Haseen Dillruba (2021) Movie Script

Name, Rishabh Saxena.
Age, 32 years.
Time of blast was between 4:00 and 4:30.
Everything is burnt.
He was hit on the head with
a heavy object, probably before the blast.
I see. Find out when it happened.
Sir, we've got fingerprints of one hand.
The rest of the body is completely burnt.
-There is a deep wound on the head.
-Yes, sir.
The body is completely burnt.
Only this hand remains.
There is a deep wound on the head.
Seems like he died before the blast.
There's "Rani" tattooed on the wrist
Rani is his wife, she's sitting there.
This is not an accident, sir.
Once we get the murder weapon,
everything will be clear.
Stop sulking.
We're going to see
a girl for you to marry!
We'd done this two years ago as well.
It's been two years!
You met Meera for all of two minutes,
but you're still not over her.
Tell me, what else do you like?
I really like Mahesh.
We studied together in college.
I've not been able
to tell Daddy about him.
Who falls in love
with the first girl he meets?
You've been moping around since.
And here we have got such a nice proposal.
Your horoscopes have also matched.
Her name is lovely too.
Rani Kashyap.
Rishu-Rani, the names sound good together.
The girl is pretty, well-mannered
she's a vegetarian and fair-skinned too!
She has completed her Masters
in Hindi Literature.
Stop it now, Mommy.
I'm meeting her now anyway.
And please, don't use the "going to the
washroom" excuse to survey the house.
Let's go.
Please, have some more food.
Rani has cooked all the food.
-All of these?
-And this kachori as well?
-Of course.
She has also embroidered
these covers on the sofa.
Do you like him?
He's an engineer
at the Jwalapur Electricity Board.
Don't know.
I don't want to live in Jwalapur.
Don't think of it like that.
Remember your boyfriend of five years,
what's his name
Neeraj Khaitan.
That gasbag vamoosed off to America.
And the other guy you dated for two years
Aunty, I know He was my boyfriend.
I remember very well.
Stop dreaming of
these romantic novel heroes
and grab a simple guy like him.
Plus, you're not getting any younger.
Also, it's very difficult
to find a match for your horoscope.
Your father has found only
two matches in the last two years.
Look at your other option.
This man from Mumbai.
Your horoscope has matched with his.
And this Jwalapur.
So what?
Your husband seems like a quiet man,
just like mine.
Rani would like to talk to Rishu,
in the kitchen.
Please come.
Just don't ask her what else she likes.
Please come.
Okay, let me start with some
bullet points about myself.
I have studied literature.
I work as a beauty salon manager,
as a hobby.
And I hate doing household chores.
Apart from this,
I'm a well-mannered and homely girl.
You're getting a great combo here,
a beauty with brains and a hot bod.
All we want is a simple and homely girl.
In that case, it's a perfect match.
Have you read books
written by Dinesh Pandit?
He's the best crime novelist!
His forte is writing about
spine-chilling murders in small towns,
which nobody can solve.
Have you heard of him?
No. I just heard of him now, from you.
Do you have anything else
you'd like to ask me now?
Or do you plan to come back to Delhi,
to continue this conversation?
Er, no
Never mind, tell me about your hobbies.
-My hobbies
-Yes, what are your hobbies?
I'm telling you.
My neighbors call me over on weekends
to fix their electronic appliances.
I like fixing gadgets.
I'm an engineer. They must have told you.
That's great. It's perfect timing!
-Thank you.
-Let me test you on this.
This fan has conked off.
Fix it.
Do you need anything from here?
Beena, where's the toilet?
This way.
Go straight and take a left.
I was looking for the toilet.
Let us discuss this with our
guruji and we'll let you know.
If you insist on marrying this girl,
I'll drink this poison.
Mommy, I really like Rani Kashyap.
In that case, I'll hang myself and die.
You can marry her after I'm dead.
Fine, I'll jump to my death.
Won't you stop me?
I'm confused as to what to stop you from.
Poisoning, hanging,
or jumping to your death?
Decide and let me know.
Mark my words,
both of you won't get along.
You won't be able to handle her.
I'm an engineer, Mommy.
I handle livewires every day.
Of course, I can handle her.
You know what, Uncle?
-All she needs is to be trained.
You can easily train her
in the first ten days.
Besides she seems very bubbly.
They all seem very
bubbly in the beginning.
So did she, when I married her.
You looked like a bubble too, at first,
and then my bubble burst.
Everyone looks at me in wonder
As I call out your name, day and night
My happiness knows no bounds
Sparks of desire fly everywhere
Fly everywhere
As our eyes meet
A fire comes alight
And in its flames
My poor heart melts
As our eyes meet
A fire comes alight
And in its flames
My poor heart melts
That loser has struck gold!
The poor guy doesn't know
what's about to hit him!
He is naughty yet a bit naive
The guy is so very naive
I too feel some sparks within me
Sparks light up within
My heart flutters when I see him
But I'm confused if he's hot or not
Hot or not
My heart leads me
Here and there
It knows not what it wants
Everything gleams and shines
The girl is nice
The guy is crooked
A bunch of lies
Oh, ho, ho
The guy is naive
The girl is sly
And therefore it's a
No, no, no
As our eyes meet
A fire comes alight
And in its flames
My poor heart melts
My poor heart melts
Who switched off the lights?
Ms. Rani.
Sir will be here in five minutes.
Your tiffin box fell, sir.
This is my favorite case.
But why, Rastogi?
Finally, after all
the riot and burglary cases,
I can relax, have my tea and snacks
as we discuss this case.
Rastogi, this case
is a breath of fresh air.
It's like poetry, with love and conflict
This case has riled Kishore Sir,
hence his personal interest
He thought it was an open and shut case.
This woman looks like a murderer.
Case file solved. Medal received.
But madam has got
-his knickers in a twist!
-his knickers in a twist !
Any news of that boy?
It's a dead-end, sir.
The team returned today.
Madam has been waiting
for the last two hours.
Let her get used to being in prison.
Rishabh Saxena.
Madam, we've been going over
the same story for two months now.
Why don't you tell me the truth, for once?
So madam, why did you kill your husband?
Only a vile woman
can kill such a loving husband.
He had even tattooed
your name on his wrist.
And you blew him to pieces?
All that remained of him
was his hand bearing witness.
Rani Kashyap, you may have fooled
Rishu and everyone else,
but I'm certain
that you are the one who killed Rishu.
Should I tattoo your name
on my wrist as well?
"Killer Rani Kashyap!"
Go ahead, sir.
But that won't change the truth.
That I am innocent.
Let's start from the beginning.
What was your relationship like,
with your husband?
Like any other
husband-and-wife relationship
Sometimes good
sometimes not so good.
Take this, Rani.
-It's been an hour. Still no sign of him.
-He's still not here.
-Did you speak to him?
-Did you tell him what time
-There he is.
-Afzar has come!
Bro, there's a lot of traffic
at the junction.
Why don't you take Rani in the car?
I'll get the luggage in that one.
-Hello, Rani.
Please go ahead. I got the car cleaned.
A new city.
New people.
A new husband.
Dinesh Pandit would have liked Jwalapur
but I didn't care much for it.
Our first meeting, the skies wept
and the city drowned
Seems like Jwalapur didn't care
much for me either.
Hello! Fetch me too. Already forgotten me?
Don't you have any friends?
There was no one to receive us.
But Afzar was there.
There wasn't any musical band
to welcome us either.
It was getting very late.
I thought we'd celebrate tomorrow.
Also, it's raining so heavily.
In Delhi, we don't let
such small things ruin our plans.
Er, sorry. A lot of rainwater came inside.
Give me two minutes, I'll clean this mess.
Hello, Uncle.
Hello, Aunty.
Oh, there's tea!
It's empty.
I'll get some more.
Rani, our neighbors
will come to meet you today.
Why don't you make
some delicious onion and potato fritters?
Sorry, Aunty,
I don't know how to make fritters.
You know what,
I can't even make a decent cup of tea.
No problem, I am good at it.
I'll get a cup for you.
-Hold on.
Wait a minute.
Your mother said that you
had cooked all the food
that we ate at your house.
And I'd told Rishu
hadn't I?
The kachoris were very crispy.
-Yes, you did.
don't believe everything my mother says.
She will even claim
that my father can build airplanes.
Don't take her seriously.
She has a bad habit of exaggerating.
Because of this bad habit of hers,
now we're saddled with you.
She had guaranteed
that you are docile and talented.
Show us how docile you are!
I am very docile, Aunty.
I religiously fast on Mondays.
I am a vegetarian.
It's just that I don't know
how to make fritters, that's all.
I can do everything else.
Threading, waxing,
bikini wax, cleanup, manicure-pedicure.
I can even get rid of your blackheads.
We've landed up with a beauty parlor
instead of a daughter-in-law.
Your biodata said
that you are a homely girl.
Let's not talk about biodatas, Aunty.
Your son's biodata said that he's 5'10".
There's no way he's more than 5'8"!
I'll I'll get the tea and fritters.
Problem solved.
Please carry on.
I'll I'll be back.
Did you study homeopathy?
Not really. It's my hobby.
Okay, let me test your knowledge.
What if I'm losing hair?
Are you?
It's just a test.
Oh, okay.
For hair loss, Thallium Metallicum.
Naturum Muriaticum for alopecia ariata.
For mild alopecia,
Ferrum Phosporicum should work.
What if it hurts here?
If your heart, er
chest hurts, then Kalium Carbonicum.
But if it's severe
What if my body itches, all over?
A new bar of soap, maybe?
Mother was asking me
about our honeymoon plans.
I've made a booking in Goa, for next week.
Did your parents try to set you up
with anyone else, before we got married?
You must have met other girls,
even if you didn't like them much.
I had met a girl, Meera.
She was really pretty.
Do you know, she pursued Masters as well?
No, I didn't.
What did she study?
Home Science.
Didn't you think of studying homeopat
She'd said that she could
even cook Italian food, lasagne.
I love eating good food
and watching TV with my family.
-Yeah, I saw. I saw that.
-I love it.
Why didn't you marry her?
Things didn't work out.
So? Am I a consolation prize?
What do you mean?
It means I'm modern and outgoing,
but still, I am a homely girl.
But you wanted the girl
who cooks Italian food, Ms. Lasagne!
When your mother lectured me
about fritters this morning,
you didn't speak up for me.
Er, I did.
This is the problem.
Without any effort,
without dating, without any hard work,
you've landed yourself
a beautiful and hot wife.
-So you take her for granted.
-No, no.
This is the problem
with arranged marriages.
Love marriages need a lot of work.
While in arranged marriages,
you're handed a wife on a platter.
And she's expected
to fry fritters for you.
Don't frit
You don't have to fry fritters.
Go fry them yourself!
Tell your mother to fry them!
You should've mentioned
that you wanted to marry a cook.
You asked for a docile and pretty girl,
and you got one.
What's her name again?
Ms. Lasag-Ne!
-M Meera.
Why didn't you marry her?
Didn't she know how to fry fritters?
Everybody wants docile cows
in arranged marriages!
You sauntered off to the market,
saddling me with this beauty parlor.
Now she's pandering to
your father's midlife crisis!
And look. Look at your new father.
He'll get you a new mother,
to live with your wife.
Er, I'd asked Aunty
if she wanted to color her hair too.
I was bored, so I thought
So you'll make us show-monkeys,
to keep yourself entertained?
Here I am, chopping vegetables all day
And Her Highness hasn't even
stepped inside the kitchen.
-Let me chop the vegetables.
-Why don't you just chop off my head?
She didn't even spare his eyebrows!
Looking good, aren't I?
You've let your wife
run wild in the house.
And she has turned him wild as well.
I've been telling you, start her training!
You mean physical training?
Not PT, TT.
A time table.
Tea at 7:00 a.m. Breakfast at 9:00 a.m.
Ironing your clothes at 10:00 a.m.
Et cetera, et cetera at 11:00 and 12:00.
Keep her busy with domestic chores.
This is how an arranged marriage works.
Right, Uncle?
You've been through this.
You're right, son.
Give me a pen and paper.
Which idiot walks around
with paper and a pen in his pocket?
I do.
Learn from him.
Demand tea at 7:00 a.m., without sugar.
Once served,
tell her you'd asked for sugar.
Okay? Show some attitude!
This will fan her desires
and make her pamper you.
You should try and control your anger.
Try to seduce him.
For now, calm down.
You can unleash all your anger
on him after a month.
Then, give him a tight slap
when he's sleeping.
But I've already screamed at him.
Be an angel in the first month.
Dripping sweetness.
Once he salivates like a dog,
for you, you can control him.
Work your magic on him.
In the next couple of days, seduce Rishu
by flaunting your cleavage.
"Oh no, oops!"
Make sure you wear tight blouses.
Turn him on and then get busy
doing something else.
Rani, it's seven, where's my tea?
7 A.M.
Rani, it's 7 Er. Um
8 a.m. No, not 8, 9! 9 a.m.!
Rani, I want breakfast at eight.
Rani, eight o'clock Shit, she's here.
Serve my breakfast at at nine.
Vegetables are so expensive.
What do you two do all night
that you have to flaunt your cleavage
during the day?
What's wrong?
Nothing. Continue watching your shows.
You've gone through enough.
Now that you've made a time table,
step two for the training is
Winning her over in the bedroom.
Be a lion.
Be a macho guy. Then you'll win her over.
Which is the most important part
of the body?
The head.
Becoming a lion won't help, Afzar.
Selenium Metallicum,
Phosphoricum Acidum, Yohimbinum
These medicines will help.
I hope all these x-cum, y-cum medicines
help you come at the right time!
What was that medicine you mentioned,
Please act your age, Daddy.
And stop dyeing your hair black.
You look like a scarecrow.
Mommy might use you to
scare away the devil himself.
Weren't we discussing something important?
-I only wanted to clarify
-Can't you see we're talking here?
You don't need to know
that medicine, Daddy.
-Are you sleeping?
Can you
open this hook?
This this hook?
It's done.
-Is it bleeding?
-No, no, it's not bleeding.
-Is there a cut?
Want me to give you two drops of Arnica?
Your pain will vanish in two seconds.
Should I?
You just switch off the light.
Sorry, I'll come over to this side.
Should I come to this side?
Yes. Sorry, sorry.
One minute. My leg
Get up.
-Er I
Slowly, Rishu.
So how was last night?
What last night?
I told you I wanted a love marriage.
Husbands make no effort
in arranged marriages.
It's wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am
and the show's over.
The wife is left high and dry.
Didn't he come onto you?
He came. Too soon!
He's like a firefly.
Do you get it? A firefly!
Their light flashes for one second
and then it's game over!
Try and make him feel manly.
Be "homely," make him feel "manly"
How many feelings do I need to give him
for such a simple thing?
I'm stuck in this back of beyond Jwalapur.
There'll be no fireworks between us.
Rishabh Saxena turned out
to be a damp squib!
Mother was right, I can't handle her.
She shares all our private details
with her family members.
She must have been joking with them.
You better stop drinking
those concoctions,
and don't take things personally.
And stop sulking.
Get it done, it's been pending
Rishu, what are you doing here?
Aren't you on leave?
You know how it is.
Sir calls me on a whim.
What are you doing here?
You should be on your honeymoon.
Focus on your performance there
and not here.
I think he wants to spend
his honeymoon with you, sir.
Remember, it's a Sunday tomorrow.
Don't turn up at the office.
Keep that in mind.
Get it?
-Should I serve you dinner?
-No, I have eaten already.
Should I serve you food?
I don't want to eat.
Lights are off, she must've gone to sleep.
Can I leave now?
You are bored with me, right?
No, nothing like that.
Let's play a game of Truth or Dare.
If you choose truth, you'll tell me
why you're running away from me.
If you choose dare, I'll take off
my blouse, and you, your pants!
I heard you speak to your mother and aunt.
What kind of a man
were you looking for, Rani?
with a sense of humor,
who's dashing, naughty,
and madly in love.
Sometimes wild,
sometimes passionate,
and a little crazy.
You'll need five to six different people.
You won't find all this in one guy.
But can't that guy have
at least one of these qualities?
Or is that too much to ask?
The office will start
MBA classes tomorrow.
I will attend the classes after work.
you didn't get the six-in-one man
you were looking for,
instead you got me
I'm sorry for that.
That was when
Rishu and I started drifting apart.
All I got from Rishu was his anger.
Even though we are together
You feel so distant
As we can't express our feelings
We remain silent
Or bicker all the time
Words of love remain unspoken
Do I convince her
Or convince myself
How do I change our fate?
Now I leave
Everything to fate
Everything to fate
Everything, I leave
To destiny
I tried to get close to him many times.
But it seemed he didn't love me anymore.
Days go by
And night begins
All night
I pace around my home
Since you're washing clothes,
wash Rishu's as well.
I close my eyes
And hide my tears
How do I change our fate?
Now I leave
Everything to fate
Everything to fate
Everything, I leave
To destiny
And abandon us
Now I leave
Everything to fate
Everything to fate
Everything, I leave
To destiny
Now I leave
Everything to fate
Everything to fate
Everything, I leave
To destiny
Sure, I can drop you.
Studying hard, aren't you?
Just giving her some directions
He's forgotten his way back home.
But he'll give you good directions.
This is your MBA?
It's only been a month since our wedding.
He tried just once, and failed.
Just thought you should know.
Getting an MBA, huh?
Now I leave
Everything to fate
Everything to fate
Everything, I leave
To destiny
Can I come home for a few days?
No, it won't look good
if you come home so soon.
I'll only stay for a few days.
I know, but I'm going
to my brother's house tomorrow
for a week.
And you'll be going
for your honeymoon soon.
Things like these happen.
Everything will be fine.
I'll call you later.
Should I start packing, for Goa?
There will be no honeymoon.
Will these dogs keep barking every night?
I can't stop these dogs from barking
for you to sleep peacefully.
I knew it!
I knew you would say something like this.
You shouldn't have married me, then.
You should've refused.
I was a fool.
This was my destiny.
These dogs were also in your destiny.
Try and befriend them.
So your house is opposite Rishu's?
-You must have seen what happened.
The thing is, a husband-wife relationship
is like a delicate thread.
You have to handle it with utmost care.
If you don't, it will break.
What's with all this poetry?
Explain it to me clearly.
Officer, try and understand
a woman's heart.
Neel is Lata's nephew.
He'd come to stay with them.
Why didn't you come for the wedding?
I did go to Delhi.
Why didn't I see you, then?
Because the wedding procession
had left by then.
-And the wedding was over.
-Crazy boy!
Where did you disappear last month?
Aunty You know, I'm a free bird,
flitting around here and there.
Your mother was so worried.
You were asking about Rishu's wife.
Here she is.
This is Neel.
My nephew.
He'll stay with us for a few days.
During tourist season,
he takes tourists around on his row boat.
What she means is rafting.
River rafting?
Exactly. On a row boat!
Did Rani just wake up?
The sun is blazing already.
My sun isn't blazing yet, Neel.
why don't you ask Rani
to cook something special for me?
Don't talk about cooking.
She's no good at that.
The only thing she's good at
is using her scissors.
And stay away from her scissors.
Or you'll end up looking like
your uncle, Mr. Rambo.
Want a taste of my scissors?
You're back.
Freshen up, I'll serve your dinner.
Rishu, my favorite cousin!
Neel? When did you arrive?
-Today, morning.
-This morning?
Nobody told me about this.
Please switch off the light, Rishu.
Seeing your father in his
glamour-boy haircut is hurting my eyes.
Just look at him.
And get your wife to stop her snipping.
She's quickly snipping away
our reputation.
You better control your wife.
The mother committed the murder
and implicated the wife.
DINESH PANDI HORROR OF LUS So you've read Dinesh Pandit's novels?
Sorry, do you mind?
It's only a matter of a month.
Jwalapur will kill you if smoking doesn't.
You look fine to me.
Yeah, I look fine.
Is it a good pic?
She has stolen my heart
From afar
Yes, yes.
I've been feeling this love
Have you got everything?
For some time now
To her I bestow
Every moment of my life
She's the reason for my being
She is my world
She is magical
My heart says to me
Slip away
My heart says to me
Slip away
My mind says to me
Drift away
My heart says to me
Can I get a cup of tea?
Slip away
Do you want a cup of tea?
Are you going to make it?
Tea leaves?
Next to the sugar.
Another two spoonfuls.
And sugar?
Three spoonfuls.
You'll need a sieve.
It's good.
Oh, I don't know what is right
Or wrong
This fever of love
Surges within me
You make tea so well
I'll happily die for food cooked by you.
Oh, I don't know who is friend
Or foe
This wave of joy
These mobile videos don't give
the correct instructions.
Has saved me
As I dive
Into the depths
The flame is too high.
She comes closer
Closer to me
Longing to touch her
Waiting for that moment
She is my reason
She is my refuge
She is everywhere
My heart says to me
Slip away
My mind says to me
Slip away
Are you okay, Rishu?
My heart says to me
Slip away
My mind says to me
Drift away
Who's she?
Slip away
Don't you dare touch me again!
Rani! Rani!
Where are you?
This needs a little more salt.
I think she is a gifted cook.
I'm craving some mutton curry.
You can't cook mutton in my kitchen.
Madam, over here.
Madam, big pieces or small?
You said you're vegetarian.
Where did you get this meat from?
-What's wrong, Mommy?
Rishu, she wants to cook meat
in my kitchen.
-It's alright.
-Return it.
Don't worry, it won't go to your kitchen.
Come with me.
she killed her husband so brutally.
Disposed of the murder weapon
and helped her lover escape
these two are fucking with us now.
Women like her are very cunning.
Once I get a lead, she'll rot in jail!
He was my only friend, sir.
He was crazy about his wife.
Sir, this witch
and her lover killed my friend.
They burnt him alive.
Wasn't his love enough for you?
She burnt him alive, sir!
He loved you so much.
She'll go to hell for this!
Arrest this woman, sir.
This witch has killed him.
How would you describe your relationship
with Neel Tripathi?
Sometimes good
sometimes not so good.
Did you have a physical relationship?
Dinesh Pandit writes,
that a relationship is a meeting of minds.
If it's only physical, it's lust!
Didn't you plan this with your lover?
Where's the lighter?
Thank you.
I'm cooking mutton, Afzar-style.
I got the recipe from Fatima.
Come here.
How many photos will you take?
I'm leaving next week.
Fine, I'll leave for Delhi as well,
next week.
Then I'll come to you.
Tell me
Sure you can cook mutton?
It takes a lot of sweat and blood.
Once you taste my dish,
you can guess my blood group.
I'll put my heart
and soul into cooking it.
And what about Rishu?
I'll tell him everything.
The truth.
Don't bring the mutton over here.
Rishu will return late.
You can give it to him when he's back.
Don't keep it here.
What about Neel? He'll eat it.
He left. Neel has left.
He quickly packed his stuff
and drove off suddenly.
Without saying bye?
Yes. He left without saying bye.
I wonder what the hurry was!
-Have some more.
-Weird fellow
left without saying goodbye.
He didn't just leave.
He ran away.
He ran away.
What are you waiting for?
Go and keep it inside.
Serve Rishu his dinner.
She's always lost in her thoughts.
I can see that you're making an effort.
Actually, you're so beautiful
that I get nervous in front of you.
I am sorry for all that has happened.
Can we start afresh?
I had cooked the mutton for Neel.
I had fallen in love with him.
I wanted to be with him
but he ditched me and ran away,
and I got left behind with you.
The mutton is delicious.
And he didn't say anything after that.
I kept looking at him
and he continued eating.
It's a good story.
But I suspect you and your lover
killed Rishu.
There is a wound on his head
after being hit with something heavy.
I like your story as well, sir.
You'll like the ending as well,
when I find the murder weapon
and your lover.
So you don't regret it?
Having an extramarital affair?
If I hadn't met Neel
I wouldn't have met the real Rishu.
-Neel, how dare you!
-Are you mad?
Crazy man
Let's go.
Sorry, sorry It's nothing
I admit, it was a mistake.
I was attracted to her.
And I fucked up.
If you'd satisfied her,
she wouldn't be so lonely.
I wouldn't have come between you two.
But Rishu
why did you not consummate
your relationship with her?
Because I'm a fucking idiot!
I wanted to win her heart first.
And you thought
"Rishu is a simpleton, screw him!
Let me screw his wife as well.
He won't protest."
Why didn't you get her with you?
At least the two of you
would have been happy.
Where were you?
I tried calling you, Rishu.
Won't you talk to me?
Let's play Truth or Dare now.
Where did you go?
To get beaten up by Neel.
Because he left you.
You loved him so much,
but he didn't love you back.
-I am sorry.
-Stay stay away from me.
What do I do, Rishu?
I made a mistake.
Should I leave?
Yes, please leave.
Really. Leave.
This is for the best.
I loved you so much, Rani!
So much that I couldn't live without you.
But now I can't live with you either.
You really should leave.
Because I feel like strangling you.
Leave, Rani, or else I'll kill you.
Just go.
Oh, no! What happened to you now?
You keep falling and getting hurt.
Can't you be careful?
We're going to Uncle's place,
we'll be back in the evening.
What's wrong?
Can you drop me off at the station?
Go by yourself.
Stop, stop.
What's wrong?
Hello, Rani.
Are you leaving?
Neel has also left.
I'll drop you. Get off.
Please come. Hop on, Rani.
Can't three of us ride together?
You won't get a rickshaw at this hour.
It won't take long, I can drop you.
We're just like Neel, Rani.
We'll keep you happy.
Ride with us, Rani. It will be fun.
We'll take good care of you.
It's our duty after all.
-Go inside. I'll deal with it.
-Oh, Rishu is here.
Rishu, are you taking Rani somewhere?
You've come out and she's going in
We'll miss her so much, Rishu.
You know, Neel had called me.
He told me to look after both of them.
Let's all go row, row, row your boat
Don't worry, Neel is my bro.
You can't even stop a rickshaw
Guess we'll have to do that for him too!
Rishu, can I send her a friend request?
Will she accept it?
Of course,
I'm sure she will.
We should get her handle for live stories.
You didn't even invite us
to the wedding, Rishu.
Give us a chance, let's have fun together.
There it is.
Come on, let me help you
My mistake
and Rishu was bearing the brunt of it.
There's Neel who had run away.
And Rishu
who was fighting my battles.
Please take my suitcase out.
I am not leaving.
You can punish me as you like,
but I'm staying with you.
I am not leaving.
That day I decided, no matter what,
I wouldn't ever leave Rishu.
Don't know if it was my stubbornness,
or my guilt.
Can I have your wallet?
I have to pay for the laundry.
It's inside.
In front of me was a man
with murder in his eyes.
And I almost died several times.
But as they say, love and hate are
two sides of the same coin.
When I met Rishu for the first time
I had met an engineer.
The next time we met, he was my husband.
The third time around,
I met the lover in him.
A lover with whom
I was falling madly in love.
So deep was my love,
that I was willing to lose my mind
and risk my life for him.
Dinesh Pandit writes,
"So what if he can't
stand the sight of me now?
His heart will beat for me someday."
So you knew
that your husband wanted to kill you.
And you didn't report it to the police?
You didn't even tell your family members?
You stayed on,
so that he could kill you, is it?
I didn't tell anyone, sir.
I stayed.
I'd made a mistake
and I'd have to pay the price for it.
Madam, are you mad,
or are you trying to drive us mad?
Sir, true love often drives us
to the brink of madness.
Dinesh Pandit writes,
"Eternal love will always be
stained with a few drops of blood
to protect it from evil!"
Well said.
Someone find this fucking Dinesh Pandit
and bring him here!
Yes, sir.
Let's get to the point.
So your official statement is that your
deceased husband wanted to kill you?
And then, what did you do?
I waited.
For what?
For the right moment to kill him?
For his forgiveness.
Rani is here.
How are you, Rani?
Dinner is ready. Should I serve your food?
Mix it with poison, while you're at it.
Let me tell you
an interesting story, Afzar.
Everyone in the neighborhood
already knows.
Why should you be left out?
You're my friend after all.
Listen to this.
Have you heard the story
of the emperor who goes to the market?
Rishu, please.
Which emperor?
In the story, the mighty emperor
proudly walks around the market,
wrapped in a silk shawl.
When suddenly a little boy shouts out,
"The emperor is naked."
Then the emperor realizes,
he has been butt-naked all this time,
and he didn't even know it.
He smiled and walked around,
while everyone else laughed at him.
I don't get it.
You will.
My situation is similar to the emperor's.
I am butt-naked!
Everyone here knows that my wife
had an affair with my cousin.
A real steamy affair!
What nonsense!
It's not nonsense. It's the truth.
-Here I was, being the good guy
And someone came and stole my love,
right in front of my eyes.
You've had too much to drink.
Eat and go to bed.
-I'll eat dinner.
-Where are you off to?
See you tomorrow morning.
Sit for a while.
Hey, Afzar, I've just started.
No one wants to talk to me.
You can talk to me.
You're punishing me anyway.
Go ahead and vent your anger.
But why?
Will you go on, like this?
What else can I do, Rani?
This is your chance.
Push me.
I had told you,
if you leave, I won't stop you.
I'll kill you now!
Rishu, if you had to kill me,
you would've done it already!
Want to kill me, right?
Push me off the ledge.
Push me now!
Or get a knife and stab me.
If you can't do this
then please forgive me.
Please forgive me, I'm sorry.
I made a mistake. I'm really sorry.
I made a mistake.
I am sorry.
You're a good man.
You're a very good man.
If you love me even a little bit,
that will do.
That is enough for me.
You don't deserve my love.
No, I don't, right?
But you still loved me a lot.
You loved me so much
that I hate myself for betraying you.
I am sorry. It was my fault.
I am really sorry.
I said sorry.
I am so sorry.
Ordinary people like me
go unnoticed.
Everyone thinks of us
only when they want something fixed.
-We are no heroes.
I don't want a hero.
I want Rishu.
I want you.
Can't we start over again?
Just once, please.
I'm sorry sorry.
All that happened, is in the past
These new moments
Let us cherish them
With you
My days are happy again
These precious dreams of mine
I give to you
Come and see them
Our lives
Have come together
And everything is bright again
You've come to me
Like we've never been apart
You've come to me
Love has blossomed
Like things were never amiss
Love has blossomed
You are mine
Was he killed?
The neighbor rang the bell and saw
What are we having for lunch?
Lust for peas.
-"Lust for peas"?
-Er, just carrots and peas.
May the fragrance of your love
Now be mine
Your eyes speak a thousand words
Your heart beats
Together with mine
I feel alive
My destiny
Lies in your hands
We will never be apart
Let me give you
Many new reasons
To smile
You've come to me
Like we've never been apart
You've come to me
Love has blossomed
Like things were never amiss
Love has blossomed
You are mine
What's she doing? Is she crazy?
Rishu, I've dropped that girl off.
Ask her if she wants to ride with me.
-I will
Please let him go, Rishu.
I won't leave him.
-What happened?
-The tires are stuck.
The timing belt is broken.
It will take time.
I want to wash my hands.
Where's the washbasin?
On the right.
Okay, hurry up.
Does it hurt?
Just a little.
When I got burnt at the gas stove,
that hurt a lot more.
I was angry.
I haven't come across a criminal like you,
not even in Dinesh Pandit's books.
Thank goodness,
I'm better than him
at something, at least.
"You don't listen to your mind
and I don't listen to my heart.
"No one listens to each other
in this city."
-Wrath of Kasauli.
-Wrath of Kasauli.
When did you start reading
Dinesh Pandit's books?
After I fell in love.
-Sorry. Are you hurt?
And then,
it seemed like everything would be okay.
According to the neighbor,
on the day of the explosion,
Neel arrived at the house at 2:30 p.m.
15 minutes later, Rishu went in.
And a little later, she left the house.
If Rishu was dead before
she left the house
She left the house
and sent the little girl
to tell Rishu to lock the door.
Munni, tell Rishu to lock the door.
-But, sir,
Munni has testified
that Neel closed the door.
Call the rickshaw driver.
Hey, you, come here. Quick!
-Tell him everything.
-Tell him.
Sir, madam was with me
from 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Where to?
The market.
She went to the market in my rickshaw.
I took her there.
I saw her walking around the market.
I waited.
And then I drove her back.
I saw her feed mutton to the dogs.
Suddenly there was a loud explosion.
Madam was outside the house.
How could she murder
She couldn't, right?
You scoundrel!
Looks to me like you're the murderer!
Mess with me and I'll break your legs.
You'll be riding a rickshaw with one leg.
-Get lost.
-Buzz off.
Everyone has a different
version of the story.
What beats me is, when there
was so much drama going on here,
why would she leave
the husband and lover alone at home
and go to the market?
Perhaps to hide the murder weapon, sir?
Where is it?
When did she hide it and where?
I am convinced
that this woman is behind it all.
She's just leading us
on a wild goose chase.
Hello, sir.
What did you find, Mr. Singh?
See this, sir.
The blast took place
during the Clean India campaign.
We were recording that.
And here is Neel.
So here he is.
See the replay, sir.
We've been searching
for the lover all this while
And here he is, swimming away!
When you guys were busy recording videos,
madam's lover made the great escape.
Instead of investigating, policemen are
now key witnesses in this case.
Tell me, what have you
discovered from this video?
-What's going on?
What's going on in here?
I see all the policemen here,
solving Rani Madam's case.
We have a good lead, sir.
He won't be able to escape now.
You wasted two months
running after that Neel.
-Sir, to solve the case
-Did you solve it?
-Sir, actually
-There is an honor killing case.
It is getting a lot of media attention.
Forget madam's case. Focus on this.
Sir, please give me two days.
We already have a court order.
We'll do a lie detector test
and everything will be clear.
If you don't solve this madam's case
in two days, find another job.
Where's Madam? Rani
Go, call that woman.
Take a look at this.
It's Neel.
He entered the lane at 2:30 p.m.
Then Rishu went into the house.
After that, you came out.
And then there was an explosion.
And here we see Neel escaping,
right after the explosion.
Where's Neel, madam?
I don't know, sir.
You bloody whore.
We're sick of your stories.
You better tell us where you've hidden
the murder weapon,
-or I'll beat you to a pulp.
She won't talk here.
Take her inside and get her to talk.
What were you saying, huh?
Madness in love
Go in, let me show you. Give me that.
Madness, huh?
What else does Dinesh Pandit write, huh?
Tell me!
What else does he say?
Sir. She's an adamant one.
Even though I thrashed her,
she hasn't spilled anything.
Ask the technician if he can do
the lie detector test tomorrow.
-Okay, sir.
Let her go.
Hey! Rani, get up.
Why is it taking so long?
Why don't I take you
to the doctor tomorrow?
I need to go back
to the police station tomorrow.
Is everything ready, Mishra?
The recordings are precise.
There's no chance of a mistake.
Please come in.
This machine detects every minute detail,
perspiration, trembling of lips,
eye movement.
All these get noted.
Your heartbeat is being monitored, anyway.
-Should we start, Mishra?
Sir, may I go to the bathroom?
Hurry up.
How long will you take?
Come on out!
What the hell are you doing?
Hurry up!
Are you dead?
Don't be too smart
I'll break the door and come in!
Is your name Rani Kashyap?
Rani! Come out, quickly!
Yes, my name is Rani Kashyap
Is your name Rani Kashyap?
Yes, my name is Rani Kashyap.
Are you 28 years old?
Are you nervous, madam?
You heart is already beating very fast.
Yes, I am nervous.
Take a few deep breaths, madam.
What happened on the 30th of November?
Sir, on that day, Rishu's parents
left for Bareilly, to attend a wedding.
Remember to turn off the gas valve,
or you'll end up blowing up the house.
-Take care.
Bye. You also take care.
We had invited Rishu's friends
over that day.
Aren't your friends coming over today?
I had asked Rishu to get a few things,
on his way back from work.
I've already bought mutton.
Don't forget the spices.
Send me a list of what you need.
-But Rishu returned early.
-I've got everything.
And he saw me talking to Neel.
Rishu, he
Welcome home, Rishu.
Why haven't you told him
that you're leaving with me?
Stop lying.
He's here to talk about something, Rishu.
Rani, go outside and let us sort this out.
I tried to explain everything to Rishu.
Go, Rani.
We are just talking, don't worry.
But he wouldn't listen.
He insisted.
And I left to go to the market.
As I left the house,
the door was left open
Tell Rishu to lock the door.
Rishu! Lock the door.
I saw Ruhina.
I am making kheer today.
I'll send some over.
-That's great.
-And I got into the rickshaw.
I had a tiff with the butcher.
Your knife looks rusted.
There's no way our knives are rusted.
Give it to me,
I'll get it cut from somewhere else.
So I went to another butcher,
got him to cut the mutton,
and was on my way back home.
I gave a few pieces of mutton
to the stray dogs.
Her heartbeat is fast even
when answering general questions.
Which is normal.
But there's no change
when I ask the other questions.
It's difficult to come to a conclusion.
Now what?
We can do one thing.
I'll ask her questions
she can reply, with a yes or a no.
Does she always wear these shoes?
Got it. Let's go.
Remove your shoes, madam.
Look at this, sir.
She has put a nail inside the shoe.
This would have caused her pain.
And pain quickens the heartbeat.
Now she'll claim
that she was unaware of this.
Get her to talk, Mishra.
Is your name Rani Kashyap?
Are you 28 years old?
Did you kill your husband?
Were you having an affair
with Neel Tripathi?
Did your lover kill your husband?
I don't know.
Did you murder your husband?
No, I didn't.
Sir, I am convinced
that she has committed the murder.
She knows where her lover is.
The machine hasn't
Enough of this nonsense.
Close Rani's case and start investigating
the honor killing case.
Madam left and the case file was closed.
But this case will always
remain open for me.
Everyone said that I'd taken
this case very personally
Five years went by and I got transferred.
-Have you taken everything?
-Yes, I have.
I've kept your luggage inside, sir.
Best wishes for your new posting.
We'll miss you, sir.
-Good to know!
-Thank you, sir.
-How much is it?
-Won't you share some?
Give some to Uncle.
It's okay
What about me?
Sir, have you read Dinesh Pandit's novels?
Dinesh Pandit writes,
"Eternal love will always be
stained with a few drops of blood!"
Savitri had won over
Bhairav's heart once again.
But Bhairav didn't know
that he had one last hurdle to cross,
before he could get her.
Cardamom, cloves, raisins,
almonds, and Rishu.
From a different perspective,
Rani can be an endless debate.
One with accusations and insults for me
But I want to have this debate
all my life.
Truth be told, I want to have
all my arguments only with her.
Move aside, Munni.
I had wronged her greatly,
but she stayed with me despite that.
And today
I've got everything.
today I can do anything for Rani!
Welcome home, Rishu.
We were talking about you.
Did you get the cashews and raisins?
Please leave, Neel.
Tell him.
Tell him that you're leaving with me.
Go on.
You're lying.
I'm lying?
Rishu, he's here to bother us,
nothing else.
I'm here to bother you?
He's the one who's been bothering me.
Why don't you tell her
what you've been up to, Rishu?
He'd come to Delhi,
to attack me with a screwdriver.
Now he's told my neighbors
that I'm a sex offender.
Me, a sex offender?!
Why did you guys get married,
if you can't satisfy your wife?
Then people like me get stuck
being called sex offenders.
Listen, I came here to clarify.
Neither of us is an offender.
What happened between us was consensual.
I didn't force her.
She's right here. Ask her.
And it was good.
I bet she thinks about it too.
Yes, I think about the
huge mistake that I made
this is how I think of it.
A mistake?
Why did you come to me, then?
Because one has to kiss many frogs
before one can find true love.
And you belong to that category.
A frog, huh?
This frog is a big fan of yours, Rani.
Let me increase your fan base.
I'd taken a few videos
of us together, remember?
Let me share these
in a few WhatsApp groups.
And your fan base will increase.
Rishu, you better get
some more screwdrivers,
because you'll have to run after quite
a few boys, who'll watch these videos.
See this. Don't you look nice?
Remember? You were having a good time too?
-Get off!
You're completely mad, you know?
Have you lost your mind?
Get up.
There's blood.
Let me call the police.
-I'll call the police.
He is dead.
-He is dead.
-No don't call the police.
-I killed him.
-You didn't kill him, Rani.
I killed him, Rishu.
It was an accident.
He died in an accident.
We didn't kill him on purpose.
I won't let you go to jail for this.
You won't go to jail for this.
Listen carefully.
Finally, things have improved between us
and I want to be with you.
what next?
What do we do?
In every unplanned crime,
you get one chance to hide it.
I've read only one of
Dinesh Pandit's novels,
Wrath of Kasauli.
-Rishu. No.
-We have no other option.
No Rishu, this is madness.
-We don't have a choice, Rani.
-I'll go to jail
Nothing will happen.
No one will get caught.
Listen to me, please.
Everything will be fine!
No, I refuse to be parted from you.
Just do as I say, okay?
We will get caught.
Ice, ice!
Go and get some ice!
Ice Where's the ice?
Get some kerosene. Go.
Get some newspapers.
Give them to me.
No, I can't. No.
Hold this, Rani.
What's wrong with you, Rani?
-I can't.
Want to be away from me? No, right?
Then you have to do this. Do this for us.
Please, Rani. Okay?
Hold this!
Rani! Just do it!
Rishu! Rishu!
Open your eyes! Open your eyes!
Open your eyes, Rishu.
Your tears are the reason for my sorrows
Your happiness, I owe to you
Every inch of my being
Says that
We write our own story
We are our destiny
We only have each other
Sorrows are gone
Happiness is ours
We've made it together at last
You've come to me
Like we've never been apart
You've come to me
Love has blossomed
Like things were never amiss
Love has blossomed
You are mine
Munni, tell Rishu to lock the door.
Rishu! Rishu! Lock the door!
I am making kheer today.
I'll send some over.
Don't play over here.
Go somewhere else.
Wait a minute.
Give it to me,
I'll get it cut from somewhere else.
There's one more.
Can you cut this as well, please?
And Bhairav's story of love and sacrifice
drowned in the river with him.
What happened? Why are you laughing?
He switched the lover's body
with his own and turned the case around.
The lover will remain missing.
His body will never be found.
The husband cut off his hand
and kept it with the dead body,
to save his wife.
In this day and age,
who goes to such lengths for love?
I'm sure, you wouldn't even sacrifice
a fingernail for me!
"If love doesn't push you to the
brink of insanity, it's not true love
Only the meek seek refuge
in passionless relationships."