Harry + Max (2004) Movie Script

These are amazing.
Nikki's unbiased opinion.
I'm sorry, the little
buggers deserve to die.
Have you even
tried the copper?
Slugs won't cross copper.
A giant banana slug will.
I tried it.
I tried hot pepper spray...
I tried insecticidal soaps...
Hell, I even tried a bowl
sunk in the ground with...
...beer in it.
Some creatures just don't know
what's good for their underbellies.
Viva los tomatoes.
Perhaps Max should consider
a shower before he leaves.
Is that a hint?
Tomorrow I shall bathe in a
fresh mountain stream at dawn.
Suit yourself.
It's going to be freezing.
Wish you were coming.
No, I think I'll wait
for film at eleven.
Well, suppose we
do run into a bear...
or a bobcat or something, huh?
Well, then you'll see how
fast your brother runs for cover.
God bless him.
-A little waxing's...
-...good for everything.
You got me...
You got me...
Taking down my chances
with your glasses here.
Try to come you way
but scared of taking chances.
Guessed it, cupid
has manifested.
Within your eyes,
you see I'm an arrested.
I make it out like a calm
when you pass by.
Hoping for a little more
but instead say hi.
I'm dropping hints and clues.
I guess you can't tell.
Baby, you got me under your spell.
Baby, you got me under your spell.
How I want you, so want you,
I need you, so I need you.
Right now!
What I want, you got
me under a spell.
Cause the things that you do,
you do them so well.
And I can't believe what I feel.
You're the only girl
that makes me feel so real.
You got me under your spell.
Cause the things that you do,
you do them so well.
And I can't believe what I feel.
You're the only girl
that makes me feel so real.
Oh, so real.
So real...
So come on,
what do you think?
Why are you asking me?
'Cause, you know, you know
how to pick the winners...
and the losers.
Well, you know
it's going to sell.
No, I don't know that.
So what's the band think?
Well, they're willing
to make it their Harry quota...
I mean, if the label
wants it as a single.
Well, that's good, right?
Fuck yeah, that's good!
It's my first single
in two albums, bro.
Right on.
Tell me what you think.
I think you should be
writing shit that's more real.
I tried that.
You remember
'Rocket to the Moon'?
It didn't even make
it on the album.
I didn't even like
'Rocket to the Moon'.
Give the little
girls what they want.
Yeah, well, it's what I want
too, and they pay for it.
So what's the problem?
How far we got left anyway?
maybe 20 miles.
Fucking Shackleton.
What's the temperature supposed
to go down to tonight?
Did you check?
we got everything we need.
Trust me.
You know, you're
lucky you over pack.
I never have what I need.
Never had time for it.
Well, you could have.
You had time for
your rockets.
I liked it when you took
me to fly your rockets.
Mom was afraid I'd maim you.
She didn't give a fuck if
I maimed myself, though.
But you showed me anyway.
Well, you stopped once
the band started.
Well, I had to, Max.
I had to practice.
It's not like they hired my sorry
ass for its musical ability.
I learned.
That's what counts, O.K.?
That's open to interpretation.
Oww. O.K., O.K.,
O.K., O.K., O.K.
You're goddamned
right I learned!
Big difference between
you and me, work.
That's not the only
difference, Harold.
I didn't say it was.
You know, you're always
apologizing for something.
Were you displaced
when I was born?
Oh God, what stupid book
are you reading now?
I'm just curious.
You know, when you were born,
I thought it was like
the greatest thing...
to ever happen to this family.
Yeah, right.
Can you even imagine
that kind of excitement?
Having a little brother?
I think I was a
pain in the ass.
Not to me you weren't.
I think I was a
pain in the ass.
At least you didn't throw
your shit at mom and dad.
You did that?
I think so.
I got accused of it, anyway.
Why'd I do it or..?
How am I supposed
to remember?
Well, it seems to me that
there's a number of possibilities:
one, uhm, mom,
you aren't taking care of my shit...
mom, you are shit...
uh, help me,
I'm drowning in shit.
He's a little baby,
he ain't got a lot of words,
but he's sure got
a lot of shit.
-The shit, that's dirty.
-You're dirty.
You're dirty.
Dirtier and dirtier.
Dude, you've got to put up all
the pins before it stands up.
Fine, then you do it.
A two-year-old could
do this, you know.
If you say so.
Dinner's ready.
I thought we were supposed
to be roughing it.
It's the Tri-Star Room.
It's the best in Burbank.
Yeah, but I thought we
were going to cook...
veggie burgers over the fire
and smother them in A-1.
Why can't I buy my brother
the best dinner I can find?
Seeing as The Alpine Tavern
closed 70 fucking years ago.
Jesus, what did I say, Max?
Nothing, you
didn't say nothing.
Is it the Alpine Tavern?
Because you know we're going to
go see the ruins tomorrow, right?
Last time we had dinner was
some fancy place in New York.
Yeah, Balthazar.
It was supposed to
be a family dinner,
and then it turned into this
monster thing with Roxanne...
and your label people and a bunch
of your New York friends...
I'd never met, plus the
winner of the latest...
fucking "Have a Date
With Harry Contest".
I didn't even get to
talk to you that night.
Well, it wasn't supposed
to be like that.
Why couldn't you
just tell them no?
If you'd have been
in town longer, Max,
I would have had dinner
with you every night.
I put my money where
my mouth is, didn't l?
I came 2,000 miles
to see you, right?
I'm honored.
I just wish that l'd
brought the "K-rations".
Yeah, did you know that
the guy that invented K-rations...
was this 82-year-old gay veteran
activist dude who just died last year?
-Good for him.
-His name was Herb King.
He went to M.I.T.
where I want to go.
At like a really young age
he invented this Power Bar...
for the troops
in World War Two.
How do you know all this?
Modern Lifestyles class.
You ever thought of going
back to public school?
Fuck you, why can't l
have positive role models?
I'm just kidding, jeez.
-Who are your role models?
-Musical or non-musical?
I don't know,
role models in life?
Well, dad I guess.
Until I realized he wasn't
allowing himself...
to do what he really wanted to do.
Dad couldn't afford to
do what dad wanted to do.
Yeah, well, he
let me down, Max.
He hasn't had to worry about
money for a long time...
and he's still not doing it.
I mean, what is the point of
writing good stories...
if he's not going to make
that agent work for him?
Do you think he should have stayed
at Lockheed until the plant closed?
Yeah, maybe he should have.
I'm not saying I know.
But I got him that
agent for a reason.
He'd be stupid not
to take your help.
Yeah, and he
resents me for it.
Are you sure about that?
Look what it did
to his self-esteem.
He probably hates you staying
away more than anything else.
There's a reason I stay
away and they both know it.
You've got to talk about
this shit with them, man.
It's pretty simple
from my point of view.
Can I have some now?
Don't get drunk.
It's cold.
Tell me about it, Shackleton.
Do you think this
was a good idea?
Of course this
was a good idea.
This ain't Bermuda.
Do you want to
do that again?
What, go to Bermuda?
No, do what we
did in Bermuda?
We got to be a family
again in Bermuda.
It was only
two summers ago.
I think about
it all the time.
What did I say?
I don't know how l
feel about Bermuda.
Is that good?
That's not the point.
You've got to sh...
Show me.
No, I'm not giving
you a blow-job.
You've got to sheathe your
teeth, you understand?
Am I as good as Roxanne?
Who ever said she knew
how to suck a dick?
Don't make me feel
stupider than I already do.
You kiss better
than you suck dick?
I've had a lot of
practice kissing.
I'm sure you have.
I need more practice
sucking dick.
Well, you're not
getting it from me.
You know, if I weren't your
brother it might be different.
I mean, if I liked boys
and I weren't your brother.
I mean, there's nothing
wrong with liking boys.
It's just that...
I like Roxanne.
You're not sounding
very convincing.
How's that?
-That's rad.
Can we go to bed now?
Tactile contact doesn't
always have to end up in orgasm.
What class is
that from, Max?
And who all are
you tactile with?
Various friends.
You know, I don't
mind if you whack it.
It's O.K.
In fact, I'd kind of
prefer if you whacked it.
Might help you
get some sleep.
I can do that anytime.
How often do I get to
sleep with my brother?
There's nothing wrong with
sleeping together, Max.
-Was that a bear?
-Go to bed, Max.
Hey, you know every hotel we're
staying at in Japan has a gym?
I think I'm going to
start working out again.
All the gyms in the world
wouldn't make up...
for the shit that you
put in your body.
Why don't you do yoga?
I mean, you could do
yoga on your tour bus,
in the hotel room, wherever.
I don't like how
it makes me feel.
How's that?
I don't know, like I'm
coming apart at the seams.
Come again?
Just brings a
bunch of shit up.
Feels like it's
pulling me apart.
Maybe that's not
such a bad thing.
Well, maybe yoga's not for
everybody, you yoga-Nazi.
Maybe your body's trying
to tell you something.
Excuse me for
coming up like this.
I read your interview in
Teen Bopper a couple of months ago.
Oh yeah?
It was so good...
I can't tell you.
I guess if they give you
a soap box to stand on,
you stand on it, right?
You're going to do
more music, I hope.
I don't know.
I mean, that first album
kind of freaked me out.
I mean, the idea that people
actually bought it freaks me out.
That I had to perform
it really freaks me out.
I mean, it's not
like I'm him, right?
What's wrong with being me?
That's what I'm saying.
You're the rock
star in the family.
I can't believe I'm
sitting here with you guys.
I was wondering if
you could autograph...
Best wishes...
That's so beautiful.
All this used to
look like that.
Well, enjoy your
hike back down.
We will, thanks.
Lay off.
God, was she for
real, or what?
What, just because no one's
in your flabby ass no more?
Yeah, well, you're
a fuckin' oddity.
It's no wonder you
get so much attention.
Yeah, I mean,
a guy like you,
picture in the teen mags.
Of course you're
a fucking oddity.
What's that
supposed to mean?
I'm just saying, you know,
sooner or later you're gonna...
run out of energy
for girls like that.
Especially when
they're not sincere.
She seemed pretty
sincere to me.
Yeah, right.
A girl her age going
for a boy your age.
You weren't complaining
when you were my age.
What would you do if you
had to go down on her?
Dude, she asked for my
autograph, not head.
She wants you because she
thinks you're unspoiled.
And she doesn't want
you hurting her.
And most of all she
wants you clean.
Circumcision really fucked
with your head, dude.
Like I had any
choice about it.
Chill out, it's not
the end of the world.
Yeah, well, you know it's
a sore subject with me.
You don't think I'd pay a
million fucking bucks...
to have my foreskin back?
Hey, mind your own
business, bitch!
Wait until that hits
the National Enquirer.
You wouldn't use that word
in front of mom, would you?
Yeah, well, she is
one most of the time.
Fucking sanctimonious,
tee-to-talitating bitch.
Why don't we head
over this way?
Trying to run my life too?
You call Roxanne a bitch
when you're fucking her?
Yeah, I call her
a bitch sometimes,
when she needs to
be called that.
The misogynist
rears his head.
It's a lovemaking
thing, Max.
You gotta talk
nasty sometimes.
What does she say
to you, Casanova?
She says, 'You're
a bad little dog,
and you're going to
lick my snatch until...
I tell you you can stop,
you bad little dog'.
And then you know
what she does?
She wraps her legs
around my neck like this,
and she won't let me up
until I make her come,
and fortunately
for me I know how.
'Lick my box, Rover.
That's what she says.
-She calls you a dog?
-All the time.
I'm just trying to give you
an example of how a woman...
will behave when
she's aroused.
I'm not sure I want
to know any more.
How'd this whole thing turn
out so fucking stressful, anyway?
Just listen to
the breeze, man.
Let it calm you.
Yeah, you're right.
Maybe I need some pussy.
Medication time.
Don't go all
12-step on me, Max.
How come you always get with
girls that medicate you?
You think I haven't
wondered that myself?
Mom says that you should let
your addictions speak to you.
You know, you're a lot like her,
despite of what you think.
How's that?
Work ethic.
You're both workaholics.
You think could have gotten
this far by being lazy?
But you've got to stop and
do shit for yourself, man.
It's like with Nikki...
Does she still
live in Burbank?
She's back from Boulder.
Back from that guy that she
married and then dumped her.
I wish she would
have called.
Why does everyone
have to call you, man?
Why can't you call them?
I mean, if she
was in trouble,
she should have called.
It didn't help that
you had a reputation,
a reputation for
fighting and shit.
Once that stuff
gets printed, Max,
you never live it down.
Why don't you
tell her yourself?
Tell her that
it wasn't true.
She tends bar at
the Purple Parrot.
I mean, with Nikki, how was
I supposed to know what was right?
You love someone, your good
sense goes right out the window.
I love you, man.
You know that, right?
I don't really feel like
talking about it, though.
You saying that because of
the shit I said before...
or because of last night?
That was just playing
around, right?
It didn't seem like you
were playing last night.
I mean, how
serious can we be?
It's not like
I can date you.
You ever thought of
loving an older man?
You have, haven't you?
You've been with older
men, haven't you?
I mean, excluding Bermuda.
I don't know if
you'd say that.
Stop being coy
and talk to me.
-Did something bad happen?
-Did something good happen?
-I guess you could say that.
You know who got me
into yoga, right?
Yeah, your yoga teacher.
Josiah Smith.
You still see him?
I'm surprised he didn't
offer you private lessons.
-He left the school.
-Why, because of you?
-I don't know.
-Yeah you do, come on.
Well, what would the school
have said if they had found out...
he was getting with me, huh?
He's not allowed
to do that shit.
Man, leave it alone.
How old is he?
This guy must know
something I don't.
-Where's he live?
-Near Palmdale.
He runs the Jasper
Valley Live Oak Preserve.
Yeah, Jasper Valley...
did he stop molesting boys?
He never did that.
Yeah, it sucks that you
don't think there was...
anything wrong
with what he did.
I was the one who
started it, O.K.?
Yeah, and he acted on it.
He shouldn't have.
-You did. Last night.
-That's different.
I'm your brother, Max.
-And 40's too old, O.K.?
-How would you know?
Have you ever
had a male lover?
I don't want to
talk about it.
Then don't throw
stones, dude.
Yeah, I've had men after me.
Rude and lecherous men.
Did you do shit with them?
Sometimes I had to.
It didn't mean nothing.
What do you mean "had to"?
Like for work and stuff.
Was there ever a guy that
you...really cared about?
Just find me a
fucking hotel, O.K.
Other people's drool spores.
You don't want
to breathe them.
They nest in the filling.
That's better, right?
Yeah, you're like the
perfect little wi...
travelling companion.
You were about
to say 'wife'.
-No, no I wasn't.
-Yeah, you were!
-No I wasn't.
-Yeah you were!
-Want to smoke some pot?
-ls it O.K. if I do?
-You don't like pot?
Drunks don't like pot.
I can't speak for
other drunks, Max.
We had pot in Bermuda.
I just like being naked like
that on the beach and all.
Yeah, well, this ain't Bermuda.
Besides, I can't do
that shit anymore.
Somebody's going to take a
picture of me all fat and shit.
I'm sorry I called
you fat before.
I am kind of fat.
No you're not, man.
Do you want to sleep
in my bed tonight?
It's like you're a different
person than when you were little.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
That's a good thing.
It's no big deal if we
sleep in the same bed.
It would be like the worst thing
that could ever happen to me, you
Somebody found out about us?
It wouldn't be that
great for me either.
Yeah, it wouldn't
matter for you.
Nobody's going to
stop liking 'Max'.
So when did you first
want it, anyway?
-With you?
When I was like 7.
You're kidding, right?
There was this one Saturday
morning and we were both in bed.
The dog was scratching
at the door to get in...
and making a lot of noise.
I pretended not to hear him.
You got out of bed with no
clothes on and had this big boner...
I wanted to check it out.
Now I feel guilty
for making you gay.
I already knew
what I wanted.
-When you were 7?
I had no clue.
You don't remember?
I showed you my
boner after that.
Dude, you were always
walking around naked.
It didn't faze me,
it wasn't sexual.
It was sexual.
I wanted you to touch it.
Yeah, well, that definitely
was not going to happen.
You know you could have
had me whenever you wanted.
That's why it eventually
happened in Bermuda.
Like I gave you permission.
-Hey, waddup?
-Where are you?
I'm at some dump at the
base of the mountain.
-How's camping?
-lt got too cold.
We're leaving
tomorrow, though.
All right, you think I could
call you back another time?
-Yeah, as in later tonight?
-Uh, how about tomorrow?
-Where are you?
-We're at Galapagos.
We just finished dinner.
-I miss Galapagos.
-Then get the fuck home.
I gotta go.
I'm leaving
Wednesday, you know?
I know...Iove ya.
What the fuck?
Love you too.
Come on, let me
drive for a while.
Not a mile over the limit.
I'm not asleep, you know.
Just concentrate
on driving, Max.
-You liked it, right?
-It's all good.
I just don't want to die.
Didn't you say that yoga
guy lives near Palmdale?
Yeah, you want to turn off?
Not now.
I'm sure he'd
love to meet you.
Another time, Max.
? You are my all. ?
? Always take care.
I can look but I can't stare. ?
? And there are times,
when I am low ?
? I think of you girl.
I want you to know. ?
? The better one,
Just holding on. ?
? I watch your garden grow so
Hmmm... ?
Party at the hotel?
We'll see.
Can I bring Nikki?
Get out of here.
How are you doing?
Man, you're
falling apart here.
Are you going to
visit him in Japan?
Mom thinks that I should stay here...
with all the stuff that
I've got going on this summer.
No, Japan would
be great for you.
God, can't she see that?
Maybe we could go somewhere
this summer, you and me.
Maybe somewhere
closer than Japan.
Like San Diego.
We could see
the panda bears.
That's so fucking warped,
panda bears in San Diego,
a hundred degrees out?
But they're so cute with
their little markings...
and their little noses.
Yeah, like little
teen idols.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't resist.
So how's he doing, Max?
Is he happy?
The band's at each
other's throats.
It's like if
their album sells,
then everyone forgets for
a little while longer...
just how badly they want out.
I'm Harry.
I'm Max's brother.
Yeah, I know, hi.
-New hair.
-Is he O.K.?
-Yeah, yeah he's fine.
I'm glad.
So where are all
these live oaks...
I've been hearing so much about?
He loves them
live oaks, Max.
So index on the second fret,
or the second dotted part...
-That one?
Then the middle finger,
third string up, and the...
other two right above it.
-Like that?
-That was close.
-No, it's no use.
Look, why don't l
just write some words.
? Sittin' in Nikki's apartment
while I learn to play the guitar... ?
What are you..?
I was watching
the E Channel.
-You ever watch E?
They had this piece about
you and your management company,
something about bad blood.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, how did they put it?
It was really funny.
'The last couple of years
you've spent more time...
suing people in court than Raymond
Burr in the entirety of his career.'
A guy like me has to
watch out for himself.
The music business
is in the shitter,
in case you didn't know.
Yeah, I heard.
to what do I owe
this visit, Mr. Burr?
Well, Josiah, I was hoping
you could straighten me out.
-Straighten you out?
I mean, I'm conflicted.
I thought I might turn
to you for advice.
-I don't blame him.
-For what?
Loving you.
-Like he still does.
-Fuck you.
I've seen it
with my own eyes.
-Seen what?
-His regret.
Think about Max.
What does he need
from you right now?
Does he need a
sexual relationship?
If I were you l'd
be asking myself why...
I'm looking to him for that.
Maybe you could talk to him.
For what purpose?
To find out how he feels,
to see if he wants me...
the same way I want him.
And what makes you
think he'll tell me?
Might take the pressure off,
third party and all.
Max and I have
boundaries at this point.
Do you understand
why that's important?
The way I see it,
we're in this together.
We both love Max and we both
want what's best for him.
It doesn't sound like it.
We can't go there.
-I love you.
-I know.
I love you too.
-That's O.K., right?
-Yeah, that's O.K.
Is that O.K.?
You like vodka, Josiah?
I'm O.K.
Man, you're strong.
I wish I had
muscles like yours.
Jesus Fucking Christ!
Jesus Fucking Christ what?
Just Jesus Fucking Christ.
You don't mind, do you?
Your heart's
beating real fast.
Yeah, no kidding.
I want to know
what Max felt.
And one thing I've
learned, Josiah,
is to never delay gratification
if I can possibly avoid it.
What do you want me to do?
Pretend I'm Max.
Do to me what
you did to Max.
Turn around.
Would it be
better if I left?
Would you mind?
You working at the
Parrot tonight?
You know this has nothing
to do with you, right?
Is there anything I can do?
No, no.
I had a really
great time today.
Thank you.
How does it feel to
be straightened out?
Fuck you.
How could you leave
him high and dry?
You may not realize this,
but Max and I saw each other...
constantly for 6 months.
Yeah, and then you packed up
and shipped out.
Max had nothing
to do with that.
Did you bother to
let him know that?
And how do you
think he took it?
He seemed O.K.
Yeah, well, the things
Max feels the most,
he doesn't say them.
Not to anybody.
How can I say this?
Our love was irrelevant
on any sustainable basis.
Max pre-empted it
himself in the end.
You were very
relevant to him.
Max is heading
somewhere I can't go.
He has to find out where.
I can't show him.
You can't show him.
No one can.
I know that whenever
I'm with Max,
I feel like it's all going
to be O.K., you know?
Like he's the most
real thing in my life.
That's you!
What about him? Jeez!
What your brother needs now is
for what he's doing in the world.
I think he gets
lots of support.
From Nikki?
How do you know about Nikki?
Same way you know
about me, come on.
Such a soap opera!
You know, they're a lot
alike, Max and Nikki.
A lot alike.
Maybe what you're
looking for in Max,
maybe what you're really
looking for is Nikki.
You know, only Max would
think of camping...
practically in the middle
of fucking winter.
Max just says yes to
life all the time.
What's that for?
You know how long he's been
for this camping trip you promised.
Why are you on my
case about Max?
I don't know.
It's been a long time
since I've seen you.
I guess I'm surprised
you're here.
You're not glad I came?
Nikki, I was hoping that
you'd give me a chance...
to be your friend again.
You were incapable
of being my friend.
I got on with my life.
I think it's vain of you
to think I'd be...
into you at this point.
I guess you don't beat
around the bush, huh?
That's your idea of a
fulfilling relationship?
Dating Roxanne?
She makes me feel like
less of a fraud, I guess.
Maybe because
she's such a fraud.
I think you're going to have
to work really hard to...
make yourself appealing, and I don't
think you've even begun to do it.
I think I've tried.
But you're also a drunk with
no urge to address his own demons.
I address them
every day, thanks.
O.K., yeah,
you're functional.
-Yeah, give me credit for that.
You're functional.
My uncle died of
cirrhosis of the liver.
It wasn't pretty but
he was functional.
What kind of guy are after?
I mean, if you were
looking for a guy?
I already told you, I'm not.
If you were?
Can I ask you a
personal question?
Have you been with Max?
Have I been with him?
Yeah, but you've
thought about it, right?
Look, even if l
wanted to, I couldn't.
Why not?
He trusts you, he adores you.
That's exactly
why I couldn't.
You don't think
he desires you?
No, I don't.
I think he feels the
same way I do about him.
You don't know what
you're missing.
What's that mean?
Well, you said it yourself.
He's a hottie.
I mean, he may be small but the
kid shoots like a firehose.
And I'm supposed to ask
you how you know that?
Let's just say I've
had a front-row seat.
No, no, more than that.
Let's just say I've had
my mouth around him...
and he's had his
mouth around me.
No, no, more than that.
Let's just say he's
been inside of me,
and I fucking love him.
That is so creepy.
I just don't see the
difference between...
you getting with him or
me getting with him.
There's a word
for it, Harry.
I mean, if you don't
want to use it, I will.
Don't talk to me about
things you don't understand.
What do you call
fucking your brother?
We're not fucking!
We're helping each
other work shit out.
Man, you never had
any boundaries.
Boundaries are overrated.
-Why not?
Is there anything I can do
to make you change your mind?
No, there isn't.
Just drink up and leave.
? And she turns her way homeward,
with one star awake. ?
? Like a swan in the evening
moves over the lake. ?
Hey, this is Roxy.
Sorry, can't get to
the phone right now.
Please leave a...
Well, just leave her a note.
Tell her you went to see
the sunrise over the desert.
How'd I get there,
on my fucking ATV?
-I'll take care of mom.
Don't do it, man.
Don't manipulate her.
I just want you
here with me.
You're not even sober.
What does that have
to do with anything?
It has everything
to do with it.
I just want you
here with me, bro.
Call me a cab.
You had a shower or a swim?
A swimmy.
Lie down.
-You O.K.?
You're kind of
freaking me out.
How come?
-Are you on drugs?
-I love you, man.
-I love you too.
I don't really feel like
making out right now.
Did Nikki call you?
I was there, dude.
You were where, dude?
I was at the Purple Parrot?
On the balcony
above the bar.
"On the balcony
above the bar."
Sounds like a bad
romance novel.
Is that what we
are now, Max?
Why'd you have to tell
her that shit, man?
You're so fucking
Didn't you even think about how
weird it was going to make it for me?
Oh, for what?
All of like 5 minutes?
The next thing you know,
you're going to be back...
reading poetry in
each other's arms.
It's not smart to fuck
with her heart, man.
Or my heart.
I'm being out in the open.
I want you.
A couple of hours
ago you wanted Nikki.
You need to get
a fucking life.
I didn't, I didn't
mean that totally.
Yeah, whatever.
She surprised me tonight.
What did you expect her
to do, jump up and down?
That's not what I meant.
You were thinking she'd leap
back into my arms and say,
"Harry, come back to me"?
I don't know
what I expected.
Is there something you
wanted her to tell me?
Tell me about Josiah.
Are you going to
see him again?
-Probably not.
-How come?
He seems like a
nice enough guy.
-You talked to him.
Well, that's so
Well, it's embarrassing that
I even got with the guy.
I don't see what's so
embarrassing about it.
It's embarrassing because
now someone knows.
I mean, it used to
be just him and me.
Hey, I don't think
any less of you, Max.
I mean, it's like now
all of a sudden it's real.
Whereas before it
was just a secret.
We got no secrets,
you and me.
Except you and me.
We're only the
biggest secret of all.
Some things have
to stay private.
Like you're an expert at
keeping your mouth shut.
Now I have to explain to
both Nikki and Josiah.
Oh no!
Max, you're getting
a reputation.
It's not funny.
It's like I could never bring
Josiah home to mom and dad.
Not that I'd ever want
to bring him home.
He's a great guy, but I don't
want to bring anyone home.
-What are you so afraid of?
I'm not afraid of nothing.
I don't like what you did.
You like staying
up all night?
Not really.
Oh man.
I wish we had some
rockets right now.
What would the papers
say if you got arrested?
All the good
stuff's illegal.
I wish you still
flew rockets.
Yeah, me too.
There's nowhere to fly
rockets in New York probably.
I'm sure there's
probably somewhere.
If I study physics
in college,
I bet you I get
to fly rockets.
That'd be fucking great, man.
I don't want to be a
scientist but I still...
want to know that stuff.
Well, model rockets
ain't brain surgery.
How'd I ever wind up
singing on an album, anyway?
I mean, I can't even sing.
Tell that to the
Wal-Mart crowd.
You know, mom has big
plans for you this summer.
I don't like that look.
I mean, I've seen that look
on you several times...
since I've been out here.
It's all O.K.
Yeah, you keep
telling yourself that,
but your shoulders, they
say something different.
It's like you get all
hunchbacked or something.
It can't be that bad, right?
All I have to do is show up.
Everything else
is taken care of.
It's more than just
showing up and you know it.
I'm worried about what's
going to happen in the fall.
What's going to
happen in the fall?
You know what I mean.
If you decide not
to finish school.
I have to finish school.
Yeah, well, suppose the
summer turns out great, Max?
Suppose mom can book
another tour for the fall?
It's like you're both avoiding
the inevitable, you and her.
What if I went to the
science magnet next year?
Point is, you're
already a professional.
You have the ability
to make lots of money...
and mom and dad both know it.
And I don't believe that
they don't want you...
to get a good education.
I just don't see how
you're going to do both.
I just don't see how you can
be his business partner...
and his mother.
Everything about the way I set
up the tour is to protect him.
Yeah, well, there's things
you can't protect him from, mom.
Trust me.
What's going on
with you guys?
Were you drunk when he
went over there last night?
After a certain hour I can
only assume that you were.
And I've asked you not
to see him in that state.
You know what?
I'm not going to play
into what you're doing.
What am I doing?
You don't even know
you're doing it!
What's up with you?
It's been a long time
since we've talked.
Makes me happy.
Yeah, well,
when you say things like...
'l asked you not to
see him in that state'...
You justify taking
control of Max.
Like, what, he needs you?
I've got news
for you, he does.
And I haven't done a bad job,
all things considered.
Meaning what, I haven't
done a good job?
Meaning I don't want your
to ever seem like a
viable option to him!
That's really interesting,
coming from you.
What the hell are
you talking about?
You don't know what it means
to turn your life around...
the way that I had to.
I wanted you to, I did.
But did you ever really
want to know me, mom?
You escaped, O.K.?
How could I get the chance
to get to know you?
I earned the
right to escape.
And once I did
you thought, what...
that you could just
hand over all your shit?
Like it was going to float away
on some magical fucking tour bus?!
I don't have the keys
to your prison, mom.
And I don't want to spend
any more time there.
And one day Max is going to
surprise the hell out of you...
and he's going to
figure out, hey,
he can actually have the type
of family he's always wanted.
And you're not going
to be a part of it.
Give it to him yourself.
It's Chiapas, '97.
She kept us from getting
shot about half a dozen times.
I won't ask how.
Beats me.
It was all in Spanish.
How is she anyway?
She's cool.
What's the deal
with you and her?
Like what?
Like how are you
going to love her now?
Like I always did.
You can't.
It's different now.
You're always assuming that
everyone's fucking everyone else.
It meant a lot to
her for a long time.
Now she thinks you need it.
Need it for what?
Protection, man.
Be protected.
You know my favorite
part of Mexico, right?
Why don't we go down
to Baja for a while,
just you and me?
Yesterday it was all
about finishing school.
Yeah, well, that's
what tutors are for.
You know, you study for
a year, take your SATs,
next thing you know you'll
wind up at Columbia U or CalTech.
That's ridiculous.
You've got a girlfriend
waiting for you.
Yeah, not anymore I don't.
You ended it?
We mutually ended it.
You never liked
the bitch anyway.
It's sad because you
don't have anyone.
What do you want when
I get back from Japan?
I want someone who's going
to be there for me, O.K.?
I want someone
I can really love.
I thought that was
what I was offering?
Hey Jordan.
How was your flight?
That doesn't sound good.
I'm starving, though.
Nothing kills this
guy's appetite.
Smells great.
I remember the gallery owner said
that Max was going to be there,
I was like, oh my God, what's
this turning into, an event?
Everything with
Max is an event.
How did the show do, anyway?
I sold 4 paintings.
The best one
was to your mom.
She has good taste.
And a shark's
instincts, too.
I was the one who
told her to buy it.
She chose it herself.
You wouldn't have even
noticed me standing there...
if she hadn't come up.
I've never seen the
painting in question.
-I've got a slide of it...
-Oh yeah?
Well, let's see it.
As usual, the slide's a pale
representation of the thing.
Great ass.
That was some
amazing meal, pal.
You know, this is the first
time I think we've got to talk...
without, you know, being
in the middle of some crowd.
Yeah, I guess it is.
How's things going
with you and Max?
-They're going great.
-Good to hear, good to hear.
How are things going with
you and your girlfriend?
The same.
-Is that good or bad?
-It's neutral.
Nothing like you and Max.
How so?
You guys are like the
perfect couple, right?
You got yourself one
gorgeous man here, Max.
Move over.
Wait a minute...
do I even get a vote
in this or what?
Well, you know my vote.
For love, forever
and always.
Well, I don't think
it's a good idea.
I mean, not that I don't think
you're a great guy or anything...
You know, it seems like
the guys I always want...
are always questioning
my motives.
Don't pretend you
really want me, man.
I fuckin' want you.
I'm like in a committed
relationship with your brother.
And I respect that totally.
Just because we
all like each other...
doesn't mean we have
to fuck each other.
Well, I want to
fuck you and Max.
And I'm not used to not
getting what I want.
Well, that's great.
But the vote needs
to be unanimous.
You haven't even got a
fucking majority, bro.
I got nothing.
I don't got the one guy l
ever really loved, either.
That's bullshit.
I've always been there for
you, that's the problem.
I can't take care
of you anymore.
No one asked you to.
Oh right.
It was just my job.
That's pretty funny.
What is?
I always thought it was our
job to take care of each other.
Hey don't get me wrong.
I was happy when he met you.
It was the very thing that he
needed to get out of that situation.
-What situation?
-The home situation.
I always wanted Max to be
what he never got to be.
A normal kid.
Well, that's some
kind of fantasy.
Because he's not
a normal kid.
Same with you.
Well...I've disgraced myself
for the umpteenth time,
so...I'm just going
to let myself out.
Last chance boys...
That was the last
time we saw Harry.
For a while.
I'd already done a second
album which came out and sold well.
Nobody seemed to care that
it was all in the backup vocals.
When I fired my
mom as my manager,
she sued me for a
percentage of royalties.
I settled the lawsuit but
we haven't spoken since.
After that I got into
a good university.
The work is hard.
We saw my brother pretty
often when he was in town.
But...something was different.
Maybe he'd grown up, especially
after his solo album flopped.
Jordan got to know him well,
even sold him a painting.
It was good for
the both of them.
Over time the public's
taste in boy bands moved on.
I think Harry was
secretly relieved.
He spent more and
more time in Japan,
where he always
had a following.
Growing up I liked
what we had together.
Most people wouldn't have
wanted a brother like Harry.
But we couldn't help but
be right for each other.
Look, look, look, ties!
No rails, though.
Yeah, they took that shit
away a long time ago.
That sucks elephant dicks.
And it's getting cold again.