Harry and Walter Go to New York (1976) Movie Script

- Hey!
- Gimme a bag!
What's the matter?
There was a chicken
in my bag.
There was a chicken
in my bag.
I think we got the goose.
Very nice.
That's better.
Mm-hmm. Yes.
Perkins. Mm-hmm.
Marie, now what have I told you
about reading that rubbish?
I wasn't reading it, Mr. Worth.
I was just looking at your picture.
- It's nice, isn't it?
- Yes, isn't it?
Mr. Worth.
Ah, good morning, George.
Has my guest arrived?
He's at your table,
Mr. Worth.
You're looking a little peaked
this morning, George.
- Feeling all right?
- Champion, Mr. Worth. Just champion.
Ah, Mr. Crisp.
How nice to see you.
George, do you think you might bring us
some of Henri's blueberry muffins?
I didn't come here
to dine.
Is it the door?
It 'tis, isn't it?
It's the damage we did
to the door of your bank.
I take full responsibility.
I insist that you send the bill
for repair to my attorney.
I'm touched
by your generosity, Mr. Worth.
Deeply touched.
But Mr. Mosler of the Mosler
Safe Company has seen to it...
that our bank
is now invulnerable.
- Oh?
- Let's get on with it.
- As you wish.
- You have my securities?
I propose the standard
arrangement that we enjoy...
That we enjoy with every
bank president here in New York.
Naturally, we keep the cash.
We return the securities to you
for 15 cents on the dollar.
The one question that remains is
how much of a fee you yourself require.
Are you suggesting I bamboozle
my own board of directors?
What a quaint phrase.
I realize, of course,
that you've incurred certain expenses,
traveling here to retrieve
your securities,
but then I had to go all the way
to Massachusetts to rob your bank.
And you're going back.
But this time you're going to jail.
I beg your pardon?
Arrest him!
He's got the securities!
Adam Worth,
you're under arrest for the robbery
of the Commercial Bank and
Trust Company in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Sergeant O'Reilly.
- Is that revolver loaded?
- Oh, it 'tis, sir.
Well, put it away
before you hurt yourself.
But I can't.
He can't, Adam,
because I'm here.
Billy Gallagher,
detective extraordinary.
In the flesh.
But Billy,
this is New York.
And this is a Boston
bench warrant for your arrest.
I'm afraid you underestimated
Mr. Crisp, Adam.
He called me and me company
because he knows
that you own every cop
in New York.
All right, officer.
- I can't tell you how sorry I am.
- Don't feel badly, O'Reilly.
Contact my attorney and have him
cancel my steamer ticket.
Please don't cry, Marie.
I'm sorry, Mr. Worth.
There was nothing I could do.
Here, George.
Cheer up.
And for the love of God,
get yourself a new orchestra.
Mr. Crisp, whatever has
become of gentlemanly manners?
Gentlemanly manners!
You are a thief,
Mr. Worth.
Perhaps this will teach you not
to fool with Rufus T. Crisp!
It will teach me to be a little
less lenient with you next time, sir.
There won't be a next time
for you, Mr. Worth.
You'll be behind bars.
We shall meet again, Mr. Crisp.
You can bank on it.
What now, oh,
fantastic woman of the east?
What is it that I hold
in my hand?
I see...
I see a small, round object.
A locket.
A beautiful locket.
A locket.
Ladies and gentlemen, a locket.
And a beautiful one!
Here you are, my sweet.
How old are you?
- Twenty-one.
- I'll meet you in a half hour.
Lovely child.
Bless you.
Now, who else? Who else would
care to challenge the mystical gifts...
- of the great Madame Rabina?
- Right here!
I don't care,
it matters not to the madame.
Anyone at all?
Oh, very well.
She ain't gonna guess that.
Oh, great woman of the east.
What is it now
that I hold in my hand?
- Oy-y-y-y! Spirits. Come down.
- Arrest them, officers!
Please, please, please,
the madame needs complete silence.
- Sha! Sha!
- Hold on a minute.
I walked in here with $30,
and I walked out with 20.
These chiselers stole
ten dollars out of my wallet!
Officers, if you don't mind. Would you
please, please keep this man quiet?
- He's disturbing the spirits.
- Hey, wait a minute!
Some of my money's missing!
Excuse me! I can clear this
confusion immediately.
- Where were you sitting, sir?
- Right here.
Right here. I'm sure that if you look
under your seat
you will find exactly what it is
that you are missing.
Please, if everyone would look
directly under their seats,
I'm sure we can clear up
this confusion.
Way under.
And run, Walter!
- Hey! Hey!
- And help me find the missing money.
Harry, you promised.
You promised!
My father, the sheikh,
will have you trampled by camels!
I never saw that man before in my life.
He's not a prince.
- You're stepping on my dress.
- We're gonna get through early tonight.
All right,
let's move it!
Let's move up these steps here.
Come on. Come on!
Keep it going.
Let's go.
Come on. Get off of there.
Let's go.
Harry, I just want you to know how much I
appreciate everything you've done for me.
- That's all right.
- It's not all right, Harry!
Shut up, both of ya.
Come on, that means move!
Here he comes!
Good morning, everybody!
Good morning, good morning.
Good morning.
Thank you all so much for coming out
to see me. I do appreciate this.
Hey, Adam! How many safes
have you blown?
Obviously one too many,
or I wouldn't be here, would I?
- That's Adam Worth!
- Who?
- Adam Worth.
- Thank you for coming along to see me.
Hello, little lady. Let me give you
an autograph here. There we are.
What a pretty hat you have there.
Hello, sunshine.
Good morning, darling.
I'm overwhelmed by the reception.
- Would you like a picture, sir?
- Yes, sir.
Stand back. Put the flag down.
Here we are.
Mr. Worth, I'm Warden Durgom.
Quiet, please. Quiet.
- Who are you?
- Warden Durgom, sir.
How courteous of you
to welcome me personally.
As soon as I'm settled in,
we'll have a chat.
If you'll excuse me
for a moment.
Good-bye, ladies.
I'll see you all again...
The moment that visiting
Move back.
Give her some air.
...can be arranged.
The trouble with you and me, Walter,
is that we're thinking too small.
The only trouble with you and me, Harry,
happens to be you.
- Good-bye, Leary.
- Me? Oh.
All right, you two loudmouths.
Out of line.
- Oh, we weren't saying
- Move it! Out of line!
My advice is just not to mix
with the general population.
- Come right this way, please.
- Warden.
Get back! Hey!
Trouble. He almost got us that time.
We gotta be very careful on this ward.
No kindness can you extend at all.
Give 'em an inch, and they take a foot.
like I told you before.
Just step this way,
and everything'll be okay.
Good morning.
Walter, today could be
the luckiest day in our lives. Believe me.
How do you do it, Adam?
It must be extremely difficult
for you here.
It's an absolute nightmare.
My silver lobster forks have gone.
The mildew on the walls
is destroying my draperies.
And I haven't once bathed in
truly hot water since I arrived here.
- Would you like a cigar, sir?
- Oh, thank you.
Try the, uh, quail eggs,
And something has got to be done about
the noise from that damned nitro detail...
in the rock quarry!
- More brandy, Warden?
- Thank you, no, sir.
I have pressing duties
at the gate.
The eats
was magnificent.
I particularly was taken
with those... little chickens.
Mr. Chatsworth,
it was nice to meet you, sir.
It was likewise.
Excuse me, sir.
Would you care for us
to clear the dishes now?
Later, Harold.
Right now, Mr. Chatsworth and I
would appreciate a bit of privacy.
Come back in an hour.
Did you try the quail eggs,
Uh, excuse me, sir.
Would that be in the icehouse
with the wine, sir?
Would what be in the icehouse
with the wine?
Privacy, sir.
Good-bye, Harold.
I thought they'd make a nice
change from the gulls' eggs.
They're so large.
Just Just try one.
This is for later,
Mr. Worth.
Good-bye, Walter.
where'd you find those two oafs?
Oh, they're not oafs, Jack.
They would require practice
to become oafs.
- Did you bring the plans?
- Right here.
You know, I stood right there with
Spangler while he drew them from memory,
12 hours after he'd burned
the original.
Imagine, Mosler's own designer
selling us the blueprints
of the Crisp
invulnerable bank.
Marvelous. Exquisite.
Come over here, Jack.
- And all from memory?
- Mm-hmm.
Brilliant. Take the other side
of the picture, Jack.
You did give him
the $20,000, didn't you?
With my own hands.
And now he's probably
halfway to Tahiti.
The man's an artist.
A true artist.
They are beautiful.
There's no denying.
But you know, Adam,
$20,000 is a lot of money...
to be investing
in revenge.
Revenge, Jack?
You don't really think that I would stoop
to anything as petty as revenge, do you?
That guy just stole
my hair.
I keep the wrong door.
It's a joke, Jack. See ya.
I wish you'd be a little more
careful with the hair, Harry.
I found a lock of it
in my soup last night.
Keep your soup
away from my hair.
What do you think
of our new ad?
"Special. A lock of hair from the head
of Adam Worth, the emperor of thieves.
Souvenir buttons
from his shirts" da, da, da.
"All for 25 cents. Hurry, hurry, hurry."
You oughta be ashamed, Harry.
Never mind.
We got a business to run.
Um, Walter, my, uh
my eyes are very tired.
Could, uh could you
read this for me, please?
"Dear Mr. Worth. I want to be
just like you when I grow up,
so I broke into my big brother's
piggy bank and stole 25 cents
to send to you
for your picture.
Sincerely, Fred Dooley.
Age 12, writ by hand."
- Ah, that's beautiful.
- It's criminal, Harry.
One genuine autographed picture
coming up for little Fred Dooley.
Give him a good button,
Is that nice?
Maybe impossible.
But the challenge,
Mr. Crisp, is irresistible.
Hey, Walter.
What do you think, huh?
Will you take that off?
He's gonna kill us, Harry!
Stop it! He's studying
them diagrams. Stop it.
Harold, Walter,
come in here!
- Mr. Worth?
- At your service, sir.
Would you call
this glass clean?
I'm sorry, sir.
- Uh, we'll have it shined right up.
- Yes, sir.
Why don't you shine it
on your jacket?
Oh! Oh, he was just
trying this on for size, sir.
- It's a beautiful garment.
- Yes, sir.
I noticed that last week last week
when you had it on, sir, uh,
it was a little snug, and I thought
if I just moved the buttons just...
Speaking of buttons.
What's happened to all
the buttons on my shirts?
Buttons? Uh, sir...
Oh, it must be
the laundry, sir.
They've been
They're very...
The laundry.
Lord knows, I spoke to them, sir.
I'm sure that they're not hand...
Used to handling
fancy shirts like that, sir.
I'll speak to them.
I'll speak to them right away.
And you, uh, take care of that.
I'm sorry for him, sir.
Polish this right up, sir.
You're a bit of a Jack of all trades,
aren't you, Harold?
Butler, waiter, tailor.
Uh... singer.
Dancer, comedian.
You're not going to start all that
singing and dancing again, are you?
Sir, if you'd just
give us one chance.
I'm gonna get this silverware...
- And really polish it up.
- Just one chance. No!
This This man
is so good.
He, uh
He can do anything that, um,
Eddie Foy or Tony Pastor
can do, and better, sir.
If you'd give us that one chance.
I'm gonna dust
in the bedroom, sir.
H-He's shy. Very shy.
And all great artists
are very, very shy, sir.
Not all, Harold.
- Whoa.
- Thank you very much.
God, can that man
pick 'em.
Miss Chestnut, I presume?
You presume correctly.
And you?
My name is Durgom.
I'm the warden. Captain O'Meara.
Hello, Captain O'Meara.
How are you?
You're here to see Adam Worth.
Yes, yes.
I have an appointment.
- Who's he?
- Oh, he takes pictures.
You're planning to spend
the evening?
Oh. Um...
Mr. Durgom,
I am a newspaper woman.
I came here to interview
Adam Worth, not to entertain him.
Big ending now.
Then I'm going to sax.
That's enough, boys.
The audition is over.
- Sir, there's just a little bit more.
- No there isn't, Harold.
- Right.
- Please come in.
Mr. Worth, may I present
Miss Chestnut from...
The Advocate.
Miss Chestnut. Thank you
for your charming letter.
I have been looking forward
to your visit.
Oh, well, thank you,
Mr. Worth. My!
My, my, my, my, my.
I see that, uh, you have
your own private cell.
Um, your own
personal belongings.
And, uh, even
your own entertainment.
A meager effort to rehabilitate
these poor young men, I'm afraid.
But thank you for noticing.
Uh, yes, this is my assistant,
Mr. Lewis Hopkins.
I was, uh I was just
wondering if he might take, um...
A few photographs
while we talk.
Of course.
You may leave now,
Mr. Durgom.
Yes, sir. If there's anything else
you need, let me know.
My goodness, Mr. Worth.
Even your own warden.
A lonely man in an underpaid job,
Miss Chestnut.
Let us not judge him too harshly.
Hold it.
My next question is, why should
if you don't mind my saying...
A handsome, cultivated
continue to steal
for no apparent purpose?
No purpose?
Do you know what it's like to break
into a bank at 2:00 in the morning?
Every pore in your body
tingles with the possibility
of failure...
The danger of being caught.
- Less danger. Right.
- Hold it!
They're coming, Harry!
Harry, they're coming.
Ah, refreshments.
Yes, uh, Walter, would you
kindly open the champagne, please?
And, uh, two very nice
clean glasses, sir.
Carve the lemon
and the onion, Harold.
My readers will be pleased to know
that you are still in possession
of so much of your hair.
Do they think I've lost it?
Surely they are concerned, considering
the recent sale of so many of your
locks of hair as the result
of the advertisement.
Oh! Oh!
- Oh, sir!
- You stupid oaf!
I ought to have you flogged!
I'll get a towel, sir.
You'll take your shirt off
and take it off right now!
No, he will do
no such thing!
How dare you talk to that man
as if he were your slave!
Miss Chestnut,
I'd appreciate it if you'd allow me
to control my servants as I see fit!
Young man, young man,
what is your name?
- What is your name, young man?
- Walter!
- Walter.
- Walter Hill.
Walter Hill.
Yes, and I'm Harry.
I'm Harry Dighby.
Harry Dighby. Hill and Dighby.
Well, Dighby and Hill.
The billing doesn't matter.
- Mr. Hill. Walter.
- Walter.
When you Wait.
Here is a copy
of our newspaper.
Now, when you and your friend
are released from this penitentiary,
I want you to come to New York City,
because we at the Advocate
will help you to find
a new direction to your lives!
Now, Mr. Worth,
if you would care to show me
the remainder of your highly erot...
your highly exotic lodgings,
I would be deeply appreciative,
as I have a train to catch.
Well? Well?
Calmly, calmly,
Miss Chestnut.
Calmly, calmly.
This way, please.
- This way.
- Clean it up.
You stupid.
You're stupid!
This, as you can see,
is the bathroom.
Get the camera.
Get the camera.
Get the camera.
- Harry, what
- Bring it over here.
Hurry. Set it up, set it up.
Oh, silver!
What, you want to take a picture?
What are you gonna take
a picture of, Harry?
Of that.
Are you crazy?
- He'll kill us!
- He will if we don't hurry!
Load this flash thing.
Put a lot of that stuff in there.
- I want a clear picture.
- You're gonna get us...
Why do you always argue
with me when I try to be smart?
- He's gonna flog me.
- Put a lot of it in there!
Hey, what is this thing?
That's to measure with.
Come on, Harry.
Wait! Okay, perfect.
Give me this.
It's so lovely.
On the count of three,
shoot this picture. Ready?
- Harry, let's not!
- It's the chance of a lifetime.
Shoot when I tell a you.
One, two, three, shoot.
It's on fire!
Get the champagne bottle!
Open it up and aim! Hurry up.
- Harry.
- Get the champagne.
Now what are they up to?
- Spray the champagne!
- I can't get it open, Harry.
Oh, you're so slow!
God, are we in trouble!
Put it out!
- That's it. More champagne!
- Are we in trouble?
Oh, my God.
He took a picture!
He don't know how to take a picture!
You see, sir, he was taking
a picture of me and he came too close.
He can take
a very good picture, sir.
Get away from there!
Get outta here!
- We'd better go.
- Get outta here, you!
Not you two!
You two, get out!
- It was an accident!
- Quiet!
I will not be responsible for my actions
if you don't get outta here!
Mr. Durgom, get in here!
Is something wrong,
Mr. Worth?
I need a favor, Mr. Durgom.
I want these two clods assigned
to the nitro detail as soon as possible.
You mean permanently, sir?
No, Mr. Durgom.
Not permanently!
Just until they die!
Come on, Harry.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, Harry.
Take cover!
Take cover!
Hey! hey, uh, excuse me?
Excuse me!
Over there. Hey!
Will you hold the fire, please?
There's a man hanging in the air here.
Take it up.
Get it
That's good.
Stop this!
Come on, Harry!
Harry. Harry. We got more.
Let me show ya!
- Come on!
- Back to work. Back to work.
Dangerous work, huh?
Follow me!
Go ahead, Harry.
Take a look.
Take a look.
Frozen nitro.
All right, Harry.
Here's what you do, see.
You take this
and grab that frozen lump.
You put it right down there, and you
cut a great big chunk off, like that.
Then you take the chunk, see,
and you put it in this.
And then you put that
on the stove so it melts.
Then you grab this.
I'll show ya. Watch.
Watch this. You got it in there,
and then you go...
And you pour that
right in there, real easy.
It's easy.
Then you just take that...
and there it is.
Good luck, Harry.
You're gonna need it!
Cut off a chunk.
Pick it up.
It's gonna blow!
Oh, it's gonna blow!
You've got good reflexes, Harry.
Let's see how good you do tomorrow.
Harry, what happened?
I heard the explosion.
Watch it!
- They hurt you, Harry?
- No. We're gettin' out of here.
I got nitro.
- Harry, you're insane.
- Yeah.
I wasn't sure before,
but now I'm positive. Help!
Shh! Ow!
You bit me!
Yeah. That's not all I'm gonna do, Harry!
Just leave me alone!
Don't you realize that if they
kill me in that nitro shack,
tomorrow it's your turn?
Maybe not. I wrote a letter
of apology to Adam Worth.
You think that's gonna
change his mind?
Well, it's worth trying,
isn't it?
Look. Did we, or did we not
get a picture of those plans?
Yes, we did.
Burnt to a crisp.
Well, maybe not.
I've been thinking about that.
Look. You work in that
photography shop.
Now, that, uh...
that thingamajig on the camera.
Yeah. That works pretty quick,
doesn't it? Huh?
Well, maybe we got the
picture before it was burnt.
And if we did... if we did,
and that picture is in the camera,
and we can get ahold of the camera,
then we can be sitting
in New York...
Sitting in New York,
eating, uh, sweet caviar.
Drinking champagne
out of goblets. Goblets.
Guard! There's a crazy man
in this cell!
Shut up! Shut up!
Harry, you are insane.
You don't know the first thing
about safe-cracking, Harry.
What's to that?
There's nothing to it.
We can learn it in a minute.
Look, what is the difference
between us and Adam Worth?
A few breaks! Those plans
are worth a million bucks.
Oh, great. We can buy a couple
of expensive suits to get buried in.
This is it, Walter.
It's the big time.
No. The big time is Broadway, for me.
I'm not a thief!
We're gonna get blown to pieces!
We'll discuss your career
some other time.
Okay. Okay, okay.
So we get out of here, then what?
We don't know anybody.
We don't have clothes.
We don't even have train fare.
We know Lissa Chestnut.
That's true.
Yeah, so, you let me worry
about the clothes.
You let me worry about
the train fare. Huh?
What do you say, Walter?
- I'll think about it.
- Oh, come on. Please, Walter.
"Please, Walter."
- Maybe.
- Okay.
- Maybe.
- Okay.
Watch my pants!
I got nitro, you idiot!
Guard! A man is dying
in Cell Block Three!
- He's sick!
- Quiet up there!
Guard, please!
He's dying.
You okay?
- Please, hurry, guards!
- Harry, you're a louse.
What's wrong?
The man suddenly took ill.
Suddenly ill.
I don't know. Ow.
What's the matter with you?
I can't breathe.
We'll need these.
I only said "maybe,"
Maybe's good enough for me.
Come on.
Hold it.
Hold it right there.
This is nitro.
I just This is nitro!
Let's get outta here,
Captain! Captain!
They got some nitro.
Careful, Harry.
Don't fall with the nitro, Harry.
Let's go!
Take that back.
Let's go!
Let go of it. Come on.
Let's go!
- Don't jiggle it.
- I'm not jiggling it! I gotta run!
Who's jiggling it?
Just don't drop that,
I'm not dropping it.
- Don't jiggle that, Harry!
- I'm trying.
Watch the coal, Harry.
Don't drop it.
Oh! I'm slipping!
- Come on.
- Don't drop it, Harry.
- Harry!
- Harry, Harry!
Walter, Walter!
Hold it, hold it!
Harry, it'll explode.
What are we gonna do now?
Put those guns down!
Get off that wall!
They got nitro! Nitro!
We'll talk it out.
Get off! Get off!
He's got nitro! Don't shoot!
Harry, don't dare him!
Come on! I dare him.
Harry, don't!
Come on!
- We'll go back
- Come on!
Put me on a nitro detail, will ya?
- Don't threaten him.
- Say, "I'm too smart."
- I'm too smart.
- No! I'm too smart.
- You're too smart!
- Watch this. Ha!
- No, don't!
- Ha!
- Don't!
- Harry!
- Whoa!
- Sweet Jesus!
Well? Come on!
My hat!
What do you mean,
your hat?
- I dropped my hat.
- Your hat?
You stupid!
Watch the quarters!
Got 'em.
Those dogs are gonna find us,
If there's one thing I know, it's dogs.
Just follow me.
- What do we do?
- We'll throw 'em off.
Run around the tree.
Rub your body on the tree.
Get 'em dizzy.
Okay, come on.
Trust me, Walter.
Come on.
- Harry, I'm hungry, Harry.
- We'll eat later.
Come on.
They'll give us years,
Come on.
they're gonna catch us.
They've got snakes in the forest,
I'm scared.
Come on. Come on.
Okay, this way. Walter?
- Harry!
- Walter?
- Harry?
- Walter?
- Harry? Harry, I'm lost!
- Don't panic!
- Harry? Harry?
- Don't panic!
- I got lost.
- Okay.
- I got lost in the corn.
- Okay!
Shh. Let me explain
something to you.
If I'm in the front,
that means you...
I've never liked corn.
Let's get outta here.
You're supposed to
be behind me.
Don't holler at me,
If I'm leading,
that means you follow.
If you follow
you know what I mean.
A bicycle.
We can use a bicycle.
Be careful.
Timing is everything.
We're dangerous!
We escaped! We're convicts!
Run for your life.
Okay, let's go.
my legs are getting tired.
Don't worry.
When we get to Connecticut,
it's mostly downhill.
Attaboy. Attaboy.
Come on.
Here. Come on.
All these years, I told you
I'd get you here, right?
Beep, beep.
Hey! Thank you.
Watch out!
Watch out.
Oh, look!
Oh, gosh.
Oh! Get off me!
You all right?
Come on.
We made it.
- Harry, we made it. We're here.
- Where are we?
The Advocate, the People's Newspaper,
Harry. 184 miles. We made it!
This is it?
That's some newspaper.
You got the magnifying glass?
I think it's by the bed.
Lemon or milk?
- Well, both, if you have 'em.
- Both.
I'm gonna take these off
because they pinch my muscles.
Um, I'm so surprised.
I'm really stunned to see you here.
How did you...
Well, you can imagine
our surprise when, uh...
An hour after you left,
our parole came through,
bang, like that.
More like "boom."
Boom, bang, what difference
does it make?
We came as soon as we could,
and so how can we best help you?
Oh! Uh, that's very
thoughtful of you both.
It's just that I'm afraid
we can't pay you anything.
Nothing at all.
- Oh, we don't care about money.
- Oh, I mean, money. Money.
We came because, uh,
we just...
wanted to put a new, uh, life
in our direction, like you said.
- A new direction in our life.
- That's what I said, Walter.
- It's wonderful. It's inspiring.
- It's perfect.
It's perfect.
Yes, it is. Here.
I want you to take a look at this,
and I want you to tell me what you think.
Be honest.
Think it'll sell?
"Adam Worth,
penitentiary prince."
"Adam Worth."
Oh, boy, is he
gonna be mad.
You have pictures of us
in here!
Look at that, Harry.
Oh, this is good publicity,
- You think so?
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
- You're terrific!
- Oh, thanks.
They're wonderful.
- Sharp and clear.
- Yes.
Where do you develop these?
I got my own darkroom.
- Here?
- Yeah, right here.
- You're kidding.
- No, no, I'll show you. Come on.
Come here.
Aw, it's a boy.
You do wonderful,
wonderful work.
Thank you.
It's a... characteristic.
Well, a character study.
It's wonderful.
Oh, uh...
what's this pile here?
- Oh, those are the rejects.
- Uh-huh.
Your friend Walter
took the worst one of 'em all.
He did? Which one was that?
Which one? The one that
almost burned down the cell.
I don't mean
to be personal,
but you're not related to him,
are you?
- No.
- Oh.
This is the worst picture
I've ever seen in my life.
Look at this.
It's just a bunch of crazy diagrams.
The composition is terrible.
Look, the leg is cut off,
your whole body's cut off.
- Paper! The Advocate!
- Lewis Hopkins' photographs!
Corruption here
in New York!
Walter, take a stack
and spread 'em all over town.
When you've sold these,
come back for more.
Listen. One per customer.
They'll buy anything
that's one to a customer.
One to a customer.
- Paper.
- Oh.
- What?
- Look.
What's the matter, Harry?
- Shang Draper's.
- Shang what?
Shang Draper's.
It's a restaurant.
Yeah. Do you know that right now
the greatest cracksmen in the world
are sitting there, and they're,
uh, lightin' cigars with C-notes.
That's the way they talk.
C-note, that's a hundred.
- Oh, my God.
- Who's that?
- Oh, my God.
- Who do you see?
Oh, my God.
Harry, what's the matter?
Who do you see?
- That's piano Charley Bullard!
- Who?
Charley Bullard.
The diamond job in Paris!
Paris. That's Paris, France.
That's It's near Europe and Asia.
- So?
- The So?
The Charley diamond Bullard job
in Paris, France!
Where are we going?
Oh. Sorry about that.
Mrs. Trumble, Mr. Trumble.
Enjoy your meal.
Excuse me. I'd like, uh, a nice table
by the window for two, please.
I'm afraid it's out of the question, sir.
We are fully booked.
That's all right.
We'll wait.
I'm afraid it would be at least two hours.
Probably three.
Oh, well, I'll, uh...
see your three
and raise you two.
Sir, this is
Shang Draper's.
I'm not lookin' for directions, buddy.
I just want a table.
One moment, sir.
And a nice one too.
Right over there by the window.
Harry, isn't that Jack Chatsworth
sitting over there?
- Jack Where?
- There, in the middle...
Don't point!
Harry, if I don't point,
how am I gonna show you...
You describe it.
You use the English language, like me.
May I help you,
uh... gentlemen?
No. No, thanks.
Um, Jack!
Jack Chatsworth!
- Harry
- How ya...
- How ya doin', buddy?
- Christ, Harry!
You're friends
of Mr. Chatsworth.
Oh, yeah.
I thought you'd never ask.
Right this way,
It's not Not a window.
It's all right.
Thank you.
Are you trying to get us
killed, Harry?
Relax. Adam Worth is safely
tucked away in that prison.
Something from the bar, gentlemen?
Would you like to look at the wine list?
Yes, thank you.
Here it is, sir.
Uh, some beer.
Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, '79.
An excellent selection,
Measurably. Oh, and, uh, excuse me.
Would you send a bottle of the same
to Mr. Chatsworth's table
with my compliments.
Yes, sir.
And, uh, two large salads.
Very good, sir.
Harry, this must be
a very expensive restaurant.
After we bust that bank,
we're gonna be eating lunch here
for the rest of our lives.
You're crazy, Harry.
You've been saying that
a long time, but, uh, here we are.
Thank you.
Walter, Walter, wait a minute.
Put it down.
Have a little class.
You gotta air it out. Air it out.
That's it.
Okay, now.
Ah. Good luck.
- Ahhh.
- Ah.
Jack, how are you?
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much
for such a wonderful welcome.
It's nice to be back among friends.
How are you, Jack?
Adam, I was worried.
You're late.
Now I understand why.
Nice to see you again,
Miss Fontaine.
- Nice to see you too.
- Please.
Red, you sit over there,
will you please?
Adam, I believe
you've met the young ladies.
Yes, quite some time ago,
I think. Hello, hello.
Maybe he won't recognize us
in these clothes.
Adam, I think
you'd like to see this.
"Adam Worth,
penitentiary prince."
He's looking at the newspaper now,
the Advocate.
With the pictures of us and
the pictures of him being the prince.
Eight pages of pictures and captions.
Each one nastier than the last.
They even have a picture of those
two idiots that burnt the plans.
That underhanded, conniving,
delicious young lady.
- We gotta get outta here.
- Where's the waiter?
I'd get out of here
except for the stupid waiters!
Um... check, please.
- Anything wrong, sir?
- No, please give me a check.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, mister?
Mister? Sir, sir?
He's gonna give 'em
the wine.
Excuse me, Mr. Chatsworth,
compliments of
your friend at table seven.
Open it.
- Would you stop it?
- They're looking right over here.
Stop it.
I haven't the slightest idea
who they are.
Harry Dighby.
And Walter Hill.
I think it's time to go.
Wait a minute.
The fire.
A picture.
They took a picture.
Look, we'll stay in here
till after dark.
You found the plans,
didn't you, Harry?
No, no, no, no.
Look me in the eye and tell me
you don't have the plans.
Right in the eye.
I don't have the plans.
I knew it, Harry!
Please give him back the plans.
It'll be better than
ten letters of apology.
Give him back...
we're as good as Adam Worth.
You're gonna get us killed.
- I'm gonna get us rich.
- You're gonna get us rich?
Yes. Let's just watch the show.
Come on.
Watch the cat.
Oh, it's a dog.
Harry, remember, I don't wanna
see any of these people get hurt.
Hurt? We're gonna
buy 'em a new press.
We'll buy 'em We'll buy 'em a new paper,
maybe the New York Times.
Whoop. Watch yourself.
Watch yourself.
Shh, shh.
Oh, my God!
Harry, this is terrible.
- It looks like a big typhoid hit here.
- Everything's wrecked.
Lissa? Lissa?
Excuse me, uh...
Charley, that
is downright greedy.
The house
is reimbursing me.
How are you doing in there?
Are you doing all right?
- I lost everything.
- Wh-What? Who's here?
Please. Ladies and gentlemen,
one moment please.
Could I have your
attention please?
Could I have
your attention please?
In case their reputation
has not preceded them,
may I introduce you
to the most infamous new addition
to the ranks of the stellar
underworld elite:
the Dighby, Hill,
Chestnut ring.
Mr. Worth, if you would be
so kind as to tell me
just what it is
you want with us.
Please allow me
to show you.
Sit on the corner of it,
darling. This one.
Everybody find yourself a seat
and make yourself comfortable.
Fill these ones up. Look,
there's some empty ones here.
Now, tonight the plan was
to have a lecture...
Excuse me. Mr. Worth.
I, uh, think we can still
work something out.
After all,
we still do have the plans.
What is all this discussion
about plans?
Would you give Mr. Worth back the plans?
Just give him back the plans.
Will you please
tell me...
We can work it out.
Now, Adam...
what arrangements
would you like to make?
Cash now, or we can help you
do the job and split 50-50.
You pathetic clown.
Did you really think
for one instant
that you could pull a job
the magnitude
of the Commercial Bank
and Trust Company
of Lowell,
- All right, cash now?
- Look around you.
Look at the men in this room.
They've engineered robberies
three years in the making.
Everybody here is an engineer.
Excuse me, Mr. Worth.
My family's waiting dinner.
I have little kids at home.
Mr. Finley, come with me.
Now, our after-dinner entertainment
this evening was to have been a lecture
by Mr. Finley
on the inner workings of this.
Sit down, boys.
A brand-new safe.
Oh, nice.
with the very latest...
double-pressure system.
But since we are in the presence
of such estimable authorities
on the subject of cracksmanship
as these...
I thought it might
be more entertaining...
No offense,
Mr. Finley...
If they were to demonstrate to us
the various methods of penetrating it.
And just to make it interesting...
don't you think it might be amusing
to place something of
some insignificant value inside?
- Mmm?
- Oh, yeah, nice.
Like for instance... Mr. Hill.
- Mr. Worth, this joke...
- Me?
...has gone far enough!
Harry, where
are those plans?
- I don't remember.
- Don't play around.
Please give him the plans.
- Get in!
- Oh, well...
Well, I don't feel like, uh...
I'm a large person.
I wouldn't fit in there.
You should have
a smaller person like him.
That's cruel.
- I'm not gonna get in that safe.
- Red.
Get in the safe, Walter.
Oh, no, I'm not
getting in that safe.
Get in!
Very well.
Now, Mr. Dighby,
one of the most attractive features
of the double-pressure system...
Harry, would you please give him
the plans?
Don't worry, I'll handle it.
...is that it makes the inside
of the safe... airtight.
It's dark in here!
Please feel free, Mr. Dighby,
to use any tools that may be lying around.
There are quite a few over there.
But... while you work,
you might begin thinking
about telling me
where you put the photograph
of my bank plans.
My God, Mr. Worth,
he'll die in there!
There's not even 20 minutes
of air in there.
Sixteen, to be exact, Mr. Finley.
We tried it with a chicken
this afternoon,
but then, of course,
Mr. Hill might breathe a little heavier
than a chicken, mightn't he?
Away you go, Mr. Dighby.
Yes, go on.
Take this.
You put it in there
and just bang it hard.
I do not believe that I am watching
this barbaric act of sadistic cruelty.
Walter, breathe slowly.
Only every 30 seconds.
Harry, would you
give him the plans?
How's it coming along,
Mr. Dighby?
All right, all right,
Mr. Worth.
We'll play it your way
this time.
I'll get you the plans.
You win.
I hate myself.
Oh, that's perfect.
Keep breathing slowly,
I'm coming.
Open the door!
Ah, Mr. Dighby.
But you're soaking wet,
Mr. Dighby.
Yes, well...
It's very muggy outside.
Very strange for this time
of the year.
the plans are yours.
- Can you, uh Mr. Finley?
- Mr. Finley.
Hurry. Hurry.
Walter! Oh, no!
Oh, can you breathe?
Can you Oh!
Oh, give him some air.
No! Stop it!
Stop it! Please!
Stop it!
This is enough!
That's enough!
Mr. Worth, I appeal to you.
Haven't we seen enough
senseless violence for one night?
She's right, boys.
She's right, she's right.
Pick them up,
and see them to the door.
I'm not through
with you yet!
Please, please.
Now, get them out
of my sight.
One moment!
One moment, Mr. Worth.
One moment.
Mr. Worth, when someone
comes into my life
and deliberately smashes everything
that I've worked for,
well, I feel a definite
and irrevocable responsibility
to kick that someone back.
Ohh, when I
Oh, and, and...
And make no mistake
about it, Mr. Worth.
Make no mistake about it.
Oh, yes, indeed,
you fancy yourself an intellectual,
a colorful scoundrel.
Well, you are not a scoundrel,
Mr. Worth! You are a waste!
You are a pitiful waste,
and I intend to stamp you out
with the same compassion
that I have witnessed here tonight!
And as for you two...
pretending to believe in our cause
when all the while
your only purpose was to use us...
I have nothing but contempt.
We accepted you as brothers,
and in return have been humiliated
at the feet of vermin.
Our dreams have been shattered,
but more important,
you have broken our hearts.
Harry, you're rotten!
I'm gonna thrash you.
Oh, yeah?
Stop it, both of you!
Stop it!
Stop it! If you must
kill each other, do it later,
- but for now I need you.
- What for?
For the Commercial Bank
of Lowell, Massachusetts.
Adam Worth intends to rob that bank,
but we're going to beat him to it!
I will not allow that money
to be used for loose women,
for ruffled skirts and maintenance
of a princely way of life
that should have been abolished
centuries ago.
Not while children cry out for milk
in the streets below us.
If that bank has to be robbed,
then by God,
let it be robbed
in the name of decency!
Let that money be taken
from the exploiters who put it there
and returned to the people
who need it!
All right, all those in favor
of robbing this bank say aye!
Now we are all
every single one of us, and you too...
are going to Massachusetts,
by God!
I don't know how
we're gonna do this,
but we are going to crack
the toughest bank in America!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- What's the matter with you?
You young people today
have no respect.
I have a heavy bag.
Well, get rid
of the heavy bag!
What's the matter with you, driver?
Can't you wait till I sit down?
How long you worked for me?
How many times did I tell you
don't start while I'm standing?
When I'm talking,
you wait till I get down.
Well, I finally see
you got here, Mr. Smith.
Well, it's a long walk
from the railroad station, Miss Jones,
and these samples are heavy.
- Did you get everything?
- Everything.
The special knock.
- Did you get the drills?
- I got 'em.
Oh, good.
You got 'em all?
Drills, I mean, they're very important
when it comes to opening a safe.
Opening a safe is not very easy,
so I want everyone
to pay careful attention.
First, I will turn
the combination...
uh, listening with my ear
to the door.
And when I hear or feel
the right clicks
with my fingertips,
then... good, good.
If not,
we go right to the dynamite.
Now, um,
whose turn is it
to dig?
We have a schedule.
Check the...
Okay, Harry and Lissa
are doing the digging.
Walter is removing
the dirt.
I'm gonna do the laundry,
and the rest of us can sleep.
I will take Lissa's turn.
Harry and I will dig.
Lissa, you get some rest.
That's very gallant of you,
but actually I feel as though...
- Gallant!
- I have to do what's in my heart.
That's not gallant!
I mean, he's afraid of us
being alone in that closet.
How dare you!
That's a lie, that's not true.
Walter, I can read you
like a book.
You can? When did you
learn to read, Harry?
Get your hands off...
Shh! Come on in.
Get the equipment.
- Harry
- Harry Dighby.
Give me that.
Stop it.
You're mad!
You get some sleep.
Please, do you mind?
Grow up.
What? He started it.
"He started it."
Give me the tools.
He makes me so angry.
There's no time
for getting angry.
He started it.
I'm so sick of hearing
about you two.
Mr. Crisp, I do so appreciate
your taking time after banking hours
to discuss
my very real predicament.
The prime responsibility
of any bank is to
service its customers at any hour
of the day or night.
What was that?
It's probably Walter coming in
for the dirt.
No, it was the door,
it was the door.
Dear lady.
I'm sorry.
Did I hurt you?
Mr. Crisp, I insist you
treat me with respect.
I may be a lonely bankrupt widow,
but I am a lady.
That's not Walter.
Please forgive me.
Frightful accident. Frightening.
Come. Sit, please.
I extend the loan.
Mr. Crisp... please!
Thirty days.
from the bank.
I knew that.
- Come here.
- No, Mr. Crisp.
No. No, no!
Forty-five days.
Mr. Crisp, no. My God!
Can't you realize
the position that I'm in?
Are you uncomfortable?
Oh, Mr. Crisp, please!
Sixty days,
but that's as far as I go.
May I please
have a drink of water?
Of course.
Don't get mad at me.
- Harry, open the door.
- Go away.
Go away.
Harry, what are you doing?
Go away.
You've got the wrong office.
Don't you disguise your voice.
I know you're in there. Open the door!
- Is it your wife?
- My wife?
Why did I promise his mother
I'd take care of him?
Harry, open this door,
or I'm gonna kick it in and choke you!
Hold it! Okay.
Six months. But I get to come
to the farm on Sundays.
Oh! Oh, I-I must have
the wrong office.
Get out. Get out!
What are they doing
in that closet?
It'll take hours.
Sit down.
Go on, sit down.
- God!
- Be patient.
Eat an apple.
Go ahead. Eat an apple.
When you finish that,
I got a pear.
No! I want it notarized,
in my hand,
before we continue
this discussion.
You drive a hard bargain,
Mrs. Hawthorne.
All right.
Tomorrow evening.
First thing, same time,
same place.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Right now I don't know
whether I'd rather blow his vault
or burn down her barn.
I gotta figure this out.
We got a real, real problem.
They're coming back tomorrow.
So how we gonna dig?
I'll take care of it.
I promise.
How may I serve you,
Miss Forsythe?
As a...
As a recently bereaved,
but beloved mistress...
of a distinguished
gentleman of means,
I find myself the benefactress
of a large cash gift.
I must invest it quickly,
otherwise the gentleman's relatives,
through legal means,
will attempt to take from me
what is morally mine.
I made the man happy,
Mr. Crisp.
Happy beyond
his wildest expectations.
The money is mine.
Of course it is.
Mr. Crisp,
would you...
Could you help me?
I would be
deeply appreciative.
I'm sorry.
Dear lady, I would
consider it a privilege.
Of course I will have to know
the complete details of all your affairs...
No. I mean...
delicate matters...
are best discussed
after banking hours.
I understand what you mean...
I am at your disposal.
Shall we say...
supper tomorrow night?
Oh, no!
Why must we wait?
I was thinking
more like perhaps tonight?
Oh, please. Please.
- Tonight?
- Yes.
I shall rearrange
a previous appointment.
Good, I have tickets
to this evening's show.
We shall go together.
Oh! Oh.
Oh. Oh, dear.
Oh, dear.
Well, perhaps then,
a late supper afterwards...
Enchante, Miss Forsythe.
Until ce soir,
Ce soir.
Good-bye, Mr. Crisp.
tactfully, my handsome prince.
My daughter, Princess Flavia,
has announced,
she will have none other for her husband
but Prince Herbert,
whom she has not seen
since she was a child.
Oh, fear not, we will be gentle.
But persistent.
if there is no male heir to the throne
by the time I die,
my kingdom will go to my evil brother
Prince Malcolm.
Oh, here she comes now.
Good luck, sirs.
Thank you, sire.
Oh, Father, how good of you
to welcome me home from the convent.
Gloria Fontaine!
Miss Forsythe?
Miss Forsythe!
Mr. Crisp, what
are you doing in there?
We'll be closing up in a little while.
You better be going home.
I tell you she went in there
20 minutes ago.
Mrs. Crisp,
are you in there?
No, wait, it's all right!
Miss Fontaine,
time to close up.
Yes, I'm almost ready.
Would you get me
a carriage, Herman?
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, cabbie!
Come on.
Quick, hurry up.
Hurry up!
Go back to your hotel room,
put on your prettiest peignoir,
go to sleep, and I'll be there
before dawn, I promise.
Miss Fontaine?
I got you your cab ready,
Miss Fontaine.
Thank you.
Well, good night.
You couldn't steal the plans
for a bank in Oklahoma, Harry?
That way even if we didn't
get the money,
we'd have a chance
to strike oil.
If we can get out of Concord Prison,
we can get out of anywhere in the world.
Adam Worth's in town.
I saw him go into the theater
across the street with his gang.
Gloria Fontaine's in the play.
She let them in, I know.
She snuck them in
after everyone was gone!
Wait! Wait. Go slow.
I don't understand.
Adam Worth went into
the theater with his gang.
I think Gloria Fontaine let them in.
They're up to something.
What is he doing
in the theater?
I don't know.
Since I'm sure he already
has her autograph,
he must be digging a tunnel.
The theater is across the street,
isn't it?
- Right.
- We're going in from the top.
He's going in from the bottom.
How are we gonna get in, Harry?
Shh, someone's coming.
It's that Leary guy.
Let's follow him.
What for? To find out
where he's gonna dump the dirt?
We know how to do that.
True. But let's go into the theater.
If he has dirt, there's a tunnel.
Let's go find it.
Isn't that exactly
what I said upstairs?
- Yeah.
- Come on, let's go.
Where are we?
Watch your head.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
We'll go through...
right here.
What do you think?
Hour, hour and a half?
About an hour and a quarter.
We'll finish tomorrow night
after the show.
Oh, and, Jack, remember,
we'll need the putty,
the torch,
the number four dynamite package,
lots of caps and the bicycle pump.
A bicycle pump?
What's that for?
How should I know?
But we got it.
We got everything.
Harry and Walter, everyone.
Come on, let's discuss this
one more time.
All right?
We go through the theater,
get into the bank, blow the vault.
And get out before the curtain falls.
Is that clear?
Excuse me, please.
Lewis Hopkins, press.
We're doing a story on Miss Fontaine.
We're cleared.
Flowers for Miss Fontaine.
Flowers, but they have
they need water.
Where can I find
Miss Fontaine's dressing room?
Who are you?
I have a legal paper
to serve on her.
Why, is she in trouble?
Her dog bit my client when he let her
out of the carriage last night.
I don't know.
You come back after the show.
Did you call
the carriage?
Ah, that could make you
an accessory.
An An access
You follow me.
Mister? Mister!
I get a half.
That's our deal.
That's our deal, yeah.
You get half. You get a nickel.
Pardon me. Nice seeing you.
All right, one thin dime.
One dime.
One thin dime to watch Miss Fontaine's
glorious bosom rise and fall...
as she sings
"The Glorious Kingdom of Love."
Ten cents, sir.
Here she is.
Good, good.
- Which way?
- I don't know.
Which way do we go?
Gloria Fontaine
in Lowell, Massachusetts.
The minute I read the review
in the Boston paper,
I got on the first train.
I don't like it.
He's somewhere around.
I can feel it.
Billy, Billy, Billy.
Short of tidal wave,
earthquake or revolution...
the money that sits inside that vault
is as safe as a babe in its mother's arms.
Watch your head.
Watch that one right there.
Yeah, that's good.
It's big enough.
Well, you wanted a bank,
you got a bank.
Courtesy of Mr. Adam Worth.
Hold these, Mischa.
Here, here. Great.
Give me a hand.
All right, you're doing great.
- Come on, Walter.
- I'm coming, Harry.
All right?
Who goes next?
Me? I'm next.
- Ready? Got her, Ben?
- Yep.
Just push up.
Will you watch it?
That's tremendous.
No, no, don't touch it.
Mischa, Mischa, check it out.
Harry, get the window pole.
You're gonna open the safe
with a window pole?
No, the alarm box. Hurry.
The alarm box
has four terminals.
How do you know that?
I can read.
Harry can read.
Harry reads.
Open the box, but be careful.
Don't touch the iron.
Be careful, Harry.
Good, Harry.
Thank you.
Wait, watch it.
Be careful, Harry.
That's good.
Oh, that scared me.
I'm good at this
'cause I used to fish.
Rook to your queen three,
Knight to your queen five.
- Good.
- Don't touch the iron.
It's off now, right?
I can touch the iron.
Yeah. That's right.
Now all we gotta do
is get through the gate.
You get the torch and turn
it on when I tell you to.
Walter, give me the fire.
You be careful.
All right.
Turn it on.
Give me that.
All right,
watch yourself.
I know a lot about this.
Give me the glasses.
Slower tempo, Johann.
How wonderful it is
to be home.
And as terribly lonely
as it was in the convent,
I am glad I saved myself
for you, my prince.
I have done almost as much
for you, my darling.
Today our lives begin.
Watch out. Watch out.
Thank you, thank you.
Very good, Harry.
Thank you.
Everyone in.
I am going to, uh,
listen with my ear
to the, uh, door...
feeling with my fingertips
and my ear
the right clicks.
And now...
we'd better get the dynamite.
Oh, yes,
Florence, Florence, the detonator.
- Now
- Shh, shh, please, shh.
I think they're singing the finale.
Gloria and Prince what's-his-name.
- Herbert.
- The show will be over in five minutes.
- Adam Worth will be here in ten.
- There's no time!
Back to work.
Here we go.
- What are you gonna do, Harry?
- Just help me down here.
What are you... doing here?
Excuse me.
I don't think it worked.
What? What?
Get me outta this!
What the heck
are you doing here?
Harry, it didn't work.
- What?
- You have to do it again.
"The Kingdom of Love."
We have to get ourselves
into the slave costume.
The Nubian slave costume.
- Just
- Bitch!
And they'll soon
be here to rescue us.
Is that not right, Othello,
my personal Nubian...
You've been sleeping
as stage manager!
There's a performance going on.
Where's my makeup for the Nubian slave?
Just a second, master.
We're having a bit of a problem.
My Nubian slave!
My... personal Nubian slave.
You wait here.
I shall return.
Make sure this impostor
does not abduct fair princess...
Got it?
Rook to your king five.
Check and mate.
Well, gentlemen,
shall we go to work?
Ho, ho, ho?
That's in here?
Somehow we've gotta get
the dynamite behind the door.
Behind the door,
behind the door.
Behind That's it!
That's it.
What, what?
Behind the door.
Now we know how to do it.
That Adam Worth is a genius.
- How simple, how beautiful.
- What is it?
The bicycle pump, darling girl.
The bicycle pump.
Ben, get the enamel pan
and the putty from the tunnel.
Lewis, unwrap the dynamite
and cook it with the torch.
Fill up all the cracks
with, uh, putty.
Make a cup at the top
with a little hole on the bottom.
Behind the door!
I knew it!
At last he's gone.
Be careful.
Be careful
whatever you do.
That's the last of it,
Lewis, be careful.
Strain it...
with a handkerchief.
And pour it into the pitcher.
I am the real prince!
No, no, no, no!
I shall tell you the story
of the young child
who was taken from his parents'
carriage by the gypsies.
And brought to the forest
where he was brought up by owls who...
Owls whoooo.
And wolves and sheep.
By alley cats
and I have the arrangement.
The arrangement?
What kind of arrangement?
The arrangement is right here,
and it will unravel this tale.
Play that for me,
piano player.
And we'll straighten out
the court.
We have to hurry.
The ballet music.
Number 12, number 12.
It must be running late.
The damn play's still on.
All we need
is five more minutes.
I'm on my way.
Red, get in the front door,
see what's happening.
That Adam Worth is a genius.
You see, by reversing the tube,
you create a vacuum.
Instead of blowing,
it draws the liquid.
With luck, it'll come down.
Oh, that Adam Worth is a genius.
Keep pouring, keep pouring.
No, no!
That's it! That's it!
Look at this. We got it.
That's it.
Hey, Nubian slave!
I have news I care to share
with you, ol' slave.
My armies, in a few minutes,
will be victorious.
Your armies? You mean my armies!
For I am the real Prince Herbert.
That's the first
I heard that.
You weren't here
when I explained.
Everybody heard when I explained.
You're a duke.
- I'm a duke?
- A duke, a duke!
- What's the matter?
- I don't know.
My God, it's Leary.
Try it again.
Try it again.
We did it.
Come on!
Go, go, go!
Okay, Florence,
you go down now.
Damn it! It's got
to be one of these!
All right, boys.
Adam Worth, you and your associates
are under arrest
for the robbery of the Commercial Bank
and Trust Company.
I know this seems unusual,
but as you can plainly see,
I'm on my way in, not out.
- Bravo!
- More! More!
Thank you.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Here you are, my good man.
Here you are.
We should like
the best table
in the joint.
Would you excuse me
one moment, please.
Sure, make it quick.
Watch yourself.
Watch yourself.
It's all right.
- I've got my cane.
- All right.
You're gonna leave quietly,
aren't you, Harry?
Well, uh-uh.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
My partner.
Thank you.
Dighby, planned
your next job yet?
No, no, no. We're
We're going to take a little time off.
We haven't worked out that yet.
Oh, the wine '79.
Mr. Hill, where did you learn
to sing and dance like that?
Miss Chestnut...
may I have a word in private
with you, please?
You are an extraordinary
woman, Miss Chestnut.
Tell me...
is it your intention to continue
in your life of high adventure?
Mr. Worth, our share of the money
has been used to start what I hope...
will one day be the largest permanent
milk fund in this city.
If you care to make a donation,
I think you know our address.
Calmly, Miss Chestnut.
You've already won the war.
Shall we discuss
the terms of the treaty?
Shall I tell you
about the party?
She mentioned it.
She is a decadent woman,
don't you think?
Finger bowl, sir.
Refresh yourself.
Refresh yourself.
My, my, my.
You're a very healthy girl.
Excuse me.
Refresh yourself.
To us.
Partner, to us.
Where are you going?
Walter, don't worry.
I'll be all right.
Nothing matters anymore.
Stop it. Look, I like her too.
I'm not cryin'.
Look where we are.
This is probably the fanciest
room in the whole world.
My life is over, Harry.
I always promised you we'd play
a room like this someday.
Look, we own this joint.
We can do it.
- Where's the music?
- What music?
Don't give me that.
You always carry the music.
I don't want to pull
the music out.
- Aha!
- I don't wanna take the music out.
Trust me, trust me.
- Harry, Harry
- Trust me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me,
will you stop please?
Hey, they stopped. Great.
Can you play this?
This is an elegant place.
It's very complicated and...
We can't do that here.
We don't have our makeup...
- We can play it, sir.
- You can play that?
Well, pick it up a little.
A little more tempo.
I don't know whether we...