Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace (2021) Movie Script

Help me.
Someone wanted to say morning
to his daddy.
He wouldn't take no
for an answer.
He's just like his mother then.
Another bad dream?
In this one I proposed,
but you turned me down flat.
Oh wow.
Talk about a nightmare.
You've been having a lot
of bad dreams, H?
And now I've woken up.
It's time to celebrate.
In England we do it in March,
but you're a Yank so...
Happy American Mother's Day.
Pula, did you have something
to do with this?
It was Guy.
He helped me set it up last
night after you went to bed.
Over here, it's customary to
give your wife an eternity ring
when she's given you a child.
Didn't you already get married?
Happy Mother's Day.
Thank you.
Oh, best gift ever.
Doria: Hello.
Oh, a little jazz.
Archie loves jazz.
- That's what I've been told.
- Yeah.
Happiness starts...
Love you.
Thank you.
Just put one on and
your troubles will be gone
Because happiness starts
with a smile
This is American music, yes.
Pardon me, Your Highness.
When you're sad
Sir Briggs.
Here on a Sunday?
What's wrong?
I am so sorry, Your Highness.
When will it stop?
The journalist who tweeted this
has been fired
from the BBC but...
Buckingham Palace won't respond.
If Buckingham Palace
won't do it,
I want a joint statement
from Kensington Palace.
Prince William and Prince Harry
stand united against racism.
Your brother's people
have already said
that this is nonsense
and should just be ignored.
Again, I mean, they, they seem
to think it'll just go away.
A direct shot at our son.
It's hate speech.
This just proves what
we've been saying all along.
Archie's going
to need protection
like my father's
other grandchildren.
More, thanks to the vitriol
they continue to allow
the press to spew.
The palace would prefer you
to remain neutral,
as is tradition.
I thought it was tradition
to support your family
when they're under attack.
People are starting to notice
that things
between you and your brother
have gone awry.
Reporters: Prince William.
Have you met your nephew yet?
Have you seen Archie?
Well uh, we look forward
to seeing them
when things have,
um, quieted down.
If you go and visit
the new baby,
the public will be reassured.
I can't believe
they named him Archie.
It's not a royal name.
I just don't know what to say
to him anymore.
Your future subjects
see themselves
as an extension of your family.
If you can't smooth things over
with Harry soon,
rumors of your feud
will only increase
and the nation
will feel unstable.
As future king,
I cannot allow this.
But I'm not bringing
Prince George and the children.
Very well. Just you and
the Duchess of Cambridge.
I'll inform the press.
It's either go and pay respects
to your brother's brood
or banish them to Australia.
If wishes were horses,
beggars would ride.
Meggie Megawatt was such
a star on that Aus tour.
She might actually like
to go and live
on the other side
of the world now.
There's enough enmity
going around already, Victoria.
Please don't fuel it.
My goodness.
He's darling.
What a jolly little fellow.
He's so lovely, Meghan.
Thank you both for the gifts
and for coming all this way.
Of course, it's no bother.
We were planning a Windsor
visit anyway.
Where are the kids?
Didn't they want to meet
their new cousin?
- They've all got a cold.
- Tennis lessons.
Meg, I would love to see
the nursery.
Fresh air?
Getting much sleep?
I can't believe you're keeping
the kids away from us.
I told you, tennis lessons.
The future king must have
a good backhand.
Nice one.
I know we've been having
some healthy disagreements,
but we've got to at least
come together
to address racism in the press.
It's out of control.
Three times I've publicly asked
the British press to back off.
Once as a boyfriend,
once as a husband,
now as a father, to no avail.
Seventy-two members of
parliament signed a letter
saying Meg faced unfair attacks
with outdated
colonial undertones.
You need to bloody well
make a statement with me
decrying racism.
As future king,
push back on this
horrific bullying.
Such a powerful word.
They are painting me as
a villain in the press,
and no one in the palace
seems to want to come out
and stop that.
Why not let me come out
and defend myself?
I understand your frustration.
There are lies and rumors
about me too.
But you know, this is the life
we signed up for.
I mean, if I took the time
to refute every little...
I feel silenced.
I know.
As an American,
you value freedom
and individualism
above all else.
And well, here we value dignity
above all else.
But isn't it dignified for me
to defend myself?
Harry: Think about someone
outside yourself for once.
This is bullying
and you know it.
They have so much to work out.
They have centuries
on their shoulders.
Don't we all?
Oh my god, for the last time,
I agree that diversity in
the family is a good thing.
Because it makes you look good.
But behind closed doors I
have to listen to concerns
about how dark
our babies might be?
They weren't expressing
they were just curious.
Open your eyes.
Dad's even saying
when he's king,
he'll decree that only your kids
will have the titles of prince
or princess.
I thought you didn't want
your children raised that way.
If my kids have the titles
of prince or princess,
they get a much higher level
of police protection.
That is what I care about.
The racist death threats
are too much.
What causes problems
isn't color.
It's culture.
Meghan's American.
She acts more like a celebrity
than a royal,
and she doesn't seem to
appreciate the difference.
What she doesn't appreciate is
how the firm is perfectly happy
to lie to protect other members
of our family,
but everyone is suddenly silent
when the press attacks her.
I can't have this conversation
any more.
No, no, no. Someone on your staff
hates Meghan for no good reason.
H has been having a lot
of nightmares recently.
He won't say what about.
Well, isn't he feeling
a bit better
being out at Kensington Palace?
It's so lovely being out
in the countryside.
I really want to make
this work Catherine,
but you know how they say,
fish out of water.
Flapping and gasping here.
You know, Trooping the Color
is coming up.
Well we could um, we could ride
to the Trooping Parade together.
In an open-top carriage
so everyone can see.
That would be wonderful.
Yes, and if I wore the hat
I wore to your wedding,
Wills, he won't notice
but some clever journalists
will realize it's a sign
of fondness.
I never knew how eloquent
a hat could be.
Oh, we should coordinate
color palettes as well.
Whatever I wear,
the press will tear me apart
for this baby weight.
Reporter: It's a tradition that
goes back to 1748.
On this highly patriotic day,
a crucial ceremonial event
in British royal tradition
Everything is meticulously
and designed to show
the strength of
Her Majesty's military power.
Soldier: March!
Reporter: Today, all eyes are on
Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex,
as this is her first official
royal outing in months.
In fact, some have accused her
of using her pregnancy
and maternity leave to hide
from negative press.
But today is a day
where no one can hide.
Are you all right?
Woman: Well look who's arrived?
Is that the woman
who wore the racist brooch
to Christmas brunch?
I'll see you later.
She'll be on the balcony today?
Yes, well yes.
Of course felt the brooch,
a terrible faux pas...
but what can I do?
She's a cousin.
And Mother goes big
on forgiveness, I'm sorry.
I will try forgiveness too.
Thank you, my dear.
Ah, of course.
What's he up to now, eh?
All we have to do is go out
on the balcony,
wave for 10 minutes,
then go home,
throw on some jeans
and snuggle Archie.
I know.
I get it.
But I wish my boobs
would stop leaking.
Did you bring
the hand pump thing?
I'll go find a ladies room.
Vickie, my dear.
Looking very stylish today.
You know I've always had
a soft spot for trooping.
It's so patriotic.
Yes, indeed.
Marvelous opportunity to display
harmony betwixt our two houses.
You sure you won't have William
stand beside Harry?
Hmm, yes.
Quite sure.
Victoria, you know as well as I
that the whole of Britain
will be well aware that their
princes are at war
if they stand on opposing sides
of the balcony.
We played very nice
for the pretty wedding,
waved a flag, and now it is time
for William to show
that he, as the future king,
is not chumming with Me-ghan,
and Hazza the Duke of Hazards.
Good gracious.
You know, I wish I'd been taping
that for the Daily Mail article
I'm poised to leak.
Oh, they wouldn't publish it,
You know they only want snippets
from moi.
Speaking of, Meg's had a rather
wobbly bottom lip lately.
And that skin of hers.
Oh, it is so thin.
You know when she first arrived,
we called her Tungsten,
as strong as steel.
But now I am not so sure.
Perhaps those rumors of
postpartum depression are true.
Oh dear.
You know, I wasn't aware
the level of the bar
could be set quite so low.
Oh, Meghan darling.
So good to see you.
All things considered,
you look radiant.
Lovely to see you too,
Lady Twysden-Smythe.
Lady Hunt.
I didn't stop thinking about you
for a minute.
When the press published
that letter
you wrote to your father
Good lord. I thought my family
dramas were scandalous.
Is it true that they had
an attractive blonde journo
drive to Mexico to flirt it
out of him?
I'd be utterly mortified
if I'd written something
so personal and
it became public.
You poor dear.
Oh, Your Highness.
You look tired.
Life of a new father.
Life of a weak husband
more like.
Excuse me?
Our country's dealt with this
scenario before you know.
With Diana and your father.
A weak-minded prince
gets outflanked
by an attention seeking woman
who disrespects centuries
of tradition
and jeopardizes
the entire monarchy.
Those who do not learn from
history are doomed to repeat it.
Your Highness.
Markle, debacle. God.
What's wrong?
Everything okay?
I just need you to follow
protocol 100 percent today.
Okay. Does that really need
to be said?
Well the last time...
You mean the time I opened
my own car door?
Or the time I didn't want to
wear old white lady pantyhose?
Just please remember the order
of precedence.
I promise I won't ever stand
in front of your grandmother,
your father, his wife,
your brother
or Queen Catherine
of England in Waiting.
And always keep in mind
the press uses zoom lenses
and lip readers to scrutinize
every single move...
I'm not an idiot.
But if I seem too stiff and
serious they'll say I'm unhappy
or being a new mother
is too much for me,
or there's trouble in paradise.
So I'd better smile
and smile and smile.
Just be a royal robot today.
What about for the rest
of my life?
Reporter: So the Queen
has returned home.
Back at Buckingham Palace,
enjoying the proceedings already
watched by many on the balcony.
And it's a good moment.
Not now.
Turn around!
Turn around now!
Harry: Darling.
I said you look gorgeous.
Are you ready to go?
Are you all right?
I don't think so.
I don't think I am.
You don't have to come to
the Royal Albert Hall tonight.
I do. I do.
No sweetheart, you don't.
You need a break.
You don't understand.
If I'm left alone right now
I don't know what I might do.
I'm so sorry I snapped at you
on the balcony today.
I know that everything you do
is to protect me.
I almost turned my back
on the Queen.
You were turning around to talk
to your husband.
I can just see
the headlines now.
Brown American divorcee disses
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
as the national anthem plays.
At least you knew the words
this time.
I can't lose you.
I can't lose you.
Can we make a vow?
Never to let the outside world
spoil this.
I'd love to promise that,
but the British press will never
stop coming for you.
For Arch.
And sometimes I feel
so powerless.
You can't control everything,
That's what the nightmares
are about.
I see you literally
being hounded to death.
And I'm helpless to stop it.
I can't bear to think my son
will grow up
stalked by paparazzi,
and I don't want this little boy
seeing his mother crying
every single day.
Well, unlike your mom,
I am not alone in this.
Your mom was barely even 20 when
she was pregnant with William.
I'm almost 40.
I know myself
and I have tools now to help me
manage it all.
Want to see what I'm working on
with Vogue?
A mirror.
I'm putting a mirror
on the front cover, see?
So the reader gets
to see themselves
amongst these powerhouse women.
And also be on the cover
of Vogue, right?
All these women are going
to bend the arc of history.
Just like you.
Hey Mom.
I know what you're doing.
Okay. Let's go out for lunch
or a coffee.
Just give you a break.
You're burying yourself in work.
That'd be great, but they took
my wallet and my keys,
and I don't even have
my passport.
How am I supposed
to pop out somewhere?
You can ask them to send a car.
"Them" say I shouldn't be out in
public because I am overexposed.
If I go somewhere,
it's a national event.
All eyes on me.
Which is apparently the only
thing I care about.
It's been weeks.
You haven't been anywhere.
People still find ways
to make news out of me
even when I don't go anywhere.
Stay the f??
Out of my trailer
or I'll cut you, Kate!
Wow! How imaginative.
I'm an angry black woman.
We need to redouble our efforts
to combat
small-minded inaccurate
portrayals such as this.
However, adding fuel
to the fire,
details have been leaked about
you editing British Vogue.
How was there a leak?
The editor hasn't even told
his own staff.
I don't know where the leaks
come from,
but the press are turning out
opinion pieces
spinning this move as typically
But I purposefully decided
not to be on the cover.
Doesn't that make me
the opposite of a show-off?
In addition, unfortunately
details have also been leaked
about the cost of
Frogmore's renovation.
Three million.
Will and Kate's Kensington
Palace apartments cost
five million pounds of taxpayer
money to renovate.
But William...
Will be king.
So he's the king of the castle,
and I'm the dirty rascal.
Well, I wouldn't say
that the dirty rascal
is an unimportant player, sir.
In fact, this archetype is
crucial to the royal story.
When you were boys,
William was, was no saint,
and yet what did we hear about?
Harry's drug shame.
William was never mentioned.
When the Rota found out,
they protected Wills
and praised Dad as
a concerned father.
Indeed. The real job of
the Royal Rota,
the press board that covers
the monarchy,
is to create a narrative
which protects royals
in strict order of succession.
We must find a way around this.
Social media would mean
we avoid the Rota entirely.
We cannot just get rid
of the Royal Rota
just by wishing it so.
The old boys' network
is extremely powerful.
Maybe I need to strengthen
the new girls' network.
Is everything all right?
Of course, everything is fine.
I was just calling to say hi.
That's very nice.
Happy birthday to you
by the way.
Thank you so much,
and thank you for posting
the lovely picture of us
on your social media.
Meghan: I'm sad we don't
have anything more recent
looking happy as a family.
Oh I know, I guess it's just
difficult these days
with the children
and everything.
Not to mention these leaks
that keep coming.
Goodness, I know.
How unfortunate.
The Royal Rota do seem to have
a lot of very specific
information, right?
Meghan: Where do they get
their intel?
Do you know?
I'm um, I'm not entirely sure I
know what you're trying to say.
Um, nothing.
I just... someone clearly
has an axe to grind
and I'm not sure why.
Is it because I use too many
emojis when I text?
I've heard that ruffled
some feathers.
Well that was considered
a cultural faux pas,
but not insurmountable.
However, you do outright declare
your intention to force change,
and you do so in bright
yellow neon.
Kate: You're a highly
intelligent woman Meg.
How could you not see
that this Vogue cover
was very provocative?
I mean, there's even a poem
in there with the F word.
It's hardly a smiley-faced
Uh, I was...
And it is full of political
dog whistles, op-eds.
You know that royals are to
remain neutral on politics.
Don't rock the boat,
keep things calm and steady.
It is literally our job.
And, you know, it's not like
Wills and I don't want changes.
Of course we do.
But it has taken us a decade
to build up the goodwill
and the, the proper channels
to make those changes.
You've hardly been here a year.
There's a part of me
that is in awe of you
for wanting to take on
the palace,
but then the other part
just shudders because
the palace always wins, Meg.
I promise you.
The palace always wins.
Uppity, Anti-White, Divisive.
Absolutely idiotic.
Meghan's Vogue shows her
to be a hypocrite.
This is the opposite of what
I was trying to do.
You've worked on this project
for months now,
so any criticism is going to be
hard to take.
I thought the goodness
would shine through.
They're saying I should've put
more white women on the cover.
Apparently I should've also put
more men on the cover as well,
if I wanted to be
"fair to everybody."
This problem is thousands
of years in the making
and you want it
to change overnight.
Just breathe.
You're right, mama.
Of course.
It's always cold here.
Not just the place, the people.
Feeling sorry for yourself
won't help, Flower.
But I miss my friends.
I miss the California sunshine,
and I miss my mom.
I'm so alone and I miss
being myself.
I don't belong anywhere anymore.
You belong wherever that baby
and your husband are.
They love you.
Thanks Mom.
I gotta go.
Talk to you later.
Oh Archie.
Did I ever tell you what
your name means?
Brave, genuine, and bold.
And yes you will be.
You are.
I love you.
I love you too.
The Africa tour will be
good for us.
Can't come soon enough.
Africa is where I fell
truly in love with you.
Let's do it all over again.
Shall we move here?
The firm would be happy
to have us out of England.
Did you know that
being your husband...
And my hero?
Makes me truly happy?
This is all going extremely well
you know.
The public are absolutely
delirious with joy
at Archie's first official
public engagement.
Arch meet Archie.
Great work Archie.
Um, unfortunately there are
however still rumblings
about this historic event
being held on foreign soil
with a non-Brit.
They mean non-white.
Well I suggest we dismiss this
with the disdain it deserves.
All right. Very busy week ahead,
so I want to see you all
getting some rest, yes?
"These photos are for you and your brother,
love and joy from Archbishop Tutu."
He wants you to work things out.
Working things out with Will
right now
feels more impossible than ever.
I know Mum would hate to see us
fighting, but...
she'd understand where you
and I are coming from
more than anyone else
in the world.
Reporter: Today during
his African tour,
Prince Harry walked in his
late mother's footsteps,
commemorating Princess Diana's
historic visit in 1997
which launched her campaign
to rid the community
of landmines 22 years ago.
Ma'am, why do you have to be
so political?
What do you hope to achieve
with this stunt?
You know, I'm just trying to do
good in the world.
What is wrong with that?
It's been an honor to retrace
my mother's steps today.
I lost her 22 years ago,
but her memory is with me daily
and her legacy lives on.
Thank you.
Harry, how is your relationship
with William these days?
Have you spoken with him
since you've been in Africa?
I said no more questions.
Do you have any plans to move
away from the UK?
Perhaps to Africa as has
been rumored,
banishing the Sussexes.
I said no more.
Reporter: Are you or are you
not going to stay in London?
Is the Queen banishing you?
Harry: Faster.
Here, we give
self-defense classes
and female empowerment training
to young women
because we are in an area that has the
highest murder rate in South Africa.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The rights of women and girls
is something very close
to my heart.
I know that when women
are empowered,
the entire community flourishes.
And on one personal note,
may I just say that while
I am here with my husband
as a member of the royal family,
I want you to know that for me,
I am here as a mother,
as a wife, as a woman,
as a woman of color,
and as your sister.
I am here with you
and I am here for you.
You're a superstar.
There's no one else
who can turn a tree stump
into the most powerful podium
in the world.
I didn't feel like a superstar.
I felt afraid.
Today was the first time
that I said I'm a woman of color
out loud and in public
since we got married.
And I was scared.
I shouldn't be scared,
I shouldn't have to hesitate to
say that I'm a woman of color.
I couldn't even speak my truth
without all these caveats.
Speaking on one purely personal
note, not as a royal.
I've been circling this idea
for weeks.
But I didn't know if I could
actually say it.
We have to leave the firm.
No. We have to make this work.
We've tried to make it work.
Haven't we tried?
No. I can't ask you to leave
your family behind.
I wouldn't be leaving
behind my family.
I'd be leaving the firm.
But the monarchy is a family.
So is the mafia.
I'll always be my brother's
I'll always be my father's son.
But I never asked for the job
of being a royal,
and this isn't who I am.
It's like this toxic cycle.
The same story of my family
being told again and again.
I need to break the cycle,
and we've got to start telling
our own story.
How do we do it?
They're suing the press?
Wait, what, what, what don't
they understand about
the way the Rota works with
the firm and for the monarchy?
I will do my best to make it clear
to our friends in the Royal Rota
that the Sussex House
are not acting on behalf
of the palace as a whole.
What does the statement
from Harry say?
As a couple, we believe
in media freedom
and objective,
truthful reporting.
We regard it as a cornerstone
of democracy.
We have never needed responsible
media more.
Unfortunately, my wife
has become
one of the latest victims
of a British tabloid press.
Victim, victim, victim,
poor little me.
It's, it's, it's like he's back
in the army
and she's Major Meghan.
What are, what are they going
to do next?
Harry: Tom's not
in the royal pocket.
He gets it and he's
a real gentlemen.
We're going to be honest,
we're going to speak
for ourselves, directly.
Perhaps you can just
give us an idea
of what the last year's
been like?
It's, um, hard.
I never thought this
would be easy,
but I thought it would be fair.
A lot of talk in the press
about rifts with your brother.
How much of that is true?
Part of this family being under
the pressure that it's under,
stuff happens.
But we're brothers and we'll
always be brothers.
We certainly are on different
paths at the moment.
Not many people have asked
if I'm okay.
But it's uh, a very real thing
to be going through
behind the scenes.
What we need to do now is focus
on being real,
and focus on being the people
that we are,
and standing up for what
we believe in.
I will not be bullied into,
into playing a game
that killed my mum.
The emotion.
It... it feels very real to me.
Of course it's real.
That's what makes it
so bloody powerful.
It's just like your mother's
interview for the BBC.
She was manipulated
into giving that interview.
But still, I, I can't believe
she said all that.
Goes and tells the world
about Camilla,
the infighting with Dad.
Even her affair with Hewitt.
I bloody trusted that man.
She had him take us riding,
showed us around
the guard stables,
and all the while he
and my mother were...
And how did I find out about it?
By watching it all on telly
along with the rest
of the world.
I was 13.
I know.
Do you know I think my heart
first went out to you
right then and there?
Long before we'd ever met.
Must've been so painful,
my darling.
My housemaster at Eton.
He set up his own study
as a private place for me
to watch it all on telly.
I cried my bloody eyes out.
I know.
I know you did.
Did you see "it?"
My mother did revealing
interviews like this
when she was preparing to leave
the firm.
Well, a separation would be best
for everyone.
But it must be done right,
on palace terms.
They can't be allowed to
bugger off with all of the glory
and none of the burden.
While I'm left holding the bag.
No, not on my watch, sir.
Well, I have just been told
that the Sussex clan is taking
a hiatus.
Six weeks.
They claim they need
some time off.
Let me guess.
In Barbados.
Well it's, it's Commonwealth
at least.
And I'm told they're starting
a new personal website
run for them privately.
They're calling it Sussex Royal.
Sounds like a hotel.
But it will be made entirely
outside palace purview.
They will control the brand.
This is precisely
why I suggested
that only your children
be given the titles of prince
and princess when I am king.
But you're not king.
So what do you suggest
I do in the meantime?
We shall use what I believe
is called "cancel culture."
We can't exactly cancel
the most woke bloke
and his feminist bride.
Well, the firm can cancel
their royalness
and prevent them from stealing
the brand.
Your Highnesses.
With permission, I'd like
to ask the firm
to eliminate all mention
of Harry and Meghan
from the Royal Foundation
This would send a clear message
to them and to the world,
literally and figuratively
that the firm has cut them out.
And excuse me for being blunt,
but that should include
the royal purse.
They have to know what is
at stake, William.
They can't have it both ways.
You leave the firm,
you leave the family.
My father is acting even more
aloof than usual.
Did you explain that we just
need some time off?
Of course.
I said we need a bit of
a breather,
time to take stock.
I also said we want to stop
taking taxpayer's money
and pay our own way
so the press stops feeling like
we owe a pound of flesh or 10.
What did he say to that?
That we shouldn't expect
to have our extravagant
lifestyle paid for.
When I explained our plans
to generate income,
he just clammed up.
Said he didn't want
to talk about it.
I can't imagine a British male
saying that.
Afternoon, Leonard.
What's going on in the palace?
We feel so far away.
Well, um, the Sussex
royal website maneuvering
pushed the firm over the edge.
They felt that you were going
to capitalize on the brand
without fully paying the price.
And the price is silence.
Is there anyone you can talk
to inside the machine?
Ask for a little compassion.
Look, Vicky.
We have both known each
other for years,
and we are both aware
that this is a highly tricky
balancing act.
But please, Harry and Meghan
are not some symbolic boogeymen
for you to demonize.
They're human beings,
with a new baby, I might add.
They just need to step back
for a while, that is all.
While promoting the hell out
of Sussex Royal
and selling god knows what.
Look, Harry wouldn't be doing
anything unusual
by selling things
under the royal brand.
Have you visited Buckingham
Palace gift shop recently?
Prince Charles sells
organic soup,
the Queen sells gin,
her grandson Peter sells
milk on Chinese telly.
Yes, he's been scolded
for being tasteless.
He won't do it again.
Look, the point is, Victoria,
that no one owns
the world "royal".
Have you seen the port-a-potty
brand, Royal Flush?
Why can't Prince Harry use
the term Sussex Royals
to, to, to, to spread goodwill
and basic human decency?
Because unlike a lav,
Harry is actually royal.
And he needs to bloody
well start behaving like it.
Let's discuss what's really
going on here.
If this is some sort of
popularity contest
we shall win it.
The Sussexes are the most
celebrated royal figures
since Diana.
Check your metrics, Lenny.
The Cambridges are always
ahead on Insta.
Only by a sliver.
And all thanks to
the bots you hired.
I don't even understand
what bots are.
Well clearly you do.
But here's what I don't
Why are you fighting us so hard?
I mean your team should surely
be delighted
to get rid of the rainbow
chasing divas for a while.
You have a fundamental
of our position.
We wanted the Sussexes to play
their roles appropriately,
not abandon them completely.
They are simply asking
for some time off.
Being royal is not a part-time
job in a coffee shop.
It is a lifetime commitment.
Duty and dignity above all else.
Prince Andrew did what?
Randy Andy.
Sorry, what was that you were
saying about duty and dignity?
They say Andrew did what?
With teenaged girls.
Certainly one in particular,
This caused a major backlash
in the press and the public.
There's a spare who really
did live up
to the dirty rascal racket.
I hear the FBI wants to talk
with him.
Ugh, now we really need
to step back.
As soon as possible.
Uh yes, except that the palace
has asked
that he step back
from his royal duties.
Okay, so?
Well they are extremely
concerned that Andrew's scandal
will appear to be the reason
you're wanting to leave
the firm.
It doesn't make us want to stay.
Thus, they are directly asking
that you do.
We have to stay in the firm
because my uncle's
a disgrace to it?
The palace says quite adamantly
that you are to put on hold
all your plans to step back
until further notice.
As soon as 2020 rolls around,
we're leaving the palace.
Tell them.
That's only a month away.
If I may, this is
to our advantage.
A Sussex exit makes them
a perfect, outrageously
disrespectful distraction
from... other stories.
First Meghan disrespects the
Queen by refusing her invitation
to spend Christmas
with the family.
It's outrageous.
And now, now she's depriving
the monarch
of a chance to spend time
with that adorable Baby Archie.
Now isn't that,
it's disgraceful.
Then we feed positive stories
to The Rota about your brood
and some perfect
Christmassy photos.
Well they always release photos
of the children at Christmas, so.
Yes but, but this year
it will be different
and extremely special.
Have you told Prince George
that he will one day be king?
No, not yet.
It doesn't make for the easiest
of school years I can tell you.
You can't delay it forever.
Announce that George has been
told of his grand destiny,
and then release official
royal lineage photos.
A new photograph of the Queen
and her three heirs
in the Buckingham Palace
throne room.
Let it be known who
the real royals are, hmm?
Merry Christmas baby
Merry Christmas baby
Happy, merry, jolly!
I think we got it.
No filter needed.
Oh, amazing.
Now that's a family
Christmas photo.
H, come look.
The heart of the Christmas story
lies with the birth of a child.
Hey babe.
Everything okay?
The Queen's annual
Christmas speech.
She doesn't even mention us.
There's no photo of us
on her desk.
No Archie.
It's unprecedented.
Everything in that frame
is intentional.
The palace is sending a message.
They're making out that
we're not part of this family.
I told them I wanted out
of the firm.
The machine.
Not to be pushed out in the cold
and lose my grandmother.
I've got to set up a meeting
with her in person
as soon as possible.
I guess we're going back
to England.
Oh, welcome home Your Highness.
Your Highness.
We've done an extra special
deep clean.
Rumors of an impending pandemic.
Can you believe it?
That's why we didn't bring
What's the status of the meeting
between me and Gran?
We want to be in and out of here
so we can get back to him
as quickly as possible.
The uh, the Queen's people
have postponed your meeting
again, Your Highness.
The palace has said that
the Queen will be available
to see you in 23 days' time.
Oh. That's a very long time.
Yes, well...
We British tend to be
rather good at pretending
something isn't happening for so
long it'll simply just go away.
It occasionally works.
This is not going away.
One moment.
What? What is it?
What happened?
Your written plan that the firm
insisted that you put together to exit,
the details have just
been leaked to the tabloids.
God damn it.
How much do they know?
Enough to keep them
way ahead of us.
We're not going to let them.
Before the story can gain
we'll put out a statement.
The Sussex Royal site.
We can launch right now and
post our statement in full.
With respect, the Queen has
not yet signed off on this.
They can't say we didn't try.
They forced our hand.
I'll talk to my father.
Leonard, can you get him
on the phone?
Yes, sir.
We've got to get a post up
on Insta as soon as possible.
Leonard: Harry for Charles.
Here we go.
This is for the best.
Well I do hope so, sir.
Because I can guarantee you
after this,
your world will never be
the same again.
I just thought you should know
we're going public
with our plans.
We've got to get ahead
of the press.
Have you gone mad?
In about 10 minutes.
You can't be serious.
A 10-minute warning?
Pa, I've been trying
to tell you for months
and you've done nothing
but stall.
Now the press has it
from someone leaky.
Lord knows what they'll do
with it.
And if I'm really being honest,
I've been trying to tell you
I wanted to leave the firm
my whole life.
But you weren't listening.
The same way you didn't
listen to Mum.
Harry, how dare you?
You know?
You know Meghan had
her own moment
when she was pregnant
with Archie?
That's what the firm does
to people.
Oh Harry, stop this right now!
I am.
I'm stopping them
from destroying us
like they have so many others.
So yeah.
You get a 10-minute warning.
No turning back now.
Tonight, royal exit.
Seismic change
inside that palace.
- A new role for themselves.
- Le shock.
They say they intend
to step back.
To step back.
A Megxit.
They want to live life
by their own rules.
That's pretty dramatic stuff,
isn't it?
I mean, it's a bit of a wow.
They actually did it.
My birdies at the tabs.
I know. We're in shock.
No, we had no idea they were
planning to leave.
Prince Charles was only given
10-minutes warning.
Harry's impetuousness always
gets the better of him.
There shall be consequences,
I assure you.
Disrespecting the Queen.
No, that's correct.
Her Majesty the Queen
had no idea.
No, it's disgraceful.
Absolutely disgraceful.
No, we're astounded at how
spoiled and ungrateful they are
after everything that the palace
did to welcome them.
Yes, Her Majesty will be
releasing a statement
any moment now.
And we've just now gotten word
moments ago
that the palace has released
a statement indicating
that they were completely
unaware that this was coming.
Shockingly, even the Queen
herself was left in the dark.
We've been trying to see her
for weeks.
I was blocked.
It's not just the tabloids.
Major pieces in The New
York Times,
Times of London,
none of it good.
Everyone's going crazy
on social media,
calling you a couple of selfish,
spoiled brats. #Megxit.
I'm the dirty rascal now.
Like it's all your doing.
Like you're the wicked witch
stealing the beloved prince
because he has no mind
of his own.
You know what they used to call
me when we got engaged?
The hostage.
Thanks for telling me.
Please tell me you've got
good news, Leonard.
The Queen has called
a royal summit,
to be held on Monday,
January the 13th
to address the crisis.
At least we get our
in-person meeting.
Victoria: The Sandringham
Summit, the press is calling it.
Her Majesty has requested
a family lunch beforehand.
Just family.
You and your brother,
with their Gran.
Tell her no.
And let the Royal Rota know
I refused.
Let everyone understand it.
My brother has not been loyal.
Very good, Your Highness.
And make sure Meghan isn't there
for these negotiations.
No one in that room needs
her advocacy.
Do you think she realizes
she only played a lawyer
on the goggle-box, hmm?
I have spent my entire life
building the trust
of the people of this nation
and the Commonwealth.
Assuring them that this monarchy
was something they could look to
for stability and neutrality
and unity
in times of, well, uncertainty.
And you Harry, well, you have
fueled uncertainty.
Yet another crisis that
we have to weather.
I'm here to make amends
and do whatever you feel is
necessary to move forward,
Your Majesty.
One thing, if I may?
It's extremely important
that everyone here knows
that the desire to step back
is mine.
This is not what Meghan wanted.
All she wanted, desperately,
was to be a part of this family
and a representative
of Your Grace.
Hmm. I believe you.
Oh, you brothers.
I had hoped that you would
remain close.
But the old pattern is powerful.
It was thus with my father
and his brother.
It was thus for me
and my sister.
And then Andrew, well.
So William.
I ask you, what is your role
in all of this?
Your Majesty.
I did not contribute to my
brother's careless actions.
But did you make every effort
to welcome your brother's bride
into the family and the firm?
We did our best under
difficult circumstances.
And why, pray tell, did you
reject my invitation
to a family luncheon
before today's summit, hmm?
Well, I wanted to stick
to business.
The monarchy is at stake.
Oh you make my very point, dear.
The monarchy is at stake.
And a real opportunity
has been lost here.
A brilliant job you've done
of managing it.
Mother... Well...
It's quite clear
we will not have
a business agreement here today.
I shall seek to make sure
that the press
and the people understand that
we are more than a business.
We are a family.
Family business negotiations
will follow,
and we will find a solution
in a matter of days, not weeks.
The country deserves a swift
solution and quite frankly,
so do I.
I hope you will forgive me
if I use this opportunity
to share with you my plans
for the future
which now indeed have changed.
Once Meghan and I were married,
we were excited.
We were hopeful.
We were here to serve.
For those reasons,
it brings me great sadness that
it has come to this.
Over the next few months,
I will be seeking a more
suitable way
of combining a meaningful
public role
with hopefully a more
private life.
We are taking a leap of faith.
I hope you can give me
the time and space
that has been lacking
in recent years.
Thank you for giving me the
courage to take this next step.
What are you going to wear
to Commonwealth service?
I haven't decided yet.
Just want to make sure this time
you're not going to
secretly consult with Meghan
or wear something
from their wedding
to show as a secret signal
of support.
I didn't know you were such
an avid fashionista, dear.
Find out what color she'll be
wearing and wear the opposite.
All right. I understand.
The Commonwealth service
is their last event as royals
and you want to...
I don't want a rival monarchy
being set up in North America!
They're not royals.
All right.
All right, I understand.
If the institution crumbles
when Gran dies,
Meghan can go off
and earn a new fortune
as a TV star or something.
And I'll just be the guy
under whom the centuries
old institution failed.
That will be my legacy.
Well, I'd like to think
you'll have something
of importance left.
Sorry, of course.
I love you.
You're in an impossible
An incredibly privileged
and I'm proud to live up to it.
It isn't easy.
Moving forwards,
you and I can start to show
a bit more PDA.
People like that thing
that Meg did,
rubbing a hand on Harry's back.
Like this?
And hug the people?
Oh. All right.
Yes, you can.
And give some interviews.
Maybe we could start
a YouTube channel.
People want to feel close to us,
the way they felt to my mother.
I want to protect her legacy.
Make it part of ours.
Her Majesty as head
of the Commonwealth,
will lead a multi-faith
religious service
across five continents today.
Delivering a common future
is today's theme.
In her Commonwealth speech
released by the palace
the Queen said she hopes the
people of the Commonwealth
will be inspired by
all that we share
and move forward
with fresh resolve.
Her Majesty said she felt it
inspiring to be reminded
of the diversity of the people
and countries
that make up our
worldwide family.
Of course everyone
in the nation,
indeed the whole world,
will be watching today
as the two brothers
Prince William and Harry
will be together in public
for the last time
before the Sussexes
are officially relieved
of their royal duties.
How do you feel?
Excited for whatever comes next.
And more in love with you
than ever.
And for my last day ever
as a royal,
something a little
less fairytale,
something a little more...
A cape.
A cape.
And I had the tailor
line your suit
with the exact same shade
of green.
So when the wind blows up
the corner of your jacket
everyone will see we match.
We're well-suited.
Brits love a pun.
Lucky for you I love Brits.
Well, this one anyway.
Come in.
I like that one too.
I beg your pardon,
Your Highness?
She's wondering
if you would move
to North America with us,
Sir Briggs.
No, going back to Downing Street
for me, I think.
Well, all I can say is thank you
for everything,
and goodbye.
I'm sad you won't be part of
our team any longer.
You're the only one I never
made cry, apparently.
Ah. Well not even the death
of Bambi's mother
could manage that mar.
Serving you has been the honor
of a lifetime.
I would hug you, but...
A crown that nobody wants.
Final day, sir.
Are you ready?
I'm ready.
I've been ready
for quite some time.
Very good.
Well after the Commonwealth
a car will take you both
to the service
with Her Majesty
to Westminster Abbey.
Good luck.
Soldier: Guards, present arms!
Reporter: In their red tunics,
fifty-three guardsmen stood
to attention this morning,
each carrying the flag
of the countries
which make up the Commonwealth
as their leaders arrived
for the opening ceremony.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
In seven minutes
the cars will arrive
to take you to Westminster
Once you receive your programs,
please make your way towards
the exit.
Meghan: Keep up the good work
and thank you for everything.
It's been an honor.
What's the matter?
There's no mention of us
in the procession.
On our last day.
Our very last event as royals.
The palace,
make that William,
is shutting us out so we sit
like regular audience members.
Only he and Catherine
walk the nave
as part of the procession
with the Queen.
What the hell is this?
It's what you asked for.
Why are you so upset?
Whatever happened to just Harry?
Four minutes until the cars
are here
to take you to Westminster
Abbey, Your Highnesses.
How does it look to have the one
person of color in our family
removed from the procession
when the majority of the
Commonwealth countries
are in Africa?
Not to mention Barbados,
Jamaica, Bahamas.
What it looks like is that you
stepped down from your duty
while the rest of us
lived up to it.
You should've taken my advice
in the first place.
Just come out and tell me
how you feel.
Say it to my face
if you need to say it.
Say it.
Out loud.
You're a disruptor
and that's why Harry wanted you
in the first place.
It's not just because
I'm pretty?
The reason Harry and I
have been at such odds
since you came into his life
is because I could see
quite clearly
that you wanted, even needed,
to challenge this system.
I'm not saying I don't
understand why.
I do.
But this is a system I was born
to uphold and protect,
and that's what I'll do.
He was trying to protect us all.
From one woman.
One minute, Your Highnesses.
You two have walked down
the aisle of Westminster Abbey
side by side many times.
Of course.
Now I know, I know that today,
it will be hard.
But... nothing could be harder
than walking down the aisle
of Westminster Abbey
behind your mother that day.
But you got through it.
What better way to,
to honor her than to,
to show her that although
you do have your differences
you're still united.
Shoulder to shoulder.
The programs are printed.
Two thousand of them.
You can change the rules.
You're going to be king one day.
You will not walk
the royal procession.
But we won't either.
Catherine and I will skip
the royal procession today,
you sit in the row right behind
us with Edward and Sophie.
Congregation: We affirm
that every person
possesses unique worth
and dignity.
We affirm our respect
for nature,
and that we will be stewards
of the earth
by caring for every part of it,
and for it as a whole.
We affirm our belief in justice
for everyone
and peace among peoples
and nations.
Joining together in kinship
and affinity,
in diversity and unity,
as members of a worldwide family
of nations,
we build on shared inheritances.
Look at little Archie go.
Meghan: H, come quick.
Arch is dancing.
The little one said,
roll over, roll over
There were nine in the bed
and the little one said
Roll over, roll over
We'll dance later, baby.
Grandma's going to read
Duck Rabbit.
Canadian officials
have just told me
they will commit no further
resources for our protection.
And my father has withdrawn his
financial support completely.
But you and Arch were born
with targets on your back.
You don't get a choice
in all this?
They think I did have a choice
about who to marry.
Which I absolutely didn't.
I just can't believe my father.
He knows what it feels like
to have the firm
not approve the person you love.
Harry: He's not returning
my calls.
They want me to know
what it feels like
to be out in the cold.
They're exiling me.
They're doing everything they
can to preserve the monarchy.
We have to do what we can
to protect our family.
We have to figure something
out quickly.
The pandemic is spreading
so fast.
They said international borders
are about to close.
We won't be able to leave.
And thanks to The Daily Mail
and that pap up a tree
who shot you and Arch walking
with the dogs,
they know exactly where we are.
I know you're worried,
and I'm sorry your family
is being so awful.
I know a little bit
about that myself.
But we have each other.
And I have a plan.
California knows how to party
California knows how to party
In the city of LA
They're poplocking, woo
So rough, so tough
out here baby
So rough, so tough
out here
California knows how to party
California knows how to party
In the City of L.A
I like American royalty.
Self-made too.
How long do you think Tyler
will let us couch surf here?
Till we find our own place.
Oprah said we should
look near her.
Find ourselves a real home.
I like the sound of that.
You really think you can make
California your home, babe?
I know it's very different.
Twist my arm.
What do you reckon?
Think we could be happy here?
It's nice.
It's big.
Well, we're going to need
some extra room.
Are you...
I'm pregnant.
It was a great honor to be asked
to give a commencement speech
for my Alma Mater.
But to be honest,
I worried about how it would be
picked apart and analyzed.
Then I realized the only wrong
thing to say is nothing.
As I speak to you about my
support for Black Lives Matter,
I feel sure of this.
You, the next generation,
will lead with love.
You will lead with compassion.
You will use your voice
in stronger ways
than you've ever been able
to before.
Shall her relentless
self-expressing never cease?
First she had to talk about
Black Lives Matter
at a commencement speech,
now this.
It's a big excessive, no?
"Let us commit to asking others,
are you okay?"
That's exactly what she said
in that interview, wasn't it?
"No one asks if I'm okay."
"As much as we may disagree,"
"as physical distanced
as we may be,"
"the truth is, we are more
connected than ever."
We are not connected anymore.
Well thank heavens.
"Losing a child means carrying
an almost unbearable grief,"
"an unbearable grief
experienced by many
"but talked about by few.
"Despite the staggering
commonality of this pain,
"the conversation remains taboo,"
"and riddled with unwarranted
"perpetuates a cycle
of solitary mourning."
Yes, Me-ghan rolls again,
louder than ever.
God she's such a show off.
That is, it's one way
to look at it.
Why does she have to go on flapping
her feelings out like a bat
every time she gets
a bit wobbly?
I mean, some of us prefer to
keep such things private for,
for good reason.
It's a miscarriage.
It's not like she's not going
to have another baby.
She's pregnant again I hear.
Due in the summer.
Excuse me, I'm terribly sorry.
I just...
Your Highness.
Victoria: Oh, it's pathetic.
There goes a good soldier.
Now then.
What are we going to do about
this bloody Oprah interview
that she's planning, hmm?
Hey Flower.
What you doing?
Oh, stuff.
Right. Right.
Okay, come on.
Stuff can wait.
Let's do fun.
Outdoors, get some air.
Take the boys to the beach?
I'll drive.
They're trying to stop us
from doing the Oprah interview.
They're fighting back
because they think the interview
will be a nuclear option.
Ah, let them fight.
We need to let people hear
our truth.
I just hope the firm
is finally listening.
Well, whether or not they are,
they can't retaliate.
They've already taken everything
they can actually take from us.
They've cut us off completely.
You know what that means?
We're completely free.
You broke the cycle.
This belonged to my mum.
Thought you might want
to wear it.
All right.
If you could step on set,
that would be great.
Oprah will be here momentarily.
Meghan, you'll go first, yes?
I'm ready.
Well, as they say,
may the bridges we burn
light the way ahead.
Your mom would be
so proud of you.
I got no support.
They just said
"you're on your own."
I had no idea what
I was going into.
I was thrown into the deep end,
and nobody ever helped me
at all.
They'd be there to criticize,
but never be there to say
well done.
I just didn't want to be alive.
It was a very real and
frightening constant thought.
I threw myself down the stairs.
I went to HR, but they,
they wouldn't help me.
They said it wouldn't look good
for the monarchy.
So I was a problem.
She's different.
She's doing everything
we never did.
I was excluded totally.
What would you say has been
your greatest achievement?
To not bow down to pressure.
At the beginning I always had
my head down.
And now I'm ready to go forward.
This is, in some ways,
just the beginning for us.
Would you leave the format
of the monarchy as it is now,
or would you alter it
for your sons?
I am altering it.
I'm the last person to think
woo-woo, you know?
But it's undeniable
what the overlap is.
So yeah.
There was a bigger purpose.
There was other forces at play,
I think.
It's been unbelievably tough
for both of us.
But at least we had each other.