Haunted Buffalo (2023) Movie Script

(tense music)
Hey, what's behind this door here?
Let's check out what's behind here.
(tense music continues)
His body was actually housed here,
right in the museum.
So, that's interesting that he was here.
And his most prized possession
is right over there,
which is the peace medal.
(tense music continues)
(indistinct message emits
from voice recorder)
[Dan] Holy...
[Lynn] What the hell was that?
(eerie music)
(eerie music continues)
(air whooshing)
(tense music)
[Narrator] The Buffalo History Museum
began collecting in 1862.
However, it moved to its
current location in 1902.
The Buffalo History Museum
(tense music continues)
has been Western New York's
premier historical organization,
collecting and researching
the Niagara Frontier's
rich history.
In its collection, (tense music continues)
it features more than 100,000 artifacts,
200,000 photographs,
and over 20,000 books.
Hey, Dana.
(tense music continues)
Hey, hey, guys.
- Hey, Dana.
- Dan, Cam.
So, we wanted to meet
you here at the workshop,
and just see if you could
help us try to explain
what a K2 meter is and what it does.
A K2 meter is, it measures EMF.
What is EMF?
Electricity is only referred to as EMF
when there's an open circuit.
Once you close that
circuit, it is electricity.
And as you know,
electricity and magnetism is
two sides of the same coin.
[Cameron] Yeah, you can't
have one without the other.
(tense music continues)
The EMF detector closes that circuit,
and measures the amount of electrons
flowing across a copper wire.
So, how does this actually read the EMF?
Closes the circuit along a copper wire,
and it's sensitive enough to
measure the amount of electrons
flowing over that copper wire.
And then with any
fluctuations in that EMF,
that ties into a lot of theories
that are directly tied in with ghosts
and paranormal activity.
(tense music continues)
[Dana] Exactly.
[Cameron] So, it's basically
just a circuit board?
Right, well, a lot,
all this is functioning
is to control the lights in it.
But this piece right here
is the most important.
This is what measures
the flow of electrons.
You see that?
When I turn this on, see how it reads it?
[Cameron] Oh, yeah.
[Dana] Right?
And these walkie-talkies,
they're gonna set this K2 meter off.
Oh, yeah, for certain.
That's giving off quite a high-
(walkie-talkie beeps)
Exactly, exactly.
High level of electricity in the air.
It emits at such a high level of EMF.
That's something you don't want to do
in an investigation.
Correct, that's why I do not like these
during investigations.
Yeah, I mean, like I said,
you can have a lot of false readings.
And in order to use a K2
meter in an appropriate way
in a paranormal investigation,
you really have to know
everything about the K2 meter,
and what kind of things will
give you a false reading.
So, when you do get a good reading,
you have better data to try to translate
into whether something
paranormal is going on or not.
Dana, thanks for giving
us a better understanding
of what EMF is and how it
relates to our K2 meter.
I think it's time to take this down
to the Buffalo History Museum,
and put this K2 meter to test.
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
Tony, how you doing?
How you doing, Cameron?
- I'm Dan.
- Dan.
- Joe.
- Joe.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Can you give us a
little bit of the history
of the background of the
building that we're at right now?
As far as paranormal-wise,
I mean, what's going on?
We've had a couple people
that have reported being
touched on the shoulder.
And I myself, you know,
I've sat in my office a few times,
and you hear kind of phantom footsteps.
You hear voices here
and there and, you know,
you wonder if someone's
in the building with you.
- And ultimately-
- And you're by yourself
in the building?
You're completely by yourself.
Okay, where in the building
were these people
experiencing being touched?
Those stories came from the second floor
in what we call our
Native American gallery.
And then the stories that,
the experiences that I've had
have been on the lower level
just outside my office.
(tense music continues)
Okay, so, Tony, I'm looking around here.
Obviously, this is a Native
American exhibit here
with the museum.
What kind of things have happened here?
A couple years ago, we had two visitors
on separate occasions during one week,
come to the front desk
and ask if we had any, you
know, paranormal activity.
You know, there's something that happened
that you can't shake.
[Joe] Yeah.
So, you want, yeah,
so you can get used to it all you want,
but sometimes, you know, the
hairs on the back of your neck
are definitely gonna stand up, absolutely.
And I was told that Red
Jacket, the Indian chief,
his body after he died
was actually kept here
for a moment of time?
Yeah, the Seneca leader, Red Jacket.
His body moved around a little bit.
And prior to being reinterred
at a local cemetery,
his remains were stored
here for a short time.
- [Cameron] Okay.
- [Joe] Wow.
We do have Lewis, who is
a Seneca Indian on our team.
I think that'd be a great
opportunity for him to get in here
and see if he can connect
with, hopefully, Red Jacket.
- That'd be pretty cool, right?
- Right?
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(floorboards creaking)
Okay, so this is the entrance
to where your office would
be backed out in here.
Now, you were mentioning
that you had actually
had a couple experiences
right in this vicinity?
There were a couple different occasions
where I'm working late,
working on exhibits,
or just catching up on some work
around, you know, nine, 10 at night.
And the first time, I'm
sitting in my office,
and I heard what sounded like footsteps
coming down the main stairwell.
At the time, I wondered,
well, maybe if there
might be another woman
who had worked here,
who came in to work late.
So, I didn't really think much of it.
And I heard, when they were
coming down the stairs,
I heard a woman's voice talking.
So, I automatically, you know, assume
you're not gonna think it's
paranormal right off the bat,
so I thought it was somebody
staying late working with me.
I, a few minutes later,
ended up wrapping up my work, leaving,
noticed that the building
was still locked down.
No one was here and no one had been here.
So, that kind of, you know,
raised my curiosity a bit
at that point.
Ah, just the one time, or was it?
Well, that was the first time.
And then recently, just last year,
a very similar incident happened.
I was, again, sitting at
my desk late at night,
and I heard the same steps
coming down the stairwell.
Now, this time what happened
was that this, you know,
walking into this room,
there's a very particular
noise that you hear.
So, when I heard the footsteps,
I didn't really think much of it.
There had been,
I'm very comfortable in
the building at this point.
So, I stayed, I continued working.
And then I heard this thud-(loud thud)
coming down this hollow plank
you walk in to get in this room.
The minute I heard that,
hair on the back of my neck stood up.
I very calmly got up,
grabbed my bag, and made
a beeline for the door.
(investigators chuckling)
You know, ultimately,
there's so much history here.
There's so many artifacts.
If there is somebody here, you know,
we want to know who it is.
Okay, so basically we
have three main areas
to try to focus on here tonight.
We have downstairs here,
by Millard Fillmore's carriage
where Tony, you know,
you've had a couple of
different experiences
happen to you personally.
I really wanna make sure
that we're looking into
the visitors being touched
in any way.
You know, we wanna try to figure out
if this is something that's
reaching out to say something,
who it is,
make sure that we're giving
them, you know, you guys,
the comfort that you need to run a museum,
and then bring in the public, you know,
without any sort of hesitation.
So, we got a big task
ahead of us here tonight.
We got a lot of ground to cover.
I think we should just start
getting everything geared up,
get the team together, and let's go.
- [Dan] Awesome.
- Alright.
- (tense music)
- [Dan] A little spike here.
Could it possibly be Red Jacket?
My K2 just went dead.
[Cameron] Got a fluctuation
as soon as you've said that.
(air whooshing)
Wow, this is a pretty impressive place.
Yeah, look at this place, huh?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Wow.
So, on our show,
we like to be able to feature
certain theories, experiments,
you know, maybe some science
involved in paranormal,
and technologies that are on
the cutting edge of our field.
You, with your show,
Ghost Hunters International,
and basically, every other
show or paranormal team
on the planet, you know,
the number one tool used in
a paranormalist's arsenal
is the EMF fluctuation, a K2
meter, a Mel Meter, a REM POD,
the list goes on and on and on.
Yeah, yeah.
So, why is this such a main staple
in basically every
paranormal investigation
on the planet today?
Well, I think with a K2, measuring EMFs,
when you walk into a place
that's supposedly haunted,
that you use the device
so that if people are sensitive to EMFs,
tend to get the feeling of paranoia,
they hallucinate, and
they get creeped out.
And we think that eliminating
the EMF fields in the place,
getting a base reading
will let us fine tune it,
so that when we do investigate,
and we do have something that goes higher
than the base reading,
then you take notice
that there's something
could be happening soon,
or what have you.
And the theory
with the electromagnetic
field fluctuation itself
is that it's basically directly
associated with a ghost
per, you know, materializing,
or trying to manifest itself,
and giving off this burst of energy
in a fluctuation of electromagnetic field.
I mean, that's the theory, correct?
- Yes, it is.
- Okay.
And, you know, I don't know,
everything is, emits some kind of EMF,
nature does, you know, our equipment,
the TV by your bed, your alarm clock,
they all give off some kind
of electromagnetic field.
And if, like I said, if
people are sensitive to it,
and they get bombarded by these things,
they could automatically think
that in a place like this
that has high EMF,
that it's gonna be haunted,
or it's something around the corner,
and the people here want some answers.
- So, there's two sides
- Things it could be.
- To the story.
- Exactly.
Is it the fluctuation of the spirit,
or is it the, whatever this EMF is doing
to the particular individual
that's having that experience?
- So, let's put that
- Exactly.
- To the test here tonight.
- Yeah.
Let's go in, let's
start with a base reading,
and see if we can see
what's actually going on here naturally.
- Okay.
- Alright?
Let's Go.
Just, I'm walking into a 0.3.
You guys getting anything on the Ks?
[Dan And Joe] No.
I got a 0.5.
Right, how about the spot
where supposedly somebody had-
Been touched over here?
[Dan] Oh, I'm getting a
little spike here, up to 1.5.
[Cameron] Are you?
[Dan] Yep.
[Joe] If we get something big in here-
(investigators excitedly chattering)
[Joe] With that 1.5.
[Dan] Yep, that's what
I'm getting over here
on this thing.
Not coming through.
Now, this is the peace
medal that was given
to Red Jacket by George Washington.
Isn't that cool?
And that is pretty cool.
And, you know, not for nothing,
I mean, his body was kept here.
You know, as Tony was telling us.
So, you know, could it possibly be
that, you know, not only for
one, his body was kept here,
but one of his most prized
possessions is kept here.
These people that were
touched up here, dare I say,
could it possibly be Red Jacket?
I just wanna give a tip
for our viewers at home.
If you're using any sort of
electromagnetic field equipment,
trying to pick up any sort
of, you know, discrepancies
in the fluctuation of
the electromagnet field,
moving your equipment very fast
can sometimes give off a false positive.
So, make sure when you're,
when you have your equipment,
and you're trying to read EMF,
you're trying to keep it as
level and as still as possible
as you move through the building.
Okay, this belonged to
Lieutenant Colonel Seymour Boughton,
a calvary man who was killed
in the battle of Black Rock-
To start off if we start investigating,
I think that's something
we definitely have look at.
'Cause if that's blood,
that's this guy's, you know,
that's this guy's body here, basically.
You know, it would be some good reason
for him to might be
lingering around this place.
And that's something
we have to focus in on.
Who could this possibly be
with a museum with thousands
of artifacts in it?
We're digging a needle in a haystack.
- [Joe] Yeah.
- You know,
we're picking out what's kind
of like rising on the top.
Could it be somebody who's tied
to some of these artifacts?
- [Joe] Yeah.
- Could somebody's blood
be on the sash,
be what's drawing them here?
This is something we gotta look into.
We gotta get names.
We gotta get identities pulled
out from our investigation.
So, Lieutenant Colonel Seymour Boughton,
we hope to see you later, alright?
That's wood, there's
obviously no reason for it
to be giving off electromagnetic field.
Oh, did you see that?
Look at this, look at this spike
on Millard Fillmore's carriage.
How could,
what could be giving off that spike?
[Joe] Can you see it there?
[Cameron] Joe's getting
a spike on the wheel.
[Joe] Yeah, on the wheel.
That's, see that's something
that we're definitely,
you know, curious about,
'cause this is not supposed
to give off any sort
of electromagnetic fluctuation whatsoever.
Leather and wood.
Yeah, I just got a 2.2 on that wheel.
And then it went back down to 0.3.
And now it's steadily rising again.
Stopped at 1.1.
My K2 just went dead.
Down to 1 again.
I got a fluctuation as
soon as you said that,
- It's like mine is gone-
- in the carriage.
Mine's completely gone.
Now it's blinking.
Now it's blinking again?
This is the original floor.
This was built for the Pan Am.
There was no electricity
built into the floor
of a building back then.
[Dan] 1901, right?
[Dan] Yeah.
I'm baffled at this point.
Yeah, we're gonna have to
let the team know about this
and have them come down
here and further investigate
this actual area,
'cause this carriage should
not be giving off EMF
as far as I know, correct?
Hey, what's behind this door here?
Let's, let's check out what's behind here.
Holy moly!
(eerie music)
I think we just stumbled onto another part
of our investigation.
His body was actually housed here.
(eerie music)
Hey, what's behind this door here?
Let's check out what's behind here.
[Dan] I think it's
a storage area, right?
[Cameron] Got a 3.
[Joe] Oh wow, mine
just spiked up to a 10.
Holy moly!
[Dan] What is this?
This is the underbelly.
This is the underbelly of the museum.
You know, I remember them telling me about
the old exhibit room that they had
that was damaged by water, water damage.
And they took it off, you know,
obviously they stopped from
having any exhibits here.
So this must be it.
[Joe] It looks it.
What a cool looking place.
I mean, you can actually see the bricks
that built this place.
[Cameron] You said you heard something.
What'd it sound like, Dan?
[Dan] Like a-
I heard what I,
what sounded like footsteps
coming down the main stairwell.
[Cameron] I think we just-
[Dan] I was just standing there,
'cause I figured I was gonna
see something staring at me.
[Lewis] There's a unit over here
that's running type of machine.
[Dan] No, no, it's,
I can hear that.
That was like that sound when
you have a stone in your foot.
Like that.
Heard it right there.
I know what I heard.
[Cameron] Well, I think we
just stumbled onto another main
part of our investigation.
I think we're gonna have
to a team down here, too.
That's pretty significant,
you're hearing things here,
nobody's down here.
Uh, I got the chills.
This is the area behind
us by the carriage,
that we were just getting that
immense fluctuation of EMF.
You just got a spike.
[Cameron] Oh my God, look at that spike
he's getting right there.
What is going on with
the EMF in this place?
[Dan] It's weird.
And those are the two
areas that Tony told us,
point blank, he had experiences.
He said that he heard humming
of a girl with dictation,
some sort of words coming
out, some sort of song.
[Joe] Yeah.
A woman's voice out by the carriage.
[Joe] And then that bang on the-
- Where he said that
he heard the footsteps.
All right, if that's a spirit,
can you make that go away?
Can you step away from those lights?
[Joe] Wow.
Okay, we haven't even
started this investigation yet.
For one, if anything we can do right now
is validate that the two areas
that Tony had his experiences,
we're getting weird
anomalies on our machines.
On our K2s and our Mels.
So let's go relate this
information back to the team
and let's get started
investigating right away.
I don't think I want
to waste any more time.
(eerie music)
Okay guys,
I think we should probably
head up to the Native American
exhibit and check that out.
[Lewis] Okay.
'Cause there's been some
experiences and claims.
So let's go up there and see what we got.
I'm also half Native
American, so hopefully-
- [Joe] You can probably
trigger something.
Yeah, possibly try to trigger something.
Well, some of a couple
of the claims have been
from different people at different times
that they've actually been touched
on the shoulder.
So we might be heading into some physical.
Now, Red Jacket, who is
a Seneca nation leader
during the Revolutionary War,
his body was actually housed here,
right in the right in the museum.
So that's interesting that he was here,
and his most prized possession
is right over there,
which is the peace medal,
which George Washington
literally handed him.
So, you know, the claim,
or we're wondering whether
he could still be here.
And it's possibly him that's interacting
with people up here.
So what should we do first?
You wanna do an EVP session?
Yeah, let's do an EVP session.
Also what I'll do is I'll take pictures.
What I have in my hand here,
it is a full spectrum camera, okay?
It can see in the full spectrum of light,
infrared, ultraviolet.
It's said that ghosts can
be seen in these spectrums
of light that we cannot
see with our own eyes.
So during our session here,
I'll be taking random pictures constantly
to see if I can capture something.
(eerie music)
Do you know who this
carriage belonged to?
I just heard somebody
walking around in there.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
(eerie music)
Okay guys, so I'm, really
excited to get back down here
when the lights are off.
Joe, Dan, and I, when we
came down here before,
we were getting some
pretty strange anomalies
off the electromagnetic field
coming from the carriage
that Millard Fillmore actually used.
So let's see if we still get
any readings off of here.
All right, so I'm gonna set up a K2 meter.
Now we actually have a,
like a pretty steady reading there.
Okay, so if the person who
this carriage belongs to
is still here,
can you give us some sort
of indication to our meter
that we put on the carriage
that has green lights?
Can you come over and make 'em go away?
Holy moly.
Did you see that?
That was like a big,
it was just steady too.
[Joe] Yeah, it was steady.
Like almost like, you
know, when you hold it up
to an outlet and just stays steady.
[Joe] Yeah.
Okay, can some-
If somebody is here with
us and is able to see
that green light that is on this carriage,
can you come over to this green light
and show us a sign that you are here?
Can you grab that meter for us?
Are you the person that
the guy in the office
heard you step on that wooden
slope and heard footsteps
out here?
If so, try to touch that device
and it will light up different colors
to let us know all that you
may be trying to talk to us.
Is there somebody in that room?
There's not?
I just heard somebody
walking around in there.
[Dana] Okay.
But I can't tell you one thing.
I heard somebody walking
from this other room.
All right, so I think
we should just pick up
the investigation.
If there is any spirits here
that are trying to communicate,
we do appreciate that.
But we're gonna close down
this line of communication
and I'm gonna see what's
going on in this room here.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
Now this is very, this
is very significant.
What we're experiencing right
now is we have two K2 meters.
Okay, we're up against this glass,
where the sash that belonged
to Lieutenant Colonel Seymour Boughton,
who died in the battle of Black Rock,
and his blood is still on it.
Now we're talking about EMF fluctuations.
Why would this one be
going off and not this one?
Now we have another piece of equipment
that I wanna try to set up here real quick
for Mr. Boughton.
And this is a spirit box, okay?
What this does, AM/FM radio,
and it has a scan feature
taken right out of it, okay?
Now it spits through these
channels very, very fast.
All the channels, not just
the ones that come in.
All right?
Just every channel,
so spirits can manipulate
the static energy
into spirit voice through
the radio communication.
Soldier, are you here?
(radio static stuttering)
Okay, see this indication
of the EMF fluctuation?
This is the soldier
that's trying to communicate
with us right now.
(radio static stuttering)
Is your name Seymour?
(radio static stuttering)
Seymour Boughton?
(radio static stuttering)
[Cameron] What was that?
(radio static stuttering)
(radio static stuttering)
How did you die?
(radio static stuttering)
(radio static stuttering)
[Cameron] Were you shot?
(radio static stuttering)
Is an item in this room belong to you?
(radio static stuttering)
Whoa, big spikes, both big
spikes on both things, right?
Is this item a gun?
(radio static stuttering)
[Spirit Box] (indistinct)
It said something.
The sash?
(radio static stuttering)
I think it said, "the sash".
(radio static stuttering)
[Spirit Box] (indistinct)
(radio static stuttering)
Is the blood on that sash yours?
(radio static stuttering)
(music breaks through radio static)
We need you to focus.
(radio static stuttering)
Try to say "atten-hut" again.
(radio static stuttering)
Atten-(radio static stuttering)
That seemed pretty close to me.
(radio static stuttering)
Do you got a flashlight?
Can we get a flashlight and
get it on her wrist real quick?
She said, just something
might have touched her wrist.
[Tony] Said that they had
felt someone touching them
on the shoulder.
And just coming up from
behind them and just, you know,
resting their hand on their shoulder.
They turn around, and no one there.
It felt like-
[Cameron] Okay, so what happened?
I was just standing like this
with my hands behind my back
and then right here,
just like really lightly,
just felt like feathery.
And I looked and I saw you behind me,
but you're further back, not
close enough to touch me.
[Dana] Hmm.
[Cameron] Okay.
[Heidi] Kind of strange.
[Cameron] So very strange.
Very strange.
We've been getting reports
of the employees and
customers of this museum
of being touched by unseen forces.
We wish to communicate with these forces.
Are you here with us?
I thought I just heard something in there.
Yeah, I did too.
Was that you that just made that noise?
I'm part Native American,
so I am a direct descendant of yours.
I'm part of your family.
If you are touching
people, can you tell us why?
Are you're trying to get their attention?
Perhaps at one time you were the curator
and you want us not to touch things?
That's why you're touching people?
That was a noise behind you?
That was, that was.
It sounded like it came
from like, this area.
[Lynn] It did, I agree.
[Dan] I'm getting a little
spike here, up to 1.5.
[Joe] Are you?
[Dan] Yeah.
Would you like us to pay
attention to the headdresses?
Was one of them one that you wore?
One of the reasons why we do this
is we want to know what is
waiting for us after we die.
This device with the
green light that I'm holding
and the one on the floor
is called a K2 meter.
I'm not sure if you'd understand that,
but it gives, it detects EMF fields,
electromagnetic fields that
we think you could manipulate
and converse with us and-
[Lynn] Let us know you're here.
Question and answer, right?
If you're here, light up this device,
it has multiple lights on it.
Yes, or make some kind of noise.
Let us know that you're here.
We've been here all day.
We've been waiting to talk to you.
[Dan] I heard a noise over there.
Yeah, I heard that.
Across the way.
[Dan] Did you hear too?
I have a camera in my hand here,
where I have the ability to see you
if you manifest yourself.
Can you do that for us?
[Dan] I definitely heard it over there.
Could you come a little closer to us?
Are you stuck here in this building,
or are you allowed to travel
through space and time?
I'm gonna turn on the Ovilus
and just see if we get
something with that.
So we've been hearing some
noise off in the distance.
If that's you, why don't
you come a little closer?
[Ovilus] Alright.
[Lewis] So you-
- I asked it to come
closer and it said alright.
[Dan] It said alright?
It said alright.
I think-
There was something over there.
[Joe] Out of the shadow?
[Lewis] I thought I did, but-
(eerie music)
Yeah, right there.
[Lynn] What the hell was that?
[Dan] That was loud, man.
[Lynn] That was like a
screechy demon-sounding noise.
(eerie music)
It's a word box full of,
I don't know if it's 5,000
words or something like that?
[Lynn] Yeah, I'm not sure.
[Lewis] And it should be
that spirits can manipulate it.
[Ovilus] Human.
[Lynn] Human, yeah, we're human.
[Joe] Yeah.
Okay, we're back.
Anything going on in the
Native American room?
Here's your chance to shine.
So we're wondering if the
gentleman who made this beautiful,
beautiful clock, I don't
know if you can see it,
but look at the artistry
and the craftsmanship
on this thing.
Must have taken hours and
hours to build it, to make it.
And it was donated to the history museum,
and the gentleman who made
it passed away a week later.
So we're wondering if you're possibly here
and come to visit and see
people admiring your work?
Let's see what's going on over here.
[Dan] Alright-
- Hey, is that a-
[Ovilus] Bible.
Is this a Bible?
It's a Bible.
Well, I mean the Ovilus
said "Bible" earlier,
so I'm wondering if it was.
Yeah, this could definitely be a Bible.
[Ovilus] Bible.
Now, earlier when we were
down in the holding room,
you actually said the word
"Bible" and we're actually
up here now, where there's a Bible.
So what do you wanna say to us?
I hear whispering.
Oh my God.
I've just seen,
like something just
fly right across there.
[Lynn] Whoa.
[Lewis] See, see?
[Lynn] What's that?
That was loud.
[Lewis] Shh, shh, shh.
[Ovilus] (indistinct)
I'd just seen you, and we all heard you.
My heart's going like a million
miles an hour right now.
Can you do that again?
We just want to talk to you.
We don't mean no harm.
No, it wasn't there just to hear me.
There's no other sources of light in here.
[Dan] Yeah, I don't know how that could-
Shh, shh,
I hear it again.
We've just seen,
or I've just seen something
flying across here
and then as soon as I said
I seen it, we heard a noise,
all three of us heard a noise.
[Lynn] Yeah, that was a-
[Ovilus] Under.
[Lewis] And then I keep hearing-
Under, under.
Whispering noises?
Are you hiding underneath
something right now?
And then you said you seen
the shadow on that wall?
[Dan] Yeah, on the wall right there,
where your finger is.
What level was it that you saw it?
Like how high?
What's that in the shadow?
Did you hear that?
[Lynn] What is that?
That like-
Did you hear that?
[Lynn] Yeah.
- Movement?
- Dragging.
- Dragging?
- Yeah, like dragging.
Who's here?
Okay, we hear you.
We keep hearing noises, it's like dragging
and whispers.
And I-
- [Lynn] We should head
over towards the clock.
We just want to communicate with you.
Is there something that
you wish to relay to us?
(sharp tap)
[Ovilus] Demon.
[Lewis] What?
[Lewis] Demon?
Demon, yeah.
[Lewis] Okay, so clearly
we're communicating
with something intelligent.
It doesn't necessarily mean-
- [Lynn] Yeah, we had
"human" coming up the stairs,
and now we have "demon".
Let's go back to the Bible
area. (laughs nervously)
Can we?
Hang on, the noise was
coming from over here.
I'm coming over here.
[Lynn] Yeah, all in this area.
Where are you right now?
[Lynn] You said the word "under".
Are you under something right now?
Are you waiting for us to leave?
(distant clattering)
Are you waiting for us to leave?
(distant clattering)
Are you waiting for us to leave?
(distant clattering)
[Lewis] Well that's one of them.
[Dan] That better be one of the,
'cause I just (beep) my pants.
[Lynn] What was that though?
That didn't sound like a door or-
- [Dan] Scott, did you
guys just shut some door
or something?
[Lewis] Or cough?
[Dan] Or cough?
[Scott] Negative.
[Ovilus] Noose.
[Dan] You gotta be (beep) kidding me.
[Lewis] What it say?
[Lynn] Noose.
[Lewis] News?
[Lynn] Noose.
[Ovilus] (indistinct)
[Lynn] What was that?
If that wasn't them,
what the heck was that?
[Dan] Well, I was recording it.
[Recording] You said the word "under",
are you under something right now?
Are you waiting for us to leave?
(distant clattering)
Yeah, right there.
[Lynn] What the hell was that?
[Dan] That was loud, man.
[Lynn] That was like a
screechy demon-sounding noise.
That wasn't a door, that wasn't a door.
[Recording] You said the word "under",
are you under something right now?
Are you waiting for us to leave?
(distant clattering)
[Lynn] That's like a scream.
[Ovilus] Whore.
[Dan] What does that say?
[Recording] You said the word "under",
are you under something right now?
Are you waiting for us to leave?
(distant clattering)
- [Dan] Wow.
- Yo, that's like-
[Lynn] What?
[Ovilus] Wide.
[Dan] Hide?
No, wide.
I don't either.
That that was a weird,
that's not a door sound to me.
I mean, we can, but that was,
it was long too.
It wasn't-
It was loud!
It was super loud, it was
long, and it was weird.
So if it's not the front door,
then I don't know what the hell it is.
I'm seeing like (beep) move,
like in this doorway and over there.
[Lynn] Well, I'm sure
they're all around.
We're just, they're-
- Alright, let's-
- [Lynn] But I don't like
the fact that we got "demon"
and then we hear something like that.
[Lewis] "Human" and then "demon".
[Lynn] Yeah.
Like, yeah, okay, you guys are the humans.
Now let's see what the demons can do.
Is there something
that's not human in here?
(eerie music)
Is there anyone down here with us?
Are you the shadow
that they see down here?
See that?
(eerie music)
Is there anyone down here with us?
(radio static stuttering)
[Cameron] Can you tell me how
many people are in the room?
(radio static stuttering)
(radio static stuttering)
- Two?
- [Cameron] Two.
I need you to state your name.
(radio static stuttering)
Are you the shadow
that they see down here?
(radio static stuttering)
Are you hiding from somebody?
(radio static stuttering)
Who is Joseph?
(radio static stuttering)
[Spirit Box] I'm Joseph.
(radio static stuttering)
I thought it said, "I'm Joseph".
I think that's exactly
what it sounded like.
(radio static stuttering)
It sounded like, "I'm Joseph".
Yeah, that's what it sounded like to me.
(radio static stuttering)
[Spirit Box] Hello.
(radio static stuttering)
Is that you, Joseph?
(radio static stuttering)
[Spirit Box] Ten.
(radio static stuttering)
How old do we think he is?
I just get the feeling, a boy,
he's gotta be between 7, 10?
8, 10?
(radio static stuttering)
We think you might be a child?
Perhaps a little boy, a young boy?
(radio static stuttering)
[Cameron] See that?
(radio static stuttering)
Can you try to talk to us, please?
Try to tell us your name?
(radio static stuttering)
Just so that I know that it's not a fluke,
can you make it flash the red again?
Like you just did?
(radio static stuttering)
That one down there is red.
Can you see us?
If you can see us, light
up the devices on the floor
and on this bench.
(radio static stuttering)
(radio static stuttering)
So you can see us, can you
flash it to red, please?
Right when I'm pointing,
right to red, if you could.
(radio static stuttering)
[Cameron] That was almost there.
(radio static stuttering)
Okay, if that's-
Can you back away now,
and just let it go to the one green light?
(radio static stuttering)
[Ashley] Are you by yourself here?
This one just turned to red.
[Joe] Right.
[Ashley] Now it's green.
(radio static stuttering)
Looks like he's
standing right there with-
[Cameron] There it is.
Oh, there it is, it went down.
The red one went down.
[Joe] Thank you.
Great job.
(radio static stuttering)
How many are here with you?
(radio static stuttering)
[Spirit Box] One.
(radio static stuttering)
One, that was so clear it
sounded like a little boy to me.
[Cameron] And then the
light went back down.
(radio static stuttering)
It's playing origin, I just-
(radio static stuttering)
All right, I'm gonna place
this device onto the floor,
it's our K2 meter.
It's gonna pick up electromagnetic fields
if there is anything here.
We're gonna place another
device on the floor
that will record.
We'll be able to hear you speak,
or you can touch this device on the floor
and it'll allow us to know
that you're here as well.
So who's here with us right now?
Can you give us your name?
If there's anybody in the room with us
and you don't want to come forward,
can you give us a sign that you're here?
Make a noise?
You okay?
What's going on?
(clears throat)
I'm pretty dizzy.
Well, maybe it's-
I'm shaking.
I don't know, um-
You want to sit down?
I'm like, I feel like-
Oh, oh my god.
Don't do-
I'm like shaking right
now and I'm on fire.
Look at her neck.
See that?
[Dana] Mhm.
What is it, what?
[Dana] Three red scratches.
I just like started shaking
and my chest got really heavy
and I just was like, Dan, I'm on fire,
told him to check my face.
Like I'm just-
Are you okay though?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You want to continue?
[Dana] Of course.
Just like I said, it
wasn't a good feeling,
it wasn't a bad feeling.
I just, you know what?
It could be just a way of communication
that didn't mean anything,
just that I told you-
- Yeah, but that happened
to me once before.
Yeah, it was in a negative way.
I just-
I just felt like real off,
like fun house effect,
I couldn't breathe and
I just looked at Dan,
I'm like, I feel like I'm on fire.
One other time that happened
where she said the same
thing, "I feel like I'm fire".
She goes like this on
her back and I pulled up
her shirt on her back,
and her whole back was scratched down.
Kinda weird.
Okay, so I gathered everybody up here
in the museum after our investigations.
How do you guys think everything went?
- I thought it was good.
- I thought it went great.
Now I know just from talking
to the three team leaders
that every team seemed to
have experienced anything.
Can anybody say that they
have experienced something
that was a little off?
[All] Yes.
Are we safe to say that
there's a little something
more going on behind the scenes
in the Buffalo History Museum?
[All] Yes.
Most people know-