Haslers (2023) Movie Script

The sun stood by its insolence
To burn bright in the heavens
But when night appeared
Its light feverishly faltered
Theres nothing we can do
All things come and go
Time will soon send us
To different ends, separate paths
The leaves kept their hold
On branches they remained glued
But when autumn came
Their limbs turned lame
Theres nothing we can do
All things come and go
Time will soon send us
To different ends, separate paths
Whatever life brings us
Wherever it leads us
We may be far apart
Our love will embrace us
Love will grow into wings
To fly us to our dreams
And find our way back
In each others heart
Babe, I wont do it again.
Please, thats painful.
Lie down.
- Babe, I wont do it again.
- Lie down.
Stop it, please.
Ive been so patient with you.
Ill never do it again.
- Damn, that hurts!
- Say it loud!
- Please. I wont do it again. Promise.
- Louder.
Babe, please.
I wont do it again. Promise.
- Hello?
- Hello?
Why are you all so late?
Sorry. I needed to
wait for my reliever.
And you, Thea?
I had to see a client.
Good thing he asked his driver
to bring me here.
Why didnt you meet him earlier?
You knew that we had plans.
As if I control his schedule.
Dont worry, I treated all of you.
What about you, Hazel?
What took you so long?
I also had a client to meet.
You know how it is. So, just chill.
Let me have some!
We have so many things to cover.
And we dont have much time. Chill?
Here, have a bite.
Its alright. Were all here.
We can start.
I need to smoke.
Really now?
Just one stick.
Another hour?
Just one stick!
- Just one, promise.
- Unbelievable.
Just relax, Cheska!
Just one!
Take a seat, Sofia.
Let's start.
Relax, you know
how those two are.
Sofia, show me
what youve worked on.
Cheska never changes.
She buries herself in books.
You know how she is.
We should have brought her with us.
You should teach her to relax.
No, you should do it.
She needs to chill.
Ouch... yeah, no way.
Help me with this...
Cover it with your hands.
There we go.
Do you have some candy?
Can I have some?
Take your lighter.
Or should I just keep it?
Give it to me.
I don't have any left.
Do you have some?
As usual. Smoke...
I do.
Ill buy some.
Sure. After those two are done.
Any problem?
I just feel stressed lately.
With what?
Work, what else?
Have you had enough?
Do I have any choice?
Well, we do.
Consider this, Hazel.
If I stop,
where will that bring me?
Back to the gutter?
I hate being poor.
And you, why havent you stopped?
Just as you have said it,
what will happen to us?
We have no families to help us.
Well, you can stay with your uncle.
Don't be stupid.
After what he did to me,
Ill kill him.
And you, why dont you live
with your old man?
Screw him, too. After he sold me
when I was just fifteen,
you expect me to return to him?
At least, I only have
myself to take care of.
Thats it. You dont want to share
your money with anyone.
Come on, lets join the two.
Cheska must be fuming.
- Ill follow. Ill just finish this.
- Are you sure?
Daddy. Run after me.
Naughty girl, come to Daddy.
Catch me, Daddy.
You, naughty girl...
You, naughty girl...
- No, Daddy!
- This is what you deserve.
- You, naughty girl...
- Daddy!
Keep going!
So good!
So good!
- Im coming!
- Do you like it, Daddy?
Give it to me.
Im coming.
Heres your allowance.
Thanks, Daddy.
Youre truly sweet.
You're spoiled.
By the way, I havent paid my tuition fee.
Thank you, Daddy.
I need to go.
Bert is there. My driver
will bring you to your school.
- Okay, Daddy.
- Ill go ahead.
- I'll go now.
- Have a safe trip.
Yes, its her.
Its Hazel.
What happened to you, Hazel?
Are you okay?
What happened, Sofia?
Really, 40 out of 100?
Look, I almost didnt make it myself.
Thats enough, Cheska.
I was too occupied with my work.
I didnt have enough time to study.
Sorry, Cheska.
Which part was difficult?
You should have told me.
Its all my fault.
I had so many things in my mind.
Maybe you need
to find time to rest.
I cant. I need to work.
Grandma gets worse everyday.
We need money for her medicine.
I can lend you some cash.
How much do you need?
No. Ill do this myself, Thea.
Come on, were friends.
Were here to help each other.
How much do you need?
No need.
Ill prepare for the next exam.
I really hope so.
Stop whining. Look at this...
You're sure, okay?
Is this real?
- Look, it's an 88!
- Whatever, you're with your girlfriend...
I can't believe it.
Of course, it's real.
- Whoa! Your score is high!
- Hey! Give it back!
Give that back to me.
Hey! Damn it, give it back!
Give it back!
- Maybe someone leaked the answers to you.
- So what? Give it back!
Give that back.
Bro, you're so weak!
Give that back.
- Thats enough. What time is it?
- Youre no match to Miss Pusher, Alex.
- Asshole...
- Well all be late.
Youre such a killjoy, Gabby.
Move away...
- Asshole.
- What a bitch...
And so are you.
Bitch! Let's go.
Someday, Ill have you.
- Those pushers...
- She's just playing hard-to-get.
Thats enough. Well all be late.
Dont be a killjoy, bro.
You shouldnt have given her paper.
So, is it really true that
someone gave you the answers?
You know how resourceful I am.
Why didnt you share it with us?
You know that it's wrong.
It was just given to me
as a favor.
One of the Math professors
is my client.
- But who is not in your list?
- I know right.
By the way, Sofia,
if you need extra income,
I know one.
Hazel, dont you dare introduce
Sofia to your line of business.
Not mine. But yours...
Cheska? I didnt know you had a job.
What work?
Nothing big.
Im just a plain house cleaner.
Im good at cleaning.
And it pays well.
- Nope.
- Can you recommend me?
Theres no vacancy.
Ill advise you when theres an opening.
Ill take your word.
Sofia, youre here.
Have you had dinner?
Good evening, Grandma?
Who are you?
Why are you here?
I'm Sofia, your granddaughter.
How are your wounds?
I dont remember you.
Good evening, Mom.
I havent bought
your Grandma her medicine.
Do you have some money?
Yes, I just got my salary.
Thank you. Do you have more?
I also need to pay some bills.
Here, Mom.
Thank you.
Ill go to my room.
Sorry, I kept you waiting.
Its alright. I just got here.
Ill order some food.
Want something?
Im alright.
I already ate.
Are you sure? Ill treat you.
I made you wait.
Im good.
- Then Ill just order for you.
- Thea...
Just a moment...
Can I ask you a favor?
What is it?
Can you help me?
Of course. How?
We're always short on money.
And my salary isnt enough.
I cant make both ends meet.
Do you know of some work?
Any job will do.
You should have approached Hazel.
She knows a lot.
Didnt she offer you the work
she gave to Cheska?
Theyre not yet hiring.
Thats what Cheska said.
I really need a good source of income.
You know my work too well.
Theres nothing I can offer you,
but to be an escort service.
Are you serious about this?
If you need money,
I can spare you some.
No, Thea.
I cant simply borrow money from you
every time Im in need.
My Mom has no work.
My Grandmas getting worse every day.
I really dont know what to do.
Alright, Ill help you.
Ill refer you.
Can we keep this
between the two of us?
Of course!
Thank you.
Ill get in touch with you if
there will be some questions.
I have to go.
Okay. Thank you.
Please, Sofia...
- I just wanted to...
- We have nothing to talk about.
Please, Sofia...
Cut it.
Whatever you think
we have among us,
thats all gone.
After what happened?
I've moved on.
And you seem happy
with your life.
So, please,
lets not bother each other again.
Your drink, Sir.
Thank you.
What do you think you're doing?
Im sorry.
I was stuck in traffic.
Sit down.
Whats the problem?
I suggest that Miss Rodriguez
be expelled from school.
The number of drug users in this school
is continuously rising.
And clearly shes one
of the causes.
Selling drugs in school
is a major offense.
- Is this true, Miss Rodriguez?
- No, Sir.
But, Sir,
I caught her
in the middle of a transaction.
Will you give us
a room, Miss Ramos?
Id like to talk
to Miss Rodriguez alone.
That woman really hates me.
And why did you
get yourself caught, Hazel?
I didnt have myself caught.
That woman just
keeps on tailing me.
She has her eyes on me
from the very beginning.
If that's the case,
why weren't you careful?
Want one?
Sorry, Sir. Dont worry,
Ill be more careful next time.
Make sure. I may not be able to
cover you up next time.
I dont want people to suspect.
Yes, Sir.
wheres my cut?
Looks thin.
Sales have not been good lately.
Anyway, just be careful with your deals.
Yes, Sir.
- Did you see that?
- What?
The ball, he did a lay up.
Dumbass, that wasn't a lay up!
Hey, Miss Drug Pusher, how are you?
Wait. Why are you avoiding me?
What do you need?
Wait, where are you going?
Far from you...
Stop playing hard-to-get.
- When can I score?
- What?
Your friends arent around.
- They wont know.
- Screw off!
Hey, bro, let's go.
No, Im tired of her shit.
Stop pretending.
- I know you like me.
- Bro, just leave her.
Stop being a killjoy, Gabby.
- Someone might see us.
- Are you giving me an order?
No, its not what you think.
I dont like you.
Whats difficult to understand?
Everybody likes me.
Not everybody.
Bro, you cant stand a chance.
Get up, bro.
Stop whining.
Dont push your luck.
- Hello.
- Babe, where are you?
Im here. Im looking
for the room.
Are you sure with your decision?
I'm already here anyways.
I can cancel it.
I really need the money.
I have no choice.
Okay. Just update me then.
Are you the girl sent by Thea?
Come in.
Take a shower first.
How long have you been doing this?
Im new.
How did you get
into this business?
A friend recommended me.
Someone was looking for a cleaner.
A topless cleaner.
And you agreed?
The offer was tempting.
I needed money for my schooling.
So youre still studying?
Yes. College...
Do you give extra-service?
No. I dont.
Cut the pretense.
Its just the two of us.
Stop it. Thats not my job.
Please respect my limits.
Hazel, why did you
book me with that client?
Whats that?
Your fee...
How did you get it?
I went to his house.
- Why do you have bruises?
- That's nothing.
I gave him what he deserved
for assaulting you.
Arent you afraid?
He can file charges.
On what charge? Physical assault?
That wont cost much.
I also have my connections
with the police.
And hes aware of that.
Thats why he paid.
Dont you fear your safety?
In our line of work,
theres no room for fear.
We only have our courage
to hold on to.
Dont worry, Ill accompany you
when you meet your next client.
And what can two women do?
We can kick each of their balls.
They wont be able to fight back.
They wont be able to fight back.
Come on, stop crying.
Theyre staring at you.
They dont know me anyway.
- Stop crying. You look funny.
- Look what he did to your hands. Sorry.
Thats nothing.
Here, take your money.
I couldnt do it.
Its okay. I understand its
a difficult situation for you.
Im not sure if
Ill be able to face them.
Just take your time.
Do you have it?
Are you alright?
Whats it to you?
Im concerned about you.
Since when?
Look at yourself.
If you dont shape up,
I wont supply your needs.
And if you dont hit your quota,
your Boss wont be happy.
Who cares?
He has long betrayed our friendship.
You dont even have the
balls to stand against him.
Let him be.
Miss Drug Pusher, is that you?
Boss, what took you here?
I just wanted to see
if business is doing good.
Everythings good, Boss.
How are you?
I missed you.
Hazel, I think you need to go.
Its late.
Damn you! You think youre tough?
No, Boss.
Then what?
You want to meddle
into my affairs?
- Damn you!
- Sorry, Boss. It wont happen again.
Wait, I need to go. Ill call again.
Theres a police officer
who wants to talk to you.
Who is it?
Good afternoon, Atty.
Im Detective Eileen Sahiban.
Have a seat.
We got this where we found Hazels body.
She wrote this poem for us
when we were in College.
I tried to call your number,
but you werent picking my call.
I came to your office,
but it was closed.
Sorry, Detective. I was just too busy.
When was the last time
you talked to Hazel?
Its been quite a while.
About a month ago?
A month ago.
We have the phone of Miss Rodriguez.
Upon investigating, we found call logs
between you and Hazel Rodriguez...
a month ago.
And you were one of those she called
before she was found dead.
The last time I talked to her
was two months ago...
Sorry, Detective,
my memory outside work is fuzzy.
But yes, a month ago,
she asked me for money.
Why did she ask you for money?
Truth is, Hazel has been
a drug user for quite sometime.
The first time she borrowed money
from me was...
two years ago?
I lent her out of friendship.
When it became more frequent...
and I saw her condition, I stopped.
Did you lend her a month ago?
No, I declined.
- Why?
- I knew where she will be spending it on.
Thank you for your time, Attorney.
I'm sorry for bothering you.
- Thanks, too. I hope I was able to help.
- Ill go ahead.
Thank you again.
Hazel, what happened to you?
What happened to you?
What are you staring at?
- Whos with you?
- No one.
- Be honest.
- Its just me.
Damn, are you setting me up?
What are you talking about?
Are you out of your mind?
- Do you have it?
- Yeah. Keep your voice down.
Open the gate.
- Give it to me.
- Whats wrong with you?
- Have you seen yourself?
- Let me have it.
You havent even taken a bath.
- Come on, hand it to me.
- Have you slept?
Calm down, will you?
- Give it to me.
- Youre too wasted.
Calm down, will you?
Do you still get to talk to Cheska?
And Thea?
Come on, let me have it.
How are your friends?
I dont have friends.
Screw them!
- So you get your money from them?
- Why do you care?
How do you manage to convince them?
Give that to me.
They all ruined my life.
I didnt know youre married.
Yes, just six months ago.
You didnt bother to invite.
Whos the groom?
Hes someone you dont know.
So its true.
You married that scumbag.
I hope you can forgive me.
I was drowning in debt.
You cant fool me.
Youll give up anything for money.
Even turn your back on your friends.
So why did you meet me?
Do you have extra money?
Can you lend me money?
I'll pay you.
Of course. How much?
Ten thousand. I just need it badly.
I tried calling Cheska and Sofia.
But they ignored me.
Maybe thats how it is.
Wealth blurs the memory.
What happened to your arm?
It's nothing.
Hazel, when will you stop?
What is it to you?
Thanks for this.
Ill pay you soon.
And please tell your husband...
Go to hell!
I was told that you went out.
Who did you meet?
A friend of mine, Hon.
We just had coffee.
Who in particular?
Youre full of shit.
Dont make a fool out of me.
You met with a lawyer.
Thats not true, Hon.
Do you really think
you can just leave me?
And then what,
take all my money?
Or you just want to embarrass me
in the coming elections?
Promise, I just went out with a friend.
You have no friends.
Dont play your games with me.
Remember this, you bitch,
if I lose this election because of you,
we will both go down
the drain together.
Are you okay?
Im okay.
So youre married...
What do you really need from me?
Detective Eileen called.
So what?
You want us to claim her body?
Im arranging Hazels funeral.
Ill take care of the expenses.
I just want you and Sofia to be there.
We all know that
Hazel has no family.
She was a good friend to us.
Really, a friend?
Do you consider one who blackmails
for money a friend?
Tell me!
Maybe thats her way
of numbing the pain.
We are all she has.
Youre right.
She has no one but us.
Thats why you keep on
giving her money.
For what?
To relieve yourself of your guilt.
Leave me.
I wont join you.
whatever happened in the past,
surely Hazel has forgiven you.
Screw you, Cheska.
Hazel forgave me?
Why just me?
Am I the only one to blame?
I know what youre up to.
I understand your guilt.
You just want to feel less guilty.
Youre such a hypocrite.
Ill pay the bill.
Ill just get something.
Look whos here,
the honor student
whom everybody admires,
works as a topless maid.
Alex, please dont tell anyone.
I need this job.
My scholarship grant is not enough.
Yes, I wont tell anyone.
But what is in it for me?
What do you mean?
What do I get for my silence?
What can you give me in return?
I want something that
can make me happy.
Hey, Alex, there you are.
Good evening, Uncle.
So youve met my cleaner?
Do you know each other?
No, Uncle, I just want
to take a closer look.
Its my first time
to see her kind.
Shes a gift from a friend.
He wants my vacation
to be memorable.
By the way,
Im returning to Colombia soon.
What do you want?
Hazel, can you stay still?
Give me the ball.
Pass it on.
We should have finished the game.
[laughing, chattering]
That Alex is a real scumbag.
Who does he think he is?
Hey, Thea, why are you and
Gabby staring at one another?
Huh? Of course not.
Someone saw you
boarding down Gabbys car.
Thats fake news.
Why do you subscribe to rumors?
Just make sure.
Goodness, Thea,
you can be with anyone, but Gabby.
Hes Alexs friend.
I dont know what
youre talking about.
- Baby...
- Yes?
Until when will we keep hiding?
My friends are beginning to suspect.
Cheska asked me if there was
something between us.
And what did you tell them?
I told them that
there was nothing.
She asked me to avoid you.
Why? Whats wrong with me?
- Youre Alexs friend.
- So?
They hate his guts.
You should talk to him.
Do you think Alex will listen?
His father is a jueteng lord and...
his family is well-connected.
I wont stand a chance.
Then why not
cut your ties with him?
Its not that easy.
When youre with Alex,
you do as he pleases.
Why stick with him?
We've been friends
since high school, and...
I never expected him
to be that bad.
So what will I tell my friends?
- Gabby...
- Thea!
- Oh, my God. Its really you.
- How are you?
- Im good. And you?
- Im alright.
Sorry for everything.
Its okay. I know
youre happy with Alex.
By the way...
What's this?
What is this?
Hazel is gone.
Since when?
Last Tuesday.
She left a suicide note.
What did she say?
About us, our relationship as friends...
Sorry, Thea, but I need to leave.
- Take care.
- You, too.
Damn that Alex!
Hes really full of shit.
Hazel, calm down.
No! He cant just
get away with this.
Ill teach that scumbag a lesson.
And how will you do that?
His family is rich
and has connections.
They can easily harm you.
Hazel, they are not just rich.
We all know what his family is into.
Screw him!
Hazel, hold on...
No, Im not taking any of his shit!
We cant just let this pass.
- Alex, you filthy pig, delete that video.
- Hazel, calm down.
Hazel, calm down.
Why will I calm down when
your friend here is so full of shit?
Take it easy...
Ah, so youve told your mother?
Delete that video!
Shut your filthy mouth!
- Just shut up.
- And why would I do that?
I will lose my leverage
against you, guys.
Relax. I wont release
the video, okay?
But what do I get?
Damn you, filthy pig...
And youre a crazy bitch...
Damn you!
We need to have that video deleted.
I cant lose my scholarship.
I might even get expelled.
But what can we do?
Ill talk to Gabby.
I ask his help.
So its true?
Whats with you, Thea?
Why does it have to be him?
Yes. Gabby is my boyfriend.
Really now?
Hes not like Alex.
I promise, Gabby is different.
I'll ask Gabby.
Its been a while.
How have you been?
Im alright.
How did you know?
From Thea...
Youve talked to Thea?
No. We just met by accident.
She told me about Hazel.
Its hard talking to Sofia and Thea.
They refuse to join me.
They wouldnt even talk to me.
What did you do to your self?
I shouldnt have my fear
take the better of me.
I should have done
something that night.
I was there that night.
What do you mean?
I supplied Hazel drugs.
I didnt do anything.
I was afraid to get implicated.
So I left her.
Its not your fault.
You dont understand.
I was there
when she overdosed herself.
I was there...
Sorry, Hazel.
This is all my fault.
Good thing you came...
You arranged all these?
You really are rich now, huh?
Unlike in the past,
you even had to
ask Hazel for clients.
Do you think this can compensate
what you did to me and Hazel?
Sofia, its not what you think.
I just wanted to help.
Really now?
You should have done that before.
Look whos here.
The cast is complete.
And what did you expect?
A happy reunion?
Please calm down...
Just as I have expected.
You cover up each other.
As the saying goes:
Birds of the same feather flock together.
You are no different from each other.
You're both worthless friends!
Sofia, thats too much.
Who would have wanted this?
So now Im the villain.
I'll give you the benefit
of the doubt...
Why didnt you
help us that night?
And after?
You conveniently
chose to be quiet.
- Sofia, sorry...
- What?
Your sorry wont do anything.
Sofia, please...
- Sofia, please...
- No!
- Sofia...
- No!
Nothing can make me forgive you.
You will never understand the pain.
You will never understand.
I still see their faces,
hear their laughter.
Nothing can cleanse
the filth or numb the pain.
I feel so dirty.
Im so sorry...
I will never deserve
your forgiveness.
I was just so scared that night.
You got scared?
And what about us?
I was so scared!
I couldn't do anything!
Did you even consider how I felt?
How Hazel felt?
Did you even think of us?
Im so sorry...
Everything will be okay...
Help me close this.
Is this okay?
Hold this for me.
Are you sure its
alright to drink here?
Its just the two of us.
And weve locked the gate.
Then lets drown ourselves.
Since when?
What do you mean?
How long has Alex been hurting you?
- These?
- Yes...
Theyre nothing.
I just accidentally hurt myself.
Come on, Thea.
We both know thats bullshit.
Why are you allowing him
to hurt you?
You wont understand.
Whats difficult to understand?
That you married him for money?
And now you cant leave him?
Thats right.
It was Alex who helped me
settle my debts.
It was Alex who saved me.
It may not appear right to you.
And I may have hurt you
with my decision.
I was down and desperate.
Is that what you want to hear, Cheska?
I guess...
Are you happy now?
And you, are you happy?
Of course. Life has to go on.
- Oh, really?
- Why, Cheska?
At least I did it for my own future.
I got the life I wanted.
And you?
- Me?
- Yes, you.
And so with me.
But unlike you,
I only have simple dreams.
I'm easy to please.
So that is the life you dreamt of?
To get abused?
Wake up, Thea...
Do you think this is easy for me?
Think, Cheska...
You know too well
what Alex is capable of.
I cant just leave him.
Im here. Ill help you.
You want me to believe that?
What the hell, Cheska...
Thea, what the hell...
Yes, what the hell.
Have you forgotten?
We didn't do anything for Hazel and Sofia.
And now you want me to believe you?
You make me laugh...
Cheska, Alexs room
is on the upper floor.
- How do we find it?
- Go upstairs.
- Its on the right side.
- On the right side?
Well take care of Alex.
Ill go with Cheska.
Be careful.
- Lets go.
- Where do we go?
- Follow me.
- Sofia...
- What's with you, bro?
- Don't get bored.
- Wheres Gabby?
- Hes arriving soon...
Guys, this is Thea, my girl.
Hi, Alex!
- And her friend, Sofia...
- Sofia, good to see you.
Whats your poison?
Do you drink?
Yes, but no hard drinks for me...
- Not hard?
- What do you want, baby?
I think I know what you want.
May I have some of that?
Try this. This is really good stuff.
Turn that off...
- Hello? Now?
- Hey! Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
- I need to leave.
Why now?
A client. Hes just around the corner.
This wont take long.
- I'll be back.
- Do it fast.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Gabby, have you turned mute?
- Im good, bro...
He has suddenly lost his tongue.
Bro, dont. Shes with Thea.
Mind your business.
- Alex, have another shot!
- Shot!
Cut it. Lets celebrate.
Sure. Whos next?
Here, its your turn.
I just had my turn.
- Luis, have you had your shot?
- Yes!
So this shot is yours.
Its your turn.
What about you, Alex?
Here it is.
Thanks. Baby, cheers!
I need another drink.
Can you get me a drink?
Like this.
- Like the one I gave you?
- Yes.
Ill be back, bro.
Ill be right back.
Hurry, he'll be back soon.
- Shes drunk.
- What happened here?
One down.
One down.
I got you a different drink.
When can I have my chance?
What do you mean?
Cut the crap.
The whole school knows what you do.
Bro, I need to accompany Thea.
Shes drunk.
What did you say?
I dont know what you mean.
What now?
- I have Alexs phone.
- Give it to me.
- Okay?
- Okay.
You can find Alexs room upstairs.
Wheres Hazel?
She met a client.
Move fast.
Be careful.
- Are you sure there is no one here?
- No one. Just hurry.
Alex, what are you up to?
Stick to your own business!
Stop it, bro!
Damn, Alex. Please...
Do it, bro!
Yeah, baby!
What do you think you're doing?
Back off!
Come on, bro! Yeah!
Maam, please come in.
What is it again?
I know you cant forgive me now.
Or maybe you may never
be able to forgive us.
Tomorrow is Hazels funeral.
Lets admit it,
Hazel has been good to all of us.
So, please...
Do it for her.
I don't think they will join us.
Look behind you.
I thought you werent coming.
Thats what you thought.
Hazel would have haunted us.
By the way,
I left Alex for good.
Great. Finally.
Yes, Ive left the house.
Promise youll handle my case?
Of course, just as I have promised you.
You have nothing to worry.
By the way,
look what I have here.
I have Alexs phone
and all his dirty secrets.
I also still have some of
Alexs videos in my phone.
That's good!
Let's upload them and unmask that
devil to the whole world.
Lets make him famous.
Lets do it!
For Hazel.
For Hazel.
For Hazel.
For Hazel.
Lets go.
Sir, lets go.
The sun stood by its insolence
- You've been ignoring us.
- To burn bright in the heavens
- So, how are you both?
- To burn bright in the heavens
- Who would think that we'll meet here?
- But when night appeared
- And reconcile...
- But when night appeared
Its light feverishly faltered
- Good thing, I have left that devil.
- Theres nothing we can do
All things come and go
Time will soon send us
To different ends, separate paths
I'll let this pass.
But we need to talk soon.
Hazel, come, let's smoke.
Cheska won't mind.
- I will join you.
- Whatever life brings us
Wherever it leads us
We maybe far apart
Our love will embrace us
Love will grow into wings
To fly us to our dreams
The leaves kept their hold
On branches they remained glued
But when Autumn came
Their limbs turned lame
Theres nothing we can do
All things come and go
Time will soon send us
To different ends, separate paths
Whatever life brings us
Wherever it leads us
We maybe far apart
Our love will embrace us
Love will grow into wings
To fly us to our dreams