and it pisses me off, so...
- We should have a drink and catch up.
- Certainly.
Do you have that eye sustained in service?
- What did you write on your hand?
- I made notes.
Then you can now officially report.
Take such a note... Hold on.
Brigadier Harrigan. Billy?
What is it?
No, I'm myself.
Do you have a car? Come on.
- When did that happen?
- Over a year ago.
- Centralization and nerds.
- Yes. And now we have this.
Policing is running.
Do not keep your balls in a hot car.
That we are still doing well?
Not for long, kid.
You stay in the car.
How did you get it through customs?
In a large trunk with holes.
What's the matter, Billy?
There's three times in a fortnight
burglarized. Nobody does what.
- What makes you so angry?
- Precious memories.
And it keeps me in sentences in this hell.
- Do you have names for me?
- The boys from Cole.
Did you never met?
That will come later.
Withers. The whole family.
A year ago they came here and
took the whole thing over.
Good people live here.
Who does not. Deserve this misery
- Stop right.
- Moss This is his neighborhood.
- Give back.
- Listen, you.
Give me money tomorrow
you get your book back.
That scum sucking them off completely.
- Do you know him?
- Dunstan.
- We've known each other forever.
- He is acquitted, right?
If there is something for you to Vicky?
Do not worry. He will come.
They always do.
Alfie, shut the car off.
That was it. The shop is closed.
Get out.
- What you got? Have you seen a ghost?
- The ghost of Harrigan.
That bastard wanted you still sew an ear?
- He should hang.
- Dooie cop.
It's not funny, Bernie.
He killed our man in Hong Kong.
That jerk is a thorn in my fur.
Bring on your flaps.
And the rest.
That will cost you extra.
Sorry I'm late.
I got a message.
- Something serious?
- For her.
She was three months dead in her apartment.
And no pension, of course.
That is still somewhere at the post office.
Run by our corrupt friend,
Mr. Jenkins.
A councilor, Mason,
a chain of post offices. Corrupt?
- He is also not a fan of yours.
- This is not a beauty contest.
Not with those creatures
who call the shots here.
Dunstan still infects all its pus.
He collaborates with the Coles.
So watch out.
They corrupt everything since
the district office is closed.
I saw it for sale 'sign.
We've had good years there.
That's right. Gift.
Happy times, huh?
- She was a beautiful girl, your Gwen.
- In every way, Billy. In every way.
When they got our black dot,
ran them through the thin pants.
Our business card.
You were the most creative cop ever.
All so silly as the rear end of a pig.
They never read Treasure Island .
Ah, Jim, lad.
Why do not you open the desk again?
I can be your man on the street.
With your bad back and angina
we would be a great team.
I'm not depreciated.
What is inside here, counts.
I'd better go home. Later
wife still thinks I'm drunk.
Jason, wait a minute here.
I will always remember that magical day...
...When we went hiking for the first time.
There was riding a motorcycle along.
Scared you.
But you did not cry.
I still feel how small fists
firmly squeezed my hand...
...Because you knew that I
would take care of you.
Do not worry, sweetie. Someday I will
again to protect you.
- I have to call the police.
- What's wrong with the phone off?
Well then, if it should be necessary.
You. Keep your hands off my stuff.
Detective Swift.
When did that happen?
Can I write down your name?
Monk Shire, right?
Someone comes along as quickly as possible.
- What was that?
- Ridiculous burglary. Monk Shire.
Ridiculous? Then let's consider
lot to laugh, Serpico.
- Sit quietly.
- Go cycling. I have to really do work.
Point, draw, and so on.
Three copies.
And be a treasure and make such a
color chart. That you so well.
I have to say that you
gorgeous looks today.
Detective Swift,
get two strong boards from that tray.
We take this car. You drive.
Chief, we need to talk.
What's the point?
You are doing nothing.
You are all bastards
and I'm in between.
We are there now and we'll arrange it.
What if I also cheated,
like so much in this neighborhood.
Do you know how old I am? Twenty-five.
I'm at my end.
- You have to look positive.
- Positive? My husband is off.
Do you know what's in the closet?
Three potatoes, a bottle of orange
juice and half a box of cereal.
- I understand that it makes you angry.
- How can you understand that?
They even have wedding rings my mother
and grandmother snapped up. Copper.
These are now fixed
to the finger of a 16-year-old slut.
Even Jason bracelet with his name.
The only thing he got from his father
worthless. "For later".
From the child. What did they do about it?
We are ready.
If they try to kick
they break a leg.
If you have problems again,
call your office and ask for me.
Why would you
more confident than the others?
Because you have to.
- Do you?
- Black coffee, please.
You should analyze.
Monk Shire Moss is his neighborhood.
- He has contacts there.
- I heard that. And he's doing great.
Analysis shows that last month
120 crimes have been reported.
Fifteen dissolved.
We select nonsense and
concentrate on important issues.
I'm in charge, Sergeant here.
You fucking ensures that money
and give it to me and Dunstan.
Otherwise I put this thing in your
nose, so you brains. Got that?
You're going to do that job, mate.
- I will do it.
- What are you doing here then?
My car, damn.
And fuck it not,
because then you're dead. Got that?
- Do you drink anything with it?
- Can not. I fall for someone.
- Night?
- I'm still jet-lagged.
And overtime is good for me.
But if you want to talk...
I know. And maybe it's time
that you're going to talk.
Shall I doen.
Yes, yes. Calm down.
- Money. Now.
- Wait, wait.
Come here,
bastard tried to rob us.
He wanted to murder us.
Stay down, asshole.
The strikes lead to poverty
and the bodies are transported...
That youngster attacked me put it to.
- Is that you, Whopper?
- I packed it for you.
What have you been doing?
- Was this really necessary?
- I defended my property.
The bewijs.
Grab his other arm.
Let him stand.
Of all the targets you had
to choose a Masonic meeting.
I need to talk to Mr. Harrigan.
Five minutes. Good?
- Go ahead, Whopper.
- You must promise me protection.
- I will do my best.
- It must be more than that.
I give you my word.
But you're still a week in custody,
so do not worry.
- Who is threatening you?
- Cole and Dunstan.
They want to make me blind
if I do not give them to Jenkins.
They owed money from his stores, they find.
- They have done this.
- My goodness.
No one should act without consulting
with them and then they take their portion.
Boys steal motorcycles,
they strip and sell the parts.
But I say nothing in court.
I'll sit.
They are crazy, now I'm caught.
- How did you get involved in?
- Money.
I have a few pounds borrowed to pay fines
and now he wants a hundred pounds.
I had earned money only with toilets
cleaning factory. That is.
I'm broke. So, for God's sake...
Please, Mr. Harrigan.
Do you want to draw, if it's true?
I was fully within my
rights to do what I did.
Because you're councilor,
judge and freemason.
- Yeah right, Mr. Jenkins?
- I sit in the Council for police matters.
You have the wrong man,
Sergeant Harrigan.
So when six cops suspect
lens kicks, tying him...
...And almost strangle and you were the cause,
would certainly give them a bottle of whiskey.
You have no idea how it is out there.
The people are scared to death, man.
Yes. I ask only
wondering where you fit into the puzzle.
What do you say? Brutal wing.
You can grab your stuff.
And you should look at who you teach,
Mr. Jenkins.
Because it is very difficult
shaking hands with a broken finger.
Here is a small amount.
Do those legs once again quite wide,
then you're on your debts.
Leave me alone.
Mrs. Frizzel, it's me.
Brigadier Harrigan.
I'll bring back what was stolen.
- What was stolen?
- If you just look in the closet...
...You will see that there are some
things missing . Here. Take this to.
Shall I just put down for you?
Here. Look at that.
I thought you might be
could use such a thing to your door.
Shall I put him on it?
Good morning, brigges.
- I did not ask him.
- But you got me.
- What do you say?
- You heard me.
- I heard you were back.
- Bad news travels fast, Larry.
I have to serve thirty days,
so I'm there.
But is there to make a deal
Mr. Harrigan?
Three tardies in two weeks.
And you refuse to give a reason.
I have extra work to make up for it.
And those minutes.
Two of them are under the ketchup?
You're not listening to me. Notebook.
I'll make a note of.
And if you or your administration work
again comes too late...
...You get a disciplinary punishment.
a bitch.
Sheila, honey. Do you want coffee
with milk and a digestive for me?
- Okay, ma'am?
- Okay?
Good boy.
- Barry?
- Brigadier Harrigan.
Problems in All Saints Church.
Larson embarrased himself.
Let me pick from the bar on Regent Street.
Everyone get out.
All of the stairs.
I will not ask again.
Go down the stairs. Please.
What are you doing here?
- What is it?
- Domestic.
A man has been abducted child
and wants the baby and kill themselves.
- With what?
- A knife.
There are
negotiators route from Durham.
I'm warning you, stay out.
The law is on the way.
- Is there another way?
- Side. Careful.
- He is huge.
- If you go down the stairs?
How are you?
- I'm here.
- I do it, though.
Do not upset the child.
I do not mean to bother it.
I want to know what's
going on, nothing more.
Remain there.
I want to talk.
I'm a cop and I want to help you.
Do you understand?
If you do not want me, I'll go away and should
you take a chance with that crowd outside.
My name is Barry.
What is your name?
Come on, now. Say something.
I'm just a man with a walkie-talkie
talking to a man with a knife.
Frankly, I'm just as scared as you are.
The only one who is not afraid,
is your beautiful baby, asleep in a basket.
Maybe we'll stay here all night.
Let me at least know who I'm talking.
- Sir, the law.
- My child.
- The bastard. If anything happens...
- Now you can not enter.
- I kill him.
- Get rid of her.
I slip him the knife. I swear.
- Get off me. I'm warning you.
- Get in the car.
I heard you had problems with your wife.
Whatever the problem is,
we can solve.
It may feel now is not,
but there are always solutions.
So why do not you tell me what you want...
...And I will do my best for you.
It is the mother of her.
- I want to know what happens.
- Unbelievable. You had to watch her.
- Ma'am, calm down.
- He's dead.
Forget what happens outside.
What happens here is important.
I'll have her silence.
Bridie, let the woman keep her mouth shut.
And let Larson discard his megaphone.
That bothers us.
- She gives you the full low, or not?
- She hates us.
- Why is she so hard?
- I worked.
- What? Would not they working?
- That's not it. I'm a strike breaker.
- Thanks, Aunt Lil.
- I wish I could do more for you.
You do more than enough.
What would I do without you need?
- Shall we ask your wife coming?
- It does not.
Give us at least a chance. This thing
with the knife does not help either.
I'm not in the mood.
- How's your wife?
- Sandra.
I will try to get Sandra here.
Do you then put away the knife?
So no one gets hurt.
Stop, Jason. That is dangerous.
Let inspector Larson ensure that
Ronnies wife Sandra comes.
Let me know when she's there.
While we wait, can you tell me as well
the whole story.
Step on the engine, damn.
That's quite a story, kid.
You control your own life, Ronnie.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Brigges, the woman there.
Thanks, Bridie.
- Do you hear that?
- Is she really?
What do we do now?
I have kept my end of the bargain.
- Is it a trick?
- I would never do that.
Come mee.
Let's go out with all three.
And do not worry, nobody will
child from you.
Because we do not let that happen.
Here is my hand.
Take it from me.
I was not going to hurt anyone.
I know.
Do you believe in God?
- You?
- . I do not know
But there is nothing wrong with a little
We're coming out.
Softly, the child is asleep.
- You filthy strike breaker.
- Stop it. And caps with that language.
Oh, no. Died instantly?
I'll tell him.
That kid from Frizell was killed.
He did not stand a chance.
You can have him.
He wants a clean slate.
I'll confess best burglaries.
No petty theft.
- You swallow what I cross, Larry.
- Or what?
Or maybe that old lady died
no natural death.
Right. A bottle with coins of ten pence
when scouting for Collie Lane.
You must have something better.
Two hundred sacks bird Artie's.
- This is a joke.
- You're right. It is an intrusion.
Where are you going?
You had to help me Larson.
You know how it goes.
This is for what he has done.
So sign now, but then I have this
pig crops around dinnertime.
There may be charges at twelve,
including those of Frizell.
And you're the hero
and you can scroll through all the trouble.
Get your hands.
I'm just doing my job.
You have no idea what the job entails,
nasty parasite.
Impaired asshole.
Why did you come back?
I know already
You had to take care of this place, right?
You could not even take
care of your own daughter.
I'll sue you for assault hell.
You forget that I brought to the CID
after you have been binned for the same.
- Moss deserved.
- I'm not a flunkey.
If you cross me, puts the district chief
you back in uniform.
I hit Moss and everyone breaks down.
But Jenkins nearly
Whopper killing, goes under the carpet.
Understand that I sympathize with
you because of your great loss...
...And I've always supported.
But you threaten to go too far, so
when I wear it on your...
...To do with Moss well.
Do you understand?
You're a good cop, if you want.
Use wisely. Your last months
You've worked in Monk Shire.
Have you seen what it has become?
- Yes, it's a problem.
- I district office opened.
You broke?
I can solve the resulting Frizell case
and make the area livable again.
Because if we do not do something soon,
we lose confidence.
Maybe it's too late,
but you have nothing to lose.
- You get the glory, or you can call me...
- An ear sewn. Did you say that?
Well, I will instruct you Larson
give a team.
But I give you personal advice.
Be damn careful.
And take graze those bastards
Vicky, this is Bess. Sit.
She's an ex-police dog.
And she is kind to children.
- Where's the baby?
- When Aunt Lil.
Come here.
Come here, jongen.
Come on, kid.
- Hey, boy.
- Do not touch me. I did not say anything.
I Whopper Bagley
promised protection.
- Calm.
- I've given my word.
Calm down, I said.
I'm sick of your shit,
miserable stubborn.
There was no evidence.
Jenkins has withdrawn its declaration.
So before you blame the Coles,
forget it.
They have alibis and Homicide
takes over. You do nothing.
So anything is amiss?
If you play dangerous games
that sometimes takes your life.
What do you mean exactly?
Shall we not only talk about Hong Kong?
- Caution.
- That's me, Sergeant.
I have.
- Good. I now want my team.
- There is no budget and...
Your budget do not care. The district office
is open, with the consent of Atkins.
So, here with my team.
I want Swift, Lau and Bridie.
And you get Moss.
Besides, this is the first time that I see
you are really passionate . And you know...
...It looks good on you.
They even left their shit,
the bastards.
I should hang for that Coles.
You will need body bags.
- Billy, I'm going to fix this.
- How?
I have followed your advice.
- I district office opened.
- Bullshit.
- Seriously?
- Dead serious.
So let me handle this and wait.
No stupid things.
I'll have extra sugar.
- Where are you going?
- The gym.
- In your pajamas?
- He thinks he's Bruce Lee.
- Think you're fast?
- Indeed.
Put your bag down and try this out.
Put your finger underneath.
All you need to do...
...Is the coin of my hand tackle
before I close my fist.
Slow. Properly. My turn.
- You cheated, brigges.
- No, that's uitgenast.
Tell your ballet off and come to
Stanley Street. 20:00 plainclothes.
Nice jacket.
Connect the car. We start walking.
This is it.
A brown beer, with two glasses.
Come my mother's underpants
wash, Chinese?
- Thanks.
- It is quietly here.
- I smell shit.
- I do.
Copper Shit.
- And sour gook shit.
- Hello, Mr. Dunstan.
- How pleasant to see you.
- Fuck.
- That is very rude.
- Fuck you, I said. Cop.
Another bottle, please.
Fancy a pint?
Then you can tell me...
...What's happening here,
like you used to do.
You will turn yet, mate.
Believe me.
Next time you need bacon serve.
And you can fasten a prayer.
Because I missed you last time...
...I'll kill you next time.
- That was precarious.
- Next time the main movie.
- What was it then?
- The trailer.
I'm going to drink something.
You can return to your course origami.
Well done, boy. I'm proud of you.
What do you want?
- What happened to your arm?
- Nothing.
I said it was nothing, right?
Can we just get something to drink?
- He's not working again?
- I really turn back.
Do not say anything. I do not report.
It is something Catholic style. That
you do not understand. - Indeed not.
I'm with him.
- For Good?
- I grabbed some stuff together.
- Where are you staying?
- The police pension.
Here are my keys.
Wait for me.
- Why? Where are you going?
- Deliver a message. That should.
- Mr. Wheland?
- Who wants to know?
- You hit your wife happy, right?
- Get the...
That was just a taste, size.
If you Bridie approach again...
...Get me personally
full meal.
You would have been crazy about
your grandpa, sweetheart.
He always was joking or
pulled a face, and I felt bad.
But he never talked about
what he did during the war.
Now I know why.
There are things that you
can keep better for you.
Do not forget. Saturday, in this place.
At 19.00. With an empty bladder.
- Almost forgot. Trifle.
- Drakenpiswijn?
Here, a billiard hair.
Strong stuff.
I'll keep him behind the sandbags.
- So here's happening?
- Yeah, so get used to it.
One thing at a time, okay?
Agent Lau,
invaders in the memorial hall. About.
That's right around the corner.
We are on the way.
So, boys. The van is on the way.
Choose only.
No more warning.
Keep them.
- Lau, you gotta...
- Misery Lingen.
- Put them on the bus.
- I want to hang out for them.
Leave it alone.
- Do not move.
- Billy, what have you done?
- Away from the door, lad.
- Go behind me.
Not believe it.
- Are you crazy or something?
- There's just salt in the sleeves.
Cloth for it, hide it in the district
office and say this to anyone. Got that?
- Yes, brigges.
- Good.
You do not use a firearm unless you
want to kill someone . You taught me.
I may have taught you too well.
Boy, you must be
notice what you're returned.
You have opened a district office,
but a bag full of poisonous snakes.
I think you'll need this.
- Food delivery for the elderly?
- To thank you for last.
- You had a few cans in your closet.
- Fantastic.
- I'll just make myself presentable.
- Is that a tattoo?
What does that stand for?
This is intended to identify me.
For if I should be found
without heads and hands.
All Jesus.
- Why did you go to Hong Kong?
- Why. I had to leave here.
I got the offer and there was nothing here
to stay, for I found.
I have seen the letters to Kim.
Sorry, I could not avoid it. Listen.
I do not know how I would handle
but talk to me.
How little too.
My kid beat, huh?
I know who he is and I snuck him.
- Subscribe now but for the deposit.
- Gary, Bobby, get out of this tent.
Get out. You tell Harrigan
that he is going to be sure.
- What's that, asshole?
- Come on, motherfucker.
Schorem, get out. Get out of here.
Brigadier Billy Robertson?
My child beat?
Come on, we're leaving.
Can I get a moment of silence,
ladies and gentlemen?
The boss wants to say something.
Rightly a big turnout, because agent
Trimble is the backbone of the force.
Unfortunately I have to be an
important traffic symposium...
...So will the expert inspector Larson
take over.
Nice evening and Arthur,
enjoy your retirement.
Thank you, Gordon. Kind words.
Finally, thanks to Sheila wonders
has performed with an orange ribbon...
...I offer you this yogurt maker to with
best wishes for you and your wife.
Pity that Felicity is not there...
...But a long and happy retirement
The chef can get the plague.
Heavens. My eyes.
- What are you doing?
- Sorry. I thought you would be blind.
Do another one.
- The end of an era, huh?
- And the beginning of a new one.
Bridie, I know I've been drinking...
...And our lives have
always been so complicated.
It was never the right time.
But in my next letter to Kim
I would like to tell her about...
About Me?
It's open.
- Welcome to my world.
- Nice.
Do you have your suit with you?
I just came to say
how bad I am.
- What do you rot?
- From Billy.
What about Billy?
- Christ.
- What's wrong with him?
A family member?
More than that.
Take your time, Barry.
But close it off before you leave.
They'll still walk away.
You'll notice
what you're returned.
There a lot still needs to be issued, kid.
- Are you sure what you're doing?
- I want everything outside painted.
- Stone, shutters, doors, everything.
- It's black, brigges.
You will sometimes detective.
Come on, painting.
- Dammit, brigges. The whole lot?
- Everything. Including the spiders.
Sodeju. This is about work, though.
This tent needs a bomb.
- And you and kick your ass.
- People will think we're crazy.
This could very well be.
Now shut up and paints.
No wonder they have this closed.
What a dump.
- I'll apologize.
- Accepted.
Listen, go back to
guests who killed Billy.
But without proof you have nothing.
- Jenkins approached me in confidence.
- Tell.
We are not all brave.
But if you are making progress...
...He will testify,
but not by himself.
Only if you have more
witnesses and evidence.
- Do you do anything with this official?
- Yes. I'll tell you.
And you will support me if it is a case?
Give it but no answer.
- What do you think, brigges?
- Move. I put the finishing touches.
- Look at that.
- Next month we are doing your house.
- Now all hell breaks loose.
- Yes, this we will know.
This is asking for trouble.
Listen. Run the engine
and wait until you hear the screams.
Wait here.
Go to the criche.
Go pick up little children there.
Do you prefer?
- What is it, Grandpa? Kungfu-boy lost?
- Come on, cop.
Do you whack with your cane?
Come on, then. Come on down.
- Okay?
- That was awesome.
Now they'll cool down.
- Are you open?
- It's on the wall, sir.
Is terrible screaming at
Breaking Hall Street.
- Come on, it's late. We're
shutting it down. - What is that?
- Nothing. Forget it. Come on.
- We can not ignore.
Come on.
It's fucking freezing.
Move. Let's see.
All Jesus. What a stench.
What the hell are you doing here?
Take it and go out of my house.
Wheland for the monitoring station.
Assistance. - Fuck. Assholes.
- Assistance, Breaking Hall 34.
Officer down. - I know where it is.
- Back off, kid.
- Brigges?
Gary, little rat. Attempted murder of a
police officer, seen through an agent.
- I do not mean that.
- Like that kid you dead reed?
It was an accident.
I do not see him. As he ran into the road.
- And the old man had only get hit.
- Are you Billy? His name was Billy.
You get the choice. Tell the truth and
we will take you into custody only.
Lie to me and you're going to jail.
Who killed Billy?
You, Dunstan or your father?
Harrigan. What the hell were you
thinking coming here to do?
I'll tell you. I'm going to lock you
for the murder of my friend.
And you're going to oppose.
Give me an excuse to break your arm.
- You're dead.
- Is that so?
Try anything and I'll break his arm.
Back. A movement
and I'll break his arm in two.
How do I know you killed Billy?
Ask your son.
- Prutser.
- I did not...
- Take him to the radiator.
- Son of a bitch.
- Caps, you.
- Shut up.
- You're the dick, plague young.
- I did not say anything.
- God's sake.
- What is it, Bridie?
- We need to drop off themselves.
- Can you get in the car?
Forget it.
He's on fire.
Harrigan for the monitoring station.
We are stuck in district office Monk Shire.
Send a van. We have no
vehicle that has just fired.
- This is empty.
- Use those.
This is it. Now it's between us.
Now we settle this once and for all.
They are the coffins to the address
and one of them is your name.
I have no people.
Harrigan has five men to
an incident to quell.
I sit with the rest of the city.
The power is out,
if you do not know.
He gets back up when we have it.
Not before.
Inspector Larson is busy.
There is help, once available.
It's chaos everywhere.
Faster. Come on.
This is all your fault, you idiot.
We are all dead.
- Shut up, coward.
- He puts things like fire.
- And you're going first.
- Do not leave me behind.
Come on. Extinguish. After three count.
One, two, three...
- They come through the back door.
- Come on.
- Do not leave me here. Take the cuffs off.
- Shut up, will you?
- Fuck. Assholes.
- Shut up.
- I take with the denim jacket.
- That's mine.
- I saw him first.
- But I'm the sergeant.
Stay down.
Turn them over and tie them together
with their backs against each other.
- What is happening?
- Shut up.
- Fuck. What is happening?
- Okay, girl?
If this is settled...
I've told you, Harrigan.
I said that you would still get their turn.
And it's far, damn it.
You guys are crazy.
If I get the chance, I'm gone.
Nice. That will be a great relief.
Bess, come on.
They are gathering.
Lock the door behind him on the cut.
More patterns, kid.
What are you looking for? Shut up. Fucking
Let's take a look.
On your knees, damn.
Harrigan, I have one of your people.
Damn. Moss.
Dunstan has him.
They skin him and hang him
from the nearest lamppost.
Do you hear me, Harrigan?
How we make cops off.
You know Dunstan loves fire.
Why he has that slut of a
daughter of your burned.
You've just made a witness statement.
You're not going anywhere, asshole.
Let's settle this.
Do you hear me, Harrigan?
How we do it, Harrigan.
So we make cops off.
Go ahead. Do it.
Everyone knows you're his snitch.
Shoot off. Upside
A walk for him, the other for me.
That's even better. Both for me.
It's simple.
You put your finger to the
trigger and you shoot. Go ahead.
- Do you think I do not?
- Do it. Come on.
Artie Once finished with your boyfriend,
he grabs you.
What I'm afraid, say.
- They wanted to murder me.
- Where is Barry?
I had a gun to my head.
Put him on his feet.
Do you going to calm. Bastard.
- Do it.
- I told you.
Do it.
Come on, Barry. It's good.
All is well.
Lau, an ambulance.
When you were a baby, sweetheart, I crept
softly into your room when you were sleeping...
...To see if you are still breathing.
Then I talked to you.
I wondered whether other people did.
You were so small.
White dots on your nose.
I see you still smile in your sleep
a mysterious dream.
I think every day you and your mother.
Then disappear all those horrible people.
And I know I will be with you. Shortly
Can we make pace, people?
I have to go to the morgue.
Suicide. Orange in his mouth,
dog leash around his neck.
- That will give a pretty picture.
- I'm ready.
Come brigges.
Photo for charity.
Mr. Larson, you can retract anything?
Would you all look as if you
have not done it in the pants?
Three, two, one...