Hattrick (2007) Movie Script

You are going to die
in the next two months.
Don't waste more money on his treatment.
Take him home.
Doctor, please don't say that.
Who else is supposed to say it?
The ward-boy?
I'm the doctor, I know it all.
-There must be some hope.
-There's no hope.
It's the last stage.
No treatment will help.
If you want to waste money,
try a private nursing home.
We need vacant beds here.
Sir, why are you so harsh?
I'm here to treat them, not to love them.
-But, Sir...
-Hold it up.
But, an emotional approach is much needed.
Emotions make you weak.
But your attitude is not right.
You see the crowd?
They're all waiting for me.
If I get emotional I won't be
able to treat all these patients.
Instead of giving false hope to the dying
it's better to save those
who can be treated.
It's Thursday.
Shouldn't we be eating okra?
It wasn't available.
Okay. You may go.
Where are you off to?
At a friend's place for combined studies.
You mean, fun and games all night?
I know it all.
That's for you.
This one's for your friends.
He catches the apple
like it's a cricket ball.
You can go to bed.
-Hail the Lord!
-Hail Him!
Where are you going?
-This time, it's Goa.
Why do you ask? I have a job.
I've got to go.
For how long?
I'll be back in a week.
Will you miss me?
-Really? Say yes.
Say yes.
A glimpse of you is all I seek,
Oh revered master
When you're back,
you'll be in for a surprise.
It is said that life's a game.
I say, the game itself is life.
The pain of losing
and the joy of being victorious...
life is all about that.
-Well said.
-Oh, I spouted something profound!
Never mind.
It means a lot to me to
have you on my show.
Such an amazing bowler of his time!
He was one of my favorites.
I have only one favorite.
Kapil Dev.
He just had to flick his collar up,
and the wicket would fall.
-Do you know who my favorite is?
Tendulkar? Sachin Tendulkar!
I wonder what he keeps adjusting.
It's neither the actor Shah Rukh
nor actor Salman.
I've met him.
-No way!
What's the big deal?
Meeting Imran is a big deal.
Come on, dude!
While you guys spend hours
in buses and tubes
I, as an Immigration officer,
have to meet everyone.
Without my approval no one gets in,
not even Imran.
Show us some pictures if you have any.
I meet him as a friend,
not as a random fan.
He may be Imran, but I'm important too.
Let's have another round.
-Let's order.
-Don't ask him, he's one of us.
Call the British waiter.
Here in London, I love
ordering the British around.
Trouble the waiters by
placing multiple orders!
Let it go.
They hate it when you call them Crikey.
Mr. Hemendra Harshad Bhai Patel,
here's your next question.
That's the right answer!
You are awarded citizenship
to the United Kingdom!
I've finally cracked it!
Whom are you calling?
Using the "phone-a-friend" option!
I'm calling my elder brother.
I want to share the good news.
My approval has gotten you excited.
When the embassy approves,
you'll be dancing with joy!
Is that Jignesh? Hemu here.
I'm his brother from London.
He's not home?
He's never home.
I wonder how he managed to start a family.
I tried his cell phone,
but there's no answer.
Pass on the message that I'm about
to get my UK residence permit.
And then I'll visit India.
I'll be there for mom's 60th birthday.
We'll celebrate together.
Yes, please let Jignesh know.
Yes. May God be with you--
Hemu, have you lost your mind?
You're getting your UK citizenship
but making plans to live in India?
Don't mess up my game.
It's taken me 14 years to get here.
Now, I'll visit India as often as I like
to meet my folks.
Regardless of their preference.
What did she say?
Your folks who haven't
even called in two years.
They hang up when you call.
Your folks!
They are my family.
How can they forget me? Nonsense!
You know them well.
Join me and you'll know.
You'll never agree.
Look, he's at it again.
If you're not white,
they practically strip you.
It's like they're measuring you
for your wedding suit.
What can you do? Everyone
pays for the misdeeds of a few.
Not at all. It's all about
the color of your skin.
Wanna bet?
5 pounds if the boy gets in trouble.
-Boy wearing the brown coat.
He looks like a geek,
but they'll search him
like he's some gangster.
Look! They stripped him.
Give me 5 pounds.
Are you Gujarati?
From which city? Ahmedabad? Baroda?
After such a long friendship,
I feel awkward to kill you.
I planned it for two months and
he stole it in just two minutes.
-Sorry for what?
Why did you lie?
If I'd spoken in Gujarati,
he would've become friendly.
And he'd tell everyone
that I am a janitor at the airport.
Don't change the subject.
Give me 5 pounds.
Where has my heart gone?
I wonder where it's lost
Far away
Somewhere far away amidst dreams
In some dream-world it's taking a stroll
It's taking a stroll
Since evening, the clouds are moist
Come, let's search the land
Where dreams come true
Come to me
Come to me
How shall I tell you my feelings?
How do I tell you what I went through?
Far away
Somewhere far away amidst dreams
In some dream-world it's taking a stroll
It's taking a stroll
Why are we here? I hate Chinese food.
A meal here won't kill you.
Come, dad.
-Come, dad.
-Please come.
Sit here.
-Sit here.
-Please sit down.
Hello, I'm Sarabjeet.
Meet my parents.
Mom, dad, this is Kashmira.
Listen, we have decided
that we're getting married.
The rituals are for the parents.
-Please discuss that among yourselves.
-I see.
There's no need to get flustered.
We are the new age couple.
My dear parents.
I think we should leave them alone.
We'll be off for a drive.
In the meantime,
you can discuss the wedding.
I guess it's no point inquiring
about the girl's qualification
or her domestic skills.
Or, for that matter,
about our son's income.
We've just got to decide
the menu and the venue.
Had I known your names,
I would've had the invitations ready.
The bowler prepares.
The batsman is ready.
His forehead is moist and he's nervous.
Trying to keep his feet in balance.
And it's the first ball of the over.
What happened?
What's the matter?
The next match depends on Tendulkar.
And your jobs depend on me.
-It's your last warning.
What do you mean?
The cricketer David Abraham
has been admitted.
There are no VIPs and no cricketers here.
They are all patients.
That's it.
India is obsessed with cricket.
It's itching, buddy.
I got that. Take him away.
Who is that?
Dr. Satyajeet. He'll be treating you.
Is he a good doctor?
One of the best.
A good person?
If he's a good doctor,
he must be a good person.
You've lost faith in the Indian team?
Not till the day I die.
But I've got to win the
trust of people here.
-What do you mean?
-I mean, I got the call.
Tomorrow is my final interview
for the citizenship.
-Is it?
You'll see, that Brit will
be speaking Gujarati soon.
He'll call me Hemu Bhai
and tell me that I've passed.
Why are you changing the posters?
Don't you get it?
They should be convinced
after a surprise checking.
I'll be accepted as a citizen.
Why do we have to put on a show?
Let's be ourselves.
There's no point pretending.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do!
Hence, Mother India goes out.
Mama Elizabeth comes in.
He's being unrealistic.
Next, he'll change his name.
From Hemu Patel to Harry Potter.
You both won't understand.
I'm doing this for you!
Your reports have improved.
Concentrate on mathematics.
The vegetable vendors
have baby gourds these days.
So replace Tuesday's gherkins
with baby gourds.
What's the update on that patient
who was suffering from mouth cancer?
He died.
We had done a tracheotomy and he
was smoking cigarettes through it.
And the one who drank the pesticide?
He's alive. He survived.
He's busy drinking orange juice.
We have another patient.
He is a cricketer.
What's his problem?
Cricket! The nation is obsessed with it.
Who is it?
He's David Abraham.
David Abraham!
Mom, he's an amazing bowler.
He was. Now, he's just a patient.
What's up, Ganesh?
Sir, all the nurses are pretty.
But they are unapproachable.
You'd better become a bit more holy
or drop that religious first name.
Sir, it's okay to check girls out.
Alright. But help me as well.
Are you sure?
I'm hospitalized.
But I still need to enjoy.
Is there a television at the hospital?
I'm tired of looking.
A TV? I thought you wanted--
Once I'm well, I'll check girls out.
But right now, I need
to watch the world cup.
How do you guys survive
without watching cricket?
We manage because we are more
concerned about our paychecks.
You're talking about money.
But my life is at stake.
Please help me, Ganesh.
Sir, if I help you,
I'll end up on the streets.
Don't worry, we'll do it together.
-Nobody will know.
We're doomed. There he is!
Hello, Sir.
Doctor, it's you!
I was just looking for you.
In the garden?
I'm the doctor, not a gardener.
What's the difference?
A doctor breathes life into humans.
A gardener breathes life into plants.
If the plant grows unruly,
the gardener prunes it.
I need a television, that's all.
The world cup has started.
I need to watch the match.
There's a pad hanging on your bed.
When the hemoglobin and
blood pressure levels match
you can go home and watch the match.
How do I explain? Just like
treating me is essential to you,
cricket is essential to me.
All you'll get, is your treatment.
Your reaction is just like
Greg Chapell's reaction to Ganguly.
Who are they?
Don't you know them?
Ganguly, our man!
We call him the prince of Calcutta.
That's why I'm recommending a television.
You'll learn everything.
I know what gangrene is,
I don't need to know who Ganguly is.
We can cure TB here,
but we cannot provide TVs.
Come what may, I will watch the world cup
and I'll watch it
right here at your hospital.
Feel free to watch it, but not here.
Try another hospital.
We have other patients here.
Never fall for this
Never give your heart to anyone
Love made me starve
I had to swallow up my ego
Look at me and learn
I've gone through it
Lord have mercy I am doomed
Lord have mercy
I got settled down
-What's going on?
-Tell us.
Is he batting? What's he doing?
Let me get a good look.
-I can see him.
-I'm feeling good, baby.
Is he batting or bowling?
Batting, bowling and fielding,
all at once.
He's saying he wants to do it once more.
What's going on?
What are you guys doing
outside my bedroom?
You? If you're here, who's in there?
Take a wicket!
Stop watching cricket,
it's your wedding night!
Skip the cricket match
on your wedding night!
-Cricket is not the center of your life.
-I wish it was!
Come on, dude!
-The wicket goes down!
-It's your wedding night.
Did you guys sleep well last night?
We didn't sleep at all.
I tried to calm him down.
But, you know how he is.
Saby's really naughty.
That's right.
He was watching cricket all night.
The cricket match?
I should have known.
He gave me attention only
during the match breaks.
Damn! He's just like his dad.
Dad too?
Their obsession for cricket
is like a genetic disorder.
You wouldn't believe what
happened on my wedding night.
What happened?
What are you doing?
I just wanted to say that
the entertainment programs
aren't aired late at night.
India is playing the West Indies today.
I'm trying to catch
the cricket commentary.
Drink some milk and go to sleep.
Or use that milk for tea in the morning.
We have such a weird family.
Yes, the obsession has been
there across all generations.
The wives are like a
cricket team's 12th man.
All they think about is
tea and snacks during the matches.
I'll ensure that this obsession
doesn't continue on to
our next generations.
What are you doing here?
I brought you lunch.
Okay, keep it there.
He's trying to be nice.
-Wanna learn off-spin bowling?
-Leg spin?
I'll teach you everything.
But first, ask your dad to arrange
for a television in my room.
A TV? Here?
The TV at home is ten years old
but it looks brand new.
We still haven't got rid of
the plastic covers on it.
No radio, no TV, no cellphone?
Does your dad think he's Big Brother?
So you don't watch cricket matches?
-I do, but not at home.
-Then where?
I watch it at a friend's place
on the pretext of combined studies.
The dad's a spoilsport,
but the son still parties!
-Do you want to learn spin bowling?
Watch cricket matches regularly.
After every five overs,
call this phone outside my room
and give me an update on the scores.
That's your first assignment.
Mr. Patel?
Mr. Patel... Mr. Emu Patel.
Saby, wake up.
Please wake up.
I've decided that our first child
should be a boy.
-Kash, children aren't made-to-order.
I don't care. It has to be a boy.
I've also decided the name.
-What do you mean?
I'll be the one naming our child.
-I see.
-I have a few names in mind.
Okay, tell me.
That's a strange name.
He batted very well.
-Have you lost it?
-We need a nice name, not a scary one.
Okay. Think of something else.
Be quick.
-How about Muttiah?
What kind of a name is that?
I've seen him.
When he spins the ball his eyes pop-out.
I've got a good name. It's Rishi.
-What? Rishi?
-It's a stylish name.
Sounds too saintly. No way.
He'll be off to seek nirvana
as soon as he's born. Rishi...
Stop joking. My decision is final.
We'll name him Rishi.
That's final.
-I'll slap you.
Let's conclude this argument.
Let's go with Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
-Who's that?
-Dhoni! India's wicketkeeper.
When he comes to bat,
it's like Tarzan walked onto the field.
When he bats, it's like
he'll uproot a tree.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
-Not the name Dhoni.
-Not Dhoni.
Why do we have pomfrets
instead of mackerel?
-They weren't available.
Are you listening to the commentary?
No, my ear is hurting.
Apply some medicine.
Where are you going?
What channel is that on?
Quit the combined study sessions.
You can use my cabin at the hospital
to study. I'll be there to assist you.
Go on.
Not that way, the other way.
You can go to bed.
Feel me
Hold me
When I cast a spell
No one can escape it
When I cast a spell
No one can escape it
I am tenderness of the flowers
I am the heat in the flames
I am the restlessness of the storms
I am the flying scarf in the wind
You will get what you want
But still you can't get me
When I cast a spell
Open the door.
Get rid of your boss until the
world cup finals and be off duty.
Hey, Sattu! How are you?
My name is Dr. Satyajeet.
Its my job to check on you.
-No need to ask me about my well-being.
-You looked upset, so I asked.
It's okay to address people
by their short names.
It doesn't affect your identity.
My identity is that of a doctor.
Sleep well tonight.
You won't be getting any calls.
I knew it.
You are like the
victorious Australian team
and your son is like the
defeated team of Bangladesh.
You understand nothing
about the game of cricket.
I'll explain it to you.
Let's say this is the pitch,
and this is the silly mid-off.
This is the silly mid-off,
and here's the gully.
The deep mid--
Take care of your kidneys.
My kidneys seem to be run-out.
We're just waiting for the
final call from the third umpire.
You're on dialysis, you won't die.
Don't say that its no big deal
for the kidneys to fail.
That I'll still be able to feel the breeze
and witness the first rays of the sun,
and be able to hear the birds chirping.
There's joy in all the little things.
When was the last time
you enjoyed those things?
I don't have time for such things.
Why? Don't you have the right to be happy?
I am happy.
You call this grumpy demeanor, happiness?
You won't allow me a television, right?
You left me a message. Is everything okay?
What's the problem?
Did you fight with Saby?
Kash, talk to me.
Yes. Saby watches cricket all the time.
Rather than focusing on me, his focus
is always on the game and its players.
Because of the world cup, we
haven't been on a honeymoon.
That's it?
It's not a trivial issue. I feel left out.
Why don't you watch cricket with him?
I tried, but it's very boring.
It's a game that never seems to end
unlike football that ends within hours.
Why don't you focus on
the handsome players?
Cricket players don't run around
like football players do.
They are quite well-built and they look
very attractive in their uniforms.
Are you crazy?
I'm not crazy. You are.
Most women watch cricket
for the good-looking players.
There's nothing wrong with that.
It'll make sure you both are happy.
When he's watching the match,
you can check out the players.
Your problem will be resolved instantly.
Hemu, your coffee.
What's the matter?
The citizenship officer
wants to meet me at the pub.
I have a feeling he may demand a bribe.
-Be quick.
-Sir, I've got everything.
Show it to me.
Sir, it was really hard to pull it off.
-And a radio?
-I have that too.
The moment passing by
Asks you to keep up the smile
Don't be upset over things
That you can't control
It's the joy in these moments
Life itself is a joyride
You can touch the sky if you wish
Life is uncertain
The doctor is here!
Why is the door closed? Leave it open.
Why are you hanging on to that?
Why are you laughing?
Life is uncertain
There are no problems, no complaints
Spend every moment with a smile
David came up with a good idea
to watch the match.
-He managed to cheat Dr. Satyajeet
-In spite of being unwell.
-Good morning, Sir.
-Come here.
The patients who were physically dependent
are now prancing around.
What's the matter?
Sir, nothing at all.
We weren't watching the cricket match.
Did I ask about the match?
We're doomed.
Mr. Cook?
Mr. Cook!
Mr. Cook!
Drink up, you guys need it.
The Indian team is beating England.
At the time death awaits
me you choose to be nasty.
You won't let me live in peace, will you?
To me it seems like
you don't want to live.
Since you got here,
nobody's focused on the job.
It's TV, radio and commentary
that they've been focusing on.
Did I ask you to get admitted
during the World Cup?
If it was up to me,
why would I be here?
You think I'm enjoying this, right?
I watch the match from here
with the binoculars.
There's traffic all around,
I can barely see or hear anything.
Whenever a good bowler comes to the pitch
someone blocks my view.
I barely get to see anyone on the pitch.
But you won't get me a TV.
What's the big deal about cricket?
I don't know. It just makes me feel alive.
What's the connection
between life and a game?
I don't know.
But life and happiness
are connected for sure.
I want to live my last days
on my own terms.
I don't want to have any regrets.
Which is why I'm asking you to get me a TV
and then see how my health improves.
I challenge you.
Cricket will treat me, not you.
I accept your challenge.
-Really? Are you serious?
Look! My hiccups are gone.
Even you'll be gone if you
continue to act this stubborn.
You brought the TV here for real!
The remote as well!
Sit down.
There's a match tonight,
let's watch it together.
It'll be fun.
That's your TV, this is mine.
Who will treat you if I watch TV?
I've got cricket.
Are you watching the match?
I get to watch the match with my wife!
This is amazing!
-Let's go.
-It's cool.
What happened?
Ask her what she was doing
with that animal downstairs.
His name is Silver.
I'll slap you!
What has she done?
Our daughter was downstairs
with a black guy.
She was hugging him.
Did we bring her up
with such lowly values?
She's been up to such things!
-They eat pickled cows!
Who is he?
I'm sure he is a gangster,
a rapist or a drug addict.
That's what they are.
For your information, Dad,
he's an engineering student.
And he's smarter than you.
It's all messed up.
I couldn't be a good father,
nor a good son.
Not even a good UK citizen.
The citizenship isn't crucial.
It is crucial to get a good job
and a good salary.
I'll garner respect through it
and be able to visit India proudly.
You can visit India even now.
Visit for what?
What will I tell my mother?
You want me to tell her
that I'm a janitor?
I clean toilets and sweep the floor
to earn my meager living.
There's dignity of labor.
You don't beg, do you?
They had hopes for me.
My mother sold all her gold
to send me here
so that I could achieve something.
What did I achieve?
I couldn't even pay her back for the gold.
Hemu, your mother loves you dearly.
She's still waiting for you.
You know, we had a neighbor
who used to visit India
with gifts for each person.
A souvenir for everyone.
What will I carry with me?
All my income is spent in our
medical and living expenses.
What will I take home?
Until I get my citizenship,
things will not change.
And I will make sure things change.
Oh shit, man!
That ball was bowled at 140km per hour.
That was the ball of the over.
Listen, hold each other's hands.
Why, Sir?
It's all in the attitude.
Hold hands and you'll see changes
in the game.
-No, Sir.
-Hold your hands.
That's better.
The player Dhoni is here!
-That's him.
-He's just like Tarzan.
That's a six!
Wow, baby!
Why are you taking Dhoni's name?
My name is Saby.
What? I said your name.
I'm not deaf. I can tell the
difference between Dhoni and Saby.
Why would I call you Dhoni?
How do I know?
That's what I'm asking you.
Saby, I think you've lost it.
Dhoni's name is echoing in your head.
Go watch your cricket match,
I'm going to bed.
What the hell!
Nothing. Forget it.
Sir, what you saw in the pub
that was all wrong.
Sir, I like absolutely everything
about England.
I can change for you.
It's my mother's birthday.
The angel of death has descended
on earth, closer to you.
You love mocking me. What did I do?
Did you watch the match?
Thanks, pal. I had a blast.
The fourth ball of the third over--
These are the pre-match reports.
These are the post-match reports.
Whether India bags the world cup or not
you have definitely bagged
your place in heaven.
The reports are bad?
I'll make it to the finals, won't I?
You are going to die.
Is that how you talk to patients?
Your tone is extremely demotivating.
You need to smile more often. Come on!
What is your problem?
Watching people die doesn't make me smile.
Witnessing life and death
is part of your job.
If you're afraid of your job,
change your profession.
Try becoming a chef.
I'll be sending the word-boy
to get the TV out.
Send more men to carry me out.
What do you want?
Two things! A television,
and a smile on your face.
Why do you need a reason to smile?
Look at me.
I'm dying, but I'm happy.
You're healthy. But why is your
face as depressing as a shroud?
My facial expressions are absolutely fine.
What about you?
You are obsessed about cricket.
What has the game given you?
No one visits you at the hospital.
Does anyone care about you?
Neither a relative, nor a friend.
Yes, I have no one to call my own.
That's why I value the
things I don't have.
You have it all.
Why don't you value your life?
Have this.
What's this?
It's good, right?
I don't like it.
Saby, you should try new things.
Eat it.
Sorry, I forgot the juice.
I'll be right back.
My facial expressions are absolutely fine.
What about you?
You are obsessed about cricket.
What has the game given you?
No one visits you at the hospital.
Does anyone care about you?
Neither a relative, nor a friend.
Watch out.
Yes, I have no one to call my own.
That's why I value the
things I don't have.
You have it all.
Why don't you value your life?
What happened?
Sir, this way.
You've never encouraged anyone.
It's time for you to change, Sattu.
Life's all about changes.
And the last ball
was the ball of the over.
The speed was 140 kilometers per hour.
-Start studying.
Sit down.
Let me serve dinner.
Let's go out tonight.
Go and get dressed.
You too, get dressed.
Can I watch the match?
Take this.
What on earth is going on?
Four runs!
They wouldn't scream so loud even
if they were witnessing a riot.
They don't scream against
the cases of farmer suicides.
Not even during bomb blasts.
It's so weird.
The standard of living is judged by
the expenditures at such places.
That's it.
Shall we go somewhere else?
In the silence of the hospital,
I am at peace even amidst deaths.
There, I can save someone's life.
I'm sorry, I'm feeling claustrophobic.
They're a rowdy bunch, go somewhere else.
Go to the Chowpatty beach.
Thank you.
That's a sudden change.
Don't you want to watch India play?
Forget the match.
Kash, I need to talk to you.
I've always been faithful
to you ever since we met.
I want us to be the only ones
for each other.
I want to be focused on you.
Even my dreams should be about you.
Every time I open my eyes...
I want you there...
right in front of me.
What's the situation?
The bowel movements
haven't improved much.
We need more tests.
I'm not talking about myself,
I'm talking about you two.
Come on, Sir!
So that means,
no deterioration, no improvement.
Your heart is beating and she is blushing.
Both of you are laughing.
Call Dr. Satyajeet immediately.
Sir, come fast.
-Did he throw up?
-No, Sir.
Give him an anticonvulsant.
Try dialysis again.
He needs a kidney transplant.
Otherwise, the devil will die.
Yes, it's David.
I prefer calling him the devil.
Find him a donor.
Why aren't you answering your phone?
Where are you?
Why aren't you coming to work?
We're all worried about you.
If you want a break,
put down an application.
Or you'll be in trouble.
Saby, I've participated in a contest.
The winner gets to dine with Dhoni.
What sort of a company sends
wives on dates with other men?
I'll sue the company!
You're getting upset?
I thought you'd help me.
Right. You think I'm a fool?
Do you want me to drop you off
for a dinner date with him?
You like him, don't you?
I did, but now
I'm sick of the Indian team!
I want them to lose every match, and
I want Dhoni to be out without scoring.
What's wrong with you?
-You love the Indian team.
-And you love Dhoni?
Most women watch cricket
for the players.
And you're one of them.
Why are you blaming me?
You watch women's tennis.
-All of that.
But when I'm with you, I never
think of Anna or Sharapova.
Look, Saby, I'm sorry.
That was wrong, I admit.
Why are you making
a big deal about it?
It's okay to like these players.
It's not right to desire other men.
Really? Have you reflected
on your own actions?
Were you focused on me? No.
So if I desire other men, it is justified.
Nothings going to come out of it anyway.
Anyway, you're just as handsome
as the players Dhoni and Sachin.
There are nine other players
in the cricket team.
I don't think I am wrong.
-I don't care.
It's my fault and I'm regretting it.
-Regretting this marriage?
-I don't care what you think.
-I'm leaving.
The cops are here because
I haven't been to work.
Why haven't you been to work?
Why are the cops here?
Because we're Indian.
Mr. Hemu, why are the cops here?
Stupid cops!
They came to my place by mistake.
-Someone filed a complaint.
-Any problem?
Listen up. What does your dad do?
I have no idea what he's told you.
Get Dhoni out!
Who's he? Why does he want India to lose?
Shut up and mind your own business.
I'll cut you into half, you silly man!
-Damn you!
-Stop it, guys!
Please relax, guys!
He used to be a huge fan
of the Indian team.
What now?
His wife is attracted
to one of the players.
Since then, the men in blue
turn him red with jealousy.
-Damn you!
Leave me alone.
Never fall for this
Never give your heart to anyone
Love made me starve
I had to swallow up my ego
Look at me and learn
I've gone through it
Lord have mercy, I am doomed
Lord have mercy, I've lost my heart
Lord have mercy
Watch out
Rhyme the music, no doubt
Watch out.
Pick up the money, no doubt
I am crazy and so is my beloved
She resides in my heart
And Dhoni resides in hers
She keeps on watching the match
She keeps on watching the match
The catch has gone waste
Lord have mercy, I am doomed
Lord have mercy, I've lost my heart
Lord have mercy, I am doomed
Lord have mercy, I've lost my heart
Lord have mercy, I am doomed
Lord have mercy, I've lost my heart
Lord have mercy
What's up, big guy?
You done playing the VIP?
Mr. Patel, how's the airport?
He lied about being
an immigration officer.
He's just a lowly janitor!
What are you guys?
What are you?
You've paid your way
into the upper caste system.
You send your parents off to the mall
to save up on the heating
and electricity expense.
Don't judge me. Focus on yourselves.
Hemu, we are done here.
Please go home.
Let's leave.
You're sleeping in peace.
If you don't get a kidney, you'll die.
It's not easy to find a kidney donor.
What's the point of telling you this?
You are obsessed with the cricket team.
Your team.
But you'll die all alone.
A kidney is not a cricket ball
that you could buy at the market.
Please make sure Mr. David recovers.
You must help him get better.
Are you ordering me, or requesting me?
Get back to work.
Hello, Sir.
Doctor, how is David Abraham?
-He died.
-What are you saying?
I'm dead, you can go and die as well.
-Sir, you're...
-Let's go.
The sick man is worrying
about David's well-being!
Can you use a woman's kidney for a man?
Did you find one while cleaning up?
Can I donate my kidney to David Abraham?
I won't let it affect my work.
Kidney donation is a very
serious medical decision.
Don't bother, just do your work.
-Greetings, Sir.
-Do your work. Don't greet me.
Should I try?
To save David's life--
I'm doing all I can. If it's not
enough, you can try your bit.
I'm a doctor, not God.
-But Sir--
-Get out!
-What's going on?
I've already told you that
I hate this black guy.
Dad, love isn't based
on the color of one's skin.
Are you in love
with this hideous looking guy?
I've been hearing you rant
since I was a kid.
You believe we face racism
because we are Indians.
But you're doing the same thing
because we are lighter than the blacks.
You are narrow-minded.
I'm older than you, I'm your father!
You have to stop seeing this guy. Come on.
I'm eighteen and
I know how to lead my life.
If I listen to you, I'll become like you.
What do you mean by that?
What's that Indian saying?
Something about the washer-mans dog.
You're demeaning your father?
Well done! You've crossed all your limits.
-Why don't you just--
-Hemu, stop it!
What are you doing?
What are you doing here?
You guys must leave. Go!
You better not talk to me anymore!
-Hemu, please stop--
-She demeaned me!
Why are you being so arrogant?
If you go on like this,
you'll lose everyone.
How is it my fault?
I'm just unhappy about myself.
Nobody is happy with you.
Your family hasn't
spoken to you in two years
not because they've forgotten you
but because they are sick of your excuses.
Your friends have turned against you
not because you are a janitor
but because you demeaned them
to hide your own shortcomings.
Your daughter isn't upset
because you dislike Silver.
She's upset because you are racist.
You mother didn't send you here
hoping to get souvenirs.
You came here yourself
to seek a better life.
It's alright to cheer for the Indian team.
But you also pretend to be English
and that's the problem.
Think about it, Hemu.
How can anyone be happy with you?
You are narrow-minded.
I never thought about your happiness.
Neither our son's, nor my own.
We could have gone abroad
after we got married.
We could have had a better life.
I denied that.
I wanted to stay here.
I wanted to stay in my country,
amidst my people.
I had a sense of responsibility
towards them.
So, I took on this job
at a government hospital.
My sole purpose in life has been
the well-being of my patients.
I think of their well-being all the time.
Yet, they avoid me and are afraid of me.
They make fun of me in my absence.
For a random stranger
admitted at the hospital
who is neither a relative nor a friend
they are willing to go
the extra mile for him.
And they keep making fun of me.
Because I'm harsh.
How am I at fault?
The answer lies within you, Satya.
Each individual wants a little
happiness out of life, Satya.
The day you start to breathe
a little happiness into their lives...
nobody will avoid you anymore.
-What's wrong with him?
-I don't know.
Sir, the waiting list was long
but we've found a donor.
And the blood type
and HLA factors match.
That was quick.
Who is it?
-Sir, it's...
-Who is it?
Sir, my dad is in a coma.
He's brain-dead.
He's barely alive and you know that.
My father's kidney could
save David's life.
Mum and I have decided
to donate his kidney to David.
After the transplant, I'll see
a bit of my father in David.
We must operate as soon as possible.
-Sattu's been transferred?
I'll have you transferred back home.
-Why are you here?
-We're here for an autograph.
You never asked for my autograph.
Come back later.
We need to operate on the 26th.
The 26th of April?
It's an emergency.
We need to operate as soon as possible.
I'm not okay with the 26th.
We're scheduling it for the 26th
to help you recover.
The final match is on the 28th.
The surgery has to be after that.
You don't have that much time.
Your kidneys have failed.
If we delay, you'll be dead.
-We'll operate on the 26th.
-No, let's do it after the 28th.
Only after the World Cup finals!
I insist, it will be post the 28th!
-Is that a new injection?
Son, you've got to treat your wife well.
I want to treat her well... from afar.
You're an adult but you
still think like a child.
Fine, make fun of me.
Go and tell your friends
that your son is a dummy.
You can't handle your wife.
That makes you a dummy.
Enough, dad. Please!
I don't want to argue.
I've decided that I want a divorce.
That's it.
You can't force your decisions on me.
You decided to quit college.
Then, you decided to become an actor.
Your marriage was also your decision.
Now, you want a divorce.
Next thing I know,
you'll decide to leave us.
You just don't care about relationships.
Your family means nothing to you.
Kashmira loves you very much,
but you don't realize that.
You want to be an actor.
But, first be a hero in your own home.
Just like your father is.
Hero? Really?
Yes. He is the hero of this family.
Those who are considerate
are heroes in their own right.
Have you ever considered
your wife's happiness?
Your father has.
Have you been a good listener?
Your father is an ideal husband.
We used to fight a lot.
But your dad has never
threatened to leave me.
He may not be the
smartest man in the world.
But he's an amazing husband.
I mean it.
Did you hear that, dummy?
Be responsible.
Marriage is not all fun and games.
You won the girl over.
Now, keep her happy as your wife.
Then, even if Dhoni scores a century
she won't be bothered.
Mr. David.
Mr. David?
How are you, Mr. David?
We are missing you.
Get well soon and come
back to the cricket ground.
Who are you?
Your team is here to meet you.
It's you guys!
Come close to me.
-Are you practicing well?
-Yes, we are.
They're very good players.
Nice try, Sattu.
Thanks for getting them here.
But, I won't change my mind.
The surgery will take place
only after the final match.
-Thank God you resumed work.
They were going to replace you.
Replace me after all my years of service?
No chance.
The moment passing by
Asks you to keep up the smile
Don't be upset over things
That you can't control
It's the joy in these moments
Life itself is a joyride
You can touch the sky if you wish
Life is uncertain
There are no problems, no complaints
Spend every moment with a smile
There's a commentator.
I had performed a surgery on his aunt.
His name is... Dogle.
Not Dogle, Sir, Bhogle.
Mr. Harsha Bhogle.
Look for his phone number,
I want to talk to him.
-Harsha Bhogle's?
No problem, doctor.
Just tell me what you need.
Anything for our Chinaman.
Thank you very much.
Doctor, you seem to be a cricket fan.
Saying that out loud may call for
disciplinary action.
Life is uncertain
There are no problems, no complaints
Spend every moment with a smile
The surgery...
will be scheduled after the final match.
Happy now?
Very happy! I'm really impressed with you.
After all the resistance,
you finally got convinced.
We will watch the world cup together.
And that TV...
I walked so many paths alone
But this journey is new
I am not worried about destinations
Since you are with me
You are the journey, you are the path
Where would I go without you?
Life is uncertain, let's not complain
Sir, what's your plan?
David wants to watch the final match.
So be it.
A fake match?
An actual match, but fake commentary.
-That won't fool David for too long.
What are the symptoms of kidney failure?
You're forgetting an important symptom.
The mind gets weaker, and
there's confusion at all times.
The moment passing by
Asks you to keep up the smile
Don't be upset over things
That you can't control
It's the joy in these moments
Life itself is a joyride
You can touch the sky if you wish
Life is uncertain
There are no problems, no complaints
Spend every moment with a smile
It's been three days since we spoke.
-We missed you.
-Three days?
Of course.
If you had slept another day
you would have missed the final match.
The final match is today?
Yes, Sir. It's today.
And we're all set.
Sir! India is in the finals!
You've got the blue uniform!
-Get one for me.
Hand me the newspaper.
-Let's see who's playing.
India and England.
India will definitely win.
-Yes, Sir.
-Who are the players?
This is a weird match. Something is wrong.
Nothing is wrong.
We are treating you too well
and you are being fussy.
I'm talking about the staff.
India is losing but nobody looks tense.
-We are very upset.
I'm so upset I've drenched
three tissues and also eaten one.
When you both held hands,
Sachin had scored a century.
-No, Sir, that was--
-Hold hands.
Did you see that?
Didn't I tell you?
He scored!
This guy's stuck on the field.
He's not getting out.
Sanction one more thing, Sattu.
Tell Ganesh to stand on
that chair using one leg.
That'll get this player out.
Okay, Ganesh, do what he says.
-What, Sir?
-Stand on the chair using one leg.
Do what he says.
I clicked some fabulous pictures.
-Are you coming?
-Of course, I am.
Go change.
You two are perfect.
You have common interests.
I'm not at all interested in photography.
Then, how do you manage?
He can develop the photographs by himself.
But he'd rather do it in my
presence and feel happier.
We get to spend time quality time
in the dark room.
That way, I win his affection
for the rest of the day.
-India won!
That's amazing!
If you're free, we could
go out for dinner tonight.
Oh, no!
Tonight isn't possible.
Because Vidhi's getting married
and I've got to organize
a bachelorette party.
Only girls, no boys?
-Only one boy.
A male stripper.
We still need to hire one.
You're going to strip a boy?
You have a problem with this too?
You had a bachelor party, didn't you?
Guys can do what they want.
Why can't girls?
Okay, if your party gets canceled...
let's catch up then.
The party's on whether
we find a male stripper or not.
Isn't your cricket final on tonight?
Wouldn't that interest
you more than dinner?
I get it, when it no longer
means anything to me.
Where would I go now
With so many dreams?
I've lost a lot
Where would I get it all?
I lost the destination
All I have is the path
The path took a turn
And I lost the destination
I don't know when my heart cried
I really don't know
I am coming home again
I got my direction
The wind is changing direction
I'm coming home again
Home is where my heart is
Take me home
Take me home
I can tell you by your eyes
You make me go crazy
Cuts the apple with a knife
And drinks the juice with a pipe
A true man is the one
Who gets trashed by his wife
Everyone gets thrashed stealthily
Everyone gets thrashed stealthily
I got thrashed out in the open
Lord have mercy, I am doomed
Lord have mercy
I've lost my heart
No one understood me
I didn't understand anyone
Walls were formed on their own
All the relations were broken
Who told you?
Mr. Cook.
Some scratches were left
This sari is for your mom.
You didn't have to.
Hemu, this suit is for your brother.
I don't know when I'll visit India.
Priya, I mean this...
I'm not as kind as all of you.
I don't know how to react.
Mom! Yes, it's Hemu.
Yes, mom.
I'm coming home.
Come here.
I'm very happy today.
I need something black.
Black keeps the evil eye away.
Call your black boyfriend inside.
I missed the point all along.
You can change countries, but
you can't change your identity.
I was so desperate to
change my circumstances
that I had started to change myself.
Are you crazy? You're going to
strip in front of so many women?
Dance in front of them?
I don't like this.
I don't like it when you
think of other men.
And you don't like anyone touching me.
I'm doing all this for you.
If you had done this earlier...
I would've never paid attention
to Sachin or Dhoni.
You'll be my first priority. Not cricket.
I promise...
now onwards...
I won't stop you from watching cricket.
Are you hundred percent sure?
The match is still on.
It's been too hard to control.
Get dressed.
Come on, wifey!
Saby, you never wait for me.
Hey, Chinaman.
I harassed you. Yet, you saved my life.
You're an excellent doctor.
But when it comes to cheating someone...
you're a total failure.
What do you mean?
Harsha and Wilkins were not the
commentators in this world cup.
How did they host the finals?
Caught you, didn't I?
Why did you pretend?
You wanted to fix my kidney
and I wanted to fix a smile on your face.
Both got done.
Now, I'll watch the finals.
It's going on.
The real one?
Yes, the real one.