Hatchet II (2010) Movie Script

- I got you.
- No, no, no, no.
I got you.
I got you.
Okay, it's okay.
Oh, god.
It's... it's okay.
- Oh, god.
- Come on.
Oh, god.
There you go.
They're all dead.
He killed them all.
I can't figure you people out.
Honey lsland Swamp has been closed
for decades and for good reason.
But every now and then, some stupid
son-of-a-bitch thinks he knows better.
I knew.
Let me guess,
you don't believe in ghosts.
You think Victor Crowley
is a legend.
I went in there to find my family, my...
My brother and my father.
He killed them all.
What the hell were they doing in there?
Night fishing.
My daddy was a gator hunter.
He and my brother started
pulling in twice their load
once they start to hunt
away from everybody else.
We needed the money
after my momma passed away.
Oh, god.
Now I'm all alone.
Your daddy should have known better.
Hell, every hunter from around here
knows not to go in that damn swamp.
I was telling 'em, I say,
"Stay the hell out!"
Well, they all call me crazy.
They think I'm sick in the head.
Here, you drink this.
It's nice and warm.
First things first.
We gotta find out wherever it is
you're living and get you there.
We're gonna get you a doctor.
I think I should go to the police.
The police?
What, and fill out
one of the missing reports,
like the hundreds of others
filled out in this area?
You'll never hear back from them.
But I know where their bodies are.
Yeah, right.
Those big city cops are
hightailing down here
and-and-and they'll find all that
evidence before the wildlife eats it.
What am I supposed to do?
Never come back this way again.
Hell, you're a lucky girl.
You got out of there alive
and with all your pieces!
Look, miss,
what... what's your name?
Marybeth Dunston.
Holy Christ, your Samson's kid.
Get out!
- What?
- Get out of my house right now!
Get out, now!
You knew my daddy?
But I know what your daddy did
and I want nothing to do with it.
I keep myself to myself,
and that ghost leaves me be.
But I can't have
nothing to do with you.
Get out!
But how am I supposed to get home?
Out that door is Lodge Road.
You take it a half a mile down,
you're gonna find a gas station,
you get a ride from there,
but I can't have nothing to do with you.
Get out!
I... but I... I don't understand.
You get out of my house,
Marybeth Dunston.
What's going on?
You want answers,
you go see Reverend Zombie.
Now, miss,
you get far, far away from here
or I swear to God
I will shoot you dead.
I didn't do nothing wrong.
I didn't know who she was.
It don't count.
All right, let's take a look
at tonight's haul.
What do we got here?
Oh, that's nice.
That's it.
Let's see something.
It's show time, huh?
- Whoo!
- There you go.
- Wait. Is this gonna be on
Bayou Beavers?
Let's see what you can do.
Good, 'cause
I want my daddy to see this.
Fuck you, Dad!
I hope that you're watching this...
Oh, yeah.
...because you love Danielle
more than me
and I hope that Bill at the office--
Roll back, relax a little bit
maybe show us the other side
of Cindy--there we go.
Oh, you look fantastic.
Really nice.
Really nice.
Don't I know you from somewhere?
No, you don't know me.
- Maybe put your hair up in a--
- No, no! I know you.
You're-you're my History teacher
from fifth grade.
- Oh, no.
- Mr. Barrett.
- I'm Mr. Shapiro
- Yeah--
Hey, where are you going?
Mister, leave me alone.
MAN Come on.
Why don't you to lift up that shirt.
Let's see what you got
going on under there.
Dude, I'm 14.
Oh, that ain't right.
Good, good.
Okay, when I say action,
you girls drop the towels and, uh,
start washing each other.
Yeah, no.
Okay, girls. Drop the towels.
Drop the towels.
Touch Walking Hepatitis over here?
I'll pass.
Well, at least I'm not a hermaphrodite.
big word of the day for you.
What is a hermaphrodite, darling?
Why would I tell you
if I just said it?
Of course, I knew what it is.
- You probably don't know what it is.
- Well, why don't you go ahead and explain it?
Why would I need to explain it?
You probably don't even know what it is.
Why don't we do it
on the count of three together?
- Fine.
- Okay?
One, two, three.
Aperson who has a
penis and a vagina.
I didn't do nothin'!
I didn't even know
who that girl was!
What do you want?
Um, I need to talk to you
about something?
Come back some other time.
I'm busy
Next month.
I need to talk to you.
All right, all right.
Come in. Come in.
This better be important.
I'm a busy guy.
Jack Cracker sent me.
We're so scared,
it was terrifying.
I'm never going skiing again.
That old whackjob?
So what do you need from me?
Everybody's dead.
Last night in Honey lsland Swamp--
Honey lsland Swamp.
Were you on that tour?
And how did you know?
What happened?
The boat driver was an idiot.
He got us stuck,
and Crowley massacred everybody.
But I got away.
Shaun, the boat driver,
is he dead?
You knew him?
He worked for me.
That was one of my boats.
I don't understand.
Shut up.
No one's been able to run tours
out of this swamp for years,
not since I've had this shop.
Not me, not anybody.
So I was forced to run tours at the
back door of one of my other shops.
Times are tough
and money is money.
You sound just like my daddy.
Who's yourfather?
Samson Dunston.
Samson Dunston.
Samson Dunston's kid?
Well, how is old Samson doing?
He's dead.
Crowley got him
and my brothertoo,
and then Jack Cracker
freaked out on me.
Practically shot me when
he found out who I was.
He said that you would be able
to tell me what my daddy did.
Samson Dunston.
- Samson Dunston's gone.
- Please.
What do you know?
Same thing that
everybody else whispers
about these backwoods,
I suppose.
Only I was around when
it actually happened.
When what happened?
A long time ago
before you were born
when I wasjust a boy.
There was a man named
Thomas Crowley.
He lived out there in
Honey lsland Swamp
with his wife Shyann.
They lived alone.
No kids, just the two of them.
Shyann was sick,
some sort of stomach cancer
eating her up slowly
and gradually taking its time.
Now the way I always heard it
Shyann had a nurse named Lena
a beautiful Cajun woman who
would come by to tend to her.
And over the long months
of Shyann's passing,
Thomas and Lena got closer.
Too close.
Call Thomas Crowley a cheat,
call him an infidel,
but given the circumstances,
the entire situation was
nothing but sad and tragic.
With his wife as good as dead
for so many years,
it was only a matter of time until the
pain and suffering of his own emotions
needed to be addressed.
It took almost a year of Thomas
and Lena carrying on in secret
before the day came when Shyann
finally found peace from her suffering.
But the moment was not
so much a release
as it was a nightmare.
She put a curse on Thomas Crowley
and his mistress, Lena,
a curse that would not only damn them
but the bastard child that was
already growing in Lena's belly.
They say that on the day
Victor Crowley was born,
the swamp mourned.
The trees wept.
The wildlife became sickly and died.
His presence was like a pestilence
that turned the area into death.
Come on.
There it is.
Push, push.
Push. There it is.
Come on.
Come on. One more.
Here it comes.
One more, one more.
Victor Crowley was born ridden with
grotesque tumors, disease
and pain.
Let me see.
Let me see it!
A living monster.
And Lena...
Some say she died the moment
she laid eyes on her child.
Now the legend would
have you believe that Mr. Crowley
kept his son hidden away
to protect him,
but what he was really hiding
was his mistake, his infidelity
and his curse.
Over the years, Thomas Crowley
learned to love his monster of a son.
With just the two of them
being hidden away,
he made his peace with God.
And on that fateful
Halloween night...
Thomas tried to save his son
by chopping through the door
with a hatchet
and by accident,
killed his only son.
Get out here!
Get out here and
get what's coming to you!
You can't hide forever!
You killed my son.
You killed my son.
You killed my son.
The children responsible
hid behind their parents,
denied everything
and left Thomas Crowley to live out
the rest of his days in anguish.
You killed my son.
Years later, he finally passed
and the torture of this life was over.
But Victor Crowley would become
one of the most tragic
and heartbreaking tales of Louisiana.
A man trapped in the night
he was killed,
still out there,
wandering the swamp
each night trying to find his daddy.
No one knows the body count,
but for years after he died,
gator hunters,
and those who were just too
foolish to heed the tales,
all disappeared in that swamp
mutilated, murdered, massacred
and torn to pieces by the ghost
of Victor Crowley.
What does that have to do with me?
Your father, Samson,
was one of the three kids
who murdered Victor Crowley.
An accident, yes,
but a tragedy that has left
Honey lsland Swamp
cursed with the ghost of
Victor Crowley forever.
I... I never--
Of course.
How could you know?
How do you know
that my dad was involved?
Because if I had been brave enough,
I would have been out there too.
I'm an old acquaintance of Samson.
- When Crowley came after us last night--
- You saw him?
He looked at me
like he knew me.
Perhaps he could sense
who you really were.
Perhaps it was all on your mind.
Victor Crowley is what's known in
the paranormal world as a repeater.
His tragic and untimely death
has left him forced to relive
that moment night after night,
over and over.
All he knows is the fear and
revenge towards anybody who
steps foot in that swamp.
You knew all this was real
yet you still sent a tour boat
full of innocent people in there?
For what?
For what?
For money?
He wasn't supposed
to get that close.
He wasn't supposed
to stop for nothing.
Now I've had boats go into
that swamp for months now,
two months now,
with no worries.
Besides you knew the legend.
You went in there knowing
the story as did your father,
I went in--
who more than anybody
should have known better.
I went in there to find them
and I did!
Not many people have seen
the face of Victor Crowley
and lived to tell about it.
Consider yourself lucky.
My family is gone!
I'm sorry for your loss.
- Take me back there.
- What?
I can't leave them there.
I just wanna take them home.
What you want is revenge.
It's a bad idea, Marybeth Dunston.
Bad idea.
I just wanna bury my family.
And if I can take that
monster out with me,
then all the better.
You can't kill him.
He'll just be reborn.
He's supposed to return to the
state he was when he was killed.
You can't kill a ghost.
Or maybe I can't.
Or maybe I can.
But I am gonna bury that hatchet
deep into his fucking face!
Or would you rather I go to the police and
tell them about your swamp tour business?
Maybe tell them where to find
the bodies of a boat full of tourists
that you sent in there illegally, huh?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right.
You want revenge on Victor Crowley?
I want you to find it.
So you'll take me back in there?
But I have some conditions.
We're not going in there alone.
We need help.
We need guns.
And there's a few specific people
that I feel safer having along.
Fine, if you take me
back in there tonight.
Now, you meet me here at 2 o'clock.
I have some phone calls to make.
I'm gonna gathertogether a little
hunting expedition of sorts.
With that ghost gone,
I can clear that swamp.
You know, I don't care about
your swamp tour business.
I don't care about your money.
I just want to bring my family home.
- If you think that bring--
- I said... yes.
But you know, I think it would be better
if you didn't go in there alone.
Do you have somebody you can bring,
boyfriend or an uncle perhaps?
I'm not bringing anybody else
I know into this.
I'd feel better if you brought somebody,
if you brought another
family member with you.
Then no deal.
So if I bring my uncle back,
then you will take us?
That's what I said.
I'll be back at 2:00.
I'll be here.
Get your butt down here!
Yeah, boss?
When were you gonna tell me
that your brother didn't
bring the boat back?
Oh, he didn't?
So Shaun didn't bring the boat back
last night?
Look, he'sjust new at this.
I'm sure things are fine... he's
probably got the boat back by now.
That was your shift.
He was covering for you, okay?
He didn't bring the boat back
and everything's not all right.
What... what's wrong?
We gotta go out there
and recover my boat.
Shaun's still in the swamp?
Is he all right?
I'm sure he will be all right.
I need you to go out and organize a group
of hunters and fishermen,
people that know
the way around the swamp.
I got a proposition to make them
and you make sure that
this name is on the list.
We're going on a little expedition.
Is this like a
publicitything forthe shop?
Something like that.
Who's there?
Marybeth? Samson?
Uncle Bob?
I'll be right down.
Your father was a good man,
you know that.
He's always been my best friend.
Even all those years I lived up north,
we'd talk all the time.
Reverend Zombie said dad was
one of the people responsible
for Victor Crowley's death.
Is that true?
Reverend Zombie?
Why are you talking to that low-life?
He's a thief and crook
with his bogus voodoo shops
and his fake souvenirs.
Well, he said that he knew
the people that were involved.
He's full of horse-shit.
- Reverend Zombie said--
- Reverend Zombie said!
Why do you call him that?
His name is Clive Washington
for Christ's sake.
The only thing he's reverend of
is being an asshole.
Did you know that
Victor Crowley was real?
- He's not real.
- I saw him.
He murdered everyone
in front of me.
Let the police handle this.
- First things--
- No!
So you think that I'm lying?
Let's take a ride.
We can go to the hospital and
you can tell the cops all about it.
I'm going back to the swamp
with Reverend Zombie.
Over my dead body are you
going to that god damn swamp.
Now you listen to me,
young lady.
With yourfather gone,
I'm responsible for you now
and I absolutely forbid you
to have anything to do with
him or that swamp!
He suggested
that I bring you along.
- He did, didn't he?
- Mm-hmm.
Come with me.
You'll see Victor Crowley is real.
Let's take a ride.
Can we wait?
I will go to the police.
I will do whatever it is that
you think that we need to do.
I just... I just really
need to be alone for a bit.
Come on.
Please, Uncle Bob,
just a few hours.
All right,
I'll be back in an hour.
I'll call the police myself.
- Get to the bottom of this.
- Okay.
please promise me you'll stay
away from Reverend Zombie.
I promise.
Ah-ha, come on in.
I see you!
Welcome to Reverend Zombie's
House of Voodoo.
Grab a complimentary Chips Ahoy
and take a seat.
S'il vous plait.
The meeting is about to start.
Yes. Ha-ha.
Bonjour, monsieur.
Welcome to the House of Voodoo.
Take a seat and don't forget
we have a sale on charms and
potions today only.
Drop the phony accent, asshole.
I ain't no god damn tourist.
Chips Ahoy?
Fuck off.
Ah, he-hey, uh, did you wanna
get on the mailing list?
Um, you can just
gimme your number, I mean.
I mean you don't have to
gimme but you...
Oh, my god,
I didn't expect to see you here.
Come on, Avery.
What are you doing here?
They said 500 bucks.
Why not?
Okay, so this is how
we say hello now?
Your phone don't get
messages anymore either?
You know why I'm here?
I need the $500
to help pay for my wedding.
My wedding, Avery.
I am not getting
into this with you.
I'm single.
Ho, ho, ho.
Tres bein, tres bein!
All right, everyone.
Thanks or as the French say,
merci for coming down here
on such short notice.
I know you are all busy people.
Hey, man,
what's the deal with cookies?
Is it just like one each or could
we get some more or what's up?
I have more cookies but first,
can we, uh...
Okay, so do we get them now
or like after the meeting?
Or... what's the time stamp
on them cookies there?
There it is.
Bon apptit.
Good afternoon, everybody.
Good to see so many friends
with familiar faces here today.
I brought y'all here today to make
you an offer, to offer you ajob.
It's a quick gig.
We do it tonight.
And for those of you thatjoin me,
there's $500 in it for you.
And I assume the money
will be in cash?
Not that any of us here
don't trust a check from you,
it's that we really want
to get the money.
ln cash,
when thejob is done.
Last night, I lost one of my tour
boats out there in that swamp,
so I'm putting together a
group of sorts to go in there,
retrieve my boat, and in addition,
go on a little night hunt.
Why do you need
this many people to find a boat?
If you stop interrupting me,
I'll tell you.
Now, of course, I'm not offering you
y'all $500 just to retrieve a boat.
I'm gonna be honest with you.
There's more to it
and it could be dangerous.
Hey man, do y'all got any milk?
- What?
- Milk, man.
Milk forthe cookies, man.
Milk. Milk?
No milk.
We're going to
Honey lsland swamp.
Honey lsland's closed.
We can't even go in there.
I know that.
That's why I'm offering y'all $500,
and in addition, I'm willing to
take on full legal responsibility
in case there'll be any trouble
with the authorities.
So it won't be any risk
to any of y'all.
What exactly are we gonna be hunting?
I'm getting to that.
As you know that swamp has been closed
and condemned for too many years,
and it's been crippling my tourism business
and it's been stopping those of you
who make your living hunting
an entire area rich with wildlife.
So I'm proposing we put a little hunt,
go in there and prove once and
for all that there's nothing to fear.
What are we hunting?
Victor Crowley.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute.
Now hold on, now.
Hold on!
Now, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Now if there really is some
maniac living up there,
we just go in there, take them down
and make the area safe again.
All right, now,
y'all know that's just a story
so we go in there and put an end
to all this swamp water stupidity.
Not I.
Now, now, now, now.
Come on. Come on, everyone...
Hey, come on now, big guy.
Trent, where you going?
You scared of something?
You know I ain't scared of nothing,
but I ain't about to go
messing around in that swamp
with a crew of stomp-jumping
pecker woods for no 500 bucks.
Hey, I need you, all right?
Now you're the best shot around here.
You know that.
That's why I called for you.
I ain't riskin' my hide
for 500 stinking dollars.
Five hundred dollars up front
just for you.
Clive, you know my history.
I don't want no more trouble.
I also know that after your last DUl,
Joan left you, took the house,
half of everything you have,
hanging on a hook.
That ain't the history I'm talking about.
One thousand dollars cash,
$500 right now up front,
$500 in the morning.
One night and we'll all
be together, huh?
Anything bad goes down, we...
May I help you?
Oh, you must be Marybeth's uncle.
I'm Reverend Zombie.
I was a friend of Samson,
but you and I never officially met.
I don't care to know you.
I'm here to look after
the young lady.
I'm sorry.
I... I just need--
I'll do this with you if... if it's what
you need to do right now,
I'll do it with you.
But then we gather up your father
and your brother and we come back here.
No more of this Victor Crowley shit.
You gotta listen to me.
You can't leave my side,
you can't leave my sight,
and when I say it's time to go,
we leave.
Thank you.
Hey, man.
Who's Victor Crowley?
Well, he's nothing,
a local boogeyman story about a
retarded maniac who haunts Honey lsland.
Peoplejust use it to keep kids
away from the swamp.
You mean like a Jason Voorhees
or something?
Something like that.
When I was eight,
I lived in this town called Glen Echo.
- Our ghost story is about this
man named Leslie Vernon--
- Shh.
Now that we've weeded out
the gullible, the cowards,
I could finish my offer.
Five hundred dollars
just forjoining me forthe night,
bringing back my boat.
Five thousand dollars for
the head of Victor Crowley.
Yeah, but how are we suppose to know
if we found him if he's not a real dude?
If you find him,
then you'll know.
God damn, would you look
at all the gators around here?
It's like a fucking farm.
I guess that's what
Reverend Zombie's talking about.
Look at all these.
Nobody here to take 'em.
Hell, I ain't leaving here
empty handed, that's for sure.
What's your name?
Yeah, I know.
My parents were true rednecks.
I got a brother named Cash.
It's cooler than Cleatus.
No offense.
None taken.
But Chad, that's, uh,
that's a real douche bag name.
You know that, right?
It's betterthan Skip.
That's my little brother.
Chad and Skip?
God damn, you two must have had your
asses handed to you in school.
Yeah, we did.
So how come we don't get ride in
the boat with them boys up there?
I take my own boat wherever I go.
What the hell for?
ln case I hook up.
Who are you gonna
hook up with out here?
Aw, fuck her.
Biscuits and chicken and gravy,
and biscuits and chicken and gravy,
and chickens with the biscuits
on the gravy with the biscuits
and the chicken.
Want some biscuit
for the biscuit is me.
So what's with a whole lynch mob?
Safety in numbers.
I know most of these folks think
this whole story is ajoke,
but if something bad goes down,
I'd rather be surrounded by
the big guns.
Wouldn't you?
I thought you said you couldn't kill him?
Ah, but if the legend is true,
then there really is a ghost
or maybe not.
I hurt him last night.
I shot him, I stabbed him,
I burned him.
He kept coming.
But you hurt him.
He went down every time.
He felt pain.
Then maybe the thing is to
hit him even worse.
Hit him so hard, take his head off,
so he can't come back.
What did you call him,
a repeater?
But doesn't that mean that he will
just come back again the next night?
I don't have answers,
only theories.
But I have to assume that, uh,
if we take off his head,
then he can't come back at all.
All these people are in danger
and they don't even realize it.
He-he--hey, boss!
Did Shaun get off the boat?
I'm sure they're okay.
That's why we're here.
I'm Vernon.
What you doing out here in this bullshit?
I'm not looking for a date,
I can tell you that much.
Ooh, no disrespect,
I'm just trying to be friendly.
I'm just having a really bad day.
Well, what you need to do is
turn that frown upside down.
Oh, thanks, Vernon.
Make out with me.
On this boat,
in front of all these people?
Okay, man, okay.
There're some freaks
on this boat, man.
What's up with that
Blair witch, man?
I'd tap that but she probably
got cobwebs sealing it up.
Even if I did hit that,
a bunch of bats
probably come flying out of it.
Just keep your eyes open.
This will be a long night.
Man, it is dead in here.
Where we're going,
it gets much thicker.
It's almost nightfall.
Let's move!
- Hey, how much farther to the house?
- What house?
I'm not exactly sure.
This all looks the same to me.
We didn't walk far.
I'm just not exactly sure
where we got off.
Why'd you guys get off the boat?
Well, I don't wanna linger.
- Let's get to the house.
- What house?
My daddy and my brother
are in the shed.
Why were they in the shed?
What house?
It's scary out here.
Oh, that'sjust 'cause people
want you to think it's scary.
It's no different
than any other swamp.
Have you noticed that
there's hardly even any birds?
Doesn't matter.
But don't let that
clown spook you.
All you gotta do,
hang out here for a few hours,
collect our money, and go home.
Screw that.
I'm taking out that
Crowley monster guy.
5000 bucks,
I could be out of debt.
Ha! Out of all these guys,
you'll get him?
I'm a better shot than you.
That's not true.
Okay, Garden District Fair,
two years ago.
I was drunk and I let you win.
Right, kinda like how you let me win
at air hockey and at pool?
I was sick.
You're adorable.
Fucking mosquitoes!
Hey, man.
I got some spray if you want.
Sweet. Thanks.
Do you believe the whole
ghost story about this place?
I believe there was a story,
but I believe there's a ghost
that can actually hurt somebody.
Look, I've been thinking
if a ghost takes on physical presence
and manifests itself,
then what's to stop it from
going after somebody?
Damn, man, you need to stop
watching The Syfy Channel.
If that ghost does manifest his ass,
I'll shoot his head off.
Hey, man,
you want some bug spray?
Man, he don't talk a lot, huh?
What, who, John?
No, man he's a riot.
He used to do stand-up down at
Fancy Wigs, man. Real hilarious.
- Seriously?
- No.
Hey, man,
careful with 'em cigarettes.
They'll kill you, you know.
Shut up, Chad.
Well, where the hell are we going?
I don't know, okay.
We came in a different way.
Just how much farther in
you expect us to go, little girl?
Yeah. I'd like to stay
closer to the boats.
Uh, we came in through there,
so the boats are a straight shot back.
So what now?
Let's surround the area,
if Victor Crowley really does exist,
this is where we find him.
So is this some kind of
Victor Crowley call or something?
So, what,
we break up into groups?
That's a bad idea.
No, no. He's right.
That way, we can
cover more ground.
All right now, if you see that
monster out there, shoot.
Now, wait just a damn minute.
We don't want a bunch of spooked
people walking around this swamp
shooting at everything.
Man, who you calling spooked?
I'm going with the big guy.
The fuck you are, boy.
I'm fixin' to keep a eye
on my money.
Come on, let's find that
shed and get out of here.
Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute!
What's the plan?
The plan?
We meet back at the boat at sun up.
And if you do find that monster,
bring back his head... 5K.
Trent, you come with us.
What do you want to do?
Stick with these guys tonight.
Wait here till tomorrow
and get out of here.
Well, all right,
this hunter's Daddy Eddy.
I don't want to hang out
with these idiots all night.
All right, come on.
Whoa-whoa, hey, man, what, you're
going to take the pretty thing in the
swamp with you?
Yeah, man. We're cool.
Oh, okay, I get it.
Y'all a couple
or something, huh?
My bad.
Hey man, I got an idea.
Why don't we all just split up?
Hey, better yet,
let'sjust go skinny dipping.
Hey, I don't know about you.
I'm gonna go catch me a gator,
hang out down by the boats.
Well, I like the idea of
sticking near them boats.
I don't want nobody
leaving without me.
Stick with me, pal.
Make it worth our while.
And then, it wasjust us.
Are you scared, man?
Damn it!
Swamp overflowing with gators
and I can't hit one!
You gotta lead it more.
Dude, I know how to hunt.
That's why you keep missing.
So, uh, are we supposed to
stand around here all night?
Unless you want to go sniffing
around in there with them assholes.
No, no.
I'm good here but,
man, 5000 bucks...
To hunt down a children story?
Good luck!
And the only reason Zombie's
even offering that reward,
because there ain't no Victor Crowley.
I mean, we're gonna end up
staying up all night
just so we can go back and
declare the swamp safe and
be able to start up his tours
or some bullshit.
How do you know the story ain't real?
If that story was real...
I mean, if I even thought
that story was real,
my ass wouldn't be here right now.
All right, see how he's
moving to the right?
Shut up.
Two feet to the right.
Shut up.
Yeah! Whoo!
Did you see that?
Wait. Shut up.
Did you hear something?
- Yeah, I heard that gator decide to come
home with me, that's what I heard.
- No! Shh!
Oh, come on.
All right, we hear you Vernon.
It's funny.
That was Vernon?
Of course, it was.
I see him.
Shut the fuck up.
It's out in front of us.
Cut it out or you're gonna get hurt.
I'm serious.
Knock it off right now
or you're gonna get shot.
I'm serious now.
Oh, fuck!
No! No! No!
Hey, boss, hold on.
Come on.
What are we really doing here?
We're gonna go through there,
get the people that were on that boat,
and we're gonna bring them back home.
Come on.
I'm not an idiot, okay.
Why do you need all these people?
Why all the guns?
All right,
listen to me, Justin.
Listen to me.
If what the girl is saying is correct
and Victor Crowley is still out there,
I know how to get rid of him.
I know how to end the curse.
And how is that?
- You see those two right there?
- Yeah.
They were out here the night
that Crowley got murdered.
Oh, the night the house got lit on fire?
There were three of them.
Samson, the girl's father,
was the other one.
So that means
there's only two more to go
before his revenge is satisfied
and the curse will be lifted,
and the swamp is mine.
Wait. That's... that's like murder.
Am I hurting anybody?
Did I twist anybody's
arm to come out here?
They came here
on their own free will.
Yeah, because you bribed them.
You got a problem with this, Justin?
Do you have a problem with me?
Look, I just wanna find Shaun
and get the hell out of here.
Is Shaun all right?
I don't know.
But you wouldn't tell me the truth
if you did know, would you?
Look at me.
The girl doesn't know
what happened to Shaun either.
The group got split up.
But I'm sure he's
out there somewhere.
He'll be fine. Trust me.
Now we all have to stick together.
Everything is going to be fine.
He's a tough kid.
He ain't that tough.
Come on.
Come on.
Yeah. Ah.
You're not the least bit
creeped out here?
You're really freaked out, huh?
Well, yeah.
You don't need to be scared.
if a monster comes to get you,
we've got guns, right?
I guess.
Remember... remember in high school,
when I told you I couldn't get my
driver's license because I was sick
and couldn't make it to the DMV?
I lied.
And I failed.
Guy told me to parallel park
and I totally nailed the other car.
Where did that come from?
I don't know.
I guess I... I just felt like saying it.
Want to know something?
I knew.
Remember my Aunt May?
She worked at the DMV.
She told me the whole thing.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Then why didn't you ever
call me on it?
'Cause I had a crush on you
and I felt bad, I guess.
Wait, you know
I still care about you, right?
I don't... I don't... I don't
know what's going on.
Fuck it.
It's here.
They're in here.
They were here.
Both of them,
their bodies were right here.
Shh, it's okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
Are you happy now?
Hey, I'm just trying to help.
Look, I'm sure they were here,
but, look,
there's nothing here now!
They were right there.
Well then, maybe... maybe it was
a different shed.
- Maybe you were just scared.
- No, I know what I saw.
I saw them with my own eyes.
Crowley, maybe... maybe he
took them inside the house.
Hey, the girl's had quite a scare...
Brave little gal.
Hey, you just can't run up there!
Oh, let them go.
Boss, if you don't mind,
I'd really like tojust find my brother
and get the fuck out of here.
No, it's safer if we stick together.
- Shaun!
- Son,
I'm gonna give you about one
more second to knock that shit off.
You like that?
Yes. Fuck.
Oh, yeah.
Did you miss that?
I did.
I really did.
Oh, how much?
How much you missed it?
The most.
The most amount.
You like this better than ice cream?
Oh, yeah.
- Better than chocolate ice cream?
- Yep.
Fuck chocolate ice cream.
Oh, yeah.
You like this better than Jesus?
That'sjust... that's not appropriate.
Oh, you like this
better than Baby Jesus?
Ah, about... about an equal amount.
Oh, yeah.
You love me?
Do you love me?
How much do you love me?
- What? I can't hear you.
- Huh?
Tell me you love me.
I love you.
Say it.
Say you love me.
Say it!
- Tell me you love me!
- I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Yeah, you do.
Come on.
You didn't fall asleep
on me again, did you?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Enough of this insanity.
Come on.
They're here.
They have to be here somewhere.
Come on, we're leaving right now.
Please, please, Uncle Bobby,
you have to believe me.
Well, then, we'll come back tomorrow
during the day.
We'll bring the sheriff with us.
The sheriff isn't gonna be here...
I really wanna get out of here now!
Not yet.
I'm fucking scared.
Then get back to the boat.
Can I get the keys back?
And leave me here?
No. I won't leave.
I'll wait.
The hell you will.
I'm with your boy.
We're looking for
serious trouble being in here.
It's too late.
Shut the door!
Shut the fucking door!
Come on, give me a hand.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on!
Come on, come on.
Come on, man.
Come on push, push fast.
What the hell have you done?
Back off of me, old man.
you're gonna get us all killed?
You're blaming me?
What are you talking about?
Y'all better shot the fuck up!
Hey, man, you hear that?
Hey, if somebody's joking around out there,
this shit ain't funny.
We will shoot you.
Show yourself
or we will shoot your head off.
Last warning, asshole!
Shots fired.
Maybe they got him.
No, no.
Stay with me.
Look, I can't. Look, I can't.
I can't be in here.
Or I need to get back to the boat.
I just wanna find Shaun
and go home.
Shaun... is he, is he dead?
They are all dead.
And you lied?
I told him the truth.
You knew my brother was dead!
Quiet, kid!
All right, all I know is
what that crazy gal said.
For all I know he could
still be out there somewhere.
He's not.
Well, what if you shot
one of the other guys, man?
What the fuck?!
Oh, shit!
We're fucked in here!
We're fucked.
We're so fucked!
Listen to me you little piece of shit.
Now you stay with me
and you don't do anything stupid.
Now if I'm right
and Crowley gets his revenge on
those two people that killed him.
He's gonna have his peace.
This will all be over
and we'll be rich.
- What if--
- Don't be a fool.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Give me your gun.
Do you see anything out there?
But I find it hard to believe that
this door is the only way in.
I'll scope it out.
Now, you listen to me.
I want you to hide.
I'm not hiding.
That's enough.
Now you hide!
Come on.
Come on!
I've never been
so fucking scared in my life.
I'm sorry about your brother.
You could have told me earlier.
I thought Zombie would have told you.
Are you positive?
But are you sure he's dead?
Why the hell would you
come back here?
I don't understand.
My family is gone.
I have nothing.
I wanna see Crowley die.
- But if he's a ghost--
- I hurt him last night.
If he can feel pain,
then he can die.
What did he say to you?
I heard him say
something about "those two"?
He seems to think that Trent and
that guy with you, your uncle...
He says that they're with your father when
they killed Victor Crowley years ago.
He thinks that if Victor Crowley
has his revenge on them that
the curse will be lifted and he'll
just go away, and they will be safe.
That's why he brought us here?
I don't know shit.
- All I know is--
- Uncle Bob!
Hey, no! Hey!
Oh, shit.
Oh, please, spiders.
Oh, fuck!
Uncle Bob!
Uncle Bob!
It's a trap!
Reverend Zombie,
he's trying to get--
He's in the house!
Wait, no!
No, no, wait! Wait!
Just kill me!
Oh... Oh, God!
Uncle Bob, please!
Don't go!
This is what he wants.
Please listen to me.
Please help me!
Help me!
Come on, get up.
Come on.
Uncle Bob, get up.
We have to get out of here.
Get up. Run!
Oh, no! Oh, no!
What are you doing?
I'm trying to save you.
Yeah, you fuck!
No, please!
Uncle Bob!
Uncle Bob!
Put her down!
What are you doing?
Oh, God!
Please stop!
I'm trying to save you.
- I know you were gonna kill him.
- No.
Listen to me!
Listen to me.
He's going to kill you.
You, you're gonna kill him!
No, you're gonna kill him.
- No!
- Don't lock me in here!
Uncle Bob!
No, please!
Don't leave me.
- Wait!
- You want him to get you too?
- All right.
- You wanna be safe, don't you?
Come on, come on.
Uncle Bob!
Zombie, you can't leave me
with this thing!
- Uncle Bob!
- You gotta help me!
Come back!
Come on you hatchet-faced fuck!
Oh, God!
Uncle Bob!
Now, now, little girl.
It's almost over.
It's almost all over.
Now, it's all over, little girl.
It's all over.
Three children set that house
on fire decades ago,
three children murdered
Victor Crowley,
Trent, yourfather,
and your father's brother, your uncle.
The only way to rid this swamp
of that ghost's curse forever
is to let him have revenged
on the men that killed him.
You see?
You see!
It's over!
Victor Crowley is gone.
The swamp is mine.
You're a murderer.
You never wanted to help me.
You killed all
those innocent people.
No, no, no.
Victor Crowley
murdered those people.
I just happened to survive.
I'm gonna tell the police what you did.
I'm gonna tell everybody.
That's where you're wrong,
Marybeth Dunston.
Well, there's something
that you got wrong.
That wasn't my real uncle.
Bob was my daddy's best friend.
My daddy's brother died
from leukemia when I was 12.
You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me.
Die, you motherfucker!
Go to hell!
Fuck you!