Haunted (1995) Movie Script

Enough said.
Well, that's enough.
After the loss my twin sister.
My mother took me to his home in America.
Do not return to England until 1928.
As a professor of psychology
University of Camberley.
Psychic phenomena.
Lord, his books deny its existence.
As I said before.
The aim of these classes is not
discuss the content of my books.
Which by the way,
have had great success.
I advise you make a copy.
The only thing that my
book is called evidence.
I'm not here to change
any of your precious beliefs.
But I'm here to tell you.
When investigating psychic phenomena.
Should adopt a
objective and scientific position.
Now if you want my opinion.
There are no ghosts.
Or spirits.
Neither angels.
It is only the desire to exist.
To relieve pain and our fears.
Bless you for coming.
I can feel the excitement of
our loved ones on the other side.
Join me.
There's someone here.
You want to talk to Clare.
I'm Clare.
Hello, Clare.
You stop worrying about me.
I am very happy here.
Come talk to me again.
I have many things to tell you.
What would you do for my Clare?
Is anyone here named Brook?
Edward Brook?
Ed Brook?
Many people want to talk.
Ask if your child is here.
My mother was Charlotte.
Hello, dear.
Know that I am very proud of you.
I see you do well.
Mother you okay?
Aunt Lily is with you?
Yeah, she's here.
Your hip still hurts you?
No more pain.
Except for being away from you.
Ladies and gentlemen.
My mother's name was Charlotte.
She was from the United States.
Never broke her hip.
And I never had an aunt named Lily.
This woman is a despicable fraud.
Get him out.
Get him out of here.
Ladies and gentlemen.
This is my mother.
It's a fraud.
Madame, you are despicable.
This is terrible.,
as you can do that?
She should be ashamed.
Has no conscience.
This is different...
You can stop with his performance.
Please do not do it...
You are pathetic.
Where were you?
- Come on.
A race to the house.
Thanks, Kate.
All this for me?
His book touched heartstrings.
Everyone wants to go
investigate something.
My article on Madame Brontski.
I hope that out of business.
She wrote again.
- Ms. Webb.
Mrs. Webb?
Let me see.
A lady and great.
It is not believed to be imprisoned...
...Of evil spirits, or something?
He says he promised to go see it.
Certainly not.
I have no time for that now.
She seems desperate.
It is the region?
In Sussex, I think.
Edbrook Mansion.
Edbrook Mansion.
I think I could take a look.
David Ash?
Mrs. Webb?
Christina Mariell.
I came at the request of the Nanny Tess.
A pleasure. Nana Tess?
- Ms. Webb.
Nana always called Tess.
Excuse my delay.
- Do not worry.
No problem...
You are not as expected.
We Come?
So you're in the colonies?
In Chicago?
It's pretty smart.
Not so.
I have read his biography in his book.
At least he's honest.
Not that it is not smart
means that you read.
It is the first American I know.
Actually, my father was an English
and lived here until eleven.
So it remains unknown.
The nanny did not come because
afraid to leave the house.
It is difficult to see someone
love and lose clarity.
I fear you you're wasting your time.
I hope I can help.
And I promise to keep you entertained.
You handle this?
Put your bags behind.
Where did you learn to drive?
I did not learn, it's my first time.
Just kidding.
I learned watching my brothers.
You are very funny.
Welcome to Edbrook.
I found Nana Tess.
Sometimes this is very odd.
It's that thing of ghosts.
Is obsessed with it.
Have you seen any?
Mrs. Webb?
Nana Tess, do not be rude.
He is here for you.
Thank you very much, Professor.
I'll take him to his room.
Do not worry nana.
I do.
Then we talked.
That such a fantastic house.
Only two of you live here?
No, my two brothers,
Robert and Simon out there.
And of course the ghost of Nana.
I know I should not,
But I can not resist.
We get along well as children.
I hope you feel comfortable here.
I'm sure.
When unpacking,
I can show you the house if you want.
No, do not bother,
I can do it myself.
Make yourself at home
You can go wherever you like.
Dinner is served at 7:30.
Think it's all in your imagination?
You think?
Can enter.
Robert Mariell.
David Ash. A pleasure.
- Sure.
It's a novelty have a teacher in the house.
They've been good?
- Yes, if the room is very comfortable...
This house is magnificent.
It was my great-grandfather bought it.
The Marielle money according to my father.
We lose a little in it.
We try to use only rooms needed.
It is difficult to maintain such a place,
without domestic servants.
Oh, yes. It should be.
Things are not as
Mariell before in the Family.
Nana told him.
Yes, Mrs. Webb...
He's very generous of you for coming.
And I owe you an apology.
An apology?
I gave his book.
A Nana, his book.
And that was the beginning of everything
and you have come.
Anyway, now that you're here.
Brindare you all the help we can.
You think someone might
be playing a joke on Mrs. Webb?
Some neighbors, perhaps?
- My God, no.
We're very isolated here.
And Nana has not been
contact with anyone in years.
She lives in seclusion.
Christina already knew, of course.
- Yes.
You paint the picture of the corridor?
Yes, I did. You like it?
Yes, I like.
It is very impressive.
The painting is a funny thing...
When done well, is captured
the soul of the painter and the model.
It makes them immortal.
It's so quiet here.
I even wonder because living in the city.
He met Robert?
- Yes, I did.
It is very nice.
He must think the same about you.
Never let anyone see it painted.
I am honored.
Tell me,
always uses the same model?
Suggests better?
It was a joke, a joke.
I did not scare you, friend.
I'm Simon, the clown of the group.
Oh, are you?
The last swim of the season
do not know what they're missing.
How about a swim?
No thanks, too cold for me.
Oh... I'll catch up...
He, give me that.
Christina, give me that.
Thanks David,
Are you a gentleman.
Unlike my brother.
Give me that.
Give me that.
Give it back.
Admiring our mermaid?
Stunning, no?
Yes, indeed.
We're all crazy, you know?
How about some tea?
I'd love a cup of tea.
Good morning.
- Good morning, David.
Sleep well?
To be honest, I did not sleep well.
Oh, how I regret it.
What happened?
He heard noises in the night?
Because you say that?
it seems very tense this morning.
If I'm not.
It happens that I do not like
the childish pranks.
There were small noises at my door.
It is normal in an old house.
Then they began knocking louder.
That was me, hunting rats.
Mate three last night.
I hate rats.
There were rats.
When I opened the door.
I could not do, because...
Someone was pulling the other side.
Someone as strong as me.
It must be the ghost of Nana.
Poor Nana.
Help you.
Sit down and eat breakfast.
I promise, no...
All right.
It's a chase.
What more do you want from me?
It was not enough?
Leave me alone.
I can go?
Sure, Professor.
Are you okay?
Hoped we had a little chat.
I can sit?
Please sit down.
He asked me to come
because he hopes to discover something.
You expect to discover?
He has always lived in
the Mansion Edbrook?
Many years.
The children were born here.
His father was a diplomat,
I was always outside.
Ms. Mariell always accompanied him.
And the children?
I care for them until
age had to go to boarding school...
...In England.
Looked forward to the holidays...
...Back to Edbrook.
To be together.
Where are the parents?
The two have died.
Died here at home?
They... died in India.
It's the parents you think you see?
The mother?
Or is the father, Mr. Marielle?
He was a good man.
May he rest in heaven.
Mrs. Webb.
Why not tell them, you here...
...And that their children
are well cared for...
...And that can be left in peace.
- David.
I did not tell at breakfast.
It must be Simon, even deny it.
It's so boring.
I figured it was him.
But why?
In the Name of God Nana and his haunts?
...She is disturbed.
I do not need, it requires a doctor.
So we're not happy?
Now I can sleep better.
That means that leave us?
I want to stay...
...To convince your Nana,
there are no ghosts in Edbrook.
Then stay for centuries.
- Yes.
- Stronger?
Dr. Doyle will call to come.
It is known the family for years.
I can ask...
...That is above,
in the locked room?
The fourth of my parents.
Nana Tess as maintained as a sanctuary.
I did not know the formal attire for dinner.
Usually not.
Not when we're alone.
In fact let's go.
Is it rude?
No, not even for a bit.
It's a commitment we can not cancel.
Nana take care,
is an excellent cook.
I hope you feel at home.
I feel bad for this.
Please I have much work to do.
We delayed.
You do not...
Please sit professor.
To talk to,
Mrs. Webb?
They're still here?
They will always be here.
I've been to hundreds of homes...
Countless seances...
...And I have not seen anything
can not be explained rationally.
Everyone I met,
had one thing in common.
The pain.
I thought it would help me.
Mrs. Webb I'm trying.
You're telling me you do not see...
I see nothing.
The problem here is that you if you do.
If you just give me some details...
Try to prove...
...There is nothing to fear at home.
There are spirits in this house.
I know you see...
Just breathe.
Are you all right?
Breathe deep.
Come sit here.
I have things to do,
but I'll be here if I need.
If I had known,
would have smiled for you.
Dr. Henry Doyle.
Thank God you're here.
Thank God if you will,
but better thank her Christina.
Mrs. Webb did not feel well,
your nerves are shattered.
Christina told me.
Where's Nana?
- I wear with it.
Very nice of you.
Tell me... if you please.
You expect to find
all those wires and gunpowder?
The ghost of poor Nana, maybe?
Or someone getting
pass through the ghost.
We were talking,
and suddenly had a seizure.
It seemed that something was choking.
I was hoping that forgotten about the ghost.
It used to be so strong
before the death of Messrs. Mariell.
Meet the family of long ago?
I've always known.
I was at the birth of three children.
I see.
I have not been of much help here.
Perhaps a familiar face calm a little.
Leave us alone for a moment, please.
No, please.
I'll be fine...
Sure, Nana.
They did well to call me.
She is suffering emotional trauma.
I gave him something to help her sleep.
Is there anything I can do?
Try to convince that Edbrook is haunted.
I'll try.
She is resting now.
Let it rest a while.
Christina knows where
find me if you need me.
...I know where the exit is.
Thank you, doctor.
What panic?
Of course not.
Sorry, I could not endure.
Naughty girl.
Perhaps, behind all the cynicism,
only one question.
Well, doubt is healthy.
Serves to test our convictions.
I expected to find,
when she opened the door?
Someone playing the piano.
I do not know.
But still opened.
It is very brave.
An adventurous spirit.
What was that?
A rat?
A shadow moved, was nothing.
He returned early?
If... the party was boring.
I said I had a headache.
Someone brought me home.
He is in love with me.
I presumed to say?
No, not you.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Reminds me of my mother.
Not funny, like music
the memories become so vivid?
Yes, indeed.
What the hell was that?
Are you all right?
I see you have been working hard teacher.
I play this?
Yes, it was intermittent
and it only went up a bit.
Do not touch the gas in
this part of the house...
...Is very dangerous.
Oh yes, I realize.
This place is a fire trap.
If you understand me?
Time to go to sleep Christina.
Good morning.
How is Mrs. Webb?
It is a little better.
I'll be honest with you, David.
I particularly I did not want you to come.
I agreed because I thought
that would help the Nana.
But it seems to have worsened.
I'm not a healer.
You will not believe Edbrook
This haunted. Truth?
I have not found some evidence.
So, is there anything
in particular to keep it here?
He was invited to come to help Nana.
Do not abuse the hospitality of my sister.
I finish my work tonight
and I'm leaving tomorrow as scheduled.
Unless you want to do now.
Tomorrow is fine.
Good morning.
You and Robert seem be getting along.
Sleep well?
Okay, thanks.
And you?
Very bad.
I dreamed all night.
With what?
With you.
Something fell into their traps?
No, I'm afraid not.
Do not be discouraged,
that's good news.
You talk to her?
No, not yet.
Nana, good news.
David has not found any ghost.
Sad, no?
She is so lost.
I knew I was going tomorrow?
I have work to do.
Perhaps not let it go.
I sign your book?
With pleasure.
You can support me.
Please do not move,
My handwriting is terrible.
'For the bold and charming Christina'.
'Never forget'.
Thanks, David.
I did it.
You should not do that.
He is impossible.
You're getting so boring, Christina.
We need some fun here.
Robert is always serious
Tess and Nana is crazy.
I'm always being watched.
Come with me.
Where are we going?
I want to spend more time with you,
without being disturbed my brothers.
Do not argue.
Already decided.
It's your last day,
I want to use it.
Why return to England?
The irresistible call of the roots, I think.
Talk like a vegetable.
On behalf of the empire
It is an honor to have you with us.
Herbs for luck?
No thanks.
I read your future?
Do not believe in those things, do you?
I want to know what will happen.
'I'm getting married soon.'
Is getting married soon.
This year.
'I will live a long life
and happy with my wife.'
You will have a long life
and be happy with your wife.
'Many children'.
Have many children.
One will be named...
...Of a loved one,
lost as a child.
Thank you.
It's your turn.
There is something that
can say, you do not know.
I must go now.
Forgive me.
He does not like that?
Is this true?
What he said about his childhood?
He had a twin sister.
He died very young.
What happened?
David, I'm sorry.
He was with her when it happened.
I consider psychology because of that.
To prove it really was.
She will not ever, David.
There is magic in nostalgia.
Without that magic,
just the ability to love.
This is my magical place.
What is it?
My mother adored him.
He came here every summer days.
I can almost see it now...
...Sitting in that chair with a book.
It's like more memory.
How old was she when she died?
It was a day before my birthday 14.
Valentine's Day.
Year after year, every day
Valentine come here...
...I just sit.
Trying to understand.
I can not accept that
death is the end of everything.
It's hard to accept.
His parents died in India?
They were heading to the mountains.
The rain fell earlier in the year.
Just disappeared.
For my Mother Nana come here every night.
She says she saw her once.
She says you saw her?
That was the beginning of their problems.
A race to the house.
Where have you been?
At night?
Sorry, Robert.
You should.
We wait for hours for dinner.
I was worried.
It was not our intention to slow us down.
Is supposed to help
to Nana, but tell me what has he done?
For now, not David's fault.
Of course not.
Nana was very worried.
It's terrible that you do that.
His sister is an adult woman.
And the fault is all mine.
Good night.
How well we were close.
I could not shake them.
What algae?
I had caught.
There are no algae.
They were around my neck.
And suddenly...
He was free.
That was me.
That was me.
Come friend, let's go inside.
I came for your wet clothes.
And I really appreciate it.
I'll put in the kitchen be dry in the morning.
I'm worried, David.
As it fell into the lake?
I did not fall.
I was pushed.
Someone pushed me.
Do not be thinking about what I said.
My Mother was a gentle person.
She never push someone to the lake.
No, Mother.
Someone pushed me.
Who would do that?
Perhaps the same person
this scaring Nana.
The same person who
I was scratching the door that night.
Where was Simon?
- Sleeping.
I knew he was in the lake?
Is accusing me?
You just have to accuse the Nana.
Why do any of we want to hurt him?
He could have drowned, David.
I should be grateful.
I am very grateful to you.
I'm just...
...Very confused.
All is well.
I'm sorry I upset.
It must be awful for you.
You may feel better with this.
We remove the taste of the lake.
You must be exhausted.
It was a day so difficult.
Everything happened.
Probably need sleep.
I'm not crazy.
Are not teacher?
Take me with you tomorrow.
You are my salvation.
No, no.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
When packing,
Simon will help with the bags...
Christina... and take him to the station.
I'm afraid I will not.
As you wish.
The number, please.
- Camberley, 284.
Ash professor's office.
Kate, I'm David.
Listen, I need your help.
Is everything okay?
Last night I went home.
I had returned.
Will have to cancel my classes tomorrow.
I'm staying a few days.
David does not sound so good..
I'm fine.
I want to do something for me.
Look for the edition of the Times
February 17, 1923.
Page 13, top left.
Yes, I have it all.
I'll call you later.
Well David, we are.
Robert, please, no.
Basta, Robert.
- Continued.
Let's see...
Come on. Right here.
For here we go.
It's David.
Le Atina, knew it was David.
We are a party of four.
Edbrook we play.
Five, with Nana.
Yes, Nana can play.
Come on, Nana.
It's your birthday.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Nana.
Happy birthday to you.
Of course you're playing.
The game Edbrook.
It is very simple.
Each puts a shilling.
- Someone is hiding.
Whoever finds it wins.
If no one is...
That gets the money.
I'm no good for games.
We need you.
Do not be a killjoy.
Is to encourage Nana.
You never know who you can find.
David, hide first.
And we will seek.
Count to 100.
It has to be slow.
1, 2, 3...
Come on David, you must hurry.
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...
...11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16...
I always look here first.
I found you.
I won.
I find it?
- I have it.
It is the report about a death.
'Tragedy in Edbrook Mansion'.
'Mr. Anthony Yates'
Fast. Just tell me what happened?
It says here that Ms. Mariell
drowned in the lake.
The verdict was suicide.
For a period of mental disorder.
- Thanks.
What is the problem, David?
What is the problem?
You do not know what to believe,
that's the problem.
I'm worried about you.
Oh yeah?
I too.
I do not know if I'm imagining things.
I do not know if Nana is crazy.
Now I'm seeing what she sees?
Do not trust anyone,
or anything in this house.
You can trust me.
Really, I can?
This date means anything to you?
Why lie?
Invented who died in India because...
...Can not stand the truth.
Why his mother committed suicide?
After father's death,
became very depressed.
Back to Edbrook only makes things worse.
So many memories...
I miss her so much.
Who found the body?
What is enough?
Now you know our dirty little secret.
You have to ask this?
Yes, I'm afraid so.
Want to know how found the body, right?
The blue lips, swollen skin...
...And cracked.
The eyes open and fixed.
You have a morbid fascination for the dead.
You should see a doctor, David.
Nana Tess was the one who found it.
It was never the same.
Christina helps.
There's a fire.
Leave the house.
David. Wait.
- The basement is on fire.
What fire?
- In the basement, going.
No fire.
Come see, no fire.
I do not understand...
What is happening to me?
There was a fire.
You're imagining things.
Come on, David.
I'll take you.
I'll be waiting in the car.
The things he says have been...
...Are symptoms of a
great emotional stress.
What happened in the lake.
For the first time you see these things?
He fought in the war, David?
In the Argonne, Sedan.
But he survived.
Yes, I survived.
Also survived the death of his sister.
Christina told me.
She drowned.
It's true.
It is because of that?
It was my fault.
I push her.
And I could not save her.
I find it fascinating...
...That is dedicated to disprove
spiritual phenomena.
Belief in the afterlife,
helps us continue to heal.
You are not allowed to have faith.
Feel you can not explain. Truth?
I saw strong men,
who survived the war...
...Destroyed by their own fault.
My fault not explain...
...What is happening
Edbrook in the Mansion.
Symptoms of Nana Tess are very similar...
...Does not accept that people who
served all his life, not more.
You agreed with my diagnosis.
You are alone, without family.
Unable to tell their experiences.
The mind is very fragile.
You know, David?
Christina told me he has not slept.
Take these if you can not sleep.
It may help.
Thank you.
I have been very helpful.
Goodbye, David.
And good luck.
I'm always here if you want to talk.
Thank you.
If you need an obsession...
...Christina would be healthier.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
You're sorry you came?
- No.
I have fear of losing you.
You do not have.
I want you with me tomorrow.
I can not.
I can not Edbrook.
Robert Munce leave me.
This has nothing to do with Robert.
No, it does not.
Sleep, David.
There is no Dr. Doyle, David.
He died many years ago.
Are you?
Let me take.
No, this can not be.
Take my hand,
you're safe with me.
Do not go with her, David.
Is everything okay?
I was so worried.
I'm here, David.
Stay with me.
Indulge me.
Do not resist.
Get in the car.
Never will I leave you, David.
We'll be together forever.
It's not what you want?
Christina is dead.
Of course she's dead.
Forgive me.
I should not have called.
Never going to let go.
I want to know what happens here.
And I know now.
One day Mrs. Mariell
returned home unannounced.
He went up to see the children.
They were in her room.
Simon was drunk.
Robert and Christina were doing...
She told me what he saw.
Something so horrible could not bear it.
That day is thrown into the lake.
And after that happened, Nana?
It was you.
You were born evil.
Who is evil?
I never killed anyone.
Corrupted others.
They locked us in the room,
and then set it afire.
They deserved to die.
You see, she'll kill us.
He thought he would get rid of us.
Now, I'm afraid no longer
you need more, Nana.
Already served.
How could I spend so
much time without you?
You do not feel the same?
It must be love, David.
Making a sacrifice for someone else.
To spend eternity with her.
I'm so happy I found you.
Stay, we'll be together.
He slept well, David?
You were very funny, David.
Had the opportunity to leave.
Die for me, David.
Never forgive me, so you pass.
It was not your fault, David.
It was an accident.
We would have been so attached.
Always will be.
Goodbye, David.
David, welcome home.
Scared all the ghosts?
A most.