Hate Story IV (2018) Movie Script

'We are capable of both,
loving as well as hating.'
'But it is hatred which requires
more audaciousness, not love.'
Someone sent me this to blackmail me.
You have destroyed my life, Aryan.
I am going away.
Away from you and everything else.
Wait, Tasha!
Just listen to me! For God's sake..
You don't need to go anywhere!
Tasha, stop it!
What's the use of stopping me now?
You should have stopped me that day.
And for that matter yourself too.
All this is meaningless now.
Just give me some time.
I will set everything right.
Just wait.
Give me some time.
If you haven't taken me back then..
..you wouldn't have to
ask me to give you time now.
Tasha, you..
So, I was right.
You are here,
enjoying with your new bth.
You are getting this
all wrong, Rishma.
It is you who had this all wrong.
Changing sheets is much easier than..
..changing the lover
you enjoy between the sheets.
If you are loving together..
Then you can die together as well.
Let go of the gun!
- Put the gun down!
- Leave the gun, Aryan!
Rishma, let go of the gun!
- Leave me.
- You will get hurt.
Leave the gun, I say!
- Just..
- Just leave me!
- Leave the gun, Aryan!
- Let go of the gun!
What have you done, Aryan!
'Stories and life
have this in common..'
'They both begin with
an aim to come to an end.'
'And their end is decided
at the beginning.'
You missed me a lot?
I missed my morning kiss.
You have managed to
bribe my lips somehow.
They tend to favor you more than me.
I have the same complaint.
You love the water, don't you?
So do you.
Me? How?
Like every other human being..
..65 percent of my body
is also made up of water.
And you love my body.
Don't you?
Yes. But not 65 percent..
100 percent.
You know what, Aryan?
Water relaxes not just
my body but my mind as well.
Like I now have the complete plan of..
..how to go about with
the launch of Senorita Cosmetics.
But for that,
we will require a fresh face.
A fresh face?
Well, there is just one
person in Lake District..
..who can find a fresh
face at such a short notice.
You don't seem to be satisfied.
What else do you want from me?
You know what I want, Rajveer.
I want to be the face of Senorita.
Don't worry, senorita.
You shouldn't worry about such
minuscule things in big countries.
You will be the face of this campaign.
A new face?
But why do we need a new face?
Because this is what
the client demands.
And we have committed
to fulfill their demands.
But bro, I too have
made a commitment to Monica.
That she will be the
face of this campaign.
Rajveer try to understand..
Promises made in the bedroom hold
no value in the boardroom, Rajveer.
After this, forget the bedroom..
..she won't even agree
to meet me in a boardroom.
You are an expert when it
comes to cajoling and convincing.
You can easily handle Monica.
At the moment, we want you to
concentrate on finding us a new face.
We need a face that is intoxicating
as well as mesmerizing.
A face that is intoxicating
as well as mesmerizing.
"Everyone's heart
feels lonely without me."
"Everyone's eyes are
all thirsty without me."
"Everyone's heart
feels lonely without me."
"Everyone's eyes are
all thirsty without me."
"It catches you unaware!"
"Beloved, listen.."
"You make me crazy.."
"You make me crazy.. in love."
"You make me crazy.."
"You make me crazy.. in love."
"Love should get free
rein over the heart."
"Use your lips to know
what my lips want to convey."
"Your face is always there in my eyes."
"Deep are my desires
and the climate is crazy."
"Love plays strange games."
"You undid me with love."
"Evenings are uneventful without me."
"Stars feel irrelevant without me."
"Love feels helpless without me."
"Beloved, listen.."
"You make me crazy.."
"You make me crazy.. in love."
"You make me crazy.."
"You make me crazy.. in love."
"You make me crazy.."
"You make me crazy.. in love."
Hey, baby..
Come with me to my place.
If you strip live for me..
I'll have you covered in
money and instead of a sheet.
I do strip to earn a living, mister.
But I have never stripped
my dignity off me.
At the right price..
You'll remove that too.
Leave my hand.
You bth.
I said, leave my hand.
Let go of her hand.
Listen dude.. don't be a hero.
Get going.
I sometimes have to be a hero
to teach loafers like you a lesson.
Let go of her hand.
Now.. get lost.
Otherwise, I'll hit you so hard
that your pain will tell the salve..
"I cannot heal myself, and
you aren't capable enough to heal me."
You'll have to pay for this.
Following me?
If you want me to.
Don't worry.
Just making sure you are fine.
Your method is different..
But your intention is the same.
Not every club dancer agrees
to dance on anyone's tunes.
We are here to show you the way.
- She is damn hot.
- I know, I know, I know.
I did come to the
club to watch you dance.
But I neither have the desire
to make you dance to my tunes..
..nor do I have desire
to dance on anyone's.
Anyways, good night.
I am sorry.
Instead of thanking
you for helping me..
I got suspicious of you.
You know there is
no cure for suspicion.
Or there is.
Hot, streaming, strong coffee.
If you are work two shifts
then when do you sleep?
Wait a second.
I hope you aren't a vampire.
Don't worry I won't suck your blood.
I prefer coffee.
Anyway, staying alone I have
learnt to make stellar coffee as well.
You stay alone?
Yes, I am alone but not lonely.
And as far as sleep is concerned..
I do sleep, and I dream too.
And sleep anyway tends to elude you..
..when your dreams remain unfulfilled.
Well, if you don't mind, can I know..
..which dreams make you sleepless?
Dreams of touching the
sky and shinning like a big star.
I want to be a star.
Before helping you in touching
the sky, people wanted to touch you.
So, I preferred to stay on the ground.
Well, in that case, you are in luck.
I don't have dreams of my own.
But I do fulfill dreams others have.
I didn't get you.
If you give me an
opportunity to explain..
..that I guarantee you
that you'll touch the sky.
Okay, side ways..
I've provided you with the sky.
Now it's your turn to shine.
Aren't you tired of
stars pretending that..
..they like a particular cola drink
or need a certain fairness cream?
I don't think normal public believes..
..that stars really use
the products they endorse.
Normal public will
believe in a new face..
That is beautiful as well as fresh.
And with her endorsement,
they will surely buy our product.
Yeah, we totally agree.
But have you found such a fresh face?
I am sure we will.
We have it.
Well, people usually
apologize when they are late.
But I am not sorry that I am late.
Because the reason I am late..
Or rather,
the beautiful reason I am late..
Lies in this envelope.
And if we don't sign
this reason at the earliest..
..then according to me,
it will be too late.
She is a star.
And we should sign her at the earliest,
before anyone else spots her.
Are you sure?
I am so sure that I will guarantee it.
What if it doesn't work out?
If it doesn't work
then the loss is mine.
But if I am proven right,
you will have to pay me double.
We don't have any risk in this.
And if the product works,
we stand to gain.
- Then gentlemen, we have a deal.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Well done.
- Aryan..
You should keep business
and pleasure separated.
You have taken a risk worth millions
in business for Rajveer's pleasure.
People shed blood for blood ties.
This is just money, Rishma.
You are the best, bro.
And come on,
Rishma.. don't be so grumpy.
Come on.
You need a hug.
- Stop it Rajveer.
- Okay, I'll take you out for dinner.
- No.
- Dinner is on me.
What will you have?
India, Japanese, Thai.
- Come on Rishma smile now, please.
- Okay.
That's like you.
What do we do now, Aryan?
We cannot call the police either.
No one will believe
that this was an accident.
I am so scared, Aryan.
I feel as if Rishma's
dead eyes glaring at me.
They are accusing me.
Don't be crazy, okay?
She is dead.
We are alive.
We have to survive this.
We will have to dispose her body.
We have to get rid of it.
No one should find her dead body.
Do you understand?
If I knew that..
The price to live my dreams
was someone else's death..
Then I would never have such dreams.
Hats off to you.
You've handled this really well.
This girl is magic.
For the first time in my life,
I'm happy to pay double.
Trust me you still got a good deal,
my friend.
Time will tell her true value.
Only time will tell her true value,
my friend.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I can't believe it, Rajveer.
It all feels like a dream.
Fulfilled dreams always
feel like a dream.
I just made you a promise.
And your talent and beauty
helped fulfill that promise.
I too make you a promise.
One day I shall repay
you for all you have done.
You have changed my life.
Ladies and gentlemen..
Can I have your attention please?
It's always said that behind
every successful man there is a woman.
But I am really-really lucky because
behind my success..
..there is not only one, but two women.
Rishma, thank you so much darling.
- Pleasure.
- Without you..
..this ad launch would
have not been possible.
Your welcome.
And now there is no heart
that is not ruled by Tasha.
So Tasha, welcome to the family.
Thank you.
Oh yes, and speaking of family..
I want to share another
big news with you.
And that big news is that my father,
Mr. Vikram Khurana..
..one of the most affluent
tycoons in the city..
..has been nominated
for the mayoral election.
So please,
join me in raising your glass to him..
And his victory.
How are you son?
- Wonderful to see you.
- Hi, dad.
How are you son?
If you don't mind..
Won't you introduce
me to that beautiful girl?
Of course, dad.
Please come.
Dad, this is Tasha.
And Tasha, this is my dad.
Mr. Vikram Khurana.
See how unfortunate I am.
After such a long time, I am being
introduced to such a beautiful girl.
And that too, as dad.
Thanks for the flattery.
Today, after meeting
you for the first time..
..I have realized that
your sons have taken after you.
As the saying goes..
The apple doesn't
fall far from the tree.
You are smart.
- I like it.
- Thank you.
Tasha, media is waiting.
Oh yes, you should go.
- Please carry on. Yes.
- Excuse me dad.
- Thank you.
- Fine Mathew
Apple reminds me..
Adam was thrown out of
heaven because of an apple.
I don't want your brother to suffer..
..the same consequences
because of this girl.
Be careful.
As a kid,
playing with toys is acceptable.
But if an adult obsesses over a toy,
he behaves childishly.
Keep an eye on him till
the mayoral elections aren't over.
You understand?
Got it, dad.
I'll make sure that you don't
face any problems because of Rajveer.
Hey Steve..
Let's discuss, come.
What are you doing?
Bro, you.. I want her.
I am crazy about her.
Be crazy, but don't do crazy things.
Win over her heart..
And her body will
automatically be yours.
Just look at Rishma and me.
Boardroom or bedroom..
There's not one thing
she won't do to satisfy me.
Make Tasha your Rishma.
It will not just benefit you,
but the company as well.
I hate it when you are right, bro.
Ok, who wants another drink?
Today I feel as if I have taken
the first step towards my destination.
I am so happy I found you.
You didn't find me, I found you.
And now that I have found you,
I won't let you go.
But you will have to let me go today.
My bed is calling me.
What a coincidence.
I think your bed is calling me too.
Sweet dreams.
You give me sleepless nights
and wish me sweet dreams as well?
Not fair.
Try to sleep.
Who knows,
we might meet again, in your dreams.
Alright. Good night.
Take care.
Well.. well..
well, what do we have here.
You look gorgeous tonight.
- Maybe you got tired.
- Leave me.
Oh my god! Go away.
Wassup.. Wassup..
Relax.. Relax..
Let me finish.
- Oh baby just come with us.
- Please.
We just wana talk to you.
- Come with us.
- Leave me.
Let her go.
Hey who is this guy?
Are you okay?
You shouldn't have.
Thank God,
you forgot your purse in my car.
Otherwise, I am scared just thinking
about what could have happened.
If you keep coming to my
rescue then I'll get used to it.
If you stay in such an area, then I'll
have to keep coming to rescue you.
If not here, then where will I stay?
Rajveer, I cannot afford this place.
Please try to understand.
You should just accept presents..
..without worrying
about the affordability.
Are you crazy?
I cannot accept such
an expensive present.
Fair enough.
Don't worry then.
One day,
I'll surely take a gift in turn.
So, you are giving with
an intention to take something.
I am giving it with an
intention to attain something.
Anyway, when something
is so priceless..
..it has to be kept
both safe and close.
Tasha, I..
What, Rajveer?
Yes, I was saying that it's late.
I should..
I should leave.
I'll see you.
In my dreams.
Thank you.
Here he is.
Wassup' brother.
Thank you so much for your help.
Anything you need bro.
Let us know.
- We are leaving.
- Thank you.
Someone has rightly said:
Easy come, easy go.
I was easy..
That's why I lost you.
I think you've lost the plot, Monica.
Such kind of a behavior
doesn't suit you.
No, baby.
I am the twist in the plot.
And I'll make sure.. you lose.
You were right.
About Rajvir and Tasha.
Keep an eye on them.
It's your money.
What are you doing here?
I mean, how did you come in?
You should always keep
your house and your heart locked.
thieves can sneak in easily.
There is nothing worth
stealing in the house.
And the heart is needed
for only two things.
To stay alive.
And to be stolen by the
one you wish to live with.
But there is a difference
between lovers and thieves.
Thieves don't return the stolen goods.
And lovers leave their heart behind
in exchange of the stolen heart.
Anyway, this is for you.
What is it?
One year's contract for
you and an advance cheque.
Thank you so much.
And this too is for you.
And that's a key to what?
To your new car.
It's parked outside.
Ah, now don't be a party-pooper and say:
I cannot accept it, blah blah blah.
Just take it and enjoy yourself.
Have fun.
I was going to say no such thing.
Because I know, both you
and your brother are the same.
And I will have to behave
the same with both of you.
Ah, excuse me.
Yes Rishma, tell me.
You are neither answering
my calls not replying to my messages.
Tell me what the problem is.
Aryan, the problem
is that I know the truth.
And truth hurts.
Truth about what?
Why are you being melodramatic?
I am being melodramatic..
Because you have
stopped being romantic.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have
forgotten the first anniversary..
..of the proposal you made to me
at this very place, on this very day.
"We were together, one day.."
"Lost in each other."
"What you had whispered
into my ears that day.."
"Don't say it to anyone else."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
"Always be there for me."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
"There is one place in this world.."
"Which I find safe."
"There is one place in this world.."
"Which I find safe."
"Your arms.."
"That's how big my world is."
"Keep me in your arms."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
"Always be there for me."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
"If not for you this heartache
would be unbearable."
"If I wasn't crazy about you,
in love with you.."
"I would have been long dead."
"You have more right over
me than I have on any given day."
"Make me a promise today.
"Never say goodbye.."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
"Always be there for me."
"You are mine, always stay mine."
I'll tell everyone that she's gone
on a retreat, like she often does.
Get in the car.
No, I am not going to.
Tasha, we cannot change what happened.
But what happens
now is in our control.
Let's just finish this.
Oh come on..
Come. Just get in the car.
Get in the car.
'There's an old saying:'
'If you want to make God laugh,
then tell Him your plans.'
'But even before we could tell Him,
God was laughing perhaps..'
'..when we had just
thought about them.'
British Tourism's campaign
today should be perfect, okay?
- Rishma! - Our agency will also
get promotion along with them.
I'll call you back, okay?
Rajveer? What are you doing here?
I need to discuss something
important with you.
And the topic of this
important discussion is Tasha?
How do you know?
Now if you keep following her 24/7,
like the mobile network's doggie..
Won't it become obvious?
So, you know.
Then you tell me, what should I do?
Look Rajveer, Tasha has an X factor..
..but she isn't like your Exs, okay?
She's a simple Indian girl.
And she needs a commitment.
But I don't think so you
are ready for a commitment.
What makes you say that?
I am ready to make any
kind of a commitment. I love her.
Then tell her.
You mean..?
I propose that you go and propose.
See, today we are doing the campaign
shoot for the British Tourism.
And she's the face of the campaign.
I think today's a perfect
day for double celebration.
Do you think she'll say yes?
When the right guy proposes,
no girl rejects it.
Like I couldn't say no to Aryan.
He has eyes only for me.
It's not going come in to play,
there is no way.
What is your advice
to aspiring models?
If you think you are beautiful,
so will the world.
Britain once ruled India..
Today, you are now the
face of British Tourism.
As an Indian,
what have you got to say about this?
You just ruled our land.
As an Indian,
I am here to rule your hearts.
And you have started
that with my heart.
Last question.
What's your biggest dream in life?
I'm already living my biggest dream.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you.
I too have a dream.
Will you fulfill it?
The dream you had
with your eyes open or..
Both are the same.
When I open my eyes, I should see you.
And before I close my eyes,
I should see you.
I have a great news.
Rajveer is going to propose to Tasha.
I have been in love with
you since the time I first saw you.
And from the time, I've been
in love with you, I see only you.
I love you, Tasha.
I love you too.
Rishma, I forgot to tell you.
You and Rajveer will have
to leave for Leeds tonight itself.
For Roy's meeting.
But wasn't that meeting
scheduled for next week?
It was, but he called
and rescheduled it.
I forgot to inform you.
I would have gone..
..but I have to entertain
the officials along with Tasha..
At tonight's party.
Work comes first.
Oh, I love you baby.
- Okay, come.
- Yes, come.
Mr. Roy, can we reschedule the next
week's meeting and have it tonight?
I won't be able to make it
but Rajveer and Rishma will be there.
Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I am so happy for both of you guys.
Thank you so much.
I am sorry, Tasha.
Here I have you alone on
the very day I proposed to you.
It's okay. I can understand.
I'll see you.
Come on.
'I thought we will finally
get together tonight.'
'Never mind..'
'I'll wait another day for your love.'
- Hello Mr. Aryan.
- Hello Tasha.
- You looking beautiful.
- Thank you so much..
- Ah, pleasure to see you again.
- Hello Mr. Aryan.
- Hello sir.
- Hello Mr. Aryan.
- Tasha you looking stunning.
- Thanks.
Come.. come..
- Ah, Simond.
- Mr. Aryan.
Congratulations on
bagging this campaign.
And it is our pleasure..
..that such a beautiful lady will
be representing our British Heritage.
Thank you.
It's my pleasure, sir.
I must say, Aryan, the gorgeous
lady that is by your side..
..everyone else in the room
is burning up and dying of jealousy.
Now that is the hallmark
of a beautiful woman.
She always has men
ready to die for her.
Stop it.
You are making me blush.
Okay, I will stop.
You can make me do whatever you want.
Thank you.
"Lost in every drop.."
"This rainfall too is just like you."
"A unique experience."
"Something new and special."
"I blame the weather for this."
"Lost in every drop.."
"This rainfall too is just like you."
"Let's do whatever we please.."
"Let's make some mistakes."
"Such opportunities are few.."
"Such closeness is rare."
"Tell me, please.."
"Are you feeling lost too?"
"Does your heart too.."
"Desire something?"
"Lost in every drop.."
"This rainfall too is just like you."
"A unique experience."
"Something new and special."
"I blame the weather for this."
"Lost in every drop.."
"This rainfall too is just like you."
"Like you.."
"Don't look at anything but me."
"Filled with desire, both you and me."
"If you want to come close.."
"Then be my breath."
"There should be
nothing separate us.."
"Come close in such a way."
"Lost in every drop.."
"This rainfall too is just like you."
What have you done, Aryan?
Tasha, I wasn't in my senses.
I was sloshed.
You used me!
I did no such thing!
I swear, it was an accident.
What has happened will
break your brother's heart.
Rajveer and I, we love each other.
He proposed to me yesterday.
I am really sorry.
How will I look into his eyes?
How will I tell him that
I spent a night with his brother?
You don't need to tell him anything.
You want me to lie
and break his trust?
No, I want you to not to
break his heart by hiding the truth.
No one knows anything
other than the two of us.
It will be our little secret.
It's never a secret..
..when more than one person knows it.
I will not do anything
that would hurt you.
I have been in love with
you since the moment I saw you.
What are you saying, Aryan?
It is the truth.
I'm crazy about you.
But you are with Rishma.
Yes, I am with Rishma.
But since quite some time now,
in spite of being with each other..
..we are drifting apart.
It hurts a lot when
a relationship breaks.
But it hurts even
more when it shatters.
And right then..
You entered my life
to relieve me from the pain.
Now look, I am really-really
sorry for what happened.
I will set everything right.
You just handle your guilt, okay?
I'll protect your dignity.
I swear, trust me.
Good morning..
Hello, hello.
- Good morning..
- Good morning..
Well, I spent the last night
without you because of the assurance..
..that I will be spending
the rest of my life with you.
This morning is
questioning you and not me:
"Madam, where did
you spend the night?"
What happened? Everything's okay?
Rajveer, last night..
What happened, Tasha?
- Actually..
- You are scaring me.
Last night at the party..
What happened at the party?
I am not feeling well.
I have a headache.
I got so excited about
your proposal that..
I had a little too many
drinks at the party last night.
I have a hangover. It's nothing.
I need to rest.
- Hi, darling.
- Hi.
- How was yesterday's meeting?
- Great.
- All set for today?
- Yes, all set.
So how was last night's party?
You know, same old, same old..
Nothing special.
Actually, I wanted to show
you the presentation pictures.
I am sure they are good.
Still. Have a look.
What is this?
How did you get these pictures?
Someone messaged me.
Look Rishma, it's not as it seems.
You mean, this is not you?
And this isn't Tasha either?
We never got such
interesting pictures clicked.
But I am sure I can recognize you.
Look Rishma,
I had a little too much to drink.
- I..
- You know what, Aryan..
You are an ahole.
You purposely send Rajveer
and me for the meeting last night.
So that you can have
a good time with Tasha.
That girl played a very good game.
First, she trapped
the younger brother.
Then the elder brother.
Hats off to her.
- Bloody bth
- That's enough!
You can abuse me all you want,
but don't say a word against Tasha.
To hell with you and
your company Aryan Khurana!
Yes, Tasha?
Aryan, where are you?
Come here right now.
What happened?
Don't waste time, damn it!
Get here now.
I am coming.
You have destroyed my life, Aryan.
Just give me some time.
I will set everything right.
So, I was right.
Leave the gun, Rishma!
What have you done, Aryan!
Tasha, we cannot change what happened.
But what happens
now is in our control.
Tasha, take care of yourself.
Don't do this, Aryan.
We can't do this to her.
Tasha, she is dead.
We are alive.
Think about that.
Just a few more steps.
After that,
we will get rid of this problem.
- Alright?
- Okay.
I have put so much weight on it
that her dead body will never surface.
Tasha, she is gone.
It's just the two of us now, okay?
Let's leave before anyone shows up.
Let's go.
Yes, it's just the two of us.
Aryan, what do you think..
This is a love story?
This isn't a love story..
It's a hate story.
The game has just begun.
There's a saying in my mother tongue
Shrouds come without pockets,
so the dead don't take bribes.
The dead don't take bribes..
- But you're alive..
- That we are.
Rajveer will bribe you to harass me.
And I will bribe
you to take his bribe.
Suits me. I get double.
You get double and he gets trouble!
Keep giving updates to
Monica about Rajveer and me.
Her love for Rajveer
will be my strength.
She is damn hot.
I know.. I know..
Come in..
These photographs should change
the fate of the Khurana family.
After I am done dealing
with the Khuranas..
..not just they, but the whole world
shall always remember their fate.
Why aren't you shooting, Tasha?
Wherever I look,
I see Rishma's dead body.
Her dead eyes accuse me.
How can you remain normal after killing
someone and disposing off the body?
Stop this nonsense!
What do I do, Aryan?
I am scared!
Tasha, even I am scared.
But I am scared of your fear.
Look, everyone thinks she
has gone to a retreat for a week.
No one will have any doubts.
No one will mention her or
worry about her at least for a week.
And what happens after a week?
After a week..
After a week, I will file
a missing person's complaint.
No one will find her dead body.
The case will die and become cold.
And that blackmailer..
Who had sent us those photos?
A person's intention
displays his weakness.
As soon as he makes a demand, I will
know his intention and his weakness.
Then I'll find him
and I will deal with him.
Everything will be fine.
But don't do anything
to catch everyone's attention.
What's happening here?
Nothing, Rajveer.
Tasha wasn't in a mood to shoot.
So, I was explaining to her..
That the client has
given us a deadline.
But doesn't Rishma do all that?
Why are you doing it?
Where's Rishma?
It's funny that Rishma
is still not here.
As far as I know Rishma,
she lives and dies for her work.
Wait a second, let me just call her.
Rajveer, you know her..
When she wants a break,
not even work can stop her.
I got her message. She has
gone to the retreat for a few days.
She will be back.
I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Tasha, enough is enough.
You avoided interacting
with me during the shoot.
You didn't even look into my eyes.
In the green room,
you were crying in Aryan's arms.
Ever since then I have
been asking you what is wrong..
..but you are not giving me a reply!
Just tell me what is wrong!
Just tell me!
I will tell you!
Or better I will show you!
Look carefully, if you cannot
recognize her face then look carefully..
..I am sure you will
remember her body.
Suzanne, your ex-girlfriend.
She lasted for four weeks.
Anita, three months.
Rochelle, four months.
And Monica, she lasted the longest.
Six months.
And these are the black guys
whom you had bribed to harass me..
So that you could trap me.
You are not trying
to understand, Tasha..
Whoever has sent you these
photographs wants to separate us.
They want to break us up.
Only the things which
are intact can be broken.
Thank God, I know all these things
about you before we got together.
You think I cannot
give you a commitment?
Fine, now I'll show you how one gives
his heart and commitment to someone.
This relationship will only last
as long as your short life, Rajveer.
I will kill you if you
try to separate Tasha and me.
This is the first
time a UK based Indian..
..is on the verge
of becoming the mayor.
All polls show that his
win is now a foregone conclusion!
How do you feel, sir?
As the exit polls indicate
my victory is certain..
..all I can say is,
I am very touched..
..by the love given
to me by people of England.
And for people back home:
When I came to England
a long time ago..
..I had never thought I'd get
such love, respect and status here.
And to people of England,
all I can say is:
Your magnanimity..
Your graciousness..
- Hello Aryan.
- How are you?
Good to see you.
I cannot find Rajveer.
After what happened yesterday,
I am not surprised.
What happened between
the two of you yesterday?
Only a discussion that nothing
can happen between us now.
Why did you need to tell him that?
So, what should I have told him?
Come, let's be together.
So what if I have slept
with your elder brother?
Draupadi was a common
consort of the five Pandavas.
There are just two brothers here.
Oh God, who is calling me?
- Damn.
- What happened?
Come with me.
What happened, Aryan?
What's wrong with you?
Look at this!
Oh my god.
What will we do now?
We are surely going to be arrested!
If someone wanted us to get arrested..
..we would have been
behind bars by now.
The blackmailer who sent
this clip is the same blackmailer..
..who had sent those photographs.
He doesn't want to get us arrested.
He wants something else.
We have to be very very careful.
And come what may,
nothing should hamper dad's campaign.
Aryan, we had forgotten
that there is no perfect crime!
Ladies and gentleman.
Good evening, everyone.
- Good evening hello, hi, how are you.
- This is Rajveer.
Attention please.
My name is Rajveer Khurana.
Before I say anything dad..
I just want to thank you.
And I just want tell you..
..how lucky I am to be your son.
And how proud I am.
And I know dad,
that I have not been a good son.
I am sorry.
But I wanna confess..
In front of you,
in front of this whole world..
- No, bro..I won't stop.
- Rajveer.
So please don't try to stop me either.
Sorry.. I am sorry,
ladies and gentlemen..
As I was saying, if a girl
has more than one relationship..
..then she is labeled
as a characterless woman.
And if a boy has relationship
with more than one girl..
..then he is praised.
They call him a player, dad.
But I don't get it.
I don't get this.
A boy who plays with someone's heart,
her body, her emotions..
How can he be a player?
He is an animal, isn't it..?
Just like me.
But I am a changed man, dad.
And the girl who has changed me..
Who made me realize that
the union of two bodies is not..
..as important as
the union of two hearts.
And dad, that girl is Tasha.
I love you, Tasha.
I love you.
"I have devoted all the
moments of my life to you."
"I have devoted all the
moments of my life to you."
"I got myself a bad name for you."
"The more defamed I got,
the lonelier I became."
"The more defamed I got,
the lonelier I became."
"I always keep thinking about you."
"I always keep dreaming about you."
"I know that you changed your path.."
"But my poor hearts
still dwells in the past."
"I also dedicated
my last breath to you."
"I also dedicated
my last breath to you."
"I rendered myself useless for you."
"The more defamed I got,
the lonelier I became."
"The more defamed I got,
the lonelier I became."
"I see myself in your eyes."
"I see myself in your eyes."
"Tell me, what do you see in mine?"
"I turned day into night
just admiring and loving you."
"I turned day into night
just admiring and loving you."
"I sacrificed myself for you."
"The more defamed I got,
the lonelier I became."
"The more defamed I got,
the lonelier I became."
"I have devoted all the
moments of my life to you."
"I have devoted all the
moments of my life to you."
"I got myself a bad name for you."
"The more defamed I got,
the lonelier I became."
"The more defamed I got,
the lonelier I became."
You shouldn't have created
a scene there, Rajveer.
You have jeopardized
your dad's campaign.
To hell with his campaign, Tasha.
You matter to me.
We matter, Tasha.
Rajveer, why don't you understand..
We can never be together.
Why can't we be together?
Because at a time, there
can be just one man in my life..
And not two!
What do you mean?
There is someone else
in my life, Rajveer.
And here I thought
that you were decent.
But I was so wrong.
You're such a slt.
Who's that son of bth
who came between us!
What is his name!
You really wanna know who he is?
Then I'll tell you.
- That son of bth..
- Rajveer!
What the hell are you doing?
I have tasted blood, bro.
Now I am a scoundrel
as well as a monster.
Come what may, Tasha will be mine.
Anyone who comes between
us will die such a horrific death..
..by my hands that even his own family
won't be able to recognize his dead body!
You are not in your senses.
Just go home. Now!
Today you did what
no one could ever do.
You took my heart from me..
And then you broke it.
What the hell were
you going to tell him?
I was about to tell him about us.
I can't be with him, Aryan.
If there is anyone I can
spend my life with then it's you.
Only you.
- What?
- Yes, Aryan.
I have started to realize
that I only keep thinking about you.
We should tell Rajveer the truth..
That we are together.
Tasha, we don't have
time for all this.
Blackmailer has a video
clip of Rishma's murder. He..
I love you, Aryan..
I love you so much.
I can't live without you..
'There are many who backstab
others while pretending to be close.'
'But I'll slab your
back in such a way..'
'..that it'd come
out piercing your heart.'
Where the hell is Rajveer!
Dad, what happened?
What is wrong?
Where is Rajveer?
And you..
Don't you get it?
You don't understand!
You don't get it!
I asked you to keep
him away from that girl..
..till the mayoral
elections don't end!
You cannot handle a girl!
Just calm down, dad.
I'll handle everything.
Calm down?
What did you say?
Calm down!
I am sorry, son.
I was mistaken.
You have handled that girl so well.
I had asked you to make sure
your brother keeps his pants up.
But that didn't mean I gave
you the permission to drop your pants.
Dad, it was a mistake.
It all happened in a drunken stupor.
You got drunk and I am
suffering from its hangover.
Very interesting.
My younger son wants
to marry a girl..
..that my eldest son
slept with before marriage.
Does Rishma know about this?
And she let you live?
Because you killed
her before she could.
Look, someone is
trying to blackmail us.
If these photographs
and video clip leak..
..then your death
won't be an accident.
You'll be hanged by law!
I will only lose the elections,
but you..
Who is this blackmailer?
What does he want?
I don't know, dad.
He has so far made no demands.
He hasn't made any demands?
But he keeps on sending messages.
Check what it is.
I cannot tolerate
these beeps any more.
Mr. Khurana,
I am sure by now you know that..
..I am not playing some childish game.
Tell both your sons to confess
the crime they committed..
..two years ago in
India on this very day.
Otherwise, I will handover these
pics and clips to the local police.
And soon as these get downloaded,
your sons will get uploaded.
Two years ago.
That means..
Ashwin Chaudhary.
So let's go to other club.
- I love this place.
- Guys, I am so tired!
- I want to go home.
- Listen, so what if one club is closed?
- Other clubs are still open.
- Yes.
- Someone please reason it with him.
- No, exactly, Bhavna.
You should come with us.
And what will I do
with the two of you?
I'll enjoy tomorrow.
I'm very tired.
I have to go, I have to go.
I am very tired.
- Bye bye bye..
- Okay bye.
- See you tomorrow.
- We'll miss you.
- Bye!
- Miss you too.
- Come.
- Let's go.
You are too hot to go home alone.
Shall I drop you home?
No, thank you.
Thank me after you
start having fun, baby.
Just get lost, okay?
Let go!
This is what people
have stopped being nice.
Because in the end its
being rogue that always works.
Let me go!
I still haven't even
held you properly.
I am somebody who can get anybody.
But I want nobody
other than your body.
Let go of me!
- Let go of me!
- Come.
No, leave me!
- Hey!
- What?
- What's happening?
- Please help me.
- Let go of her hand.
- I won't. What will you do?
Let go of her hand.
Don't worry about it, okay?
I'll handle this.
Hey, don't interfere, otherwise..
I wouldn't have interfered if I were
going to get scared of your otherwise..
Don't worry.
She is your sister?
But she must be someone's sister.
No, no, no!
No please!
Rajveer, get in the car!
Rajveer, I said get in the car.
You should have thought
twice before using the gun.
Guns don't require safety,
but your mind does.
How many times have I told
you to keep your brother in control!
Okay, were there any witnesses?
There was a girl.
Look dad,
we cannot change what happened.
Now please tell us what we should do.
Get out of India.
Come back to England immediately.
I will handle the rest.
Thank God,
you regained consciousness, dear.
Your dad and I were so worried.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Mr. Shrivastava..
Yes, speaking.
Please pay attention
to what I am about to say.
Who are you?
Forget that.
Don't bother about it.
Your daughter Bhavna
who is in the hospital..
..don't try to find the reason.
The cop standing behind you..
..has already received
his bonus this month.
The rest is up to you.
So madam, you mean to say that
there were no street lights there..
..and hence there
was a lot of darkness.
And that's why you couldn't
take a good look at those two boys.
This is what you want to
say in your testimony, right?
I have given no such statement, right?
You are right, inspector.
Bhavna didn't see them.
- Papa, I saw..
- You didn't see anything.
- But..
- Please?
Try to understand.
it happened just as you said.
Why are you wasting
your time as well as mine?
- How many times have I told you..
- That girl is lying.
That girl didn't even see
the faces of those two boys.
How can we file a
case against just anyone? Right?
You are right.
What can you do?
Now whatever needs to be done,
will be done by me.
Do it, do it on your own.
But let me tell you something.
I cannot get you justice
without that girl's testimony.
Go, okay.
If you don't tell me
the truth then no brother..
..will never consider an unknown girl
as his sister and risk his life for her.
My brother has given you a new world.
A new life.
And you are supporting
those who killed my brother?
I too have a right to
know who killed my brother.
My daughter has already
spoken to the cops.
You should leave, please.
Bhavna, please? Bhavna?
Bhavna, please tell me.
- Bhavna, please?
- I said you should leave, please.
Madam, there's a parcel for you.
'I was a coward hence
I lied to the cops.'
'They have bribed the
system and the police.'
'No one can do them any harm.'
'Except for a sister.'
'She is neither scared of the
system nor does she need the police.'
'The names of the boys
who brutally killed Ashwin are..'
'Aryan and Rajveer Khurana.'
Someone from Ashwin Chaudhary's
family is targeting us.
Find out who it is.
That person doesn't know
how powerful Khuranas are.
And listen..
Don't be an ideal brother and confess
everything to your younger brother.
If the devil in him rises then his
stupidity will ruin everything for us.
Does he know everything
about you and Tasha?
No. He doesn't know.
"Love has given me.."
"A never-ending ache."
"The sky reflecting.."
"In my eyes, too, is wet."
"I had never imagined.."
"Whatever that happened."
"Love makes you crave."
"What kind of a punishment is this?"
"Heartache too gives you
a strange kind of pleasure."
"My complaints.."
"Are expressed in my eyes."
"I object to your callousness."
"My complaints.."
"Are expressed in my eyes."
"I object to your callousness."
"If you get upset.."
"If that happens.."
"My heartbeat disapproves..
My heart refutes."
"Without you, for me.."
"Love is full of forlornness."
"Love makes you crave."
"What kind of a punishment is this?"
"Heartache too gives you
a strange kind of pleasure."
- Hello?
- Hello.
Who is that?
Wouldn't you like to know who replaced
you in Tasha's heart and bed?
Who's that?
After your stint of being a hero..
..I had decided that I
wouldn't spare either of you.
And then I started keeping
an eye on both of you.
And imagine my joy when I hit jackpot!
Just tell me the name of the
person who stole my Tasha from me.
Let me take that first.
Two brothers,
one better than the other.
What a great family you have!
Just like the movie
'Hum Saath Saath Hai' type!
The family that eats together,
lives together, sleeps together!
You cheated me with my own brother!
With the same brother who told me..
..he had fallen in love with
me the moment he saw my photograph!
With the same brother who showed me the
photographs of all your ex-girlfriends!
Who told me how you bribed those ruffians
to harass me so that you can have me!
I was just a toy for you.
You wanted to have a little fun,
play with me.
If Aryan hadn't stopped
you on the day of the launch..
..then you would have spiked my drink!
This is your true love?
That btard!
He instigated you against
me so that he can have me, Tasha!
Rajveer, I had really started
to fall in love with you.
But Aryan made me realize
that I had always loved you..
..but you were always
after only my body.
He told you all my attributes.
But perhaps he forgot to mention his.
Didn't he use Rishma?
He pretended to be in love
with her and manipulated her.
You know what?
Let Rishma get back from the retreat.
Rishma knows everything.
You mean Rishma knows about you two?
Whatever you need to ask..
Go and ask Aryan.
I will surely ask Aryan..
But you should start talking
now or else I will kill you!
Rishma is dead..
Rishma is dead.
You will have to
pay.. for your betrayals.
When the younger one will
go to kill his elder brother..
.. it won't be an epic
of love but an epic of war!
So make sure we file the papers today.
Excuse me.
Aryan, Rajveer knows everything.
The blackmailer has
given him all the evidences.
He's gone mad.
He kept repeating that he'd kill you.
I am so scared, Aryan!
He is coming to get you.
And the Oscar goes to..
Rajveer, I..
This is the place..
This is the place where I
brought Tasha for the first time..
To fulfill her dreams.
And today..
Today, the same place holds
nothing but my broken dreams.
You know what hurts me
more than my shattered dreams?
The fact that someone
close shattered them!
My own brother.
Look Rajveer..
I can explain everything.
A girl shouldn't come between us.
Which girl are you talking about?
Oh, you mean, Rishma!
You killed her because she
came between you and Tasha, right?
Whatever that happened with Rishma..
That was an accident!
Just like Ashwin's
death was an accident?
The bullets got fired
from the gun on their own.
Your hands begged to
the trigger to use it, right?
What nonsense!
You very well know that
I killed Ashwin so that you live.
I shed his blood so that
I could save my flesh and blood.
Ever since childhood, I have
given you whatever you asked for.
I have valued your
happiness more than mine!
So you are using this
excuse to settle the score?
Or are you tired of pretending
to be a great elder brother?
- Rajveer!
- Enough!
If you had asked,
I would have even given you my life!
But you didn't ask..
you just snatched it away!
Rajveer, you very well know
that I am ready to even die for you!
Are you ready to tell the truth?
Then let's do one thing.
Let's go to the cops and confess.
We will tell them that
we both killed Ashwin in Mumbai..
..and here,
in London, you killed Rishma.
Okay? Let's go!
Have you lost your mind?
We will lose everything if we do that!
I have nothing left
to lose after I lost Tasha!
The truth is that you don't
want to confess and lose her!
Anger and stubbornness
has blinded you.
Not blind, I am ruined in love!
And now it's your turn to get ruined.
I am going to the cops.
Rajveer! You cannot!
Let me see who will stop me.
Let go, Aryan!
Rajveer, don't force me.
She was my life!
She was my life!
No! No! No!
Get up, Rajveer!
Get up, Rajveer! Get up!
I killed him, Tasha..
I killed my own brother.
- It was an accident.
- No!
What should we do?
What should we do now?
Dad.. should we call dad?
Listen, no.
No one should find out
what happened here, okay?
'It's said that we
are just a clay puppet..'
'Made by God.'
'But your sister made him bite
dust and sent him to God, Ashwin.'
'One down..'
'One to go.'
I don't know when he left.
I was with the client..
Officer my son Rajveer has been
missing for the last two days.
You know he left right
after my nomination party.
We've.. tried everywhere,
his cell's off..
He has never done
anything like this before.
Mr. Khurana,
we'll make sure the information..
..gets to all relevant authorities.
Don't worry. We'll track him down.
Really appreciate it.
I am worried about Rajveer.
Don't worry, dad.
We will find him.
Hi, Ron.
How have you been?
Dude, that girl has become a star..
Which girl?
What do you mean which girl?
The one that was so desperate
to get my place at the club..
..that she paid for me
to go on a year long vacation?
- Alia?
- Yeah.
I have a deal for you.
I don't know what
you are talking about.
Are you talking about
this girl, right?
Yeah! Tasha!
Show Ron as well.
The star maker seems
to have forgotten the girl..
..that he helped become a star.
This is a once in a lifetime offer!
For the next one year, you don't have
to show anyone your face or your body!
Looks like destiny is smiling on me.
Yes, it is.
And destiny's name is Tasha.
Bro, she is hot!
I know, I am very much sure that
she is gonna burn the dance floor.
Yes, she's out to burn the world!
We have the recent photograph..
- ..then I just forward to you.
- Yes, we got it. Don't worry.
We will circulate it
all around the authority..
Thank you, officer.
- Aryan?
- Listen, it's a bad time.
I don't have time if you've called
to cry about Rajveer's shenanigans.
Aryan, listen to me.
I tried calling Rajveer
but his cell is switched off.
That's why I am calling you.
I didn't call to talk about myself.
I called to tell you
something about Tasha.
What do you want
to tell me about Tasha?
What are you doing here?
Tasha, you have been
a great support to me.
And everything will soon be fine now.
So I want to gift you a story.
A story?
But you'll have to close your eyes,
to hear and feel it.
Once upon a time,
in a kingdom far far away..
There was a king who had two sons.
They were the princes of that kingdom.
The elder brother loved
his younger sibling.
He was ready to do anything
to fulfill all his whims and fancies.
He was the apple of his eyes.
One day,
both the brothers went to India.
And there they met a boy..
..whose parents had given
him tad too many good values.
And because of those good values..
..that poor guy lost
his life too early.
That boy's name was
Late Ashwin Chaudhary.
And you turned out to be his sister.
Soon to be Late Natasha Chaudhary,
a.k.a. Tasha!
You cheater.
If I don't send you
to your brother then..
I don't know whether I
should applaud you or pity you..
..for this incomplete story of yours.
I will do one thing!
Let me tell you a story
to complete this incomplete story.
And listen, you don't need
to close your eyes to feel my story.
Keep your eyes open and hear it.
Because I am going to really
enjoy narrating this story.
So this is a story of a sister..
Who had made herself a promise..
..that she would take such a
revenge from her brother's murderers..
..that they would be scared
to come into this world again.
Brothers have fought an epic war
against each other earlier as well.
It is known to everyone
as Mahabharata.
And that war was also fought
because of a woman, Draupadi.
And this Draupadi is the
cause of this Mahabharata..
..in the lives of you two brothers.
I danced at the club
that day so that..
..I could make both of
you dance to my tunes in future.
Your biggest weakness
became my biggest strength.
The lure of my body and my
face made both of you lose your mind.
I played such a game..
..that both the rules
and the game belonged to me!
I am not done with the story.
If I wanted,
I could have killed Rajveer.
But the feeling I got by
making one brother kill another..
This revenge felt like nirvana.
"I killed him, Tasha!"
"I killed my own brother!"
"What should we do?"
"Should we call dad?"
As soon as Ron told me
that Monica knows everything..
..I decided that I should
tell everyone everything about you.
By now the video clips of Rajveer's
murder must have gone viral, everywhere.
Police too must have
found Rajveer's body.
The information is right.
We found the body.
In fact, the police will soon be here.
You will get arrested
for your brother's murder.
And with that, both the game
and the story will come to an end.
Calm down. Calm down.
- Please save my life.
- You are fine. It's okay.
Calm down,
you're going to be fine. Okay.
- See what he did! So much of blood..
- We've called the doctor.
It's gonna be absolutely fine.
It's gonna be fine.
Madam, you are safe.
You are absolutely safe..
Okay madam, you are absolutely safe.
- Please take him away.
- Get up!
Alright. Let's out of here.
I'm arresting you on suspicion
of the murder of your brother.
What? I haven't done anything!
- She's.. she's responsible!
- Alright.
Just listen to me.
- You speak to her.
- Just calm down, sir.
Come with us.
You can explain it all later.
- No!
- Come.
- I haven't done a single bloody thing.
- Sir!
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Move.
- Calm down.
- Move. Move out of here.
- Come on!
- Come on.
- Come on. We have place for you.
'The nomination for the mayoral
election of business tycoon..'
'..Vikram Khurana has been cancelled.'
'The decision has been made on the bases
of the murder case in his family.'
'His elder son Aryan Khurana
is currently in police custody..'
'..charged for the murder
of his younger brother Rajveer..'
Aryan hasn't killed Rajveer, you have.
A father's job is not to fulfill
all whims and fancies of his sons.
It is to being them up right.
You are a father..
..who has given both..
life and death to his sons.
It is a father's duty
to protect his sons.
But I helped them for
my own selfish reasons.
And today..
I lost everything.
Name, fame, status..
And my sons.
You took revenge for a relationship.
And I chose myself over relationships.
Both a war and a game of chess
cannot be won without soldiers.
So Ron will be our
soldier in this war.
Yes, he's a soldier and a friend.
He will stay true to
his friendship and his duty.
Tasha, she is dead. We're alive.
Think about that.
Everything will be fine. Okay.
I couldn't spend my
life with your brother..
..but because of you, by helping you..
..I could finally take
revenge for his death.
No, Rishma.
If by taking advantage
of your education in UK..
..you hadn't made a place for yourself
in Aryan's company and his life..
..then our plan would
have never succeeded.
The bullets in that gun were fake and..
The move of Rishma's fake death
got Rajveer dead for real..
..and gave Aryan
a life worse than death.
Whatever you did,
you did for your brother, as a sister..
And I did it for my love.
And I am proud of him.
I am happy..
..that I gathered courage
to help you that day..
..by giving you their
names and identities.
That night Ashwin had said..
That I must be someone's sister.
And today, I say..
That every sister should
have a brother like Ashwin.
And every brother..
Should get a sister like you.