Harvey (2021) Movie Script

Searching a
car for a parking problem.
10-4, your 23?
28th and truck 19.
You know why I
pulled you over today?
You tell me.
Nobody even drives out here.
Who cares?
You get one more ticket and
you will lose your license.
Yeah, you said that last time.
Got somethin'
important in there?
And there's nothin'.
Just gettin' some
stamps for my mom.
I can do it later.
All right.
Take 'er easy.
All right now, brother.
Take it easy.
Hey there, Harvey.
How are ya?
You ready for another
fun night, Harv?
Aren't I always?
Maybe tonight's the
night Karen realizes
she doesn't need you.
I don't owe you
anything if possible.
You don't pay for anything here.
Oh okay, okay.
In fact, maybe she
realizes she loves you.
Yeah, maybe not.
Can I help you?
Um yeah, some shoes.
Um yeah, could I get a size?
Lemme ask you a question.
How many years have you
been checkin' me in here?
Where's your girlfriend?
She's late again.
Just go get my shoes, son.
There you go.
Get my shoes, Harvey.
What size, John?
You know.
Now get me my fuckin' shoes.
Oh, hey Miss Madison.
Nice to see ya.
Can you stop with the
fuckin' lighter, John?
I tell you this every
day and you never listen.
I wanna set you on fire, baby.
Could you just go bowl?
Oh, I am serious.
I literally hate him.
Always hitting on me
when no one's looking.
Perks of a small town.
Harvey, they've got
assholes everywhere.
Hey. What's up, John?
What's happenin', buddy?
Hey Randy, how you doin'?
Doin' pretty good, man.
Just livin' the dream,
Waiting for his girlfriend.
Do not even get
started on me, okay?
Don't matter.
You ready to get
this party started?
We were waitin' on you.
See that lady right there?
She's about to fall on her ass.
You don't know that.
I got you.
How did you know that?
I just do.
See that guy right there?
He's about to bowl
a perfect strike.
You can't get lucky twice.
No way.
Harvey, you and I need to talk.
We've talked before.
I'd rather pass.
Madison, take over for Harvey.
We'll be back in a minute.
Let's go.
I haven't done anything lately.
Come on, man.
Listen, Karen and some
of the other customers
are complainin' that you're
bein' creepy and rude again.
They're creepy and rude.
I can't keep fielding
these complaints.
Can you just try to be nicer,
smile a little bit more?
You know, stop being so creepy
or you're on permanent
janitor duty.
You understand?
Yeah, I got it.
Can I go?
Look, I'm being
serious this time.
I said I understand, boss.
Danny, you good?
Hangin' in there, boss.
Thank you.
I'll be right back and
then we can get started.
We'll be waitin'.
Well that was fast.
Honey, I'm always fast.
But not too fast, you know that.
This feels wet.
That looks like spit.
What the fuck?
It was probably
that dipshit Harvey.
What the fuck?
That little motherfucker.
The hell is wrong with her?
What'd you do this time?
You spit in my shoe?
No, only because I
didn't think of it first.
You need to get me
another pair right now.
One second, Karen.
I'm so sorry, Karen.
But we don't have another
pair in your size.
Well you better find somethin'.
If you wanna bowl,
you have to wear these.
Otherwise, you should leave.
I'm so sorry.
He just didn't see them.
I have this pair, freshly
sanitized for you.
Seriously Harvey, you
have to stop this.
What's her problem now?
Fucking Karen,
that's the problem.
We all hate our jobs.
Quit actin' like
you're the only one.
It ain't just my job I hate.
I hate everyone and
everything equally.
I know you don't mean that.
They just make me sick.
Look at 'em.
That's low life at its finest,
but you know you
still need this job.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I'm just tired of
Karen snitching on me.
Yeah, I'm sick
of John Snyder too.
He thinks he's a gift
to anything female.
Honestly, he scares me.
He only acts like that
'cause he's buddy-buddy
with the sheriff.
Feel sorry for his wife.
Hope she knows
what a dick he is.
Yeah and how many women
he's had in this town,
how could she not know?
All right, I guess I'ma
go clean some balls.
Shut up.
What you doin', Harvey boy?
Leave me alone, John.
Takin' pictures of
people without askin'?
Drivin' home drunk again
and tryin' to
holler little girls?
If you don't get your
peel-egghead dwarf-bodied ass
the fuck out my face,
I know somethin'.
Leave me the fuck alone.
See you all tomorrow.
I'm serious about
our talk today.
I know I'll smile more.
See you tomorrow.
Fuck you.
How about
these wonderful pasta pockets
filled with healthy vegetables,
sizzling seafood,
hardy seasoned meat?
I couldn't make those.
Oh yes, you can.
Introducing Easy Cook,
the easiest way ever to make
original creative meals.
Simply stamp up your dough,
place it in your Easy Cook,
- add your filling.
- Fuck your sleep, boy.
That's it.
It's seal secure.
- You know why, mom.
- Ready to cook on the stove.
Did you bring my beer?
Just like every fuckin' night.
Wow, I can do that.
Don't talk to me
like that in my house.
I pay the fuckin' rent.
What did you say?
A wild variety of fillings,
fruit-filled pastries.
Drink your beer.
No struggling
to cut out the dough.
No torture or time
spent sealing the edges.
No fall-apart disasters.
Don't spend a fortune
on store-bought foods.
With Easy Cook, everything is.
I miss you, dad.
Damn, it's early.
Hi honey.
Hi mom.
I made you breakfast.
Thanks, mom.
Is everything okay?
Oh, me?
I'm good. I'm fine.
It's just that I haven't
seen you all week, you know?
And I just wanna
check up on you.
Mom, I'm fine.
I've just been so busy
with the job, you know?
So how is the job?
I knew it. I knew it.
Is that guy still bothering you?
- I can handle it, mom.
- I can go down there,
you know.
I can handle it.
Is it Harvey?
- Is it that guy Harvey?
- Mom.
No, it's not.
Can't believe how weird he is.
It's not.
Baby, we can find
you another job.
Mom, it's fine.
I like my job.
I gotta go to work.
I love you.
I'm gonna leave a
baseball bat for you
at the front of the door.
Take it.
Dude, you better watch out.
He's been waiting for you.
For what?
Shh, she's coming.
Can I help you?
I talked to your boss.
I'm gonna get you fired.
Okay, Karen.
Now how can I help you?
Here are your shoes, Karen.
I sterilized them myself today.
Thank you.
Have a good game, Karen.
I hate her.
Gutterball Betty.
That's her new nickname.
It's not fair that
I have to be the one
to keep the peace
around here, Harv.
You know you need this job
to take care of your mom.
What do you mean?
I'm not doin' anything.
You can be an asshole.
Okay, just try to
be nicer please.
Here's your chance.
Hello sweetie, how are you?
Some shoes?
Did you do somethin' to these?
Does it look like I
did somethin' to 'em?
You know what?
You always look like
you did something.
He didn't, I promise.
I cleaned them myself.
Okay, well I trust
you because you're nice.
See, that's why there
ain't no point of bein' nice.
Glad he brings his own
shoes most of the time.
I hate him.
I'm not gonna let bowling
determine how my day goes.
Lemme know if
you want something, all right?
- All right.
- All right, brother.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, man.
All right.
All right.
Doyle says you wanted to see me?
Oh yeah. You are just
the man I wanna see.
Have a seat.
Look, I know you know the
drill on this, Harvey.
Customer complaint again.
This time she said
you spit in her shoes.
Come on, you know I
didn't spit in her shoes.
I don't know.
All I do know is that you're
gonna be mopping floors
and scrubbing toilets.
Doyle's moving up front.
Are you serious?
You wanna keep your job?
Yeah, she won't like this one.
Little stank bitch.
Son of a bitch.
Where the hell's Randy?
Lookin' for his girlfriend.
When are you gonna let me
cook in that oven of yours?
I bet it's 1,000 degrees in
there, all hot and steamy.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You're disgusting.
What the fuck?
That little motherfucker.
You okay, Madison?
I just hate him.
Me too.
I saw you talkin' to him and
you looked a little upset.
Just wanted to
come check on you.
He's just so creepy
and he's old too.
I'm just 18.
He's like 40 or more.
He's like my uncle.
Gross, right?
I just wish he would
just stop talking
about wanting to have sex
with me or even implying it.
I mean frankly, he scares me.
Yeah, I just wish someone
would fillet his ass
up or somethin'.
What did you say?
Oh shit.
- Keith.
- Hey, hey.
Karen, c'mere.
Come here, c'mere, c'mere.
What now, Karen?
That boy needs to get fired.
First of all, he said
he wanted John dead.
That sounds like a threat to me.
He's just a kid.
He's talking shit, all right?
I'm sorry.
- I'll address it.
- That doesn't matter.
Because then he wrote
on the bathroom wall.
I can't even tell you.
It's so disgusting.
I'll handle this.
Chill out, Harv.
Hey Harvey, you know
what Karen just told me,
what she heard you say?
I do.
You know, I can't believe
after our talk yesterday
and even our talk this morning
that we're having
this talk again!
That man is a danger to women.
You should be on my side.
Correction: I'm on the
side of the bowling alley.
One more screw up
and you're fired.
- But he's gonna hurt-
- Fired!
You know you want this.
That little punk
is in so much trouble.
Well he should be.
Did you hear what
he said about you?
What did he say?
He said he thought
he should be dead.
Little shit.
Maybe we should teach
that little punk a lesson.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm down with that.
Get that ketchup in there.
Oh my god.
He's gonna love this.
Yup, yup, yup.
That little motherfucker.
Oh my god, he's gonna die.
That little fuckface.
Yeah, I can't wait to
see his little fuckface
when he sees that.
Oh shit.
What happened? What happened?
Watch out.
'Kay, hold on.
I'ma get you outta here.
Just relax.
I'ma turn this off.
It's ketchup, you little shit.
You're such an idiot.
They don't come any dumber.
You're a sick
bastard, John Snyder.
You're gonna get yours.
Well in the meantime,
clean this shit up, janitor boy.
That was great.
That was perfect.
Dumb ass.
You doin' better today, Madison?
I'm fine.
I wish he wouldn't come
to practice for one day,
but he's always here.
I'm tellin' you guys
like that should be dead.
Guys like who?
Guys like John.
Come with me.
I know you're an equal
opportunity hater.
You hate everyone
and everything.
I get it.
This is your final warning.
Here are your shoes, John.
Boss, why are you
actin' like this?
You know he ain't a good guy.
Hey, I don't know and
I don't care, okay?
You need to knock it off
and I don't care if you gotta
take care of your mother.
I need to take
care of this place
and the people that work here.
I'm gonna make this very
crystal clear to you.
When you're in this building,
stop talkin' shit about people.
Do you understand?
Do you understand me?
- Okay.
- Thank you.
I want more
than shoes, pretty girl.
Back up.
You all right, Madison?
Yeah, I don't
wanna talk about it.
C'mere, babe.
It's over here.
What you doin' over there, hmm?
It's all right here, baby.
You like that, hmm?
C'mon, lover.
Mmm, damn.
Oh no, what're you
doin' over there, hmm?
I will break your face.
I love this song.
I'm feelin' it.
When you wanna gimme that, hmm?
Get outta here?
You're lookin' good, baby.
Am I your girl?
All right, you made
it through the day
without any trouble, Harvey.
I'm proud of you.
There's always tomorrow.
One day at a time.
Hey Jack.
Hey Harvey, where you been?
I thought you forgot about me.
Nah, man.
Thanks, man.
You're one of the good ones.
I don't know about that.
I know I'm one check away
from bein' where you are.
Figured I might as
well help you out,
build up some good karma.
Karma, shit.
We both know karma's a bitch.
Go ahead.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Why are you givin'
your stuff away, Harvey?
No, man.
You aren't gonna do
somethin' stupid, are ya?
No, I'm just a little messed
up in the head right now.
Got a lot goin' on, Jack.
I hear ya.
If you been where I've been,
it's hard to tell what's
real and what's not.
War does that to you?
Life does that to ya, boy.
I gotta go.
Take care of yourself, Jack.
Hey, you're doin'
the Lord's work
taking care of an
old man like me.
Why are you late again?
This isn't my beer.
Where's my regular beer?
Ma, just take it.
I'm not in the mood.
Why are you always screwing up?
Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?
I bring you beer every night
and all you do is bitch and
complain and I'm tired of it!
- Don't talk to me like that.
- Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up.
It's about time you start
acting like a mother to me
instead of me acting
like a father to you.
All right,
Maddy. I'm outta here.
Night, Doyle.
You need anything before I go?
No, I'm good.
All right.
Hey, drive safe.
Hello Madison.
I hate this town.
I hate these people.
I hate this place.
I hate my life!
What are you doin' here, John?
We're closed right now.
Did you forget something?
I dropped my wallet.
Can you help me find it?
No, John.
What the hell, John?
I'm not waiting on you anymore.
Help, someone help me!
- Please, John.
- Pretty little Madison.
Please don't hurt me.
- Please.
- You can keep quiet.
No one knows.
No one's comin' for you anyway.
- Please don't hurt me.
- Hey!
- Hey John!
- Help!
- Someone help me!
- Stop!
I hate my job.
I hate it.
I hate my job.
I hate John Snyder.
I hate Karen.
I hate Keith. I hate 'em all.
Poor Madison.
Poor Madison.
She hates that job too.
I'ma mess that place up.
I'm gonna mess that place up.
I'm gonna mess that place up.
Oh god.
Oh god.
Oh god.
- He's dead.
- No, no.
- No, no, no, no.
- I think he's dead.
- You killed him.
- No, no, no.
- Hey, hey.
- You killed him.
Hey! No, no!
Look, look at me.
Look at me.
Look, come with me to the back.
We gotta get rid of the body.
Why are we getting
rid of the body?
Hey, stop!
Okay, I'm listening.
Everything's gonna
be all right, okay?
Everything's gonna be all right.
Okay, okay.
- Fuck!
- Okay.
What the fuck?
Help me.
Karma's a bitch.
You deserve this.
Who's there?
C'mon, c'mon.
Get on the left.
Get on the left.
That left.
- C'mon.
- Okay, okay.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
Flatten it out. Flatten it out.
Flatten it out.
Here, put this on top of that.
Straighten it out.
C'mon, I gotta move him.
You're gonna have to help me.
Look at me.
I'm gonna roll them over now.
Ready? Three, two, one.
Roll him over. Roll him over.
I can't do it. I can't do it.
You can. You can.
It's done. It's done.
Cover him, cover him. Cover him.
- Oh my god.
- C'mon, c'mon.
- Cover him, cover him.
- Oh my god.
Just throw it
over. Throw it over.
We're gonna have to
drag him to the freezer.
That's it. It's okay.
That's okay. Ready?
Help me.
Help me. He's heavy.
Three, two, one.
C'mon, c'mon.
- He's heavy.
- I know he is!
Help me.
C'mon, this way.
Freezer. This way.
This way, this way.
Come with me.
Here, this way.
I still don't get why
we can't go to the police.
You wanna be the
accessory to murder?
Well no, but I-
- You do know we can
go to jail, Madison.
Well what are we supposed to do?
There's a dead body right there!
I don't know!
I needed time to think!
Make bleach water.
I'll try to find a lighter.
I don't know how
to make bleach water.
Can you just try to help me?
- God.
- Oh my god.
There's something
else you must see, Lion-O,
the most important
part of your heritage.
Turn that damn
thing off, Harvey!
Is the mystic Sword of Omens
and the source of our powers.
Don't make me come in there.
Turn it off!
All right.
I feel sick to my stomach.
But if I do need the Eye,
how can I wake it
up and let it know?
There will be no need.
The Eye will know it is
needed before you do.
I just wish
there was another way.
There is no other way, Cheetara.
Today, Lion-O has come of age.
Every Lord of the ThunderCats
had to survive the trials.
Cheers me up.
The sun's up.
I guess Snarf has told Lion-O
what's in store for him by now.
What did you do last night?
You look awful, Harv.
- If all goes well-
- I don't know.
Can't remember shit.
Guess I had too much to drink.
Lord of the ThunderCats.
I don't want you drinkin'
and drivin', you understand me?
Stand back!
Preachin' to the choir, mom.
Now you went out
like a fuckin' pig.
Hey, don't throw
up in my kitchen.
I pay the fuckin' rent.
- Still my house.
- Sword of Omens,
give me sight beyond sight.
It's still my house.
Hey sweetie, glad to
see you workin' tonight.
You're way nicer
than that Harvey kid.
Hey, where is your girlfriend?
Will you stop asking me that?
Believe me when she shows up,
you're gonna be
the first to know.
Thanks a lot, pal.
Harvey, you okay?
Yeah, I got fucked
up last night.
Guess I had too much to drink.
Drink this.
It'll help.
Sure you're okay?
Hey, you're late.
Wanna tell me why?
No, not really.
Hey, did I miss somethin'?
- No.
- No.
No, we were just
worried about you.
- That's it.
- 'Cause you're not late.
Back to work.
- Yup.
- Okay.
He's not fired?
Guess you'll have to try harder.
Where's Keith?
In his office, I think.
You don't want your shoes?
You gotta practice.
The tournament's coming.
Thank you?
Hey Keith.
How are you, Karen?
How you doin' today?
Wanna cut to the chase, baby?
I got a lotta work to do.
Why's that boy
still workin' here?
I thought I made myself clear.
First of all, that boy, Harvey,
has worked here for
a very long time.
You do remember that his
mom was my best friend.
I owe her.
You and I, we had a thing.
That doesn't mean
anything to you?
He stays.
For now.
It's my bowling alley,
Karen, not yours.
And besides, that thing?
We went out one time.
Oh okay, one time.
You weren't even
that good anyway.
- Oh, nice.
- Mm-hmm.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- So you're gonna go there?
- Yeah.
Hey. You know, you're free
to go bowling anywhere else.
It's 90 minutes from here.
Well then deal with it.
Does anyone actually
ever rent these things?
I've never seen it.
I hate kids.
I know.
Good mornin', Sheriff.
Sheriff, what
brings you here today?
John Snyder's been
reported missing by his wife.
Nothing official yet.
But I know he's a regular here,
so I thought I'd ask around.
That asshole's missin'?
I'm sure he got
what he deserves.
Something you need
to tell me, son?
I mean the guy's an asshole,
but he's a great bowler.
I'm sure he'll turn
it up, right Harv?
Yeah, sure.
Great bowler.
Great guy.
All right.
Yeah, sure.
If we see him or if
we hear from him,
we'll be sure to tell him
to get in touch with you.
Take my card.
Thank you.
You got a sec?
What up, dawg?
Did you do somethin' to John?
Did I what?
No, man. Are you crazy?
I heard you said
you wanted him dead
or that someone should
teach him a lesson.
Not once but a few times.
Do you know anything?
Do you?
Are you okay?
I don't know.
Keith just told me to
get everyone up front.
Morning Doyle.
Hey, you know what's up
with Keith and Madison?
They've been actin'
real weird lately.
Is she in trouble?
No idea.
Isn't it you that's
always in trouble?
You think she's gettin' fired?
That's probably still you.
If Karen gets her way then.
You okay, Mad?
Yeah, why?
You seem a bit off.
No, I'm fine.
It's just been a weird day
with the sheriff and all.
You don't have to
worry about me, 'kay?
All right.
Why are you late again?
Crazy shit happenin' today, Ma.
Sheriff came by the alley.
What did you do?
Why do you always
say it like that?
'Cause I know you, that's why.
What did he want?
I guess one of the
regulars went missin'.
He just came by to see
if any one of us seen him
or knew him or somethin'.
John Snyder.
The one with darts in
his face in your room?
Yeah, so?
You need to
get rid of that shit now.
For what?
I ain't do nothin'.
If the sheriff comes
by asking questions
and he sees your
little collection.
- The sheriff-
- He's going to think
you did it.
- Sheriff ain't got-
- Burn it.
- He don't got a-
- Now!
He don't have a
reason to come by.
God, John just went missin'
like he always does.
Told you I ain't do nothin'.
The kid'll never learn.
We gotta dispose of the body.
- Now.
- Now.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
C'mon, come on.
I don't think I can go through.
You're already in it.
One more time.
Wait, c'mon.
That's it. Get in the car.
Get in the car.
I can't believe we
actually have to do this.
Yeah, well we do, okay?
And we need to stay calm.
We just gotta find a place.
Yeah and what are
we supposed to do?
Are we supposed to bury
him, cut him up, burn him?
Hey, wait. What?
I don't know.
Yeah, well that's obvious.
Shh, just lemme think.
Okay, all right.
That's it. That's it.
Look, we drop him in the water.
I know this area.
- It's pretty deep.
- Yeah and what if he floats?
Would you just
come out and help me?
Okay, look.
Are you ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.
- Okay.
Okay so look, just
get a bunch of rocks.
- Okay.
- Big ones.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Look, I don't see any of 'em.
God, son of a bitch.
- Look.
- Fuck.
Get a bunch of small ones.
We have to weigh him down, okay?
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- God.
- Okay.
- Madison.
- What?
Hey, look.
I'm gonna drag the body
to the edge, all right?
And then we're
gonna weigh him down
and then we'll be able to
push him into the water.
Oh my god. Oh my god.
No, no, no. Hey, stay with me.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
I'm with you.
Fuck, I gotta answer this.
- What do you mean?
- Fuck.
- Put that away!
- It's Harvey.
He's just checking up on me.
What do you mean it's Harvey?
I got a fucked up leg, okay?
There are a lotta
people out here.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Fuck, fuck.
Just get the hell
outta here, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay?
C'mon, c'mon.
C'mon, push.
- C'mon.
- It's so heavy.
C'mon, Madison.
C'mon, this way.
Shh, c'mon.
Hurry up. C'mon.
Here, here.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
God, come on!
Let's go.
Open up, Lucy.
I know you're in there.
He's not here.
Well where the hell is he?
How should I know?
You're the bitch
sleeping with him.
Look, I know you hate me.
But I really think
there's somethin' wrong.
It's John, okay?
He disappears all the time.
No, this is different.
I don't know why but-
- Fine.
I'll tell you.
Get the fuck off my property.
Sheriff Davis, what
can I do for you?
John Snyder's missing.
I need to interview
on the record
everyone that may have seen him.
What's happening, Sheriff?
Looks like John Snyder's
officially missing person case.
I'm sorry to hear that.
He's one of our best customers.
You all right there, Madison?
It's just you know, so scary.
He's a regular here.
Well I'm gonna need
everyone who was working here
the last night he
was seen to come down
and gimme a statement
tomorrow at noon.
Sure, that would be
Doyle, Madison, myself.
And Harvey.
Yeah, I'm on it.
The hell's his problem?
He's all right.
I've known him for awhile.
He's a little off but-
- A little.
Yeah, I know you don't like him.
No, I don't.
Why're they starin' over here?
They starin' at you
or they starin' at me?
No, we just have to go
to the Sheriff's office
and give a statement, okay?
He's worked here
for a few years.
He's okay.
Keep an eye on him.
I will.
I guess we'll see you
tomorrow afternoon?
Tomorrow at noon.
Tomorrow at noon.
Thank you.
Why're you talkin' to me?
Is it 'cause I was in juvie?
I ain't been involved
with the law since.
Let's leave the past
where it belongs, son.
We're here to talk
about John Snyder.
You ever hear him
fighting with anyone?
I mean he said that he
needs to be taught a lesson,
but Harvey says that about
a lotta people, bullies.
Did Harvey ever say
anything bad about John?
Did he wanna hurt him?
I mean not exactly.
He pulled a prank on Harvey.
Pretended he got his hand
caught in the ball return,
embarrassed him in
front of everyone.
When's the last
time you saw John?
I don't know, maybe
four or five days ago.
Actually, the day
before you came in.
Do you think that
Harvey had something to do
with John's disappearance?
No, no.
Harvey wouldn't hurt anyone.
He's just one of those
guys who hates life
and everyone in it.
You think that made Harvey
angry enough to kill him?
I don't know about that,
but I'd want him gone.
I'm just kinda scared.
I've never done this before.
Harvey hurt him?
Harvey do it?
I don't think so.
Do you think he
had something to do
about John's disappearance?
I mean of course he
would want John dead but-
- Harvey would be
happy if John was gone.
Did you kill John Snyder?
That's what you
wanted to ask me.
Sure jumpin' to the
point, I might as well too.
Did you?
Yeah, can I help you?
Yeah, is John here?
What? No, John
isn't fucking here.
I wanna know if I could
help find him or somethin'.
He's probably just off
with one of his women again.
He'll turn up when
he's had enough.
He always does.
If you do see him,
could you tell him to never
fucking come home again?
I'm changing the
locks on that bastard.
Hey, you know what
people are saying?
They're sayin' that kid
Harvey killed John Snyder.
Do you believe that shit?
Yeah, I do.
There's somethin'
wrong with that kid
and he's been acting
really weird lately.
Get out!
For what?
Because I heard
you killed someone.
From who?
If you don't get out right now-
- Get out.
- That's it, man.
I'm callin' the sheriff.
And don't come back.
You're home early.
Where's my beer?
Apparently I'm
wanted for murder.
What did you say?
The sheriff thinks
I killed John Snyder.
They don't even
have a dead body.
They don't even
know where he is.
Doyle thinks I did it.
The guys at the bar
thinks I did it.
I am gonna tell you right now.
You need to get that
shit off your walls.
With our background
if they see that shit,
they're gonna assume you did it.
You burn the body too?
What're you talkin' 'bout?
You heard me.
It's just a fire.
Let's go and talk inside.
Haven't seen your
mom in a long time.
Be nice to say hello.
Anita, you here?
Harvey said I could say hello.
Isn't that right, Harvey?
I just wanna talk to
you about John Snyder
and your son's feud.
You ever heard them fighting?
Sheriff Davis, get
the fuck outta my house.
Now, Anita.
There's no need to be hostile.
It's all procedure.
You know the drill.
I know it's a free country.
You come back with a
warrant if you got a cause.
Until then, get out of my house.
Harvey, it'd be a
lot better for you
if you'd just work with me.
Work with you for what?
I didn't do anything.
I can take you to jail right
now for destroying evidence.
What evidence?
I said I didn't do anything.
I always get my man.
Boy, that man has a lotta
nerve comin' into this house.
What did you do?
Nothin', Ma.
Did you kill somebody?
I might be an asshole,
but I ain't a killer.
No door slammin' in my house!
Oh shit.
These are from the
night I blacked out.
Why do I have these?
What'd I do?
What are you doing?
Nothin', Mama.
Just cleanin' up.
Do you need an attorney?
I think I do, Ma.
- Doyle.
- What, Madison?
I gotta run to the bathroom.
Can you cover for me
for like five minutes?
You need five minutes?
- Please.
- Hurry up.
I wanna get outta here.
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic
voice message system.
Doyle said you wanna see me.
It's Harvey. He keeps texting.
He won't stop.
I wonder why.
'Cause we killed John.
No, we didn't.
So shouldn't we go tell him?
What do you mean no?
Look, he doesn't need
to know anything.
Besides if he does, he
becomes an accessory too.
Look, I don't want anything
bad to happen to him.
Do you?
No, but I don't want
anything bad happening to us.
Of course you don't.
Nothing bad happening to us.
No, of course not.
Have you forgotten
that we can go to jail?
Look, leave it be.
Don't say anything to him.
Repeat, we can go to jail.
Do you understand?
I understand.
I gotta work.
Why can't I remember?
What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
I gotta retrace my steps.
I hate my life!
What're you doin' here, Harvey?
You know Pops doesn't
want you around.
I found a few photos
from a few nights back
and when I was here and
I can't remember shit.
I wanted to know if you
remembered anything.
- Did I say-
- You should go.
Well did I do anything weird?
- Like now.
- Did I do anything crazy?
Did I say anything to anyone?
I mean it.
Fuck you, bro.
You know, I was with
you the night it happened.
What's up?
Are you okay?
Maddy, I called you last night.
I wanted to know what
the sheriff said to you.
I think he thinks I did it.
What? There's no way.
Why would you think that?
You think I did it, don't you?
Harvey, wait!
Hey, it really looks bad.
Searching a
car for a parking problem.
Anything new on that end?
Any idea what happened to him?
- No.
- Well it's looking like that-
- All right, keep me posted.
- Obviously at will.
- Gonna get the little shit.
But once I get him to
the lab, we'll know more.
I'm gonna go back and
interview some witnesses,
then we can go from there.
Hey Sheriff?
I'll call you back, Lou.
Do you wanna come see this?
What you got?
Well sheriff, if I had to guess
what happened to your vic,
I'd say it was blunt force
trauma to the back of the head.
That is a whole mess.
And with this level of decomp,
there's no way I can give you
an accurate time of death.
Let's get him back to the lab.
Lemme know when you
have your report.
All right,
should be about a day or two.
Does it look like John Snyder?
Yeah, Sheriff. It does.
I'll have Lucy
come down and ID him.
I thought you should
know John's dead.
He what?
Confirmed it myself. Yeah.
Just let the team know, okay?
You know how much
they meant to him.
I'm so sorry.
Where's my beer?
It's just two days now, Harvey.
The hell's wrong with you?
I think I did somethin' bad, Ma.
What're you talking about?
Really bad.
Like really bad.
Tell me.
I can't.
I can't remember.
That's the thing.
I blacked out.
Get me my stash.
Let's talk about it.
Here, Ma.
I'm gonna take care of
this on my own, all right?
Harvey, let me help you.
I'm your mother.
Hey Madison.
You good?
Well it's league day.
We gotta get in there.
Come on, we have to hurry.
All right, I'll be in there.
Just gimme a minute.
Okay, see you in there?
No refunds, brother.
Look, I gotta go.
All right, man.
Harvey, what's wrong, man?
You look like you
just seen a ghost.
No, no.
It's worse than that.
I just needed someone
to talk to, boss.
So I thought maybe you.
Yeah, sure.
I think I killed John Snyder.
It happened the night
I got blacked-out drunk,
so I can't remember anything.
But I keep havin' these
flashbacks of me killin' him.
You really think you did it?
That's the thing, I don't know.
I can't remember anything.
I don't.
Harvey, listen,
you're a good man.
But if you truly
believe you did it,
you need to go talk
to the sheriff.
But I could go to
jail the rest of my life
and I don't wanna go to jail.
Listen, listen, Harvey.
I know you're a good man.
Listen, I know you
couldn't live with yourself
if you actually hurt somebody.
Talk to the sheriff,
turn yourself in.
Let them find out the truth.
Okay, boss.
- Okay.
- All right.
How could you do that?
How could you tell him
to turn himself in?
Shh, quiet!
It's wrong and you know it.
He'll be fine.
There's no evidence
pointing his way.
Trust the process.
What if he goes to
jail because of us?
He won't!
He won't.
Get back to work.
You havin' a bad dream, boy?
What are you doin' here, Jack?
Well the better question
is what are you doin' here?
I think I killed someone, Jack.
Did you?
Do you come to your senses yet?
I need to go turn
myself in to the sheriff.
449, code is a 20.
449, code 21. Thank you.
What're you doing here?
I need to talk to you, sir.
Sir now.
You come confess?
'Kay then.
Follow me.
Take your statement.
Tell me everything.
All right, from the beginning?
Yeah, that'd be good.
John Snyder died at
the bowling alley.
How do you know?
I killed him.
We were fightin' and
smashed his head in
with a bowling ball.
He fell to the ground
and he was bleedin' a lot
and I dragged his body out.
What'd you do with it?
I think I buried
in it into a field.
You think.
How did it end up
in the forest then?
I don't know.
I blacked out.
Are you sure you
wanna confess to this?
I have his lighter.
I found it where I killed him.
It had to been me.
Well son,
you're under arrest.
Oh, you're back.
We've located the
body of John Snyder.
It's now a murder investigation.
We've arrested Harvey Miller.
He's bein' held in
lockup without bail.
Yeah, I always thought
he was the killer.
Can't believe they found
the body in the forest.
How do you know that?
That information isn't public.
Some of the people that
are coming in said it.
I'm gonna need all your
employees to come down
and do the official statements.
She okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I just have low blood sugar.
The deputy will
be calling you two.
You need to get
your shit together.
Sheriff Davis.
Been about three days.
ruling on cause of death:
A subdural hematoma.
Thanks, Michelle.
No problem.
Send the file over to
me as soon as possible.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Gimme 15 minutes.
All right.
We gotta go to the sheriff.
Wait, we can go to jail.
I killed that guy.
I mean it was to protect me.
Isn't that kinda
like self-defense?
It's still a crime.
Well it's the right
thing to do, okay?
I'd rather pay the price
than have an innocent
person do that.
How can you live
with that, Keith?
Come on, man.
How innocent is he really?
He didn't kill someone.
Let's go now.
Hey, wait. Wait.
Madison, can't let you do that.
What is this?
What is this, Keith?
I hated that asshole.
He deserved to die.
Keith, I don't understand.
He's been bad for
business since the start.
I came in for a good
life, a new life
and he's been fuckin'
up since day one!
I'm sorry, Madison.
No, no one can know anything.
I can say I did it alone.
You weren't involved.
That won't work.
Okay, okay.
All right.
Keith served time for murder.
Wonder if he had
something to do with this.
There's nothing there.
Something doesn't make sense.
What the fuck, Keith?
What do you mean
what the fuck, Keith?
I thought you were with me!
I'm not with you on this one.
If you just listen to me,
everything's gonna be fine.
You got a gun to my
fucking head, Keith.
Turn around, move!
- Get back there!
- What the fuck?
Listen, I'm sorry.
I thought we were
together on this!
No, we're not. We're not.
- You have no idea.
- We're not together on this.
You have no idea.
We could go to jail!
What the fuck?
Just listen to me!
Thought you were with me.
Please, no.
Come on, just listen to me.
We're not sending
an innocent person.
- No!
- I don't wanna go to jail.
No, I don't either.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Come on!
Look, it doesn't have
to be like this, Maddy.
You should've just
listened to me!
You didn't have
to kill him, Keith.
He was goin' to rape you!
But you're gonna kill me.
How is that any better?
It's not!
- Jesus Christ!
- I know!
Lemme think!
- Fuck.
- Put the gun down, Keith.
Oh no.
I can't.
I know about your past.
He was gonna hurt her.
And now you're
pulling a gun on her?
She's right, that's
not much better.
You're letting an innocent
kid take your rap.
You're better than this, Keith.
Put the gun down.
You did the right thing.
Here's your stuff.
Looks like you killing John
was all in your head, son.
Thanks, Sheriff.
You're welcome.
Can I give you some advice?
Think before you speak.
Good advice.
You havin' a bad dream, boy?