Harvest Love (2017) Movie Script

Paging Dr. Malcolm to room 413.
Dr. Malcolm...
Thought I might
find you here.
Hiya, doc.
How are you feeling
today, Henry?
Not too bad.
Better than yesterday.
Well, now that
you're up and walking,
I thought I'd get you started
on rehab tomorrow.
How does that sound?
Good enough
to give you my dessert,
and believe me,
it was the best thing
on my tray this afternoon.
I really appreciate the offer,
but I don't want
to spoil my dinner.
I have an eight-year-old
waiting for me at home.
Well, see you tomorrow.
You bet.
Paging Dr. Gilson
to emergency.
Dr. Gilson.
Hey, Jim.
Hey, Dr. Gilson,
we have an appendectomy.
22-year-old male.
I know you've been here
since 7:00 this morning,
and I wouldn't ask,
but the on-call surgeon
is stuck in traffic, so.
I'm supposed to be going home
to have dinner with my son.
I just need
to make a call first.
Thank you.
I will let the patient know
we've got one of
our best surgeons coming in.
Paging Dr. West.
Nurses' station 2.
I'm sorry I'm so late, Ruth.
It is not a problem.
How was Andy tonight?
A little on the quiet side.
Well, I'll see you
There's a plate for you
in the oven.
All you have to do
is heat it up.
How did you know
that I wouldn't have time
to eat?
Well, I've worked for you
long enough to figure that out.
Thank you so much...
For everything.
Get some sleep.
Thank you.
I'll try.
I love you.
Hi, honey!
Hi, mom.
Is everything all right?
Why are you calling so late?
I always forget
whether we're eight hours ahead
or behind you.
Cameroon is eight hours ahead.
How's dad?
He's great,
but how are you?
You look tired.
It's been a rough day.
I had seven surgeries,
a board meeting,
and rounds, so...
I didn't make it home
before Andy went to bed...
Well, that can't be good
for you...
Or for Andy.
Andy's doing okay.
You need to take some time off
and relax.
Doesn't Andy have a fall break
coming up?
Yeah, he does,
but I just...
I don't have time, you know?
I have patients, and...
And you're not
the only surgeon in Seattle.
They'll find someone
to cover for you.
I haven't been up there
in years.
I don't even know
if Andy would like it, and...
I don't know, mom.
It's probably
a pretty crazy idea.
No, what's crazy
is you burning yourself out
like this...
And burning your house down.
Is that smoke I see behind you?
Just my dinner burning.
You know what, mom?
I'm going to call you back.
Love you.
Okay, hurry up, Andy.
We don't want to be late.
It's okay.
When was this?
Honey, you were in this?
Yeah. the whole class was.
Why didn't you tell me
about it?
You were working.
Honey, I would have
made time for this.
You missed my spelling bee,
I didn't think
you could come for this.
Listen, I know I missed that,
but I told you how sorry I was.
I had an emergency surgery.
It's no big deal.
Paging Dr. Rothstein.
Dr. Rothstein...
Dr. Gilson!
Sheila Myman.
You removed my kidney stones
last month.
Yes, of course.
What are you doing back here?
You're not sick again, I hope.
No, just visiting a friend.
Well, I hope
your friend feels better,
and if there's anything
I can do, let me know.
Dr. matlets,
recovery room 6.
Dr. matlets, recovery room 6.
Do you remember
Sheila Myman?
Nice woman.
Kidney stones last month.
I just passed her
in the hall,
I had no idea who she was.
It's my job to keep
all the patients straight,
and to keep you on schedule.
Well, moving forward,
could you please schedule
a little more time for me
to get to know them?
You're a general surgeon,
not a general practitioner.
You don't have
that kind of time.
Dr. Weber is wondering
if you can cover for him
this weekend
and be on-call?
Doesn't anyone think
I have a life
outside of
this hospital?
Unless no one else can do it.
Would you be able to clear
my schedule
the week of Andy's school break?
It won't be easy,
but I've been known
to work a miracle or two.
I think I'm going
to take my mom's advice
and do something
for Andy and myself.
Don't forget
about the new promotion.
They're still circling
candidates for the spot.
It's a week
of owed vacation time,
so it shouldn't affect
their decision.
Anything else
you want me to pack?
You're not going to need
swim trunks on the farm.
If we were going
to Florida or Hawaii
like some of my friends,
instead of a farm,
we would.
Well, it's not just a farm.
It's our family's farm.
Are you sure you wouldn't
rather go to Hawaii?
Nice try,
but I can't go too far
from the hospital, okay?
The farm's only
a couple of hours away.
It'll be fun, you'll see,
and we might even be there
around harvest time.
I'm just excited
to spend time with you, mom.
Me too, Andy.
Me too.
I forgot
how much I love it here.
There are a lot of trees.
There sure are.
Do you know
what kind of trees they are?
That's right.
You are so smart.
Is that why the town's
called Pineview?
See, you're already starting
to appreciate it.
Mom, are we lost?
No, I've been following
all the signs.
It just seems like we've been
on this road for a long time.
What is this guy doing?
Just stay in the car, okay?
I've got this.
It's a one-Lane road.
You're supposed to yield
to oncoming vehicles.
I know.
Okay, so why aren't
you yielding?
Because I got here first.
It's not about
who got here first.
You have a yield sign,
and I don't.
So you're supposed to back up
and pull over.
Or... you could.
I'm going to take a wild guess
and say that you're not
from around here, are you?
No, I'm not,
but what difference
does that make?
I have a child in my car,
and I don't want to risk
going into a ditch
or getting a flat
or something like that.
Not likely.
Okay, well then...
Why don't you show me
how it's done?
You know,
so I'll know for next time?
Looks like I got a flat.
I feel terrible.
Can we at least give you a lift?
I'll be fine.
Just take it easy
on the next guy, all right?
Yeah, absolutely,
of course...
And again, I'm really sorry.
So, what do you think?
It's big.
Come on, let's
go find the key.
Your grandma said
it's where we always
used to keep it.
Was I ever here before?
Your daddy and I
brought you here
when you were
very little.
Your great-grandpa Gilson,
who was my grandpa,
was still alive
back then,
and we had
Thanksgiving here.
I don't remember.
Of course, you don't.
You were only a year
and a half old,
but there are plenty
of pictures inside.
At least,
there used to be.
You see that?
I did that when
I was your age.
I was running around
outside, playing,
and they told me
to stay off the porch,
and I didn't listen,
and the poor guy lost his nose.
Did you get in trouble?
I didn't get dessert
that night,
and your great-grandma Gilson's
pear cobbler
was the best thing
you've ever tasted.
Right where grandma
said it would be.
Come on,
let's go inside.
Why don't you take
the bedroom upstairs,
the first one
on the right?
That's my old room.
It's not a girl's room, is it?
You're safe.
It was redone
years ago.
And you see these trees
over here?
I planted these
with great-grandpa Gilson.
What are you
so interested in?
I was just wondering
what that man was doing?
I think
he's stealing our pears.
go over there
and call the sheriff,
and tell him
that we have a pear thief
in Gilson orchard,
and to come quick.
Look, I don't know
who you think you are,
but this is private property.
You can't go around picking
other people's fruit.
I can if I work here.
Yep, me.
If it isn't the road hog.
I am so sorry about that flat.
I hope you were able
to change it all right.
A half an hour of my time,
and I was all good.
I'd be happy to pay for it...
The tire?
Not necessary.
Long as you learned
the rules of the road.
Yeah, I did.
I did indeed, Mr...?
Will Nash.
I manage the farm here.
I take it you're grace
and Eli's daughter.
Yeah, they didn't tell me
you were coming.
My mom was supposed
to call you,
but she can be
kind of forgetful,
so I'm not really surprised.
Listen, my son and I,
we are only going to be here
for a week,
so you don't have to worry
about us.
Hopefully, we'll stay
out of your way.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
I take it
you're the young fella
who called about a pear thief?
I'm so sorry.
Hey, Will.
You called
the sheriff on me?
Listen, this was just
a really big misunderstanding.
Will may be a lot of things,
but he's no thief.
So, if there are no arrests
to be made,
I'm going to head back
into town.
Okay, thanks.
Andy, this is Will.
He manages the farm,
and we are going
to stay out of his way
this week, okay?
Thanks, Will.
I was getting hungry.
You know, I was surprised
when I heard you retired.
I never thought
you were going
to leave the farm.
Neither did I,
but these old
bones did me in.
Been a long time
since I saw you, though,
and Andy, you were just
a baby last time we met.
So you knew my great-grandpa?
Sure did!
I've known
four generations of Gilsons.
I've managed the Gilson farm
for over 40 years.
I was first hired
by your great-grandparents,
and when your grandpa
inherited the farm,
he made me manager,
because he and your grandma
lived in Seattle.
Your mom
was the third generation,
and now you're the fourth.
That's pretty cool.
Can I go check
things out?
lots to see around here.
Can I, mom?
I take it you met Will.
Yes, I have.
Mom told me
that you handpicked him
to be your replacement?
We were lucky to get him.
I had to do some fast talking
to convince him to take the job.
Is that so?
Not every day you find
a fourth-generation farmer
who also happens
to be an agronomist.
Will is a scientist?
You should hear him talk
about soil acidity,
hybrid seeds...
I don't understand
the half of it.
How come he doesn't have
his own farm?
The recession.
A lot of the farms around here
got bought up
by these big corporations
that swooped in
when the opportunity was right,
and quite a few families
ended up moving away,
including his.
Must be tough...
Losing your family farm.
But after college,
Will came back
to rebuild his
family's legacy,
and lucky
for the Gilsons,
he is now on your farm.
Mom, look what I found!
are you okay?
You took a big fall there,
didn't you?
mom, that hurts!
Hi. is everything okay?
I'm a doctor.
Maybe I can help.
My son, Bobby, fell
and scraped his knee.
Hi. hi, Bobby, I'm Dr. Gilson.
This is my son, Andy.
Do you mind if I take
a look at your knee?
Andy, maybe you and Bobby
would like one of these?
Is that okay?
Hey, you want
to draw with me?
I'm going to take a look
at your knee, okay?
It's not bleeding.
Could you straighten it out
for me?
All right.
Is that okay?
Bend it back...
It's good.
Might be
a little bruised, 'Kay?
Might want to put some ice
on it when you get home.
Will do.
Dr. Gilson...
As in the Gilson pear farm?
Yeah, that's us.
We haven't seen
any of your family here
in a long time.
Yeah, mom and dad used
to come up all the time
from Seattle,
but they actually joined
an organization
that's providing medical care
so they haven't been back.
Andy and I
are just here for a week.
That's a shame.
You'll miss
the harvest festival.
Andy would love it.
we have to get back, so...
Thank you so much.
Sure! I'm Luna.
Nicole! pleasure.
They look happy.
So this is a pear.
We have tons of these
at our farm.
Hey, mom.
Hi, honey!
I'm glad you're still up.
Mom, it's 10:00 A.M.,
not 10:00 P.M.
Oops, I'm never going to get
this time difference right.
So how are you doing?
Really good.
I'm still in my pajamas.
I haven't been able to do that
in years.
And how's Andy?
Andy's good,
but I think
he's a little disappointed
we didn't go somewhere
more exciting.
Well, just tell him the farm's
not going to be there forever,
so he should appreciate it
while he can.
Why would I tell him that?
Well, because your dad and I
have decided
to put the farm up for sale.
But why?
Well, none of us
are very interested in it,
and it's not making
much of a profit,
so it doesn't seem
to make much sense
to hold onto it anymore.
I suppose not.
It feels weird to think
that the farm's not going
to be in the family anymore.
I know, but...
Maybe it's time
we all made a change.
Hi, this is Dr. Gilson.
I understand
that Mr. Mitchell
is back in the hospital.
Could you give me
an update on his condition?
Yes, I am on vacation,
but I just wanted to check in.
Well, please tell Dr. Gordon
if he needs to consult me,
he can reach me on my cell.
No, it's no bother at all.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, I know
we're on vacation,
but I wanted
to check in on a patient.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's no different
than being at home.
Yeah, but except at home,
we're not surrounded
by orchards and mountains
and clean air.
You know what?
If you're done
with your breakfast,
then why don't you put away
your colored pencils
and grab your coat,
because I want to show you
something super cool.
I forgot how beautiful
this place is.
It's awesome, mom.
It is.
"The best pear ground
is where you can see pine trees
when you're standing
in an orchard."
I can't believe
I remembered that.
My grandpa Gilson
used to say it all the time.
So, all of these
are pear trees?
Yep, as far
as the eye can see.
You know, when I was your age,
I used to go out
into the orchard,
and I would find a pear.
I would pick it,
I would take a bite,
and it tasted
just like Autumn.
It was heavenly.
Let's try one.
What's it taste like?
Not Autumn.
This one's not ripe yet.
Come on, buddy.
So, how does it feel
to be back?
It feels great.
I'm kind of hungry.
Can I go inside
and get a snack?
Yeah, there's some granola bars
in the cupboard.
I have a question for you.
Where are
the ripest pear trees?
Those would be...
Over there,
where you thought
I was stealing them.
You know what?
You'll see.
One day, you'll think
that's a very funny story.
It's a funny story now...
Least the whole town thought so.
Well, Pineview's a small town.
Word travels fast.
I brought you
a lasagne.
I wanted to thank you
for yesterday.
My gosh,
that is so sweet.
Please, come in.
Hi, Bobby.
Hey, Andy.
Do you play soccer?
Great, because
I have a ball in the car.
I was wondering
if you wanted to kick it around?
Come on, let's go.
Bobby seems
no worse for the wear.
Like it never even happened.
How are you two
enjoying the farm?
I'm easing into it.
It's not too quiet out here
for you, is it?
Quiet is exactly
what we need.
I've been so
burned out at work,
I've barely spent
any time with Andy,
so it's been the
perfect place for us.
Sorry if
I scared you all,
but we have a bit
of an emergency.
I just got a call
about a tractor accident
at the hennessy farm,
and one of the farmhands
is injured.
The ambulance is
about 30 minutes out,
so I was hoping
that Dr. Gilson,
you would come on
out there with me
and see what
you could do.
Yeah, of course.
Don't worry, I'll
stay with the boys.
Need my help?
Yeah, might need
an extra set of hands.
All right,
I'll take my truck.
I'll follow you out there.
Hank, keep an eye on things
'til I get back.
Yeah, of course.
-You ready?
Your mom's like
a superhero.
I guess she kind of is.
Come on, boys,
let's go inside.
Come on.
How bad is it?
Well, the good news is,
you're going to live.
The bad news is,
I think it's a broken tibia.
I'm going to need
to stabilize your leg
until the ambulance gets here.
Do we have anything
around here we can use?
Sure, if there's
a couple fence slats.
Would those work?
Yeah, that should work.
You're going
to be fine.
I'm going to splint your leg
to immobilize it.
Once I do that,
we'll elevate it,
and your pain should subside.
Good job.
Hang in.
Hey, sheriff,
it just dawned on me...
How did you know
I was a doctor?
Don't look at me.
Well, you know,
there's no secrets
in a small town.
Yeah, so I've been told.
Nicole's married
to my cousin, Tom,
and I heard how
you checked out Bobby's knee.
Anyhow, I'm going
to follow the ambulance.
Will, would you mind
taking the doc home?
Yeah, sure.
Thanks again,
Dr. Gilson.
Of course.
How come this town
doesn't have a doctor?
I mean, it's not that small.
Last one retired.
We do have
three veterinarians, though.
I've got to say, doc,
your medical skills
are impressive...
Better than
your driving skills.
And to think
that I have been driving longer
than I've been
practicing medicine.
I'm still the one
who got the flat.
Which was my fault.
guess we can agree on that.
How'd it go?
He has a broken leg,
and he's on the way
to the hospital,
so he should be fine.
Thanks again so much
for staying.
Of course.
I think
the boys had a good time.
By the way, I noticed a leak
under your kitchen sink.
You don't want
to let that go too long.
I won't. Thanks
for letting me know.
I'll go grab Bobby.
Nice to see you, Will.
You know, I could fix
that leak for you,
if you'd like.
That'd be great.
would you hand me
the channellocks up there?
That's the one.
Thank you.
Actually, do
you want to watch,
or do you want to come
over here and help me?
I would, but I don't know how.
I'm not a plumber.
That makes two of us,
but you don't have
to be a plumber
to know how
to fix a leak,
and it's a pretty handy
thing to know how to do.
What do you say?
All right.
Why don't you come
over here beside me?
I need somebody
with a strong hand
to tighten this slip
joint right here.
Like this?
Did I do it?
You did! You fixed
the leak. Good job.
Will, would you like
to stay for dinner?
Nicole brought over a lasagna,
and we have plenty.
I would.
There's still a few things
around the farm
I need to take care of
before it gets too dark.
Andy, thanks for your help.
Couldn't have done it
without you.
Good night, Luna.
Bye, Andy.
Thanks, Will.
Hey, Andy!
What do you think about
doing a little project together
after dinner?
What kind of project?
Well, I found
my grandmother's recipe box,
and I was thinking
it might be fun
to make her famous pear cobbler.
Have you ever made
anything like that before?
but I'm not afraid to try.
So, what do you say?
You want to be
my taste tester?
I'll bake, and you taste?
Call me when
you need me!
How do poached pears sound?
Like something I wouldn't eat.
Careful now.
You know, you shouldn't sneak up
on people
when they're halfway
up a ladder.
I wasn't going
to let you fall...
Though I do think
I should show you
the proper way
to pick a pear.
You know, I spent
quite a few autumns here.
I think I know
how to pick fruit.
Let me show you.
You need to lift
and slightly twist,
and if it's ripe,
it should just land
in your hand...
With the stem attached.
I think I've got
the hang of it now.
Thank you.
These smell
I only hope I can
do them justice.
What are you planning
to make with them?
Well, I've botched a few
pear cobblers already,
so I was thinking
about making something
less ambitious,
like sliced pears
in a salad.
Well, if you botch that, too,
there's plenty of other pears
around this farm.
Yeah, so I've noticed,
so since these
are nice and ripe,
I assume the others
aren't far behind.
When Will you be
Next few days,
I'd imagine.
I'm going to check
the outer farm later today.
Then I guess it's likely
to be your last harvest here.
Mine too.
Parents tell you
their plan?
It took me by surprise
a little.
I mean,
I know I haven't spent
a lot of time here lately,
but there was just something
so comforting
about knowing
that the farm was here.
Does that sound silly?
No, no.
A farm is more than home.
It's heartland.
So what are you
going to do next?
Got an idea or two.
Hey, by the way,
why is there a lock
on the greenhouse?
Something in there
you don't want me to see?
Just broken glass
and some planters
laying around,
and I didn't want
anybody wandering in
and getting hurt...
And I have to go back to work.
See ya, doc,
and say hi
to Andy for me.
Will do.
I see you found the
best bakery in town.
Yeah, I had to.
I failed at so many attempts
at the pear cobbler.
I promised Andy dessert tonight,
so we're settling
for apple pie.
Where is Andy today?
He's on the farm.
Will asked Andy
to help him get
the harvest equipment ready,
Hey, what's all this?
It's for the
harvest festival.
I'm on the
decoration committee.
you want some help?
That would be great.
My car's just over there.
Do you want to follow me?
Yeah, sure.
Go ahead.
Hi, honey!
Luna, this is
my husband, Tom.
Hi. it's nice
to meet you.
You too!
I've heard a lot about you.
Well, then, I guess it's true
what they say about small towns.
You can't even turn a corner
without running into someone
who knows you.
That's definitely true
about this town.
Well, it seems
like the fall harvest festival
has become
a really big deal.
Gets bigger
every year.
We've got every county in
the state participating.
Tom's the event chair.
I hope you can stick
around for the festival.
We haven't had a Gilson
in person in...
I don't know how long.
It sure would be nice
for the town if you stayed.
I wish we could,
but I have to get back to work,
and Andy has to go
back to school.
Luna Gilson!
Fancy running into you here.
Yes, and it's lucky
that you did.
What are you talking about?
Well, you're walking
with a limp,
and I can tell from the way
that you're grimacing,
that you're experiencing
a lot of pain.
It's not so bad.
Just an old injury
from falling off a ladder.
When did you do that?
Which time?
Would you mind if
I take a look at your knee?
What, here?
On the picnic table,
young man.
You have some swelling.
Are you experiencing
stiffness in your knee?
I am.
Think you may have developed
a little bit of arthritis,
Listen, keep it on ice,
and elevate it
when you can.
Do I have to?
Doctor's orders.
Hi, mom.
Isn't this awesome?
Yeah, it is.
You ever been on one?
Me? no.
Me neither.
You want to ride out with me?
Can I, mom?
Just be careful.
Buckle up.
Have fun.
You know what this is?
What's that?
It's a bite Mark.
From what?
That's how we know if the trees
are ready to harvest.
We check the fruit
that's fallen to the ground.
If they've got bite marks
like this one,
it means the squirrels
threw them down
because they weren't
sweet enough.
So that means these
aren't ready yet?
exactly what that means.
We'll come back and check them
in a couple of days.
I didn't know
squirrels ate pears.
My dad and I used to
feed them in the park,
but we gave them nuts.
Did you know my dad?
No, I didn't.
He sometimes
called me Andrew.
That's my real name, you know.
His name was Phillip Walters.
I'm a Gilson-Walters.
So you have
two names?
most people only get one.
Well, my dad said it
was special having two.
I want
to show you something.
Here we go.
You see that?
Must have been your dad
that carved those initials.
Wonder why he did that?
Well, I think he did it
to show how much he loves you
and your mom.
You think
this will be here forever?
Sure of it.
Hey, mom.
Hey, sweetheart.
Did you have a nice time
with Will?
he's a cool guy.
Is that an apple you're eating?
I think so,
but Will had
a funny name for it.
There was
a whole lot of them,
and it's really good.
Want a bite?
It's delicious.
Yeah, I know.
Best apple
I've ever tasted.
Did Will pick this
from one of our trees?
But we don't grow apples
on the farm.
What's that?
This is my memory box.
I started it
when I was about six or seven,
and it's all the special items
that I collected
from my time here on the farm.
You must have spent
a lot of time here.
We sure did.
I don't believe it.
This is a ticket
from my very first
harvest festival.
I had such a great time.
Is this grandpa's?
Actually, it's mine.
I played first base.
I didn't know
you could play baseball.
Grandpa and I used to play
every single year
at the harvest festival's
father-son game.
Father-son game?
But you're a girl.
Well, they bent the rules
a little.
Hang on, sweetheart,
I've got to take this.
It's Nicole.
Hey, Nicole.
Volunteer at
the harvest tomorrow?
We'd love to.
Okay, great.
want to play catch?
let's go.
So, tomorrow...
Hey, mom!
Guess what this is.
It's a cornucopia.
You know, it's too bad
you're doing all this work
and you're not even going
to be at the festival.
It's the best
time all year.
There's tons of food,
all types of carnival games.
There's contests...
Even a softball game.
It is kind of a shame
you can't stay longer.
Well, Andy and I
have to get back to Seattle,
but we're happy to be
volunteering just the same.
Excuse me,
I need a refill.
we're out of coffee.
if you can keep an eye on Andy,
then just give me 15 minutes.
I'll go into town
and do a coffee run.
You've got it.
Make sure it's good and strong.
Hey, bud, I am going into town.
I'll be right back, okay?
You good to color?
your hands are
covered in paint.
Why don't you go inside
and get washed up?
Is there any way
we could stay for the festival?
No, I'm afraid not.
We've got to go home.
I know.
Your patients need you.
Don't you miss your friends?
this place isn't so bad.
Go clean up.
Hey, Hank,
have you seen Will?
I think
he's in the greenhouse.
Are you in here?
Hey, Hank.
Hey there, Luna.
Can you point me in the
direction of the apple trees?
We don't have any apple trees,
just pears.
You sure?
Sure as I'm standing here.
Have a good walk.
I heard you were
looking for me.
Actually, I was looking
for an apple
like the one you gave Andy
He said you got it
from one of our trees.
We don't have apple trees.
Saw you
in town earlier.
I didn't think you did.
You seemed like
you were in the middle
of something important.
'Cause I was in a suit?
Well, you don't dress like that
every day.
it wouldn't be very practical
for around the farm,
now, would it?
Well, farm business
doesn't always happen on a farm,
now, does it?
No, it doesn't,
and while you're fishing,
why don't you check
out the pond?
I'll see you, doc.
Hey, Marcy, how are you?
You haven't checked in
for a while.
I was beginning
to wonder about you.
I guess I forgot.
That's a first.
Then the trip
must be doing you some good.
It has...
For both of us.
I haven't seen Andy this happy
in years.
Forgot how much
I love it here.
See what taking
some time off can do?
But the reason I'm calling is,
you'll be back in a few days,
so should we start scheduling
some surgeries for next week?
Yeah, of course...
On second thought,
do you mind if I call you back?
I kind of want to hold off
on my schedule for a day or two.
Don't wait too long.
You going somewhere?
Just out for a spin.
Yeah, well,
we usually take the atv out
for farm work,
not for joy rides.
Well, I was checking to see
if the pears are ripe enough
to harvest.
Do you even know
what you're looking for?
Sort of.
Sort of.
Set up for the harvest
festival is shorthanded.
Could use some volunteers.
Andy and I can pitch in.
All right, well,
we'll take my truck,
not the atv.
Scoot over.
Not very subtle, are they?
I think most of the single
women in Pineview
have tried to flirt with Will
at one time or another.
Yeah, he's a great catch.
I just got a call
that frank honeywell is going
to be one of the judges
in the best pear competition!
That's quite a coup for us.
That's wonderful, honey!
Now wait,
who is he again?
He's one of
the biggest food distributors
in the state.
Winning overall best pear
is the brass ring
for any farmer.
A win like that
can really put you on the map.
Well, it's been a while,
but if I remember correctly,
Gilson farms took home
that prize quite a few times.
Not in the last several years.
Yeah, williamsburg farms
has been winning
year after year.
And I
remember that name.
Whatever happened
to their son, Ronny?
He was kind of
a know-it-all?
No, no,
he goes by Ronald now.
Yeah, and he's even more
of a know-it-all.
I guess some people
never change.
I heard someone say
there's a harvest moon
starting tonight.
You heard right.
Ever seen one?
Maybe when I was younger,
but I don't remember.
Let's see...
The harvest moon
happens once a year,
at the beginning of Autumn,
and the full moon rises
at sunset,
so it's brighter
than usual,
which makes
for longer harvest days.
I am impressed.
My grandpa taught me that.
Well, it looks like
it might be a clear night.
I'll bet we'll be able
to get a good view of it.
if you're not too tired later,
I could show you
the best place on the farm
to see it.
Why don't you let me help you
with him?
Come on, buddy.
Come on, Andy.
Get him
into bed all right?
Sure did.
I really wish he
could have seen it
before he conked out.
It really is
something, isn't it?
Yep. yeah.
Not going to see
anything like that in Seattle.
All those city lights.
And too much noise.
I can actually hear the
crickets chirping here.
You have been in the city
too long.
Those are frogs.
What? no!
Yes, those are frogs.
Are you sure?
Pretty sure.
Okay, well,
whatever that noise is,
it's very relaxing.
That's something
I don't think you do much of.
Yeah, well, when you have
a eight-year-old kid,
and you're an
on-call surgeon,
you don't really
have time
to stop and
smell the roses...
Or the apples,
it seems.
Come on, what's your
secret, Will Nash?
I don't have a secret.
I just don't reveal much.
Yeah, well, that might be
a good idea for business,
but doesn't that
get in the way
of having a relationship?
Who says I want one?
I wasn't...
Implying that.
I just...
I meant...
I meant that most
people do that
at some point
or another, so...
Well, maybe
at some point, I will.
Yeah, but
I don't get it.
I mean, you're
a good catch, Will.
Nicole's words,
not mine...
But it is
my understanding
that you're very popular
with the local ladies.
Let's just say
that a relationship
doesn't exactly fit
into my plan right now.
Which you're not
going to tell me.
You are persistent,
aren't you?
Owning my own farm, okay?
That's my plan.
That's a nice plan!
I don't really
how having
a relationship
gets in the way
of that, though.
Sometimes, they do.
When I was in medical school,
I had a plan, too.
No distractions
until I finished my residency...
And then I met Phillip,
and my plan sort of flew
out the window.
Glad it worked out
for you, doc.
When I met somebody,
threw my plans out the window...
It didn't exactly work out
for me.
I was blindsided.
Yeah, things don't always go
as you planned.
Must have been hard.
It was.
It still is, sometimes...
But I have Andy...
Although I've shortchanged him
a lot lately.
How do you mean?
I threw myself into work,
and I wasn't really around
for Andy enough.
The whole point of this trip
was to reconnect with him,
which I think
I've managed to do.
What happens
when you go back
in a couple days?
To be honest,
I don't know.
Up kind of early,
aren't you?
Couldn't sleep.
The moon give you
a lot to think about?
It did.
Do you need to get that?
But I'm not ready to.
Enjoy your walk, Luna.
Don't forget to do
the lift and twist.
Okay, Will,
you really have to stop
sneaking up behind people.
Maybe if certain people
stopped showing up
where they're not
supposed to...
And why am I not supposed
to be here?
Just that these trees are still
in the developmental phase.
Yeah, well,
if it's the same fruit
that you gave Andy
the other day,
I would say
it's far more than developed.
It's amazing.
So, what is all this?
Well, first of all,
they're not apples,
they're pears.
I crossbred
a rare variety of red seckel
with an Asian seuri,
so they have the look
and coloring of an apple,
but the seuri flavor
has hints of apricot.
So that's why it was so sweet.
They also have
a longer storage life
and less susceptibility
to bruising.
That's brilliant.
So does this fruit
have a name yet?
Not yet.
The scientific name
is pyrus phoeniceus.
I patented it.
I'm being
a little cautious
about what
my next step is.
So that explains the secrecy.
I met with some
potential investors,
but they're not sold yet,
so I entered it
in the harvest festival,
and if it wins best overall,
that could seal the deal.
So why don't you just continue
to grow them here?
I could never afford
to do that
on a farm this large.
Besides, if your parents
actually find a buyer,
this farm may not
even be here anymore.
That's what happened
with my folks.
Yeah, farley told me
that a corporation
took it over.
Leveled it.
Turned it into
a shopping mall.
That's awful.
It was,
but taught me that
when life knocks you down,
you get back up,
so that's what I did,
and that's
what I'm doing.
Andy, honey, there's something
I want to discuss with you.
First of all,
I want you to know
that I am so sorry
for all the plays,
and the spelling bees,
and the soccer games
that I missed.
You deserve a mom
that's going to be there
for you, 'Kay?
And I'm hoping that this
makes up for that a little.
I know it's not a theme park,
or what you really wanted
to do, but...
This hasn't been so bad,
and it's been kind of fun
watching you try to bake.
Yeah, well, I...
You know what?
You're going to see.
I am going
to master that cobbler...
And you are going to love it.
Honey, if you had a choice,
would you want to go back
to Seattle as planned,
or would you maybe want
to stick around here
a little longer?
Could we stay
for the harvest festival?
That is exactly
what I was thinking.
Of course, you'd have
to do some school work.
I think I could call school
and get your assignments, but...
I want to stay.
You didn't even hear the part
about school, did you?
I get it.
If we stay,
I still have to study.
All right, I guess we're going
to stay a little longer.
Hello there, Luna.
Well, hello, Ronny.
You remember me.
You're not easy to forget.
Andy, this is
Ronny williamsburg.
It's Ronald now.
I hear your farm
is up for sale.
Must be what brought you
back to town.
No, it's not.
We're on vacation.
Then perhaps
I'll see you
at the harvest festival.
You'll see me there,
up on stage.
My farm has won the top prize
seven consecutive years.
You mean
your family's farm, right?
So nice to see you again, Luna.
You too, Ronny.
Hey, I just came by
to let you know
I've got to leave
and rush over to Olympia.
I hope everything's okay?
Yeah, there's a glitch
in the paperwork for my patent,
but I've got to take care of it
by the end of today.
Sure, yeah. Of course.
Take all the time you need.
Is there anything
I can do to help?
No, no, no.
Thank you, though.
I'll be back
first thing in the morning,
and if the rain lets up tonight,
then tomorrow,
we'll start the harvest.
I've already
let the pickers know.
we'll be up bright and early.
I wanted to let you know
that Andy and I are staying
an extra week.
Was kind of hoping you might.
Hey, Will!
The rain cleared up.
Bad news.
Last night's rain downed a tree,
and it's blocking the highway,
so the road's closed.
I'm going to take the detour,
but I don't know how long
that's going to take,
and I'm guessing
if I can't get through,
the pickers can't either.
Okay, so what do we do?
Let Hank know what's going on,
and call farley.
I'll get there as soon as I can.
Sounds good.
Farley, hey.
It's Luna.
I need your help.
If these don't get picked soon,
they're just going
to keep falling to the ground.
then we need to get organized.
Since the pickers and crates
aren't here,
we're going to have to do this
Go around the farm,
find anything
that you can put the fruit in.
Buckets, wheelbarrows, boxes...
Get creative.
I'm going to go get Andy.
All hands on deck.
All right, guys,
let's see what we can find.
What's with the suitcase?
You going someplace?
No, it's for the pears.
Great idea!
Why don't you grab mine?
My goodness!
How did you manage all this?
I just put the word out,
and everyone was
happy to pitch in.
Any word from Will?
He's still on the road.
Things aren't as bad
as I thought they'd be.
Looks like you grabbed
the bull by the horns...
But I guess you are a Gilson,
after all.
it's what I'm trained to do.
I mean,
not the fruit-picking part,
but I do deal with emergencies
on a daily basis.
Looks like you've got
a bumper crop this year.
Let's get to it.
Come on, everybody.
There's Will!
I wouldn't blame you
if you wanted to fire me.
Now, why would I do
something like that?
Everyone's a little late to work
Speaking of work...
Hey, mom, I want
to show you something.
Honey, hi!
Is everything okay?
It is now,
but it's a kind of a long story.
Go get dad.
Come here.
All right.
It's harvest day,
and I want to show you both
something amazing.
Can you believe
your grandson is picking pears?
He loves it!
Of course, he does.
what I was doing at his age.
It looks like
the two of you going
up to the farm
was just what you needed.
Yeah, it really was.
Thank you guys so much
for always looking out for me.
No matter where we are
in the world, Luna,
we're always
there for you.
Love you guys.
Love you too, sweetheart.
Don't forget
to send us some pictures.
I won't.
What did you think of
your first harvest?
It was really...
Really fun.
And you, Dr. Gilson?
It was exhausting,
but exhilarating,
though I fear
that my suitcase will
forever smell like pears.
Mom, I think
I'm going to go inside.
Okay, I'll be in
in a few minutes
to start dinner.
Bye, Will.
That was the best day ever.
You're welcome.
I'll see you tomorrow.
So did you get everything
straightened out in Olympia?
Yeah, that part of the trip
went just fine.
Matter of fact,
while I was up there,
I managed to start looking
at some properties to buy.
In Olympia?
No, no, that's just
where the land agents are.
I'd like to look around here.
Well, then I hope
you really win that prize,
and not just because
I want you
to beat Ronny williamsburg,
you really deserve it.
I hope the judges agree.
See you, doc.
you too, Will Nash.
Okay, let's see.
We've got four burgers,
seven Turkey,
eight tuna,
two of them on rye,
and one Chinese chicken salad.
Who's that one for?
Hey, Luna, Andy.
Hey, Tom.
How's it going?
It's a little bit hectic.
How's the harvest coming?
We are going to be
finished tomorrow, probably.
All right!
Well, see you on Saturday.
I like this place.
The restaurant?
No, Pineview.
I wish
we could live here forever.
Well, how would that work?
Well, you could be
a doctor here.
Sweetheart, I don't think
it's that simple.
You helped Bobby,
and the farmer
with the broken leg,
and even farley.
You kind of are already
the local doctor here,
aren't you?
Yeah, kind of.
Look at this one, mom!
Great harvest, everybody.
Can I offer you some pear cider
to celebrate?
You're on.
To the harvest.
To the harvest.
Bet you're glad
the season's finally over?
Actually, no.
I've always found it
a little bittersweet.
No, it just...
Reminds me of something
my grandfather
always used to say.
"The end of harvest season
isn't an ending.
It's a time for planting
and new beginnings."
I never really appreciated that
until now.
Like the harvest
moon got to you.
It didn't hurt,
I don't know, it's just...
It's different here.
It's better.
So I was thinking
that Andy and I
might stay a while in Pineview.
That's quite a change.
I know...
But I think I might
be ready for a change.
I don't think I've ever
had a candied pear before.
Well, I know you haven't.
It's really good.
Told you so.
Hey, mom,
a pumpkin-carving context!
You should sign up
for that.
Me? I don't know anything
about carving a pumpkin.
You're a surgeon.
Isn't that kind of what
you do every day?
He's got a good point.
Come on!
It's the spirit of the thing.
Why not give it a try?
You can't be serious.
Come on, Dr. Gilson!
Please, mom?
Step right up.
Step right up.
The rules
are pretty simple.
Each contestant has a pumpkin,
carving tools,
and 20 minutes
to do their magic.
You'll be judged
on creativity, originality,
and overall appearance.
Let's get to it.
Go, mom!
Okay, contestants,
we're at the halfway point.
10 minutes to go.
Okay, that's it!
Carving tools down, please.
can you please turn
your pumpkins around?
Sheriff Jackson,
could we have the verdict,
please, sir?
'Kay, starry eyes...
Looks like someone I arrested
last month...
Well done, carvers.
Good job...
But this is
some fancy carving,
and I would let Dr. Gilson
take out my gall bladder
any day,
and that's why
she's the winner.
Mom, can Andy and I
go on the hay ride,
and then watch the
outdoor movie for kids
they're showing after?
Sure. have fun.
Man, atv ride,
a hay ride,
and an outdoor movie?
So cool, right?
How about we go
listen to some music?
Sounds good.
Since I'm officially done
for the night,
I wouldn't mind a dance
with my wife.
How about it,
you guys?
You know,
I've got to check in with
the judging committee.
I'll catch up
with you guys later.
They don't announce the winner
'til tomorrow.
Never seen Will
with jitters before.
Well, it is the top prize,
so I get that.
Shall we go
get our dancing shoes on?
You guys go ahead.
I'm going to check in
on the boys, okay,
and then have
a little look around.
See ya!
Let's do this!
See, the one
in the middle
originally started
as a single pear,
then it grew so close
to another one
that they grew together,
and they call that
a "marriage fruit."
How does it feel to be an
award-winning pumpkin carver?
Well, I have been asked
to carve a few pumpkins
for the Halloween dance.
So, you know,
this whole medical thing
doesn't work out,
I can always fall back
on my carving skills.
That mean you're going
to be around for Halloween?
It's looking like it.
Was kind of getting used to
having you and Andy around.
Is that farley dancing?
Not a lot of single men
of a certain age
in a small town.
He's quite in demand.
That's sweet.
What is?
Watching people in love.
Look at Tom and Nicole.
Care to give it a try?
I meant a dance.
I'm a farmer.
I'm not much of a dancer.
Yeah, but you told Andy
you don't have to be a plumber
to know how to fix a leak.
I did say that, didn't I?
You did say that.
I did.
Looks like the moon
came out just for us tonight.
Then we better
not waste it.
for a guy who doesn't
know how to dance,
you sure have
some good moves.
Think so?
I'm so sorry.
It's my mom.
It's the middle of the night
where they are.
I need to take this.
I'm so sorry.
Mom, is everything
all right?
why don't you turn around
and see for yourself?
What are you guys doing here?
Surprising you,
for starters.
The other reason
we came back
is because we got
an offer on the farm.
Andy sleeping?
Out like a light.
Okay, so tell me
about this offer on the farm.
Why are you
so concerned about it?
I told you we were
putting it on the market.
Well, yeah,
but that was before.
Before what?
Before I realized
that Andy and I belong here.
You can't sell it.
Do we have
to watch the game, mom?
Well, we're not
going to watch it.
I was kind of hoping
we'd play in it.
I got them to bend
the rules a little bit.
What do you say, slugger?
Come on, let's play!
Bobby! I'm playing, too!
All right, red.
Okay, red,
bottom of the ninth.
We've got two outs.
We're three runs down
with bases loaded.
Now we got Luna Gilson
coming to bat!
Go, mom!
Come on!
Strike one.
You can do it!
Strike two.
All right, Luna!
For a mom, you were better
than most of the dads.
Well, that's because I have
my lucky charm.
You know, I made this
when I was about your age,
after I played
in the father-son game
with grandpa.
I want you to have it.
getting that home run today
off Ronny williamsburg,
just like I did
when I was a kid,
was still awesome.
I don't think Ronny thought so.
Okay, everyone!
The top prize for this
year's harvest festival
is about to be awarded,
so can we please have
everyone head over
the main pavilion.
Thank you.
Good luck!
Almost two dozen farms
throughout the state
entered their finest fruits
in this last category,
best overall pear.
Our judges considered
four factors...
Shape, taste, texture,
and skin quality.
It's with great pleasure
that we award
this year's prize
Will Nash, representing
Gilson family farms
for their "Gilson Beauty"!
Hey, Marcy!
Am I calling too early?
No, I was just sitting down
for breakfast.
I have you on speaker phone.
How's everything going?
Our farm just won the big prize
at the harvest festival.
That sounds...
I know I owe you a phone call,
and there's something
that I want
to discuss with you.
Wait 'til you hear
what I have to tell you first.
I just heard the hospital
is going to promote you
to senior consultant
of general surgery.
You got the promotion!
Pretty amazing, right?
I don't know what to say.
You're their golden girl.
No one works harder than you,
and no one deserves this
more than you do.
It is what every surgeon
works toward.
You'd be
the youngest person ever
to hold the position
at the hospital.
It does seem pretty crazy
to turn something
like that down.
Why would you?
Listen, Marcy,
I've got to call you back.
Andy, you up?
Sweetheart, are you
feeling all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I think
you're just tired, maybe,
from the exciting weekend?
Can I go outside now?
yeah, of course.
You can eat
your breakfast later.
Just try to be quiet, okay?
Grandma and grandpa
are still asleep.
Just the man
I was looking for.
I have something
for you.
I saw
some of your drawings...
Looked like pears and orchards.
Thought you might want to learn
a little more about them.
Thanks, Will.
Looks old.
It is old.
My dad gave that to me
when I was about your age,
and I figured you'd be
the perfect guy to get it next.
I love it.
You look like you have
something on your mind.
Everything okay?
I heard my mom talking
on the phone.
She's taking a big new job.
So you guys are leaving?
And everything's going to be
just like it used to be.
Hey, there you are.
Why don't you go inside
for a minute?
I've got some big news
to share with you,
grandma, and grandpa.
Bye, Will.
Thanks for the book.
See you, bud.
So, will I see you later?
I don't think so.
Got to make some plans
of my own.
So what's this big surprise
you want us to see?
What do you think about
it for an office space?
It's here in Pineview.
An office?
I'm thinking about hanging
up my shingle here.
After all, this town
could use a doctor.
Luna, I think that's
a wonderful idea!
Don't get me wrong,
I like the idea, too.
Honey, are you sure
this is what you really want?
I've never been more sure
of anything in my entire life.
What do you think, Andy?
I think I'm confused.
Didn't you tell Marcy
we were going back to Seattle
so you could take a new job?
Where did you get
an idea like that?
I heard you on the phone
this morning.
Well then, I guess you missed
the part where I called her back
to turn down the job.
You did?
I want to stay here
in Pineview, too.
After all, you're the one
who gave me the idea
about opening up
my own practice here.
Wait 'til I tell Will
we're not leaving!
You told Will we were leaving?
this is the property
that I've been talking
to you about.
Excuse me.
I'm so sorry.
I don't mean to interrupt,
but Will, can I have
a word with you?
Please? It will only
take a minute.
All right, yeah, sure.
would you excuse me?
I need to tell you
about Seattle.
There's nothing to tell.
I really have
to get back to them.
I just want you to know that
what Andy told you about us...
Can we do this later, please?
I have to get back
to my investors.
Hey, pal.
Hey, Will.
Can I talk with you
for a minute?
Yeah, sure.
What's on your mind?
Well, here's the thing...
Looks like a cobbler...
Smells like a cobbler...
Tastes like...
A cobbler.
Hey, where have
you two been?
Just visiting with a friend.
Have you seen Will,
by any chance?
He hasn't come
to see you yet?
I think he's upset with me.
Don't worry.
Things always have a way
of working out.
I hope so.
"Meet me at the greenhouse"?
Close your eyes.
Turn around.
Maybe now is the time
to smell the roses.
Maybe it is.
It's beautiful.
I had to come up with
some way to apologize.
I never should have
expected the worst,
especially not from you.
Andy came to talk to me.
He did, did he?
I'm sorry I didn't come
to you sooner.
I was busy making plans.
What kind?
The kind where I bought a farm.
That's huge!
It was the "Gilson Beauty"
that made it happen.
Well, I...
I have some news of my own.
I didn't buy a farm.
I did find a storefront
where I hope
to open my own practice.
See, now, that's huge!
Looks like we're going
to be neighbors.
So where's
this new farm of yours
going to be, Will Nash?
Right here...
But I didn't say it was new.
Will, you bought our farm?
Well, not all of it.
Your parents sold me a parcel.
Well, mom always said,
things did have a way
of working themselves out.
Well, not just yet.
I was hoping that the sale
came with a partner.
Partner plus one?
Was kind of hoping
it was a package deal.
So what are we going
to call this merger?
You choose.
I just want to seal the deal.