Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (2022) (2022) Movie Script

[mysterious music]
[festive music]
Yeah, so I'll be
watching the game...
[clock chiming]
[Big Ben chiming]
[suspenseful music]
[train whistle blows]
[whistle blasts]
- [speaking indistinctly]
- What?
[speaking indistinctly]
- [speaking indistinctly]
- Hi!
[lively music]
[train whistle blows]
[John Williams'
"Harry's Wondrous World"]
[indistinct chatter]
[John Williams'
"Hedwig's Theme"]
He couldn't know
that, at this very moment,
people meeting in secret
all over the country
were holding up their glasses
and saying in hushed voices,
"To Harry Potter,
the boy who lived."
- Dan.
- Hey, man.
It's great to see you.
- How you doing, dude?
- How are you, mate?
It's so nice to see you.
This is awesome.
- This is incredible.
- Yeah, it is.
Last time we were here,
you were shorter.
I'm just...
just very, very slightly.
That's kind of you to say.
- Here we are.
- 20 years down the road.
- Yeah.
- It's kind of odd.
How did it come to you?
Like, I never...
I would never
get to ask this question.
Like, how did you end up
doing "Harry Potter"?
I ended up doing it
because my daughter Eleanor
convinced me to read the books
after I refused three times.
So once "Prisoner of Azkaban"
came out, I said...
- Thank you, Eleanor.
- [chuckles]
I said, "Okay,
I'll read these, finally."
And then immediately,
I saw the movies.
I just saw them.
And that hasn't happened since.
Then I had to fly to Edinburgh
to meet Jo Rowling
and essentially said,
"This is my vision."
She said, "That's exactly
the way I see the movie."
When the books came out,
the queues of kids
around the block...
I mean, thousands of them
all waiting for the latest one.
[all shrieking]
[confetti blasts]
[crowd screaming]
So many people were beginning
to fall in love
with JK Rowling's writing.
I think I probably would have
been about eight years old.
I think that's when
the first one came out.
It became, like,
our family thing.
My dad used to do
all the voices,
and my brother and I
just became obsessed.
We would just beg him
to keep going.
And every time
he finished a chapter,
we'd be like, "One more,
one more, please."
"Just one more.
Please, please, please.
One more, one more,
one more, one more."
A friend of mine at school
had the first two.
And I went for a sleepover
at his house and he said,
"Well, 'Philosopher's Stone'
is there on the bookshelf."
That's what we did
the whole sleepover.
We just both sat there
in silence,
him reading
"Chamber of Secrets,"
me reading
"Philosopher's Stone."
And that was it, really.
I never looked back.
At the time of reading,
we instantly related
to Fred and George
because there aren't
many twins in literature.
"The Chamber of Secrets"
was the first book
that I sort of genuinely
stayed up at night reading.
The writing was so vivid,
the characters so relatable.
It was such a intricately,
perfectly designed universe.
I think it's very easy
to forget that, at the time,
people were talking about,
like, the death of reading.
I just think it's a beautiful
creative outlook on life,
this belief
in limitless possibilities.
One of the many reasons
I admired JK so much
is that millions
would now read books
who would never have lifted
a book up in their lives.
And you suddenly realize
the power of writing.
[together] Hip, hip, Harry!
And then in terms of casting,
it was... the search
for Harry Potter was insane.
The new "Harry Potter" film
are looking for children
to play the three main roles in
the multi-million-pound film.
I remember going to the...
the very first audition,
and there was hundreds
if not thousands of people.
And then we realized that
we were the only set
of twins there
who weren't wearing
identical clothing.
So we ended up
going over the road
and bought two identical
matching tops.
- Just off the rack.
- Just off the rack.
We were like,
"Right, they will do."
And then off we went.
They'd let us all mill,
you know, sort of congregate
till they "seemingly"
walked away,
and, of course, while there's
still one gentleman
holding a boom mic
straight over our heads.
And this little girl
asked me, "What's that?"
I think I even said,
"It's a mic, duh."
I was like, "They're filming us.
This is just, like, a trick."
Like, as if I'd done it
before, really.
And I remember it,
'cause it was Emma.
I became completely gripped
by the excitement
around this audition.
And I always knew
that I was going for Hermione
in a way that I think
terrified my parents
because they were like,
"What are we gonna do with her
if she doesn't get the part?"
I was just excited.
I wasn't sort of daunted.
I wasn't thinking,
"I wonder how many
films they're gonna make,"
anything like that.
I thought,
"Oh, this will be fun."
I think the biggest pressure
at the beginning
was who was gonna be
Harry Potter.
We couldn't find Harry.
We couldn't...
we just couldn't find Harry,
and it was getting
kind of weird,
um, and panicky.
I was in my hotel room
in London one night
watching the BBC version
of "David Copperfield."
Immediately, a light bulb
went off in my head,
and I said,
"This is Harry Potter."
This is the kid we've been
looking for for months.
So I asked the casting director,
I said, "We've gotta get him
in here for an audition."
She said,
"It's never gonna happen.
"His parents do not want him
involved in this world.
They don't want him
to take this role."
I think the deal
was to sign on for, like,
all seven films and they would
be filmed in LA.
So Mum and Dad were like,
"No, that's, like,
a huge disruption to his life."
Fortunately, David Heyman,
uh, went to the theater
a few weeks later.
These two guys
in the row in front of me
started sort of turning round.
David, being the great
producer that he is,
convinced Dan's father to bring
Dan in for an audition.
And that's basically
when we got our Harry Potter.
And action.
- That's a dragon egg.
- What is it?
- That's what that is.
- What is that?
A dragon egg.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
I was a very happy kid who had
a really haunted quality,
"You're really sweet,
but you looked like
you had real, like,
stuff going on."
It was very emotional,
actually, seeing this kid
sitting there talking,
and I just thought,
"Yeah, that's him.
Thank God we found him."
Rupert and Emma
were very easy to cast
because they felt like
they jumped off the page.
We screen-tested
the three of them together
to make sure that
they all had this chemistry,
which immediately was obvious
in the first screen test.
Remember, guys,
get closer to her
as she finds out
the information.
And action.
I never thought to look in here.
I checked this out first term
for a bit of light reading.
- This is light?
- Shut up.
If Filch comes around
the corner any second now,
at least 50 points
off Gryffindor.
I knew it! Here it is.
Nicholas Flamel
is the only known
maker of the Sorcerer's Stone.
Both: The what?
Oh, honestly,
don't you two read?
Cut. Good job.
It's lovely seeing you.
Yeah, this is surreal, isn't it?
How do we all feel being back
and talking about this?
Well, A, really emotional,
And B, um, it feels like
no time has passed
and loads of time has passed
Yeah, kind of much the same.
It's quite surreal.
It doesn't feel like
much time has passed.
It doesn't feel like we've
kind of earned a reunion yet.
- Yeah.
- I know.
I have had kidney stones
and a baby,
so time has obviously passed.
- You did mention that.
- I feel my age.
But there is, like,
such a collection
of, like, shared memories
and stuff
that we just all did together
that it is
very easy to be, like...
to sort of slip back
into where you were.
Our first audition, the...
the day we all met...
- Oh, my God, yeah.
- I think for the first time,
there was, like, me walking
out of my dressing room
and seeing, like, another, like,
young, brown-haired boy
going the other way.
I never saw his face,
but I was like,
"You are clearly another Harry
that is being tested out today."
- And they were, like...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Testing us with various
different configurations
of Ron, Harry, and Hermione.
I remember there was one
where they put all
the three of us together.
I do remember that
when it was the three of us,
- something felt different...
- Right. Yeah.
And, like, right and easy.
I do remember the click.
We'd been out at the studios.
They'd told us we got the parts
and they were like, "Cool."
"So we're announcing
you've got the parts.
There is now going to be a lot
of media outside your house."
"So you can't go home."
So far, it's sort of
turned things upside down.
Um, it's... I don't know,
I've never had anything
happen to me like this before.
Hermione made
complete sense to me.
That's me.
Like, I am that girl.
Well, Emma was arguably
the smartest person on the set,
and I'm talking about everybody.
She just was...
she was a brilliant kid.
I think I'm scarily
like my character.
'Cause I live in a family
of, um, seven
and, um, I've got
a redheaded sister
and I live in a burrow.
Rupert is just the most
12-year-old boy in the world
at that point.
Like, he was so,
like, just fearless.
Rupert was Ron, you know,
and Dan kind of was Harry.
How do you feel
about becoming famous?
It'd be cool. [laughter]
We were all talking about this,
how comfortable you made us all
in our auditions
and how, like, this, like,
extended massively into the set.
My memory of it is that
it seemed effortless to you.
Well, on the first film,
I was dying the entire time,
but I just... I always believe
you cannot bring
that kind of anxiety.
I want everyone
to feel comfortable.
I want everyone
to feel like it's a family.
I want everyone
to feel like they're home.
[John Williams'
"The Journey to Hogwarts"]
Hey, class, listen to me.
Welcome to your first
flying lesson.
I want you to raise your hand
over the broom.
For the first several weeks
on the film,
the kids are basically in shock.
Looking back, I am sort
of amazed at the fact
that I wasn't ever, like,
completely overwhelmed by it.
- Shh. Shh. Shh.
- Dan, when you turn away
from her this time...
when you turn away,
grab hold of this,
and look up like you're
going to get it, okay?
But I also think
that was, again, part of Chris
and the whole crew just, like,
they kept us having fun
the whole time.
Obviously, we were just kids,
and we were all
looking forward
to mucking about together.
Chris Columbus
made the atmosphere
very much like a funfair.
We were very much just, like,
kids being kids on a set.
- Mm-hmm.
- My residing memory
from the first...
from "Philosopher's Stone"
is I just learned
how to play slam.
You know what we did a lot of
as well was that game.
- Oh, my God.
- Slaps.
- So much hand slaps.
- Oh, slaps.
With, like, all of us,
like, red...
like, red, raw hands from, like,
- hitting each other really hard.
- I think we also upgraded
- to knuckles as well.
- Oh, and shins.
- Yeah.
- I remember the shin version.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sorry. Gotta give it back.
I am the champion!
They probably made their jobs
harder for themselves
by letting us have
as much fun as we had
because it distracted us from,
you know, the work
we were supposed to be doing.
And for the other viewers,
get a mousetrap.
Darling, don't put it
on your nose.
You're gonna remove
all your makeup.
Like, a big problem was, like,
throughout a take,
our attention would, like...
would wane and come and go.
They'd say a line and then
they'd smile at the camera
where they were just so happy
to be in a Harry Potter film
that they couldn't contain
their excitement long enough
to focus on an entire scene.
Guys, guys, guys, guys.
Columbus had worked
with kids a lot.
And he was terrific with them.
He really was.
He used to go down on his knees
to talk to them
and huddle around
so nobody could hear.
He was such a dad as well.
Like, and I... you could
really feel that,
like you were kind of
part of his family.
Be a little looser with this.
And just be talking,
you know what I'm saying?
- Yeah.
- You go up and you're, like,
frozen like this,
but you can be...
"You really think"...
"Of course I can use it,"
like this, okay?
- Yeah.
- Good job, though.
But it's not easy,
'cause it takes a tremendous
amount of patience with kids,
particularly with...
with kids as hyperactive
and as excitable as we all were.
[indistinct chatter]
- Looking great.
- Well, they wanted to...
Fancy seeing you boys here.
- [laughs] Hi.
- Snuck away.
A couple of Gryffindors
just kicking it.
- Come here.
- Good to see you, brother.
How did Chris Columbus stay
is such good... good spirits?
We sort of ran around.
I guess we were all, like, 11.
You might get, like, three
people to do the right thing.
But it doesn't mean you're
gonna get the other five
in the background
doing the right thing.
No. No. And Rupert
was... was relentless.
Once he started...
once the flood gate open...
- God, yeah.
- But that's the thing.
That's the way it worked,
wasn't it?
'Cause Columbus basically just
- let us be kids.
- Yeah. True.
I never recall feeling
like we were working.
But that's so important,
isn't it, that we had that...
Yeah. I think that's why
it feels that way
when you watch it.
It feels like...
- Yeah. That's true.
- Kids.
I tell you what's funny
about that, though, is...
is being surrounded
by all the...
the cream of the, um,
the British acting industry
and not having a clue
who anyone is.
I thought... I thought
Richard Harris worked here
as like... as a tour guide
for a while.
[plucky string music]
I don't think any of
the kids had the capability
of understanding the gravity
of who they were
dealing with at the time.
That was no stranger
Hagrid met in the village.
It was Snape, which means
he knows how to get past Fluffy.
And with Dumbledore gone...
Good afternoon.
The British royalty
of the acting world.
What have you got to say
for yourself?
I swear I don't know
how it happened!
When I think of the people
that I got to
just grow up around
and hear... hear them interact
and hear the quickness
of people.
The adult actors came in
and were, like, the mischief
in a funny way.
That's actually great.
Like Robbie Coltrane.
He was such a kid.
Like, so immature
and, like, just so much fun.
He loved making us laugh,
and he was
incredibly good at it.
I've tried
absolutely everything.
I've tried creams.
I've tried jellies.
I tried shaving.
Every moment...
I woke up, it's like...
my husband is threatening
to leave me.
If he really loved me,
he wouldn't mind a little
facial hair, I'm sure.
But he's being very,
very difficult.
That, like, kindness
and that warmth from you...
- Aww.
- It made all the difference.
Well, we spent
so much time together.
I know. I know.
I spent more time with you
than I did with my own
children at one point.
I know. Wild.
- [laughs]
- Ooh. I know.
I think most of my
favorite scenes, if I'm honest,
looking back, are with you
and the gang in Hagrid's hut.
I keep thinking about that scene
- where I get called a mudblood.
- Yes.
And you were so sweet
with me that day.
'Cause it was, like, my first,
like, you know,
big piece of acting.
[emotional music]
He called me a mudblood.
[gasps] He did not.
What's a mudblood?
It means dirty blood.
Mudblood's a really foul name
for someone who is Muggle-born.
Someone with non-magic parents.
Someone like me.
The three of you have become
such great actors.
Being on that set,
you felt like you actually
entered the world.
With all of Stuart Craig's sets,
the attention to detail
was phenomenal.
[plucky string music]
I was always adamant
that Hogwarts shouldn't feel
as if it's a world
that couldn't exist in reality.
I had a tremendous amount
of creative freedom,
so we could build this world
from the ground up.
Some of the sets on "Potter"
were overwhelming to me,
and I'd been doing it
for 35 years.
You know? "Oh, blimey."
The very first time
I visited the set,
they walked me through
the Great Hall,
which was mind-blowing.
All the floors
are real Yorkstone.
A lot of those scenes
with 250 extras,
they're all about 18
and trampling 'round.
You're not gonna put
a plastic floor down.
It's gotta be the real stuff.
And all these lit candles
going up and down on wires.
One of my favorite
moments on set ever
was the moment
when all the floating candles
started burning through
the ropes that tied them
to the ceiling
and just started falling
- around the Great Hall.
- Hundreds of real candles
- that were really lit...
- "Oh, my God."
On fishing line
from the ceiling.
So much of that would
be visual effects now.
The fact that we got
to actually be on that set...
Actually, that's so true.
That's so cool.
- Thank you, Stuart Craig.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- We love you, Stuart Craig.
[John Williams'
"The Quidditch Match"]
The hardest scene to shoot
was Quidditch.
And the audience had to
understand the rules
Quidditch is easy enough
to understand.
Each team has seven players:
three chasers, two beaters,
one keeper,
and the seeker... that's you.
So Jo Rowling basically did
a rule book for us.
A Quidditch rule book
explaining every detail
of the game.
Then, with Stuart Craig,
our production designer,
designed the look
of the Quidditch pitch
and really create a pitch
that felt authentic and real
for a game
that is completely unreal.
Lots of energy, enthusiasm.
Set and action!
- She scores!
- Angelina Johnson scores!
Ten points for Gryffindor.
I always wanted
to tell you this,
but there was a moment,
you know,
on day two maybe or three,
the camera pushes into you
and you say,
"We're not going home,
not really."
Feels strange to be
going home, doesn't it?
I'm not going home.
Not really.
I got tears...
I still get tears in my eyes
thinking about it.
I thought, "This guy...
this kid is an amazing actor."
- Oh, that's...
- And it was that moment
that kind of opened up
the whole world for us.
And the first film was very
storybook, very inviting.
Yeah, it's lovely and...
It's like,
"Welcome to Hogwarts."
Until you get to the end
of the movie.
And where a man...
I melt a man's face.
Yes, exactly.
[dramatic music]
- The first film was a hit.
- Yep.
So once it became a hit
and people accepted
not only the film
- but accepted the cast...
- Right, yeah.
I had a ball on the second film,
"The Chamber of Secrets,"
'cause I was, like, free.
[engine sputters]
[suspenseful music]
[engine revs]
[glass shatters]
[mischievous music]
Okay, come on. Shh, shh.
Okay, come on.
Shh, come on.
Morning, Weasleys.
All: Morning, Dad.
I always loved any scene
where the kind of Weasleys
were together,
like the Burrow scenes.
It just had
this frenetic energy.
Everyone kind of played
off each other.
The thing about the Burrow
as I remember is that
it changed all the time.
It sort of expanded
and contracted.
One minute, there was a huge
fireplace of floo powder
and then there was just...
and then it got smaller.
Yeah, it was like a living,
breathing set that changed.
I feel like being a Weasley
is the best part
of being in Harry Potter.
We had, like, our Hogwarts
family but I felt, like,
so special having
an actual extra family.
- It was great.
- All these scenes that we got
on top of everything else.
Julie's brilliant to work with.
We used to... Ron would say,
"Hello, Mummy. Hello, Daddy."
Julie Walters who played
my mother, Mrs. Weasley,
was... was just so wonderful
and brilliant to me.
She really kind of took me
under her wing
and she just was, like,
the perfect mother figure.
The twins were two people
that I was really close with.
They really were like
older brothers.
Julie Walters and Mark Williams,
they were like my second family.
They were always kind of
staying in character
and they would have
this kind of...
they would
bounce off each other.
Dumbled... dom... mith.
Who? Who, dear?
Dumbledore must know
you're here, Harry.
Stop, stop. [laughter]
This isn't working.
Can't believe it.
- You guys look great.
- Hello.
How are you? This is amazing.
- How're you guys doing?
- Very well, thank you.
- How are you?
- Good.
- This is so exciting.
- Yeah.
It's the first time
I've been back since "Azkaban."
We didn't know
you were gonna come back.
The Weasley family values
were consideration,
thoughtfulness, and fun!
Now, Harry, you must know
all about Muggles.
Tell me, what exactly is
the function of a rubber duck?
It's just very natural
when we were all together.
It was a family,
you know, in all but name.
That's the cool thing about
it as well is that you see
that... that motion
where they are very inclusive
and then you see the complete
opposite with the Malfoys.
Yeah, it's always such
a good comparison,
the two families side by side.
A real chalk and cheese
side of it.
Not now, Draco. Play nicely.
[ominous music]
Mr. Potter.
Lucius Malfoy.
We meet at last.
I was first aware
of Harry Potter
because everybody
was reading the books
on the tube everywhere I went.
I'm convinced I ended up
playing Lucius
because I didn't want to.
I went to audition
for Gilderoy Lockhart
"and Chris said," That was great.
Would you mind reading
a different part?"
I was about to play
Captain Hook in "Peter Pan"
and I thought,
"Well, I don't wanna play
two children's villains."
And I read
through gritted teeth.
I was deeply bitter,
and, of course, that's exactly
what was necessary,
and they asked me to play
Lucius, and thank God they did.
How dare you?
The point of him
being in the story to me
was to explain why Draco
was such a horrible,
sadistic bully at school.
Red hair
and a hand-me-down robe?
You must be a Weasley.
He's a product
of his parents, Draco,
and he's got really bad parents.
If Hagrid
was your first influence,
chances are, you're gonna be...
[as Hagrid]
"All right there, mate."
You're gonna be lovely
and... and very huggy.
Isn't he beautiful?
Oh, bless him.
Look, he knows his mummy.
[fire blasts] Ooh!
If your dad is a psychopath
wielding a cobra cane about,
you're probably not gonna be
the friendliest geezer.
37, take one. Camera mark.
Tom, remember, slow.
You're telling a tale.
But sinister, soft.
Set and action.
I adored Tom
from the second I met him.
He was always just
the biggest sweetheart.
Working with Jason
was a real treat.
In fact, working with Jason
was not always a treat.
Just immediately turned
into the most unfriendly,
horrible person I've ever met.
I just remember grabbing him
and... and just being
as unpleasant
as I possibly could
and watching his little face
constantly seeking my approval.
The very first scene
that I shot was actually cut
and is on the deleted scenes.
Draco touched something,
and I used this cane
and I went...
Don't touch anything, Draco.
But I didn't know
how sharp the teeth were
and they went right
into little Tom's hands
and he looked up at me
and his eyes welled with tears.
Yes, Father.
And I went, "Tom, I'm so
sorry, I didn't realize
how sharp they were
and how heavy it was."
And he went,
"No, no, it's all right.
It was good for the scene."
He'd be this evil father,
and then they'd say, "Cut."
And he'll come and give you
a cuddle and say,
"Oh, did I hit you too hard?
Did I hit you too hard?"
He's a real, you know,
Jekyll and Hyde, that one.
Yeah! Yeah!
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Harry Potter.
Such an honor it is.
I remember saying to a friend,
"You know, I've got this part.
It's an elf in Harry Potter."
And the squeals of joy
and the complete despair
at my not understanding,
you know,
how important
this character was.
[ominous music]
We did a take and he goes,
"Thank you, this will be all,"
and I swung my leg out,
and I stepped down
and I swung my stick,
and Chris goes, "Cut.
Can we clean the floor
where Jason slipped, please?"
And I said, "No, I didn't slip."
He said, "Well, what happened?"
And I said, "I kicked Dobby
down the stairs."
And I just thought,
"This is gonna be
ridiculously good fun."
Mr. Malfoy.
Mr. Malfoy!
I have something of yours.
The sock is pathetic,
isn't it, on one level?
But on another level,
it's everything,
and that's, I think,
the beauty of the character.
Master has given Dobby a sock?
What? I didn't g...
Master has presented Dobby
with clothes.
Dobby is free.
One of the major themes
is this alliance
of friends who endure.
[emotional music]
So you and I had one of
our greatest laughs together...
- Yes.
- With Richard Harris.
And we had a animatronic version
of Fawkes the phoenix
and it was this bird...
big, red bird
- that doesn't exist in life.
- That does not exist.
It's not...
it wasn't unrealistic.
Like, it could, I guess.
Richard came in and looked
at the phoenix and said,
"Wow, they train these animals
marvelously these days."
'Cause they had a camera
inside the eyes,
so they could see
Richard looking at it,
and then they were like,
"Well, we don't wanna
break the spell,
so we'll just keep the bird
reacting and moving."
And then that, of course,
you know, got into a cycle
where Richard was like,
"The bird is responding to me."
Ah, fascinating creatures,
They can carry
immensely heavy loads,
and their... their tears
have healing powers.
- We never told him.
- No, we never told him.
- No.
- He just thought it was
- a real bird.
- Yeah.
It was insane
that we were part of that.
You know, I do not know
of another human being
that could have started
the series in the way you did.
Well, that...
that makes me feel great.
I've always felt guilty
about leaving.
- I really did.
- Don't.
When I said goodbye
to you guys, I was like,
"I can't believe
I'm leaving these guys."
And I think you honestly...
I don't think you ever
get enough credit for, like,
what you achieved
on those first two
and with all of us,
and so thank you
so much for that.
It's been the greatest
experience of my life.
[soft music]
You fail to recognize
that it matters not
what someone is born...
but what they grow to be.
[liquid bubbling]
Hello. [both laughing]
[speaking indistinct]
Oh, thank you for coming.
Thanks for chatting.
[dramatic music]
Who is that? That man.
Who is that?
That is Sirius Black, that is.
Sirius Black is an essential
character for Harry.
It's part of Jo's themes of
"Don't judge a book
by its cover," you know?
The image of Sirius Black
as a criminal
is one that's presented
to Harry.
We have a killer on the loose.
Sirius Black, you mean?
But what's he got to do with me?
And yet, when Harry meets him
and through the course
of the third film,
he comes to learn that he's not
who he has been told he was.
He's somebody very different.
And Gary is such
a remarkable actor.
One of the reasons we
chose him is he obviously
has the potential for darkness,
but he has such soul
and has such a warmth within.
Can I ask you, when were...
were you first
approached to be Sirius?
I was aware of Harry Potter,
but it... it was very much
a sort of kids' thing.
People were telling me to read
the books and I had kids,
so it was gonna be
in my universe somewhere.
And then they were taking
a slightly darker approach.
- Yeah.
- The book was interesting.
I met Alfonso,
and I think at the time,
he was the main attraction.
Now, remember, guys,
that you have to
- take care of your frogs.
- Yeah. Don't worry.
For "Azkaban,"
it's a coming of age.
They're passing the threshold
between childhood
and their teenage years.
In the first two,
Harry is still a child.
There is a greater optimism
around the tone itself.
Nevertheless, when he turns 13,
there's a big cloud
that overshadows
everything around Harry,
and we needed to convey that
also stylistically.
[ominous music]
[train wheels screeching]
What's going on?
Don't know,
maybe we've broken down.
"Prisoner of Azkaban" felt
like a whole new era, really.
It was a much darker
kind of story.
There was a lot of kind of
quite adult themes in it.
The descriptions that JK Rowling
has of the dementors
are very scary,
and I really wanted to convey
the sense that the dementors,
what they do is they suck
all the joy away,
that they were sucking
an essence of Harry.
But I think that the most
important piece
to achieve that
was Dan's performance.
When was "Azkaban"...
how old were you?
- Really?
- Yeah.
- When we first met?
- Yeah.
I think I had a natural
sort of paternal thing.
[both grunting]
Are you going to kill me, Harry?
The first person I remember
being, like,
in order of when they came in
was Gary.
I remember that. I remember...
I remember you
giving me the Gary chat.
Yeah, you were like, "Listen,
Emma, you need to be cool",
"because Gary Oldman...
it's a really big deal,
and you need to be cool,"
and I was like, "Okay."
And which was... which
was really a projection
of my own fears
'cause I was like,
"Dan, you need to be cool.
This guy's a big deal."
Dan was first a bit daunted.
And Gary was amazingly generous
as a person,
but also as an actor,
and immediately embrace him
and include him
in... in the acting process.
It was really sweet
to... to see the two of them.
And it was almost as if it was
mirroring that relationship
because, in many ways,
Harry has made a totem
out of Sirius Black.
That totem
that is kind of unapproachable
and in many ways scary.
And then that was not unlike
in the film
that when they discover
who they truly are,
is when suddenly
there's an amazing bond.
You saw them between takes
sitting with each other,
talking and laughing.
And you could see in the way
that Dan looked at Gary
the adulation and the respect
that he had for him.
All the stuff in
the Shrieking Shack at the end,
I feel like me and Rupert
and Emma were just, like,
watching tennis in that scene
just being like,
"This is acting, guys.
This is what we all need
to be working towards."
There was Tim Spall,
- the one and only Alan Rickman.
- Yeah.
David Thewlis, you,
Emma, Rupert.
It's really nice of you
to include me, Emma, and Rupert
in that group.
To watch you guys act but also
just watching you guys as people
and just watching these,
like, incredible actors
who were just like,
"Oh, yeah, no.
"You're just people
and you'd have fun in between
and the whole process
doesn't have to be painful."
It can be intense
and you showed me the wonders
of that sometimes as well
and that was really important.
- Let's kill him!
- Wait.
I did my waiting!
12 years of it!
In Azkaban!
I have never done a scene
with such an amazing cast
in my life.
It's a very long scene.
It's a scene in which
there are a lot of twists
inside the scene,
and it was so much fun.
It's an intense scene in which
a lot of things are at stake.
No! I trusted you!
And you can see...
Rupert and Emma and Dan...
that they are completely
committed to this scene.
I love it. I-I have such
a great memory of it.
I told Dumbledore
you were helping an old friend
into the castle,
and now here's the proof.
Brilliant, Snape. Once again,
you've put your keen and
penetrating mind to the task,
and as usual,
come to the wrong conclusion.
I always loved
the character of Sirius.
I love the relationship
Harry and Sirius have.
He's like this cool uncle,
but also older brother figure.
He's painted
as this villainous guy
and then has the switch
where you go,
"Oh, he was set up
and he's a good guy."
And he's so kind and so warm...
- And he's warm and kind...
- And cool.
- And he's kinda cool.
- Yeah.
I wish I'd had
the whole picture.
You know, we only
ever found out book...
Yeah, book by book.
- I don't know whether you...
- I did not.
Because you were
Harry Potter, you had a...
Just Rickman.
Rickman did. That was it.
- Rickman?
- He had the inside line.
He worked that well.
He very, very early said to Jo,
he was like, "I think I need
to know what happens."
[as Snape] I need to know.
Give me a reason. I beg you.
Rickman would have an in,
wouldn't he?
He did, yeah.
And he never told Chris,
never told anyone.
He would... Chris would
literally say to him,
"Why are you doing that
like that?"
He'd say, "I'll tell you later."
[both laughing]
Yeah, "You'll find out
on a need-to-know basis."
Wait a decade.
Dan was not a child actor.
Was another fellow actor.
Alfonso was like,
"Now you're teenagers,
and I'm gonna treat you
like a teenager."
And he was the first one
who, like,
- assigned us homework.
- Yeah.
Loosen up, loosen up.
He wanted to get to know us,
so he set us this exercise
where he asked us
to write an essay in character.
[whistles] [laughter]
He was like,
"You know these characters
"at this point better
than I'm ever gonna be able
to understand who they are,
so you tell me."
And after about, sort of,
a half a side of A4, I was like,
"I feel like I've pretty much
covered everything.
"Like, Jo has written
a good 500 pages about this,
"but I feel like this one
pretty much sums it up.
Great, okay. Yeah, cool.
Proud of that. Bring that in."
Of course, Emma writes,
like, 12 pages,
like, beautifully written.
Rupert didn't deliver anything.
I didn't do it.
And I said, "Rupert,
where's your assignment?"
He says, "Well, uh, I thought
that Ron wouldn't do it..."
[laughs] "So I didn't do it."
I mean, luckily,
Alfonso kind of saw
that it was very in character
for... for...
for me not to have done it.
Rupert is Ron.
It's just Ron 100%.
Emma is just such
an effortless actor.
She prepares a lot.
When you're doing the scenes,
it's as if everything
is just flowing out of her.
The truth of the matter
is that they are great actors.
Sirius Black finds a redemption
by having Harry understanding
who he truly is.
It's a moment of...
of great liberation,
of great freedom,
and all of this is conveyed
symbolically in the two of them
flying in the night
under the silver moon.
[emotional music]
It was like a family, wasn't it?
More than any other experience.
You never have that
in the movies
because you work
with a bunch of people
and you get friendly with them
and then most of them
you would never see again.
But with "Potter," you would
come... you would come back
and that's what made it,
amongst many things,
- what made it very special.
- Yeah.
It just feels like,
you know, being in these,
you get to be a part
of film history.
[dramatic music]
Hogwarts has been chosen
to host
the Triwizard Tournament.
[cheers and applause]
"The Goblet of Fire"
during all of
the Triwizard Tournament stuff,
it was so lovely to be
surprised and blown away
and, like, taken away
by the magic of the scenes
and to be surprised.
Like, I remember seeing
the Beauxbatons
come and do their entrance
and the Durmstrangs.
It was really cool.
[fire whooshes]
With the fourth film,
we wanted a British director.
We wanted something
quite theatrical.
Cut, thank you very much.
Mike is just this excited,
loud, passionate man.
[all shouting]
He was a perfect director
for that film.
It was a really, like,
action-packed, wonderful,
eccentric film.
I love Mike. He was great.
I mean, he was almost like
he was from the books.
He was like
a Hogwarts character.
The fourth book
is the biggest of them.
It's about 900 pages.
It's a doorstop.
It's a house brick.
And I thought,
if it's really gonna nail
the little darlings
to their seats,
then it has to have this great,
big, energetic core to it.
He was just this kind of,
like, firecracker of energy.
He'd get so excited by things.
And there was this kind of
really endearing,
like, childlike quality
to... to him.
He loved the humor as well
and would always
try and find it in every scene.
It was probably only
a couple of films in
that I sort of started
to feel nervous.
- And I remember...
- It was Mike's change
when... when Columbus left.
It was definitely
a bit of a different...
Yeah, it was a different vibe.
- Mike Newell.
- Mike treated us like adults.
- That was it.
- Yeah.
- He did, I suppose.
- Yeah.
We did have fun on set.
[lively music]
The Weasley twins,
whom I-I was very fond of,
they had to fight.
We were doing the scene
when Fred and George
are rejected from entering
the Triwizard Tournament.
And then we had these wigs
on and beards on.
What looked like old men.
"And Mike said," Okay, so I
think you guys will be really
"annoyed with each other.
I think you should have
a good fight about this."
These two were sort of,
um, pressing about at it.
And I said, "No, come on boys,
really, it's a fight."
Mike just came over. He said,
"No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no."
Okay, who wants to fight?
And like an idiot,
I was like, "Oh, yeah, okay."
Well, of course,
I was a tubby 60-year-old gent
at that stage.
Um, and, uh, I-I really
shouldn't have done it.
And so he dived on me and, like,
just went like this,
to which I said, "Okay."
So I did the same to him.
I-I remember gripping him
'round the waist
and trying to fling him about
and so forth
and cracked a couple of ribs.
And so was in absolute agony
from... from then on.
But of course,
the wonderful thing was
that I had made
a complete twit of myself
and everybody felt
much better for that.
You know when you shouldn't
break a director's rib?
[plucky string music]
[indistinct chatter]
[clears throat]
In "The Goblet of Fire,"
that film is just all
about teenagers,
you know, having crushes
for the first time,
asking someone to the date,
to the Yule Ball.
They just mirrored all those
kind of awkward phases
you go through as a teenager,
and they really
felt like that, too,
because we were literally
having the same experiences.
The amount of, um, like,
prep and coaching
Emma and I would give
each other on, like,
texting to the opposite sex...
like, if we...
if she was texting a boy
or I was texting a girl,
I'd be like, "She sent me
this many kisses back.
What do I do?
This is a nightmare."
We had that kind of older
brother, younger sister thing.
It was a very interesting film
in terms of a lot of hormones
flying around.
There was crushes,
and people
went out with each other
and broke up and...
just like you do in...
like I used to do at school.
Um, it was exactly
the same environment,
but it was just in a Defense
Against the Dark Arts class.
[book thuds]
That film was probably
peak hormone, at least for me.
It was exactly
what you'd expect.
And especially, like,
the fourth film was the one
with, like, the Beauxbatons
and the Durmstrangs,
so, like, you had a bunch of,
like, hormonal teenagers anyway,
and then, like, bring in two
massive groups of new people,
all of them are, like,
purposefully hot for the film.
Um, so it's, yeah,
it was that...
that film was, yeah,
it was all kicking off.
Why do they have to travel
in packs?
He is just, like,
a slightly awkward teenage boy
in a very unremarkable way,
which I suppose feels
sort of remarkable
for a hero character
in something.
You slay dragons.
If you can't get a date,
who can?
I think I'd take the dragon
right now.
Jo wrote him very endearingly
in those years,
and I feel like it did not
take a huge acting stretch
for me to tap into my awkward,
nerdy, teenage side.
- Cho.
- Yes?
Um, I just wondered if you...
I just wondered
if maybe you wanted
to go to the ball with me?
Sorry, I didn't catch that.
It obviously was
a coming-of-age story.
[inhales deeply]
One of the... the big,
big sequences
was the Christmas ball.
The Yule Ball is,
first and foremost, a dance.
The scene when the students
are learning to dance,
it was pretty much like
a typical
school dance of that age.
You've got girls on one side,
boys on the other.
We were in a big room in Oxford.
Maggie's right in the middle,
and she says,
"Right, I'm gonna
teach you to dance."
Of course, she picks Rupert,
and she says,
Place your right hand
- on my waist.
- What?
The kid's 14, and he knows
how to get a laugh.
[laughs] It's great.
And weirdly, I felt quite
self-conscious of...
I didn't really know...
I'd never danced
with a lady before,
so it was kind of
a very new thing.
Never gonna let him
forget this, are you?
Both: Never.
And yeah, of course,
James, Oliver, the twins,
they were constantly
kind of ribbing me.
We were winding him...
We were winding him up anyway.
Before we started filming.
They kind of convinced me,
before we filmed it,
that there was this whole,
like, dance routine planned.
We were like,
"Do you know your steps?
"You know, right?
No, you know, the routine.
"Like, we've all been doing
a routine for, like,
the past six weeks"
or something like that.
Just try to build the pressure.
And this way.
Now, you will have to lead
- [laughter]
- Cut!
One of the most enchanting
days was the Great Ball
because there was
all these incredibly beautiful
young people, perfectly dressed.
[quirky music]
Bloody hell.
What are those? What are those?
My dress robes.
The suits we had on were, like,
really... really wide lapels
and long sort of tails and yeah,
you didn't...
you didn't feel cool
at... at really
any point in that.
I look like
my Great Aunt Tessie.
Smell like my great Aunt Tessie.
All I can remember is that,
like, really aggressive,
like, six-layer collar thing
you had on.
Oh, the little frill
thing, yeah.
But actually, I kinda loved it.
It was kind of...
it was very Weasley.
- Yeah, it was perfect.
- I felt I pulled it off.
Not a lot of people
could pull it off.
Emma obviously looked beautiful
and was in an incredible dress.
And, uh, me and Rupert
looked like,
I don't know,
Austin Powers' mates
or something hanging out
at the side.
She looks beautiful.
For the first time,
Harry and Ron...
particularly Ron...
see Hermione as a young woman,
not just this kind of sidekick
that they each have.
Is that Hermione Granger?
With Viktor Krum?
No, absolutely not.
I mean, everyone can kind of
relate to that.
That's what I kind of love
about these stories
is they sit so parallel
to everyone's life,
like the first school dance
and those kind of emotions,
those anxieties, insecurities.
I knew it was a big deal,
and I was miserable.
[laughs] I li... I...
I just knew it was the, like,
duckling becomes a swan moment.
I knew there was just, like,
all of this pressure suddenly.
Now, don't swing your arms,
Mike Newell coached me
to walk down the stairs
in the dress.
"Your arms are swinging
too much.
You're walking too quickly.
You need to walk slower."
Like, he's giving me
a million different directions
about how to walk
down the stairs.
And of course,
I fell down the stairs.
We were a bunch of very
self-conscious teenagers.
They were, like, uh,
"You're gonna learn
some dance steps for this."
You trust me, don't you?
I'm not a dancer, and I
will never be able to dance.
Yeah, I feel like
I'm pretty rigid
in... in that dance scene.
Oh, look at that.
Look at that. Stunned.
Lucky man. Lucky man.
Emma and I have always
loved each other, really.
I walked into the room
where we were having tutoring.
The assignment
that had been given
was to draw what you
thought God looked like.
And Tom had drawn a girl with
a backward cap on a skateboard.
And I just don't know
how to say it...
I just fell in love with him.
I think I was in the hair
and makeup chair.
And someone said something
along the lines of,
"Yeah, she had a crush on you."
I used to come in every day
and look for his number
on the call sheet.
It was number seven.
And if it... if... if his number
was on the call sheet,
it was an extra exciting day.
He was three years above me.
And so for him, he was like,
"You're like my little sister."
I was... became very
protective over her.
Yeah, I've always had
a soft spot for... for her,
um, and that continues
to the day.
I think really the truth
of it was Tom
was the one that I could often
be more vulnerable with.
There's always been something
that's like,
I don't know, a kinship.
Nothing has ever, ever, ever,
ever happened
romantically with us.
We just love each other.
That's all I can say about that.
[light music]
Together! One...
both: Two, three.
[energy blasts]
In "The Goblet of Fire,"
the universe shifts,
and suddenly,
there is Voldemort.
[ominous music]
I cast Ralph Fiennes because
he's one of the most potent
actors of his generation.
And I knew
that he had a great force,
just kind of delicate,
subtle force of personality.
My sister has children
who were then
around 10, 11, 12.
I said, "Martha, I don't know
about this Harry Potter thing.
Voldemort. What's that?"
"You're being asked
to play Voldemort?
You've got to do it!"
[dramatic music]
And then I was shown
some drawings...
design ideas for the look.
I wasn't expecting that.
And I thought,
"Wow, that's a strong look."
I didn't feel Voldemort
was that human.
I felt he was
the essence of evil.
I know he's been human,
but he's become
a snakelike thing.
So there was the voice.
The sort of snakelike
whispered, husky,
something that I suppose I've...
sort of whispering voice.
[raspy inhale]
Breath on the breath.
"Ah, Harry Potter..."
Come to die.
Ralph wanted to be
ultimately evil
and otherworldly.
And the best way to do that
was to take his nose off.
He does have a nose...
spoiler alert...
and he was covered in stickers.
So he was slightly less
intimidating than on-screen,
except when they called action.
And for some reason,
I was terrified of him.
I can touch you.
It took about three hours
in makeup,
the painting of the hands,
the nails, the teeth,
and even with my nose,
um, I... I felt...
Strong. It felt powerful.
It felt evil.
What was big was that one
of the people that you assume
is gonna be very important
to the story is Cedric Diggory.
In that confrontation,
Cedric is killed.
Kill the spare.
- Avada Kedavra!
- Cedric!
And Harry,
he manages to take the body
and crash land back at the end
of the competition,
and Cedric Diggory's father
believes that his son has won
and then he realizes
that the kid is dead,
and he howls like a dog.
That's my boy!
That's my boy! [Harry sobbing]
Suddenly, something
completely unexpected
and serious happens,
and suddenly you realize that
this movie is not about life.
It's about death.
It's such a massive scene
'cause it is also the first time
Harry sort of feels
that kind of death
of... of somebody young,
close to him.
That's a scene I remember
really distinctly going,
"Oh, this is...
yes, these are kids' films,
but my God, there's some
challenging stuff in there."
He's back, he's back.
Voldemort's back.
The moment of
Cedric Diggory's death
is the moment
when the series comes of age,
and now the children
have left childhood
and are going to have
to confront
the perils of adulthood.
And it all comes
from that moment of death.
Cedric Diggory was murdered
by Lord Voldemort.
The three of them,
they're in adversity,
and that forges friendships,
as we know.
"You are protected, in short,
by your ability to love,"
said Dumbledore loudly.
"The only protection
that can possibly work
"against the lure of power
like Voldemort's.
"In spite of all the temptation
"you have endured,
all the suffering,
you remain pure of heart."
[soft music]
[both laughing]
How nice of you to let us
do this in your house.
I know, so nice.
You know what
I've always wanted to do?
Let me see if we can...
is get up here.
Oh, now, look, they really
don't look very well.
[both laughing]
- They're all still here.
- They're really still here.
I mean, has anyone fed them?
This is so sad.
Okay, now you can be
Harry Potter.
Okay, actually.
I'll go down the right,
you go down the left.
Yeah, and let's race, okay?
On your mark, set, go.
Oh, God.
We're snogging down here.
[both laughing]
- Get over it.
- You know what?
I-I took a photograph
of something.
Last night, I thought, I'm just
gonna dig up these things,
and I asked for your autograph.
God. Is that right?
No. Read it out.
It's so nice to see you.
What does it say?
- "Dear HBC..."
- Yeah.
"It was a pleasure being
your costar and coaster."
- [laughing]
- Wow.
What a... what a clever pun.
That was clever.
I mean, I'm honestly still
kinda pleased with that.
You were poetic. Yeah, yeah.
"In the sense
that I always ended up
holding your coffee.
I do love you."
And what does it say?
- You can share.
- I can.
We can share this now.
I said, "I do love you."
"And I just wish I'd been born
10 years earlier.
I might've been in
with a chance."
It's all right now.
"Lots of love
and thanks for being cool."
Isn't it nice?
Now, I shall always
treasure that.
- Thank you.
- That is in my toilet, Dan.
There's a storm coming, Harry.
We'd all best be ready
when she does.
Yes! [glass shatters]
I was in film number five,
"Order of the Phoenix."
- Yeah.
- Look, I got my teeth.
- Helena's brought her teeth.
- My teeth.
She's assured me that she's done
literally nothing to these
in terms of cleaning.
No, these are actual relic.
There's 11 years in there.
Yeah, it smells a bit whiffy,
You just gonna put them
right in your mouth, yeah?
No, but the teeth were helpful.
- Yeah.
- Okay, in they go.
- What do you think?
- Yeah, I'd forgotten.
Do... do you remember me?
I remember... this is... yeah.
[both laughing]
- The teeth helped.
- With the character?
I think I wanted
to be in camouflage.
When I was first offered it,
Jo sent me
a secret message saying, like,
"There might not be much
on the page,"
"but she's gonna
do something significant."
With Bellatrix, it was fun,
because it was fostering
the... the childish
and the naughty.
I was just like...
- And totally anarchist.
- And the psychopath, yeah.
There was like
a playfulness to her...
There was the playfulness.
Which is, like,
even more disturbing.
Of course, Bellatrix
doesn't think she's evil.
- She thinks she's the opposite.
- No. Right.
So I had to sort of construct
a reason for why
she should hurt people
and why, for her,
she is desensitized.
It makes her feel powerful.
[fire roars] Ha!
Itty, bitty, Potter.
Bellatrix was just
this wild thing
that was uncontrollable.
You can never really know
what's gonna
come out of her mouth next.
Very exciting for an actor,
'cause it was like,
whatever she did on that take
does not mean she's gonna do
the same one the next.
I remember trying to be
in charge of the scene
and her just having
the best time.
[Bellatrix cackles]
She's just allowed to do
anything she wanted.
She could cackle,
she would jump up and down.
Calm down.
And say whatever she wanted.
And just not knowing... not...
trying to keep her in tow.
You filthy half-blood!
It's all right, he's just
a curious lad, aren't you?
I kept on wanting to go,
"Shut up."
[whispers] Draco.
[whimsical music]
- I killed you, didn't I?
- You killed me, but...
Yeah, I'm sorry.
- Um...
- Had to be done.
I remember we worked
on lots of spells and things,
'cause you were
a really good wizard.
I was really good witch.
And we had a real duel,
and they cut the whole lot.
[both laughing]
And that's really messed up,
because I just thought,
"I've been to wand school
for weeks."
And we were
on that set for days.
Days, it was in the run.
I think it was really
one of my first things
and you fell into the veil.
What was it? The veil?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Was it?
I go through the veil.
Then there was speculation
of, does he come back?
Can you come back from the veil?
- No, you can't.
- No, you can't.
Avada Kedavra!
[chaotic music]
I will say that that was
an interesting point
for all of us
as, like, younger actors.
'Cause there was
a certain group, like Maggie...
- Yeah
- David Bradley, and Alan.
They had known us
when we were 10 or 11.
And when you came in, by that
point, I was like 15, 16.
So, like, you
and Gary and David, like,
would treat us more
like adults; I loved it.
You saw in us, that, like,
a few of us were, like,
kind of ready to be like,
"Could you push me?
Like, we... we wanna try
and be actors too."
[clanking, clicking]
By the time we get
to "Order of the Phoenix,"
the world is becoming
more political.
And I felt we needed a director
who could handle that
in an entertaining way.
David Yates works
so well with actors,
really pushes them
in all the right way.
Progress for the sake
of progress
must be discouraged.
David was just such
a sweet, kind of gentle guy
that really cared so much
about all of these characters.
And also, I'd get
a lot of kinda one-on-one
with David Yates.
I went into
"Order of the Phoenix"
with the young actors in mind
and sort of thinking about
how we sort of grow
the whole thing up
and make it
a little bit more adult
and sort of thematic
and a little darker.
It needed to expand
and get bigger
and more and more frightening.
Ah! [grunting]
There was a big increase
in scale and complexity,
from being childish
to influencing events
and being part of the big world.
He's just a boy.
You say much more,
and you might as well
induct him into the Order
straight away.
Good. I want to join.
If Voldemort's raising an army,
then I want to fight.
When I started, one thing
that David and the studio
spoke to me about was,
Emma is not sure she wants to
come back to do another Potter.
Oh, Harry.
People definitely forget
what she took on
and how gracefully she did it.
Dan and Rupert,
they had each other.
I had my cronies,
whereas Emma
was not only younger,
she was... she was by herself.
I did find a diary entry
that was kind of like, hmm.
I could see that,
at times, I was lonely.
We never talked
about it on the film
because we were all just kids.
As a 14-year-old boy,
I was never gonna turn around
to another 14-year-old
and be like,
"Hey, how you doing?
Like, is everything okay?"
So "Order of the Phoenix."
Was when things started
getting spicy for all of us.
Mm, but you were
considering pulling out.
I never really spoke
to you about this.
Yeah. I think, um...
- I think I was scared.
- Yeah.
I don't know if...
if you ever felt like
it got to a tipping point
when you were like...
Oh, absolutely.
This is kinda forever now.
No, I had moments like that.
Kind of all the way through.
[cheers and applause]
I would say I had kind of
similar feelings to Emma.
Kind of contemplating
what life would be like
if I called it a day, but...
we never really spoke
about... I guess we were just
kind of going through it
at our own pace.
We were kind of in the moment.
At the time, it just didn't
really occur to us
that we were all kind of having
similar... similar feelings.
Yeah, um...
the fame thing had
finally hit home in a big way.
No one had to convince me
to see it through.
The fans genuinely
wanted us to succeed,
and we all genuinely
had each other's backs.
How great is that?
[cheers and applause]
[uplifting music]
It's always amazing
that these films
mean so much to them,
they...'cause we...
they kind of grew up
alongside us and helped them
with some really difficult
things in their lives.
And I'm just very proud
to be a part of something
that means so much to so many.
I've been thinking about
something Dumbledore said to me.
What's that?
That even though we've got
a fight ahead of us,
we've got one thing
that Voldemort doesn't have.
Something worth fighting for.
My son, Billy, we used
to watch them every night.
You know, if he got
the Sunday night blues,
he was watching a Potter movie.
That was his safe place.
I'm really looking forward
to watching the films
with my hypothetical children
one day.
It's massive, the impact.
It is extraordinary.
It is unbelievable.
I was writing to JK Rowling
since I was about 11 years old
to say thank you to her to say,
I would find life a bit
hopeless without Harry Potter.
Luckily for me,
she read the letter
and responded to it.
So I'm one of the very lucky
few people who can say
JK Rowling was my pen friend.
[bombastic music]
The first part of the audition
is this crazy open call.
Literally, anyone can come.
That's my ticket. Off we go.
Let's go to London.
We fly, of course.
And there would be thousands
of people lining up.
I remember Dan very vividly.
It was on my screen test.
I remember him talking to me,
and I kept forgetting
that I have to talk back to him
because I'm so used
to watching him on a screen.
So I would just
kind of be like...
I kind of think
that contributed to the whole
Luna Lovegood vibe,
because she is a bit spacy.
Hello, everyone.
You look dreadful, Ron.
And then he found
this secret world of odd bots,
of misfits, of people
who had this strange power
but who still had
enormous humanity
and depth and vulnerability.
The movies kind of
gave people permission
to accept parts of themselves.
So it was quite liberating
to see your oddness
as a superpower
represented on-screen.
I remember
when I first met you all...
biggest bunch of misfits
that I ever set eyes on,
and here we all are.
We're still a bunch of misfits.
Well, maybe,
but we've all got each other.
I was not good at school.
You'd be better off with
"Goshawk's Guide to Herbology."
I didn't have
a huge amount of friends.
Watch where you're going,
I think it's great
to be a misfit.
And I think that's possibly
why it's so popular.
Everyone wants to know
that they do belong.
It's a great relief
of loneliness, I think.
I was quite a shy kid.
I could relate
to that kind of feeling
of not quite knowing
what your place is.
Working hard is important,
but there's something
that matters even more.
- Stupefy!
- Believing in yourself.
Everyone felt
more like they belonged
by witnessing these characters
that didn't belong.
Bonnie was,
kind of, when she arrived,
she was only 9, maybe.
Mummy, have you seen my jumper?
Yes, dear, it was on the cat.
I always found Ginny, Harry,
that relationship,
how that kind of
slowly developed
and entangling with it
the whole Weasley family
and Harry essentially
becoming a Weasley, himself.
It was something I never
really kind of expected,
especially kind
of reading the books.
Bonnie was the youngest one.
So it was just a bit like,
"Oh, what? This is weird."
Close your eyes.
And you know, there is
this kind of pressure.
You know, this is the loved
sort of hero of the story.
So everyone on the set
has known you
for about six or seven years,
and they've watched you grow up
and they're now gonna
just watch you kiss.
Cool. Yeah.
I mean, there's so many
amazing female roles
that Jo wrote, and I think
that's really important.
I am so proud of who Bonnie
and Evanna and Katie are
and who they've become.
They've all become
these incredible activists.
Every single one of those girls
was like a lovely,
great human being.
[quirky music]
I tell you,
I've... I've missed your company.
- Did you? Aw, thank you.
- That's for sure.
Did you get anything?
'Cause I stole quite a lot.
- Did you really?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I didn't.
I should have known that.
- I should have told you.
- I'm quite reassured by that.
'cause I was definitely
trying to steal my wand.
And I worry that if I had,
I probably would have
lost it by now somewhere.
You know they don't work, Tom.
Well, I've been assured
that in time,
with enough practice...
- Practice it would work.
- Yes.
But it's quite funny
looking back at it now,
us doing these
incredibly elaborate moves
and nothing happening.
And nothing... except one time
it did happen with me.
And they said, okay, this time
we are gonna blow up Hogwarts.
Oh, yeah, you got to do it,
didn't you? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And they said,
so we will take your cue.
When you do your spell,
it will blow up.
- [giggles]
- [laughs]
And I was actually
really surprised and scared
by my own reaction,
'cause I thought, "Wow."
It was this horrible thrill
of power.
And, like, I've had
that amount... just pointing
my wand there
and then it blew up.
Yeah, it's a lot
more satisfying than,
you know,
making a feather levitate.
Yeah. [both laughing]
So what was Draco doing
with that weird-looking cabinet,
and who were all those people?
Don't you see?
It was a ceremony,
an initiation.
Stop it, Harry.
I know where
you're going with this.
It happened. He's one of them.
One of what?
Harry is under the impression
Draco Malfoy is now
a Death Eater.
The child who hasn't
received affection,
the enabling love
of the parent or the adult
can develop this anger
and hatred at the world
and goes to the dark side.
You dare to talk to me
like that in my own house?
So much of what
Draco's journey is,
is to do with
whether he is or isn't
trying to please his father.
In the sixth film,
they make him do
the worst thing ever, or to
attempt the worst thing ever,
of killing Dumbledore, and
obviously we see him crumble.
Draco, years ago, I knew a boy
who made all the wrong choices.
- Please let me help you.
- I don't want your help.
Don't you understand?
I have to do this.
I have to kill you.
Or he's gonna kill me.
With Tom, what was great
with "Half-Blood Prince"
was you suddenly
took this bad guy
who, in the previous films,
had always been
somewhat two dimensional.
And then we were able
to give him the opportunity
to explore a far more complex
and interesting journey.
And I sat down with him
and I said, "Tom, look,
this is your opportunity
to really shine."
I remember David Yates saying
if we can get
just 1% of empathy
or sympathy for him,
then we'll have done our job.
Do it.
To my mind, Draco is the hero.
Harry's always gonna
do the right thing.
Harry's always gonna make
the right choice.
There's never really
any dilemma for him.
Draco breaks the chains
of this terrible family
in his responsibility
and what he's expected to do.
And to watch Tom create
that struggle on-screen
and really manifest
all that nuance,
all that complication,
all that great ethical minefield
that he tiptoes through
was... it was just so impressive.
Avada Kedavra!
[dramatic music]
It's obviously amazing
to be back,
but it's like it's so...
I guess, like,
shocking that so many people
that we both thought
would be around for much longer
than they have been,
like Helen and Alan
and Richard and...
Yeah, they're like fam...
like family,
you can grieve in the same way.
- Yeah.
- Just too soon.
[solemn music]
Do not pity the dead, Harry.
Pity the living,
and above all, all those
who live without love.
It does not do
to dwell on dreams, Harry,
and forget to live.
Richard Harris was
such a special, warm person.
He was so twinkly.
Well, Richard was classic.
Probably one of
the funniest men I've ever met.
He was this devilish 11-year-old
trapped in
a 70-plus-year-old man's body.
Will you give us
another twirl, ace?
He just had
that glint in his eye,
which made him the perfect
Dumbledore, by the way.
Hmm, alas.
Ear wax.
Richard Griffiths was just
delicious as Mr. Dursley.
There's no such thing as magic.
He embraced his wickedness
with such verve and passion.
His passing was the one
that has affected me most
because he was generous
with knowledge.
Just, like, wanted to share
everything with you.
I wondered when I'd be
seeing you, Mr. Potter.
I feel really lucky
to have some, you know,
some little bit of touch
with the amount of just
amazing people that passed.
You know, I'll be very,
very old one day saying, like,
"I knew that absolute legend."
I... I know I ought not be here.
The Dark Lord himself
forbade me to speak of this.
Helen McCrory played my wife.
I said, "I think I just met
the best actress
I've ever seen in my life."
I feel lucky to have worked
with her
and shared just so much,
frankly, adolescent laughter
with her on the set.
She had taught me a lot.
See, I can't even say it.
She had this ability, yeah,
just to sort of to show
such empathy in her eyes.
And it was a... it was
a real treat to work with her.
[singers humming]
I can teach you
how to bewitch the mind
and ensnare the senses.
Alan Rickman never talked
to me like I was a child.
He always took
my thoughts and opinions
very seriously, which I was
always very touched by.
Alan was a very dear friend,
and we had that final scene.
His final scene.
It answers to you
and you only.
Does it?
I was a little intimidated
by him.
His precision,
his expert delivery of lines.
And we were sort of went
toe to toe in a funny way,
you know, Snape and Voldemort.
Two actors can relish
metaphorically fencing
with each other.
Alan was a magician
in that way as an actor.
[choir vocalizing]
The ones that love us
never really leave us.
And you can always find them.
In here.
[sweeping music]
Remember this.
You're not alone.
The Elder Wand.
The most powerful wand
ever made.
The Resurrection Stone.
The Cloak of Invisibility.
Together they make
the Deathly Hallows.
Together they make
one Master of Death.
The boy who lived.
[dramatic music]
Come to die.
Avada Kedavra!
[whimsical music]
The measures they had taken
to protect their families
made him realize more than
anything else could have done
that they really were
going to come with him
and that they knew exactly
how dangerous that would be.
He wanted to tell them
what that meant to him,
but he simply could not find
words important enough.
It's both really cool.
It's really... and it's weird,
like, walking around here
and seeing the sets
that we were, like, kids on,
who treated everything
with the amount of respect
kids treat things when you're
just there and having fun.
- Yeah.
- It's weird.
I'm having, like,
weird, nostalgic moments.
Remember my hamster?
Does anybody
remember my hamster?
- Yes.
- Millie.
Yeah. I didn't remember
the hamster's name.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's okay.
Rest in peace, Millie.
I remember you having a hamster
and being vaguely jealous
that you had an animal
- that was on set with you.
- They made a coffin for it.
- The carpentry department.
- They did, yeah.
When Millie died,
the set designers built
Millie her own
custom-made wooden coffin
that had velvet
on the inside of it.
- It was beautiful.
- Whoa!
And... and it had
her name engraved
because I was, I mean,
I was beside myself.
Did we do, like, a service?
I feel like we said a few words.
I kept wanting to pick up
dead Millie, and, like,
stroke and touch dead Millie.
And he was like, "Emma,
Millie's got to, like,
stay in the coffin now."
I have forgotten
so much of this.
It doesn't feel like
much time has passed.
I know.
We all still look better
than we do in the epilogue.
- Yes.
- I was gonna say.
Which is great. Like,
we've made it in before that.
- Bag?
- Yeah.
I was all forehead
and a fat suit.
- Yeah, I was very, I was...
- I think I kind of...
Yeah, you went for it.
You were like,
"Give me the full, give me..."
I did, yeah. Give me everything.
Yeah, you went all in.
- Yeah.
- I was so proud of you.
No one else can really quite
what we experienced;
it's a very unique thing.
Think David Yates used
to describe us as astronauts
'cause no one else has really
experienced this in this scale.
And we'll be kind of
forever bonded by that.
[horn honks]
Some of
the sweetest memories I have
from the three of us
is just each of us
knowing we sort of needed
to take care of each other
in just small ways.
Just in terms of, like,
it's really cold.
Like we're all gonna...
we're all gonna stand together
or I'm knackered.
Are you okay, Dan,
if I, like, fall asleep on you,
like, in between this take,
'cause I'm so tired or...
I think we have all
fallen asleep in various
like on... on each other
in, like, some of
the most grand cathedrals
and things in the UK. [laughter]
The level of trust I had
and that we did build
over those 10 years was like,
if we were doing a stunt,
I trusted that
one of you would catch me.
I feel like that kind of
trust and reliance
and that takes, you know,
there's very few
work environments
where you get that much time
to build that up.
And it was like nonverbal.
Like it was,
it was like the three of us
could communicate
without even having
to say anything.
We just knew
what needed to be done.
We were each very strong
for each other.
Need to change.
How, Hermione?
Undetectable extension charm.
You're amazing, you are.
Always the tone of surprise.
These films had
a very different feel.
We were away from Hogwarts.
A lot of the time
camping out different places.
The tone was a lot darker.
It felt like a different film.
Dumbledore sends you off
to find all these Horcruxes,
but it doesn't tell you
how to destroy them?
It's very refreshing, I think,
'cause we all got to do
some a lot more serious stuff.
And it was a real opportunity
to go deeper with these
Are you coming, are you staying?
I saw you two the other night.
Ron, that's... that's nothing.
The scene that I thought
was gonna be really awkward
and I wasn't sure about at all
which was us doing our dance.
- Yeah.
- Like I... now that's one
of my favorite scenes
from the whole of the series,
because the level
of familiarity that you and I
had with each other,
at that point, I didn't think
I could have done a scene
like that with another actor.
Well, it's also an
interesting scene 'cause like,
first of all, we were doing
Harry Potter films.
And then on the last movie,
the director came and was like,
"Hey, how about you do
slow dancing to Nick Cave
for five minutes?"
We're like, "Wait,
what movie are we working on?"
Like, "Great, but okay."
I once was blind,
but now I see
Have you left a seat for me?
Is that such a stretch
of the imagination?
Hey, little train,
we're jumping on
The train that goes
to the kingdom
We're happy, Ma,
we're having fun
There's so much said
in the scene.
It was unspoken. I loved that.
And also in the same way
that for the characters,
they got to have
a moment of fun.
I feel like you and I got
to have a moment of fun.
- Yeah, certainly.
- Which we also...
both: Needed at that point.
- You know?
- Yes, absolutely.
Treacherous little bleeder.
Is there no one we can trust?
There was that, like... that
scene on the last movie
where it was like us
running through the forest.
We were racing through the woods
trying not to be caught
by the Snatchers.
And action.
Well, don't hang about.
Snatch him.
Honestly, I remember
you and I, Emma,
incredibly competitive...
Ridiculously competitive.
About who was gonna run faster.
Give me five. That rocked!
I feel like
Rupert was always, like,
a little bit, too, like,
"You guys do what you like."
He was just like,
"You do your thing."
- Yeah...
- I be here.
For me, running is a stunt,
walking is a stunt.
I absolutely do not like
watching very many scenes
of myself in that,
but I've watched you two
and I think you're brilliant.
I remember that was a really
sweet thing, though.
I do actually remember that the
three of us telling each other
that we were doing a good job
or that we'd done a scene well.
Especially 'cause we had
started off young
and really not knowing
what we were doing.
So that when we'd see
each other do
like a bit of real acting,
you'd go, "Oh, cool."
- "That was... that's was cool."
- Yeah, "Well done."
Like, yeah that was... I guess
we're all getting better.
- Crushed it.
- Great. Well done.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I mean.
Obviously, us kissing
was the most horrifying thing
- either of us...
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Have ever had to go through.
I'm Hermione Granger.
And you are?
- I'm Ron Weasley.
- Pleasure.
"It's levi-ohh-sa,"
not levio-sahh."
She's a nightmare, honestly.
No wonder she hasn't got
any friends.
I think she heard you.
It was just built up so much
for the whole series.
Eight films.
I love Ron
and Hermione's romance
and the way
that sort of just bubbles away
under the story constantly.
Uh... um...
[clears throat]
This relationship has been
so restrained for so long.
Got a bit of toothpaste.
Slughorn's having
Christmas, too, you know.
And we're meant
to bring someone.
I expect you'll be
bringing McLaggen?
The audience are desperate
to see these two kiss.
I was going to ask you.
There's a scene that we
should... it's nice and sweet
that we should talk about
once you've read it.
'Cause we'll be doing the kiss
this week
- between Ron and Hermione.
- What?
Doing the kiss between
Ron and Hermione in...
- This week?
- This week?
In the chambers of secrets.
In this moment
of extraordinary jeopardy,
they turn to each other
and then they just kiss.
We've waited
seven movies for this.
I spoke to both of them
in their trailers,
made sure
they were both comfortable.
It was almost like prepping
them for a major sports event.
You know, saying,
"Okay guys, you can do this.
It's gonna be great."
It was meant to be, like,
this, like, dramatic make out.
'Cause you and I
just kept corpsing...
- like, we just kept laughing.
- Yeah, yeah.
And I was just really scared
we were never gonna
get it because...
both: We couldn't take
it seriously.
I did not make this better
because I've been told
significantly that I was
just being an absolute dick
about this and was like,
"I'm gonna come on set
and watch you guys kiss."
Well, everyone wanted to be
on set for it.
'Cause everyone was like,
"This is gonna be good, guys."
- Like we need...
- I'm sorry about that, guys.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I knew I was gonna kind of
have to be the one
to kinda make this thing happen
because Rupert was not gonna,
so I just had to go for it.
Taking no prisoners.
I needed like, momentum into
the kiss in order to do it.
And Rupert's, I could almost
on that first take,
I saw Rupert's face
explode with surprise,
'cause he thought,
"It's only the first take."
Kinda think I blacked out.
I just remember
your face getting
closer and closer to mine.
Every time you talk about this,
you make it sound
like an actual horror show
in your head.
It wasn't that bad. I know.
[romantic music swelling]
Kissing Rupert
is one of the hardest things
I've ever had to do.
It just felt wrong,
so wrong on every level
because Dan, Rupert, and I
are so much siblings.
All three of us,
I think, felt so matched
in how much it meant to us.
I remember the scene
when you were like, "No, guys,
I'm the one who has to go
on my own kinda thing
on this... this one."
And I gave you the hug to say
- I'll go with you.
- No, kill the snake.
I knew I was saying
goodbye to the series.
I knew I was saying
goodbye to you.
And I just had to just
bring to the surface
how I really felt
about it all coming to an end.
It's a very biblical image
carrying Harry
across the bridge.
If you ask Jo or anyone
who's deeply involved in it,
they'll just say it's the
battle between good and evil.
It's as simple as that.
I owe so much to Neville
as a character.
I was very, very shy,
I wouldn't...
I would never speak up in class.
I wouldn't put my hand up
for anything
'cause I-I very much was him.
Great story of Neville
is that he's the champion.
That wonderful bit at the end.
That great speech
of Matthew's, you know.
Good must prevail, of course.
It doesn't matter
that Harry's gone.
Stand down, Neville.
People die every day.
We lost Harry tonight.
He's still with us in here.
He didn't die in vain.
But the thing
that Harry Potter did for me,
both as a... as a story
and as an actor in it...
But you will.
Was that it helped me
to find first what I'm not.
Harry's heart did beat for us.
For all of us.
Which, therefore,
by extension, found what I am.
- Confrigo!
- [hisses]
We're looking at the book,
the final confrontation
between Voldemort and Harry.
It takes place in the Great Hall
with a huge audience watching.
And I really wanted something
earthier and more intense
and more visceral than that.
Because these two adversaries
were almost joined
spiritually, if you like,
in this strange, horcrux-y way,
I thought, wouldn't
it be wonderful
if Dan just grabbed Ralph
and pulled him off this tower?
Come on, Tom, let's finish
this the way we started it.
As they apparate,
they merge together
that deep connection
that we'd sort of
threaded through the stories
and the films,
you'd visualize in that moment
before they tumbled down
into the courtyard.
I remember being
quite physically tired.
We put everything into it.
We were exhausted,
I think, at the end.
We were shooting in cold months
and the skies were gray.
My forearm got so tight
'cause this thing,
this running current in you,
you had to...
push it back at him.
As well as the physical
challenge of making the films,
there was that small pressure
of thinking,
"You're the one
who's gonna finish this.
"It has to go out on a high.
It has to be meaningful.
It has to resonate.
It has to deliver."
[dramatic music]
- Who are you?
- Hello, my name is Emma Watson
playing the part
of Hermione Granger.
- I'm horrified.
- No, never.
- What?
- Never mind.
You rather not
be seen like this?
- Yeah.
- Why?
'Cause he doesn't like
the clip in his hair.
- Yeah.
- Mr. Radcliffe.
- Yep. Ah!
- Ah?
Camera, ah!
You're from the press?
I'm from the press, exactly.
How did you know?
It's your first day.
How does it feel?
It feels absolutely fantastic.
Are you excited?
Very much so. Can't wait.
After all this preparation,
finally happening.
Okay, get back to work.
People need to pamper you.
- Yeah.
- Right.
What do you think about when
you think about it now, Rup?
As you look back on...
like, for me,
it's very good memories.
Like, what is it for you?
I'm very proud
to have been part of them.
I think towards the end
it was kind of a weird time,
especially kind of finishing.
I felt like I lost track
of who I was
and who the character was.
I didn't really know
where they ended or began.
Yeah, there were some things
that I'm just like,
who... who am I?
Like, what do I like to do?
What... what is important to me?
Like, it was weird things.
Even my name
didn't feel like my name.
- Yeah.
- I felt I only
really knew how to do one thing.
- Yeah.
- I knew how to play Ron.
Ron was my favorite character,
so it was so cool
being him in the film.
It's almost like we did
the most extreme form
of method acting.
It always had to end
at some point.
We were never gonna
be doing this forever.
The way it feels for me now,
like, seeing you here,
having had time apart...
Let me try not to get emotional.
It feels like you're like
a pillar of my life.
That's a very
overwhelming thing,
'cause I've watched you grow up.
We've watched each other
grow up.
We grew up together.
We're family. We always will be.
We don't need to see each...
oh, my God.
Even though we don't see
each other all the time.
Yeah, it's a...
It's a strong...
a strong bond
that we will always have.
And we will always be part
of each other's lives.
[tender music]
- Oh, it's so nice to see you.
- So good to see you.
I love you.
[both laughing softly]
As a friend.
[both laughing]
- Just to be clear.
- Just to be clear.
For everyone watching.
But it's true.
There's so much love.
Oh, thanks, Rupes.
Let's do a rehearsal,
and it can playback I need
to playback from the top.
When you're ready, and action.
When we were all wrapping up
those final scenes,
one of the last shots
we did in the entire shoot.
We were diving past the camera
and landing
on this huge crash mat.
That was what it all
came down to, this one take.
It was jumping in a chimney.
It was such a metaphor for
what was actually happening.
We had to, like, jump
onto a mat, basically,
to travel into another world.
The collective emotion
was incredibly palpable
and... and for the people
who'd supported them
and had been there
for them throughout.
Everybody who'd
seen them grow up.
On that last day,
I just lost it.
I mean, I remember all of us
just holding each other.
All three of us
were, like, utterly devastated.
I think it was the first time
we'd allowed ourselves
to even process
or realize we'd done it.
We'd made it through.
It's so ingrained in me as well,
like I measure
my life with these movies.
So it's like, "Oh, when did you
pass your driving test?"
I'm like,
"Order of the Phoenix."
Every part of my life
is connected to Potter.
When I meet people who
it's a really important part
of their life, or the books
or the films were in some way,
like, a part of their identity,
it, yeah,
it just makes you really proud.
There's something
about Harry Potter
that makes life richer.
Like, when things get really
dark and times are really hard,
stories give us places we can go
where we can rest and feel held.
I don't think I fully
appreciated the reach
that these films had
when we were in them.
The amount of people
that have said things like,
"These are the only films
my dad and I watched together.
"Like, we can't talk
about anything else.
"And like,
we watch Harry Potter together.
And that has been our thing."
It's amazing to... to be
a small kind of part of that.
And just seeing it kinda
relive on, finding new mediums,
like the stage show,
"Fantastic Beasts."
It's just kind of
living forever,
and it's amazing to see it.
Harry Potter! Harry Potter!
There's nothing like
the stories of Harry Potter.
The stories told within them,
the individual
characters' journeys.
I just think that has such
a transformative effect
on people.
That's magic.
It's beautiful here.
Every child wonders how
they're going to fit in.
And it's an epic journey
that every child goes on.
Dobby will always be there
for Harry Potter.
It's very inspiring
for young people to go,
"Oh, that could be me there
having that moment of doubt
or that wobble or that argument
with my parents."
Stay close to me.
Until the end.
I have found it
an extraordinary world
to be involved with.
And it's a...
it's a beautiful world.
All: Harry.
And that's what's so
profoundly therapeutic
and good about it, is it's made
people who otherwise
feel lonely,
they feel they belong.
- Don't give it to her, Harry.
- Shh.
Most of the fans
that... that come up
and say hello to me now
weren't even born
when we made the films.
So it quickly makes you feel
slightly older
and very grateful
that it's been passed down
to other generations.
Training for the ballet,
One of the things that
was unique about Harry Potter,
besides the incredible
imagination of worlds
and characters
that Jo Rowling created
was the fact that you get
to see young children
grow into adults
and to see that journey on film.
I don't think we've ever
seen that before.
I don't know
if we'll ever see it again.
It just feel so lucky
that I get to be part
of a world that people love
so much and makes people happy.
There's something about those...
the escapism you find.
The healthy form of escapism.
That, I think, is kind of
what Harry Potter does.
And that's what these stories
are for.
They are a guide to how to live.
I just think
it's an end of an era.
It's a ten... ten years
of my life.
My... my children are grown up
during this, of course.
That is Robbie Coltrane,
finest gamekeeper in Hogwarts,
last day on Harry Potter.
[somber music]
The legacy of the movies
is, I suspect,
that my children's generation
will show them
to their children.
So you could be watching it
in 50 years' time, easy.
I'll not be here, sadly, but...
Don't you think on it
for one minute.
But Hagrid will, yes.
Kinda looking back at it now,
just really fond memories.
I think about it a lot.
It was a great time.
It really was, it was...
it was amazing.
Just the best,
most amazing experience.
And I can't
really explain to you...
like, they're such good people.
They were so kind, and...
they both took the
responsibility very seriously.
And I appreciated that so much.
It really is like family.
We're just
so intrinsically linked.
They're very important
people to me.
The crew on these films
were unbelievable.
There are people
on these films that are...
are foundational to who I am...
As a person and an actor.
I feel so lucky to be where I am
and to have the life that I have
and be able to work with
the people I work with now,
but none of it is possible
without this.
So yeah, it was... it was very...
it was a very good ten years.
[somber music]
Expecto Patronum.
After all this time?
[whimsical music]