Hatching Pete (2009) Movie Script

( Rhythmic Stomping,
Clapping )
- ( Sneezes )
- ( Marching Band Playing )
Oh, Gosh.
The Feathers.
( Sneezing )
Worst Chicken
We Ever Had.
That's Rooster.
It's A Rooster.
( Sneezing )
Aw, Forget It.
- ( Whistle Blows )
- ( Crowd Cheering )
Hey, Ms. Banfield,
Sorry I'm Late.
I've Been Looking
For Camie Poole,
Have You Seen Her
Go Inside?
I'm Sorry, Are You
At Brewster High?E
You're Kidding,
I'm In Your
Biology Class.
I'm Pete-- I'm--
I'm Pete Ivey.
What's Up, Pete?
Hi, Ms. Banfield.
Oh, So You Know
This Young Man, Cleatus?
He Was Inquiring
Of Your Sister.Abouts
Pete Was?
He's Trying To Find Camie
So He Can
Ask Her Out Finally.
- How'd You Know That?
- Dude, I'm Your Best Friend.
I Pay Attention
To Your Neurotic Ramblings.
Oh, Here We Are.
Pete Ivey, Check.
- Thank You.
- Okay.
( Sneezes )
Oh! Is That Brain?
( Gags)
- ( Marching Band Stops )
- ( Students Cheering )
Tommy Thompson.
Testing One, Two, Three.
- Rooster Basketball...
- ( Marching Band Playing )
Hey, Poole, You Better
Get Your Tailfeathers
Out On The Court.
( Chuckles )
That's A Funny One, Skylar.
( Cheering, Shouting )
Camie! Hey! Hey--
Ready, Okay!
Throw 'Em In The Muck!
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!
- Hey, Jamie, What Up?
- Beat It, Poole.
You're Gross.
- ( Gasps )
- Cheerleaders: ...Cluck,
Cluck, Cock-A-Doodle...
Seriously, Leave Or I'll
Have The Wrestling Hurt You Again!
Okay. All Right.
So I Will See You Later.
( Cheering, Yelling )
- Hey, Sis, How's It--
- Move It, Poole!
Oh! Ouch!
( Sneezes )
Camie! Hey!
Hey, Pete,
What Are You Doing Here?
Oh, Me?
Oh, I'm--
Well, I'm Here,
'Cause Um--
Well, I Had Something
That I Wanted To Tell You.
Well, It's, Kind Of More
Of A-- A Question.
Okay, Shoot.
I'm Kind Of In A Hurry.
Yeah. Y-Yeah. Um--
Well, I Was--
I Was Wondering
If-- If You--
If You Would Go--
( Mocking )
If-- You-- Would--
Who Is This Guy?
Does He Even Go
To This School?
That's Just Pete.
He's My Brother's Best Friend.
Don't Care.
( Cooing )
Gonna Score 20 Points Today
For You, Sweet Thing.
( Giggles )
- Bye-Bye, Pete.
- ( Grunts )
See Ya!
( Groans )
Isn't Dill Awesome?
Yeah, Dill Is The--
The Aweseome-Ist.
All Right, Well,
I'll See You At The Game.
See You At The Game.
Had Enough Yet?
Let's Get Out Of Here.
( Sighs )
( Sneezes )
...Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
( Marching Band Playing )
- What Up, Coach?
- Jam, Take The Gum Out.
Let's Go.
Get In Here.
Jam, Tie Your Shoes.
Let's Get It In Here!
Come On!
- Hey, Pete, How'd It Go
With My Sister?
- I Dry Heaved.
Ball, Please.
Thank You.
Okay, We Have A Simple
Goal For Tonight, Okay?
We're Gonna Score
More Than Seven Points.
Oh, And Camie Seems
To Really Enjoy Kissing Dill.
Uh, Yeah, Pete.
I Could Have Told You That.
Dude's Always
Over At My House.
I Think He's Stealing
My Mini Cologne Samples.
Why Didn't You Tell Me
Your Sister Was Dating
The Captain Of
The Basketball Team?
Pete, Chill, Dude.
I'll Level With You.
Okay, I Didn't
Tell You About Dill
Because-- Because
I Wanted You To Grow, Man,
Experience New Things.
I Mean, Just
Building The Courage
To Choke Out A Few Words
To My Sister Took Guts,
Major Guts, Man.
I'm Really Proud Of You.
Thanks, Poole.
- I Appreciate That--
- ( Cackling ) Nah, Dude.
I'm Just Messing With You, Dude.
It Just Slipped My Mind.
( Clears Throat )
( Sneezes )
Hey, Son.
Hi, Dad.
What's Wrong, Son?
Look A Little Down.
Yeah. Just Got
Some Things Going On.
Woman Trouble?
Well, Yeah.
I Kinda Missed My Chance
With A Girl I Like.
Got Beat To The Punch, Huh?
By The Captain
Of The Basketball Team.
Thing Is, Pete,
If You Want To Get
Noticed By Girls,
You Gotta Give Them
Something To Notice.
Like When You Were A Kid,
You Were Into Gymnastics.
That Got You Noticed.
Yeah, Everyone
Thought I Was Weird.
Okay, Bad Example.
But, See, My Point Is,
This Guy Plays Basketball.
That Gets Noticed.
Your Mother Didn't
Even Know I Existed
Until I Did
Something Bold.
I Got A Motorcycle.
And Pulling Out Of
The Dealership,
He Rode Off The Sidewalk
And Fell Over.
I Have Poor Balance.
( Snickers )
Your Father Broke
Nearly Every
Bone In His Body.
- Shake A Tailfeather, We Got
45 Minutes To Tip-Off.
- Come On, Pete.
- I'm Not Going To The Game.
- What Did Your Son Just Say?
Why Bother?
Brewster Hasn't Won A Game
Since Like
Early Last Season.
- Pete, If This Is Some
Sort Of Teenage Acting Out
- ( Door Opens, Bell Jingles )
Against Your Parents,
We Kindly Ask You
- To Leave Rooster
Nation Out Of It.
- Yes.
- Hello, Cleatus.
- Hola, Leon.
( Sneezes )
Sounds Like
You Got A Cold.
It's Allergies,
But That's A Strong Guess.
( Whispers )
What's Up?
Our Names Haven't
Changed, Cleatus.
We're Still
Mr. And Mrs. Ivey To You.
- That's Right.
- Hey, Wait A Minute,
Shouldn't You Be
Heading To The Game By Now?
Yes. Yes, I Should.
Well, Come On, Roosters,
Let's Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
( Squawking )
We'll Do That.
That's Where We're Going.
- Poole, What's Up?
- Dude, I Need You
To Do Me A Solid.
- Okay.
- ( Door Closes,
Bell Jingles )
Yeah, I'm Gonna Need You
To Go Ahead And Be The Chicken
Tonight At The Game.
And I Need To Borrow
Like 500 Bucks.
What?! No!
I Thought You Said That
You Were My Best Friend.
Okay, No Worries
About The Money
And No Hard Feelings
About Filling In For Me Today.
I'm Not Gonna Be The Chicken!
What Is Going On?
Pete, This Isn't Easy
For Me To Admit.
I'm Dying.
( Snickers )
- You're Not Serious.
- Yes, Pete, I'm Serious.
I'm Dying Inside
Of This Foam Chicken Head.
- Idiot.
- Dude, It's
My Allergies, Man.
Okay, They've
Never Been This Bad.
I Mean, Principal Daly
Got A New Chicken Head
For My Costume.
( Sneezes )
He Thought
The Bright New Colors
- Would Boost School Spirit,
And It's A Fine Plan, Right?
- Yeah.
I Mean, I'm Probably
Gonna Be The First Person
In History To Sneeze To Death.
Then Quit.
You Hate Being The Chicken.
Pete, You Know
I Can't Do That.
Okay, It's My
Family Legacy.
- Don't Go For The Wallet--
- Yes, I'm Going For
The Wallet, Pete.
- I've Seen This--
- Pete, You Made Me Do It.
My Dad.
My Uncle.
My Other Uncle
I Think That's My Aunt.
My Granddad.
Pete, You're Gonna Have
To Do This For The Grandkids.
I Don't Even Know
What Makes You Think
I Can Be The Chicken.
I Practically Blacked Out
Saying Hi To Your Sister.
Okay, Pete, You Know What?
That's A Sound Argument.
I Really Don't
Want To Get Into It.
Maybe I Came
And Asked The Wrong Guy.
- ( Bell Jingles )
- Okay, Pete, If You
Don't Want To Do It,
I Guess I'll Just
Go Talk To Keith Burke.
You Know He Said
He Would Pay Me
To Let Him Wear
The Chicken Suit.
I Mean, The Guy Knows
It's A Chick Magnet.
- Wait. Wait A Second.
- No, Pete, That's Too Bad.
I Was Even Gonna Offer
To Put In A Good Word
To Camie For You.
You Know, Her And Dill
Are Barely Hanging On
By A Thread.
- Are You Serious?
- Yeah.
And I Know Little Sis
Listens To Big Bro.
I Mean, Come On, Pete.
I Was Gonna Say
A Few Choice Words
On Your Behalf.
Just Think About That.
"Pete 'N' Camie."
That's Catchy.
Now It's Gonna Be
"The Burkemeister
'N' Camie."
It's Tragic.
Poole, I Don't Even--
I Don't Know The Routine.
Pete, Here's
The Routine--
Ya Walk Around,
Ya Flap Your Wings.
Make Sure You Get In All
The School Yearbook Pictures.
Dude, I Don't Know.
I'm An Awful Mascot.
Listen, I Heard
At Mascot Camp
They Make
A Hypoallergenic Head
For Like 1,000 Bucks.
Dude, I'll Look Into That.
But For Now,
Can You Hook A Buddy Up?
You Know, Poole,
It's Not Exactly My Thing
To Make A Clown
Out Of Myself In Public.
I-- I Usually
Leave That To You.
I Mean, What If Somebody
Finds Out It's Me?
Pete, Dude, I Need
This To Be A Secret
More Than You Do.
Oh, Man.
Come On, Man.
Yes, Rooster Fans,
Another Big Game Today
- As The Armadillos--
18 Wins And Two Losses--
- ( Cheering )
Take On Your Own
Ragin' Roosters,
Who Are Zero For 20.
It's Gonna Be Tough
For The Roosters To Beat
A Team Of This Caliber.
And Here We Go! Whoo!
( Fanfare Music Playing )
Ready, Okay!
Throw 'Em In The Muck!
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
Throw 'Em In The Muck!
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
So Are We Gonna Beat
Those Armadillos Tonight?
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! Whoo!
( All Cheering )
Let's Go, Roosters!
- Still Got It.
- You Were The Best
Chicken We Ever Had.
Yeah, Well, I Think
My Boy Cleatus Has
Got What It Takes
To Outshine Even Me.
I'm Not A Loser.
I'm Not A Loser--
Coach. Coach.
We're On Air.
- Tommy: To Tip-Off We Go.
- ( Whistle Blows )
And The Ball Is Controlled
By The Armadillos Downcourt.
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- Armadillos Score!
- ( Crowd Moans )
- I'm Open.
- Tommy: And It's Picked Off.
- Oh!
- ( Groaning, Shouting )
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- Coach: How Many Times
Do I Have To Say--
- Worst In The Entire State!
Hey! Put Me In!
I Can Win A Jump Ball.
( Clucks )
That's Right, Dill Pickle,
I'm Talking To You!
I Told You
Jam Can't Inbound!
I Should Just...
Inbound To Myself!
Okay, Dill,
Inbound To Yourself.
Come On, Let's Go, Guys!
- ( All Shouting )
- Announcer: It's Taken
Away Again
- By The Armadillos!
- Please, Don't! Don't!
- ( Crowd Groans )
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
Another Score
By The Armadillos!
Come On!
Dill, Live Up To Your Hair!
Okay? If I Had
Hair Like That, There's
No Telling What I Could Do.
( Sputtering )
( Grunts )
( Grunts )
( Moans )
- ( Cheering )
- Back On D! Back On D!
Back On D! Back On D!
Back On D!
Okay, Let's Go,
Let's Go! Oh!
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- That Means You Stop
Them From Scoring.
( Cheering )
Let's Get This Over With.
No One Knows It's Me.
Just Walk Around,
Flap Your Wings,
Be Generally Annoying
Like Poole
For A Couple Of Hours
And Go Home.
( Grunts )
- Oh, Stupid Tail.
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
Whoa! Oh.
What's Up?
All Right,
Here We Go.
- Hey, It's The Chicken!
That's My Boy!
- He Looks Good.
- Get This Over With.
- Go, Dill!
This One's For You, Baby.
It's Taken Away Again!
Smooth, Dill.
Okay, Let's Go, Here.
Let's Go! Come On!
Come On! Oh, There We Go.
Back On Defense.
Getting Tired?
I Am Just Watching.
( Buzzer Sounds )
Let's Go, Roosters!
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
( Whistle Blows )
( Crowd Groans )
- ( Grunts )
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- Oh, Yeah, Very Funny.
- ( Laughing )
Ouch. These People
Are Harsh.
( Whistle Blows )
- ( Whistle Blows )
- There You Go.
- Go.
- Jam, Pass The Ball,
Pass The Ball, Pass The Ball.
Time Out, Please.
- ( Whistle Blows )
- Thank You.
- ( Clucking )
- ( Girls Giggling )
- All Right!
- Whoo!
Forget It.
Sorry, Poole,
I'm Out Of Here.
I Still Got
A Little Pride Left.
- ( Cheering, Shouting )
- ( Whistle Blows )
All Right, Roosters!
( All Laughing )
I Hope Cleatus
Is All Right.
Oh, He's Fine.
He's All Right.
He's Got Padding
Under Those Feathers, Right?
Well, No, No.
The School Didn't Spring
For The Deluxe Model
With Buttpads.
So, Uh, Hey!
You're Okay, Son!
Shake It Off, Let's Go!
- Cheerleaders: Okay, It's
All Right, It's Okay.
- ( Clucking )
We're Gonna Rule
The Roost Someday!
- Whoo!
- What Happened?
- ( Groans )
- Ready, Okay!
- It's All Right, It's Okay...
- ( Cheerleaders Echoing )
- It's All Right, It's Okay...
- Oh.
I'm Giving Them
Something To Notice.
- ...It's Okay...
- Finally Got Your
Attention, Okay.
- Keep Watching.
- ( Whistle Blowing )
( Cheering )
( Clucking )
( All Laughing )
( Buzzer Sounds )
( Clucking )
( Clucking )
( All Laughing )
Go, Rooster!
Come On!
Good D, Good D, Good D!
Come On!
( All Laughing )
There We Go,
There We Go!
No, No, No!
- ( Shouting )
- ( All Laughing Loudly )
Let's Go! Three!
( Muttering )
Ah, Here We Go Again!
Go Ahead! Just Go Ahead!
Come On, Get Back, Get Back!
Back, Back, Back,
Back, Back, Back!
- Come On! No!
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
( Screams )
- Poole! Poole.
- ( Clucking )
Just-- Okay.
- ( Clucking )
- Don't-- Just Stop That.
- Just Stop It, Stop It!
- ( Clucking Rapidly )
Stop It, Stop It! Okay!
Okay, That's It.
That's It.
- Get Off The Court!
- ( Squeals )
- ( Whistle Blows )
- What?
- Technical Foul.
- What?
- Did You See
The Chicken Was On The--
- ( Whistle Blows )
- What Are You-- Come On!
- You're Out Of Here!
- ( All Laughing )
- There's A Giant Chicken!
- You're Out Of Here!
- Oh, Come On!
- You're Out Of Here!
- That's Ridiculous!
( Clucking )
( Sputtering, Backfiring )
- Pete.
- Hey.
- How'd It Go?
- Good, I Guess.
You Might Want
To Dry-Clean The Chicken.
I Fell A Lot.
( Sneezing )
- I Guess Dry-Cleaning
Expenses Can Be On Me.
- Yeah.
Okay, Thanks, Pete.
And Rest Assured,
Operation "Make Camie
Fall In Love With Pete"
Will Commence Tonight.
All Right.
Just Keep Me Posted.
- Right. Good Night.
- Good Night.
Hey, Pete. Thanks.
I Know You Must Have Hated
Being The Chicken.
( School Bell Rings )
So, Pete, The Chicken
Worked Good, Huh?
- Nice One, Poole.
- Wasn't So Bad.
- Girl: Hey, Poole.
- Good Work, Chicken.
- Whoa, Dude.
- Boy: Good Job, Man.
I Guess The Game
Went Good, Huh?
Yeah, I Think
It Went All Right.
I Want Poole Expelled!
He's A Menace!
Hanging From The Girders,
Teasing The Officials.
It's Not Funny
And It's Not Safe.
He Made A Mockery
Of The Team!
Seems To Me The Did A Pretty Good Job
Of That All By Itself.
- ( Chuckles )
- Oh That's Nice, Fred.
That's Great.
Thank You For That.
You Know, I Would Never Say
Something Like That To You.
- I'm Sorry, Coach, I'm Sorry.
- ( Phones Ringing )
But Your Is Just Not Good.
I Don't Know Whether
It's Because The Athletes
Are All Horrible
Or Because You Need
More Practice Being A Coach,
But Let Me Put It This Way--
Right Now, That Chicken
Has Greater Job Security
Than You Do.
( School Bell Rings )
What Up, Fellas?
Good Game Friday Night!
Wow, Poole.
You Got Some Guts.
- Right, Boys?
- Mm-Hmm.
Thanks, Dell.
Guts Kinda Runs
In The Family.
They Actually Called
My Grandpa "Grandpa Guts."
You Might
Want To Consider
A New Career Path,
- Because This One Goes
Straight To The Frying Pan.
- ( Gulps )
That's Funny, Dill--
Frying Pan.
Fried Chicken,
Get It?
- Do You Get It?
- Yes, Floyd, I Get It.
And I'll Be Going Now.
Let Him Go.
Let Him Go.
Let Him Go.
Coach, He Made
People Laugh At Us.
He Belittled Us
And You!
That's His Job.
He's A Mascot.
One Feather On His Scrawny
Little Head Gets Touched,
You Go Three Rounds
With Me, Comprende?
( Whispers )
( Grunts )
Okay. Knew That
Was Gonna Happen.
Thanks, Coach.
I Feel Like They Were
Channeling Their Anger
At Me Instead Of Each Other.
That's Just My Theory.
- I Don't Like You, Poole.
- Huh?
And I Don't Like
The Chicken, Get It?
- Okay.
- I Wish I Could Cut
Those Boys Loose,
Play Patty-Cake
With Your Face,
But I'd Lose My Job.
And That Is The Only Reason
You Are Still Upright.
W-What Did I Do
That Was So Bad?
Oh, Don't Play Dumb
With Me, Mop-Top.
You Know What You Did
Out On That Court
And Let's Just Say
Some Feelings Were Hurt.
And Hurt Feelings...
( Whimpering )
( Crying )
( School Bell Rings )
( Applauding, Cheering )
( Giggling )
You Were So Funny
Friday Night.
I Will Never
Have A Wrestler
Beat You Up Again.
Ahem, Well,
It Is Only Fitting
That We Have Our
Chicken Present
- When We Talk About
The Rooster Day Celebration.
- Hi.
I Need Two Volunteers
From This Class
To Be On
The Float Committee.
Oh, Come On, Citizens.
( Groans )
Pete Ivey.
Hey, Pete.
What About You?
This Could Be A Great
Way To Make A Name
For Yourself, Huh?
Think About It.
I'll Volunteer,
Ms. Banfield.
Oh, That Would Be
Wonderful, Angela.
So Then It Is
Angela Morrissey
And Pete Ivey
On The Float Committee,
The Two New Kids In School.
That Is Perfect.
I Didn't Realize
You Were A New Kid
In School.
- I'm Not. She--
- Save It For
The Float Committee!
Okay, All Right, Guys.
One More Time.
Power To The Poultry.
- ( Cheering )
- All Right.
Yo, Pete!
I'm Sorry, Guys,
I Gotta Run.
But There Will Be
Another Show Later.
- When, Later?
- Huh?
How About Later
After School?
You And Me?
- So What Do You Say?
- Yes, Please.
( Giggles )
Okay, Did Everybody
See That?
- Okay, Everyone.
Let's Get Started.
- Sorry I'm Late.
I-- I Just
Got Lost Again.
There's Just So Much You
Gotta Learn With A New School.
Put A Dollar
In The Late Jar.
Good, So We Have
Bob's Uncle's Tractor
To Pull The Float.
Let's See, What Else?
- The Next Order Of Business...
- Here, I Gotcha.
Thanks, I'll Pay You Back.
Maybe We Can Build
A Big Rocket Ship
And Paint Something On It,
Like, I Dunno, "Go Roosters."
A Rocket Ship?
That's The Best You Got?
Rocket Ship?
I'm Outta Here.
Good Luck Without Me.
It Was Just
My First Idea.
- What Else You Got?
- Uh... Space Shuttle.
- Hey, Listen Up.
Angela's Got An Idea.
- ( Door Closes )
Well, I Don't--
I Don't Want To Be
Pushy Or Anything--
No, Hey,
It's Wide Open.
What's Up? Come On.
Uh... Well...
Okay, Well-- Well,
It Seems To Me
Likes The Chicken,
Why Don't We Try
To Use Him Somehow?
- I Like It.
- Girl: Any Specific Idea?
Put The Chicken
On A Rocket Ship!
( Sighs )
Anyone Besides Bob
Got An Idea?
Angela! Angela, Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey, Your Idea Was
Awesome In There.
- Oh, Thanks.
- Yeah.
You're, Uh, Peter, Right?
Yeah, Pete.
That's The Name.
Oh, Don't Worry.
I'll Definitely Give You
Your Dollar Back Tomorrow.
Oh, Keep It.
I've Got Like 20 More
Where That Came From.
( Giggles )
Hey, You Want A Ride Home?
My Car's Just Right There.
Oh, No, No, Thanks.
I'm Gonna Walk.
It's Kinda My Exercise
For The Day, But Thanks.
I Like To Walk, Yeah.
- Good For The Lungs, Right?
- Yes, That It Is.
I'll Walk With You.
Don't You Have A Car?
Well, Yeah.
Yeah, But It's So Bad
For The Environment.
- Right.
- I Was Thinking
About Donating It To A--
- Like A Foundation.
- Oh. Oh, Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Well, My Boyfriend
Back In Houston,
He Volunteers
For A Nursing Home.
They're Always
Looking For Donations.
Well, I Will--
I Will Strongly Consider
Donating My Car To--
To Your Boyfriend.
Um, Well, Uh--
I-- I--- I Better Go.
So Bye, Pete.
- Poultry In Motion, Right?
- Cleatus!
( Giggling )
( Crickets Chirping )
( Tv Chattering )
Here You Go.
- ( Door Opens,
Bell Jingles )
- I'm Not Hungry, Mom.
- Yeah,
- Poole?
- What's Up?
- What Are You Doing Here?
Listen, Partner,
We Gotta Talk.
I Need To Know What You Did
At The Game Friday.
- I Don't Know,
I Just Improvised.
- Improvised?
Like How, Pete?
I Mean, Did Ya--
Did You Use Props,
Can You Please Just
Give Me Some Details?
I Don't Know.
I Followed The Coach
Around A Little Bit.
- I Made Fun Of Him.
- That Explains A Lot.
I Got In The Other
Team's Huddle.
- That Got A Big Laugh.
- Pete, You Do Realize
That You Broke
All Of The Mascot
Rules, Right?
I'm-- I'm Sorry.
I Just Went With It.
I've Never Acted
Like That Before.
It's Cool, Man.
I Really Don't Care.
The Important Thing Is
I Might Be Kissing Jamie Wynn
- By Week's End.
- Yeah...
All 'Cause Of Me.
Don't Think This
Is Going Unrewarded, Okay?
I Mean, Um, Camie Was
Just Asking Me About You.
Camie's Not Into Me.
( Gagging )
Why Did She Ask If You
Get Sweaty Palms When You
Hold Hands With A Girl,Eh?
- Why'd She Ask That, Pete?
- ( Grunts )
- Really?
- Mm-Hmm.
What'd You Say?
I Mean, I Do Sometimes,
But It Depends.
- No, Man, I'm Just Kidding.
- ( Groans )
She Actually
Hasn't Asked That Yet.
But, Pete...
I'm Prepared To Defend
All Of Your Flaws.
Okay, Here's The Deal:
I Need You To Teach Me
The Routine.
All I Remember
Is Everybody Was
Staring At Me.
And Then, I Don't Know,
Something Clicked.
Pete, I Need Specifics.
You Realize That
I Will Probably Never
Be This Popular
Ever Again In My Life.
I Know, Even Angela
Morrissey's A Fan.
- Morrissey's A Fan?
- Yeah.
Okay, Pete.
What Is It?
I Mean, You Want
To Be A Friend,
A Best Friend?
'Cause That's What I'm
Telling People That We Are.
All Right, I'll Show
You Some Moves.
Oh My Goodness, Pete.
I'm A Genius.
You're Gonna Be
The Chicken Tomorrow.
And I'll Be In The Stands
Watching You Do What You Do.
And You Can Count It.
That'll Work.
People See You In The Stands,
They Know You're
Not In The Suit.
Pete, I'm Not Stupid, Man.
That Base
Will Be Covered.
- Poole?
- Hmm?
Your Helmet's Backwards.
- I Knew My Helmet
Was Backwards--
- Just Looking Out For Ya.
It's Gonna
Be Fine, Pete. Okay?
- ( Cheering )
- ( Fanfare )
Okay, Chicklets,
It's A Whole New Ballgame.
Now, Let's Get Out There
And Show Those Dolphins
What Roosters Are Made Of!
Feathers And A Beak!
Okay. Get Your
Hands In Here.
( All Clucking )
( Cheering )
And It's The Chicken.
Okay, Let's Go.
Way To Start Strong.
I Like Where Your Head's At.
- Got A Good Feeling
About Today.
- ( Cheering )
Yeah, Dill!
Go, Dill!
Dill, Ball!
Hello There.
Tommy Thompson
With Rooster Basketball.
14 And Four
Dolphins Coming In
To Play Your Very Own
- Raging Roosters,
Who Are Zero For...
- Let's Bring It In.
...21 In The Loss Column.
Okay, Guys, Ready?
Defense, Take Care Of The Ball.
Defense, Take Care Of The Ball.
Hands In,
Here We Go.
- ( Team Clucking )
- ( Chicken Clucking )
- ( All Laughing )
- ( Clucking Quizzically )
( Clucking )
- Tommy: It's The
Opening Tip-Off.
- ( Whistle Blows )
And The Game's
Underway Downcourt.
- And It's By The Dolphins.
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
Okay! That's Okay!
- Come On, Roosters!
- Let's Go!
- ( Cheering )
- You Guys Can Do It!
Let's Go, Boys, Whoo!
I'm Going All The Way.
- Watch Out!
- Whoa!
Head Up--
( All Shouting, Screaming )
- ( Whistle Blows )
- ( All Laughing )
Come On, Coach.
They Just Scored
Two Baskets
- While You're Flirting
With The Chicken.
- ( Chicken Clucking )
- Get Out There,
They Need Some Coaching.
- ( Smooches )
- That's My Chicken.
- Coach: Get Up.
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- Get Up!
- ( Squealing, Squawking )
- He Started It.
I Don't Care
Who Started It.
- Go.
- Whatever.
( Buzzer Sounds )
Time Out!
Get In Here!
- Referee: Time Out!
- In Here.
You-- S--
( Grunts )
And You--
( Mutters )
Oh, And You--
I Just Can't... Stand It.
( Muttering, Grunting )
( Hissing )
( Grunting )
( Clucking Angrily )
Way To Go, Boys!
- Hi, Cleatus.
- Hi, Cleatus.
( Squawks )
- ( Giggles )
- Angela Morrissey, You're
Looking Cuter Every Day.
- Come Here.
- Oh-Ee-Oh-Ee-Oh!
( Clucking )
- ( Giggling )
- ( All Laughing )
In Ball!
Go, Go, Go, Go!
( All Cheering )
( Buzzer Sounds )
Yes, That's Exactly
What I Meant!
That's My Chicken!
Okay, Okay!
- ( Giggling )
- Cleatus, Are You Crazy?
What Are You Doing?
( Clucking )
It Was Sweet Of You
To Pick Me To Run Away With.
( Clucks Shyly )
Chicken! Chicken!
- Chicken!
- Bawk?
I Think Your Fans
Are Calling.
( Clucking )
Well, I Should Get Back
To My Cheering.
( Clucks )
( Clucking Softly )
Well, Thank You.
( Crowd Cheering )
( Backfiring, Sputtering )
Dude, You Were Amazing!
You Know, Now I Know
Why Everybody Loves Me.
( Chuckles )
Anyways, I Gotta Run.
I Got A Date With Jamie.
- Isn't This Great?
- Yeah, For You.
Everyone Still
Thinks You're The Chicken.
I'm Just Boring Old Pete Ivey.
Monday Morning I'm Gonna
Be The Kid In The Back
Of The Room Nobody Knows.
Okay, Pete.
I Mean, Maybe You're Right.
You Should Be Getting
More Out Of This
Than All The Groundwork
I've Been Laying Down
With My Sister.
- ( Laughs )
- Trust Me, Pete.
- Dude, She's Coming Around.
- I'm Sure She Is.
Here's What We're Gonna Do.
You're Gonna
Be The Chicken
All Right.
What-- What Are You--
What Do You Mean,
What About That Allergy-Proof
Chicken Head Or Whatever?
( Stammers )
The Financing
Dried Up.
You Know, The Pta Shot Down
Principal Daly's Request
For The Thousand Bucks,
Something About
Fire Extinguishers
Being A Better Resource Of--
I Don't Know.
It's Politics, Man.
Say, Poole,
Does This...
Hypoallergenic Head
Really Even Exist?
Yea-- No.
( Laughing )
No, Pete.
No, It Doesn't.
Why Do I Ever
Believe Anything You
Ever Say Anymore?
Because We're Best Friends.
Now, Pete, Are You In
Or Are You Out?
I Don't Know.
I'm Just Not Sure About
Being The Chicken Full-Time.
Well, I Mean,
If People Were To Find Out
That It Was
Just Boring Old
Pete Ivey In The Suit,
They'd Expect Me
To Be This...
Kinda Guy
All The Time.
And It's Not Me.
That's You.
Okay, Pete, I Don't
Ever Recall Saying
That We Could
Let People In On Our
Little Secret Here.
Oh. Oh, So I Keep
Being The Chicken,
- You Keep Getting
The Credit?
- Yeah.
- What?!
- Pete, It's
A Win-Win, Dude.
Wait. Wait, Wait, Wait.
How Is It A Win-Win?
Uh, Simple. I Get
The Benefit Of Fame,
The Poole Family
Tradition Lives On.
Let's Not
Forget About Jamie.
And You-- You Get To Have
Fun In A Chicken Suit.
Pete, It Doesn't Get
Better Than That.
- It Is Kinda Fun.
- Yeah, It Is.
I Mean, I'm Kinda
Good At It.
Good? Pete.
Dude, You're Amazing.
I Mean, No Poole Has
Ever Been This Good.
You're A Natural,
You Got All The Moves
And Stuff.
All Right.
Yeah, I'll Do It.
- Why Not?
- You're Gonna Do It?
- Yeah, I'll Do It.
- Perfect. I'll Call You.
- Cool.
- All Right.
You're Gonna Do It.
- Yeah.
- You're My--
You're My Big Chicken.
- Why Not?
- Okay.
( Door Opens, Closes )
I Want Him Gone, Fred!
I Can't Keep My Mind
In The Game!
The-- The Crowd Isn't Even
Looking At The Court Anymore.
Excuse Me, Coach-- Something
I Remembered I Had To Do.
Let's See Here.
Roosters Have Scored
24 Points All Season.
Their Opponents...
( Door Opens, Closes )
Okay, So After This,
We Need 14' Of Chicken Wire.
- Ah, Chicken Wire.
- Mm-Hmm.
That Would Be
In The Wire Department
Under "Chicken."
Or Would It Be
In The Chicken Department...
Under "Wire"?
( Laughing )
So What Did You
Hear From Houston?
- You Mean My Boyfriend?
- Yeah.
Well, He Made Captain
Of The Debate Team.
Oh, Sounds Like
A Fun Guy.
Yeah, He, Uh...
- Sure Likes To Argue.
- ( Police Radio Chatter )
So, Pete, Um...
Cleatus Poole--
He, Uh-- He's A Friend
Of Yours, Isn't He?
I Mean, Only Since
- Why?
- Oh, No Reason.
Just-- He, Um, Seems
Like An Interesting Person.
He's Complex, Isn't He?
( Laughs )
- Yeah.
- I Just Never Really
Considered The Concept.
Well, I Mean,
It's Like By Day,
He's Just This,
Kind Of Ordinary--
- Really, Really Ordinary...
- Yeah, Ordinary.
- ...Guy.
- You Know, When He's
The Chicken...
He's Just So...
Well, How Different?
- What Do You Mean?
- I Dunno, He's--
He's Brash
And Bold And Daring
And He's So Funny.
Angela, Are You
Saying You're Like,
Interested In Poole
Because He's The Chicken?
- Oh--
- Susie: I Found The Putty.
It's A Little Pricey,
But Good Putty
Is Worth Every Cent.
Did You Get Any Twine?
Where's The Twine?
I Didn't See Twine
On The List.
Come On, Twine's
The Main Thing.
You Don't Build
A Float Without
A Big Old Ball Of Twine.
Come On, It's-- It's
Back In The Twine Aisle.
You Can't Miss It.
Thank You.
Um... Oh, Poole.
Oh, It's Nothing, Really.
I Mean, He's Got
A Girlfriend Anyways, Right?
- Right.
- And You Have
A Boyfriend,
- Let's Not Forget That.
- Oh. Yeah, Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Of Course.
All Right, Where's
That Stupid Chicken Wire?
- ( All Cheering )
- Yeah!
Jam, Knock It Off!
Give Her Pompoms
Back Right Now!
( Clucking )
( Squawking )
Ready, Okay!
Throw 'Em In The Muck!
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
Throw 'Em In The Muck!
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
Hey, You Wanna Go
Somewhere After The Game?
- Bawk.
- Where?
- Bawk?
- Come On, Cleatus,
Talk To Me.
- Bawk Bawk.
- We Could Miss The Bus.
Have To Find
Our Own Way Home...
- Bawk?
- Cleatus!
Cut It Out! What's With
The Silent Treatment?
I Bet I Know.
Poole's Not In There.
- Bawk!
- ( Laughs )
- ( Clucking Nervously )
- Of Course It's Poole.
- It Is You, Isn't It?
- Bawk!
See? What Are You
Getting At, Dill?
Does Anybody Remember
Poole Being This Funny?
- ( Chattering )
- No. It's Only The Last Couple
Of Games He's Come Alive.
And You Don't Just Wake Up
One Day And Be Funny.
Of Course It's Poole.
Well Then, There
Shouldn't Be A Problem
To Check And Make Sure.
( Clucking Nervously )
( Sneezes )
It Was Poole.
Told Ya!
( All Laugh )
Don't Scare Me
Like That. Okay?
Ready, Okay!
Throw 'Em In The Muck!
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
Throw 'Em In The Muck!
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
Last Time!
Throw 'Em In The Muck!
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!
- Cock-A-Doodle-Do It--
- Ewww!
My Hair!
( Chattering )
- Bawk!
- What's The Matter, Cleatus?
- What Are You Doing?
- ( Clucks )
Oh, All Right.
See You On The Court.
- Pete?
- ( Singing )
Pete, Where Are You?
Do I Need To-- Bawk!
- ( Chanting )
Chicken! Chicken!
- ( Marching Band Playing )
Okay, Let's Bring It In!
Let's Bring It In!
Wow. We Haven't Had
A Crowd This Big
Since We Won
Two In A Row In '86.
Huh? You Say
Something, Coach?
Yes, I Was Just
Saying That We Have
A Lot Of Paying
Customers, Okay?
So Let's Give 'Em
Something To Cheer About!
But They Didn't
Come For Us, Coach.
They Came Because Of...
That Stupid Chicken!
Yeah, I Wouldn't Pay
To Watch Us Play.
We Stink.
( Clucks )
Let's See If This Helps.
- ( Clucking )
- ( Cheering )
All Right, All Right.
Let's Get In Here.
Come On, Ready?
- ( Clucking ) Roosters!
- Let's Go!
( Whistle Blows )
No, No, Don't Do It, No.
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- ( Cheering )
- ( Whistle Blows )
- Foul!
- Foul!
- Thank You, Good Call!
- Cheerleaders:
Go, Roosters!
- ( Clucking )
- Let's Go, Dill.
- Fans: Let's Go, Dill!
- Bawk Bawk, Bawk!
- Fans: Let's Go, Dill!
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- Yes!
- I Did It!
- ( Clucking )
- ( Fans Chanting )
Let's Go, Dill!
- Coach: Let's Go, Dill!
Bawk Bawk,
Bawk Bawk Bawk!
Let's Go, Dill!
Let's Go, Dill!
- ( Clucking )
- ( Cheering )
We Are Not Losers!
We Are Not Losers!
We're Not Losers!
- All Right!
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
No, No!
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- ( Cheering )
Pass The Ball!
Pass The Ball!
Pass The Ball!
Pass The Ball!
Bawk! Aw!
I Call A Time Out,
Thank You.
- ( Whistle Blows )
- ( Cheering )
- ( Cheering )
- ( Clucking )
Funniest Chicken
We Ever Had!
Coming Atcha!
( Clucking )
( Cheering )
( Buzzer Sounds )
( Cheerleaders Cheering )
( Playing Out Of Tune )
We Scored 20!
We Scored 20!
That Was More Than We Had
All Last Season! Whoo!
( Cheering )
( Voices Echoing )
- ( Screaming )
- ( Grunts )
( Clucks )
- Thanks A Lot, Cleatus!
- ( Clucking )
I Don't Think So.
Ooh, Poole's Gonna
Hear About This.
( Blubbering )
I'm Gonna
Hear About This.
Ow! Gosh, Pete, Watch It.
- You Made Me Poke My Eye!
- You Watch It.
It's Not Easy Getting
Out Of This Thing.
Hey, Man.
What's With You
Saving Angela Out There?
You Should've Saved Jamie!
What Were You Thinking?
You Know, Pete,
You Weren't Thinking
Is What You Were Doing.
You Need To Get
Your Head In The Game.
It's Hard Out There, Poole.
You're Reaping All
The Benefits. I'm Out
There In The Trenches, Man.
Pete! I'm In
The Trenches Too!
Do Not Underestimate
The Job Of Me Promoting
You To My Sister, Okay?
It's Subtle Yet Consistent.
I Should Probably Get Into
Marketing When I Get Older.
You Know What?
No Offense To Your Sister,
But I'm Over Her Now.
Okay, Good,
'Cause She Wasn't
Taking The Bait.
I Think I Like Angela.
Angela Likes
The Chicken.
If She Only Knew
It Was Really Me--
Okay, Pete,
Stop Talking Right Now.
We Obviously Both Know
You Can't Tell Her.
I Understand This Whole
Dual Identity Thing
- Can Be Really
Difficult On You.
- Yeah.
But Guess Who Else Has
To Deal With It, Pete.
- Superman.
- Yeah, Well It's Lame
Being Clark Kent
- When Superman's The
Only One That Gets Noticed.
- But Clark Never Complains.
- Oh, My--
- Angela: Cleatus?
- Cleatus, Is That You?
- We Had A Deal.
There's No Backing Out.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Cleatus, Is That You?
- Hey.
- Hi.
- ( Laughs )
Yeah, The Closet.
- Right.
- I Change In There
I Know It's Weird.
I'm, Uh...
Kind Of A Shy Guy.
Oh, That's Okay.
I Like Shy Guys.
Really? Good.
'Cause I'm Shy.
- ( Laughing )
- You Just Mentioned That.
- I Did.
- Yeah.
Look, I Just Wanted
To Thank You For,
You Know, Out There.
You Saved Me
From Getting Trampled.
- I Saved You From--
That's Right, I Saved You.
- Uh-Huh.
That's Pretty Sweet
Of Me.
You Know, This May
Sound Kind Of Funny,
- But You're Sort Of A--
- Superhero.
- Yeah, I Know.
- --Sensitive Guy,
I Was Gonna Say.
Yeah-- Well, Superman's
A Sensitive Guy Too.
Right, Of Course.
You Want To Know
Something Else
About Superman?
When He Makes A Deal
With His Best Friend,
He Doesn't Back Out.
Oh, Yeah,
Superman's Best Friend?
Wait, You Mean Jimmy Olsen,
The Photographer Guy?
- Yeah. See, Superman
Kept Promises With Jimmy.
- Mm-Hmm.
Super Promises!
You Know What Else
Superman Does?
He Saves People
In Distress,
Like You Did For Me.
- So Anyways, Thank You.
- Okay.
I Guess You Are Kinda
My Superhero...
( Grunts, Thuds )
- Sorry.
- Whoa. That--
- It's All Right.
- Once Or Twice A Week.
It Happened--
- So I'll See You Later.
- I'll See You Later.
- Yeah.
- See Ya...
When Later Is.
( School Bell Rings )
I Just Remembered,
In Fourth Grade,
I Lent You A Quarter
For A Taco Boat And
You Never Paid Me Back.
Uh, Okay, Want
The Quarter Now?
I Wanted It
In Fourth Grade,
But Now Would Be Fine.
Here's Your Quarter.
Thank You.
( Rooster Crowing
Ringtone Sounds )
Oh, You See That?
I-- I Missed A Call.
Yeah, I've Been Getting
A Lot Of Calls Lately.
Oh, Must Be Nice.
Hey, Cleatus,
It's Your Dad.
Hey, You Want
To Go Bowling?
It's The Old Man.
He Wants To Spend
Some More Face Time
With His Favorite Kid.
I Can't Blame Him.
My Stock Is Pretty
High These Days.
Makes Him Feel Good
Being Seen With Me In Public.
Whatever You Say.
We've Been Hanging
Out A Lot Lately.
He's Really
Proud Of The Chicken.
Or-- I Mean Me.
He's Carrying
A Picture Of Us
In His Wallet Right Now.
I Mean, Obviously
He Thinks It's Me,
But It's Really You--
Pete, I Cannot
Take It Anymore!
- What's The Matter?
- Dude, I'm A Fraud.
Okay, My Dad's
Walking Around
Talking About How Proud
He Is Of The Chicken.
But It's Really You, Pete.
You Know,
He's Proud Of You
Because You're The Chicken!
You Know, If He Knew How Bad
Of A Chicken I Really Was,
He Would Never
Talk To Me Again.
Poole, Your Dad
Doesn't Care
If You're A Good
Chicken Or Even If
You Are The Chicken.
Your Family Loves You
No Matter What.
- You See, Pete,
I Understand That In Theory.
- ( Pats )
Trust Me, It's True.
You're A Really
Good Friend, Pete.
I'm Really Sorry
That This Whole Thing
Has Been Really Hard On You.
You Were Right, Though.
You Know?
We Should Just--
We Should Call It Quits
And Let The Cat
Out Of The Bag.
Whoa, Whoa.
What If I'm Not
Funny Without The Suit?
Come On, Pete.
You're A Funny Guy.
You Just Have To Let
Everybody See That
Without Wearing
Your Chicken Suit.
Come On.
- Hey, Everybody!
- No!
Look, You Know What?
Let's Just Keep
The Cat In The Bag
At Least Until After
The Parade. I Mean,
What's The Rush, Really?
- Right? Your Guilt's
Not Going Anywhere.
- Yeah, I Guess.
Look, I'm Sorry, Poole.
I Can't Switch Right Now.
Look, I Did You A Favor.
Do Me One.
- Pete!
- What?
- What Do We Do With The Twine?
- Twine? Who Needs Twine?
Have You Seen Angela?
I Don't Know Where She Is.
No, I Think She
Might Have Gone
Home Or Something.
Angela Organized
This Whole Thing.
Poole, Take Over.
For Real Though,
I Have Like A Mile
And A Half Of Twine Here.
Any Idea?
Come On.
You Could...
Build Something.
( Sputtering )
- Hi.
- Hey.
Why Aren't You
Building The Float?
The Better Question Is
How Come You're Not
Building The Float?
Angela, What's Wrong?
- ( Sniffles )
- What Happened?
I Got A Text Message Today
From Houston.
I Got Dumped
In A Stupid Text Message,
Can You Believe It?
Did You Know
That 86% Of All Long-
Distance Relationships
Are Doomed To Failure?
That Sounds High.
Yeah, Well,
He Attached A Link.
I Checked It Out.
It's Pretty Accurate.
Stupid Debaters.
That Must've Been
A Pretty Annoying
Habit To Deal With.
Must Be Lots Of Other
Lame Stuff About Him.
Uh, I Don't Know.
I Don't Want To
Rip On The Guy.
He Broke Up
With You With A Text.
- Dude Sleeps
With His Rabbit!
- Weak.
And He Refuses
To Eat Anything
That's Not Orange.
- What A Loser.
- And He Dry Heaves A Lot.
Well, That's--
That's Kind Of
A Clinical Condition.
There's Really Not
Anything He Can Do About--
( Chuckles )
Angela, Have I Ever
Dry Heaved Around You?
No. And Believe Me,
I Would Have Remembered.
Yeah, Cool.
Well, We Can Talk
About Dry Heaving Some More
Or We Can Go Build A Float.
I Think I'll Go
With Building A Float.
Me Too.
Come On.
Car's Right Up Here.
I Think I'll Take You Up
On That Ride.
I Don't Think
I Can Make You Walk.
( Marching Band Playing )
- Go Roosters!
- ( Parents Chattering )
Can You
Believe It, Deputy?
All These People
Voted For Me.
They Didn't All Vote
For You, Uncle Lou.
It Wasn't Exactly
A Landslide.
Don't Call Me
Uncle Lou.
( Crowd Cheering, Chanting )
( Whistle Blows )
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
- ( Pop Music Playing )
- Go, Roosters!
Whoo! Go, Roosters!
Uh-Oh, Why You
Holding Back Now?
Don't You Know,
It's Time To Let Your
Inner Freak Out?
- Uh-Oh
- Uh-Oh
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us
Not When The Beat Is Kicki'
Like This Does
Why Should I Care About
The Opinion Of Others?
I Don't Want To Spend My Tie
Hiding Under The Covers
Scared To Let It Loose,
Let Myself Go And
Just Be Free
So I'ma Do What I Do Best,
That Means I'ma Do Me
Okay, Now, Don't Stop
Let It, Let It
All Hemmed Up,
Come On, Get With It
If You Want To Hear It Go,
But You Gotta Let It Flow
Feels Good, Real Good
Don't Be Afraid
To Sing It Now
Okey Dokey Karaoke,
Everybody Get On Down
Arms Out, Hands Up
Push It Like
You Had Enough
- Come On, Let Me
Hear The Love
- Yeah!
- Just Let It Loose Now
- Everybody Hit The Floor
- I Know You Know How
- What You Holding Back For?
So Let Me Shine On
All My People,
Now Let's Get To It
- Come On, Just Let It Go
- 'Cause That's The Way
You Gotta Do It
I Got My Girls
With Me And No Doubt,
They Are My Friends
Don't Gotta Act
Like Someone Else
I Don't Have To Pretend
Used To Be A Little Shy,
Can You Believe It's True?
But Then I Learned
To Shed My Skin
And You Can Do It Too
Now, Don't Stop,
Let It, Let It
All Hemmed Up,
Come On, Get With It
If You Want To Hear It Go,
But You've Got To Let It Flow
Feels Good,
Real Good
Don't Be Afraid
To Sing It Now
Okey Dokey Karaoke,
Everybody Get On Down
Arms Out, Hands Up
- Push It Like
You Had Enough
- What? Wait!
- Come On, Let Me
Hear The Love
- Yeah!
- Just Let It Loose Now
- Everybody Hit The Floor
- I Know You Know How
- What You Holding Back For?
- So Let Me Shine On
- Yeah!
Come On, People
Now, Let's Get To It
- Come On, Just Let It Go
- 'Cause That's The Way
You Gotta Do It.
- ( Crowd Gasps, Groans )
- Man: What?!
- Girl: Who's The Chicken?
- Cleatus?
Who's Uh-- Who Is
This Cleatus You Speak Of?
I'm Pecos Bill.
- What?
- But, Cleatus,
You're The Chicken.
( Stammering )
But-- But My Son
Is The Chicken.
Why Isn't He
In The Chicken Suit?
Now I Totally Made Out
With Poole For No Reason.
So Who's The Chicken?
Man... Bawk!
( Squawking )
We've Been Bamboozled!
Get Him!
Get That Chicken!
( Car Horn Blaring )
( All Shouting )
I Was Hoping
It Wasn't Poole.
You Went And Dropped
Your Hat, Uncle Lou.
( Laughing )
That Was Crazy!
Oh, No, No, No, No!
Okay! Okay! Jamie!
Baby, Listen,
This Doesn't Mean
We Have To Break Up.
We're Breaking Up!
- Expect A Visit From
The Wrestling Team.
- Okay, Will Do.
- Let's Get Him Out Of Here.
- ( Poole Protesting )
Law Enforcement
At Work Here, Folks.
( Siren Wailing )
Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Rock, Paper, Sci--
You Know, It's A Lot
More Fun When We Both Play.
Hi, Uncle Lou.
The Boys Found Your Car,
But That Chicken
Was Long Gone.
- Don't Call Me Uncle Lou.
- Why Not?
Because People Will
Think I Hired You
Because We're Related.
Let Me Get This Straight.
You're The Chicken?
- Officially.
- Yeah, But Somebody Else
Was In The Suit, Right?
Oh, You're Both Smart.
So Everyone Thought
You Were In The Suit,
But You Really Weren't.
- Exactly.
- So...
Who Was In The Suit?
Come On, Guys.
I Cannot Tell You.
We Made A Promise.
Son, We're Talking Grand
Theft Automobile Here.
That's Gta-Mobile.
So You Better
Start Talking.
Mm, Not Until I Get That
Root Beer
I Asked For, Um...
About An Hour Ago.
- ( Scoffs )
- Well, Go Get It.
Yeah, Uncle Lou.
Hey, Jack.
- What's Up?
- Lou, Can You
Give Us A Minute Here?
- Sure, Jack.
- Thanks.
Well, Cleatus,
You Know, I Just--
I Wish I Understood
Why You Did It.
Dad, You Know What?
I'm Allergic To
The Chicken Suit, Okay?
I Mean, Every Time
I Put The Thing On,
I Go Into
A Sneezing Fit
And My Body
Gets All Itchy.
I Mean, I Didn't
Want To Quit.
I Think The Main
Thing Is-- Is That--
- I Just Didn't Want
To Let You Down.
- Yeah, Yeah.
Let Me Tell You
Something, Cleatus.
I Was Allergic
To The Chicken Suit Too.
( Chuckles )
Yeah. I Know.
It's-- It Was Rough.
I-- My Sinuses
Got All Stuffed Up.
My Eyes Watered.
My Fingers Swelled Up
Like Hot Dogs.
I Just-- You Know,
I Felt Like I Was Itching
My Way Through High School.
( Sighs )
I Didn't Want To Quit Either
For The Same Reasons.
I'm Proud Of You, Cleatus.
You Had The Guts To...
Fly The Coop
Like I Should Have Done.
Thanks, Dad.
But I Mean, You're Really Okay
With Me Not Being The Chicken?
I Know It's
The Family Legacy.
I'd Rather You Be
My Happy Son...
Than A Sneezing Chicken
Any Day.
Thanks, Dad.
Uh, Dad?
- I Think I'm Allergic To Math.
- Yeah, I'm Not Gonna
Be Okay With That.
Okay, Cool.
Science? No.
( Panting )
( Car Horn Honks )
- Hey, Pete.
- Hey, Angela.
Where Were You?
I Didn't See You
At The Parade.
- Oh No, I Was There.
- Oh, Float Turned
Out Great, Huh?
- Yeah.
- Good Work.
Aw, I Just Did A Little
Sawing And Hammering,
Clocked Some Twine Time.
( Laughs )
Hey, How About That
Whole Chicken Thing?
It's All Anybody
Can Talk About.
- Who Do You Think It Is?
- The Chicken?
I Don't Know.
I Mean, Do You
Really Want To Know?
No, I-- I Guess Not.
I Mean, Yes.
Well, I Mean...
Do You
Want To Know?
But I'm Afraid
Once The Mystery's Over...
So Is The Magic.
- It's Sure Getting Colder.
- Am I Crazy, Pete?
- What?
- I Think I Was Actually
Falling For A Guy
In A Chicken Suit.
( Giggles )
- Really?
- You Don't Know
How Relieved I Was
To Find Out
It Wasn't Poole.
- Oh, Really?
- Yeah.
Do You Think
The Chicken'll Come Back?
Probably Not,
So Long As Everyone Wants
To Know Who's In There.
Magic's In The Mystery,
You're Right.
No, I'm Right.
Okay, We're Both Right.
( Both Laugh )
- Hey, Do You Want A Ride?
- No, I'm Just Gonna Walk.
It's Kinda My Exercise
For The Day.
( Chuckles )
- Bye, Pete.
- See Ya.
( Horn Honks )
See That, Pete?
We Made The Newspaper.
What Are You
Doing Here, Poole?
Look, Man, I'm
Sorry I Got Caught.
Dumb, I Know.
But, I Mean, We Gotta Talk,
Decide What To Do Next.
What You Mean Next?
I Stole The Sheriff's Car.
So? Dude, You Had No Choice.
You Were Being Chased By A Mob.
You're Legally Allowed
To Do Whatever You Want
When You're Being
Chased By A Mob.
- It's In The Constitution.
- Tell It To The Sheriff.
I, Uh, Already Did.
Oh, Great.
Did You Tell
Him Who I Am?
No, Pete.
I Was Slippery
Like A-- Like
An Oiled-Up Watermelon.
Okay, Here's
What We're Gonna Do.
We're Gonna Let
The Whole Thing Die, Right?
We're Gonna
Retire The Chicken
And Let The Myth Grow.
And Then Maybe
At Our 30th Reunion,
We Tell Everybody
It Was You Who Turned
The Chicken Into A Legend.
- I Don't Know.
- Me Either.
( Marching Band
Playing )
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
Attaboy, Deputy.
- Crowd: Chicken! Chicken!
- Ready, Okay!
Hey, Roosters!
Get To It!
We Know
You Can Do It!
Do You Think He'll Come?
I Wouldn't Count On It.
Well, Aren't You Just
Dying To Know Who He Is?
Um... No.
Not Really.
...Cock-A-Doodle-Do It.
Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!
Oh, Yeah!
Go Roosters!
We Rule!
- ( Crowd Groaning )
- Man: Come On!
We Want The Chicken!
- Girl: Oh, Man!
- Man: Oh, Where Is He?
Let's Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
- Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!
Come On, Everybody.
- There's The Chicken.
Kids, The Chicken
Is Back! Whoo!
- Oh, The Cops.
- Get The Chicken!
I Got Him, Uncle Lou.
Law Enforcement At
Work Here, Folks.
- ( Chicken Whimpering )
- Let Me See.
- Please, I--
- ( Crowd Gasps )
Wait A Minute.
This Isn't The Real Chicken.
- It's A Fake.
- Sheriff: We Got
A Copycat Here.
Everyone Stand Down.
Repeat, We Have A Copycat.
Sorry, Folks.
I Couldn't Resist.
I Just Wanted
Some Attention...
- ( Handcuffs Clicking )
- ...And Love.
- Come On.
- ( Crying )
Let's Go!
Huddle Up!
Well, If There's No Chicken,
I'm Gonna Get On Home
And Soak My Feet.
- Out Of My Way,
Dill Pickle.
- Watch It.
Out Of My-- You--
( Grumbling )
- Man: Come On,
Let's Get Out Of Here!
- Come On! Where's Your Spirit?
Let's Go Find
The Real Chicken!
- Poole.
- Tommy: To Tip-Off We Go.
( Whistle Blows )
( Buzzer Sounds )
Come On, Let's Go.
- ( Whistle Blows )
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
Friday Night's Game
Was The Biggest Crowd
In Rooster
Basketball History.
For The First
10 Minutes, Anyhow.
Seems To Me
People Only Come
To See The Chicken.
Hmmm, You Know,
I'm Pretty Sure
People Go To
Basketball Games
To Watch Basketball.
But Maybe You're Right,
Maybe They Just Want To See
A Chicken Act Like A Fool.
It's Becoming
An Economic Issue, Coach.
- ( Groans )
- There's Been A Substantial
Increase In The Sale
Of Game Tickets.
Most Importantly,
The Town's Pride Quotient
Has Increased
Significantly Friday Nights.
Now It's A Simple Question:
How Can We Get
The Chicken To Come Back?
Well, I Suspect
One Thing On His Mind
Is The Little Matter
Of The Sheriff's Car.
Well, I Spoke To Lou
And He's Willing To
Drop All Charges.
What? That's Not Fair,
He Stole The Sheriff's Car!
Come On, Corky,
Who Here Among Us
Has Never Stolen
A Sheriff's Car
When We Were Young?
Anyhow, The Chicken--
Let's Not Forget
The Reason He Stole The Car
In The First Place
Was To Prevent Himself
From Being Unmasked.
We Need To Convince
That Chicken
That If He Shows Up Again,
He Won't Be Touched.
Well, How Are We
Gonna Do That?
( Feedback )
So Our Objective
Is To Get The Chicken Back.
We're Certain That
He Is Here Among You
At This Very Moment.
Whoever You Are,
We Want To Assure You
That All Vehicular Theft
Charges Have Been Dropped
And That No One
Will Expose You.
Whoever Even Tries,
Will Be Given Double
Permanent Suspension.
And Endure
Eternal Misfortune
Which I Will
Personally Inflict!
Coach Mackey
Speaks For All Of Us.
We Need You Back, Chicken.
Come Back,
You Big Chicken!
We Love You!
And We Need You.
( Cheering )
I Can't Believe
I'm Actually Doing This.
I Can't Believe
He's Actually Doing This.
( School Bell Rings )
It Can't Be Keith Burke.
He's Too Short To
Be The Chicken.
- What About Bobby Nevin?
You Never See Him At Games.
- Oh, Yes.
Hey, Pete.
How's It Going?
Good. Good.
What Are You Guys Doing?
Oh, Just What Everyone
Else In School's Doing.
Trying To Figure Out
Who The Chicken Really Is.
- Oh.
- Hey! Maybe It's This
Pete Ivey Guy,
Whoever He Is.
No Way Is Pete Ivey
The Chicken.
Pete Ivey
Is Not Smart Enough,
And Pete Ivey
Is Not Cool Enough
And Pete Ivey
Is Not Wild Enough.
- I'm Standing Right Here.
- Yeah.
Angela, Who Do
You Think It Is?
Uh, I Have No Idea.
Maybe Keith Burke?
He Seems Like He Could
I Guess.Kind Of Guy,
That's What I Thought!
It's Totally The Burkester.
- Bye, Pete.
- Bye.
( Police Radio Chatter )
Boy, I Hope
The Chicken Shows Up.
Oh, Lou, You Mind
Leaving The Handcuffs
In The Cruiser?
Fred, I Will Not Arrest
The Chicken
Should He Choose
To Return.
( Grunts )
We've Been
Stood Up Again.
I Am Tired Of Looking
Like A Fool.
- Where's That Chicken
That's Supposed To Be--
- Ow!
"Oh, The Chicken'll
Be Here, You Just Wait."
Yeah, We Need The Chicken.
( Crowd Shouting )
- Oh, Boy.
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
Why? Why? Why?
- Oh, Why?
- ( Whistle Blows )
( Crying )
Stu-- Stupid Chicken!
( Buzzer Sounds )
What Is That, Suze?
We're Gonna Use This Tonight
To Signal The Chicken.
It's Not Our Best Idea,
But We're Desperate.
Suze, How's My
Rooster Signal?
Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy.
Best Idea I Ever Had.
Good Luck.
I Think The Chicken
Has A Better Chance
Of Seeing That Than This.
What Is This?
Didn't You Hear?
Tommy's Challenging
The Chicken
To Come On
"Rooster Talk" Today
And Explain Why
He's Called It Quits.
Hi, I'm Tommy Thompson
And We Have A
Very Special Guest
On "Rooster Talk" Today.
The Pride Of Brewster--
The Chicken.
( Cheering )
( Giggling )
( Electronic Voice )
Hello, Tommy.
Yes, The Chicken's Voice
Has Been Electronically Altered
To Protect
His Identity.
Let's Get Right To It.
Why Have You Decided
To Hang It Up?
Well, Tommy, Because
Under These Feathers,
I'm Not Really
Mascot Material,
Just An Average Guy.
- I Love You, Chicken!
- ( All Laughing )
I Think That Proves
You're Anything But Average.
- You're The Sparkplug
Of Our School.
- ( Clucks )
You're The Spirit
Of The Whole Town.
That's A Lot
To Live Up To.
Well, Seeing How
As How The Roosters'
Last Remaining Game
Is Against
The Mountain Lions,
Number One
In The League,
It's Going To Be Tough
To Avoid A Shutout Season
Without The Chicken.
I Think They
Can Do It! Right?
Let's Bring Out
Someone Who Believes
They Can't Win
Without You.
Coach Mackey!
- ( Cheering )
- Boy: Yeah, Coach!
Coach, You Think
You Can't Win
- Without The Chicken?
- Bawk.
I Am Positive We Can't
Win Without The Chicken.
- Bawk?
- I Love The Show,
By The Way.
I'm A Big Fan.
If I Can Get A Picture
With You Afterwards,
- That Be Kinda-- Kinda--
- ( Clucking )
- Chicken?
- Bawk?
Just Hear Me Out, Okay?
Look, If You Come Back,
I Promise...
I Won't Throw My Clipboard
At You Anymore.
And-- And-- You Can Break
Through The Big Paper Sign
Before The Game.
- ( Clucking )
- Huh? What Do You Say?
Give Me A Wing?
- ( Clucking )
- Oh, Come Here,
You Big Lug.
All: Awww!
( Applauding )
- ( Blubbering )
- Bawk?
So I Guess This Means
The Chicken Will Be At
The Big Game Friday?
I'll Be At The Game,
But I'll Be In The Stands
With All The Other Students.
( Crowd Groans )
Well, If This Is Gone
For Good For The Chicken...
Can We At Least Know
Who The Man Is
Behind The Chicken Suit?
Let Me Answer That
With Another Question.
Why Doesn't The Lone Ranger
Take Off His Mask?
I Give Up. Why?
'Cause The Magic's
In The Mystery.
Once You Know,
The Mystery's Over,
And So Is The Magic.
Pete, Dude,
We're Back In Business.
And Check It Out.
I Even Got The Suit
- Great.
- Dude, The Chicken's
Risen From The Ashes.
You Know,
Kinda Like The Phoenix.
They're Both Birds, Right?
I Thought We Agreed
We Were Done With That.
But Pete,
The Chicken's
Off The Hook.
You Heard
What The Coach Said.
He Said If You
Show Up At The Game,
They Won't Arrest You.
I Mean, What A Beautiful
Country We Live In
When A Chicken Can
Steal A Sheriff's Car
And Run Scot-Free--
I Mean, I'm Just Saying,
God Bless America.
No, Poole,
You Were Right Before.
You Know, We Should
Just Let This All Die
And We Can Have A Good Laugh
About It In 30 Years.
But, Pete, You Said That
You Wanted People To Know
That You Were The Chicken.
I Mean, You Tried To Tell
Everybody At The Rally.
- You Were Ready Then.
- I'm Not Ready Now.
Maybe I'm Never Gonna Be
Ready For People To Know
It Was Just Boring Old
Pete Ivey In The Suit.
What Are You
Talking About?
You're Gonna
Be Famous, Man.
- People Are Gonna Love You.
- Yeah, But What If They Don't?
Poole, What If People
Stop Liking The Chicken
Because They
Knew It Was Me?
Pete, If That's Seriously
What You're Worried About,
Then You Need To
Look At It Like This, Man:
You Can Live Your
Whole Life In A Shell...
Or You Can Hatch.
No Guts, No Glory.
Eh, Glory's
Overrated Anyhow.
I Hope You Know
What You're Doing, Man.
'Cause You're Letting
A Whole Lot Of People Down.
This Is Your Fault.
( Team Clucking,
Squawking )
All Right!
Do You Little Chicklets
Believe You Can Beat
Those Lions?!
Not Without The Chicken, No.
I'm Being Honest.
Even Coach Said It On Tv.
Okay Okay. Okay.
I'm Saying We Can.
And There Are 500
Rooster Fans Out There
Who Believe You Can Win
Without The Dang Chicken!
They're All Just
Gonna Leave As Soon
As The Chicken Doesn't Show Up.
So What?
Maybe They Will,
But This Is Our Last Game, Men!
Do You Want To Go Through
Life With The Honor
Of Being The Only
Winless Team In 46 Years?!
- No, Sir!
- Is It True We Haven't
Won One Single Game?
It Is Absolutely True!
- Now Do You Believe
We Can Beat Them Lions?!
- All: Maybe!
- I'll Take It! Now Let's Go
- ( Marching Band Playing )
Crashing Through That
Sign Like Raging Roosters
- And Show 'Em Who We Are!
- ( All Shouting )
Actually, You Know What?
We Should Probably Not
Go Through The Sign...
In Case The Chicken Shows Up.
I Sort Of Promised It To Him.
( Squawking )
- ( Crowd Roaring )
- ( Cheerleaders Cheering )
( Voice Cracks )
Okay, Let's Do This.
It's The Final Game Of The Year
Here In The Big Chicken Coop.
Our Very Own
Raging Roosters
Will Try To Score Their First
Victory Of The Season
Against The Undefeated
25 And 0 Mountain Lions!
Can They Do It?
Can They Do It?
Our Fans Think
They Can Do It.
So Let's Do It.
( Pop Music Playing )
- ( Whistle Blows )
- Tommy: To Tip-Off We Go.
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- ( Crowd Groans And Cheers )
( Buzzer Sounds )
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- ( Groaning Loudly )
Well, It's Been
An Interesting Season.
- Can't Win 'Em All.
- Can't Win One, Actually.
( Whistle Blows )
Come On, Pete.
Where Are You?
Oh, No,
This Is Horrible.
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- ( Groaning, Cheering )
No! Dill!
Time Out, Time Out, Time Out!
- Time Out!
- ( Whistle Blows )
Whoo! Go, Roosters!
Whoo! Go, Roosters!
Jam, Protect The Ball, Okay?
Please, Protect The Ball!
- Say It With Me.
- Both: Protect The Ball.
You're Killing Me!
Okay, Here We Go.
Oh, Thank Goodness.
This Is It.
This It It.
Not Pay The Electric Bill?
This Is The Best Two Grand
The School Ever Spent.
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
- ( Crowd Cheering )
- Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
Get The Banner.
Get The Banner!
Well, Here Goes Nothin'.
( Pete Screaming )
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
- ( Cheering )
- Yes, Finally!
Attaboy, Pete!
Er-- Duh-- Chicken.
I Knew You'd Show Up.
( Giggles )
- Eww!
- Sorry, I Ju-- I Was Excited
About The Chicken Showing Up.
( Pop Music Playing )
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Whoo!
No Matter What They Say,
I'ma Pick Me
The Only Person
That I Want To Be
I'm Letting Loose,
Coming Out Of My Shell
I'm Doing Me
Because I Do It So Well
Arms Out, Hands Up
Push It Like
You Had Enough
- Come On, Let Me
Hear The Love
- Yeah!
- Just Let It Loose Now
- Everybody Hit The Floor
- I Know You Know How
- What You Holding Back For?
- So Let Me Shine On
- All Right, People,
Let's Get To It
- Come On, Just Let It Go
- That's The Way,
You Gotta Do It
Okay, Listen, Guys.
The War Is On And We
Have Got To Win It.
And Now We Have
Our Secret Weapon.
Okay? So Keep Your Heads Up,
Your Butts Down,
- And Let's Win
This Thing, Okay?
- Team: Yeah!
- Let Me Get Your
Hands In. Ready?
- Just Let It Loose Now
- Everybody Hit The Floor
- I Know You Know How
- What You Holding Back For?
- So Let Me Shine On
- All Right, People,
Let's Get To It
- Come On, Just Let It Go
- Yeah, That's The Way
You Gotta Do It
( Clucking )
( Whistle Blows )
- Yeah!
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- Yes! Yes!
- The Roosters Score!
- Whoo!
- I Dunked A Basketball.
I Have A Player
Who Can Dunk.
I Have
A Player Who Can Dunk!
With A Scoreboard
And People Watching
And Everything!
Guys, Did You See That?
I Dunked A Basketball!
( Playing Rock Music )
Come On!
( Buzzer Sounds )
( Clucking )
( Buzzer Sounds )
( Buzzer Sounds )
( Chuckles )
Press Press Press!
( Buzzer Sounds )
( Clucking )
( Buzzer Sounds )
( Buzzer Sounds )
( Buzzer Sounds )
- Whoo!
- Time Out, Time Out!
They Called Time Out.
This Is Great, You Guys.
Good Job,
Good Job, Men!
( Music Stops )
( Cheering )
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
- Chicken! Chicken!
- Come On, Chicken.
Take That Chicken Head Off.
- Yeah, Come On, Chicken.
- Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
- Chicken! Chicken!
- Come On, Chicken!
Show Us Who You Are!
We Can't Take It Anymore.
What Do You Say, Pete?
Maybe It's Time
To See What It Feels Like
To Stand In Center Court
For A Change.
- Chicken! Chicken!
- Come On, Pete.
Show These Guys.
Poole's Voice:
You Can Live Your
Whole Life In A Shell,
Or You Can Hatch.
I Guess It's Now Or Never.
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
( Regal Music Playing )
Chicken! Chicken!
Chicken! Chicken!
Let Me Give You Hand
With That, Pete.
( Crowd Chattering )
You Knew?
Who Is That Fella?
That's Pete!
That's Pete Ivey!
- It's Our Boy.
- That's Our Pete.
You Rock, Pete.
That's Our Pete!
( Cheering, Shouting )
The Kid Makes
A Darn Good Chicken.
- How Did You Know?
- "The Magic's In The Mystery."
You Told Tommy, Remember?
Pete! Pete!
Pete! Pete!
Pete! Pete! Pete!
Pete! Pete! Pete!
Pete! Pete! Pete!
Pete! Pete! Pete! Pete!
- Whoo!
- Your Fans Are
Calling... Again.
No Time Outs, All Right?
I Want A Full Court Press.
I Want You To
Go For The Steal,
If You Don't Get It,
I Want You To Foul.
We Can Do This!
Get Your Hands
In Here, Ready?
Roosters On Three.
- One, Two, Three!
- Roosters!
Let's Go!
( Playing Rock Music )
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- ( Screaming )
Yes! Yes!
Press, Press, Press!
- ( Tommy Chattering )
- Trap Him, Trap Him, Trap Him!
Stolen Again By The Roosters!
The Roosters Are
Taking It Upcourt.
I Can't Believe It.
- Yeah!
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- Tommy: Roosters Score!
- Yeah! Whoo!
- I Dunked It Again!
- Oh, No He Didn't!
- No, He Didn't! Ah!
- ( Groans )
Roosters Down By Two With
Only Eight Seconds To Go!
- ( Whistle Blows )
- Crowd: Eight!
- Four!
- Yes! Press Again!
- He Shoots-- He Shoots--
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
The Ball's In The Air!
- ( Buzzer Sounds )
- ( Cheering )
They Did It!
We Won!
- Yes!
- Whoo-Hoo-Hoo!
( Cheerleaders
Screaming, Grunting )
( Giggling )
( Clucking )
Oh, We Won!
( Girls Screaming,
Cheering )
Yeah-Ha! Whoo!
I Am Not A Loser!
( Whimpers Excitedly )
I Told You I Was Falling
For A Guy In A Chicken Suit.
Is It Okay If I'm The Guy?
( Laughs )
Dude, They Love You!
Put Your Head On.
( Pop Music Playing )
I Have A Secret
I've Been Dying To Tell
And I Would Have
Told You Sooner
But I Think It's
Just As Well
And Now That We're
All Together
And It's Time
To Celebrate
So Take Your
Call Your Mom And Dad
And Tell Them That
The Party's Never Gonna Stop
I'm Ready To Rock
I'm Ready To Rock
One, Two, Three, Four,
Tell Me What I'm Waiting For
And It Feels
So Good Tonight
Like I Knew It Would,
All Right
And I Just Love This
And If You're Building Up
For A Long, Long Time
And A Crime That's
About To Pop
I'm Ready To Rock
Ready To Rock
Cock-A-Doodle-Do It!
One, Two, Three, Four,
Five, Six, Seven, Whoo!
Come On,
Come On, Whoo!
I'm Ready To Rock.