Harvey (Alien Battlefield Earth) Movie Script

Team sent to Nevada
to investigate Area 51
were confronted by the
American Air Force.
Our ship crashed in the desert.
They're being held
captive by the humans.
Hagor is on his way.
Our objective has always been
not to interfere with
activities on Earth.
We should remain observers.
That is no longer acceptable.
They have captured
two of our crew
and we must now treat
them as hostile.
You must give the order.
July 8th.
The Army Air Force has announced
that a flying disc
has been found
and is now in the
possession of the Army.
This is Gweldor.
Load the ships, and attack.
The urgent message to stay home
appears to finally
be getting through.
Governors in four states
have now asked residents
not to go out unless
absolutely necessary.
Just as it is no time to panic,
but it is time to be smart...
All pilots accounted for.
Target package Romeo,
17 degrees, 39 minutes,
42 seconds north.
Copy that, weapons hot.
I'm going in.
Copy, you got it.
I'm on your wing, partner.
Come up on my wing.
Human craft in range.
Ready for your order, sir.
Direct hit, human fatalities.
You know me, McCaffrey.
If there's a
diplomatic solution,
then I'm open to it.
I think we're past the point
of negotiations, Mr. President.
This is an election year.
You need to take
a strong stance.
How many
human casualties so far?
Low hundreds, very good figures.
If those figures rise,
we might need to
reconsider our position.
Understood, Mr. President.
The lockdown
is concerning to me.
An economic crash
would be a disaster.
Liaise with Area 51,
NASA, and the Air Force.
I want a swift and
decisive resolution here.
Understood, sir.
All pilots, get
ready to jump on my mark.
Copy, you got it!
Three, two, one, mark!
Fire mission danger close.
All teams ready.
Go, go, go!
Enemy down.
We've lost so many.
But I didn't come
here to lay waste
to a planet we helped build.
We came here to rescue our crew
and that's what we need to do.
You want to negotiate
with the humans?
Yes, set the
ship down somewhere quiet.
Order the other
ships to pull back.
I think you are
making a mistake.
We are beyond the
point of negotiation.
We should be focused
on securing victory.
Our original mission was one
of retrieval and recovery.
We need to return
to that objective.
This is General Romney
of the United States Air Force.
Who am I speaking with?
My name is Magon,
and I represent
Gweldor, the leader
of a group from the Zeta
Reticuli star system.
I have a proposal.
Go ahead.
If you allow us to
return to our retrieve
and recovery mission
without further hostility,
our ships will stand down.
There will be no
further loss of life.
Our boys are giving you
a goddam ass-kicking out there.
You're in no position
to be dictating terms.
With all due respect, General,
you have overseen
a significant loss
of human life during
this conflict.
Do you really want more
blood on your hands?
We do not
negotiate with terrorists,
domestic, international,
or intergalactic.
So General, I understand
that the aliens
have expressed an
interest in a ceasefire.
Yes, sir.
They hadn't threatened
any further hostilities.
In fact, several of their
ships stood down after that.
We've disengaged.
Whether that's temporary
or not, I don't know.
That is temporary.
We need to show force
in this situation.
Collins, how many
of their numbers
do we have alive in Area 51?
Well, there were
two ETs on the craft
which we recently
recovered, sir.
They're currently in
our research facility.
Have they shown hostility?
They were injured, sir, so no.
They're pretty docile
and in recovery.
Sir, the ET I spoke
with indicated
that if they could retrieve
their two comrades,
they'd leave the
planet in peace.
Oh, it is beyond that.
We need to resume combat
until they are obliterated.
Is that understood?
Yes, sir, it's understood.
We got wings inbound.
I'm on him.
59 degrees,
five minutes, 39 seconds west.
The humans are
on the offensive again.
We have no choice
but to defend ourselves.
Are you sure you
want to do this, sir?
Force seems to be the only thing
these humans understand.
It's kill or be killed.
Human craft in range, sir.
All enemy crafts obliterated.
Repeat, all enemy
crafts obliterated.
Mr. Collins.
This is Chief Master
Sergeant Maitland.
It's good to speak to you.
All right.
Let me bring you up to
speed on where we're at.
Now, the Air Force under the
command of General Romney
are leading the offensive
here on the ground.
They've engaged with
several alien craft
but so far, their
efforts have been...
Less than ideal.
A few weeks ago, two of
our astronauts discovered
an alien ship near a
lunar impact crater
known as the Aitken Basin.
They attempted to make
contact with our new friends,
but there was no one home.
They did, however, manage to
tap into their ship's frequency
and we've since been able to
monitor their communications.
Now, that ship is the same one
that crashed in
the Nevada Desert.
Now we're being
instructed by McCaffrey
to hold press briefings saying
that they came here
as the aggressors,
and that's not the truth.
We've got the ship's
logs to prove it.
They were here on a rescue
and recovery mission.
And I reported all
this to the Air Force
but they didn't listen.
They just shot them down.
We were the aggressors.
Of course, now we have
to tow the party line
and honor McCaffrey's wishes,
but you see, I'm a tad
confused about that.
Why are we now taking
orders from someone
who seems to have come
in out of nowhere?
I mean, is he even officially
a part of this administration?
But why is he the
one calling the shots
on behalf of the President
of the United States?
Strange situation.
Wouldn't you agree, Mr. Collins?
The Bible makes no mention
of extraterrestrial life.
In fact, any discussion
of it is forbidden.
With all due respect,
the Bible was written at a time
when religious leaders
were also the lawmakers.
Lawmakers want
subservient citizens,
and the easiest way
to propagate that,
by having humans focus on
everyday concerns and fears.
The saddest thing is,
many people buy into the idea,
only intelligent life
that exists out there.
Considering the size
of the universe,
in effect, we don't have
technology to take us
far beyond our own
little corner of it.
It seems rather arrogant
of us to believe that.
I've noticed people have started
to turn on each other.
Some are even still in denial.
As humans, we are
programmed to conform
to a certain way of
thinking and being,
therefore, we fear anything
that's different or unusual.
And it's that fear that
keeps us from accepting
the fact that,
scientifically speaking,
it's perfectly plausible
that other intelligent
life exists out there.
The media, oh, don't get
me started about the media.
The media publishes information
about UFO sightings
when it's exciting,
but always in a
mocking, whimsical tone,
reassuring the public that
this can't possibly be true.
Is that what
happened at Roswell?
I believe so.
The initial reports
seemed authentic,
how witness accounts to it,
valid photographic evidence.
When the authorities stepped in,
everything changed.
The witnesses were discredited.
Official line became it was
some kinda weather experiment.
You don't believe it was?
But now, they have no choice
to acknowledge the fact
of what we have seen
with our own eyes.
Everything's changed now.
We'll emerge from this
into a totally new world,
potentially, an entirely new
collective consciousness.
The military
are resisting negotiation.
We need to speak to
another government agency.
What other agency
would be receptive?
NASA and the Space Force
are responsible for the
civilian space program.
Should we conduct
a reconnaissance mission?
Yes, they have a base
in the Nevada Desert.
Send Elon and Elgor,
then report back to me.
Yes, sir.
Elon, you will
accompany me to the desert base.
We have been asked to
undertake a peaceful mission.
But in war time, we
need to show our enemies
how formidable we are.
Greetings, Gweldor.
Regretfully, I have bad news.
What is it?
Elgor and Elon are dead.
What happened?
During their
reconnaissance mission,
Elgor and Elon confronted
one of the earthlings.
They fought valiantly but
the human took their weapon.
Elgor and Elon were
stabbed to death.
That's enough, we
can't go on like this.
Morning, sir, I've been
asked to brief you.
That's correct.
As I'm sure you're aware,
enemy hostility has escalated.
There was an incident
at our desert base.
Two little bastards broke in
and attacked our personnel.
The situation is now
under control, but sir,
they had some kind of a
bladed energy weapon on them.
It was made out of
some kind of material
our scientists, they'd
never seen before.
We shipped the bodies,
along with the weapon,
back to Area 51 for
further analysis.
Sir, I think it's clear that
their motive was revenge.
You and I both know that
their original intent
was never to attack,
but now the Air Force
has shot down so
many of their craft,
they are hell bent to attack
us on all possible fronts.
I mean, every department
is under threat,
and yet this administration is
determined not to negotiate.
I know that.
Well, all right then.
Surely we can do something to,
to find a peaceful solution,
to cease hostilities before
we lose any more lives.
Five minutes, 39 seconds west.
Copy that, weapons hot.
I copy.
I'm going in.
Humans are
preparing another air strike.
One of our crafts is isolated.
Contact the other ships.
Coordinates zero,
five, nine, four.
Backup urgently required.
A direct hit, craft obliterated.
Beings from another planet,
why would they come
to this country?
Why America?
Read a book recently,
explaining how the night sky
played an important role in
early Native American cultures.
Studying the stars,
tribes would theorize
about the meaning of life,
the universe, and the afterlife.
The Cheyenne Indians
of the Northern Plains
believed the souls of the dead
traveled along the Milky Way.
The Road of the
Departed, they called it.
The spirits of the
dead followed a path
where the footsteps all
pointed the same way,
to the Milky Way,
and it camped in the stars,
where they reunited
with all the friends
and family they lost.
Maybe that's why these
extraterrestrials have come here.
Our indigenous
population always did say
that the answers
to life and death
could be found up there.
The extraterrestrial
mentioned Zeta Reticuli?
That's correct.
I actually have an
interesting article
that relates to that.
Which is?
Have you ever heard of
Barney and Betty Hill?
Can't say that I have.
They were a married
couple who claimed
to have been abducted
by extraterrestrials
in New Hampshire in 1961.
It was the first widely
publicized account
of an abduction in
the United States.
It came to be called the
Zeta Reticuli incident
because they claimed the
aliens who abducted them
came from that Solar System.
They went to a
hypnotherapist in an attempt
to try to recall some of the
memories of their abduction.
An interesting thing
emerged from the sessions.
Betty drew a star map, which
contravened the traditional map
that astronomers had
grown accustomed to.
Do we have access to that?
I dug into the
archives this morning,
and I have it in front of me.
What does it tell you?
My colleague, Atterberg,
proposed that the base stars
are Epsilon Indi
and Epsilon Eridani,
both of which are
near the lower limit
of life-bearing planets,
at least according to
most exobiologists.
I don't concur.
Neither one is as suitable
as Zeta 1 and Zeta 2.
Zeta Reticuli is a
unique star system
in the solar neighborhood,
almost identical to our Sun,
just 39 light-years from Earth.
So, what's the conclusion?
This map is from the
perspective of Zeta Reticuli,
not Earth.
White House
spokesman Clarence Bodicker
today held a press
conference to allay fears
the Air Force is
losing the battle
with the extraterrestrials.
Mr. Bodicker informed reporters
that the military have
the situation in control
and have landed
significant airstrikes
on several alien crafts.
He described the aliens as
unjustifiably aggressive
and a very real
threat to humanity.
Mr. Bodicker stressed
that while the military
are in control, all
citizens of Nevada
and surrounding States
must remain in their homes
until the situation is resolved.
Hey, Maggie.
Hi, I've been watching the news.
Maybe you shouldn't.
You okay?
Yeah, I am fine.
It's just starting to
get a little crazy here.
I'm worried about you.
Don't be, it's going to be okay.
There's footage of
all those crafts
all over the Internet, and
I knew this day would come,
but now it's here, it's surreal.
I know, I understand,
but this is why I signed
up in the first place,
you know, to be on the frontline
during a key moment of history.
Just be careful.
Remember there's someone
here who loves you very much.
I love you, too.
We're losing
too many of our crew.
Our numbers are
severely depleted.
Now is not the
time to pull back.
We need to remain
on the offensive.
I know you want a
diplomatic solution, sir.
That could still be possible.
No, that is simply not
acceptable at this stage.
We need to show more force.
Hey, mom, how is it going?
As well as can be expected
when you're under house arrest.
In fairness, there's a
pretty good reason for it.
I suppose.
Anyway, how are you?
Not bad.
How's dad?
Bonkers as ever.
He's in the bedroom right now
reading some fishing
magazine and laughing.
I have no idea what he
finds so funny about it,
but have fun, there we go.
You've got to love his quirk.
Have you... heard from Danny?
It would be nice if he
could get a normal job.
He loves his job.
I mean, we have a pretty
good life because of it.
But is it really
worth all the worry?
Come on, mom.
I do worry, but let's
not make it worse.
It's fine.
You know, love,
it's so hard that we can't
be together in person
during all of this.
I just want to
give you a big hug.
This video chatting helps, but
it really isn't any
kind of substitute.
I know.
I want to divert our course.
We need to go to Egypt.
Forgive me for asking, sir,
but what would be our
mission in that region?
The pyramids are a
spiritual hub for humanity.
Perhaps we can use their power
to gain insight into the future.
Thank you for speaking
with me, General.
Not a problem.
What can I do for ya?
Well, sir, believe me, I
understand the chain of command
and know that if we don't
follow it, lives are lost.
But in this particular scenario,
I feel we need to be on
the right side of history.
And you don't feel we are?
Not really, sir, no.
The aliens have
indicated several times
that they're prepared
to cease hostilities.
Yet, McCaffrey is
pushing us further
and further into conflict.
I'll level with you, Collins.
I don't like McCaffrey
any more than you do.
He's a ball-busting prick.
Circumventing the
chain of command
isn't going to do me any favors.
But you're the General
of the Air Force.
You have every right to speak
with the President directly.
You don't need to go
through McCaffrey.
I know that.
Well, then why don't you?
You think the
President will have
a different stance
than McCaffrey?
I don't know.
But the aliens are interested
in a diplomatic resolution.
Okay, McCaffrey is determined
not to give them that,
but maybe the President
will be more receptive.
Look, I just think it's worth it
to try and appeal to
his better nature.
I know, given the President's
respect for your war record,
you're the right man to do it.
I appreciate your
confidence, Collins.
I've always been
proud of my record,
but it has come with a cost.
I have a history of PTSD.
Truth be told, Collins,
they've been trying
to put me out to
pasture for a while.
But I'm not ready to retire.
That'd be like admitting defeat,
letting my personal
demons beat me.
Well, I'm not too keen
about putting a blot
on my copy book
with the President,
and giving folks an
excuse to set me aside.
It is what it is.
But I don't need any
further stress here.
I just want to do my job.
Look, maybe we'll win this war.
But at what cost?
Do we want the entire nation
living with the same trauma
that you've had to
contend with for years?
What kind of nation are we
even going to be left with?
It's been widely
discussed on social media
that an alien craft has
been spotted over Egypt.
According to our intelligence,
it's the mothership.
They're headed towards Giza.
The Ancient Egyptian
Pyramids of Giza,
one of the world's greatest
architectural wonders,
and mysteries.
Considering they originated
sometime between 2580, 2560 BC,
archeologists and
historians are puzzled
at just how these huge
structures were built.
One theory is they may
have had alien assistance,
using advanced technology
to create them.
Pharaoh Akhenaten's
strange appearance
caused skepticism among
ancient alien theorists,
believing he may have
been an extraterrestrial.
Is there anything I can do
to stop this destruction?
No, the humans must
save themselves.
Open your mind.
Tap into your higher
Your days of
undermining me are over.
You will kneel before
me, you pitiful creature.
I had a vision about Hagor.
I think we have a
potential problem ahead.
I agree, we don't share
the same mindset anymore.
You're looking tired.
Yeah, I am.
Things are so tense down here.
The news isn't
showing much anymore.
They seem to be censoring
everything right now.
What's happening?
Air battles.
We're losing a lot of men.
How are you doing?
Just trying to stay
focused on the job.
You know, that's
all I can really do.
Try not to stop and think
about what's going on too much.
How are you, you okay?
I spoke to mom earlier.
And how is she?
Struggling with lockdown.
I guess we all are.
It's not easy to be kept
apart from those you love.
Yeah, I know it's hard, but
look, it's for
everybody's safety.
I'm looking forward
to you coming home.
I don't know when that'll be.
Nothing, just stay safe, okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will.
All we've heard from the enemy
is bombastic rhetoric
and a replaying
of the demands for negotiation.
Precisely, sir.
There's an avenue
open for peace talks.
But Romney,
this is an election year.
We've lost a lot of lives.
If I don't oversee the
eradication of these aliens,
the people will
never forgive me.
On the contrary, sir,
I believe the people
would appreciate
a diplomatic solution,
end this lockdown sooner.
It's interesting, Romney.
You've spent decades straddling
the world of the
military and politics,
but you still don't
understand the political side.
What do you mean, sir?
The average hardworking Joe
doesn't want to risk
his life in a war
when the best he
can get out of it
is to come back to
his home in one piece.
Relatives don't want to worry
about their loved
ones dying either.
But it is he leader
of the country
who determines the policy,
and even in a democracy,
voice or no voice,
the people can always be brought
to the bidding of leader.
All you have to do is tell them
that they are being attacked,
and denounce the pacifists
for lack of patriotism
and exposing the
country to danger.
It works the same
way in any country.
That's what we need now.
We need to galvanize the
people into patriotism
as we mop the floor
with these aliens.
We need to be strong in
this moment, not retreat.
All I need from you
is to help us win.
Yes, sir.
Just remembering something
I haven't thought
about in years.
When I was a kid,
my family and I
visited relatives in Arizona.
A Navajo man, he told me a story
about this calf
in a nearby farm.
He was born prematurely.
He was so weak everyone
thought it wouldn't survive.
But his mother, she
kept on giving him milk,
kept on keeping it warm.
She was determined that her
offspring would survive.
A few weeks later,
the calf was strong
and full of life.
But it wouldn't take its
mother's milk no more.
A couple of days later,
the mother cow, she died.
The Navajo man, he told me,
in order for something to live,
something else
must be sacrificed.
This is Dr. Mantle,
head of the Sky Genesis program.
We've had an order from
McCaffrey to deploy
one of our androids
to the Nevada Desert,
the T-point-eight-zero-zero
According to reports from
our intelligence agencies,
the aliens have several androids
aboard their mothership.
McCaffrey wants our model
to infiltrate the craft.
He feels doing so via
artificial intelligence
can yield better results
than attempting to
negotiate with the aliens.
This is not of ours.
We believe that humans
manufactured it.
I didn't realize
they have such
advanced technology.
They do, it's
just not being disclosed
to the humans by their
government agencies.
Where did you find it?
The outskirts of Reno.
One of our ships
crashed out there.
It didn't put up any resistance
when I suggested it come aboard.
What is your model number?
Who manufactured you?
I am Cybernetic Model
manufactured by Sky
Genesis in the year 2015.
We are seeking a peaceful
resolution with the humans.
Is there anything
you can tell us
to assist with that process?
I can you that
they're not interested
in a peaceful solution.
They want to eliminate
all of your kind.
If you're going
to become hostile,
we will treat you accordingly.
He's self-destructing.
Good morning, General.
My dearly four years
and then McCaffrey.
We are both busy men,
so I will get
straight to the point.
I understand that you
spoke to the President.
As it is my right to do.
I'm not questioning your
right to speak to him.
My concern is the topic
of that discussion.
I understand that
you encouraged him
to authorize a stand
down of troops?
I believe there's
room for negotiations.
That directly contravenes
United States policy.
This situation has cost
too many lives already,
not just in combat.
Think of the health
effects on the civilians
as they stayed locked
down in their homes.
I never had you down as being
such a humanitarian, Romney.
With all due respect, McCaffrey,
don't condescend to me.
Fact is, Romney,
I am now above you
in the chain of command,
and if you ever
break that again,
I will make sure that
not only are you fired,
but that you are
brought up on charges.
For what?
Oh, I will think of something.
Maybe we'll find some
interesting photos
and videos on your
home computer.
Who knows?
You're real poisonous
son-of-a-bitch, aren't you?
Just heed the warning.
Don't ever go over
my head again.
There were no casualties,
just several injured.
Lucky for us that the
observation pod was so robust.
The humans are very
naive if they think
such a primitive system is
enough to annihilate our ship.
I suggest that we
strike back and take
a sizable proportion
of the humans out.
Not just the military.
The governments of
Earth need to feel
the maximum impact
of our firepower.
There is no room
for diplomacy now.
You advice is reckless
and not in line with
Gweldor's wishes
for a peaceful resolution.
We'll reconvene this evening
to decide what the
next step will be.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
We're in a stand
down at the minute,
so, just hoping that that lasts.
Yeah, let's hope so.
Yeah, I'm, I'm good.
I do need to tell
you something though.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, hey, look, look, whatever
it is, you can tell me.
I know.
I just don't want to
heap more pressure on you
during all of this.
Come on, look, it'll be fine.
You can tell me anything,
I'll understand.
I'm pregnant.
Holy shit.
Is that like a good
holy shit or a bad one?
It's a good one.
We really didn't plan this
so I was worried
how you'd react.
I'm delighted.
I'm so relieved.
I know the timing
is rough right now.
No, no, we shouldn't,
we shouldn't,
we shouldn't worry
about that at all, okay?
It was going to happen
sooner or later, right?
Have you told your mom?
No, not yet, I wanted
to talk to you first.
Well, I'm sure she's
gonna be delighted.
A little bundle of hope is
what we all need right now.
That little weasel
has tried for years
to oust me from key counsel.
Treacherous Troglodyte.
I'll show you all.
It's time to take
this ship over.
The White House
today issued a statement
crushing speculation that
the extraterrestrials
have approached them about
a potential ceasefire.
Spokesmen Clarence
Bodicker reiterated
that it was United States policy
not to negotiate
with terrorists,
but that no such
approaches have been made.
He said that any
communication between
the United States
military and the aliens
resulted in hostility.
Mr. Bodicker also
reminded the public
to remain in their
homes and said
that additional law
enforcement will be deployed
to deal with those who don't
adhere to the guidelines.
Hagor had a major malfunction.
He fought with two
of the androids.
They are beyond repair.
Where is Hagor now?
He deactivated himself.
He realized he had gone too far.
I've given instructions
for him to be dismantled.
It's good to speak to you.
You, too.
What can I help you with?
Well, it's a delicate matter.
Everything is at the moment.
Look, would you be interested
in privately making contact
with one of the alien crafts?
I'd like you to be
a correspondence
which doesn't involve the
military or intelligence branches.
What would be the purpose?
Well, to try to establish
better relations.
I mean, perhaps we
can arrange the return
of the captives and
their equipment.
If I'm hearing you correctly,
you're suggesting that we
circumvent the military,
the White House, and negotiate
with the aliens privately?
Well, if you want
to put it that way.
Are you fucking crazy?
Look, I think it's
crazy for good men
to stand by and do nothing
when the world around
them is burning.
We would definitely
get fired for this.
Hell, we could be brought
up on treason charges
for Christ's sake.
Okay, look, we don't
have to go as far
as returning the aliens.
But we could still arrange
a meeting with them,
establish better relations,
let them know that they have
potential allies here on Earth.
We can build bridges.
Greetings, Gweldor.
Once again I must apologize
for being the
bearer of bad news.
After hearing of your
mission on Earth,
the Reptilians
invaded Zeta Reticuli.
We launched a defense
and a battle ensued.
There were casualties
on both sides.
Eventually, the
Reptilians retreated,
but the damage to the
planet is substantial.
Unfortunately, that is
not the end of the story.
The Reptilians are now
headed towards Earth.
Whatever their motive
is, you need to prepare.
They will not come in peace.
My husband and I were
driving back to New Hampshire
after a vacation in Montreal.
We saw a light
anomaly in the sky.
We pulled over at a picnic area
just south of Twin Mountain.
We got out of the car
to take a closer look
and it appeared to be
some kind of a craft.
It hovered very close, so
we returned to the car.
Suddenly the car
began to vibrate,
and we both felt a tingling
sensation through our bodies.
Then there was this onset of,
I don't know how to put it.
It was like...
It was like an altered
state of consciousness,
like our minds were being doped.
There was a strong
beam of light.
It felt magnetic.
It drew us up out of the car
and up towards the
underside of the craft.
The hatch opened and
sucked us inside.
There was a corridor,
more like a tunnel.
It was dark, but I could make
out some of the architecture.
It was unlike anything
I'd ever seen,
like something out of a
science fiction movie.
Two aliens accosted
us in the corridor.
I knew resistance
would be futile, like,
I didn't try to fight them as
they led us down the corridor.
The aliens didn't seem
overly aggressive,
but they clearly
had a plan for us.
They experimented on us
in an examination room
aboard the craft.
One of the creatures put a
large needle in my stomach.
I screamed in pain and
they seem surprised.
One of them laid a hand on
me and the pain left me.
I wondered why, if their
motives were vindictive,
they would take away my pain.
Perhaps, but I
got the impression
they were curious
about our species,
not out to harm us.
I think they are always
trying to communicate with us.
We don't listen.
I've decided to take the
lead in this mission.
Are you sure, sir?
A true leader is judged by
the equality of his actions
and the integrity of his intent.
I understand.
I'll take the reigns
in the command center
during the mission.
Gentlemen, were getting reports
that several alien
ships have left Earth.
They're just hovering
in our exosphere,
and the mothership
is still on Earth.
At this time, it's unclear
what their strategy is,
but we do not think it's
an official retreat.
They're fixing to do
something up there.
Good or bad,
I'm afraid we just
have to wait and see.
We're ready for the order, sir.
The Reptilian
crafts are hovering.
Their mothership
is leading the way.
Do you have it in your sight?
I'm just looking in.
Is the Reptilian
mothership in range?
A direct hit.
All ships engage.
All enemy crafts obliterated.
The Reptilian
ships have been dispatched.
All of our crafts disengage
and return to Earth.
The enemy has engaged
with some other
unidentified hostile force.
And at this time, it's
too early to speculate,
but we believe that
these aliens were at war
with another species
who also happened
to be headed towards Earth.
I mean, the upshot is...
I mean, after everything,
they defended our planet.
This is Neil Taylor,
representative of NASA,
the National Aeronautics
and Space Administration.
I'm seeking to speak with
whoever's in charge of your fleet.
This is
Gweldor of Zeta Reticuli.
You speak English.
I'm contacting
you confidentially.
This does not have the
endorsement of our President
or any other military
or intelligence agency
in the United States.
I propose we set a meeting.
Perhaps we can provide mediation
between those in
power on this planet
and we can end the bloodshed.
Sorry to meet like this.
My superiors are concerned
about the fallout
from air battles in this region.
I come to you with
the greatest respect
and hope that we can engage
in peaceful relations.
Would you like to
come aboard our ship?
You have no need to
fear for your safety.
There have been too many
casualties on both sides.
We are seeking a
peaceful resolution.
Yes, I'd like to come aboard.
You're from Zeta Reticuli?
We've been visiting planet Earth
periodically for many years.
Why did you make those visits?
We have since
ancient civilization.
In fact, we have formed
the basis for much
of what is now ingrained
in your culture.
Your species is unique in that
you have a consciousness capable
of the greatest
love from divinity.
Yet your power and
energy is often channeled
into the creation of conflict.
As a consciousness,
you are all one.
Yet you act like
there is a separation.
We've identified the location
where the alien crafts
have landed in a cluster.
It is time for the ultimate
solution, Mr. President.
I didn't
want it to come to this.
None of us did, sir.
How many estimated casualties?
With operable placement,
maybe only 40 to 50% of
the regional population.
Those are pretty high figures.
We don't need to release
those figures publicly.
The media will cooperate.
The key message we
need to get out there
is that we have eradicated
the alien threat.
Do you think
we're gonna make it?
Yes, there are billions
of people on the planet,
but a change in perception
can start with just one.
This is about saving democracy,
abiding by the laws.
Our fathers are turning
in their graves.
Thousands of
people took to the streets
in Washington and Nevada today
to protest at the war
and lockdown measures
imposed by the
government as a result
of the ongoing battle
with extraterrestrials.
White House spokesperson
Patty Bainbridge
described the protesters
as irresponsible
and selfish for disobeying
the government guidelines.
Miss Bainbridge warned
that stricter measures
may be imposed if people
continue to flout the rules.
This is Chuck Fallon
reporting for WGYN.
The futility of war.
Oceans of blood spills
in every battle.
Is it worth it?
Beneath every uniform beats a
heart that needs peace and love,
not death and destruction.
A soldier fights
for our freedom,
but they themselves
will never be free.
They'll never be free
from the bad memories
or the trauma,
if they don't
sacrifice the body,
they sacrifice the mind.
Governments tell their citizens
it's about democracy,
and safety.
The truth is, no
government in history
ever put the needs of the people
before their own
thirst for power.
Western society has
been set up to benefit
the powerful, wealthy
elite, while the rest of us
contend with the social
and economic hardship.
The whole damned
system needs to change.
But there is one ray of sunshine
shining through
these dark clouds.
These psychopaths that
send these men off to war,
line their own pockets,
underestimate one thing,
the human spirit.
There is a soldier
in every one of us,
a warrior ready to
fight through the fear,
stand in their own sovereignty.
No government can
ever take that away.
Vietnam, 1970,
I was a forward observer.
I was just a kid.
My most frightening experience,
the bombs from dropping.
I was lying face down
in the slit trench,
the brim of my helmet
buried in the soft dirt,
as close to the
earth as I could get.
I was holding my breath.
The whining stopped,
there was a pause.
Then two or 300 yards away,
another cluster
of bombs exploded,
a deep, heavy
rumbling detonation.
I had plenty of time to think,
but nothing came to
mind except the fact
that the next detonation was
going to have my number on it.
Then the next bomb exploded,
the same all-embracing
blanket detonation.
It took me a minute,
then I realized I
hadn't been hit.
I raised myself up.
The flares were dim, and
in the half darkness,
I saw a figure running
across the field.
And for the first time since
I jumped in that slit trench,
I realized that I wasn't alone.
I was surrounded by trenches
filled with my fellow soldiers.
I wanted,
no, I needed to talk to them.
I sat in the trench for
a couple of minutes,
trying to decide whether
the raid.
I couldn't make up my mind.
I was unable to bring into
focus the obvious facts
that the flares were stopping
and the planes were
almost out of earshot.
I never did make up my mind,
but I did want to
talk to somebody.
So I got out of the trench
and ran a couple of
yards to a dugout,
with boards and dirt on top.
I was still shaking,
but I could breathe.
I was very self-conscious
about just how scared I was.
There were two of my
friends in that bunker.
They'd picked up a stray puppy.
I crawled in and
laughed at the pup
because it was shaking
as bad as I was.
We spent 15 minutes
discussing the raid,
and talking the terror
out of our system.
At the time, that's
all you can do.
You're shell-shocked and
you have to survive it
and move forward in
the midst of battle.
It's not until you get home
and try to live a normal life
that you realize just how
battle-scarred your mind is.
Navajo believe that death
is a natural occurrence,
and not something to be feared.
In the Native
American perspective,
death is not a defeat.
They really have a wide
sense of perspective.
I guess that's what's
happening to us right now.
It's like all our lives,
we've been asleep.
Now, finally, we're awake.
Congratulations, you two.
Thank you, mom.
Thanks, Elaine.
How do you feel about
being a grandmother?
Oh, old.
- Captain Turner speaking.
- Yes, sir.
I've got a C-L-Y
priority on a one, one, three.
Give me the code numbers.
A-H-R nine, zero, nine.
Sir, are you
ready to give the order?
Mr. President, are you there?
It is time
for the ultimate solution,
Mr. President.
We're ready for the order, sir.
If we hit the targets
from the south side, we
should get optimal placement.
We're ready.
Bearing, mark, two, two, zero.
Range, 34 miles.
We're ready here, sir.
Are you ready to give the order?
I'm giving the order.
May history write you well.
These psychopaths
underestimate one thing,
the human spirit.
There is soldier
in every one of us,
warrior ready to fight
through the fear,
stand in their own sovereignty.