Hatchet III (2013) Movie Script

I should have gone
on a swamp tour.
I know. I swear he's
gotta have a meth lab...
I don't know what else
to tell ya, Hamilton.
Just get the neighbor
to quiet down.
Look, we've got
every major drunk
from Mardi Gras
down here.
There's no room.
He tried to give me
a speeding ticket.
Just make it happen.
Yes, sir.
How are we doing, Winslow?
Morning, Sheriff.
Well, New Orleans PD
sent us another handful
to hold overnight
and Hamilton is out
at Sable Ranch.
All in all,
not that bad a year.
not bad at all.
Oh, she's got a gun!
I killed him.
Drop the gun, now!
Get on the floor, now!
Arms up.
On the floor!
Spread 'em!
Wait, she has
something in her hand.
What is it?
Oh, god!
It's a fucking scalp.
Who-Who'd you kill?
They're all dead.
Who's dead?
Honey Island Swamp.
I need an available
boat unit
out to Honey Island
Swamp now.
Hamilton, are you there?
I killed him.
I killed him.
Any injuries?
Nothing noticeable, sir.
Are you trying to tell me
that none of that
blood is hers?
How many bodies did
you say there were?
Twenty, thirty.
And you're the
only one who made it?
Just a few scratches?
No major injuries, huh?
You see how this could look
just a tiny bit suspicious,
don't you?
there is no answer at
the Dunston house.
Try again.
I have.
Five times.
Well then get in your car
and drive over there,
Deputy Elbert.
Yes, sir.
I'm on it.
Nobody's home.
Crowley killed them all.
Enough about Victor Crowley.
We know who
Victor Crowley is.
And we also know
what reality is.
So, let me see if
I got this straight.
You suspected Victor Crowley of
killing your father and your&?
- Brother.
- Brother, right.
So you jumped in a
swamp tour boat,
an illegal swamp
tour boat,
and headed back out
into the swamp
armed with nothing
but a handgun.
A ghost wiped out
everyone in front of you.
You found out that
your family was dead
and you barely escape
with your life.
But then the next night,
you go back out into
that same swamp,
chase that same
damn ghost
and you bring more
people with you?
Now why would you do
something like that?
That has to be the
stupidest story
and some of the most
idiotic and contrived
decision making
I've ever heard.
I am telling you the truth.
I don't think you realize
the kind of deep shit
you're in, little girl!
You come into a goddamn
police station
covered in someone else's
blood, head to toe,
you're carrying a weapon
and a piece of somebody's
fucking head!
And the best you got
for me for an alibi
is some kind of
urban legend?
I am talking to you.
Let me tell you something.
You go up in front
of the judge
you better come up with a
better excuse than what's-
- Sheriff, come in.
- Yeah, I'm here.
Sir, it's, uh&
What is it, Hamilton?
Spit it out!
It's a fucking massacre
out here, sir.
I mean, we've only
covered about 40 yards
and we already come up
with four bodies.
I mean, I mean&
Jesus, they don't even
have faces, Louis.
Look, we're gonna have to call
in every goddamn paramedic
in the state and a full
recovery team right away.
We're talking about DNA
and dental records level
shit out here, man.
Shit, they're going to
have only teeth though.
Uh, we got a girl in custody.
I'm on my way.
Uh, we're gonna call
in state, Sheriff.
we're dealing with
down here.
Shit, we keep finding
pieces everywhere.
I said,
I am on my way, Deputy.
Sir, do you want me to go?
Get the fire and paramedics
out there right away.
I'm on it.
This is Deputy Winslow.
I need all available...
These dead bodies
ain't finding themselves.
Come on now.
Double time.
an official comment till there's
been a full investigation
I'll probably gonna be
out there all day-what?
Sheriff, I think you
have a, uh-
Hi, Louis.
- Okay, seriously-
- I need this.
I need this, Louis.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Oh, come on.
Multiple bodies,
Honey Island Swamp,
girl in custody.
That is police business,
Oh, this has Victor Crowley
written all over it.
Are you out of your mind?
Please let me on that scene.
Let me cover this story.
Get in line.
I've been a punch line
on the media blacklist
for my Crowley study.
This is an opportunity
for me.
Crowley study?
Is that what you're
calling it right now?
I thought it was
more like, uh,
obsessive sensationalism.
Now, you just listen here.
I want it.
I would like to
have the access.
Please, let me
break this story.
Please, Louis.
all we know is there's
a possible murder
outside of Jefferson Parish.
No further comment.
I heard massacre.
I heard unidentified
bodies in pieces.
- Jesus H Christ Amandai,
- Faces missing?
that is a police frequency.
Stay off of it.
I have First Amendment
rights, Louis.
Come on.
Let me work on this story.
Give me a chance here.
It's me.
So, how's Arwin?
No worms or fleas or since
she's been living with me.
Well, maybe a vulture
picked them off.
Sheriff, sheriff, sheriff.
Come on, guys,
I can't.
Not today, please.
Come on.
Give us any information
at all, please.
Blood suckers.
Sheriff, come on.
Hey, Elliot.
How you doing?
Not today, Mrs. Fowler.
Well actually it's
Miss Perlman now.
Well, you'll always be
Mrs. Fowler to me.
And it's deputy now.
That's nice.
How's Adrianne?
We broke up... 2005.
So, where's the suspect?
That's none of your concern.
'Cause I'm about
to post her bail.
All right, people, we're gonna
have to split up the recovery
search a few more miles.
Hyde keeps finding pieces.
Which way?
They keep popping up
Where the hell
are the paramedics?
Always the
last one on the scene,
you know that.
Speak of the devils, huh?
You Hamilton?
Yeah, that's me.
Jim Duffy.
You in charge?
but, uh, Sheriff Fowler
from Jefferson Parish
He's a little tied up
with the press.
Fucking maggots?
You're telling me.
So what are we
talking about here?
Three bodies, six?
Shit, try 20 or 30.
What the fuck happened?
Well, it's all under
investigation but, uh,
we do have a girl
in custody.
A girl?
You guys think
a girl did this?
Shit yeah.
We got good reason too.
You guys don't tell
us how to do our job;
we won't tell you
how you suck at yours.
let's start gathering the
bodies over here.
Bob, Randy,
bag and tag.
Andrew, come with me.
What happened?
Some people died
and made a mess.
Barney Fife back there,
he says they got a
girl in custody.
- A girl?
- Yeah.
We're not gonna be out
here all night, are we?
How the fuck do I know,
What? Are you scared
or something?
You know where we are,
Be a man.
Have a Twinkie.
What girl did that?
You're awake.
I'm Amanda Perlman.
I- I tried to post your bail
but you have to go
before a judge for that
and there's no
bail set, so...
I'm sort of the local expert
on the Victor Crowley legend.
Had a big splashy
article not long ago,
local legends and lore&
The Bayou Butcher.
Yeah, I saw you on
Oh, you saw that.
Yeah, well, you know,
not my best career move.
Been trawling county websites
ever since but you know-
I just-I had a belief
and I have a passion
and it's kinda made me a
national journalism joke.
And one minute
you're on national TV,
What the fuck do you
want from me?
Well, I don't wanna
waste your time.
I can see you're busy.
I just wanted to,
you know, interview you
about what happened,
find out what you saw.
Listen, I can help you.
that the ghost of Victor
Crowley actually exists,
that would help me a lot.
So you want me to
help you, right?
- Right?
- Yeah, that's right.
I mean, right now you're
looking at a lifetime in jail.
I might be the best chance
and the best friend you've got.
No offense,
but fuck you.
I wanna fucking lawyer,
not blogger.
I gave you your
two minutes.
Now, you just listen to me.
We're gonna run
through this again,
Marybeth Dunston,
daughter of Samson Dunston,
washed up local drunk,
who if he's even got
enough education
to sign off on your death
penalty acceptance
would have to be poured out
of a local bar to do it.
And let's not forget
your brother Ainsley.
How many dozen
DUl he got?
Oh, and those three months
community service
for defacing a church?
Look, I know you
didn't do this
but you're gonna
go down for it
'cause you're
po' white trash.
You know what they do
with po' white trash
who are convicted on
a capital charge?
The state of Louisiana
will execute you.
So you go ahead
and you sit in here.
You can bark at me
like a big dog in a cage,
you can either help me prove
Victor Crowley exists
or you can wait for
the lethal injection
that's gonna end your
miserable life.
Do it.
your pappy ain't been
here to see you.
Must be happy hour
Maybe he'll show up
after he's panhandled
enough pocket change
for a Pabst.
My father is dead.
Victor Crowley killed him.
tell me what happened.
I know I can help you.
I'll wait.
where the hell
are the other guys?
Oh, shit.
Where the fuck did
this rain come from?
- One, two, three.
- Holy shit.
What'd you guys
bring me a giant?
Yeah, it's, uh,
hard to tell.
This poor bastard
was lying on top of
the biggest chainsaw I've
ever seen in my life.
and his body is in a lot
of different pieces.
I thought you might wanna
take a look at this one
The guy looks like he had
all kinds of muscular
and skin deformities&
and he was only
wearing overalls.
Get the fuck out.
I know, right?
Anyway, looks like this
one in particular might be,
I don't know, crucial
component in all of this.
Wait a minute.
You don't think, uh&
I'm not saying shit,
all right?
All I'm saying
is that you might wanna
drop whatever you're doing
and check this one
over first.
Gonna be fucking creepy
but awesome.
Let's go.
Come on, big man,
we got a date.
Oh, oh.
Okay, here we go.
One, two, three.
Dude, I'm telling
you this may be-
I have seen some
crazy shit, man.
I was working on
an Asian male,
head severed off,
uh, leg cut off
below the knee.
I'm telling you, man.
Look kind of like you,
Oh, what,
because I'm Asian?
No, dude,
because you were-
Oh, yeah, I-I get it.
We all look the same,
It's hilarious.
Oh, fuck that.
He was shredded to pieces.
There was nothing left to
possibly get back up again.
I mean, taking his
head off wasn't enough,
dismembering him was.
I got away.
Now what time was this?
This morning.
I don't know.
Reverend Zombie thought
that by letting
Crowley kill the
three people that were
responsible for his death
somehow the curse
will be lifted
and I don't know he
would just go away.
It was all bullshit.
when I interviewed a
voodoo priestess,
and she was a real
voodoo priestess-
Oh, she was real voodoo
priestess, of course.
I know it sounds crazy
but if anything should
be a believer,
I would imagine
that would be you.
According to legend,
Victor Crowley is cursed
as a repeater.
Each night he has to
return exactly as he was
when he died.
He has to relive the
night of his death
in an endless cycle
over and over again.
You can't kill him.
He's already dead.
It's kinda sad really.
I sawed his body
into little pieces.
I'm pretty sure he's dead.
keep him from returning
again and again
in his original form.
He's dead.
He's not.
Any sign of the sheriff yet?
Nothing yet.
All right, well, he should
be here soon, all right?
I'm on channel six
when you see him.
Any more bodies?
Oh, man.
It's hard to tell.
It looks like we got a whole
area down there by the cabin,
the whole crime
scene over there
a whole mess of bodies
even more in the east.
My call,
I think the victims
were in two separate groups.
Hell, they probably didn't
even see each other down there.
Coming each way in
different directions.
Oh, man, how the hell do
you deal with that smell?
It takes a couple of years
but you do get used it.
Another day
on the job for me.
You know,
close the door, man.
I'll be on six.
Don't move!
Get off of me,
right now, dammit!
Somebody help!
Holy shit! Holy shit.
Help. Help!
do-do you read?
Lou, are you there?
I heard it. I'm making
a call to the state.
Bring everyone and
everything I can bring with me.
We should be out
there in less than 30.
You still think he's dead?
I killed him!
You didn't
but I know how.
His father endlessly
night after night.
he can finally find
peace and pass on-
Thomas Crowley has
been dead for years.
but first I need to know that
you're gonna help me out.
I already told you
everything that I know.
You are the only living
relative of Samson Dunston,
the man who caused
all of this.
You are the only one
who can end it.
That means you are the only
one who can make it stop.
You heard what
I heard on the radio!
How many more people have
to die before this is over?
I can't.
You can.
We're going for a ride.
Oh, hell, no.
we have a report of
a man down at
Honey Island Swamp.
No response from fire,
paramedics on site.
I need all available
units to Honey Island.
All available units
to the swamp.
Elliot, you have to help me
because if you don't,
everybody in that
swamp is gonna die.
You open that door.
Look out, look out!
Open it!
All right, cover-cover me!
All right, here's
what we know now.
A group of Jefferson Parish PD,
paramedic and fire
respond to a report of
a multiple homicide
There are 12 people
all of whom are now MIA.
We have one suspect
in custody
and our last contact was
about 45-45 minutes ago
but we did receive
distress calls
of an unknown attacker
and multiple men down.
So, who's left?
We're not exactly sure.
Do we know if the
attacker is still in the area?
Well, we have to
assume so, yeah.
But, uh, guys, I want you
all armed and at the ready.
We got no idea what
we're dealing with here
so let's be prepared
for anything, okay?
Is the attacker armed?
Definitely, but we just
don't know with what.
I'll take it from here,
Officer Hawes,
Louisiana State SWAT.
Uh, nice to meet you, sir,
but actually these are
my men and, uh-sir&
All right, everybody,
listen up.
You will give one
verbal warning
and then you will
shoot to kill.
Do I make myself clear?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
Let's stay together
and move out.
Son of a bitch!
What have you got in
there nuclear warhead?
but I brought about every other
toy I could get my hands on.
You don't fuck around.
Mikaela Dougherty.
Cory Schneiderman.
It's a pleasure.
You're planning on
taking out a T-Rex tonight?
You do know where
we are, right?
Smelly swamp?
This is his swamp.
Victor Crowley.
I'm sorry.
I'm new here.
I just transferred
from Arizona.
Who's Victor Crowley?
there's this little boy who
was born deformed and he-
Come on, let's go,
That guy's such a
fucking asshole!
I'll tell you
about it later.
The NRA would be proud.
I'm a member.
Can you please take
these cuffs off of me?
Absolutely not.
I shouldn't be doing this.
I'll lose my job on this.
locked up in the back
of this fucking car?
Will you please shut up?
How far is Ozona?
It's up there, uh,
11 freeway
on the other side
of Nicholson.
What's in Ozona?
Ozona is nowhere near
Honey Island Swamp.
We need to get to Ozona
is what we need to do.
And for the last time,
it's Miss Perlman,
Elliot, okay?
Just, you know,
call me Amanda.
Do that. Amanda.
I thought you were
Sheriff Fowler's wife.
I need to call Sheriff and
let him know what we're doing.
No, you absolutely
do not.
Not yet.
Do you understand how much
trouble my ass is gonna be in?
I'll tell you what,
get me to Ozona
and then you can call Louis
and tell him we're on our way.
What is in Ozona?
Thomas Crowley.
Thomas Crowley?
Thomas Crow-
if he were alive,
wouldn't he be like,
300 fucking years
old by now?
He's dead.
So what are we
gonna do dig him up?
Not exactly.
Tell me about the suspect.
Well, she turned
herself in this morning.
She was covered in
someone else's blood
holding a shotgun.
Did she give a confession?
She kept carrying on
about some local legend
named Victor Crowley.
Yeah, I'm familiar.
when your men made a
distress call, correct?
But my guess is it's one of
these Crowley impersonators,
who's heard the ghost story
one time too many.
But she's clearly
part of it though.
Yeah, well, I'll be
the judge of that.
I suppose if anybody's
a Crowley expert
that would be you, right?
I mean your wife is
Amanda Fowler, correct?
Ah, ex.
She's my ex-wife.
I've got a few of
those myself.
Yeah, it's complicated.
I thought she and I, we just
clicked so good, you know.
But then I don't know-
I was just making
small talk, Sheriff.
I really don't wanna
hear about your divorce.
No offense.
So, uh,
when did you transfer?
About a month ago.
So far so good, though,
Mardi Gras has been a trip.
Fucking Mardi Gras.
It's the worst time of
the year for all of us.
Everyone flocks to
Bourbon Street thinking
it's gonna be like one of
those Bayou beaver DVDs
and instead they get two
for 60-year-old women
flashing their sagging
Just a bird.
You're really
freaked out, huh?
Yes, I'm really freaked out.
There's a reason this
swamp is condemned
and closed off
to the public.
Enough people disappear,
enough bodies pile up
and eventually you
can't help but believe
there's some truth to
the ghost stories
you hear around here.
and I'm already a believer.
I'll tell you that much.
Hey, I get it.
I believe in ghost too.
I swear I saw one in my bedroom
when I was six years old
but it just smiled at
me and walked out.
It wasn't scary, kinda
peaceful and comforting.
This isn't Casper
the Friendly Ghost.
'Cause Casper doesn't tear you
in half with his bare hands.
Fucking Christ.
Do you still believe
in friendly ghost?
What the hell did this?
What's that?
God, we're fucked.
We're fucked.
Someone shut
Schneiderman the hell up.
It's a good thing you
got that girl in custody,
huh, Sheriff?
I'm trying to reach the
person we're going to see.
See if he's home.
Who are we going to see?
His name is Abbott McMullen.
Um, I did a bunch of interviews
with him a couple of years back.
My original Crowley piece.
What are you doing?
Why are you stopping, Elliot?
Ol' man McMullen?
Abbott McCrazy.
Yeah, your point is?
We are in some serious
shit here, Amanda.
We have friends
in that swamp
that are seriously injured,
if not dead.
And I just took our prime
suspect out of jail
against the law.
And against my
better judgment.
And now you have me out here
on some wild goose chase
chasing I don't know what
with a more morbid version
of Wednesday Addams
who could possibly be
a psycho killer.
I'm sitting right here.
No offense.
None taken.
Hey, I'm still an
officer of the law
so watch your mouth
before I add
a few more charges
to your list.
Oh, can me telling you
to go fist your own ass
be another one
of them charges?
Okay, see, that's it.
No, no, no.
Abbott McMullen is the
only living relative
of Thomas Crowley.
Thomas Crowley is
his great uncle.
He has Thomas Crowley
on his mantle in an urn.
The only way to give the ghost
of Victor Crowley peace
is to finally give
him what he wants.
If that's true, then why
didn't you just bring him
Thomas Crowley's
ashes years ago?
Only the person
responsible for his death
can finally deliver what
it is he's looking for.
I tried to have this
and he pulled a gun on me and
told me to go fuck myself.
Classy family.
Go fuck yourself.
Look, I know how
insane this sounds,
but until somebody
has a better idea,
this is the only
option we got.
So I suggest we
stop the fighting,
and we try to put an end
to this once and for all.
Louis is out in that swamp,
your best friend,
my husband.
You mean your
ex-husband, right?
Just drive.
I hate to break it
to you again, lady,
but my father is dead.
He sure is,
but you're not.
No way one person
did all of this.
Can you stop dancing around
what's really going on here?
Shut up, Schneiderman.
With all due respect, whether
you wanna believe it or not,
this is Victor Crowley
written all fucking over.
Control your deputy,
Schneiderman, stand down.
Are you kidding me?
These are somebody's balls.
Balls are not supposed to
be hanging from trees
yet I'm finding myself looking
at fucking balls, sir.
That guy knows what's up.
We need to get the
fuck out of here
and call the national
fucking guard or some shit
- before we all end up&
- Shut your fucking mouth.
This whole thing could
be some sort of a joke.
A sick, perverse
practical fucking joke.
That doesn't look
like a joke to me.
My deputy is right.
I'm calling in the military
and we're leaving.
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Andrew.
I'm what's left of the
first response team, sir.
Look, we got to get the
fuck outta here right now.
Thank God,
you guys showed up.
Why don't you tell me
what happened then?
W- What happened?
Fucking Victor Crowley
happened that's what.
Look around!
Then why are you still here?
I hid underneath someone
else's body I found over there.
All right? He massacred
everyone in minutes!
And you didn't fight back?
No, I didn't fight back!
And that's the only reason
those aren't my balls
hanging from that tree!
Okay, please!
Please, we need to leave
right this second.
This is Sheriff Fowler,
Jefferson Parish.
I'm trying to reach
Colonel Mesco,
Louisiana National Guard.
Repeat that,
Sheriff Fowler?
We got a sit-
Cancel that request.
Copy that.
This is SWAT Leader Tyler Hawes.
The situation's under control.
Cancel that request.
What's your 20,
Officer Hawes?
Do not answer that.
All right, everyone,
listen up.
I will not,
and I repeat, not
be losing my job by calling
the fuckin' military
until I figure out
what exactly
is fuckin' going on here.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, sir.
I- Is this guy kidding?
Fuck this shit!
Your ego is putting
all of us in danger.
Fuckin' fire me.
I don't care.
I'm leaving.
Officer Schneiderman,
are you aware of
the consequences
for fleeing the
scene of a murder?
Yup, but at least
I'll be alive.
Don't do it, deputy.
Calm down!
What are you?
Are you scared?
Yes, I'm fuckin' scared!
How the fuck are
you not scared?!
He's like a tank.
No matter how many
bullets he took,
he just kept getting
back up and coming.
If we don't leave
right this second,
nobody's gonna be
alive tomorrow.
Where is he?
I don't know!
I've been playing dead
a- and hiding
until you guys showed up!
Last I heard w-was screaming
coming from & over there.
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Hold your-
Go check it out.
We got him.
Good job, fucktards.
Oh, my god!
Hide, hide, hide!
Move, move.
Guys, guys, guys,
check this out.
Who wants in on this?
No, no.
Hey, lights down.
This is not a good
place t-to hide.
Um, I-I think he
lives here so-
Bushes over here.
Hey, you?
You wanna hide in the bush?
I'm so gonna fuckin' die.
I'm so gonna fuckin' die.
Shut your fuckin' mouth!
Stop, guys!
Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Louis, Louis, Louis.
Stop, stop!
Stop the fire!
Help me!
Louis! Louis!
No. No.
Help me!
Move your head!
Help me! Can you-
Oh no!
Move back! Move back,
move back, move back!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Help me!
What the-what the fuck!
Get down!
Let's do this,
you little bitch.
Oh, fuck this!
- You're gonna kill him!
- He's already dead!
The guy was a real
fuckin' dick anyways.
Running around in your
fuckin' overalls
killing everybody
I fuckin' know.
Oh, my god, please!
Please, God!
Please stop!
I'll give you
your fuckin' daddy,
you deformed douche.
Sorry, Rick.
Eat this, motherfucker!
Now that's how you
take a bitch out!
Come on,
back to the boat!
Come on!
Get up!
Oh, dammit!
Oh my god!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
This is it?
I spent two days interviewing
Abbott McMullen
for my Crowley story.
You never quite get the
smell out of your sinuses.
And you think he's just
gonna hand over the ashes
of Thomas Crowley to you?
No, but he'll hand
them over to you.
Stay here.
Where the fuck
am I gonna go?
Amanda, this is crazy!
You can't do this!
you can personally haul
my little ass to jail.
'Cause this is the
last chance we've got
to bring this to an end.
That girl is Samson
Dunston's bloodline.
Hi, Mr. McMullen.
Remember me?
Who are you?
I'm Amanda Fowler.
From the paper?
Yes, sir.
I ought to shoot you dead
for waking me up at
this crazy hour.
It's the middle of the
night for Chrissakes!
It's 8:45.
Well, that's what I said!
Who is the colored?
Who's the-
Deputy Winslow,
Jefferson Parish.
And you do know that the
whole Civil Rights thing
did take place,
just FYI.
I didn't do nothing
to that little girl.
There ain't no crime
in looking.
I'm sure you didn't.
Not a nice tolerant
man such as yourself.
This here is harassment.
I'll have your job.
After tonight, yeah,
you just might have my job.
Mr. McMullen, we just wanted
to visit with you about
a matter of extreme urgency.
Was there a fire?
She's fine, she's fine.
Um, we just wanted to
have a minute of your time,
just a minute.
Well, all I got's a minute.
Got a lot of irons in
the fire, you know?
Oh, yes, I know.
I know that.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
And don't you try
to steal nothing.
I got eyes in the
front of my head.
Why don't you just offer
me some fried chicken
and watermelon
while you're at it?
I ain't got no food.
It was a joke.
You mumble.
I can't understand you people.
You-forget it.
Forget it!
I ain't no faggot.
Well, come on in.
If you're here to talk
about Victor Crowley again,
I told you everything
I had to say yesterday.
Well, actually, Abbot,
that was 10 years ago.
Speak up!
I- I'm not here to talk
about Victor Crowley.
Well, then what the
hell do you want?
We are here on
official police business.
You've got a piece
of evidence
that is part of our
We wanted to borrow it
and then bring it
right back to ya.
And where is your warrant?
You're not under arrest.
It's okay.
You're not in any kind of
trouble, Mr. McMullen.
We just want to borrow
an item from you
and return it to you briefly.
You know you mumble
too much.
I can't even understand you.
Oh, you know, um,
when last we spoke
you told me that these are
Thomas Crowley's ashes.
Isn't that right?
Them's my uncle's ashes.
That's right.
These are your uncle's ashes.
What the hell you doing,
you little harlot?
I am just gonna borrow
these for a little bit.
We're gonna bring
him right back.
Oh, oh,
over my dead body!
Mr. Mullin,
I'm afraid I must insist.
I'll bring your uncle's
ashes back to you personally.
What the hell do you want
with my uncle's ashes anyway?
I'm taking these as evidence.
This is part of a
police investigation.
- Show him my badge?
- Show your badge.
It's official
police business, sir.
That's right.
Who did you rob this from?
Who did I-
You know, that's it.
I'm through.
I'm done.
Abbott, I promise we'll
be bringing him back.
We'll be bringing
him right back.
I said over my dead body.
Well, then you
leave me no choice.
Go ahead, shoot me.
Go on, do it!
Shoot a defenseless old man.
Go on,
pull the trigger.
Abbott, I'm sorry but we are
leaving now with this urn.
Open the door!
Do it, shoot me!
Go on, do it.
I knew you's a coward.
You come barging
into my house
with some negro thief
claiming to be a cop.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
I am a veteran.
I went all the way to Korea.
Fuckin' white people!
That's right, run, boy!
Yeah, I gotcha.
Let's get the hell
outta here!
Is it-is it still
following us?
Come on.
Okay, he knocked
the wind out of me.
What are you doing?
No stopping!
stopping is very bad!
Who the hell was that?
Well, he was a paramedic.
Doesn't he work with you?
Yeah, but I-I
don't know his name.
We gotta get back
to the boat.
You're going the
wrong way.
Fuck that guy!
Well, I-
You gotta be fuckin'
kidding me.
You're Samson's bloodline.
You have to be the one to
give the ghost what it wants.
The fuck I do.
You can't bring me
back there!
We don't have a choice.
The one who caused
the ghost death
is the only one who
can make it right.
I had nothing to do
with this.
But your father did.
this is the only way
to make it right.
Why are you just coming
up with this plan tonight?
I told you I approached
your father years ago.
It didn't exactly
go over well.
And until you waltzed
into the police station
wearing Victor
Crowley's innards,
what proof did I have
that he was real?
- No!
- Stop!
- You're gonna get us killed!
- No! Stop it, Marybeth!
- Stop!
- You can't take me back!
Turn the fuckin' car around.
You can't-
You have to go,
- No!
- Only you!
Only you!
You're the one!
Oh, gee.
Oh, God.
Come on, man,
let's go!
What's wrong with this one?
I don't have the keys.
What? Why?
I work with a bunch
of redneck racist.
They won't let me
drive anything.
Christ almighty, let's go!
Fuck it.
Back in the ambulance.
Move it!
This is Sheriff Fowler
of Jefferson Parish.
- This is Sheriff Fowler&
- Fuck!
This is Sheriff
Louis Fowler-
Goddamn it's dead!
Does that work?
- Yeah.
- Thank God.
This is Sheriff Fowler,
Jefferson Parish PD.
S- O-S, I repeat, S-O-S.
We are under attack
in Honey Island Swamp.
This is the National Guard's
frequency, Sheriff Fowler.
Did you say you
are under attack?
We need help immediately,
Listen, you gotta send military
assistance or something
as soon as possible, okay?
We're-we're pinned down here.
We got SWAT team
officers dead,
we've got fuckin' half of
Louisiana police department
is dead.
Who's attacking you,
Victor Crowley.
Repeat that?
Crazed gunmen.
and-and they're firing
everything they've got.
We need military assistance.
You gotta send some kind
of chopper or something,
airlift us the
fuck out of here!
Understood, sheriff.
We are dispatching air
support immediately.
What are your coordinates?
I ain't got no fuckin'
coordinates, you moron!
I'm in Honey Island
fuckin' Swamp!
There's a six major league
fuckin' police boats
that will be parked
alongside the shore.
That's where we'll be,
Pinned down in an
ambulance taking heavy fire!
We are on our way.
Hold tight.
Fuckin' finally
somethin' goes right.
Be quiet.
He's gone.
Nobody move.
Maybe he gave up.
Even if he did,
nobody steps outside
this fuckin' boat.
Nobody touches anything
without my say so.
Do you understand me?
Sounds good.
We're staying put till the
National Guard gets here.
That guy's name
was Randy.
I knew his name.
What is that?
Shut up and listen.
Where the fuck
he get a grinder?
Oh, shit!
It's a gas belt sander.
It was in the evidence pile
outside the boat with
those other weapons.
Oh, oh, okay, okay,
okay, I put it there.
My bad.
Oh, shit!
We really need to call the
sheriff and let him know&
Elliot, Elliot, no.
he will order you to take
me and Marybeth back.
- Yeah, probably.
- And then what?
- I'll say I pulled your gun.
- Yeah, right.
I'll do whatever
it takes, Elliot,
because I am not wrong.
I am not.
I'm sorry.
Oh, don't do it, Elliot.
Please don't do this.
Sheriff, you there?
Lou, come back.
This is Deputy Winslow.
Heather, you there?
Where the hell have
you been all night?
Shit is going down
out on Honey Island.
Yeah, I'm aware.
I'm boarding the boat now.
Do you have that
Dunston girl with you?
Please, tell me
that isn't true.
Look, I can explain
Just-when's the last time
you talked to the sheriff?
It's been almost two hours
since we've heard from
anyone out there.
But the National Guard
received a distress call
from a paramedic boat
and they're on their way in.
What the hell is
happening out there?
Look, who-who placed
the distress call?
Why did you take the
suspect out of her cell?
Who sent out
the distress call?
They said
it was the sheriff.
He said there's a
group of gunmen
attacking them
or something.
We can't get a response
from anyone here.
Don't you see
Louis is alive?
Yeah, two hours ago!
He called in the military.
He said it was a
group of gunmen.
Don't you get it?
He did that so that he would
be sure that they would come.
What's he gonna say?
Victor Crowley's attacking us?
You gotta think about this.
We have got to
get out there
and we gotta get
out there now!
And then what?
And then we make sure
she puts that monster
back in his grave
where he belongs.
Oh, shit!
Should we run for it?
Back to the woods?
No, to his boat.
While this fucker is distracted
sawing through this wall,
let's open the door and
run for the other boat.
Even if you get
a head start,
there's no way the three
of us will make it.
It's like he's
everywhere at once.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
I don't know.
We have to find something
to fight back with.
The RPG didn't take him.
Do you think a
couple of needles will?
Well, we have to
do something.
We're running out
of time here.
What's the ETA
on that chopper?
Chopper's coming in
from Baton Rouge.
ETA 10 minutes.
We ain't got 10!
He must have chewed
through the wiring!
Hey, I see the other boats.
Let's-let's pull around.
We don't have time.
We're close enough.
You heard her,
let's go.
Let's go.
Now, listen,
you gotta trust me.
Look, I promise I won't
let anything happen to you.
You know that promise?
It's fading fast.
Come on,
get it together.
Get your hands off me!
This will be over soon.
Yeah, it will be.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Get it off!
Get it off!
Now what?
- Sheriff?
- Louis, answer me!
- They're all dead.
- He's not dead!
- He is so dead!
- No, he isn't.
He called for help.
He's not dead.
- Here!
- No!
Take it. Take it!
Get out of my face, bitch!
Take it!
Victor, come out.
Come and get your daddy.
Victor Crowley,
Victor Crowley,
we've got your daddy.
Why did he stop?
- Louis?
- Shh!
I'm trying to listen.
Sheriff Fowler?
I think it's them.
Oh, thank God.
Luis, where the
hell are you?
Who's Amanda?
Oh god, it's my wife.
You come out here
to me right now.
I got something you've
been needing a long time.
Sheriff Fowler!
Don't even.
I still have ammo.
- Just stay-
- Put.
- Sheriff!
- I can reach it.
Stay away from that hole.
Victor, where are you?
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
I wanna see you!
Don't. Stop.
You come out now!
I got your daddy here,
Come out!
Come and get your daddy!
This is bullshit.
Amanda, we need to
find the others.
We found them.
There you go.
Look around.
Victor, come on,
where are you?
He's-He's here.
Oh god.
On the floor now!
Don't let anything
happen to her.
- No.
- Only you.
We can't kill him unless
you put it into his hand.
You hear me?
You do it.
You do it.
Do it!
Don't shoot
until he has it.
Here he is.
I'm s-I'm sorry for
what they did to you
and I'm-I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry for what
my father did to you.
I'm sorry.
Take it.
Take it.
- Ah!
- Step back, Marybeth.
I said step back!
Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
He's dead.
No, Elliot, no!
Elliot, no!
Give him the ashes!
I knew you were real.
I came to save you.
Here's daddy,
you motherfucker!
Got to get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Fuckin' do it already!
Just one more time.
Come on, do it.
Come on, do it.
Come on, do it.
Come on, do it.
Come on,
fuckin' do it already!
Come on, get up!
Oh, goddammit,
do it already.
Fuckin' do it already!
Fuck it!
Over here!
I'm here!
I'm-get me the
fuck outta here!